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...a personal lighting device which re-establishes the users’ circadian rhythm

Teneo Based on over a year of design work and research

Research What is circadian rhythm? - It is essentially your body clock - Primarily governed by day and night cycles - Above others, it controls our bodies production of the hormone Melatonin which makes us go to sleep and wake up. - There are external factors which can influence it such as: - Crossing time zones - The changing of the seasons - Our working hours - Exposure to artificial light

What are the effects of a disrupted circadian rhythm? - Disruption of our circadian rhythm can cause: - Seasonal affected disorder (S.A.D) - Depression - Sleeping disorders - Poor health and diet


- 200 years ago 75% of the population worked outdoors, Now less than 10% work in natural light outdoors. - Apart from Scandinavia and Russia, the UK receives the lowest amount of sunshine outside of traditional working hours in the winter months (Nov - Mar)

- 1 in 10 people suffer from depression - 7% of the population suffer from S.A.D - 1 in 3 people work shifts outside of traditional 9-5 hours - On average, we spend 12 hours each day staring at screens


Teneo is completely malleable. You can bend it in any direction and it will hold the shape you leave it in It is placed into a USB port on the laptop which will illuminate it. Teneo is used when the user is feeling in need of a lift, if they are tired or loosing concentration for example.


Teneo works as a sleeping aid. As a person comes to the end of their day Teneo is plugged into their computer and delivers light which counter-acts the artificial light emitted by the screen. Once the screen has been switched off and the user is preparing to fall asleep, Teneo can be placed on a bed-side table or near to the bed where it will slowly dim to a preset time determined by the user.

Teneo falls asleep with you and wakes up with you.

As this is a first product, it will greatly inform further research and be constantly developing. The wider applications are extensive; from computer screens to tablet PC’s and smart phones. The fact that Teneo is portable and affordable means it can be placed in any area where people suffer from natural light deprivation



Extension of my lighting product. A personal lighting device instead of a lighting system


Extension of my lighting product. A personal lighting device instead of a lighting system