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New Bully Prevention Kit The problem of bullying has recently been addressed by authorities who have launched a new Bullying Prevention Kit to assist employers in identifying cases of bullying in their workplace and dealing with it. Especially in an industry such as construction, where safety is such a major issue, the problem of bullying is one that cannot be tolerated as it consumes valuable time and effort that could be spent on ensuring the site remains safe. Also on construction sites there are many dangerous tools and equipment being utilised on a daily basis which a bully can easily manipulate in order to “bully” or even hurt his/her victim. While safety should remain the main priority on site, the issue of bullying can cause workers to be put under unnecessary pressure, lose concentration and injure themselves or others. Workers who are stressed tend to make more mistakes than those that have job security and job satisfaction. Government was prompted to act as figures surfaced of the 4746 workers who and claimed compensation after being victims of bullying. The financial consequences have been estimated to run into the hundreds of millions and the emotional and psychological impact is even greater which negatively affects the productivity of the working community. It is hoped that the new Bully Prevention Kit will empower employers to take a more active approach in the identification and management of bullying to combat this loss in productivity and cost to the economy. This post on provides more clarity of the issue: WorkCover has recently developed a Bullying Prevention Kit which aims to help employers identify bullying and learn ways to manage it. According to the Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce, there have been 4,746 workers compensation claims for bullying and harassment at a cost of almost $100 million in the last three financial years. “This is having a major impact on the state’s productivity and is one of the reasons why the Bullying Prevention Kit was developed,” said Mr Pearce. “The kit uses a simple green, amber and red traffic light concept, to help business develop bullying prevention systems and follows a rise in requests for information and assistance about workplace bullying.” He also said that under the state’s work health and safety law, businesses were required to make sure that bullying prevention strategies are in place. “Bullying is repeated unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety,” said Mr Pearce.


“Investigation, regular monitoring, and reviews of bullying are important so workers know it is taken seriously and that procedures to control the risk of bullying are effective. “By reducing bullying in the workplace, businesses benefit from reduced absenteeism and improved morale among their workers which in the long term, improves productivity and profitability. “Everyone in the workplace has the right to be treated with dignity and respect,” he said. Source: tion-kit/

Bullying can be carried out over a prolonged period of time and is particularly dangerous as it affects a person’s state of mental health. In some cases of bullying, depression was the result which if left ignored can lead to suicide, so in addition to the financial consequences there are social consequences as well. Some examples of bullying include but are not limited to Using abusive, insulting or offensive language towards a co-worker or subordinate Behaving threateningly or degrading or humiliating a co-worker. Shouting or yelling at someone unnecessarily or continuously can also contribute to bullying. Teasing someone or regularly making jokes at their expense is another example of bullying Playing material that is degrading or offensive can contribute to bullying Spreading gossip, rumours and innuendo of a malicious nature around the workplace environment about a person is also unacceptable and constitutes bullying While all types of violence are unacceptable, violence, assault and stalking are extreme cases of bullying that are a criminal offence. These examples of bullying can and should be reported to the police, before the situation escalates further. Bullying can also be as simple as deliberately excluding, isolating or marginalising a person from normal workplace activities can also be a subtle form of bullying but one that is equally distressing to the person being bullied. Employers can now, with the help of the new Bully Prevention Kit, tackle this issue head on and hopefully stop it before it escalates further and any more lives are lost. addthis_url =


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New Bully Prevention Kit  
New Bully Prevention Kit