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Physical, Mental & Emotional Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

Are there any physical, mental, emotional symptoms involved in a Spiritual Awakening? I find it quite odd that the word used is "symptom" as if to say that it is a disorder so as long as you understand that it is different for everyone and it is not an exhaustive list. The word "symptom" here is only used to explain a physical or mental indicator or manifestation. Many people have reported symptoms that are similar that they can be grouped together as commonalities so if you experience any of the below, you at least know you are not alone. You can seek out others in your neighborhood area or city to commune with and share your questions and stories with. It will certainly aid in your spiritual growth. Sharpened ESP & altered state of consciousness: increased abilities in intuitiveness, remote viewing, remote healing, telepathy, clairvoyance, dowsing, psychometry Successful manifesting and goal reaching: seamlessly integrating various methodologies to achieve desires, dreams and ambitions, things just failing into place with least amount of effort. Your vibration is heightened due to the Spiritual Awakening which in turn puts you in alignment with the Universe, enabling you to become a magnetic receptor of what you desire.

Dreams: brilliant, vibrant like a personal technicolor screen leaving you in awe when you awake, heightened awareness of lucid dreams Sleep patterns: strange compared to earlier patterns, Triad Sleep Patterns (disturbed sleep, waking up many times in-between), requiring less sleep than normal Physical sensations on the skin: pressure in different areas, goosebumps, tingles and sprinkles, itchy and prickly, hair standing on end

Areas: Opening up of crown chakra: Mostly the crown/head chakra (head and scalp), Opening up of heart chakra: strong heart palpitations Others: spinal sensations, extremities (hands and feet) Flu like symptoms: head achy, neck achy, back achy, unusual stomach cramps, pains in the limbs Imbalance: dizzy, fainting, spacey, scattered

Energy levels: sudden surge in energy followed by sudden episodes of lethargy so just roll with the punches and listen to your body

Connection with the elements of nature: the feeling that the wind blows the hair off your face and is giving you a message or is reassuring you, the connection with the moon and water bodies around you, the desire to be close to nature and be earth friendly, the hunger to go eco friendly and have a natural lifestyle. Emotional extremes: like a roller coaster, bouncing from one end of the spectrum to the other, from joy to depression, from crying to laughing, almost like mood swings, inexplicable and without provocation, easily disturbed rather than being centered

Old issues resurfacing: strong urge to make peace with people wronged and who wronged us, to sort old issues, deal with unresolved issues, to fix old patterns, decluttering life; get rid of toxic relationships and become a magnet to those you want to attract (my article here talks about how your relationships affect your manifesting powers) Feelings: Fear, insecurity, dread, troubled Physical health levels: focusing on health Dietary changes: sudden allergies, food intolerance's Sensory changes: heightened sensations (more detail, brighter, greater awareness of sounds and sensations), ability to listen in to different frequencies, heightened awareness of all 5 senses (sight, smell, taste and touch) I often smell floral fragrances from no where for no reason. Drive and ambition: greater need to find life purpose and fulfill it, greater drive to pursue and complete tasks, discovery of skills and talents Serendipities: coincidences working to your benefit, things showing up at the right place at the right time

Focus on life purpose & meaning of life: irritability due to dead end jobs and dead end people, wanting strongly to break away from it, search for alternative avenues of expression, cleansing yourself of things that don't work for you anymore

Inquisitiveness in spiritual matters: craving and longing to learn more about your personal spiritual journey and growth

Renewed interest or new focus on exploring past lives and parallel universes: stronger sense of knowing there is more than science can explain Increased sensitivities: what is basically happening is, as you grow more spiritually, you get more sensitive to everything around you Increased sensitivity to the arts: heightened feeling of music and other creative expressions Intense and escalating restlessness: the feeling of something close at hand about to occur or manifest itself, the feeling you want to just get it done with Coincidences in numbers: this has been happening to me for a long time and one of the first symptoms for me;

you will enjoy seeing deeper meaning and hidden relevance in numbers that keep showing up and are interconnected; keep a look out for the messages they contain for you Adjust to the new patterns emerging in your mind and body and seek guidance from your Higher Self. When you experience anything at all, emotional or physical that is disturbing or unpleasant, do not suppress, fight it, avoid, disconnect from it but give it expression and use phrases such as "This upsets me but I am ok" Release stagnant issues or they create blocks in your body in some form or another. If you repress anything, your body will just bring it back out for you to sort it out.

Best offset: meditation counterbalances the day's ups and downs and connect with Source. You might notice changes in your meditation patterns (less of it and more connected to Source). Become less reactionary and let things slide off you easily. Don't retain.

Finally, the best way to tell is how you feel. When you feel that things aren't the same anymore, that something has shifted inside you. You will just know. The way you look at everything will change. Please consult your physician if you are not sure of what you are experiencing. You are by no means meant to ignore possible signs of ill health so get yourself checked if you have the slightest doubt. Use your own personal judgment. People often ask me why I am so obsessed with this. Have one yourself and you’ll know why I’m trying to get everyone educating on this. Visit my website Spiritual Awakening for a lot more information and hope you enjoyed my article. And if you have any questions, shoot them across and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Physical, Mental & Emotional Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening  

Are there any physical, mental, emotional symptoms involved in a Spiritual Awakening? I find it quite odd that the word used is "symptom" as...

Physical, Mental & Emotional Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening  

Are there any physical, mental, emotional symptoms involved in a Spiritual Awakening? I find it quite odd that the word used is "symptom" as...