Whitby School Parent & Student Handbook 2013-2014

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Communications Whitby is committed to open communication and maintaining an effective, efficient and friendly interchange of information throughout the school community. We strive for an open dialogue between parents, teachers and administration. Parents are encouraged to email teachers with questions or concerns or schedule a time to meet. The school communicates with the parents through a variety of print and electronic venues. We continue to seek to use electronic delivery of information as much as possible, both to reduce the use of paper and to more efficiently deliver the timely information parents need. For any question, concern or commendation, we ask that all parents follow the Communications Protocol to facilitate clear communication and find resolution to any matter. This protocol can be found on the Parent Veracross Portal and by clicking here.

Key Communications Key Communications include: MyWhitby Parent Portal (Veracross) A secure, personalized login provides classroom and student specific information including attendance, class schedule, homework, progress reports, school/athletic/birthday calendars, student/parent and faculty/staff directories, as well as school and teacher emailing capabilities and parent/teacher conference signup. WOW Windows on Our World is Whitby's weekly publication emailed every Friday morning. It provides a current calendar of upcoming campus events and other important information for parents. Please review WOW regularly as is contains a wealth of information. If you have any questions or comments regarding WOW or to submit announcements to WOW, please email John Palomaki, Director of Communications, at jpalomaki@whitbyschool.org. School Calendar Please regularly review the school calendar on the MyWhitby Parent Portal (Veracross) for key date/event information.

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