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The Immediate and Long-Term Benefits of Food Plots By Mark Kenyon Photo by Charles J. Alsheimer

wo hours and change. That’s how long I hunted two years ago before my new food plot began paying off. It was only a few weeks earlier that I’d sprayed, disked and broadcast several bags of Pure Attraction into the previously bar-


/ Vol. 25, No. 3

ren soil, and I was already seeing dividends. At first, the pay-off looked like a flicker of movement, but then it was a silhouette. Finally, I realized it was a mature buck. Many prospective food plotters worry that it might take years to see the benefits of their work come to fruition, but on that cool October evening hunt, I could see that wasn’t true. There’s no doubt that food plots offer tremendous long-term benefits to deer and deer hunting prospects, but you don’t need to wait years to see positive changes on your property. From what

Whitetail News Vol 25.3  

Whitetail News Volume 25 Issue 3

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