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New jailbreak method for ps3 for 2012 A Look back through the history of the PS3 jailbreaks The Playstation 3's Background is littered with old jailbreak solutions and fakes. There was several attempts to achieve a working Ps3 Jailbreak. BlueRay Java was the very first potential for an exploit. Sadly not a single thing could be discovered that allows you to run back-ups. Linux had been included with the PS3 during this time period with the arrival of otherOS. What this ensured would be solution to run tools to analyze the actual PS3 software A means was discovered of glitching the memory within the PS3 to view the hypervisor was discovered by geohot. News hit us that OFW 3.21 would remove otheros! What was first thought to be a bad april fools joke turned out to be real with the removal of otheros After this the PS3 scene slowed to a crawl then with very little to move it forward. Geohot claims he is leaving the scene due to getting the blame for the loss of other os. Around august from thin air a fresh PS3 Jailbreak dongle was announced. Such big news of course went viral and even hit the BBC new pages. News sites called fake on the video at first. but as extra information was released it became clear that this was indeed the real deal. Stores were inundated with preorders for the $100+ dongle. This meant it would be weeks until some people who had paid would receive their dongles Firmware 3.56 was quickly released by Sony with new Keys. The USB port would now only work with Sony approved devices. This simple move stopped the dongle dead in its tracks. As older games were now all able to be backed up they would need updates to the newer keys. Without a firmware spoofer it was not impossible to go online with PSN. And so it was fine for a while but with the Christmas releases getting nearer the future was uncertain. The most important game to cause real problems was GT5 The minimum firmware version for the game was 3.50 with jailbreak users stuck on 3.41. It wasn’t until nearly Christmas that a way was found to play it on CFW. Needless to say it turned out just after that same Christmas that failoverflow cracked the keys The fail in the key algorithm was public news by the following day with the console security apparently beaten. The first true PS3 “hello world” released by Geohot on 1st January this was quickly followed by the geohot jailbreak. By patching the key system it meant the ps3 could run homebrew and online gaming as well. Running backups on geohots jailbreak was hard to setup. One infamous CFW from Wanikoto caused many bricks but most went for the Keamw release. This was the golden age with full PSN access for CFW users. However of course this brings the cheats in and cheating got especially bad on MW2 and blackops. Meanwhile Sony were working behind the scenes to change things. The PSN account server was hacked during this time period by a mystery hacker. Credit card details were stolen from a possible 50 million users. When the hack is discovered Sony shut down PSN. Its over a month before the new PSN is open again. A new pass key sign on process now prevented CFW users from accessing PSN. As once more cfw users were locked to an older firmware. Newer games started to require higher versions.

Once more the PS3 scene began to go into limbo until a new dongle was released by true blue. Special DRM in the dongle meant you had to run specific versions of the game. How much this had to do with Paradox is unknown but they were to release the Eboots. Warez group Duplex were the first to release a whole load of PSN games which were previously encrypted wih newer keys. The exact method TureBlue were using to resign the Eboots could only be guessed at, then out of the blue someone leaked the 3.60 private public keys! This definitely marked another rise in activity on the ps3 scene. It didnt take long though until Duplex turned their attention to the TB dongle itself. Surprisingly, they succeeded and then started releasing tb free eboots. True Blue themselves released a statement that they would be updating the dongle and releasing 4.11 games. but this never came to light Is this the end of the trueblue dongle? A way has also been found to turn normal ps3 consoles into debug units. The great thing about a debug console is it can easily run any homebrew without the keys at all. This does have the downside that a debug console can never connect to PSN. The best way of course is to keep PSN and modify the latest firmware so Firmware 4.21 needs to be jailbroken. That way online gaming is kept as well as the ability to run the latest games. Also PSN access is not counted as full until you also can purchase items in the store.

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New jailbreak method for ps3 for 2012  

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