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a message

from the Head of School

Dear Parents and Friends of Whitby, For over half a century, Whitby School has provided a learning environment focused on innovation and excellence for children from 18 months to 13 years of age. These formative years are the most critical and captivating of a child’s educational journey. To families, both past and present, Whitby represents a community that has nurtured their children and provided an inspirational learning environment that enables their children to become independent, confident, life-long learners. This host of learners is now contributing or will contribute much to the community that they belong to, both locally and globally. Throughout Whitby’s journey, teachers, parents, grandparents and friends have worked together and shared numerous resources to make certain that the School has provided excellence for our children. Whitby’s unique curriculum, blending our Montessori roots with the highly regarded and rigorous International Baccalaureate Programs, provides each child with a personalized, inquiry-based, academically rich, global education that is unmatched in this region. With record enrollment and the first stages of an ambitious development plan unfolding, Whitby needs our community to come together to extend the legacy that Whitby’s founders so thoughtfully envisioned, toward a future that could not have been imagined when the School opened for its very first day. Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby is unprecedented in its scope and breadth. As students prepare for a world in constant transition and shrinking due to the rise of technology, we have been reimagining what ‘ready’ means for our students. This has inspired phenomenal curriculum development over the past few years. We now launch this Capital Campaign to rally our community behind our compelling and innovative education continuum. By providing the facilities and programs to fulfill our initiatives, we will position our students for an exciting future – a future in which they will successfully apply what they learn to a range of opportunities and challenges facing them in the decades to come. We invite you to join the many who have already supported us and to be part of the Reimagining Ready Capital Campaign. Our mission statement refers to “motivating our students to confidently take action as contributing members of a diverse global community”. I now ask you to take action to contribute to Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby in support of our mission. With your help, there are no limits to what we can achieve to ensure that our children’s educational journeys go beyond what can be imagined today. Best wishes,

Bryan Nixon Head of School | Parent, Classes of ’14, ’16, ‘18 3

Whitby School is thriving, with record enrollment and a renewed vision and vigor brought by Head of School Bryan Nixon. More families than ever are choosing Whitby to prepare their children to be Ready…for anything that comes their way. In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world, however, we must continually reimagine what Ready means for our children—now and in the next phases of their educational journeys and careers. This process also requires us to review, refine and reimagine our curricular and co-curricular programs to meet those needs and achieve the goals in our strategic plan…even as we begin to review the plan itself. Whitby’s ever-increasing enrollment and the continual curriculum enhancements now compel us to enhance our facilities. Whitby has embarked on a multi-phase campus improvement plan. The first stage of Phase 1 is complete: a four-classroom expansion, including a state-of-the-art Science Laboratory, an innovative Design Technology Lab and two new classrooms. The next step in this first phase is just beginning: enlarging and renovating our Gymnasium to transform it into a new Athletics Center. We invite you and all members of the Whitby community, past and present, to build on the legacy that 55 years of families have nurtured. We ask you to join our Leadership Donors in Whitby’s most ambitious—and already most successful—capital fundraising effort in our history:

There are no limits to what we can achieve to ensure that our children’s educational journeys go beyond what can be imagined today. Bryan Nixon Head of School Parent, Classes of ’14, ’16, ‘18



Just over 55 years ago, a group of Greenwich families imagined a school that would embrace a new style of teaching and learning in America based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori. In 1958, the first Whitby classes were held in a converted barn, as Whitby opened its doors as a day school for children between the ages of three and fourteen. Shortly thereafter, Whitby School became the birthplace of the American Montessori Society and led a revival of Montessori schools in the U.S. In 1960, the School moved to its current 25-acre location on Lake Avenue, and Founders Hall was built. Whitby’s facilities expanded in 2002 with the construction of Renaissance Hall to serve the increasing upper school student population. The rebuilding of the original Founders Hall and renovation of Caedmon Hall followed in 2008, providing Whitby with the distinctive, modern, light-filled architectural style that characterizes Whitby today.

For many families over many years, Whitby has been a beacon for childcentered education. We thank those in the past who bequeathed us this beautiful campus, and we stride forward with a renewed vision for inspiring our students as they become global citizens with no limits to what they can achieve. My family and I are proud to be a part of this learning community and to contribute to Reimagining Ready. With your participation in Whitby’s shared vision, our students will truly be ready for the many wonders and challenges they will experience in the years ahead. Bryan Nixon | Head of School

(pictured right with Siobhan ’14, Niamh ’18 and Ruari ’16)

Whitby continued its educational leadership in 2007 with the integration of the internationally pace-setting and highly regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Whitby received IB accreditation in spring 2010, becoming the one school in the United States accredited by both the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization. With IB as a foundation for all students, Whitby emphasizes the enduring success-driving values embodied in the IB Learner Profile. Whitby also stands out as the only school in the region with a prominent international focus, preparing students to become global citizens. Throughout its past, Whitby’s passionate and dedicated community of families joined together to provide the resources to build this school and achieve greater milestones for the noblest of missions: educating children to become intelligent, caring and active global citizens. Whitby now finds itself at another nexus. Today it is your turn to contribute, to take action as many before you have, to continue the vision and propel Whitby firmly into the next generation.


The Whitby Vision Statement Whitby School will be a recognized leader in twenty-first century education, offering its children a compelling path from the crucial early years through eighth grade, with exceptional programs and experiences to prepare students for success in higher education. Built on its Montessori foundation and the rigor of the International Baccalaureate program, Whitby’s child-centered and inquiry-based learning approach will foster a multi-cultural academic community enriched by dedicated teachers and involved parents, all working together in a nurturing campus environment to develop accomplished, confident global citizens. (November 2010) In 2010, Whitby’s Board of Trustees and its Strategic Planning Committee completed a comprehensive, community-wide strategic planning process to provide a vision for Whitby’s future. The past three years have seen incredible progress toward achieving the initiatives set out in the Whitby School Strategic Plan, including the hiring of Head of School Bryan Nixon. Together with his leadership team, Mr. Nixon brings vision and focus to enhancing learning at every level and engaging families, faculty and staff as a learning community with the common goal of becoming an education leader in the Greenwich area and beyond. Key initiatives include: • Ensuring that Whitby’s curriculum provides challenge and inspiration for our students. • Ensuring that Whitby’s co-curricular programs (based on activities outside of the regular school curriculum) provide a wide range of opportunities to complement and enhance student learning. • Ensuring that Whitby’s students are ready now and in their future. Whitby prepares students to be ready – ready for the next experience at Whitby, ready to confidently take on new challenges and ready for the globally-connected, complex and unpredictable world of their future. Ready, however, is not a steady state. We must continually reimagine ready, to anticipate what ready might mean not just next year, not just for our students’ Upper School years, but for their education beyond Whitby, beyond secondary school, and into their adult life.

To ensure this readiness, your financial support, and that of the entire community, is essential to develop our campus and make Whitby’s vision a reality.


building our future

Our campus Master Plan outlines three construction phases to ensure that Whitby becomes a center of excellence. Phase 1 is currently underway, and indeed the major part of that construction project is complete, with the second part of this phase slated to be complete by the end of 2014. The Reimagining Ready Capital Campaign focuses on securing at least $7 million in funding to complete Phase 1 of the Master Plan. Your help is needed to get us to our goal and make these plans a reality. Only with the participation of our entire community can we truly declare success in providing the learning environment that our children, our teachers and our programs deserve.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Program Excellence

Four New Classrooms Whitby opened a new 4-classroom extension of Renaissance Hall in November 2013, seamlessly blending into the current building while providing a platform for the future. As the Renaissance period in history saw amazing leaps in scientific and artistic thought, the Renaissance Hall extension allows Whitby’s progressive science and technology curricula to burst out into new spaces where the full potential of student inquiry can be unleashed. 9

building our future continued...

The Science Lab opens new avenues for exploration in multi-disciplinary science. Learning in science is about making keen observations, thinking, reasoning and expressing thoughts and ideas. It is about envisioning creative solutions and testing them through experimentation. We felt strongly that the room should support and inspire our students as inquiry-based learners. To this end, the science faculty visited over a dozen school science labs and did a tremendous amount of research. We incorporated the best features we could find and developed new features we needed to support our unique and powerful way we help students to learn about science.

tate-of-the-Art Science Laboratory S

Blake Glaeser

Upper School Science Teacher and Science Curriculum Coordinator

Whitby’s commitment to the sciences must be reflected in the space where our children learn. A new state-of-the-art Science Laboratory, opened in November 2013, consists of 1,200 square feet dedicated to inspiring students in scientific discovery. Built to high school standards, the new Science Lab includes five fixed lab stations with water and gas for exercises in life sciences, earth sciences and physical sciences. Even the floor and ceiling can accommodate student inquiry and exploration with the former’s yards-and-meters grid and the latter’s rigging for pulleys and weight-bearing equipment for physical experiments in mass and energy. The Science Lab includes a fully equipped experiment preparation room, a fume hood for work with odorous or noxious substances, flexible space for reflecting on experiments and scientific concepts, including an interactive whiteboard, and all of the essential safety equipment including shower and eyewash stations.


building our future continued...

I’m very excited and privileged to have been able to envision this new space for design thinking, something we believe is a very rare and intriguing program for middle school. Programs and facilities like this are more often associated with the most innovative high schools and universities. Design thinking gives students frameworks and tools for understanding design cycles and relationships, concepts that can apply to virtually any challenge they might face in their education and careers beyond Whitby. Leslie Perry

Design and Technology Teacher

Innovative Design Technology Laboratory The new Design Technology Lab enables the crossdisciplinary curriculum centered around the emerging concept of “design thinking�. Students conduct work in robotics, multimedia, programming and design as they learn about the systems and relationships involved in taking an idea from thought to concept to plan to product to evaluation and back. The Design Technology Lab features large wall-mounted touchscreen monitors, an interactive whiteboard, 3-D printers to help make plans and ideas tangible, and ample and flexible space for individuals and small groups to work and think alone or collaboratively. 12

Two Multi-Purpose Classrooms Two additional classrooms located on the ground floor accommodate the enrollment and curricular growth in Grades 3-8. One classroom houses the newly added Middle Elementary D classroom, meeting the needs of the increased number of students in grades 3 and 4. The second new classroom becomes home to Spanish classes. Teachers who had been carting materials from classroom to classroom throughout the school will now be able to create an invigorating and immersive learning environment for Spanish language and culture. The additional classroom spaces will increase instructional time by reducing transitions between classes. Each classroom also features functional patios for alternative teaching spaces.

This year our growing Middle Elementary section expanded to include a fourth classroom, ME-D. We are thrilled to be moving into a new gorgeous space that will truly let our students ‘spread their wings’ as they carry on with the exciting work of Whitby students: collaborating, inquiring, researching and creating. We can’t wait to see what the new space will inspire! Alyssa (Scheper) Smith

ME-D Teacher

Increased parking facilities Phase 1 also includes over 30 new additional parking spaces on campus. This provides parents and those volunteering in our daily programs with ease of parking for school events. The additional parking spaces also improve the safety and efficiency of our arrival and dismissal procedures for all students. Solar panels installed on the new classroom extension

Sustainability In all of our projects, we will continue to consider sustainability measures to make the new facilities long-lasting, energy efficient and healthy for our students and the environment. In fact, our fourth grade students, through their PYP Exhibition project, met with the architect to understand the buildings’ sustainability features and even suggest new initiatives. Very energy-efficient windows and solar tubes bring more natural light into the learning environment. Added insulation reduces heating and cooling needs. The trees removed to make space for the addition are milled to build benches and furniture, and we strive to use other sustainable materials. Rooftop solar panels will generate clean energy. 13

building our future continued...

Athletics Center Whitby has reimagined its Physical Education (PE) curriculum and re-energized its commitment to co-curricular activities through its expanded Whitby Enrichment and Co-Curricular Program (WECCP), electives and interscholastic athletics programs. The new and expanded programs now demand increased space and flexibility that only an enlarged Athletics Center can provide. The new PE curriculum focuses on gymnastics and creative movement, adventure challenges involving orienteering and rock climbing, games and sports and healthrelated fitness. The new program more thoroughly engages different types of learners and provides lasting life skills.

Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste... but so is a body! We wholeheartedly support every aspect of this Campaign, especially the new Athletics Center and what that means for Whitby’s Physical Education and Sports programs. We are excited that the new Center has been included in this phase to fulfill and strengthen the new PE curriculum and provide first class facilities for children to participate in sports. More students will be able to balance what is learned in the classroom with the important life lessons we believe are learned on the field. Adam Merzon

Parent, Classes of ’16 ‘19


We believe that physical exercise plays an important role in the balanced Whitby student experience. Athletic activities and sports provide an extension to the learning our students experience in Physical Education and significantly add to school spirit and parent involvement. The opportunities for playing team (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and tennis) and individual (cross country, personal conditioning and wellness,

and table tennis) sports promote sportsmanship, character building, cooperation and problem-solving skills across all grade levels. To achieve our fitness and co-curricular goals, Whitby needs additional and enlarged athletic facilities. The current gymnasium, which has not been meaningfully renovated since its construction over 30 years ago, will be expanded into an Athletics Center. With a 4,400 square foot addition, the Center will include two full-size basketball courts, a space for spectators, an 800 square foot dance and gymnastics

studio, an 800 square foot fitness center, a climbing wall along the full width of the gym, new locker rooms, coaches’ offices and increased storage for Physical Education equipment. The new Athletics Center will dramatically reduce the space- and weather-related restrictions currently placed on our Physical Education and our co-curricular programs. The renovated building will incorporate state-of-the-art environmentally sensitive building systems.

Proposed Lower Level Floor Plan

Proposed Upper Level Floor Plan


future master plan phases

Whitby’s determination to provide excellence will be reinforced in subsequent phases to further develop a learning environment that continues to challenge and inspire our students. The order in which we proceed with subsequent phases will be based on the support of our community and the evaluation of the impact of each completed phase on student learning.

As we enter this pivotal moment in Whitby School’ s history, we as parents have the privilege and the responsibility to write our chapter. Over half a century of families, friends and alumni have left a legacy for our children. Now it’s our turn to continue to ensure Whitby’s future – for our children and for the next generation. Whitby, as an independent school, enjoys the ability to design our students’ educational journey. Like all independent schools, we receive no state or federal aid and thus have to depend on tuition and the generosity of our parents, alumni, grandparents and friends to enhance and preserve this outstanding educational experience. I can’t think of a better investment and I hope you’ll agree.

Patricia with daughters Victoria ‘18 and Carolina ‘18 Rivera

Patricia Franklin | Board Chair

The Visual and Performing Arts

Student Learning Center

As many schools have had to reduce opportunities to participate in the arts due to budget issues, Whitby’s arts programs have become an expanding focal point for the vibrancy of school life. Recent additions to the Arts faculty in music, theatre and visual arts have brought a renewed focus on integrating arts within theme studies and promise to improve the quality of performances and exhibitions.

To complete the ambitious master plan, Whitby will construct a Student Learning Center that incorporates a new library and media center and a cafeteria. This Student Learning Center will be the heart of the campus, functioning as both a meeting point and a place of shared learning for the entire community. This Center will provide opportunities for students to learn in a comfortable space, supported by a multitude of library resources. The Student Learning Center will accommodate class, grade and school level gatherings to celebrate learning, increase collaboration and develop our feeling of community. Through sharing meals together and enjoying discussions beyond our classrooms, we will continue to nurture and strengthen the community that defines our uniqueness.

In this phase of the Master Plan, we expect to renovate the existing Caedmon Hall and potentially extend Caedmon Hall with the construction of a Visual and Performing Arts Center. These facilities will allow our students to immerse themselves in the Visual and Performing Arts and create public performance and exhibition spaces to equal and reflect the excellence in curriculum and learning underway there. The new arts facilities will include a real stage, enhanced lighting and sound, projection, seating, practice rooms, space for additional art equipment and much-needed work space and storage.


At each phase, we intend to unify Whitby’s campus by linking buildings and providing covered walkways to create the sense of a cohesive continuum that mirrors our curriculum program from Stepping Stones through Grade 8.

a message

from the Campaign Co-Chairs

“ We didn’t move to the U.S., or Connecticut, or Greenwich; we moved to Whitby. We moved to Whitby because Whitby moved us.” Ingrida Schaefer | Parent, Classes of ’16, ‘23

This is how our fellow parent, Ingrida Schaefer, characterized her experience here at Whitby. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Each day we marvel at our own children: their emerging values, ample learning, burgeoning friendships, critical thinking skills and happy demeanors. Though our children are all so different, each has been embraced and supported for who they are as individuals, and they have had teachers who could tailor the teaching to each child’s different learning styles. Susan Geraci, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Debbie Linnett

We are inspired by the constant desire for— and pursuit of—excellence in all aspects of our children’s education, particularly the commitment to lighting the passion that exists in every child’s heart for learning. We truly trust that Whitby maintains a constant pursuit on the part of the leadership, faculty and staff to ensure that Whitby is doing everything it can (every day) to best prepare our children with the essential skills they will need to thrive as contributing citizens today and in the world they will one day enter as adults. We appreciate that Whitby students are and will be global citizens, free to express their thoughts and values wherever they are in the world, and uniquely prepared to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. We feel so fortunate our children are a part of this vibrant and nurturing multicultural environment. We value being part of a community that dares to dream and imagine the future and what can be accomplished for our children. We are also grateful to those enlightened, determined and generous parents and friends before us who laid the foundation for today’s Whitby. Now it’s our turn to care for Whitby and help it grow to its fullest potential. Please join us in supporting Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby. This effort has moved us so much that we have joined the Leadership Team to ensure its success. We hope you, too, will feel moved to be part of this exciting opportunity. Susan Geraci | Trustee | Parent, Classes of ’19, ’21, ’23 Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg | Parent, Classes of ’15, ’16 Debbie Linnett | Trustee | Parent, Classes of ’20, ‘22


ways to give Head of School Bryan Nixon and the Board of Trustees invite you and the entire Whitby community to support our Campus Master Plan through Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby. Our commitment at this defining moment in our history will ensure that Whitby remains a leader in global education for the 21st century and continues to make our students ready for their future. There are many ways to support Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby. Parents, alumni and friends may choose to make a single gift or spread their contributions over a period of time. All gifts further our important mission and are deeply appreciated.

Our family supports the Capital Campaign because we believe that our children’s foundation for the future is being built today at Whitby. That foundation has a very strong base, but we as parents can act now to make it even stronger. The Capital Campaign’s support for improving both the academic and athletic settings is the perfect formula. We believe in the School’s leadership team and share its vision of making an already wonderful Whitby an even better place to learn, to play and to love. Ray Bartoszek Parent , Classes of ’23, ’24, ’26

Capital Campaign Giving Methods • C ash and Pledges – Gift commitments payable outright or over a period of time, usually three to five years. • Securities – Appreciated stock can provide tax advantages. The donor receives credit for the mean value on the date the stock is transferred. • Planned Gifts – This category represents a variety of vehicles including bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities, life insurance and others. • Matching Gifts – Some corporations match or multiply donations made by employees, and in some cases, retired employees. • Foundation – Depending on a foundation’s mission, it may support the Whitby mission. • Corporate – Internal philanthropic guidelines of private or public corporations may match the Whitby mission.

Naming Opportunities You may wish to honor a family name, pay tribute to a friend or commemorate someone who inspired you. Whitby School offers many permanent naming opportunities for facilities to those who make a substantial commitment to help us reach our Capital Campaign goal.

For more information on Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby, please contact Lynne Brum, Director of Institutional Advancement Whitby School 969 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06831 203.983.6632 | 18

We feel so fortunate our children are a part of this vibrant and nurturing multicultural environment. The Co-Chairs Reimagining Ready: The Campaign for Whitby

Whitby School 969 Lake Avenue Greenwich, CT 06831