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Letter from the Editor


ello everyone. This is a layout that I thought I’d put together, not only as a sample of my design style, but also to keep my skills in Photoshop and Indesign up-todate. My dream job would be to be a graphic artist in a fashion magazine, but so far I’ve not achieved that goal. So I thought, why not put my own virtual fashion magazone out to see how it feels like? I tell you, this is hard work, especially since I have to play editor, fashion coordinator, and everything in between. It’s been a challenge, but I enjoyed it. In this virtual world of IMVU, we have in our possession the vitual tools to be what ever our heart desires, be it a high-end model, vampire hunter, sultry beach temptress or a fanciful fairy. There are so many talented developers out there to help make our dreams come true. Thank you for taking the time to look over my magazine. The best thing about being editor, fashion coordinator and graphic artist all in one, is that I have so much creative freedom in choosing what I like and how I want the magazine to look like. The down side to being the only one working on this magazine is that the magazine is limited to what I can come up with. It would be absolutely lovely to work on a team with other talented people in putting togethre something that readers will find entertaining and informative, and then look forward to the next issue. I have been looking for a group where I can be part of such a team, but my search has not been successful. There is so much work that needs to be put into a magazine, and many groups just do not have the man power to pull that off. I know these things take time, but sometimes when I get excited about a project, I just get a little impatient and want to burn off all that engergy while it’s hot. I apologize if my grammar is not the best. English is not my first language, nor is it what I majored in. But there is a sort of satisfaction to be had about being able to put out a moderately acceptable project all by myself. If you are looking for a graphic artist, please feel free to pm me with your project. I’m always looking for fun and creative things to do. I do modeling, texture developing and other graphical design works. I welcome your visit to my home page and my file sales group. g

February 2011

Vol 1, No. 1

Table of Contents

04 In Awe of Anzelica - Mock Interview 08 Best of the NQP (Not Quite ‘Pro’- T4 and below) 12 Byte Me - Sexy Vampires Unleashed 14 Developing: The Long Road to Success Spring Fever: Hot Finds for This Season 18 Contests / Big Prizes: Compete in exciting 20 Fun contests for fantastic prizes and tons of credits

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Mysterious bundle dress shoes earrings



his is a mock interview with Andzelica, a truly fascinating developer on IMVU. Her work is amazingly detailed and unique. I will have to ask her permission to give her a real interview some day. In the mean time, you will just have to pretend this is in a foreign language. The rest this interview will be conducted in Gibberish, a language we all were born to understand, but as time went by and we grew up learning how to speak a new language in which we must communicate with other humans, this language was forgotten. Now only small children can still understand this language, unfortunately, they can’t read nor write it and can’t translate it for the rest of us. So now you ask me, how did I conduct an interview in this language? Easy. It was in a dream.

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hey may be not quite pros, but they do professional-quality work. These developers are on their way to being some of the hottest artists on IMVU! So bookmark them, because you’re sure to see more of their creative designs in the catalog. You don’t want to miss out!

Sweet@Spikes Shoes by Minou ShineBabe Bangle by Minou Jaloux? Silver Dress by Minou

Forbidden Top by IndianxoxHottie Forbidden Pants by IndianxoxHottie Forbidden Collar by IndianxoxHottie

Rainy Day Gloves by RoseJessica Dreaming Bangle by RoseJessica Dreaming Boots by RoseJessica Dreaming Dress by RoseJessica Vogued Skin by Elisekisses

Heavenly Dress by HauteCoutureDesign Heavenly Ankle Heels by HauteCoutureDesign

Glamorous Dress by Zombina Nephilim Apricot Skin by Aeden Medieval armour pants by Pagens Medieval armour grey by Pagens Black leather boots by Pagens Rainbow Eyes by Smuk Flower Enchanted Skin by telnia Flower Enchanted Hair by telnia Aqua Limon Mermaid Top by telnia Aqua Limon Tail by telnia

Animal giraffe Dress by zelotic Antiox TheLie Eyes by zelotic Tyne Tail by zelotic Tyne Ears by zelotic Tyne Fur Skin by zelotic Memory Heels by zelotic

Nails Rusty Overlays by xxIconicDollxx Brando SteamPunk Hair by xxIconicDollxx Steampunk Earrings by xxIconicDollxx SteamPunk Metal Gear Dress by NivStone SteamPunk Metal Gear Heels by NivStone SteamPunk Gear Wings by NivStone

LANA HEAD by kloudust Soreid@ V@mpirE Dress by SuccubiX Vampire Queen Skin by miamew Wing Blast Glossy Blk Hair by WhiteSelkie 75 Pose by StormDesign Gothic Necklace Ruby by EV BTQ black gloves by LIZIAAH veuve douce Veil Ruby by Minou Vampire Skin by banjaofbeattenriver Katelyn Natural Black Hair by WhiteSelkie Dre@M VII GowN by SuccubiX BTQ black gloves by AnnaSassin


Become one of them.

D@Li@ Heels by SuccubiX Sexy 2011 Head by nikka77

Demri Natural Black Hair by WhiteSelkie Despair Skin by zelotic Fin Natural Black Hair by WhiteSelkie Black Liquid Eyes by Anshe Goth Coffs X Necklace by EV October Outfit by Lollirot Black Tribal Armband by SSharonX Dainty Black Nails by Xenina Halloween Armbands by SSharonX Lash Volume by Capsule Dainty Black Nails by Xenina Gear Elite Boots by ManiaMindkiller Glamorous Gown by Zombina Brows: Fae Thin by Lumina Vampire Expressions 10 by FairyDiamunds Arachna Vampire Skin by geileZauberhexe


o, you want to become a developer huh? Here are some important tips from some of the most successful devs on IMVU. Learn the secrets to creating the most stunning textures and meshes and what you need to do to bring in customers to your catalog. Keep in mind that esciam repra quundit iaectatem nos nisciis ciendam rempelibus dollitaturem quatem quamendiae lam a vero incillabores disquae aut aut volum, officiam id quatemo te vellese in parchillabo. Tur, sunt.

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