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Solera Networks DS Appliances Visualize, Investigate, and Prevent Next Generation Threats on Your Network

The cost of data breaches continues to rise and most organizations are not prepared to effectively respond Deploy the award-winning network forensics platform to protect against Next Generation Threats, including: u APT u Botnets u Insider threats u Breaches u Malware Reduce the time it takes to uncover and resolve the real cause of any network event. Comprehensive network forensics will make your company more aware, more compliant and more secure.

million is the average organizational cost of a data breach* u




of data breaches were from insiders**

of CISOs believe they will have a serious security incident in the next 36 months† u


of CISOs say they are unprepared to adequately respond to an incident† u


19% of CISOs have the ability to take advantage of real-time situational awareness that network forensics can provide against Next Generation Threats† u


* Ponemon Institute’s Fifth Annual US Cost of a Data Breach report ** Verizon 2010 Data Breach Investigation Report †Trusted Strategies 2010 Network Forensics Market Survey Report

See everything. Know everything.™

“My experience across intelligence collection, military operations, and law enforcement forensics leads me to believe that every company is at risk, and that preventative measures alone do not adequately protect against the cyber threat. Management needs to understand that mounting an effective response to an attack requires real-time knowledge of what is happening across their networks. The industry needs the tools to help us do that quickly.” RAY OWEN, Defense/intelligence cybersecurity executive and advisor.



Easy Deployment

Collect At Record Speeds

Solera DS Appliances easily connect to your network via a span port or network tap. They sit passively on the network and are completely undetected for enhanced security. Add additional storage for a virtually limitless and permanent record of all network traffic.

The Solera DS Appliances capture everything that crosses your network (packet header and payload) in the patented DS File System, giving you a complete and forensically sound record of network activity. Only Solera DS Appliances meet the grueling demands of the largest government and enterprise networks, yet swiftly reconstruct and deliver real files from within terabybes of raw packet data.

Capture Rate

10 Gbps Application Classification and Description Choose How You Deploy Deploy as a dedicated 1U, 2U or 4U hardware appliance or as a virtual appliance. Even deploy inside your virtual networks to expose vSwitch traffic to your physical security tools for analysis.

Identify network traffic by looking deep inside packet data to find the telltale signatures of true identity. Descriptive information about a network session is extracted and includes application, personal identity, intended actions, content types, filenames, and up to 5000 descriptive details for close to 500 specific applications.

28 490+ 5000+

Application Families Applications and Protocols Metadata Attributes

Indexed For Access virtualized by

Size To Fit Your Needs Deployment options range from small or branch office appliances to dedicated 10Gb appliances with expandable storage for today’s fastest networks.

In addition to capturing and classifying every bit of data at record speeds, each and every packet is indexed for quick retrieval and reconstruction. SoleraDB is our highly efficient, combination flat-file/hashed database system that has none of the performance issues inherent in relational databases. Drill down to precise packets, flows and artifacts in seconds, rather than hours or days. SoleraDB Bitmask & Hash SoleraDB Index Packet Capture Repository (DSFS)



Active Reporting

Artifact Extraction

Identify evasive applications and malware with DeepSee速. Active reporting paints a deep and vivid picture of the network traffic and allows users the power to work with results as they are being returned and respond to incidents as they unfold. Reports act as a navigation point, helping even novice users find and access the data they are looking for faster and with more accuracy.

Produce evidence that makes sense. With every packet captured and indexed, quick discovery, reconstruction and delivery of files in their original formats is easy and intuitive.



With DeepSee Maps and Google速 Earth integration you see traffic patterns and identify concentrations of traffic traveling to and from non-traditional locations. Abnormal traffic patterns may be your starting point of an investigation and reduce your time to resolution.

Active response to incidents starts with solid integration with the most popular security tools on the market. Through our web services API, integration is simple and effective. Direct integration with Splunk速 now provides an historical view to any alert managed by this leading log management solution. Packet analysis is also built into the appliance, eliminating unnecessary file transfers and application launching.

PREVENT AND DETER Situational Awareness Solera Networks provides tools for network security teams to find advanced threats on the network and prevent further data loss. Investigators can search, visualize, replay, and reconstruct any network traffic—the key to uncovering a breach. 100% of the network payload is captured, enabling users to attribute a breach to a specific source.

Continuous Surveillance Continuous and complete surveillance of network activity changes behavior and deters internal threats. Knowing that every activity is monitored, recorded and available as evidence, users are more likely to adhere to network use policies as well as closely guard information assets. Network forensics enables the targeted surveillance of individuals or hosts and provides undeniable evidence to take action. “Everybody should do what they can to protect themselves from being attacked, but the sad truth is that the most important thing you should plan and prepare for is how to behave when the attacker has succeeded.” ROAR THON, Senior Advisor, Norwegian National Security Authority

Next Generation Threat Prevention Next Generation Threats often operate in stealth over an extended period of time in order to accomplish their objectives. They use multiple attack methods and threat vectors and slowly, yet methodically attack with unrelenting persistence until the objective is achieved—at the expense of your intellectual property and viability of your organization. Most importantly—they are real and you have to address them. Deploy network forensics and obtain the visibility you need to respond and protect in real-time, giving you a fighting chance against today’s morphing and elusive threats.

Solera DS Appliances APPLIANCE



Virtual Appliance DS 1200 DS 3200 DS 5200 DS H200 DS H202 DS Storage DS C200

– 1U 4U 4U 2U 2U 2U 2U

Varies Varies 2.0 Gbps 1.8 Gbps 5.0 Gbps 3.0 Gbps 10.0 Gbps 5.0 Gbps 5.0 Gbps 3.0 Gbps 10.0 Gbps 5.0 Gbps – – Central Management Appliance



Varies 3 TB, non-redundant 12 TB, redundant 16 TB, redundant Connect to DS Storage or SAN Connect to DS Storage or SAN 20 TB, redundant

* Sustained, iMix capture performance testing is conducted with a combination of packet sizes averaging 422 bytes and capturing 99.9999% of all packets on a continuous basis. This is a worst-case test and users should expect to see better performance in regular use.

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See everything. Know everything.™

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