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An Overview of the QLD White Card (Or Any State) The QLD White Card is like any other state’s card, and must either be acquired online, or at a whole day course. The online process (which is the most convenient of the two) is fairly straightforward, but you have to be prepared to spend some time online and must be able to send away some documentation that authenticates your application. This is the same for any governmental card that can be applied for online though.

What you will need – QLD White Card Before you start your QLD White Card (Or any state you may be in) course, you need to make sure you have a few things together. You will need the aforementioned documentation of your identity (passport) other (see here),you will need a computer with either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, an internet connection (ADSL) and a printer for your certificate. Apart from that, there is nothing else you need, so pretty much anyone anywhere can do the qld white card course! But please note two things: You can complete the course a any intervals of your choosing, so you don’t need to complete the course all in one day, you can spread it out over as long as you want. But try and complete a section at a time to keep up with where you are at. Secondly, remember that you are required by law to have another party sign your statutory declaration form that they witnessed you complete the course (this can be a family member).

The Course Itself – QLD White Card

You can start the course by clicking on the ‘start course now’ button and registering for an account. At this point you can either pay for your account, or use a redemption code if your employer has already bought you an account and given you its redemption code.


On the registration form you will also have to agree to the terms and conditions before you are able to continue. Also note that you can either pay via Visa or Mastercard. Once you have completed the registration and created an account – you can complete the course. This course is done in different and unique sections that each have a test which must be completed with a success rate of 100% to get your certificate (but don’t worry, you can go back and re-answer each question as many times as you want until you get it correct.

The Card You Get (Wont Always Be a QLD White Card) You will get a white card once you finish this course that will be valid in every state, but if you live in QLD, you will get a QLD White Card and if you live elsewhere you will get a White Card WA – which is also valid in any state.

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An Overview of the QLD White Card (Or Any State)