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Sound business sense Aastra the winning choice

Your Connection to the World Aastra is a global supplier of telecommunication systems for small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises, the basis for our success are innovations, a comprehensive product portfolio and years of experience. The focus is on non-restrictive, open architecture solutions. This is because we are convinced that open standards enhance the compatibility of different systems and functions, thus, improve flexibility and lead to more comprehensive solutions. Scalable and flexible architecture that can easily adapt and support company’s changing needs. A high level of investment in research and development ensure that Aastra solutions are based on the newest technology whilst remaining “user friendly”. Our aim is to offer communication solutions that support our customers in their day-to-day activities and facilitate more effective working practices.

Aastra MX-ONE™ A complete communication system with 500 different features - unrivaled capabilities for all kind of users Designed for small, medium to large enterprises (from 50 up to 500,000 users in one single system) Voice, data, video and applications all converge over one network Deployment in any fashion, whether centralized or distributed, one system or networked systems and with the choice of redundancy A comprehensive UC solution, ranging from communications system and terminals to mobility solutions and advanced applications, such as Unified Messaging, Contact Centre, Mobile clients, Attendant solutions

Aastra MX-ONE

Full mobility solutions – DECT, IP DECT, Wi-Fi, GSM Mobile Based on open standards like SIP, CSTA III, SOAP, Webservices and XML – enables integration with existing IT systems and a variety of third party applications Flexible architecture

Aastra 700 A fully featured communication system providing UC applications and IP telephony in one box, based on MX-ONE Virtualisation reduces hardware and server costs Designed for small and medium businesses, 50 – 300 users (450 extensions) Ideally suited for companies looking to get the benefits of UC, which offer increased productivity, efficiency and integration with existing business processes Designed for customers with strong need for mobility and cost control of roaming charges Flexible and scalable solution based on open standards like

Aastra 700 system

SIP and CSTA Key differentiators are Effective Communications, Mobility, Enhanced TCO and Simplified Ways of Working Web-based single point of entry for management Support for integration with 3PP collaboration suites (e.g. MS OCS, IBM Sametime)

Aastra 400 Business communication solution for small and medium businesses 4 to 400 users Mobile Integration – in-house and externally based on Aastra DECT solutions, mobile extension/FMC Aastra 470

Based on Open Standards Unified & Collaborative Communications solutions (applications); for Aastra 470 even are embedded in the communication server Ease of operation and maintenance: Sophisticated tools for configuration and maintenance 2

Flexible and scalable solution Various software interfaces are available to integrate the Aastra 400 systems in customer’s business processes. Q.-Sig, SIP and XML allow networking with 3rd party communication systems

BusinessPhone Communication system for small and medium – sized businesses ,scalable from 10 to 200 ports Adaptable to individually existing environments Interconnection with the Aastra large enterprise system MX-ONE State-of-the-art technologies like SIP, DECT and SIP-DECT open up a wide range of possibilities Innovative, state-of-the art terminals, with touchscreen and colour display Mobile Extension ensures the mobile phone is fully integrated into the communication system In-depth and seamless integration of third-party applications, thanks to the integrated application server Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows the integration of the most diversified phonebooks Call Manager, which adapts to individual events and can be expanded at any time

BusineesPhone system

Terminals Digital Telephones: a full range of terminals designed to meet everybody’s needs IP Telephones: a range of cost effective enterprise grade terminals opened up to the IP World SIP Telephones: a family of powerful and flexible terminals offering advanced interoperability with major IP Telephony platforms Microsoft Lync Telephones: designed for Microsoft Lync communication server

Aastra 6725ip

Aastra Business Collaboration Aastra Attendant is a well integrated part in the Aastra Collaboration suite and provides a broad range of functionality independently of platform Aastra Collaboration suite provides the right mix of communication tools that help communicate at your terms with the user in focus Aastra Contact Center is a highly flexible multimedia solution, which is efficient and cost effective Aastra Mobile solutions offer true flexibility in the daily work, whether you are in the office or on the move, in a cost-effective and efficient way Aastra InTouch is a fully featured soft phone application that empowers business communication. InTouch is an integral part of Aastra Collaboration suite and integrates well with external environments, such as Microsoft OCS and IBM Sametime Aastra Unified Messaging is an essential integrated part of the Aastra Collaboration suite and puts in control of communication with access to messages anytime and anywhere Aastra InTouch call log screen


Aastra BluStar™ HD Video and Sound The Aastra BluStar 8000i has a 13 inch touch screen offering full 1280 x 720 video image resolution. The built-in 720p HD camera with its 70 degree field of view captures a wide angle image. Supporting standards based H.264 video and SIP call control, the 8000i delivers true 720p HD video conferencing at a rate of 30 frames per second. With four voice tracking microphones, three speakers for enhanced audio sound, and G.722 wideband audio support, the BluStar 8000i truly delivers superior HD sound quality. Powerful Collaboration The built-in collaboration features of the BluStar 8000i enable a natural and intuitive way of collaborating and communicating. Peer-to-peer video calls or multi-way video conferencing provide a rich in-person communication experience quickly and conveniently. Sharing content from a PC desktop to the 8000i is easy and enables quick and efficient information sharing. The Bluetooth interface facilitates the transfer and sharing of data from common devices such as cell phones or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Combined with the lifelike video images and true high quality audio, BluStar delivers natural collaboration from your desktop.

Business Intelligence In addition to its strong collaboration features, the BluStar 8000i natively provides a range of built-in business productivity applications. User defined applications can also be easily integrated to display a powerful business dashboard delivering information that has been collated from various sources. With its intuitive touch screen interface capabilities, business intelligence and real time analysis is now right at your fingertips. Natural Interface The BluStar 8000i offers a suite of features that make communicating a simple and instinctively natural experience. Biometric fingerprint reading efficiently identifies users and makes Hot Desking from any BluStar device an effortless task – personalized and natural access no matter where you are. Voice recognition is another feature that simplifies the user interface providing a convenient and natural way of communicating simple commands. Add in the intuitive touch control user interface and the Aastra BluStar 8000i really becomes a powerful communication tool that brings natural collaboration to every desktop.

About Aastra Aastra Technologies Limited ( TSX: “AAH”), is a leading company at the forefront of the enterprise communication market. Headquartered i n Co n c o r d , O n t a r i o, C a n a d a , Aastra develops and delivers innovative communications products and applications for businesses. Aastra’s operations are truly global with more than 50 million installed lines around the world and a direct and indirect presence in more than 100 countries. Aastra is entirely dedicated to enterprise communications and offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers’ requirements. With a strong focus on open standards, Aastra enables enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

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Aastra BluStar 8000i Extended Favourites and Logo screen

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Aastra Telecom Overview  

Aastra Telecom provides open standard VoIP products and systems, mobility solutions, and advanced applications. Aastra's portfolio includes...

Aastra Telecom Overview  

Aastra Telecom provides open standard VoIP products and systems, mobility solutions, and advanced applications. Aastra's portfolio includes...