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Christmas word "R" Romans 1:4 The "R" discussion in Christmas will focus on resurrection and the righteousness of God and how man is made right with Him through Christ's atoning works.


R The resurrection established Jesus as God’s Son with power. Resurrection of Jesus Christ which is the Easter miracle validates Christ’s deity as the Son of God and is the heart of the Christian faith. Romans: 1:4 supports this and validates this belief. Christians, God is not simply God, but He is the God who raises the dead, (Romans 4:16-17; Ephesians 1:19-20; I Peter 1:21). More importantly, the Christian’s faith in the resurrection on Easter Sunday morning transforms the tragedy of Friday’s cross into the Gospel message of Christ---He is alive. “By virtue of His resurrection, our Savior entered upon His ministry as High Priest, presenting His own sacrificial blood to the Father, performing the functions of intercessions” (Romans 8:34 Zondervan’s Pictorial Bible Dictionary). Christ's resurrection bring into focus that all believers died with Him to sin and was raised with Him to a life of righteousness. Righteousness is the rightness of God's standards, by which all is measured (Isaiah 41:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21), which includes His justice and fairness. All believers are made right with God only through Him in Christ Jesus. In being made right with God, the spiritual divide that once existed is now restored and all who believe is no longer an enemy of God, but has been born into the family of God. Being in the family of God man now has the ability through the Holy Spirit to live according to God's commandments. If the question were raised, How can mankind match his life with that of God's commandments, His love and purpose? This is accomplished through man's (humanity) love for God and our relationship with Him. With the bridge of reconciliation now planted firmly in place, man can reciprocate God's love and obey His will in carrying out God's design purpose for each believer. As each believer lives the life of holiness the world can see the brightness of God's glory in us. Thank God that He raised His Son Jesus so that all who believe is raised to a life of righteousness and will live forever with Him-Christ.

Christmas "R"  
Christmas "R"  

Excerpts taken from the booklet title "The True Meaning of Christmas designed to highlight Christ in Christmas