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C O N T E N TS 6 WHITE RIBBON CONFERENCE FOLLOW-UP Our annual conference yielded many surprises, emotional conversations, new professional partnerships, ideas for fundraising/awareness, and a general atmosphere of optimistic desire for change.

19 LABOUR LOC AL GOVERNMENT CONFERENCE The LGA Labour Group holds an annual conference for Labour councillors. This year’s event was on 2nd and 3rd February and White Ribbon UK was in attendance, with a stall and a chance to speak with our founder Chris Green, and Sports Campaign Manager, Ikram Butt.



16 AMBASSADOR SPOTLIGHT: JOHN INGLESON During the 2018 White Ribbon UK Conference, our national ambassador network hit a nice round 500 men. In the latest of our spotlight interviews, we caught up with John Ingleson, the 500th ambassador for White Ribbon. John is a father of two, and Operating Department Practitioner and Chairperson for Unison at Leeds Teaching Hospital.


White Ribbon Conference Follow-up


Ambassador Spotlight: John Ingleson


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Labour Local Government Conference


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ur 500-strong UK ambassador network is continuing to push for change in the UK. Despite White Ribbon Day being a few months behind us, we have seen a dramatic shift in the efforts of all these invaluable people. With various upcoming events such as International Women's Day, March4Women, The World Cup, APPG meetings etc., the momentum has not slowed, and we could not be more proud or grateful. Up at White Ribbon HQ we have had tremendous difficulty with the weather; but we are making sure we are available where possible to assist with events, and send out information and awareness raising materials. Piper Dawes Editor

White Ribbon Conference 2018. From left: Brian Mitchell (Chair, White Ribbon UK), Nazia Rehman (Councillor, Tyldesley, Wigan), Naz Shah (Labour MP, Bradford), Ikram Butt (Sports Campaign Manager, White Ribbon UK).


Guest panel at end of White Ribbon UK Conference 2017.





ur annual conference yielded many surprises, emotional conversations, new professional partnerships, ideas for fundraising/awareness, and a general atmosphere of optimistic desire for change. Over 130 delegates attended the event, including Local Councillors, Police & Crime Commissioners, Teachers, Students, Champions, and Ambassadors; bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, energy and ideas. We look forward to working with you all in the coming years, and to prove that Another World Is Possible, and that together we can end male violence against women and girls.

Chris said, "It was a great honour to be appointed President of White Ribbon UK, and for it to be done at such a milestone event as our Ambassador conference. We depend absolutely on our volunteer Ambassadors to build the organisation "As the organisation goes on to contribute to changing attitudes and culture , I will continue to support the White Ribbon UK staff as requested."

Special mention goes to our founder, Chris Steven Green OBE, who has been our acting CEO for the best part of a year. In an emotional speech towards the end of the conference, Trustee Chair, Brian Mitchell announced that we have appointed a new CEO; and due to his continuing efforts with White Ribbon UK, Chris was awarded the title of Honourary President of the campaign.

Newly appointed President, and founder of White Ribbon UK, Chris Green OBE.




reports of domestic violence during the last three World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010.

What you need to know: The most detailed research into the links between the football World Cup and domestic abuse rates has revealed that in one force area in England and Wales, violent incidents increased by 38% when England lost – but also rose by 26% when they won.

While domestic violence rose after each England game, incidents also increased in frequency at each new tournament, raising fears that the forthcoming competition in Brazil – where England's first game is against Italy on Saturday 14 June – could see the highest ever World Cup-related rises in domestic violence across the

The research, by Lancaster University criminologist Dr Stuart Kirby, a former police officer, monitored police




remarks. Clubs can be encouraged to display the World Cup posters and other White Ribbon posters, which challenge abusive behaviour and sexism

Separate national research examining the 2010 World Cup echoed the Kirby findings – with domestic abuse reports up 27.7% when the England team won a game, and 31.5% when they lost.

As individuals, we need you to: • Swear the White Ribbon pledge • Wear the Badge • Share the Message

Source: The Guardian June 14, 2014. What can I do?

Part of swearing the White Ribbon pledge means not excusing, or remaining silent about male violence against women. That means being vigilant, particularly around the World Cup period; and looking out for the warning signs of violence:

We know that on average, domestic abuse rises during World Cup season in the UK. As a charity that mobilises men, White Ribbon UK ask men to be active in stopping this from happening. Domestic abuse is not only tragic, it is illegal.

• • • •

Football clubs will decide how best they can fulfil their responsibilities. Organisations must send a clear message that violence against women and children is “completely unacceptable”, joining the chorus for equality and justice, and breaking the silence that surrounds violence against women and girls.

Coercive control Sexist language Excessive drinking Anger and rage

Materials: A campaign pack is available on our shop, which includes posters, postcards, badges and information on violence during the World Cup. This can be distributed amongst Football Clubs, local events, youth and family initiatives, schools etc., or used as part of a campaign event. In doing this we hope that we can raise awareness at a personal level, and come together to stop the pattern of increased violence during this period.

Clubs can also work through their Community Foundations to provide “positive role models to younger people in the community, encouraging healthy and non-abusive relationships”. Stewards must be expected to challenge any sexist or homophobic 9






n celebration of our most successful White Ribbon Day ever, we have released a 48-page A4 paperback book, showcasing the events that happened across the nation during 2017’s 16 Days Of Action.

initiatives, action plans and anti-violence strategies. We’re not there yet, but as each year passes, the actions of our volunteers, accredited services, ambassadors and champions, brings us closer to a world without male violence against women.

Our 500-strong UK Ambassador team went above and beyond the call of duty, raising awareness and bringing about change. The events detailed in this book are at the forefront of the campaign, driving for change within communities. One day we hope to never have the need for stalls, events, safe spaces,

Another world IS possible. And YOU are the reason we believe that.

Order the book online now. Just go to 11


The All Party Parliamentary Group for White Ribbon UK invites you to a meeting on

WHITE RIBBON UK IN THE WIDER NATION “What the campaign is achieving in England, Scotland and Wales, and what we can do to spread the message further”

ALL ARE WELCOME Tuesday 13th March 2018, 4:45 – 6pm Room C, 1 Parliament Street, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA RSVP:


Davey Thompson - CEO, White Ribbon Scotland Other speakers TBC.





he White Ribbon UK All Party Parliamentary Group, chaired by Gavin Newlands MP (SNP), was started with the intention of engaging parliamentarians (particularly male parliamentarians) in raising awareness and challenging male violence against women and girls in all forms. Since its inception, their public meetings in Westminster have been gaining popularity due to their lively debates and charismatic speakers. The last event saw delegates suggesting we bring the speakers to other parts of the UK to spread their message far and wide. Off the back of that notion, we decided to talk this time

about what White Ribbon UK is doing in the wider nation. We have invited Davey Thompson, CEO of White Ribbon Scotland to speak at the event. Davey is an avid supporter of women’s rights, and his work with White Ribbon UK is invaluable. After hearing him speak at the White Ribbon Conference plenary last month, we are looking forward to this event. The March APPG meeting will be held at Room C, 1 Parliament Street, Westminster at 4:45. This will be a public event, so all are welcome and encouraged to attend. RSVP:




White Ribbon UK Founder and President, Chris Green OBE with Billy Bragg at March4Women 2017.


s an organisation that endeavours to ally ourselves with the values of feminism, we see it as our duty as men to stand with women, to support the unequivocal need for equality, to recognise that we still live in a world where women are seen as second class citizens and that this must change if we are to see any progress concerning the values we at White Ribbon UK stand for, and indeed that of feminism as a whole.

Women’s day on Thursday 8th March this year. We endeavour to attend as many as we possibly can to show our support, and ambassadors are encouraged to do the same. Care International are holding March4Women this year on Sunday 4th March, and White Ribbon UK ambassadors are encouraged to be a part of it. Our President and Founder, Chris Green OBE was in attendance last year (pictured right). Our Sports Campaign Manager, Ikram Butt said, “Sportsmen are role models. The

There are many events taking place across the world for International



behaviour of one player in a team can destroy your chance of winning, and the behaviour of men in society can destroy lives. We, as men have a responsibility to discuss issues of equality with others, therefore I am proud to support White Ribbon UK and March4Women, and to work together for Respect and Equality.” On International Women’s Day itself, our founder and president, Chris Green will be speaking as part of a panel on “Jobs Without Gender” for Global Women In Business from 5pm at Hult Business School, 38 John Street, London, WC1. Reserve your place at www. On the same day, a special event is being held at RBS Auditorium, in London. Entitled, “Moving towards gender equality”, the Nanak Naam charity event asks, does gender equality exist in our society today, and can

spiritual wisdom challenge our current beliefs and revolutionise stereotypical gender roles? White Ribbon UK Ambassador James Chesby will be speaking at the event about our involvement with understanding positive masculinity, and engaging men in the values of gender equality, particularly calling out male violence against women and girls. White Ribbon UK were also hosting an event in Brussels on March 8th, on behalf of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group as part of International Women’s Day, looking at the importance of attitudes and language when countering gender based violence however, unfortunately this has had to be postponed. More details to follow when we have finalised the new date.

Join Nanak Naam to discuss and celebrate International Women’s Day 8th March 2018, 18:00 – 20:30. RBS Auditorium, 280 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4RB. Register now at





uring the 2018 White Ribbon UK Conference, our national ambassador network hit a nice round 500 men. In the latest of our spotlight interviews, we caught up with John Ingleson, the 500th ambassador for White Ribbon. John is a father of two, and Operating Department Practitioner and Chairperson for Unison at Leeds Teaching Hospital. WR: Hi John, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for the White Ribbon Newsletter, and congratulations on being our 500th ambassador. Firstly could you tell us a little about your work and family life? What positions have you worked in in the past? Have they given you the opportunity to act for change in the workplace or is that a more recent thing? JI: I am married to Hayley, and have two beautiful whirlwinds in Gracie (6) and Freddie (3) I live in Morley, Leeds. I am an Operating Department Practitioner - working alongside surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, and assistants in operating theatres within the NHS. I have done this for the last twenty years (eek!). I am also Branch Chair of UNISON within my hospital. The demographic of our members (80% of our membership is female) means that I represent a lot of female workers

with employment issues. This means i have had lots of opportunities to affect change. It is a fault of mine in the past that I have been reactive to situations. Campaigns like the White Ribbon UK will help redress that and potentially help me to be more proactive - changing viewpoints and cultures, rather than trying to rectify a situation which has already occurred. Many of our members want my union to fight for family friendly hours. When I help members achieve hours which help them balance their commitments it is extremely satisfying. My wife’s family have been the victims of extreme domestic abuse. Hayley’s Aunty was murdered by her partner. This occurred before I met Hayley. However if I can help this campaign in any way, then I will do it with Hayley’s family in mind, and take inspiration from their strength. Recently myself, and Pat our office manager lobbied our MP to complain about anti abortion “protestors” outside a local Marie Stopes centre. The pressure applied to ladies from these self righteous goons is intolerable. The MP took the message to the local newspaper and wrote a piece. Hopefully along the the “back off” campaign this will slowly affect change and move these people on and away from bullying at the gates of the clinic. 16


WR: Why is it important that unions align themselves with the White Ribbon values? JI: It is hugely important. Trade Unions representatives may be the first people that pick up on the signs of abuse. I have had members who are struggling at work leading to hearings regarding attendance, or performance. It has come to light when engaging them that the source of their workplace issues is their domestic problems. To be sensitive, to pick up on the signs, and help pragmatically is an essential trade union role.

abuse (the figures indicate high numbers) to endure receiving the same verbal brutality at work must have been awful. Myself and a fellow Union Rep from UNITE have relentlessly pursued the matter, and to our hospital’s credit the culture has changed. Our head of nursing alongside the unions has drawn up a set of behaviours which must be adhered to. This is having an effect - the old habits are changing. WR: What changes do you want to see? JI: In the workplace I am happy to say the change I wanted is coming. Theatres

It may not be a traditional Trade Union campaign, but it is one that can make a huge difference to our members. Unions play a role in helping educate members and can work with progressive managers to change the cultural environment. WR: Many consider workplace violence to be a non-issue in modern times. What would you say to those people? JI: I have been a representative for ten years and can say that this is not true. Bullying between colleagues is a regular event. Aggressive verbal exchanges are surprisingly common, and I have stressed time and time again in meetings that this is violence. WR: What issues have women faced in your workplace? JI: Throughout the decades the culture of operating theatres has been quite macho - highly stressed, autocratic surgeons screaming out demands and enjoying being the “scary one”. For a woman silently suffering domestic

White Ribbon UK’s 500th ambassador, John Ingleson, pictured with daughter Gracie, aged 6.



have a zero tolerance to verbal abuse, and the trust are publishing a domestic abuse policy which will help managers support staff who are being abused. More generally, I hope the political message will be more aligned to Jeremy Corbyn’s progressive sensitivity rather than the more aggressive May, Trump, Putin attitudes of intolerance. The UK government’s program of austerity is putting households under considerable strain, this has a direct impact on domestic abuse. Austerity needs to stop, while spending on social care and mental health needs to increase. Along with more robust education policies, this will make a huge difference throughout society.

WR: What does wearing a white ribbon mean to you personally? JI: It makes me feel proud. It makes me feel personally responsible. It makes me want to conduct myself in a way that means I’ll be a good role model to my daughter, and importantly, my son. WR: Lastly, as a father, what world would you like to see your daughter grow up to see? JI: I would like her not to feel inferior in any situation to anybody. I’d like her to have the same opportunities as everyone. I want the confidence she has now as a six year old to never be ground out of her. I need her to be safe at all times.

WR: Why have you chosen to become an ambassador, and what can you do to incite change?

WR: John, thanks for speaking with us, and good luck with your ambassadorship.

JI: I chose to as I felt the campaign was worthy. It was something close to my family’s heart. However having attended the conference in February and taken such inspiration from it, I want to really get stuck in. I am hoping to pass a motion at our Branch AGM to help the campaign financially and through raising awareness. I am hoping I can incite change by talking to people, challenging attitudes, and through improving myself as an individual.

JI: Thank you.

WR: What would you say to someone considering ambassadorship? JI: Go for it. The e-learning is interesting and informative. There is no point expecting others to make a difference. Do it yourself.

If you would like to help make the world a safer place for women and girls, become an ambassador for White Ribbon UK. On registration you will receive a welcome pack, resources, and a full training course. Visit ambassadors for more information, and online application form. 18




he LGA Labour Group holds an annual conference for Labour councillors. This year’s event was on 2nd and 3rd February and White Ribbon UK was in attendance, with a stall and a chance to speak with our founder Chris Green, and Sports Campaign Manager, Ikram Butt. The event posed an opportunity for us to meet and discuss policies with councillors, and ensure that the White Ribbon message is on their radar. Chris Green said “It was important to remind delegates that all Local Authorities should be working towards white ribbon status, and reversing cuts to services for survivors”

and wore his white ribbon during TV interviews. Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Andrew Gwynne said, “This is my favourite stand to visit” (in 2017 he presented White Ribbon with the Award Best Third Sector Stand at Labour Party Conference) In the interests of balance we will be hosting a meeting in Brussels in the near future for the European Conservatives & Reformists Group on the importance of attitudes and language, when countering gender based violence.

Jeremy Corbyn MP visited the stand

White Ribbon UK stand at this year’s Labour Local Government Conference. From left: Chris Green OBE (Founder and President, White Ribbon UK), Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ikram Butt (Sports Campaign Manager, White Ribbon UK). 19






n conjunction with White Ribbon UK, Bradford College, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, and West Yorkshire Police; the School of Rock and Media in Bradford have launched the Active Citizen campaign, to assist in reducing violence against women and girls.

• To identify hate crime as an issue in our community. • Bring hate crime awareness to the attention of the Bradford community and offer support and guidance on how we can all make a difference. • Empower the community to report any hate crimes that are witnessed or experienced.

Empowering the Community: Dealing with the challenges of today’s society requires each and every one of us working together and making a stand against hate crimes. Active Citizen Bradford emerged out of a pursuit to inspire the community to take action against hate crimes, and a call for actions to speak louder than words. The campaign is driven by the idea of a community inspired by respecting each other, valuing diversity and to challenge hate crimes.

• Support members of the community in reporting hate crimes - either to the police or through use of local reporting centres. • To work in partnership with key organisations in the Bradford community to spread awareness to a wider audience.

For more information, visit: www.activecitizenbradford.

Goals: 21


WHITE RIBBON UK AWARENESS RAISING MATERIALS A wealth of awareness raising materials can be ordered online from our shop. We have recently added a number of new items.

Browse the shop at

Venue postcards


Venue postcards

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White Ribbon UK Monthly Newsletter (February 2018)  
White Ribbon UK Monthly Newsletter (February 2018)