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Lucas Lee & Partners have clients throughout the UK and have completed projects in all corners of the country. Our Head office is in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with offices also in Leeds and London.

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423111 Tel: 01484 423111 Tel: 01484 White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Yorkshire, W R Masonic Activities Ltd

The White Rose team

Welcome to the White Rose By Peter L Doherty, Editor

President David S Pratt Provincial Grand Master

Vice presidents John K Clayton Colin Dent Stewart G Carley Brian Holmes

Chairman John B Gledhill, Assistant PGM

Editor Peter L Doherty 5 Warren Park, Hove Edge, Brighouse HD6 2RR Tel: 01484 712912 (h) 07906 895058 (m) For all editorial correspondence Email:

Assistant Editor David Archer

I hope that those of you that take a break from Freemasonry during the summer months are suitably rested and looking forward to the months ahead. This time of year is always busy with Installations and we all anticipate a new Masonic year with a new Master and his team of Officers. In the spring edition of the magazine I reported that David W Howe had taken on the role of Marketing and Advertising Chairman. David has made an excellent start and his enthusiasm is to be admired. He does however need a team to provide assistance and if you feel you may be able to help, I encourage you to contact him. Finally, I hope you enjoy this milestone edition of the White Rose Masonic News.

Editorial Assistant T Malcolm Cruise

Editorial Consultant John B Gledhill

Marketing and Advertising chairman David W Howe Tel: 01777 838037 (h) 07971 076598 (m) Email:

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White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

RMBI Festival 2017 Update By Festival Chairman, John Boyington As you will already be aware, August saw the culmination of the Provincial Perimeter Pedal, which has been the principal event of the 2017 Festival over the past few months. The well-planned logistics of the event proved their worth, and the weekend was an unqualified success, even benefiting from appropriate weather until the finish at Tapton Hall, Sheffield. At the time of writing, the total amount raised by the event has not been finalised, although it will be in excess of £15,000. The thanks of myself, the Festival Committee and indeed of all brethren in the Province go to the hardy brethren who took part, in particular the driving force of Martyn Bolt and Craig Johnson. Although the end of the Festival is still just under 3 years away, plans are underway for the Final Banquet which is likely to be held in June 2017. Attendance will be limited to those brethren who have attained the status of a Steward of the Festival, and their partners. Further details of the event are likely to be finalised and publicised by the end of this year. You should also be aware of the Smarties initiative, which has been rolled-out across the Province following a successful trial in Area 5. The simple process of replacing the chocolate confection in a Smarties tube with 20 pence pieces is a straightforward, painless means of raising funds for the Festival. In the short period that the scheme has been running in area 5, over £7,000 has been raised, which is the equivalent of approximately 500 filled Smarties tubes. The Smarties have been kindly donated to us by the RMBI. If you haven’t already received your Smarties from your Charity Steward, I urge you to encourage him to enable your Lodge to participate in the scheme. Festival merchandise continues to be available through your Lodge; full details of it are on the Provincial website. Finally, we are now at the half-way point of the 2017 Festival, and have sent to the RMBI in excess of £1.29m, all of which has of course been raised by your efforts. There will of course be further events for the Festival over the coming two and a half years, such as the Masonic Variety Show which is being organised by Bradfordians Lodge for April next year. In the meantime, thank you for your continued efforts and support. 3

A Caring Order The Grand Superintendent calls for Royal Arch Masons to care for one another The ME Grand Superintendent Stewart G Carley addressed a packed Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter in Bradford on1November 2014; an extract of the address is reproduced below. “Companions, a lot has happened in the last twelve months. The end of January in Harrogate saw something which had not happened in this Province for 88 years, in that the role of Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent was separated. How has this affected the ‘indissoluble link’ between the Craft and the Royal Arch? I can assure you all this has had no affect whatsoever. The Provincial Grand Master and I will continue to work closely together to preserve and sustain that link. RW Brother David, at your Installation you presented this trophy depicting two hands clasped in friendship with an engraved plate reading ‘This is the indissoluble link’. I now have great pleasure in presenting it back to you in token of our close working relationship. Companions, we must all support our Craft Lodges, the very basis of Freemasonry and without which none of us would be here today. I would like to congratulate those Companions who received their first appointment or were promoted at the last Annual Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter. As Past Grand Standard Bearer – Tony Brailsford; George Foster; Nigel Hall; David Mortimer and Keith Tolan; as Past Grand Sword Bearer – Jim Gray; as Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer – David Stephen Pratt; our sincere congratulations to each and every one of you. I also congratulate the Companions who today have received their first rank, or have been promoted in, Provincial Grand Chapter. The honours are well deserved and are in recognition of your previous services to Royal Arch Masonry and the services you will hopefully give in the future. I must say a special thank you to all the Companions who have contributed towards the 2017 Festival in aid of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution through your Chapters. Your generosity is beyond belief, as the monies donated are over and above that given through your Craft Lodges. You will no doubt have heard about the possibility of forming a new Chapter in this Province under the ‘Universities Scheme’ to attract young undergraduates and those with a university connection. The possibility of this being a peripatetic Chapter, meeting in the four university


cities of Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Huddersfield is also being considered. A ‘steering committee’ has been set up, under the Chairmanship of E Comp Philip Drury, to determine the likely success of

such a Chapter and I await the outcome of their findings with a great deal of interest. Royal Arch Chapter is a very special Order within Freemasonry and is to be enjoyed by all. I must admit that the ritual is not that easy to understand so I would urge all newer Companions to give it time and all will become clear. It is my wish the Royal Arch should be a caring Order; one in which we look after and care for one another. The words ‘in peace, love and harmony’ will be very familiar to you all and let us strive to maintain those important principles. I have asked that I am informed, via the Provincial Office, of any ill or hospitalised Companion so that I am made aware of the problems which are being endured by my Companions. In conclusion, I must state it is my great honour and privilege to serve the Companions of this Province and with your help we can ensure the continued success of Royal Arch Masonry in this, the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.”

Symbolism Explained During a recent period when Howley Lodge No 5012 was short of candidates, David Archer, who at the time was Director of Ceremonies and Mentor, wrote a Demonstration Ceremony entitled, ‘An Explanation of the Symbolism in the 1st Degree Ceremony’; not only to enable the brethren to make advances in Masonic knowledge but to provide some variety in what the Lodge offered and to give the Brethren something new to get their teeth into. The The Howley Demonstration Team with some of the Brethren Demonstration is based closely from the ‘Perfect Points’ in Province of West Lancashire on the excellent Mentoring materials provided by the Province to new members of the Craft. In the Demonstration the new initiate is taken round the Temple where each of the principal officers explains the symbolism behind their particular piece of ritual in the Initiation Ceremony. The Demonstration has been presented on several occasions at Howley Lodge and has been well received whenever it has been taken ‘on tour’. As well as presenting the Demonstration in other Lodges in this Province the team of nine Brethren have presented at the Old Globe Lodge No 200 in Scarborough, North and East Riding and more recently at the ‘Perfect Points’, the Chorley and District Masonic Research Group, in the Province of West Lancashire. As the 1st Degree Demonstration proved so popular, David went on to produce ‘An Explanation of the Symbolism in the 2nd Degree Ceremony’; once again based on the mentoring materials, which has been presented on several occasions too. These demonstrations are available to other Lodges and to the various Masonic Academies which meet around the Province.

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Speaking at the Leeds and District Lodge of Installed Masters the Deputy PGM, V W Bro John Rushworth launched a new Province-wide initiative - ‘Maintaining the Balance’. The Deputy PGM referred to the two basic underlying principles of Freemasonry: Scotland’s Newest Micro-Distillery Firstly, that weNewest are a Micro-Distillery society of men Scotland’s concerned with moral and spiritual values. We are taught these principles by a series of ritual dramas, lectures and discussion. Secondly, that we are a society that teaches concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need, through charitable giving and activities, such as supporting our less-fortunate Brethren and dependants. He went on to say, “It is important that we as a Province seek to ensure an equal balance between these two principles. It is all too easy, particularly during a period of a Festival, to lose sight of the first. We can become overwhelmed by ‘charity’ to the detriment of the teaching of moral and spiritual values, and examining and

considering the historical context of Freemasonry, not only within the Province, but also within society. It is for that reason that I am today launching a Province-wide initiative that will be called ‘Maintaining the Balance’. The Province has a well-established charity structure that can be left to look after itself. What does concern the Provincial Grand Master and myself is the lack of any structured approach within the Province to the teaching and development of our Masonic values and heritage. Remember that Masonry is not merely a cloak for pleasant social intercourse - however brotherly, nor for organised philanthropy - however generous. It has a far higher and deeper significance than that. It is an association of men who are desirous of having an effective influence on their life and their future and who wish to understand and apply the spiritual principles of Freemasonry. We must avoid the comment made by some of our members that we are becoming nothing more than Rotarians or Round Tablers who believe in a God. The Provincial Rulers believe that we have the nucleus to redress this balance, through our Installed Masters’ Lodges, the Master Masons’ Academies and to a lesser extent, Past Masters’ Associations. We now have a number of well-established Academies and these should be encouraged and developed. It is important that we harness the resources that we currently have within the Province, particularly Past Masters, who in some cases feel redundant and are looking for opportunities to develop and pass on their knowledge.

As a Province, we can and will be proactive in ensuring that we address issues regarding Masonic teaching. We will therefore be taking a number of steps: In the same way that we have an APGM with responsibility for charity, we will be giving one of them responsibility for the Masonic development of Brethren. This will include the management of the Mentoring scheme within the Province. By encouraging Past Masters, particularly through Installed Masters’ Lodges and the Master Masons’ Academies to take on specific roles in this process. Ensuring the list of Brethren giving Masonic Lectures is continually up to date, with the lectures having relevant Masonic content and Lodges being encouraged to use these Lecturers when they do not have ceremonies. To raise the profile of Installed Masters’ Lodges. A Provincial Ruler will always attend the Installation meeting of these Lodges. Establishing a formal dialogue between the Province, Academies, Installed Masters’ Lodges and Past Masters’ Associations, thereby affording the opportunity of discussing with them the progress they are making in the challenges they are set. V W Bro Rushworth concluded by saying that he hoped the members would welcome the initiative and he looked forward to their continued support in the field of Masonic Education and Development.

Scotland’s Newest Micro-Distillery

Hand-crafted spirit for my brothers in the craft

Situated in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, Strathearn Distillery is set on Bachilton Farm in Methven. Just off the A85, we are next to the Bluesky Experiences which is signposted from the road.

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A long time ago, I wanted to have my own distillery and after several years of work and with the help of some friends, we have finally managed to get it all started.

Strathearn Strathearn Strathearn Distillery

Str athearn Distillery Bachilton Farm Methven Perth Scotland PH1 3QX

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Whisky Whisky Experiences Experiences Contact: David Wight on 07889 503389 email: White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

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• One Day Distilling Experience • Three Day Whisky Making Experience • Five Day Whisky Making School Opening times of the distillery are Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm but if you would like to arrange a visit for a weekend then please contact us. Strathearn Distillery, Bachilton Farm Steading, Methven, Perth, Scotland PH1 3QX 5

Provincial Perimeter Pedal Craig Johnson reports on this outstanding event:

The Provincial Perimeter Pedal was an ambitious project by anybody’s standard. Indeed it is probably one the biggest events Yorkshire, West Riding has ever undertaken. Lasting for three days it involved a total of 45 riders visiting 23 Masonic Halls with five support vehicles. In total we estimate nearly 500 people were directly involved in some way, shape or form. After much training and much organisation the fateful day arrived: day one of the PPP, Saturday 23 August 2014. Tapton Hall played host with David S Pratt, Provincial Grand Master and James Newman, President of the RMBI setting us off in five groups. The first day was a 100 mile stint from Sheffield to Waddington in the most northwesterly part of the Province. We set off from Sheffield not really knowing what to expect. The Lodges at Penistone set the tempo for the rest of the event; a warm welcome, excellent hospitality a cheque presentation and a photograph. Holmfirth beckoned with similar hospitality; a plethora of warm drinks, cakes aplenty and an opportunity to have a breather. The first real climb of the day took us over the Pennines on the Isle of Skye road to Uppermill, where we were greeted to a fraternal welcome by a brass band. The next stage was the shortest, downhill to Hebden Bridge where we were greeted by Alan Harrison piping us in. The second significant climb of the day took us over Pecket Well, which was used by the Tour de France in the opposite direction. By the time we arrived in Haworth we were feeling like a ‘Masonic Santa Claus’, stopping briefly and having a pie at every hall across the Province. Keighley likewise, arrived shortly after 3.6 miles of mostly downhill, where a further cheque presentation was made. Our group also met up with Stuart Cummins APGM for Area 1.

By the time we arrived at Skipton the field had spread out into roughly three groups. The ‘elite’ group, who were munching up the miles as if they were going out of fashion; a second smaller group following on their heels, wishing they could keep up and the largest group of 14 who were supporting each other through the thick and thin of it.

At Skipton our group was greeted by Paul Clarke APGM for Area 3. Given that 10 out of the 23 Masonic Halls on the perimeter are in Area 3 we got used to seeing Paul a lot over the next two days. By this time some light showers tormented us, which made the arrival at Barnoldswick all the more welcome with a break for warm tea and energy-giving chocolate bars. As a Huddersfield Mason, places like the Masonic Hall at Barley were the stuff of legend; places I had heard about from people who had visited and come back with exotic stories of far-off lands. The final leg to Waddington was a relief as we knew our day of cycling would be done. The group I was in arrived in pleasant

weather as the sun had decided to shine upon us. The Royal Forest Lodge No 401 is on the boundary of Yorkshire, West Riding, located just outside of Clitheroe. During the evening we were entertained by ‘FowerNowt-One’ to a splendid meal at which our forebears might have raised an eyebrow. The Royal Forest Lodge had invited the Mayor and Lady Mayoress, resplendent in their chains; whilst cycling Freemasons, still in their Lycra from their day’s exertions, limped around the room. The contrast was quite amusing, but no one batted an eyelid. The hospitality shown by the Royal Forest Lodge was truly remarkable. The next morning everyone was up for a 7.30am breakfast and an early start. On this day we were waved off by the Deputy PGM, John Rushworth who must have been up extremely early to join us at the start. We were also waved off by Brethren of Royal Forest Lodge and of course, the ever-present Paul Clarke showed his support. Day one had been “relatively” straight

forward with an estimated 100 miles and 7,500 feet of climbing. Day two, however, was to be quite something else. We estimated 110 miles and 8,500 feet of climbing visiting nine Masonic Halls. Indeed a hill greeted us straight out of Waddington on the way to Slaidburn. We travelled east, traversing the north of the Province and taking in the stunning scenery of the Yorkshire Dales. The long ascent to Slaidburn Moor led us to unrivalled views of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Both beautiful and desolate at the same time, Waddington to High Bentham was a long section of 19 miles without a break, or a pie. This made arriving at High Bentham all the more welcome, enjoying the excellent hospitality of our hosts.

LODGE OF PRINCE GEORGE No 308 Meeting at 3:00pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month except Jul, Aug and Dec, at The Masonic Hall, Bottoms, Todmorden OL14 6DN. IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS 6

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

From High Bentham we continued easterly towards Settle and another welcome break and fraternal hospitality. From Settle we set off up a hill I had never been up before, and now I know why; it was like climbing a wall, so steep that sheep were falling off. The next section from Settle to Pateley Bridge was the longest section of the day Arriving at the Masonic Hall in Pateley Bridge we were amazed to see we were welcomed by a street organ playing at full volume and enjoyed the welcome of the Brethren of the Vale of Nidd Lodge No 4984 and their families who had enjoyed a BBQ.

The next spur on to Ripon was very welcome as the route got flatter; we enjoyed the welcome hospitality at Ripon. Not long after was Knaresborough Masonic Hall who had obviously enjoyed a Sunday lunch with entertainment. The Lodges at the Masonic Hall at Harrogate, who also held a Sunday lunch, had been gracious enough to wait and welcome some late, and now bedraggled, cyclists. Cycling out via the Yorkshire Show Ground brought us directly outside the

Masonic Hall at Wetherby. Most notably, having joined us in Skipton the previous afternoon, this was Paul Clarke’s last visit on the ‘Tour d’Area Trois’. Our next stop was in Castleford and it was near dusk by the time our group arrived at the Masonic Hall. We had been on the road now for nearly 12 hours and under the circumstances, we opted for a quick shower and change and were treated to an excellent buffet and good company, hosted by the Provincial Grand Master. The next day was Bank Holiday Monday and we were again joined by the PGM for breakfast. This final morning was a very early start for some of the riders. The weather on day three started off overcast, went on to drizzle and ended with rain. Our first port of call, if you will forgive the pun, was Goole. A nice cup of tea was most welcome. The route for the day was relatively flat, so we were soon at Thorne where James Newman, John Boyington and Stuart Grantham, among many others, were there to greet the riders.

Leaving Thorne the drizzle started to turn into rain so our arrival in Bawtry was a chance to get some shelter, warm up a little and enjoy their hospitality. Our penultimate leg took us into Rotherham and by this time the rain was persistent. We enjoyed the hospitality provided by our hosts before departing for Sheffield. The welcome that Tapton Hall had put on was deserving of much better weather, as we were welcomed by an assemblage of family and Brethren who had shown us support throughout.

Pictured at the finish are Tom Oakes, 12 and Eric Sayliss, 84 - the youngest and oldest riders taking part.

Pictured are (l to r): Martyn Bolt; James H Newman, President of the RMBI; Craig Johnson

The main aim of the Provincial Perimeter Pedal was to raise money for the RMBI 2017 Festival. Its legacy is a unique event in the history of our Province. Indeed this is the first time we trialled on-line giving through this facility alone raised over £1,000. At the time of publication, the total monies raised was well in excess of £15,000, with more to come in.

ALL YOUR CATERING & DINING NEEDS Milry’s of Brighouse is a well established Bistro Restaurant we, can cater for up to 60 people in house We also offer an outside catering service, and currently look after Clifton Lodge, we are looking to expand. If your lodge is not 100% happy with its current caterer, give us a call ! New Sunderland, Brearley Halifax HX2 6JF

11 Owler ings Road Brighouse HD6 1EJ

Tel: 01484 717570

Tel: 01422 647253 Mob: 0777 6064461 email:

LODGE OF PEACE No 3988 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 4th Monday of each month except Aug (2nd Monday Jul), at Masonic Hall, Hoyle Court, Baildon, Shipley BD17 6JS. White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


225 years celebrated by the Bradford Works Lodge of Harmony No 275 The Lodge of Harmony No 275, Huddersfield celebrated its 225th Anniversary at a meeting at Greenhead Masonic Hall, Huddersfield on 6 November 2014. The Lodge was Consecrated on 6 November 1789 and its history was chronicled in 1989 at the time of its Bi-Centenary celebrations. However, the following 25 years have produced some significant happenings, by coincidence in the Millennium year. It was in March 2000 that the Brethren of the Lodge voted to leave their home at Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield and move to the nearby Greenhead Masonic Hall. Totally unrelated to the happenings in the Lodge at that time – in Halifax, moves were afoot to form a Daylight Lodge. However, RW Bro J Trevor Broadley PGM felt unable to sanction the formation of a new Lodge in the area and pointed those seeking the same, towards the Lodge of Harmony. Following much negotiation, on 30 November 2000 the Lodge held its first meeting at Greenhead Masonic Hall and was re-dedicated as a Daylight Lodge. For many of the years since then, the Lodge has maintained membership figures in the 60’s, proving a success for all concerned. At the celebratory meeting, attended by VW Bro John Rushworth Deputy PGM and other distinguished guests, a brief history of the last 25 years was presented by David Blunt, Master and Derek Cope, secretary and the Provincial Grand Chaplain, W Bro Peter Holt gave a splendid oration. A most convivial and enjoyable festive board followed.

Donation in memory of Rodger J Hawkesworth Members of the Vale of Nidd Lodge No 4984, Pateley Bridge have presented a cheque for £800 to St Michael’s Hospice, Harrogate. Fundraising for this very worthwhile charity was done in memory of former member, Rodger J Hawkesworth who passed away in the hospice in September 2013. The money was raised within the Lodge from a number of events held during the last year, including a York Ghost Walk and several raffles.

Photographed presenting the cheque to Ms Mel Kendall, the Community and Events Fundraiser is Mike Walker, accompanied by (l to r) Jerry Anderson, Alistair Booth and Graham Spooner.

Bradford Works is one of the latest organisations to benefit from a £1000 grant from the PGM’s Fund. Based in Saltaire, the aim of Bradford Works, a not-for-profit partnershipbased social enterprise, is to help the long term unemployed gain meaningful employment. One of the ways in which they do this is by employing and training unemployed adults for a three month or longer term, whilst supporting their job-search and transition into sustainable jobs. Some of the local contracts they are currently involved in are grounds maintenance, landscape management services and horticultural project work in parks and cemeteries. At the end of the term with them, the unemployed person will hopefully have gained valuable experience together with a current CV showing that they are honest, reliable, good time keepers and hardworking. Bradford Works is proud to have over a 75% success rate in re-employment. To help more people, they need to win more contracts. To do this they needed more equipment: gardening tools, lawn mowers etc. and the Lodge of Amity No 4148, Baildon were successful in making a bid to the PGM’s fund to help this worthwhile organisation. Mrs Catherine Russell, Bradford Works Operations Manager, said, “We are delighted that the Freemasons have been able to help us. We will use the money to purchase much needed equipment which will really aid us to help the long term unemployed gain employment.” • Photo shows: Mehmet Tiritoglu, Master of the Lodge of Amity presenting a cheque to Mrs Catherine Russell, with Chris Binns and members of the Bradford Works team looking on.

THE SALARDEN LODGE No 3971 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month at The Masonic Hall, Savile Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4PG. 8

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Cricket Club bowled over by PGM’s Fund Grant

The White Rose Masonic News is looking to strengthen its Advertising and Marketing team and invites applications from Brethren who would like to participate and assist. We wish to maintain the principle that every Lodge member in the Province receives a copy of White Rose Masonic News free of charge and in order to achieve this, the publication is supported by advertising and sponsorship. We have several challenging but achievable objectives and if your skills lend themselves to increasing our advertising revenue we will be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact David Howe, chairman if you feel able to assist; details on page 3.


Junior members of Fairburn Cricket Club, Knottingley were bowled over when hearing of a grant made by the PGM’s Fund. The grant of £1000 was secured on their behalf by Philanthropic Lodge No 304, Allerton, Leeds and has been used to purchase a BOLA bowling machine. Fairburn CC have been running a junior section for several years, with between 30 and 40 boys and girls, mainly 6 to13 year olds, regularly taking part in training and matches. William Cross, grandson of Lodge secretary Iain Glass, is pictured (in the black T shirt) with team-mates, receiving the cheque from Iain, accompanied by Stuart Oakes.

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PILGRIM LODGE No 7728 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 4th Monday of each month except Jun, Jul, Aug and Dec at The Allerton, Nursery Lane, Leeds LS17 7HW. White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Sheffield & District Freemasonry in the Community Since its formation in 2002, Sheffield & District Freemasonry in the Community has raised in excess of £85,000 for local charities and thanks to a dedicated committee, who work hard to make a difference, many less fortunate members of the community have benefited. Following on from the article in the spring edition of White Rose Masonic News, the committee are pleased to highlight their recent donations: £3,000 was presented to the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge, half of which was granted from the PGM’s fund. Manor Lodge is not a Masonic Lodge but is one of Sheffield’s most important historic sites. It began as a hunting lodge, then in Tudor times was transformed into a grand manor house and has even housed a royal prisoner; of the 19 years she was imprisoned in England, Mary, Queen of Scots spent 14 of them in Sheffield. The money was used for essential repair work to the building. Photo 1: Members of the committee joined Ernest Wainwright as he presented the cheque to chairman, David Templeman. £3,400 was presented to Enable (Sheffield), again half being provided by the PGM’s fund. The organisation first opened for business in 1994 and aims to offer a quality care and training service to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Photo 2: A plaque showing support for Enable £1,700 was presented to St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield which cares for adults of all ages throughout the city who have lifelimiting illnesses and supports their families. Photo 3: Chairman, Peter Taylor, centre, presents the cheque to hospice chaplain, the Rev. Captain Mike Reeder.


White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Presidential visit to Connaught & Truth

RW Bro David Williamson PAGM; Bro McGregor-Cheers; W Bro Jason C Shettler, Master;RW Bro David S Pratt PGM

The Lodge of Connaught and Truth No 521, Huddersfield was, earlier this year, delighted to welcome the President and Founder of the Universities Scheme, R W Bro David Williamson, PAGM. In 2003 RW Bro Williamson visited Apollo University Lodge No 357, Oxford and was extremely impressed. The members were very young and the standard of ritual was excellent. He suggested to the Pro Grand Master at the time, Lord Northampton, that there should be Lodges like this all over the country and the Universities Scheme was born. The scheme has now grown

to over 60 Lodges in England & Wales, South Africa and the West Indies. As a testament to his dedication in supporting the scheme, RW Bro Williamson has visited every one of the Lodges in it. The Lodge of Connaught & Truth joined the scheme in February 2013, since when, five students have been Initiated into the Lodge, two of whom have since returned to their home country as Master Masons. The remaining three brethren are working their way through the degrees. Over 90 brethren were present in Huddersfield to witness the Initiation of

Lloyd A J M McGregor-Cheers, himself a student of the Open University studying for a law degree. Among those present were the Provincial Grand Master, David S Pratt who was instrumental in establishing the scheme within this Province and Anthony W Llewellyn APGM who is continuing the work of liaison to the Executive for the scheme. Also represented were the other three members of the scheme in this Province: University Lodge No 3911, Sheffield, the Lodge of Hope No 302, Bradford and Aurora Lodge No 4047, Leeds. V W Bro Bruce Clitherow, Liaison Officer to Grand Lodge for the Province, when addressing the Brethren said, “When RW Bro David established the scheme almost ten years ago, he was very clear that it would only be successful if all our university Lodges could Initiate candidates in multiple ceremonies and enable them to progress quickly so that they would graduate from university not only with a Degree certificate but with a Grand Lodge certificate as well. We recognise that the prospect of moving multiple candidates quickly through the process is both an exciting and daunting prospect for any Lodge but is it essential if the scheme is going to work. We are also looking to expand the scheme into the Royal Arch to allow our student members to expand their masonic knowledge and involvement”. The evening was a real success, with a ceremony and festive board that suited the occasion. The Lodge of Connaught & Truth would like to thank the University of Huddersfield for their help and cooperation in establishing a Masonic Association within the Students Union.

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LODGE ACACIA No 2321 Meeting at 6:45pm on the 4th Thursday of each month except August at The Masonic Hall, Hoyle Court, Otley Road, Baildon. BD17 6JS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Non-Masonic Giving Survey 2014 Would you like to have your say about which causes, charities and research the Central Masonic Charities should support using your generous donations? Simply visit to complete a survey which will help shape the future of Masonic giving. The Central Masonic Charities have a proud history of awarding grants to the non-masonic community with over £4 million awarded each year to many worthwhile causes. Over recent years, our grants have provided vital support to rescue services, disaster relief in the UK and abroad, medical research, hospices and charities that help disadvantaged young people and the elderly. As a Freemason and supporter of the Central Masonic Charities, your views about the causes we should support in the years ahead are very important to us. We therefore invite you to visit: and complete the short survey about the causes, charities and research that really matter to you. The survey consists of only 10 questions and will take just a few minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for sharing your views with the charities.

Facebook Group adopted by the Province

The Provincial Facebook Group is a closed group of Yorkshire, West Riding Masons. If you are a Facebook user, search for Province of Yorkshire, West Riding and select ‘join’ to become a member of the group; once validated you will be added to the group. Stay in touch whilst on the move; check what is happening in the Province; post your thoughts; share your ideas; seek advice and make comment for the rest of the group to see. We look forward to a vibrant, growing Facebook Group. Come and join us.


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White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Masonic Variety Show For the very first time outside London, our Province will host a Masonic Variety Show at the Bradford Grammar School on the evening of Saturday, 18 April 2015. The Province will be honoured by the presence of the Lord Lieutenancy; the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford; the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Hugh Wootton; the President of the RMBI; the Provincial Grand Master; the Grand Superintendent and many other distinguished guests. The details of those performing in the show will appear on the Provincial web site and are well worth seeing. This event will appeal to families and friends as well as the Brethren, who are guaranteed an enjoyable and memorable evening. The ticket price is just £15 and block bookings for Lodges and Chapters can be arranged. Speak with your Charity Steward for further details. There will be a number of bars and a raffle featuring many excellent prizes. The proceeds will be for support of the RMBI 2017 Festival and your support will be much appreciated.

New Kit for Karate Club

Members of the Harrogate Shotokan Karate Club will be better protected thanks to a £1000 grant from the PGM’s Fund. Head defenders, body guards, mitts and shin and foot protectors are essential protective equipment for the younger members of the club and as some are unable to afford them, the purchase by the club means they can still take a full and active part in training. The club provides both training and development in the sport for all age groups, with advancement to international standard under the direction of Matt Price, 6th Dan black belt and head coach of the JKS England national team. Matt thanked Alan Holloway, Master of Spa Lodge No7609, Harrogate and the Brethren of the Lodge who accompanied him to the presentation. Alan then belied his age by ‘taking on’ a young man, a few years his junior and lived to tell the tale. • Photo: Junior club members are pictured, wearing the protective equipment.

THE LODGE OF FRIENDSHIP No 750 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 1st Wednesday after the full moon at Cleckheaton Masonic Hall, 51 Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton. BD19 3BY White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


David recovers to receive jubilee certificate

Fifty Year Celebration Walter Alan Colton travelled from Kent to receive a jubilee certificate from John B Gledhill APGM, marking fifty years in the Craft. The presentation took place at a meeting of Sub Aqua Lodge No 9684 at Uppermill in the presence of some sixty Brethren. Alan, a Lewis, was Initiated into Clemency Lodge No 2341, East Lancs in December 1963 and served as Master in 1972. He was a Founder member of the British Sub Aqua Lodge No 8997, London in 1981 and in 1993 was honoured with London Grand Rank. Some five years later Alan became a Founder member of Sub Aqua Lodge at Uppermill and in 2000 he was promoted to Senior London Grand Rank. Brought up in Oldham, Lancashire by parents Walter and Nellie - both Freemasons - he carried out his National Service in Germany before marrying Margaret. He went on to run a grocery business in Oldham before opening Colton’s Frozen Foods, going on to open eight retail units as well as a wholesale business. He managed to cram in a period of farming as well as owning two public houses and at the age of 65, when most people are considering retirement, he took on a croft at Wick, Scotland. Retirement did come eventually when Alan moved to Dover to be near his eldest daughter and, at the age of 78, he still enjoys daily walks along the cliff tops. Following the presentation there followed a splendid ‘Olde English’ festive board when some £400 was raised towards the 2017 RMBI Festival. 14

50 and still batting Kenneth Flockton PPJGW, of the Lodge of Excelsior and Prudence No 1042, Leeds received a Jubilee Certificate from Anthony W Llewellyn APGM, to mark fifty years as a Mason. Ken was Initiated into Excelsior Lodge by his father, Wilfred Flockton on 21 May 1964 and has served as Master four times; in February this year he Installed his sonin-law, John Myers as his successor. In conversation with the APGM, Ken made numerous references to the support he had received from his wife, Margaret and he stressed that all Masons should consider the impact upon their family before taking senior office. Reflecting on the changes over 50 years, he mentioned computers and mobile phones, but it was kitchen rolls he couldn’t manage without and he could not remember what he did in lieu in days gone by. Ken has always been a sporting person and captained many teams in his time at Leeds Grammar School. His main pastime now is golf which he plays at least once a week. He is still active in his profession as a building contractor, which company he took over from his father many years ago. Ken and his wife Margaret are the stalwarts of Lodge social events and organise various functions; the main annual event is a barbeque which is held in their garden. He has been the Lodge almoner for many years, Ken attended the Centenary meeting of Excelsior Lodge on 29 January 1965 and is looking forward to the 150 year celebration of the amalgamated Lodge in January 2015. The presentation was followed by an enjoyable meal at ‘Leeds Seventeen’.

Martin W Stray PAPGM was delighted to attend a meeting of Royal Wharfedale Lodge No 1108, Otley to present a jubilee certificate to Cecil David Round in recognition of his 50 years in Masonry. The presentation was originally planned for December 2013 but, due to an unfortunate accident resulting in David breaking his leg, it had to be postponed. David was initiated into Phoenix Lodge No 5311, Birmingham in December 1963. Moving to Leeds for business reasons in 1966, David became a joining member of Royal Wharfedale Lodge in July 1969 and has remained with this Lodge ever since, progressing through the Lodge and holding most of the offices on the ladder and becoming Master in 1984. He has held the office of Charity Steward for a total of 18 years. He was appointed PPDepGReg in 1992 and promoted to PPJGW in 1997. He became a joining member of Harewood Lodge No 5667 in January 2007. A Director of Wharfedale Masonic Hall Co Ltd for nine years and Chairman for three years, he is still one of two Lodge Trustees of the Company. Before his retirement in 1994 David was a Building Services Consulting Engineer in Leeds. The evening was very well attended by the majority of members of Royal Wharfedale Lodge along with invited guests and friends. The occasion was rounded off by entertaining speeches and the presentation of a painting of the North Yorkshire Moors to David by the Brethren of his Lodge. This will be hung in the Masonic Hall at Otley at David’s request.

• Photo: (l to r) Anthony W Llewellyn; Ken Flockton and John Myers.

• Photo: David is pictured (right) receiving his certificate from Martin Stray. White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Fifty Years for ‘Old Bill’ Former police officer, Robert William (Bill) Place was delighted to receive a jubilee certificate to mark his fifty years in Freemasonry. The presentation was made by John B Gledhill, APGM at a meeting of Colne Valley Lodge No 1645, Slaithwaite earlier this year. Bill was Initiated into Huguenot Lodge No 2140, London in April 1964, following both his father and uncle into the Lodge which was named after the Protestants of the Reformed Church of France. He became Master in 1970. He had joined Colne Valley Lodge in October 1969 and has, on several occasions, been secretary of the Lodge. He was honoured with London Grand Rank and in 1987 and was appointed Assistant Grand Sword Bearer in Grand Lodge. In the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding he was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary in 1988 and was responsible for the administrative affairs of the Province for over 12 years.

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•Deliveries throughout the UK• He was promoted to PPSGW in tribute to his unstinting work and admirable service at Spring Bank Place. Bill was also a member of the editorial team when the first Provincial newsletter – the old blue book – was published in 1990. A police officer for 32 years, Bill retired from his career in Halifax. As he has not enjoyed good health lately, the Asst PGM wished Bill many more years to continue to enjoy his Freemasonry. • Photo: (l to r) Trevor Kinvig, Master; Bill Place; John B Gledhill, APGM.

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FISHMONGER CELEBRATES FIFTY YEARS OF FREEMASONRY Retired fishmonger Frank Sharp celebrated fifty years of Freemasonry when he was presented with a jubilee certificate by John B Gledhill, APGM, to mark the occasion. Frank was Initiated into De Warren Lodge No 1302, Halifax on 11 May 1964 and recalls that, as Junior Deacon, he attended the Centenary meeting of the Lodge at the Victoria Hall, Halifax in 1970 - a wonderful occasion. He was Installed as Master of the Lodge in 1973 in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Fred Crosland. Having served the Province as Senior Deacon, he was later promoted to PPJGW. At a regular meeting held at Blackwall, Halifax, Frank spoke of his memories of the past fifty years and the happy times he, and his late wife Brenda, enjoyed when he was Master of the Lodge. Now aged 89 years, he enjoys his leisure time with his companion Elaine, but says he didn’t impress her when he took her to a multi-screen cinema in Halifax and, having mistakenly entered the wrong auditorium, they found


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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS themselves watching ‘Good Neighbours’; a film containing strong violence, sexual content, graphic nudity and bad language. He had intended taking her to see ‘The Other Woman’; a romantic comedy. It was pointed out to him that he ‘should have gone to Specsavers!’ The Brethren of the Lodge presented Frank with a case of wine and a Geoffrey Cowton Print of his beloved Calderdale to mark his service to De Warren Lodge. Frank Sharp is photographed receiving the jubilee certificate from John B Gledhill.

THE McDONALD PARTNERSHIP G. P. BEEVERS LTD. CHARTERED SURVEYORS PLUMBING & HEATING Robert House, ENGINEERS (EST. 1970) Unit 7, Acorn Business Park, 20 Hough End Lane, Leeds Woodseats Close, Sheffield S8 0TB LS13 2EY Tel: 0114 280 2290 Tel: 0113 257 9890 Fax: 0114 258 6109 THE Major McDONALD PARTNERSHIP Pipe J Harrison R &Alan J LODGE CHARTERED SURVEYORS Weddings, Funerals, Burns Nights PURVEYORS OF FINE FOODS RobertNights House, Ladies etc Greens End Rd, Meltham, Unit 7,410822 Acorn M: Business Park, T:01924 07873NW 679 0430 Huddersfield HD7 Woodseats Close, Sheffield S8 0TB Tel: 01484 850571 Tel: 0114 280 2290 Fax: 0114 258 6109

R & J LODGE SCIENTIFIC LODGE No 439 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on FOODS the PURVEYORS OF FINE last Wednesday of each month except July & Aug (3rd Wed in Dec) Masonic Hall, Charles Street, Bingley. BD19 3BY Greens End Rd, Meltham, White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Huddersfield HD7 3NW Tel: 01484 850571


Praise for Popular Publican

W Bro Frank Collins PPJGW receiving his certificate from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

At a well-attended meeting of Concord Lodge No 4126, Huddersfield earlier this year, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master had the pleasure of presenting Frank Collins with a jubilee certificate to mark his 60th Anniversary in Freemasonry. VW Bro Rushworth engaged Frank in an amusing dialogue, covering his learning to play the piano at the age of 4 to his National Service in the Fleet Air Arm, which prompted him to explore joining Freemasonry. He was Initiated into Concord Lodge in May 1954, became Master in 1967 and again in 2003, celebrating his 50th Anniversary whilst in the Chair. For the last 10 years Frank has been organist of the Lodge and has entertained the members and visitors with his renowned sing-alongs at the Festive Board. VW Bro Rushworth also discussed with Frank his many and varied activities, including musician, golfer, pilot, textile merchant, textile designer and for the last 16 years as licensee of the Dog and Partridge at Sowood, having taken over following the death of his mother.     On presenting the certificate the Deputy Provincial Grand Master paid tribute to the wholesome support Frank has given to Freemasonry during his 60 years of membership and wished him well as he moved on to his next Masonic milestone.

John drops in on a neighbour Frank Oswald Gaunt was delighted to welcome neighbour, John B Gledhill APGM to his home in Lindley, Huddersfield, where John presented him with a jubilee certificate to mark sixty years in the Craft. Frank was Initiated into the Beaumont Lodge No 2035, Kirkburton in July 1954. He served as Master in 1972 and holds the Provincial rank of Past Junior Grand Warden. A Master Joiner by profession, Frank has made a tremendous contribution to the Beaumont Lodge and is well respected as the senior Past Master. A nonagenarian, he is retired but still likes to make a contribution to the family business. Married to Audrey for almost 15 years, he has two sons.


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White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Pudsey Freemasons keep local community in the dark

AT HOME WITH TED Edwin (Ted) Vivian Laycock spent a most enjoyable afternoon with Barry Hartley who visited him at his home in Huddersfield to present, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, a jubilee certificate to mark sixty years in Freemasonry. Ted, a Lewis, was Initiated in Connaught Lodge No 3800 in April 1954 and joined the Lodge of Connaught and Truth No 521 upon amalgamation. Ted recalled many aspects of Freemasonry not seen today, including how members were expected to write out their own copy of the Lodge’s ritual as they progressed, and the clear distances which existed between junior members of the Lodge and the Past Masters, Provincial Officers and Grand Ranks. Whilst he welcomes the more relaxed atmosphere experienced today, he still feels that maintaining standards, dress codes and respect should remain essential parts of our organisation. Now aged 91 and following a fall when he fractured his hip, Ted no longer drives and he recognises his limitations to attend meetings. He says he still tries to recite tracts of ritual each day and, in spite of his claim that his memory is not what it was, he can still deliver ritual far better than many. He retains a keen sense of humour and interest and whilst his active involvement is less, he still loves to receive and read the Lodge summons, minutes and, of course, the White Rose Masonic News. • Photo shows Ted Laycock at home on the day of the presentation.

The Lodge of Benevolence No 5612, Pudsey has presented the Pudsey Wellbeing Centre with a cheque for £1000 from the PGM’s Fund towards the cost of having window blinds fitted to their Community room. The Centre aims to bring together a wide range of people from the public, private and third sectors in order to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population, so that they live longer and healthier. The lack of a darkened room caused problems when visiting speakers presented slide shows to the many community groups using the room so, when asked to help, the Brethren of the Lodge were pleased to secure the necessary funding. The picture shows Stephen Schofield, Master, with charity steward, Wilf Armstrong, and Peter Throp presenting the cheque to the Centre manager, Danielle DurandClarke.

Prizes Presented for Progress at Pudsey School Continuing the tradition established by the Pudsey Lodges under the ‘Freemasonry in the Community Initiative’, Ian Benton of The Lodge of Benevolence No 5612 visited the end of term parents meeting at West Royd Primary School, Farsley. In front of a large gathering of children and parents, Ian was introduced by the Head, Ms Joanne Todd and presented a prize of book tokens to two children, Eve Hand and Oliver Lobley who were considered to have made the most progress this year. A further book token was presented to the school library.

The picture shows Ian with the prize winners.

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HOWLEY LODGE No 5012 Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month except August at Blenheim House, Batley Field Hill, Batley WF17 0BG IS DELIGHTED TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


The same but different

The Lodge of Harmony No 275, Huddersfield was pleased to welcome Brethren from the Lodge of Skillet and Trowel No 981, Dublin, Grand Lodge of Ireland, who undertook a demonstration of an Irish Constitution First Degree Ceremony. They were accompanied by M W Bro Eric Waller, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. David Blunt, Master of the Lodge of Harmony organised this as part of the celebrations of the Lodge during its 225th Anniversary year. They then swelled to total numbers to 57 for the Opening of the Lodge at 10.30 a.m. The regular business was undertaken and the Lodge of Harmony was closed at 11.15 a.m., after which all brethren remained in the Lodge Room whilst the Brethren of the Lodge of Skillet and Trowel made adjustments to the layout of the Lodge to represent, more closely, a typical lodge working under the Irish Constitution. Following the closing of the Lodge, the Brethren of the Lodge of Skillet and Trowel took their respective places and undertook the Exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree for which John Roberts acted as candidate. It is recorded in the minutes of the meeting that the Exemplification ‘Whilst essentially containing much similarity to the UGLE working, the variations were of great interest.’ It was said by the Master that it was “The same but different.” The Festive Board was greatly enjoyed by all the Brethren and included a particularly memorable response by M W Bro Eric Waller. The visiting Brethren were each presented with a 225th Anniversary Tankard. 18

Return From Romania

Andy Heald of Gothic Lodge No 5238, Mexborough and his family emigrated to Romania in 2007 where he joined Fraternitatae Lodge No 11, Ploiesti. Some three years later a number of Brethren of Gothic Lodge accepted an invitation to visit the city, some 35 miles north of Bucharest, and a memorable week was enjoyed by all. So much so that the Brethren of Fraternitatae Lodge expressed a desire to visit England and experience Freemasonry in ‘God’s Own County’. So it was that, last year, arrangements were made and the Brethren from Romania experienced all that is good about this country, county and Freemasonry in this Province. As well as a visit to Crest Regalia and the opportunity to take in the delights of shopping at Meadowhall, Sheffield; there were visits to Caphouse Colliery, Wakefield; the historic city of York; the Critch Tramway Village, Matlock and a chance to sample some fine fish and chips in Whitby, whilst taking in the Yorkshire version of their own folk hero, Prince Vlad, nicknamed Dracula. They were also welcomed to three of our Lodges and witnessed a first degree ceremony demonstrated by Gothic Lodge; a second degree by Wentworth Lodge No 1239, Sheffield and a third degree by Sandbeck Lodge No7275, Rotherham. The week was rounded off with a well-attended farewell dinner at The George and Dragon Inn in the picturesque village of Wentworth. Further exchange visits are planned for the future with a view to maintaining links with the Brethren from the National Grand Lodge of Romania. The APGM, J Rodney Tolson, is pictured with Andy Heald (standing fifth from the right), together with Brethren of Gothic Lodge with the visiting Brethren seated. White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Turning back the pages of history . . . By John B Gledhill, Chairman of Yorkshire, WR Activities Ltd and formerly, for 16 years, editor of our Provincial magazine, now White Rose Masonic News Talks continue as to the future content, possible electronic distribution or a levy on Provincial dues, to enable White Rose to be posted out to Brethren, rather than distributed via Lodge secretaries. Regarding content, editor Peter L Doherty is vigorously pursuing new ideas, not all of a Masonic nature, seeking fresh impetus and is open to submissions from Brethren but, unlike Freemasonry Today, all of our contributions, both marketing and editorial, are undertaken on a voluntary basis and dependent on support Province-wide. Taking a trip down memory lane to celebrate this, the 50th edition, has proved an absorbing experience which I hope will be of interest and perhaps evoke memories for our older Brethren and stimulate involvement for newer Masons interested in some of the Province’s recent history. It will be 25 years next spring since the first ‘Blue Book’ Newsletter was produced, later to be converted into an A4 format in autumn 1997 and there was a successful mini-launch in spring 2006 with a change of title to White Rose Masonic News. The first issue in 1990 contained 14 foolscap pages but the second featured only eight and both were produced in the Provincial Office with an editorial team comprising esteemed Masons; John Yates,

Harry Lupton, Bill Place and Garrett Cardwell. The average age of candidates in the Province was 41 and one of the first recorded items was the appointment of John Holt, a respected Provincial Ruler, as High Sheriff of Lancashire. James K Batty joined the editorial team in 1992 and the printing was now undertaken by J Jackman and Co at Hornbeam Park, Harrogate. The following year a youthfullooking John Trevor Broadley was Installed as an Assistant PGM and another highlight referred to former PGM Fred Crosland going back into the Chair of Unity Lodge No 3930, fifty years to the day he had first been Installed as Master. The eighth edition, a 48page affair, brought news of early fund-raising for the 1996 Grand Festival. Huddersfield Lodge No 290 celebrated its bi-centenary in the presence of the Assistant Grand Master, The Earl of Eglington and Winton and there was a superb oration by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Frank A Chappell who likened two of Huddersfield’s famous commodities, worsted cloth and its choral society, to King Solomon and Hannah, the mother of Samuel. The spring issue of 1994 referred to the Installations as PGM and Grand Superintendent of J Trevor Broadley at the Royal Hall, Harrogate, when heavy snow

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prevented many Brethren and Companions from attending. Later that year, a Provincial calendar was incorporated into the newsletter with paid-for advertisements secured by a marketing team led by John Luper, with valued assistance from Tom Bulmer and Edward Patnick. Provincial Grand Secretary, Kenneth Hirst detailed the history of the purchase of the land and the building of Connaught Court, as chronicled by him in 1972 and in later issues there is reference to the creation of a unit for mentally and physically frail Brethren, which was named Fred Crosland House. The year 1995 brought a change in editorship when John Yates and Harry Lupton stepped down to be succeeded by myself and an equally important development was the involvement for the first time of Brian Holmes and Jack Broughton in seeking advertising revenue – and both went on to give sterling service. The following year, Raymond Howarth became Deputy PGM and Grand Lodge announced that John Goodchild would be the Prestonian Lecturer, a great distinction for him and the Province as he presented his paper ‘Freemasonry and the Friendly Societies’ nationwide. The conclusion of the Grand Charity festival was celebrated at Harrogate’s Royal Hall where R W Bro Broadley handed over a cheque for £3m. 1996 was altogether a busy year as a

COLNE VALLEY LODGE No 1645 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month except July at The Masonic Hall, Britannia Road, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. HD7 5HF White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Snapshot of some of our

Brian Batty as Mark Provincial Grand Master

vibrant Provincial Media Committee was established (now the Communications Committee) to coincide with a new era of Openness for Freemasons. I wrote then that our Province was at the forefront in presenting a progressive and pro-active lead for others to follow. The following year saw Stuart Cummins’ family firm of printers secure a new contract to publish and print the newsletter, offering facilities for a major makeover to include full colour and also significant cost savings. Graphic artist David Eyre also came on board with his design skills and so began an exciting new chapter. A major feature in the spring of 1998 was the launch of the Province’s Mission Statement which set out objectives and values for Freemasons in our Province. The art of communication had long been considered a key priority within the Province (of course, it still is) and a further initiative was the creation of the Provincial web site which was followed by the partial re-enactment of a Lodge meeting filmed by Yorkshire Television at Spring Bank Place which brought Freemasonry into the living rooms of millions of television viewers. The Rt Hon Lord Farnham attended the bi-centenary of the Chapter of Prosperity No 290 in Huddersfield in a year which featured reports of the Consecration of the West Riding Fairways Lodge No 9644 at Swinton, South Yorkshire. Newspaperman, Malcolm Cruise and retired headmaster, John Lowe joined the editorial team at a time when a significant

Master Cutlers’ feast


development was the creation of a Centre for Masonic Studies at the University of Sheffield and the subsequent appointment of Prof Andrew Prescott as Director of the Centre. History was certainly in the making when in July 1999, the annual meeting of the Grand Charity was held in Harrogate – the first time in its then 20-year existence that the charity had met outside London. Sadly, notable obituaries were recorded with the deaths of former Provincial Grand Secretary, Kenneth Hirst and Jack Broughton, a zealous student of Freemasonry, a great ambassador for the Craft . . . and a super salesman! The ‘Millennium Year of Opportunity’ provided celebrations, challenges and sadness. John K Clayton was Installed as an Assistant PGM; the Rt Hon Marquess of Northampton enthralled a packed audience when he spoke at the Installation Convocation of the Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals No 6220 and John Rushworth became Provincial Grand Secretary. Trevor Broadley introduced a debate on the decline in membership within the Province and sadly, there were the reported deaths of former Rulers, Fred Crosland and Frank Harrison, the latter having passed away literally hours after he had received accolades to mark his astonishing 75 years service and continuous active membership of Spen Vale Lodge No 4515. Newsletter changes in personnel followed with Brian Holmes, secretary and minutetaker, Frank Steeples stepping down and marketing activities being taken on, first by Ken Bury and subsequently David Hayes, both Tapton-based Masons. The National Freemasonry in the Community project was hugely supported by this Province with over half a million pounds being donated to worthy causes and a stunning service at Ripon Cathedral replicating a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Nevil H Parkinson began an outstanding term as Deputy PGM; Jack Pigott and Maurice Bendig became APGMs following the resignations of Stanley Hodgkiss and John Bird. An unforgettable highlight recorded in 2002 was the visit by the MW Grand

Rulers on parade at Ripon Cathedral

Stuart Cadman has recently retired marketing chairman for White Rose and A difficult economic climate has seve during this time and the outstanding ge many years, been of enormous help in

Consecration of Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals

Fun in the sun a

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

r stories down the years

d after five years as advertising and d is succeeded by David Howe. erely tested the viability of White Rose enerosity of two benefactors has, over ensuring its continuity.

at Connaught Court

Master, HRH The Duke of Kent, to Tapton Hall, Sheffield and in a truly momentous occasion some 170 Brethren met the Grand Master informally. He was accompanied by the Grand Director of Ceremonies, Peter Geoffrey Lowndes, now Pro Grand Master. The following year saw the creation of Yorkshire, W R Masonic Activities Ltd under the chairmanship of John Clayton, which became (and still is) pivotal to the production, funding and compilation of our Provincial magazine. The first ever amalgamation of Lodges in our Province saw Harmony No 600 join with its granddaughter Lodge, St Peter No 6509. Fund-raising for the 2007 festival was in full swing having raised £2m as over 350 Brethren attended a mid-festival celebration in Bradford. It was around this time that we, in conjunction with our sister Province, North and East, became involved with promoting Freemasonry at the Great Yorkshire Show in July 2004. In 2005 there were further pleas from PGM Trevor Broadley regarding membership, recruitment, meeting places and the honours system (no change there, then!) But change was on the horizon and the 32nd edition heralded the start of a new era with John Clayton being installed as the Province’s 23rd PGM in a ceremony conducted by the Pro Grand Master, The Hon Marquess of Northampton. A special autumn edition also included many accolades to Trevor Broadley following an 11-year stint which, in the latter years, had been blighted by illness Spring 2007 brought the celebration and culmination of the Grand Charity Festival which raised just over £5m with over 700 Brethren and guests joining dignitaries at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Mrs Louise Watts, personal assistant to the Grand Secretary, Nigel Brown, graciously allowed me to précis a speech she gave to the Province’s Grand Officers’ Mess and this provided a fascinating insight into the dayto-day workings at Great Queen Street. Milestones in 2008 were the launch of the Province’s mentoring scheme, led by Jack Pigott and also the ground-breaking ‘Teddies For Loving Care’ initiative, both of which retain their enormous value to this day.

One of our many cheque presentations in the community

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Royal Arch Ruler John Briggs

The record-breaking 52-page 37th edition however, was a ‘nightmare’ logistically as I was told, literally hours before the presses were about to roll, that the PGM, John Clayton and his charming wife Sue had attended a charity dinner at Clarence House, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales. John had previously presented the Leeds Centre of Breast Cancer Haven with a £250,000 cheque on behalf of the Grand Charity. Apparently, a photograph of John with HRH (Patron of the Cancer charity), was available and so designer David Eyre stripped out a couple of stories from our inside back cover and our printer was alerted to an eleventhhour re-plate. However, Provincial Grand Secretary, John Rushworth received a message from Clarence House declining permission for the photograph to be used. I can tell you that between us we engaged in frantic email correspondence with the respective Press Offices of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House before we finally received the go-ahead! The following publication was not without minor traumas as the Second Grand Principal, George Pippon Francis took an awful lot of persuading before I could present a précis of a speech he made in our Province which put the Craft and Holy Royal Arch well and truly under the microscope. Issue 39 in spring 2009 recorded a bold new initiative by John Clayton in support of Brethren and their dependants, keystone of which was the introduction of a new Provincial Helpline.

Festival fun and fund-raising


One of the many jubilee certificate presentations

Sadly, the death of former PGM, David James Welsh aged 89, was also announced. Pages in the autumn edition featured glowing tributes to both R W Bro Welsh and J Trevor Broadley, who died in July that year, with much of a stirring eulogy to R W Bro Broadley by Past Deputy PGM Nevil H Parkinson, being published. Hinduism, The Shrines, faith and friendship were also publicised as the Provincial Service attracted an attendance of over 500 at the magnificent Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple in Bradford. Truly, a unique and humbling occasion. Trends in recruitment and retention were analysed by the PGM in the spring of 2010; there was an ardent Welsh flavour (or fervour!) at Castle Grove, Leeds when David Stephen Pratt was Installed as an APGM and prominent businessman and Freemason, James H Newman was installed as Master Cutler in the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire at Cutlers’ Hall, Sheffield. Sadly, the death was reported of former Holy Royal Arch Ruler and prominent Freemason, Harry Lupton who was also the first editor of the Provincial Newsletter and in

an article alongside there was a tribute to the late David J Eyre, a Huddersfield Mason who had made his own significant contribution to the magazine over many years. Membership and milestones provided a snapshot of John Clayton’s first five years as PGM; there was a report of the Province’s Historical Records survey conducted by Stuart Ross and Peter Smith and a sad farewell to Pennine Lodge No 4177, Halifax when it handed in its Warrant. The spring issue of 2011 brought the announcement of the 2017 RMBI Festival; Stuart Cummins became a Provincial Ruler as APGM with responsibility for Bradford and Area 1 and there was a plea from the PGM for Freemasons to care more for one another – with reports also, of a further £100,000 being handed out to worthy community causes at the Provincial annual meeting in Harrogate. Later the same year, there was news of Assistant Grand Master, David Williamson having visited Lodge of Hope No 302 at Spring Bank Place to grant the Lodge membership of the Universities scheme and to witness the raising ceremony of Romanian economics graduate Alexandru Carp. Goderich Chapter No 1211 celebrated its centenary and there was a report of the Consecration of the Leeds Lodge No 9867 in the palatial surroundings of the Queens Hotel, Leeds. Charity was again at the forefront of recorded items in spring 2012 with the launch of HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year at an inter-faith service at Halifax Minster and over £200,000 was distributed by the Province during the year of celebrations. J Rodney Tolson succeeded Anthony B Brailsford as APGM in an Installation ceremony at Eastgate, Barnsley. Richard Uttley and Peter L Doherty succeeded editor John Gledhill to form a new editorial team for White Rose during the summer of 2012 and the autumn issue also featured the glittering awards night at the Royal Armouries which was staged as the

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TEL: 0113 248 3333 Curtis Buildings, Berking Avenue, Leeds LS9 9LF

A family business since 1929

culmination of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee masonic grants in our Province. Events to celebrate 300 years of Freemasonry in Bradford were chronicled in spring 2013 and earlier in the year, John Gledhill had succeeded Colin Dent as APGM for Area Two. Sad farewells to an outstanding PGM and news of his successor(s) were the mainstays of the 48th edition of autumn 2013. John Clayton had retired in August and there were many tributes and accolades recorded at a special dinner at Bradford’s Cedar Court Hotel in a spectacular send-off. Equally, there was much detail of David Pratt’s impressive Masonic career on the announcement that he would succeed John as PGM and, similarly, a glowing Masonic CV for Stewart Glasgow Carley who was to take over as Grand Superintendent in the Holy Royal Arch. Issue 49 featured impressive Installation ceremonies at the Royal Hall, Harrogate for both under the superintendence of Assistant Grand Master and Third Grand Principal, David Williamson. There were retirement accolades for John Clayton and Jack Pigott who had latterly been Deputy PGM in charge, while John Rushworth was appointed and invested as Deputy PGM and Anthony Llewellyn and Paul Clarke were appointed APGM’s in succession to David Pratt and Martin Stray.

A Gap in your Programme?? Consult the Orator If you have a gap to fill in a Lodge meeting, then you could consider having an Oration – or two! It will be something different, something new and you’re even encouraged to say what you think! There is currently a set of 59 ‘UGLE Approved Orations’, categorised into each of the Degrees and with ‘Levels’ of ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. The Orations are short talks, lasting about five to ten minutes. They cover a wide range of Masonic topics, focusing on particular aspects of the ritual or ceremonial of the Craft. An Introduction plus two Orations could take about ½ hour. To present these Orations, Provinces have appointed Provincial Grand Orators. The Orator for this Province is Peter Sutherland. If you want further information it’s best to contact Peter by email, at – he’ll be pleased to hear from you.

ROYAL WHARFEDALE LODGE No 1108 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 3rd Friday of each month except July & August at The Masonic Hall, Westbourne House, Otley. LS21 3LG 22

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

New War Memorial after a hundred years

Whilst most towns and villages erected a war memorial to the local soldiers who had fallen at the end of WW1, the village of Stainland near Halifax was bequeathed a recreation area for the community by a local mill owner, and as such has never had a war memorial.

Mrs Judith Crossley inspired and worked with fellow members of the Stainland and District Community Association to raise funds to have a memorial stone in the park erected to coincide with the centenary of the out break of the war in 1914. A fund was organised through the Elland, Greetland and District Branch of the Royal British Legion to raise money through local businesses. The three Lodges meeting at West Vale; Savile No 1231, Ryburn No 1283 and Mexborough No 6117 were delighted to make their own contributions. Enough funding was raised to also have a new wrought iron commemorative archway erected at the entrance to the grounds. The actual memorial consists of a large piece of locally quarried stone. The wording on the stone was carved by two student stone masons from Kirklees College, Huddersfield. The Mayor of Calderdale, along with members of the British Legion and many of the villagers, attended the dedication of the stone by Ft Philip Chadwick, Branch Chaplain of the British Legion.

Dinner Marks Centenary

Some three weeks before the outbreak of the Great War, Brethren of the Armitage Lodge No 2261, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, dressed in their regalia, took part in the stone-laying of the new tower at Longwood Parish Church, dedicated to St Mark. The ceremony was reported in the Huddersfield Examiner on 13 July 1914 as ‘one of the most interesting masonic ceremonies that has taken place locally for some time’ and lists the names of the Master and 38 Brethren present, representing the Craft.

The church, up to that time consisted only of Nave and Chancel and in that year was completed by the erection of the tower at the west end; the entire cost of which was borne by W Bro’s Thomas Hirst and George Crowther Hirst as a memorial to their late parents, Mrs Elizabeth Hirst and W Bro Crosland Hirst, a Founding Member of the Armitage Lodge. To mark the centenary of this occasion, the Brethren of the Armitage Lodge held a dinner at the Masonic Hall, Milnsbridge to which they invited the vicar, Revd James Curry and his wife, Alice, together with the Verger, David Verlander and his wife, Dorothy.

The photographs show: (l to r) Robin Whiteley, Mexborough Lodge, Mrs Judith Crossley and Jim Johnson, Ryburn Lodge. The commemorative archway

The annual general meeting of West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd will be held on Saturday 14 March 2015 at the Holiday Inn Barnsley, Junction 37 off the M1. Registration commences at 9:00am and the meeting will start at 10:00am. There will be a finger buffet at 12:00 for those who wish to meet and talk to the directors of your Charity.

HARROGATE MASONIC HALL The ideal location for: – WEDDINGS – (Licensed for Weddings under the Marriage Act 1994)

– PARTIES – – SEMINARS & CONFERENCES – For full details of the facilities, services and contract parking available contact:

Master, John Madigan is pictured right, presenting a cheque for £500 to Revd Curry as a donation to the church funds.

THE HARROGATE MASONIC HALL Station Avenue, HARROGATE HG1 5NE Telephone: (01423) 504473

THORNHILL LODGE No 1514 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month except July & August at The Masonic Hall, 70 New Hey Road, Lindley, Huddersfield HD3 4AJ White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Otley Masons put on a show Second Grant for Sewing Club

Photo: Members of the public show their interest in the stand.

The sun shone down on Royal Wharfedale Lodge No 1108 when it once again had a stand at the 205th Otley Show in the Wharfe valley. For the first time, members of Harewood Lodge No 5667 joined with Royal Wharfedale in manning the stand and with perfect weather, a bumper crowd was in attendance. The stand had a display of masonic artefacts, regalia and literature sourced both from within the Lodge and from the Province. There were varying degrees of interest and mixed comments from several gentlemen and the occasional lady passing by, such as; “That’s a secret society isn’t it, should you be so open about it?” or “Please could you explain to

me a little more about freemasonry”. The stand was also visited by several freemasons, enjoying their day at the show and the conversations between themselves and those manning the stand were understandably of a masonic ilk, with a positive and supportive feeling that one way forward in the recruiting of new members to our Lodges was by bringing freemasonry to the attention of the public. The Lodges hope that their efforts may help raise the interest in freemasonry within Otley and its surrounding areas. If not it won’t be for want of trying. The organisers thank all who took the time to visit and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thanks to the Brethren of Furnival Lodge No 2558, Sheffield a sewing club at Brampton Cortonwood has received a further grant of £1160 from the PGM’s Fund. This follows a previous grant made from the Fund in 2012. The club, based in the Miner’s Welfare Club, provides facilities for sewing and recruits women from the area, especially those recently widowed, and provides tuition in sewing skills. They have recently made bunting for the local Salvation Army anniversary. The grant will provide for servicing of the Bernina sewing machines, the replacement of a foot control for one of them and a new overlocker, which provides an expensive but quick way to hem garments and produce professionally finished seams Lodge charity steward, Ernst Kilka and secretary, Barry Sampson are pictured presenting the cheque to grateful members.

For all types of paints and accessories

Lodge members receive great discounts! See our website for details

Tel: 0114 418 9812 24

Mob: 07771 814 445 White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

PGM meets Heads of other Masonic Orders Earlier this year the RW Provincial Grand Master, David S Pratt, held a meeting at Morley Masonic Hall with the Heads of Other Orders. Twelve other Heads of Orders were present and topics discussed were membership, masonic meeting

places, discipline and the sharing of information. An open and constructive meeting ensued. At the conclusion of the meeting those in attendance posed for a photograph, wearing regalia of their respective Order.

Pictured (l to r) David M Cordell, District Grand Prefect, Allied Masonic Degrees; James Steggles, PGM, Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners; Michael S Bottomley, Arch President, August Oder of Light; Stewart G Carley, Grand Superintendent, Holy Royal Arch; Graeme Hutchinson, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Secret Monitor, Provincial Grand Summus, Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord; David S Pratt, PGM, Craft; Anthony W Llewellyn, Intendant General, Red Cross of Constantine; Gordon Setterfield, Head of the Operatives; Paul C Grafton, Provincial Prior, Knights Templar; John Boyington, Inspector General, Ancient and Accepted Rite, (Rose Croix); John Buffoni, Chief Adept Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.); Godfrey Bedford, Knight Templar Priests; Samuel J Brown, PGM, Royal Order of Scotland.

WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES Sound and Sympathetic help from

Finn Gledhill Solicitors

Halifax and Hebden Bridge

Your Contact: Marc Gledhill Tel: 01422 330000 and 842451 White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Royal Arch does the ‘Cha Cha Cha’. The inaugural competition of the ‘Chapter Charity Challenge’ golf tournament was held in July this year, at the Mid Yorkshire Golf Club, Darrington. Seven teams of four players, playing a ‘Texas Scramble’ format, competed for an accumulated prize fund of £200, to be donated to a charity or good cause. The tournament, to be held annually, was the idea of Jim Gray, Deputy Grand Superintendent, David Boyle, APGP, and Vic Johns. Teams must have a Royal Arch Mason as captain, but the others may be Masons and non-Masons. As well as providing sporting enjoyment amongst Companions and their friends, the aim is to raise money for benevolent causes and rather than the cause being pre-ordained by the organisers, it is to be left to the competing teams to nominate the cause they are supporting. The whole of the money raised is donated to the cause nominated by the winning team. Perfect weather prevailed for the competition and with the course in excellent condition, the winning team was ‘Pickup’s Posers’, comprising of Comp’s Paul Pickup; Geoffrey Stevens; Mr. Ray Cook and Ms. Diane Harding. They nominated the ‘St. James’s Hospital Renal Unit, Leeds’ to be the recipients of the £200 prize, to be presented by Stewart G. Carley, Grand Superintendent. Jim Gray said that this had been a small but successful beginning which he hoped would grow in successive years and become a part of the regular support given to charities and good causes in the community. Next year’s competition will be held on Monday, 21 September 2015.

Pictured (l to r) are the winning team: Paul Pickup; Ray Crook; Diane Harding and Geoff Stevens.

The organisers: (l to r): Jim Gray; Vic Johns and David Boyle.

East Lancashire visits West Riding Earlier this year, members of Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals No 6220, Hoyle Court were entertained by a visit from the East Lancashire Royal Arch Demonstration Team, who presented their interpretation of ‘The Rise and Fall of the Twelve Tribes of Israel’. The demonstration was introduced by John Cavanagh, with the remaining 15 members of the team describing the characters or events of the history of the Hebrews; rising from the time of Joseph to the exodus, under Moses, from Egypt and up to the high point of the building of Solomon`s Temple; then falling to the destruction of the Temple and the captivity in Babylon; finally ending with the building of the second temple by Zerubabbel. The demonstration was performed in a lively and interesting manner and was well received by the Companions. The evening was rounded off by an enjoyable festive board attended by 110 Companions of the two Provinces.


Pictured: The Demonstration Team with (seated l to r) David Thompson, 2nd Prov. Grand Principal (East Lancs); Stuart Carley, Grand Superintendent; the three Principals of the Chapter Michael Fermer (H), Paul G. Collinge, 3rd Prov. Grand Principal (MEZ) and Roger J Wilkins (J); David Thornton APGP (East Lancs); David J Lee.

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Acting Officers 2014

Second Grand Principal Third Grand Principal Assistant to Provincial Grand Principals Assistant to Provincial Grand Principals Assistant to Provincial Grand Principals Grand Scribe E Grand Scribe Nehemiah Grand Treasurer Grand Registrar Grand Director of Ceremonies Grand Sword Bearer Deputy Grand Registrar Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Deputy Grand Sword Bearer Grand Almoner Grand Sojourner 1st Assistant Grand Sojourner 2nd Assistant Grand Sojourner Assistant Grand Scribe E Grand Standard Bearer Grand Standard Bearer Grand Organist Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Grand Steward Grand Steward Grand Steward Grand Steward Grand Steward Grand Steward Grand Janitor

David Stuart Paul Gartside Graham Stuart David David John Keith Michael David Brian John Graham Derek David Eric David Mark Anthony Brian Ian Colin John Andrew Darrel Michael Gordon David Michael Ward David Malcolm George Alexander Steven Martin Neil Alan Andrew Lindsay Mustafa Ugur Alexander Helmuth John Thomas Andrew George Garry John Timothy Damien John Robert John Leslie Richard H C

Support to Skillshop

McDonald Collinge Franklin Mortimer Boyle Tolan Dodge Priestley Hoyle Firmin Grant Hobson Smith Whitworth Taylor Crawshaw Jacobs Pickering Cordell Herd Emmett Singleton Hey Taylor Aksoy Warren Sawdon Schofield Jennings Brooksbank Proctor Bateson Bryan Peel

St Phillip’s Ollicana Heatherstone Savile Brunswick St Laurence Scarborough Aire and Calder Binglea Alfred Three Grand Principles Loyalty Hillsborough Magdalen Amphibious Heatherstone Savile Zetland Sincerity Wakefield Nelson of the Nile Rockingham St Laurence Industry Wharncliffe Magdalen Binglea Spa Hillsborough Chapter of Unanimity St Oswald Chapter of Faith St Nicholas Don Valley St Michael’s Charity

7116 1522 1302 408 2330 1214 458 439 306 208 4971 5444 242 258 1302 603 61 495 264 4282 2330 652 1462 242 439 7609 5444 149 910 1034 2259 3890 4353 302

The Brethren of Mexborough Lodge No 6117, West Vale were pleased to present a cheque for £1000 from the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund to Skillshop, a charity based in Ovenden, Halifax that provides specialised training for adults with learning difficulties in a caring environment. They provide training in basic kitchen skills and hygiene, baking and preparing meals and drinks and have made 2014 ‘The Year of the Kitchen’, organising events to raise funds for a new kitchen. The donation will help towards the completion of this project. Photo (l to r): Lodge secretary Robin Whiteley; trustee Mrs Patricia Maclean; Martin Peel, Master.

The Companions of Ainsty Chapter No 2677, Wetherby secured a grant from the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund for the amount of £2,000 towards the provision of a new entrance to allow disabled access to the Riley Smith Hall in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. There is a general misconception that the hall is still owned by John Smith’s Brewery. In fact the Riley-Smith family (then owners of John Smith’s brewery) did commission the hall, which opened in 1924. However in 1992 John Smith’s brewery put the building up for sale following a takeover from a larger parent company. With donations from local residents and businesses, as well as Tadcaster Town Council, enough funds were raised to buy the hall for the continued benefit of the community. The building is now owned and maintained by The Riley-Smith Hall Charitable Company, a registered charity. The hall is run by volunteers and all the income generated by bookings is put back into caring for the hall. Chairman, Mr Ian Bleasby said, “We are extremely grateful for the assistance granted by the Freemasons which has enabled us to complete the project much more quickly and enhance the lives of our visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users.” In the photograph, (l to r) Mr Graham Auton, vice chair; Mrs Sue Cole, trustee; Mrs Christine Bleasby, treasurer; Mr Ian Bleasby, chairman; E Comp’s Richard B Puttrell; Karl R Pease and Peter H Jesty.

1st Choice Yorkshire Ltd 26

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


GARAGE DOORS Free guidance and on-site measuring for all door types OFFICE: 01924 491562 MOBILE: 07919 483893 SHOWROOM IN MIRFIELD

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


“8 minutes” Would you know what to do should a Brother collapse whilst at the Lodge? It could take up to 8 minutes, or even longer, for an ambulance or community first responder to arrive. Your action could be life-saving. The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, the charitable arm of the West Yorkshire Province of Mark Master Masons, has funded and supplied 30 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines, security boxes and information posters; to be installed in Masonic Halls, accommodating a Mark Lodge, throughout the province. Linked in with this, Craig Kidd, a qualified paramedic of De Lacy Lodge No 4643 and a member of the Mark Degree, is currently providing a lecture entitled “8 minutes”. This is available not only to Mark Lodges but to Craft Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters. The lecture and practical demonstration concentrate on the ‘need to know’ aspects of what to do when a medical emergency is recognised, to the point when professional help arrives to take over.

Craig Kidd is pictured (centre) with David Thrippleton JW; watched by visitors & members of the Prince of Wales Lodge No 1648 whilst using the equipment at Spring Bank Place, Bradford.

This is not a first aid course, the lecture is a ‘real time’ scenario using a dressed manikin and an AED trainer, so everyone can have a go at CPR, operate an AED in a controlled environment and ask questions once the demonstration is finished. This exercise has proved extremely popular and useful, especially to those members

who have concerns in what to do should an emergency arise at the Masonic Hall. If you wish to book the lecture, this can either be done through the Mark Provincial Website or by contacting Craig direct, either by telephone or email. Mobile: 07710293031 Email: craig@

Our core businesses are cleaning & security services, however we are often required to “bolt on” other key responsibilities within the realms of our client’s requirements. We have a national operational capability, with some of our clients requiring national coverage. Our longest client relationship is a 30 year working partnership with a national chain of department stores. Omega Contract Services operates extensively throughout the U.K. Our Head Office and Operational base is situated close to the Liverpool City Centre at Richmond Row. We have our own company maintenance department which is responsible for the supply and upkeep of all equipment and machinery. We also distribute & supply Janitorial Products.

Contact Derek J Walsh 0151 207 1717

We are confident that any service offered to clients will consistently be maintained at a high level throughout any contract term. We maintain our service levels by way of mutually agreed Service Level Agreements & Key Performance Indicators. All contracts receive regular management support visits when we appraise our staff performance. This is in addition to any operational visits to site. We recognise the need to marry the optimum service with cost effectiveness in order to ensure best practice and we are conscious of the need to supply a consistent & professional service in line with your expectations.

St JOHN’S LODGE No 827 IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS Meeting on the 1st Monday of each month (2nd Monday in the event of a Bank Holiday) Masonic Temple, Halifax Road, Dewsbury WF13 2BS 28

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Friendly Folk at Cleckheaton

The Lodge of Friendship No 750, Cleckheaton took to heart the Provincial Grand Master’s suggestion of being more open, more readily serviceable to our local community and making full use of the facilities we have available to us - ticking all the boxes in one fell swoop. Being true to its name, the Lodge offered their rooms as a venue for some of the acts of the 27th Cleckheaton Folk Festival, held over the weekend of 4 - 6 July.

This is the first time the rooms have been offered as a venue and they were wellreceived by the organisers, performers and the audiences. The festival used the premises to great effect, with various functions happening in each room over the weekend. The bar was staffed by volunteers from the Lodge, making sandwiches and beverages readily available. For those who stayed for the Sunday evening concert there was a special treat. Brethren opened the beautiful temple to anyone interested and gave a talk about the mysteries of Freemasonry. Questions from an interested audience were answered to the surprise of many who were impressed with the spirit of openness. Photos: One of the folk groups performing in the Supper Room and an enthralled audience in the Temple.

Charity Begins At Home This was the thought uppermost in the mind of John J Winder of Horsford Lodge No 5339, Otley when he received a surprise award. John of Winder Carpets in Bradford has been a director of the independent national association of carpet retailers, known as ‘The Associated Carpet Group Limited’, for 29 years and has served a term as President of the association. At their AGM earlier this year, held at Coombe Abbey, Coventry, John was presented with the inaugural ‘Alan Ashworth Memorial Shield’ for his outstanding service to the association.

The presentation was made by association member, Peter Pithie; coincidentally a member of Trinity Lodge No 254, Coventry. John said it was very touching and indeed a great honour to be the first recipient of the award. The award consisted of the Memorial Shield and a cheque for £250 to be presented to the charity of his choice and John being who he is immediately thought ‘Charity begins at Home’, so where better to donate the £250 but to Masonic Charities. John is pictured (right) presenting the cheque to Richard Bleasdale, Master.

Mirfield does the ‘Full Monty’ in aid of Festival Mirfield Masonic Hall was packed to the rafters earlier this year as over a hundred Brethren enjoyed an evening’s entertainment in support of the RMBI Festival 2017. Compered by Mick Hoare, a Past Master of Kirklees Lodge No 4710, acts from all three Lodges ranged from a professional guitarist to the ‘Full Monty’ A raffle raised £425, the auction of a giant teddy bear another £100 and altogether a total of £1000 will be sent to the RMBI. Lodge charity stewards: Philip Gaunt of Mirfield No 1102; Keith Bradley of Kirklees No 4710 and Richard Shackleton

of Woodsmoke No 9317 who organised the event, were grateful for the support of Brethren, their friends and families in making the evening so successful. Pictured preparing for the event are (l to r) Keith, Philip and Richard.

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UNIVERSITY LODGE SHEFFIELD No 3911 Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month except July, Aug, and Sept. Tapton Hall, Shore Lane, Sheffield S10 3BU IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THIS PAGE OF THE WHITE ROSE MASONIC NEWS White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014




ON PARADE The past Templar year opened with the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory in October at Batley Business and Enterprise College, being attended by 175 knights including a number of distinguished visitors from all parts of the Country. The processions of the Provincial Prior; the Provincial Prelate; distinguished guests; Great Priory officers and a delegation of knights of Malta, entered under an “Arch of Steel” provided by the Provincial Bodyguard, all under the direction of the Provincial Marshal, E Kt Frank Johnston PGt.AdeC. The Provincial Prior Rt E Kt Paul Crossland Grafton, opened the proceedings. The main business was the appointment of the new team of Provincial Officers, V E Kt Brian Hartley PGtReg was appointed Chaplain, his previous office of Chancellor being filled by E Kt Trevor Sykes PGtHer and E Kt Timothy Ridsdale was appointed Treasurer. In his address, Rt E Kt Paul C Grafton thanked the retiring officers. E Kt the Rev Kenneth Phillips PDepGtAlm and E Kt Richard E Aldridge for all their work for the Province over many years. In March this year, a Chapter of the Order of Malta was opened in the “Gothic” surroundings of Castle Grove Masonic Hall. The Provincial Prior; Sub-Prior; the officers at the Tables and a delegation of Knights Templar, entered in processions under an Arch of Steel provided by the Provincial Bodyguard, who then provided the guard to the banners. The Provincial Prior invited the Immediate Past Sub-Prior, V E Kt William B. G. McGolpin P1stGCon. to open a Chapter of Malta and Kt John Leadbeater of Plains of Mamre Preceptory No 89 was then elected and Installed a Knight of Malta. The address was delivered by V E Kt William BG McGolpin, V E Kt Brian Hartley and E Kt Peter N Holdsworth. The Provincial Prior then addressed the meeting before retiring, accompanied by the Provincial Sub-Prior and the officers at the Tables. The meeting was followed by a festive board attended by 84 knights.


The ‘Arch of Steel’

Guards to the Banners In April, knights, their families and friends, met at the Church of St Thomas, Batley for the Annual Church Service. Many of the knights wore full regalia. The knights were welcomed by the Priest in Charge, the Rev Dr Martin Naylor; the Service was conducted by the Provincial Prelate, V E Kt E. Brian Hartley PGtReg. The lesson was delivered by E Kt the Rev Canon Kenneth Phillips PDepGAlm. The whole occasion was enhanced by music provided by the well-known and accomplished organist, Andrew Clark. Following the service, the knights and their guests gathered at nearby Blenheim House for an enjoyable meal.

AT PLAY In July, the annual Dinner for knights, their families and friends was held at the Manor Golf Club, Drighlington. The fine warm summer evening and the delightful setting of the clubhouse tempted many of guests to enjoy their pre-dinner drinks on the terrace before proceeding to an excellent and well-presented meal. Following the meal, entertainment by a comedian was enjoyed by all.

Enjoying the ambience of the evening

The Provincial Prior with the Rev Dr Martin Naylor


White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Knights Templar from Yorkshire celebrate 10th anniversary of Preceptory in Malta “Adieu, ye joys of La Valette! Adieu, sirocco, sun and sweat!” writes Byron in the opening verse of ‘Farewell to Malta’. The Knights Templar similarly bid farewell to an independent Malta in 1979. It was a very special occasion therefore when, in October last year, members of the Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory attended a gala dinner in Portomaso, Malta to celebrate the 10th anniversary of bringing the Knights Templar back to the island. Representing the Province of West Yorkshire Knights Templar, founding members V.E.Kt. David C Mills and E.Kt. Roger Skinner played a full part in the gala celebration. Unfortunately, another founding member from the province, V.E.Kt. John C Pullan was unable to join his West Yorkshire compatriots but was there in spirit. Since 2003, the brother Knights and their ladies have met in Malta twice yearly, meetings being held on the first Saturday in May and October and any Bro.Kt. wishing to join or visit the Malta Preceptories and enjoy a family holiday too, if so desired, should visit the web site; or contact one of the above. Photo: Pictured are founding members of the Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory; Roger Skinner, David C Mills and John C Pullan.

Olicana think Outside the Box Bryan returns to his roots

Former Yorkshire County Cricket Club batsman, Bryan Stott returned to the club where his cricket career started when accompanying Howard J Handley, Master of Chevin Lodge No 6848, Otley to present a cheque for £1000 from the PGM’s Fund. Bryan played in 187 first class matches for Yorkshire, scoring 9,168 runs with 17 centuries and a top score of 186; having played in the senior team at Rawdon Cricket Club at the age of ten. Rawdon Cricket Club, the home club of Yorkshire and England cricket legends, Hedley Verity and Brian Close will use the grant in support of the club’s plans for their new non turf net facility. As well as running three senior teams, the club provide coaching for junior players at under 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 age groups. They have raised almost £5000 to replace practice nets, framework and refurbishment of their practice area and following receipt of the grant, work has begun. It is hoped that the PGM’s Fund grant may go some way to providing more young cricketers to play for God’s Own County. • Photo shows (l to r): Steve Powell; David Pank; Howard Handley; Lawrence Walker; Peter Smith; Bryan Stott and Stuart Prince. White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Brethren from Olicana Lodge No 1522, Ilkley were successful in their bid to the PGM’s Fund for a substantial donation to Outside the Box; the town’s community café. Run by a local charity - Ilkley Community Enterprise Ltd - the café is staffed mainly by volunteers and provides work experience at the premises for young adults with learning difficulties. It helps young people to move into the world of work and is a real confidence booster. A grant of £2000 enabled them to buy a chilled display cabinet; a kitchen aid food mixer; an ice cream maker and some tables and chairs for outside the premises. Development Manager, Jenna Peel said, “This is a fantastic donation from the Freemasons and will make a massive difference to the service we provide and the experience the staff get from working here.

We are very grateful for their support.” David LeGrove, Master of Olicana Lodge said, “We are really pleased that our central charity committee has approved this grant. It supports a local charity and will help provide that experience, which the people really need, for many years to come.” • Photo shows David LeGrove, centre, being shown around the café with Jenna Peel, far right and members of staff.

Village gets new Games Area The Parish Council of Ulleskelf near Tadcaster has been raising funds to create a new MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) at the village sports field. Brethren from Calcaria Lodge No 2677, Wetherby supported an application to the Provincial Grand Master’s fund for a grant towards the construction costs. John Nicholls, Master of Calcaria Lodge No.2677, handed over a cheque for £2200 to Mr Martin Doolan of Ulleskelf Parish Council representing the PUSH. Committee. (Parish of Ulleskelf Sports field making it Happen). Deborah Grace, secretary of PUSH said “Thanks to the hard work of PUSH and the generosity of local organisations such as the Freemasons, we are finally going to see this long awaited community venue become a reality.” John Nicholls said, “The Freemasons of

Yorkshire have been very active over the summer and it gives me great pleasure to see that we are able to support such a worthy venture.” • Pictured (l to r): Carl Clayton; Mr Martin Doolan; Peter Jesty, charity steward and John Nicholls. 31

Donation brings cancer care into 21st Century

A grant from the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund of £5000 was secured by Sheaf Lodge No 6990 for a local, independent cancer support charity in Sheffield. Cavendish Cancer Care is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with cancer in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The charity believes no one should face cancer alone, so provides emotional and physical support through counselling and complementary therapies. Their services are provided free of charge and they rely on the donations from supporters and help from volunteers to continue their work. Cavendish Cancer Care offer services that are recommended in national cancer plans but are not directly funded by the NHS. The grant was made specifically to enable the charity to bring forward the purchase of a new patient database which will bring the charity into the 21st century, as its current database was reaching the end of life and was no longer supported. The new system will ensure the continued

quality and improvement of care for cancer patients and their families and allow the charity to maintain high standards of data management. It will also store donor and supporter data, allowing the charity to engage with their supporters and donors to increase donations to support even more families in the South Yorkshire region; a win-win situation for a charity that relies on local support to care for over 1,500 families affected by a cancer diagnosis each year. Rebecca Allinson, on behalf of the charity said, “In order to provide a professional and responsive service to our patients and their families, a service that is integrated into mainstream healthcare, we need our ‘back office’ database to run as smoothly as possible. This grant means we can do just that and this contribution from Freemasonry means the world to us and to our patients.”

Whizz-kidz moving lives forward Whizz-kidz were grateful recipients of a grant of £20,000 from the PGM’s Fund to enable disabled children in the region to continue on their life journey by receiving life-enhancing pieces of equipment and attending activities such as Wheelchair Skills Training and Ambassador Clubs. This followed an earlier grant of £5,000 from the Fund, secured by Savile Lodge No 1231, West Vale which meant that Whizz-kidz were able to provide an electric wheelchair to Daniel Rigby of Wakefield, pictured. Daniel’s parents, in giving a huge ‘thank you’ to Jim Wilson of Savile Lodge, said the wheelchair has enabled Daniel to participate in many activities he couldn’t before and has increased both his independence and his self-confidence.

• Photo: Roy Finch, of Sheaf Lodge and Vice President of Cavendish Cancer Care is pictured presenting the cheque to Kerry Gosney, patron of the charity.

Daniel, clearly delighted with his new chair.

David S Pratt presenting the cheque to Emma Jones on behalf of Whizz-kidz.


White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

AMD Yorkshire strikes the Right Note

Happy Campers

Brian Butterfield; Mrs Helena Muller; David M Cordell

Scouts from the 230th Air Scout Troop based at Gleadless, Sheffield were grateful for a grant of £550 given from the PGM’s Fund. The grant was secured by members of Furnival Lodge No 2558 and has assisted in the purchase of a water heater and eight camping tables. As the scouts, who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Troop, gathered to prepare for a summer camp, Ernst H Kilka, charity steward and Barry N Sampson, secretary presented the cheque to Mr Lionel Haslam. They were given a conducted tour of the extensive brick premises which the Scouts have built over a number of years, under the guidance of Mr Haslam. As well as a large hall, they have numerous rooms to store equipment, a garage for their minibus and a rifle range in the basement. Air Scouting has the same purpose and goals as any other scout troop but air and aeronautical activities are used as the basis of delivering the Balanced Programme. The Sheffield Troop has Beavers, two Cub packs, two Scout Troops and Explorers and one of its members is the grandson of Robert Prentice, Master of Furnival Lodge. Photo: The scouts are pictured, ready for their summer camp.





At a meeting of South Riding Council No. 243 earlier this year David M Cordell, District Grand Prefect for Yorkshire in the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees, presented a cheque for £400 and Brian Butterfield, Master, presented a cheque for £100 to Mrs Helena Muller, the Founder and Chief Executive of ‘Lost Chord’. The presentations were made in the Temple at Priory Place, Doncaster following the Regular Meeting of the Council. Mrs Muller then addressed the members and explained the work of ‘Lost Chord’ which is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being of those suffering with dementia. They use interactive musical stimuli to increase sufferers’ general awareness and selfesteem. She informed the brethren how music has proved to be the most effective means of communicating for those struggling to live with this appalling disease.

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Nevil-Talbot Lodge support End of an Era South Yorkshire MNDA Long before the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ swept the nation, the Nevil-Talbot Lodge No 4092, supported by other Sheffield Lodges, secured a grant from the Provincial Grand Master’s fund on behalf of the South Yorkshire Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA). Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord and can affect how a person breathes, eats, drinks, walks and talks. The grant of £7000 was used by the Association to purchase two light readers and two ipads; which will be loaned to people living with MND to assist them with their communication and thus achieve as high a quality of life as possible, for as long as possible. A light reader is a speech generating device similar to that used by Professor Stephen Hawking. The user types in on a QWERTY keyboard and the machine will show and sound the sentences. The ipads will enable access to a range of communication solutions, including synthesised speech and facilities such as the internet. Joan, a user of one of the devices, when asked, “Is it any good?” responded with “Yes it is a lifesaver”. The presentation was made at the MNDA branch’s regular summer jaunt to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens and was supported by 20 members from Sheffield Lodges, who were given a guided tour of the gardens followed by a cream tea which was enjoyed by all. • Pictured at the presentation are Joan, accompanied by Andrew Jaffrey (fundraiser); John Hill (Past Master of Nevil-Talbot Lodge) and Mel White (MNDA Branch chairman).

Having served as Secretary of the Dewsbury, Spen Valley & District Installed Masters’ Association for 21 years, Trevor Sykes has laid aside his pen and taken well-earned retirement. Upon congratulating Trevor at the annual general meeting, incoming president, John Davis said, “Trevor has been such a stalwart over the years, supporting every president, offering common sense and imparting knowledge. He will be sorely missed. However, knowing Trevor, he will still be at the IMA meetings.” The IMA meets three times a year at the Masonic rooms in either Heckmondwike or Cleckheaton and meetings are open to any Master Mason wishing to attend. • Trevor Sykes is pictured (left) receiving the congratulations of IMA president John Davis

Anniversary Celebrations W Bro Rowland Thurston of St Leonard’s Lodge No 2263 and his wife, Sue celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 6 June 2014. W Bro John Moore (Ian) Stewart of Savile Lodge No 1231 and his wife, Marjorie celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 4 September 2014. W Bro Gordon Armstrong of the Salarden Lodge No 3971 and his wife, Anne celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 12 September 2014. W Bro Colin Dent of Savile Lodge No 1231 and his wife Carole celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 10 October 2014. W Bro Michael Littlewood of St John’s Lodge No 827 and his wife, Pat celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 20 November 2014.

Congratulations to all.

THIS PAGE IS SUPPORTED BY IVANHOE LODGE No. 1779 meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month except July and August at Tapton Hall, Shore Lane, Sheffield S10 3BU 34

White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Where there’s muck, there’s brass Malcolm Cruise takes time out to chronicle a fascinating family history amid the Confessions of a Junk Dealer “They say that money makes the world go round,” avows Edward K Patnick at the start of chapter 24 of his book Confessions of a Junk Dealer. “It certainly does in the junk business,” he continues, “and where there’s muck there’s definitely brass!” There is proof indeed of that old saying in the 220 pages of this entertaining volume which traces the course of W Bro Patnick’s family dynasty – all built on the collection and sale of junk. Admittedly, much of what has been sold down the years, through the family’s long tradition, has been unwanted by those who couldn’t wait to get rid of it; but for those who purchased, much of it was desirable – and to the Patnicks, it was treasure indeed! Edward Patnick was born in Sheffield on 19 June 1936, the fourth son of Bessie and Aaron Patnick. His father was also born in Sheffield in October 1897 but his father, Harry was born in Estonia in 1877 and arrived in Sheffield in the 1880s along with his father Nathan La Patnick, to escape the Russian persecution of the Jewish people.

Nathan, Edward’s great grandfather, acquired a job at a Sheffield synagogue which came with a small house where he lived until his death at the age of 111. Indeed, just before he died the local newspaper proclaimed him as the oldest person in the country. So, from these beginnings, the book tells in graphic detail how the dynasty grew and prospered. It gives a great insight into the junk trade, the hard work, long hours and Edward’s ‘apprenticeship’ in the business; learning about auctions and bidding, developing an eye for a bargain and all of it told in a delightfully readable style. There is much anecdotal information, much of it amusing, lots of it hilarious and through it all, with many references to Dad and Mother, emerges an intriguing story. Schooldays, National Service, football and cricket with the Sheffield Maccabi, a Jewish Youth Club and a visit to Israel are all recorded as are many other major events, such as engagement and marriage in 1966. Freemasonry too takes its place among the constant activity in this busy story and Past Masters who read this book will relate well to the references to ritual learning when Edward was in the chair of Hadassah Lodge No 4871, Sheffield.

Confessions of a


One of the most important aspects of Edward’s life in more recent times has been his charity work, raising over £23,000 for Tommy’s, the Baby Charity, which researches into trying to prevent stillborn children, miscarriages and premature birth. This book, then, with all its humour, is not only a record of a remarkable life and family, but also a booster for this charity. All the profits, or one third of the purchase price, goes to Tommy’s and copies of it can be obtained from Edward (signed) at a cost of £10 plus postage ((£2) or from Amazon at £9.99.

THIS PAGE IS SUPPORTED BY LODGE OF ECCLESHILL, FAITH AND FRATERNITY No. 1034 Meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month except August (1st Friday in December) at Hoyle Court, Otley Road, Baildon, BD17 6JS White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


Taking a stroll can change your life Editor, Peter Doherty, writes about one of his favourite pastimes. Ten years ago, whilst on holiday in Prague, Gordon Armstrong suffered heart problems, which meant undergoing a triple heart by-pass. As a part of his recovery process, the doctor advised he take up exercise and he started going out for walks with his friend Allen Cass. Having recently retired, I decided to join them and so it was that the ‘Salarden Strollers’ was formed; the three of us being members of the Salarden Lodge No 3971, Huddersfield. Whilst, by necessity, the first few walks were somewhat sedate, we eventually made progress and were soon walking up to fifteen miles each Monday. I went on to join the Ramblers, Britain’s walking charity and the Long Distance Walkers Association, joining members of local groups for led walks. I took a navigation skills course and was awarded my bronze certificate. I have completed the Coast to Coast Walk and the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. As great oaks from little acorns grow, so has the group grown over the past ten years and now consists of twelve regular walkers and a number of occasional ones; a recent addition to our group being the fourth member of the Salarden Lodge, Peter Blackburn. As a group we have walked many miles

The Salarden Strollers

throughout the Province and beyond and have enjoyed walking holidays in Majorca and mainland Spain. It has to be said that, as we are ten years older than when we started, the distances and pace of the walks has diminished but they are still a wonderful way to enjoy a good day out with friends, good companionship and fresh air. Walking not only keeps you fit, it keeps you feeling young, physically and mentally, and once you start walking all your worries dissipate. It makes you happy and keeps you healthy. Studies have shown that walking has practical benefits for the body, helping to reduce and treat some of our

most serious health risks. Even walking at a moderate pace is good cardiovascular exercise, significantly lowering chances of diabetes and heart disease, as well as aiding weight loss. It also lowers blood pressure – a known risk factor for stroke and heart attacks. It can help to prevent painful and debilitating bone diseases such as osteoporosis and joint problems including arthritis. The senior member of our group is 73 years old and rarely misses our weekly walks. I would encourage any Brother to get out walking and if you are interested in coming out with us on a Monday, contact Allen Cass on 01484 716485.

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White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Community First Responders Roger J Rand of Pentalpha Lodge No 974 and West Riding Acting Officers Lodge No 9645 and his wife, Margaret are members of the Malhamdale team of Community First Responders. Asked what this entails, Roger gave the following explanation: Our instructors were keen to emphasise that the Community First Response Scheme, pioneered in Yorkshire in the late 1990s, has nothing to do with Governmentimposed ambulance response times. They taught us that when a coronary artery becomes blocked, the heart may be reduced to a quivering jelly unable to circulate blood and sustain life. If this fibrillation can be stopped and the heart allowed to restart with a normal rhythm, then the heart attack victim may survive. However, there is only a short window of opportunity for successful resuscitation. Therefore, trained First Responders living within the community may save lives. The Malhamdale team has now been operational for four years. Its members come from a variety of backgrounds. I have a medical qualification and Margaret was a nurse, but this is not necessary. We too had to learn how to operate a modern defibrillator (not a difficult task because it tells you whether and when a shock is indicated) and I do not recall learning at medical school that oxygen must not be given to cases of paraquat poisoning. We are expected to be on call for at least four hours a week; not particularly onerous and all of us do more. We get called whenever the ambulance service receives a 999 call to a patient in our area who has collapsed, has breathing difficulties, or is complaining of chest pain. We are asked if we are able and willing to respond (rowdy pubs and remote farms

Roger and Margaret are pictured, ready to respond, with their kit.

can be intimidating for some). This only occurs two or three times a month and as yet none of us has used our Automated External Defibrillator or attended a victim of paraquat poisoning. We do however believe we offer a useful service. I recall the relief on everybody’s faces when I answered a call to a man who had collapsed with chest pain. There were people present who knew I was a retired Doctor and they decided it would reassure the victim if he was told. It was a shame they went on to say I had been a gynaecologist. When the ambulance and paramedics arrive our help is usually appreciated. Margaret is adept at consoling relatives and obtaining past medical details and medications. I have found myself moving rugs and precious ornaments and helping to transport 18 stone stroke patients down narrow, winding staircases.

Truswell Haulage

John Truswell & Sons (Garage) Ltd. Incorporating Walker-Trowbridge Fall Bank Industrial Estate, Dodworth, Barnsley S75 3LS Admin & Traffic Tel: 01226 289471 Fax: 01226 249402 Sheffield Office 0114 244 9568



TRUSWELL Haulage White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014

Margaret’s proudest moment occurred when she was featured on ‘Helicopter Heroes’. We had been asked to go to an unconscious lady found at Janet’s Foss, a local waterfall. It was midwinter and there had been a heavy fall of snow. Because of the conditions and not for the first time in our experience, the Air Ambulance had been mobilised; it arrived together with a BBC cameraman. While I was tending to the patient, performing the hand-over and helping to carry her up the steep, rocky path to the helicopter, Margaret was being interviewed. A few weeks later, the patient, who by chance we knew well, rang to thank us for returning her dog and walking stick, and to say she had agreed to appear on television. The producer wanted to feature Community Responders and it was going to help if we could be filmed meeting her following her recovery. All went as planned and when the programme was broadcast my wife was introduced as the attending Responder; an assistant was mentioned only briefly. I made one contribution to the programme. The wily producer wanted some further comments; she asked, “Why is there a need for Community Responders?” Without thinking and with our instructors listening in, I blurted out, “Because the ambulance may be unable to get here in time.” There are now 204 Community Response Teams run by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service comprising 920 Responders. The teams depend on volunteers prepared to undergo training and to be on call. It is at times exciting, it is very rewarding and it is much appreciated by patients and their relatives. Please use the contacts listed below if you would like to know more and perhaps get involved. Telephone: - 0845 1203155. e-mail:- responders@yas.nhs,uk 37

An update from the Provincial Grand Mentor looking at the Officers involved with Mentoring and clarifying their responsibilities: Mentoring Area Coordinator, (MAC) - Appointed by the local APGM and the Provincial Grand Mentor There are 19 MACs covering the 5 Areas of the Province. They have the overview of Mentoring in the Lodges they service and should make themselves known to those Lodges. They are there to advise and assist with mentoring; disseminate information, new ideas and good practice and supply Mentoring Packs to Lodges when requested by the Lodge. They also collect and collate information about mentoring to report back to the Provincial Grand Mentor.

Haworth bandstand opened by The Lord Mayor of Bradford

Lodge Mentor - Appointed by the Lodge. If he is invested into that office he should be listed on the summons between the Charity Steward and the Senior Deacon. He should know who is the MAC for his Lodge. This should be an administrative office, making sure that all those members of the Lodge who need a Mentor have a Brother to fulfil that need. If this is not possible the Lodge Mentor can take on the role of Personal Mentor. He must keep up to date with Mentoring initiatives and inform the members of the Lodge about mentoring. He must request a Mentoring Pack from the MAC in good time for a candidate to receive the first booklet well before his Initiation and keep written records of mentoring within the Lodge and report to the MAC. Personal Mentor - Appointed by the Lodge Mentor. His role is to work with the Initiate, initially providing training to his charge, but changing his role as the Brother develops, through being a facilitator to becoming a trusted friend. The MACs now have booklets which they will give to Lodges giving more comprehensive guidance on the roles of Lodge and Personal Mentors. These are intended as guidance and Lodges are encouraged to develop and share innovative and good practice . Jim Johnson Provincial Grand Mentor

Vale of Nidd Lodge supports community link in Ripon

Members of the Vale of Nidd Lodge No 4984, Pateley Bridge presented a cheque for £2,000 to Ripon Community Link (RCL), a leading provider of innovative support services for people 38

with learning difficulties. The cheque was presented to Dean Thompson by Richard Beecroft, IPM who had selected RCL as his nominated charity for his year as Master. The money was raised within the Lodge from several events during the year, including a pig race, raffles and a Ladies’ Night dinner and dance. Photo shows Richard Beecroft presenting the cheque to RCL member, Dean Thompson watched by members of RCL and Lodge members: Leonard Barrett; Bill Fletcher and Jerry Anderson, charity steward.

The weather could not have been better! Warm sunshine greeted the official party of the Lord Mayor of Bradford and the Lady Mayoress; Cllr Mike Gibbons and Mrs Gibbons, along with members of the local and District Councils, for the long awaited official opening of the newly refurbished bandstand in Haworth’s Central Park. Also present was Roger D Newhouse, Chairman of West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd, in recognition of the donation from the PGM’s Fund that had been given to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal; used to help with the bandstand’s refurbishment. After the official opening by The Lord Mayor, the Haworth Band gave a superb concert which was thoroughly entertaining. The new bandstand is open at the front so that it can be used by many other groups and is at ground level making it wheelchair friendly. Photo: The RW Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Mike Gibbons being presented, by Roger Newhouse, with a PGM’s Fund shield which will eventually be displayed at the bandstand.

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White Rose Masonic News Autumn 2014


White Rose Masonic News | 50th Edition  

The Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Ridings own magazine.

White Rose Masonic News | 50th Edition  

The Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Ridings own magazine.