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We are a regional independent strategy and planning consultancy specialising in acceleratingindependent growth by focusing and are a Leeds-based strategy aligning business and marketing objectives. d planning consultancy specialising in We work by cutting throughand the noise with celerating growth by focusing our hands-on approach to develop solutions ning business and marketing objectives. born from smart insights garnered through work by cutting through the noise with years of experience. We work with a range of hands-on approach to develop solutions B2C and B2B clients across multiple sectors. n from We smart insights garnered avoid unnecessary clutterthrough and start by rs of experience. Weand work witha a range stepping back taking holistic view of 2C and clients across multiple sectors. theB2B business to help deliver a strategic plan produces results over both theby short avoid that unnecessary clutter and start and long-term achieveview your of commercial pping back taking atoholistic the success iness to help deliver a strategic plan that

duces results over both the short and g term. We believe that your strategies uld be fully aligned to realise your full mmercial success.


Strategy is simply the choices and decisions executives and boards face to get to a stated outcome. This assumes that there is time and resources to develop challenging strategic questions

Whitecap Consulting Commercial Clarity™ Established in 2012, Whitecap Consulting works with board directors, executives and investors of predominantly midsized businesses, typically with a turnover of circa £10 - £300m, providing strategy and commercial consultancy.

We provide a range of

Our client-side experience

professional business services

across different companies,

and implementation support

business models and market


sectors means we provide insightful, pragmatic and

• Strategy Development: Helping shape future direction for businesses, brands, products and services

and that there is alignment around the board table on the ‘destination’. Strategy also relies on a structured process of internal and external analysis, scenario planning and decision making, set in

• Business Case & Planning: Organising, detailing and aligning the company to deliver the strategy

Options and choices are underpinned with commercial and financial analysis and forecasts designed to drive growth, focused investment and organisational engagement with the strategy.

whether that is developing longterm strategy options or reacting to immediate challenges or opportunities. Working as an extension of the leadership team, we help clients articulate ambitions, focus and align priorities, develop commercially sustainable

• Implementation Support: Providing hands-on help and support to execute critical initiatives effectively

propositions and then execute growth initiatives quickly and more effectively. We also work with smaller

the context of a dynamic and often fluid market.

hands-on support for our clients,

• Commercial Due Diligence: Undertaking commercial due diligence to support M&A and transactions

firms that have high growth ambitions, and with larger companies and divisions of corporate businesses on specific strategy, commercial and marketing projects. For case studies, white papers and team bios, please see:

But a strategy is worthless, unless implemented and executed through daily actions across the business.



Helping clients with growth aims Growing and mid-sized businesses face a variety of different challenges and often reach a point where independent, external advice and practical hands-on support can be very beneficial.

Some businesses may be very successful and growing out of control, some will have steady performance but no longterm plans, whilst for others their growth may have stalled and they are in need of a new direction as their market has changed. It can become harder to ensure all parts of the business pull in the same direction. The long- term business vision may be less clear today than it was previously, and

often the organisation has outgrown the traditional ways of working. The CEO should have the time to look ahead and around at what is going on in the market, but faced with these challenges, may not be able to do so. These businesses don’t need a full-time Strategy Director. As a result, responsibility may land with the FD, Commercial or Marketing Director, who are also likely to have their hands full with short-term priorities.

Business strategy Commercial  proposition  development We work hard to understand We undertake independent Whitecap Consulting Business   strategy Commercial   proposition  development our client’s business and commercial analysis, including helps by providing Working  with  leadership  teams  to  analyse Addressing  specific  challenges  and  /  or  growth   operate as an extension of assessment of relevant experienced client-side Working   ith  leadership   teams   to  asnalyse Addressing   specific   hallenges   and  team   /  or  gbrowth   growth  ow pportunities   and   business   trategies   opportunities   that  tche   leadership   elieve   leadership team on standmacro and industry trends, directors to growth   and   business   strategies   opportunities   that   leadership  team  believe   over  the a  2o-­‐3pportunities    year  planning   horizon could  deliver   m ore  tvhe   alue   projects, retained key competitors, over  alone a  2-­‐3  year   planning   horizon and could  products deliver  more  value   facilitate structured interim assignments. & services, and the related planning at board level, internal skills, capabilities and documenting strategic We work with senior teams competencies. aims, designing practical to facilitate knowledge, implementation and ambitions and expertise This provides a forward-looking supporting strategy to help develop optimal view and a clear picture Investment   f unding Commercial   execution. strategies and plans. of the sustainability and performance  development Investment  funding Commercial  performance  development robustness of forecast income To this we add independent, Articulating  the  business  strategy,  growth   and attractive Recommendations   opportunities and  support  to  drive   external challenge to add Articulating   the  financial   business  pslan   trategy,   growth   Recommendations   and  pserformance   upport  to  drive   ambitions  and   to  engage   with   enhanced   commercial   through   for growth. newadata andfunding perspectives. ambitions   and   nd  sfecure   inancial   plan  to  engage  with   enhanced   commercial   performance  through   investors   multi-­‐channel   interventions

investors and  secure  funding


multi-­‐channel interventions

We work on a range of assignments Business strategy Business  strategy

Commercial proposition  development Commercial  proposition  development


Working with  leadership  teams  to  analyse Working   ith  leadership   to  asnalyse growth   ow pportunities   and  teams   business   trategies   growth   and   business  strategies   over   a  2o-­‐3pportunities    year  planning   horizon over  a  2-­‐3  year  planning  horizon

Addressing specific  challenges  and  /  or  growth   Addressing  specific   hallenges   and   /  or  gbrowth   opportunities   that  tche   leadership   team   elieve   opportunities   that   leadership  team  believe   could   deliver  m ore  tvhe   alue   could  deliver  more  value  

Marke Marke suppo suppo acquis acquis

Investment funding Investment  funding

Commercial performance  development Commercial  performance  development

Mark Mark

Articulating the  business  strategy,  growth   Articulating   the  financial   business   trategy,   growth   ambitions   and   pslan   to  engage   with   ambitions   a nd   f inancial   p lan   t o   e ngage   with   investors  and  secure  funding investors  and  secure  funding

Recommendations and  support  to  drive   Recommendations   and  pserformance   upport  to  drive   enhanced   commercial   through   enhanced   c ommercial   p erformance   through   multi-­‐channel  interventions multi-­‐channel  interventions

Analys Analys marke marke purcha purcha

M&A activity M&A  activity

Market entry  strategy Market  entry  strategy

Market analysis  and  commercial  due  diligence  to   Market   and  coommercial   due  adnd   iligence   support  aanalysis   ssessment   f  M&A  targets   post   to   support   assessment   acquisition   support of  M&A  targets  and  post   acquisition  support

Market and  competitor  analysis  resulting  in   Market   competitor   analysis  rdesulting   in   market  aend   ntry   plans,  proposition   evelopment   market   entry  plans,   proposition  development   and  distribution   strategies and  distribution  strategies

Marketing strategy Marketing  strategy

Tech, Data  &  Operations  strategy Tech,  Data  &  Operations  strategy

Analysis and  strategies  to  drive  end-­‐to-­‐end   Analysis   and   strategies   to  drive  ceonsideration,   nd-­‐to-­‐end   marketing   process:   awareness,   marketing   rocess:  a& wareness,   purchase,  rpetention    advocacyconsideration,   purchase,  retention  &  advocacy

Implementation strategies  and  support  for  key   Implementation   strategies   and   support   for  key   strategic  initiatives   to  deliver   the   business   strategic   to  deliver  the  business   strategy  ainitiatives   nd  P&L  effectiveness strategy  and  P&L  effectiveness


Developing & aligning four levels of strategy

Every assignment is different

To be effective, each needs to be developed and aligned effectively

We flex and adapt to meet the needs of each client

We have a fundamental belief that the marketing strategy should be the servant of the brand strategy, which in turn must be a servant of the business strategy, which is a servant of the corporate aims. We help develop initiatives that deliver at each level of strategy, as well as ensuring alignment between each level for the board and functions.

Whilst there may be some similarities given the scale and maturity of the business, each has different challenges and different needs, therefore every assignment is unique and a ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not work. We flex and adapt to work with clients to deliver what they need; we don’t ask them to fit into a rigid consultancy model. An example client assignment may develop through the following process:



• Shareholder and enterprise value

Understanding the business is of course essential, in particular its history, culture, operating model, its position in, and the nature of the market, competitors, historic and recent P&L performance, current critical issues and the appetite for growth and risk.

• Corporate vision & long-term ambitions • M&A pre- /post- transaction • Commercial due diligence

Appraisal & Analysis Business • 1-3 year business planning • Growth through products & services, channels, sectors & countries

• Leadership team clarity & alignment

Brand • Position in the market relative to competitors • Proposition & differentiation • Rational and emotional benefits

Also as part of this process we would typically ask the leadership team to complete our proprietal strategy survey to help assess the current degree of alignment around the top table:

Options & Implications Developing, documenting and recommending the strategy options and operational, financial, resource, regulatory and sometimes business model implications, represents the significant part of many assignments with clients; taking into account the length of time available for the strategy to evolve, and the commercial and leadership objectives.



• Consumer needs, CRM & Insight

Arguably the easy part is to write the strategy, but it is often much more difficult to execute it and keep the daily work across all functions connected and driving it, especially over a long period of time. We work with clients to develop strategies, and we also help clients implement strategies that other consultancies have created. We effectively translate strategy into practical business plans and help drive necessary actions.

• Integrated multi-channels • Awareness, acquisition, cross-sales, retention & advocacy


Defining and assessing the specific challenges and opportunities to be addressed is central to any engagement, analysing relevant internal and external sources available.


How it all fits together

Benefits of working with Whitecap

Whitecap’s strategy development process

Tangible benefits from a structured approach to strategy

Whatever the motivation for the strategy review, we approach assignments with a structured but flexible methodology to deliver against client needs and drive for implementation. This can be a deep analytical assessment of the market and options, or a light touch approach.

As a result of our assignments, we are confident that clients can identify tangible benefits across various aspects of the business including: financial performance, customer and stakeholder engagement, business efficiency and organisational capacity all resulting from increased focus and clarity.

ŠWhitecap Consulting 2017



Examples of our recent work Financial Services and FinTech case studies Our senior team and associates have extensive experience across several market segments in financial services including banking, credit cards, invoice finance and lending. Recently we have supported P2P lending businesses.

Bibby Financial Services

The Mortgage Lender

BFS was established in the 1980’s and today provides specialist invoice and asset based finance to SME’s operating in 14 counties, with 19 offices in the UK.

Whitecap was brought in to support The Mortgage Lender’s launch as the senior outsourced marketing resource, responsible for market analysis, marketing and distribution strategy, product proposition and content development.

Whitecap was appointed to produce the 3-year international business strategy and operating plan.

“Richard worked in combination with another external financial consultant and our senior leadership team to develop the first Global Strategy for BFS. His style was inclusive, thoughtful and data driven. He enabled the team’s views to be heard, captured and synthesised into a document that our parent Board described as “the best plan in the Group”. The resultant strategy is now being implemented. David Postings, Global CEO, Bibby Financial Services

Whitecap worked with the founders from the start, supporting the formation of key elements of the strategy, including funding rounds, agency selection, customer communications and distribution partner engagement.

“With proven marketing expertise and a background in FCA authorised markets, Whitecap had the skills we needed to support our launch process and act as an extension of our core team. They played a fundamental role throughout the launch process, making sure that they fully understood what we needed and delivered the high quality output required.” Trevor Pothecary, CEO, The Mortgage Lender


We are heavily involved with a range of FinTech projects including P2P lending, events and Public/ Private partnerships.

FiNexus Lab


FiNexus Lab is a multistakeholder initiative that aims to build and fund a Leeds City Region based innovation laboratory and digital hub. The key strategic objectives for the FiNexus Lab are to leverage the UK’s global leadership in FinTech building a counter-balance to London, and to create innovative and integrated e-government, SMART City & HealthTech solutions as well as wide-ranging digital transformation skills and solutions.

UBMG is a diverse company based in Azerbaijan. Whitecap was appointed to help facilitate a strategy workshop to support UBMG in planning to launch the country’s first P2P lender. Subsequently, Whitecap was appointed to support the technology partner RFP process, including and evaluation of suppliers resources and capabilities.

“Whitecap has been involved in shaping the vision and strategy for an exciting addition to the digital landscape in the Leeds City Region, which will play a key role in the development of the digital Northern Powerhouse.” Dr Chris Sier, Director of FiNexus

“Establishing a new lending venture whilst at the same time creating a new sector the Azerbaijan financial services market meant we needed input from people with strategy development capability and specialist P2P lending experience. Whitecap was a perfect fit for our requirements and knew the key areas to prioritise and address. They have played a critical role in our progress to date.” Söhrab Farhadov, Head of FinTech, UBM Group


Examples of our recent work Technology case studies We work with several technology and fintech businesses at different stages of their development from pre-profit through to corporate clients.

Nostrum Group


Nostrum Group is a fast growing, award winning, FinTech company providing disruptive automated loan management software that enables finance companies to adopt a completely digital lending model.

Well established in international financial services, Unisys identified the requirement to evaluate and further develop its proposition in digital banking.

“Working with Whitecap has brought focus and clarity to our marketing and has delivered demonstrable results. At a time when we are experiencing major growth pressures we have found there have been significant benefits in using experienced and independent external resources to ensure our brand and marketing plans support and are not compromised by surges in demand for our services.” Richard Carter, CEO, Nostrum Group

Whitecap was asked to analyse and asses current and future needs in relation to FinTech and omni-channel banking. The output will help Unisys to establish themselves as the ‘go to’ provider in this market.

“Whitecap cut through a complex and disruptive market environment and delivered clear and actionable recommendations.” Adam Oldfield, EMEA Financial Services Sales Director, Unisys.

Whitecap has supported several companies with producing investment business cases to secure funding for growth.

Hedgehog Lab

Covenant Technologies

Hedgehog Lab is a professional services mobile software development company which has grown steadily over the last 3-5 years.

Covenant Technologies is a start-up operating in IT and app development, and desires to reach its next stage of growth by obtaining equity investment.

Hedgehog Lab brought Whitecap in to work with the senior management team and develop and document an investment business plan.

Whitecap was asked to support Covenant Technologies by clearly defining and articulating its investment proposition into an investment business case that effceitvely communicates its capabilities, objectives and strategy to potential investors.

“Whitecap was able to work with the senior team and align with the current and planned annual priorities. Their approach was pragmatic and hands-on and they worked proactively. They produced a high-quality plan in accordance with investor requirements.” Sarat Pediredla, CEO Hedgehog Lab

“Whitecap’s knowledge and expertise has been fundamental in producing a compelling investment business case for Covenant. They helped shape and refine our growth strategy and worked with us to produce a business story worthy of investment.” Rajender Kumar Noone, CEO Covenant Technologies



Examples of our recent work Retail and Consumer case studies Convenience retail is dynamic and fast moving sector as consumer shopping habits change. Whitecap has worked with well-known companies in this sector helping to develop and implement growth and customer facing strategies.

Costcutter Supermarkets Group

Ryman Stationery

Following a long-term partnership with Nisa, Costcutter decided to pursue an independent strategy requiring an overhaul of brand and marketing strategy, creation and launch of an own label brand and development of the marketing function.

Building on its retail estate across the UK, Ryman is rapidly developing an online sales channel. Ryman asked Whitecap to help develop a commercially focused CRM strategy to target customer segments in a way that integrated store and digital channels.

“Richard joined the company at the start of a full business transformation programme. He very quickly made an impact by being able to contribute strategically and at the same time providing tangible deliverables. He brought knowledge, capability and energy to the team in a very demanding situation.”

“Whitecap demonstrated practical expertise in marketing and CRM and provided clarity in helping us to identify and understand our different customer groups in detail. They developed specific interventions using both digital and in-store channels. From this, we now have a much more effective CRM programme.”

Darcy Willson-Rymer, CEO, Costcutter Supermarkets Group

Matthew Dashper-Hughes, COO, Ryman

Whitecap’s experience includes working to help several fast growing businesses to focus and grow. Increasingly these are companies that are reliant on effective digital marketing for customer engagement and distribution.

NKD Pizza


NKD Pizza is a takeaway and delivery franchise specializing in pizzas made with natural, healthier ingredients. Started in the USA, the business is now expanding globally. The owners of the business realised they needed a strong international brand and marketing programme.

Visualsoft is one of the UK’s leading ecommerce platform providers. Whitecap was brought in to assess digital and marketing performance through the lens of a key retail client, and identify areas where improvements could be made.

Whitecap was appointed to source a global agency partner, and then operated as an outsourced marketing function.

“Whitecap quickly understood our business and managed the process for us, keeping us up-to-date but minimising demands on our time. They worked efficiently, diligently and with strong communications throughout. They provided a mixture of external support and challenge that was highly valuable.”

“Our business has ambitious growth plans and we wanted to know how we could improve our service from a client perspective. Whitecap worked closely with us and our client to clearly identify where we could strengthen our relationship and put forward specific and actionable recommendations.” David Duke, Chief Marketing Officer, Visualsoft

Peter Beaumont, Managing Director, GSP Group



Our senior team Richard Coates MBA Managing Director

Founder of Whitecap, Richard has been strategy and marketing director for several businesses in different market sectors in the UK and internationally. His strategy development and implementation experience includes corporate strategy development, strategic partnerships, preparation for trade sales and IPOs. Richard has led numerous brand and transformational business and marketing strategies. Richard’s sector experience includes Financial Services, Retail, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Automotive, Petrol and Oil. Richard has an MBA from Leeds University Business School.


Yorkshire & North East team Gary Lumby MBE FCIBS Non-Executive Director

Julian Wells

Stefan Haase MSc



Formerly a director of Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks, Gary Lumby has a strong Non Executive director portfolio across Yorkshire and the North East, with a focus over the last 20 years on business growth and funding.

Julian is an experienced strategy and marketing director with proven commercial expertise across traditional and digital channels.

Stefan is a seasoned professional mixing commercial, product management and marketing experience in fast moving B2B environments.

He has held numerous high profile roles in his career and is a well known in the regional business community. Gary joined Whitecap as Non Executive Director in March 2015. His expertise helps guide us, providing an additional perspective as we grow; and helps us to network across the North.

In a career spanning 20 years, he has helped launch, build and enhance numerous business propositions that have made a significant P&L impact. Julian has worked for BCG, Nationwide, Merrill Lynch and HML, where he has helped drive major growth and commercial change initiatives. He has also worked with numerous fast-growing companies on a consulting basis ranging from start-ups to established corporates. Julian’s specialisms are B2B, Financial Services, Lending, Professional Services, Digital and Technology.

Driven by a passion to facilitate business strategy and growth and direct crossfunctional teams in innovative and growth-oriented business activity, Stefan is ideally placed to help medium and large sized business to achieve their growth potential. Widely recognised entrepreneurial skills in identifying new market opportunities especially within Fintech and the developments in this industry, streamlining marketing and business development activities, driving customerfacing programmes and generating innovative solutions to support a demanding B2B client base.


Yorkshire & North East team Ruth Irving MBA

David Crawford

Paul Slater MBA




Natasha Crump MBA

Tessa Birch MA

Omar Rahman




Ruth has more than 15 years’

David is an experienced and

Paul is a strategic change

experience in senior strategic marketing roles with a number of global consumer businesses including Britvic, PZ Cussons and Johnson & Johnson.

passionate digital marketing strategist having worked in digital for the last 15 years, with 10 years plus before that in traditional marketing communications.

specialist, a proven facilitator who helps organisations clarify their strategies and bring them to life. As a management consultant for more than 20 years, he guides organisations to make significant improvements by cutting through complexity and engaging people to make step-change improvements to their business.

Natasha has over 15 years of commercial and notfor-profit experience, both internationally and in the UK. Natasha has worked with large companies such as British Telecom and Infosys, as well as smaller organisations including 3a Telecom, N-Gage, and multiaward winning international recruitment firm, Amoria Bond (Ltd and GMbH).

Tessa has a consumerfocused mindset that brings brand planning, development and innovation expertise to Whitecap’s clients. She is able to resonate with consumers and deliver business targets, Tessa is also a highly experienced and creative facilitator, and has run marketing workshops for the likes of Nestle, Durex, HSBC and Seven Seas.

Omar has a strong track record of supporting business leaders through the provision of detailed business analysis and the development and implementation of practical, strategic business plans. He has spent time advising HNW and UHNW individuals in both the UK and the Middle East, providing multi-asset class investment solutions and wealth structuring advice.

Ruth’s broad experience enables her to support corporate strategy development and business planning to drive growth, whilst also applying her expertise in new product development. Recent assignments Ruth has tackled have included focused commercial due diligence and acquisition support, industry mapping and benchmarking, market evaluation, assessment and application to portfolio business opportunities, and the prioritisation of growth and business initiatives.


David brings true user centered design principles to a business and digital strategy. David has board level experience at major digital and integrated agencies – McCann Erickson, twentysix, BJL and Branded3. He’s had senior client digital responsibility at both national and international levels across many key sectors and clients - HSBC, American Airlines, Inchcape Motor Group, Bentley Motors and Procter & Gamble.

He has worked across several sectors but particularly within insurance, health and life sciences, manufacturing and energy and utilities.

Natasha has a strong track record of success and delivery. As a Transformation Programme Director at British Telecom, she influenced and shaped corporate strategy, and led numerous complex change programmes delivering sustainable business improvement and (£m) cost savings.


Yorkshire & North East team Barsa Ray MBA

Neil Guilder MA

Mark Chamberlain MSc




Barsa is a widely experienced

Neil is a strategic and

Mark has more than 10 years

due diligence and strategy consultant specialising in indepth interviews with experts, competitors and customers on M&A projects.

commercially focused finance professional with specific expertise in helping diverse private sector businesses to achieve further sustainable growth, organically and by acquisition. A Chartered Director and Chartered Management Accountant, Neil has a proven track record of operating successfully at senior management and Board level across a number of business sectors.

of director-level experience of designing and delivering Business Strategy, Marketing, Business Transformation and Organisational Development primarily in the Telecommunications and Health sectors. His broad experience ideally positions him to help businesses crystallise their strategic goals, build actionable plans and ensure they deliver them effectively.

She has successfully completed numerous transaction projects in sectors including Manufacturing & Engineering; Business Process Management; Consumer; and many others.

Judith Bruhn Mphil MA

Marie-Élise Loeche MSc

Jake Fox [MSc]



Graduate Consultant

Marie has a strong understanding of strategic B2B marketing, a field in which she has worked in the UK and internationally.

Jake joined Whitecap in 2016 after graduating with a BA Hons in Entrepreneurship and Management.

Judith is an experienced strategy and commercial due diligence adviser who helps her clients understand the European and Asian markets. Her background includes strategic work on M&A, market expansion and market insight in various sectors, including eCommerce, Healthcare, Public Sector and B2B events. She has extensive experience in commercial due diligence and market expansion, working with SMEs and PE firms. Her due diligence experience includes market analysis, including trends, regulatory framework and assessing opportunities, as well as competitive benchmarking.


Prior to joining Whitecap Marie as a marketing manager across various international markets. She also gained a thorough understanding of business strategy, research and analysis via a Master’s degree. Since joining Whitecap Marie has worked on a wide range of projects including supporting the B2B digital marketing plan rollout for a software business and project management for the global rebrand of a fast-food franchise business.

Since joining Whitecap, Jake has supported the team across a broad range of projects with a significant focus on insight, research and reports. His work to date includes supporting projects such as a strategic marketing review in the lending sector and a digital project in online retail. He has also been involved in Whitecap’s own marketing. Alongside his work with Whitecap, Jake is studying a part-time masters in Economics and Finance for Development.


North West team Luke Freeman MBA Director

Luke is a strategy specialist and independent consultant, with proven experience of transforming Business Models, Operating Models, and Commercial Performance. He is an experienced strategy & commercial leader with extensive background including development of: corporate and commercial strategy; target operating model; market evaluation; propositions; strategy & planning processes. Experience of building and leading teams in B2B & B2C, Financial Services and Technology sectors. Previous roles have included: Head of Strategy at Cooperative Bank; Head of Trading Group Propositions at Co-operative Bank; Head of Commercial at Sage UK.


Midlands & South team Catherine Barber-Brown

Lal Tawney MBA

Alison Stewart



Lal is a senior strategist and marketer with proven expertise across the education and financial services industries.

Alison is a highly skilled and passionate marketing specialist with over 20 years’ experience within the automotive industry. She has controlled multi-million pound budgets for many years and has demonstrated efficiencies and savings over this time.


Catherine is an experienced, creative and driven strategist and leader with over 20 years’ experience across strategy, change and capital raising, focused most recently on the mutual financial services sector and transformation of purpose-lead organisations. She has worked with multiple sectors including financial services, health tech, education, transport, telecoms and health. She enjoys creating answers to complex problems and bringing her skills to bear on new subjects, with a reputation for cutting through complexity to strategic issues and a collaborative and creative working style.

He has 25 years’ broad strategy, product and change management experience gained from working with a range of organisations including The Open University, British Council, London South Bank University, Barclays, Santander, and KPMG. In addition, he was part of the management team of a financial services start up. His specific recent experience includes international strategy development, customer journey design, operating model design, and organisational digital enablement.

Alison understands the value of data and through profiling and segmentation has driven retention and increased engagement in an increasingly competitive market place. She is a strategic and analytical thinker who uses sales and marketing metrics to deliver strategic solutions and business needs.


Some recent clients include

To find out more about Whitecap, please get in touch or visit our website at 24


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Š Whitecap Consulting Limited 2017 Company Number 8057237.

Whitecap brochure 2017  

Whitecap Consulting 2017 Brochure - Regional strategy and commercial consultancy. Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes.

Whitecap brochure 2017  

Whitecap Consulting 2017 Brochure - Regional strategy and commercial consultancy. Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes.