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Adorable White Wicker Rocking Chair For Dolls - White Rocking Chair _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Henry - So over the weekend, I was out enjoying the summer weather and doing a little yard-sale shopping. At one stop, I came across this absolutely adorable white wicker rocking chair with a ratty old teddy bear perched on top of it. After wincing at the bear and removing it, I examined the rocking chair and discovered that it was in fantastic condition, just a little bit dusty, with a bit of wear along the headrest that a quick touch up with some white paint could set straight. Learn More About White Rocking Chair

While looking it over, I got a nostalgic flash-back to my own childhood. I remember having my own tiny wicker rocking chair as a little girl. I used to keep my favorite dolls crowded on it during 'tea time', and I would drag it out of my bedroom in the evenings before bedtime so that I could sit in it while watching TV with mum and dad. Boy, did I love that little white rocking chair! After ooh-ing and ah-ing over the chair for a few minutes, I checked the tag and saw that the owner actually wanted thirty bucks for it. Thirty! Yikes, this was a yard sale, lady. Things are supposed to go

cheap! But I just had to have it, hee hee. I haggled with the woman for a few minutes and chopped her down to twenty bucks, and made her keep the poor tattered teddy bear. I am pretty sure I got a great deal on the thing because I have seen wicker rocking chairs like this going for as much as sixty dollars in retail stores. Twenty bucks was a great price, and I knew just what I was going to do with this trip down memory lane! My own daughter is just about to turn two. TWO! Can you believe it? And recently she has begun playing with her dollies much more than before. She brushes their hair, feeds them bottles, makes them sit on stools or lie down to take naps. So I took this little treasure home and cleaned it up, repainted the finish, got it tiny rocking chair cushions, and have stored it away for my little girl's upcoming birthday party. She's going to be so excited!

And actually, if you couldn't tell, I am probably more excited about it than she will be, hah! It makes me feel so great to be able to share precious memories of my childhood with my own baby girl. I can't wait to watch her spending hours playing 'house' and 'dress up' and 'tea time' like I used to do at her age. That child's chair, that small white wicker rocking chair, is going to get plenty of use, let me tell you! It will be cherished and played with for years and years to come.

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White rocking chair  
White rocking chair