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OUR CHILDREN A look to the future tells us in no uncertain terms that our children will face a very different world in the coming years. It calls on educators and parents to focus on developing students who are self-directed, innately curious and have the knowledge and confidence to find their way in the world. At Whitby, we meet this challenge head-on by creating an environment designed to develop vibrant, inquiring minds. With our innovative blend of Montessori (early years) and International Baccalaureate, we ready students with the world skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Whitby students don’t just see the world before them. They passionately engage it and change it. Welcome to Whitby.


Engaged in learning We believe that the most effective education engages students in a learning environment filled with opportunities and challenging experiences. This school has gone so far beyond just teaching me what I need to learn. It taught me to love learning and helped me to push myself further than I ever thought I could go. It slowly coaxed me out of my comfort zone and got me to stretch myself and broaden my horizons. — WHITBY


Someone once told me that happiness is like a lit candle; you can use its flame to light others. It’s spreading the happiness and knowing that in no way will it lessen your own flame of joy. And that’s one of the truest ways to describe the Whitby community. From the moment I stepped into the classroom, the happiness of the students pulled me in. — WHITBY


Inspired by discovery Children are born with dignity, a sense of pride and an inquisitive nature that spurs them to wonder about their world. When this innate drive is liberated, as it is with Whitby’s inquiry-based curriculum, children remarkably become both self-determined and community-minded. Our dedicated and highly experienced teachers gently and respectfully guide children forward without ever doing their thinking for them. Active learning is a major feature of the Whitby experience. Our students derive knowledge through inquiry, learning by discovering answers to their own questions as well as those posed by their teachers. Whitby is a place of learning and growing, where we can try new things and make new friends. It’s a warm, open community without judgement. Whitby takes normal, everyday kids and shows them how to shine.



Fearless achievers Our low student-to-faculty ratio meets children’s individual needs and aspirations as learners while allowing us to closely monitor their progress. From 18 months to 8th grade, Whitby students progressively build their thinking and learning skills, sense of social responsibility, and self-motivation. It’s no wonder two-thirds of our students qualify for the prestigious Johns Hopkins Talent Search and our graduates find success in both acceptance rates and achievement at highly competitive secondary schools. We strive to ensure that all graduates continue their education at a secondary school best suited to their strengths, interests and needs. After living in six different countries all over the world and going to school in each country, I now realize that Whitby is one of very few schools that has allowed me to be me. — WHITBY


WARM AND WELCOMING INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY Whitby prepares students to take responsibility as openminded, principled citizens in a global community. This plays out uniquely in our population: Whitby families and faculty come from more than 40 countries and speak more than 23 languages. Many parents choose Whitby expressly because it offers true multicultural diversity and because they are excited about cross-cultural learning from family to family and classmate to classmate. Starting with our youngest students, we further expand their culturally flexible minds with the introduction of Spanish, which for some students will be their third or fourth language. Language instruction intensifies as our students progress, so by graduation they are speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. When new families join the Whitby community of parents, students, faculty and staff, they become part of an internationally-aware culture that values friendship, compassion, involvement and service.

A BLEND OF TWO W EDUCATIONAL MONTESSORI METHOD Rooted in the child’s innate inclination to learn, Montessori’s activity-based methodologies are proven to develop independent learners from the earliest ages.

Whitby uniquely maintains accreditatio Society (early years) and the Internation In both philosophy and implementatio balanced, putting Whitby at the forefro

For our students, this blend promises th style, there will be a powerful connecti Montessori and IB, Whitby provides an environment that inspires students to t


on from both the American Montessori nal Baccalaureate (IB) through Grade 8. on, the two approaches are seamlessly ont of educational best practices.

hat, no matter the interest or learning ion in the classroom. Because of academically forward and challenging the highest levels of achievement.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE The internationally recognized IB program develops the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.





CHILDREN’S HOUSE Current research confirms that the first years of life are crucial in a child’s brain development. At this stage, children have the greatest capacity and appetite for learning, especially in language development and socialization. At Whitby, our entire program supports young children (and their families) as they begin the journey of becoming lifelong learners. The Children’s House is dedicated to educating our youngest learners. We implement our “Follow the Child” philosophy through our unique blend of Montessori and the IB Primary Years Program. In well-ordered, developmentally-appropriate classrooms, the guidance of certified, experienced and

caring teachers enables the children to become active and joyful learners. Children’s House is designed specifically to foster social and cognitive development and to lay the academic foundation for learning in practical life, sensorial experiences, math, language, social studies and science. Children become empowered at Whitby by taking initiative and ownership of their learning. They challenge themselves in a safe environment, learn, grow and persevere. PROGRAMS Stepping Stones Primary 1 Primary 2/Pre-K Primary 3/Kindergarten

18 months 3 years 4 years 5 years

LOWER SCHOOL In Whitby’s Lower School, children are taught in multi-age classes. Grades 1 and 2 comprise the Lower Elementary, and Grades 3 and 4 comprise the Middle Elementary. The IB Primary Years Program provides the framework for Whitby’s innovative curriculum, integrating the beliefs and values of Montessori philosophy. Students in the Lower School develop knowledge and understanding in the subject areas of language, mathematics, arts, science, social studies and personal, social and physical education. Teachers design units of inquiry that transcend traditional subject boundaries and engage students in purposeful, structured inquiry on concepts that have global significance.

For example, through the “How The World Works� unit, Lower School students investigate different forms of finite and renewable energy. Students consider applications to daily living, financial and environmental costs, as well as the transformation or conservation that may result from existing or future technologies.



As students engage in such units, they discover meaningful connections across subjects that enhance their learning. This approach to learning ensures that students develop skills and attitudes that form the basis for their future academic achievement.

LEVELS Lower Elementary Middle Elementary

Grades 1 & 2 Grades 3 & 4Â

UPPER SCHOOL In Grades 5-8, Whitby students fully embrace an academically rigorous IB curriculum called the Middle Years Program (MYP). Our Upper School provides a framework of academic challenge that encourages students to discover and understand global connections between traditional subjects and the real world. Explicit and purposeful use of technology enhances teaching and learning in the Upper School. Through our one-to-one laptop program, we develop proficient, critical and ethical users of technology. We provide cutting-edge resources to maximize a student’s learning experience. Close collaboration between teachers and students solidifies knowledge,

builds critical-thinking skills and encourages independence and selfconfidence. Understanding how critical pre-adolescent years are, our advisory program, media literacy courses, life skills curriculum and school counselor guide students through their social and emotional development. Whitby’s comprehensive secondary school program provides each student with a personalized school selection process that ensures they will find the “best fit” for their academic and personal goals. The program emphasizes interview skills, test preparation and admissions seminars, resulting in Whitby graduates attending and achieving success at a variety of highly selective secondary schools. Upper School

Grades 5–8



IN AND BEYOND THE CLASSROOM ENHANCING LEARNING Whitby enables a successful educational experience by providing programs that support the development of the whole child. • Strong commitment to World Languages beginning with our youngest learners • Integrated use of innovative technologies across the learning continuum • Health instruction coordinated with daily nutritious and organic snack offerings and natural outdoor play spaces • Counselor support for the social and emotional development of students • Individualized secondary school selection process • A culture of lifelong community service fostered through formal programs and partner organizations • Leadership opportunities and cultural immersion activities to promote global citizenship

CO-CURRICULAR PURSUITS Whitby students participate in a range of activities that enhance their physical, social and emotional development. • Dynamic athletics program fostering students’ interests and skills in both recreational and competitive interscholastic team sports • Vibrant, trans-disciplinary visual and performing arts program featuring cutting-edge theatre productions, musical ensembles and art exhibitions all linked to curriculum • Off-site learning experiences to augment classroom instruction, including field trips and international travel for older students • Enriching co-curricular electives, afterschool activities and summer programs ranging from creative writing and chess to golf and hiking

WHITBY SCHOOL AT A GLANCE • • • • • • • • • •

Founded in 1958 Over 440 students from 18 months to Grade 8 Diverse student body with 40 countries represented Recognized for our proven, exemplary academic program and highly trained, experienced staff Achieved high commendations in 2014 from the International Baccalaureate Organization Over 90% of Whitby graduates accepted at their first choice of high school State-of-the-art design tech and science labs Spanish taught beginning at 18 months Low student-faculty ratio Modern facilities on a beautiful 25-acre wooded campus

• Triple accredited: IB, AMS (early years), CAIS

IB LEARNER PROFILE Whitby students aspire to be: inquirers • knowledgeable • thinkers • communicators • principled • open-minded • caring • risk-takers • balanced • reflective


Whitby inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to take responsibility as an open-minded, principled citizen in a global community.

For more information or to schedule a private tour of our 25-acre wooded campus, contact our Admissions Office. 969 Lake Ave, Greenwich, CT 06831 | 203 302 3900 | admissions@whitbyschool.org