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ANTLER ADDI Taking A Passion Too Far By R.G. Bernier Photos by the Author

“In nature, everything moves in the direction of its hungers.” – A.W. Tozer


he whitetail deer must eat. The one component in a deer’s life that drives its movements and patterns is primarily food. Find the food they are eating and you’ll find the deer. While eating may not necessarily be classified as addictive, seeing as every living thing must eat in order to survive, it demonstrates the premise that whatever you hunger for is the direction in which you’ll move. Whenever we hear about addictions, some of the first thoughts that may cross our mind are, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, porn, drugs etc… but in reality, anything that is taken to the level that it completely consumes the individual would in reality be considered an addiction. And yes, some of the most wholesome things in life that are taken to unhealthy levels quickly turn into addictions. Eat to many whoopee pies, cakes and cookies and before long you are grossly overweight with potential diabetes on the horizon. Other than substances that have the effect of addicting one to its seductive grip, most addictions first begin psychologically. Once ingrained, actions take over and drive one to start doing whatever it takes to feed this craving. Left unchecked, the sky is the limit as to how far it will go or to what extent the damage becomes. THE SAD SAGA OF THE ADDICTED Directly following a deer seminar I performed in Pennsylvania a few years ago, a gentleman waited patiently behind a crowd of folks purchasing books at my table. Once everyone had left, the man approached, shook my hand and said, “Continue to give that mes16

WHITETAIL NEWS / Vol. 19, No. 3

Whitetail News Vol 19.3  

Whitetail News Volume 19 issue 3

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