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Whiteley, Tom Semester 3 Erasmus Darstellen \ Rendering Dozent: Alexander Ott Studiensemester

First cube sketches

Composition of cubes

Shaded first with Pencil and then Copics for the greyscale and Touch markers for the colour

First renders with Letraset markers. Cool Greys 1-5

This made me go out and buy Copic markers because i could get no definition with the Letraset ones

Letraset Renders

Compared to Copic renders

Pencil shaded first and then coloured with Touch markers

Renerings done at Salford for Bentley Cars using Touch markers and a Biro pen

4B Pencil shaded and then Cool Grey Copic markers. C0, C1, C2 and C5. Black lines done with a .5 Fineliner

4B Pencil renderings of Cylindrical forms

Touch and Copic colour renderings. Forms from colur splashes

Copic and Touch marker render

Pencil rendered image

Again Pencil rendered but with the light coming from the different direction

First try with Copic markers, the dierence in quality is amazing

More complex forms again with Copic markers

B Pencil Render

4B Pencil Rendering and a Blue Crayon

Copic Cool greys; C1, C3, C5 and C7 with White Crayon

Coloured Pencils and 4B pencil renders along with Copic and Touch renders

First try at free form shapes. Copics C0, C1, C2, C3, C5 and C7

Second try this time with shadows. Copic Cool Greys, 4B Pencil and a White Crayon

Copic Cool greys, pencils and White Crayon

Touch and Copic Cool Greys

Pencil and Crayon Renderings

Copic Renders. C1, C3, C5 and C7

4B Pencil Render and a Red Crayon with a pencil shading which has had colour applied to it

Now trying to resolve cylindrical forms. Very early attempt

A further attempt. More neater and beginning to get the hang of using markers but still nowhere near perfect

Biro Sketch with C0 and C2 light effect

Closer view of the freeforms I liked most. C0, C1, C2, C3, C5 and C7 for shadow also White Crayon

More cylindical forms, better solved this time. The blue shape is done with a Touch marker

Copic Markers and a White Crayon

Copic Rendering Documentation  

Another course I took whilst at the HfG was the copic rendering class with Alexander Ott. The class was fantastic and my improvement is real...

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