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Raised Access Floor for Commercial Establishments

A Raised Access Floor is an elevated floor above a substrate. The substrate is often a solid subfloor or a concrete floor. A raised floor is built in such a way that one has access underneath. Raised Access Flooring is widely installed in commercial establishments for various reasons. Flooring industry has come up with yet another innovative idea of flooring especially for commercial establishments and that is Raised Access Flooring. Owners of modern offices with IT data centre, command centre, computer rooms and other such specialised areas often prefer Raised Access Flooring. Such flooring is useful for those office rooms where there is need for routing electrical connections and mechanical services. If you are thinking of building a new office for yourself or renovating your old office building, consider raised flooring as a vital option. If you opt for raised flooring for the data centre of your office, you will be able to channelize the mechanical and electrical service underneath the raised floor. A raised floor allows you to have the required routing of electrical wires and cables below the raised floor. The space between the concrete substrate and the raised floor remains accessible for workers so that they can make necessary modifications and amendments in the mechanical service that is routed underneath the raised floor. For this human access the raised floor can be elevated up to four feet. Raised Access Flooring is the best option if you are thinking of under-floor air distribution for certain important rooms of your office building. Under-floor air distribution keeps the building cool by circulating the air flow in the space between the raised floor and the subfloor. This way the generated heat subsides and the building remains cool and comfortable. This process is highly effective for isolated air conditioned chambers of any office building. The computer systems of such a room are placed above perforated tiles. This is done traditionally to channelize the conditioned air directly to the electronic systems. On the other hand, the computing gadget is often designed to draw cooling air from below and exhaust the air into the room. The air conditioning system of the office room, then, draws the required air from the room itself, cools the air and forces it beneath the Raised Access Floor. The cycle of conditioned air flow completes this way by the effective use of the raise floor.

Raised Access Flooring consists of gridded metal substructure and height support tools of various lengths based on the height you want between your concrete subfloor and your raised floor. The adjustable height supports are called pedestals. The pedestals offer support to removable floor panels. The length of the legs or pedestals depends on the volume of wires and cables that are used underneath for electrical connections. All the same, a minimum clearance six inches usually remains between the subfloor and the raised floor.

Raised Access Floor is the latest innovation in floor technology and floor designing. Commercial plants benefit from this new technology in great measure.For more information about please Click here. This article has been taken from

Raised access floor  

A Raised Access Floor is an elevated floor above a substrate. The substrate is often a solid subfloor or a concrete floor.