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What's Needed For The Best Flapper Costume At your next costume party, show off your flirty, independent side by dressing as a flapper. Flapper costumes are glamorous and alluring, and have been a popular choice for parties ever since they first appeared. Flappers came into their own while in the Roaring Twenties, just after World War One. The women putting them on were rejecting the old social norms and stepping out on their own as newly self-sufficient women. Flappers dressed up in a way that announced to everyone that they had it all and they weren’t afraid to use it: flirty sex appeal, dance moves that went all night, and, furthermore, clothes, shoes, and accessories that could make any girl feel like a femme fatale. They were turning heads all night long with these outfits. The most common flapper hair style was a short bob with finger waves, however there was several other options if you weren't the short bob and finger wave type. What better way to mesmerize the guys with those sexy peepers than peering out from under the soft close brim of a face-framing cloche or even a peek-a-boo hat? Or you might don a brightly colored, bobbed wig that matches your dress and lets them all know you’re the “bee’s knees." A headband decorated with feathers, sequins, and jewels is a swell addition, too. Flapper dresses really are a rebellion from the uptight, straight-laced attitudes of the Victorian clothing fashions that preceded them in history. You won’t need to worry about stiff corsets and stays as a flapper. Those dresses told everybody that you were out on the town to enjoy a fun time. Flaunt lots of skin in a sleeveless, strappy dress, complete with a plunging neckline or back. The hemline could hit anywhere between your knees and mid-thigh, and the material would flip up much more when they were out on the dance floor performing the Charleston. What's even better, the bold, bright colors are accented with tassels and sequins. The swing and flash of tassels and sequins showcased a feeling of copacetic vibes. You need some kind of high heels for your feet, normally something with straps. Flappers loved striking a pose in strappy heels. Make sure you choose shoes you can dance in, though. Don some fishnet stockings, silk stockings or a smooth nude look of sheer pantyhose on your legs. Once you've gotten dressed, it'll be time to accessorize! Flappers went in for accessories in a huge way. A feather boa accentuates the soft skin of one's bare shoulders and is an excellent addition for the dance floor. Extra-long strands of beads or pearls are a classic flapper feature, too. For an extra elegant, haughty look, include long gloves and a cigarette holder. Flappers wore a great deal of makeup, since you can't be glam without it. Flappers loved their eye shadow smudgy and smoky with a touch of glitter to create that smoldering look, and liner was heavy and dark to really emphasize their eyes. So your lashes are visible against the dark shimmer of your lids, finish the look with a lot of mascara. Paint the cupid’s bow of your lips red or a deep plummy shade, and then start practicing your pout to drive the guys wild. The flapper costume, with its sex appeal and flirtiness will never go out of style. Dressing as a flapper tells everyone you aren’t the girl who just follows the rules; It says, “Life’s a party, and you’re here to live it up!" You can find flapper costumes available that meet your personal preference, no matter if you want Costume Nation

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What's Needed For The Best Flapper Costume red, black or pink. Go to for much more specifics about

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What's Needed For The Best Flapper Costume  

You can find flapper costumes available that meet your personal preference, no matter if you want red, black or pink. Go to http://www.costu...

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