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Shocking Statistics on Bullying


Supervisors and managers must realise that they are not above the law. Some supervisors were even found to prey on younger and new workers as a form of initiation. This is unacceptable and stricter laws are being looked at to curb this type of behaviour. If you are experiencing bullying or know someone else who is, consider taking the following steps: » Check whether your employer has a policy and procedure to follow for workplace bullying. » Seek advice from those suitably qualified to give advice such as a Grievance Officer, Health and Safety Representative, Human Resources Officer or Union Official. » Make a detailed and accurate record of what happened – place, date, time, persons involved and those present and what was said or done. » Approach the bully and inform them that their behaviour is unacceptable. » If needed seek counselling to help you deal with depression or other emotional effects of the bullying.


ÂťYou may decide to lodge a written complaint to your employer.

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Shocking Statistics on Bullying