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Hazard Presented by Heavy Construction Equipment Heavy construction equipment contributes to approximately 100 construction site workers deaths every year. The main causes of such accidents include: ground workers struck when a vehicle is reversing or changing direction, equipment rollovers that injure the operator and ground workers crushed by falling equipment from backhoes, buckets, and other moving construction vehicles. To prevent this kind of risk, workers should follow all construction safety guidelines necessary to eliminate the exposure to such injuries and accidents. Trucks on construction sites can be particularly dangerous because of the confined space of the site. Workers involved in construction work where trucks are present as well as heavy vehicle operators should work with extreme caution and beware of the hazard at all times. Some basic safety tips to remember are: Drive with Extreme Caution, especially when Carrying a Load Reduce Speed in Poor Travelling Conditions and on site adhere to speed limits. Beware of pedestrians, remain in the areas zoned for heavy vehicle use Abide by Truck Load limitations to avoid capsizing Maintain Good Visibility at all times, if you cannot see clearly, do not continue. Be trained on emergency procedures such as when equipment Fails or bad weather conditions prevail addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Hazard+Presented+by+Heavy+Construction+Equipment'; addthis_pub = '';

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Hazard Presented by Heavy Construction Equipment  
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