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Keep Whitetails Close By Providing Them Optimum Living Conditions By Bob Humphrey Studies show that home-range size and location is directly related to habitat quality.



By Scott Bestul

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Benefits of Planting Perennial Plots in the Fall


Low-Tech Grazing Gauge Measures True Crop Growth


By Jon Cooner


Feed vs. Seed — The Smart Way to Feed Deer 365 Days A Year

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In This Issue…

Take a Big-Picture View of How Whitetails Use the Landscape


Food Plots Rank No. 1 in Hunting’s Top 5 Developments By Charles J. Alsheimer The whitetail deer is the crown jewel of game animals in North America. There have been many industry changing product developments in hunting over the last century. Food plots are the most significant and have provided the biggest positive change in the whitetail industry.


Choose the Right Tool for the Right Task By Jon Cooner


Ambush — Another Winner for the Whitetail Institute By Scott Bestul Ambush is unique in that it’s the only food plot in the United States that features sweet lupine. Sweet lupine is a legume that aids in nitrogen fixation on a plot. And, deer absolutely love it. Ambush also features sugar beets and clover.


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Food Plot Planting Dates The Weed Doctor By Dr. Carroll Johnson, III, Ph.D.

Imperial Whitetail Tall Tine Tubers – Tested to Be the Best Even Through the Dead of Winter By Whitetail Institute Staff Designed for planting in late summer or early fall, Tall Tine Tubers provides two incredibly attractive food sources for deer during the fall and winter.


A Message from Ray Scott Record Book Bucks Stories and Photos

By Scott Bestul


Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus — Perennial Product Delivers Top Performance By Jon Cooner Alfa-Rack Plus offers performance and variety on well-drained soils.

By Matt Harper


Big Success on Small Tracts By David Hart

By Gerald Almy


How Old Bucks are Different


Customers Do the Talking Stories and Photos


First Deer — The Future of Our Sport

The “Orange Army” is an Economic Force that Provides for all Wildlife By David Hart


Imperial Pure Attraction… for Fall and Winter Performance By Whitetail Institute Staff


Life’s Roads: An Acknowledgment of Blessings By Matt Harper


The Phases of Food Plotting By Charles J. Alsheimer


Variety is the Spice of Life By Joe Blake


Whitetail Oats Plus… Ideal as a Nurse Crop with Fall-Planted Perennials


By William Cousins


Whitetail Institute OFFICERS AND STAFF

Ray Scott Founder and President Wilson Scott Vice President of Operations Steve Scott Vice President, Executive Editor William Cousins Operations Manager Wayne Hanna, Ph.D. Agronomist & Director of Forage Research Mark Trudeau Director of Certified Research Frank Deese Wildlife Biologist Jon Cooner Director of Special Projects Brandon Self, Tyler Holley, John White Product Consultants Daryl Cherry Director of Sales Scott Thompson Upper Midwest Sales Manager Clare Hudson Northeast Sales Manager Dawn McGough Office Manager Mary Jones EDI & Inventory Specialist Teri Hudson Office Administrator Accounts Receivable Kim Collins Customer Service Marlin Swain Shipping Manager Bart Landsverk Whitetail News Senior Editor Kris Klemick Whitetail News Editor Charles Alsheimer, Tracy Breen, Matt Harper, Mark Kenyon, R.G. Bernier, Bill Marchel, Michael Veine, Dr. Carroll Johnson, III, Dean Weimer, David Hart Contributing Writers Susan Scott Copy Editor George Pudzis Art Director Wade Atchley, Atchley Media Advertising Director

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Whitetail News Vol 26.1  

Volume 26 Issue 1

Whitetail News Vol 26.1  

Volume 26 Issue 1

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