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The Revolution is at a Stand-off December 17, 1811 Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you have heard of the people who call themselves the luddites. A group of people whose sole responsibility, is to bring down the industrial Revolution. The luddites began, as we all know, in a city located squarely in the center of England. This was unfortunate for them. When urbanization began and rich land owners began to buy out farmers lands to create enclosures, all the farmers migrated to city’s looking for work. Thus the snowball effect began. Did any of us know that this city, with so much industrial potential, would give birth to a monster? A monster that would through the country into a chaotic nightmare, and even economically unstable? Becauseof all the products the company’s cheap labor was producing, it put many natural workers out of jobs. Shoe makers were put out of businessby machines that could make 10 shoes, identical to the shoe makers, at half the price in the same time the shoe maker could make 1 shoe. The same was with the toy makers, clothing businesses,and many more hard working people. Put these workers wouldn’t go down without a fight. They didn’t like the idea of machines taking away human jobs. So they naturally took up arms and destroyed any factories they could find. The movement emerged in the harsh economic climate of the Napoleonic Wars and difficult working conditions in the new textile factories. The principal objection of the Luddites was to the introduction of new wide-framed automated looms that could be operated by cheap, relatively unskilled labor, resulting in the loss of jobs for many skilled textile workers. With all that said, here is an interview that we at CBS

(Central British Station) managed to set up with an unnamed source who is working for the Luddites. His real name will be kept a secret, for obvious reasons, so he will be known as Mr. Luddite. Here’s this weeks of CBS’s,60 seconds. (Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…)

CBS: Hello Mr. Luddite and thank you for meeting here at such short notice. Mr. L: Anything to get our messageout to the public. CBS: Yes and we’re here to discussthat. Your message,is that what you call it? Did you not think Blowing up factories would get you attention? Mr. L: Do you honestly think we would be heard? Besidesthe constant noise those filthy machines make, we wouldn’t be heard over all that money the corporate fat cats were dragging in. They forced us out of jobs yet we have to suffer, while they live the high life. Not too long ago I was looked up upon too, a hero for my small town. I made the best shoes around. And now I am nothing. But it’s not just the Luddites that are suffering. People everywhere are losing grip with their fellow man. Now we are all just pawns. The just public hasn’t figured it out yet. CBS: I seesomeone’sbeen reading some Friedrich Engels. Mr. L: Doesn’t make it not true. CS: Clearly you Luddites will not be convinced that what you’re doing is wrong. Mr. L: And neither will you. Have you not noticed the sky, tasted the air. It was once so…fresh, so clean. Thesemachines have taken our jobs and our ruining the world we live in. We will all stop it peacefully, or the Luddites will finish this. Oh and if I were you, if I were you, I would stay clear of the Rawfolds Mill tonight.

Exactly two hours after this interview, the Rawfords Mill was attacked, and two people were mortally wounded. Seven days later the Luddites killed William Horsfall, another large mill-owner in the area. If this wasn’t enough, mob riots began breaking out everywhere.


at Hall i' th' Wood to prevent it being destroyed by the mob.

It appears Mr. Luddite was right about one thing, the air. It’s filled with fear. Fear that the Luddites will tear down the factory nearest you. The Luddites were upset that they lost their jobs, so now they go around destroying factories, along with the thousands of jobs that it provides. And this reporter believes in this situation, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Written by Brian Feeney

This noticed was soon issued to the public after these incidents. As more light comes to surface on the luddites, rumors are flying that they are being led by 'King' Ned Ludd of Sherwood Forest. However there is no record of this “'King' Ned Ludd of Sherwood Forest,” even exists. However, whether this man was real or not, the luddites are running rampage. Factories increasesecurity and well known inventors hide their prized creations. There are even rumors that Samuel Crompton had to hide his new spinning mule in the roof of his house

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The Revolution is at a Standoff  
The Revolution is at a Standoff  

A fantastic inturpitation of the luddite crisis that gripped Britian