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Whitaker Ser vices Ltd are wholly owned subsidiar y of the Vision group of companies, specialising in the provision of accommodation textiles to government institutions throughout the UK & Ireland. Longstanding major contracts include the Ministr y of Defence , HMPS, NHS, univer sities and local authorities.

Our products have been developed and manufactured to achieve the British Standards for Flame Retardancy, along with performance in use. Whitaker Services Ltd, expertise has in some cases been instrumental in the development of products that are now used as the basis of Ministry of Defence standard accommodation textiles. Our research and development team is at the forefront of textile technologies, constantly working with our business partners to achieve not only the stringent fire protection requirements, but also longevity of products in high use and harsh environments. Whitaker Services Ltd are not just manufacturers of accommodation textiles, but as solution providers. We offer some of the UK’s largest accommodation customer’s solutions for the ever growing need to provide safe environments in protecting both people and buildings. Whitaker Services Ltd manufacturing capabilities offer clients a sustained and accountable supply chain. We can tailor make any design or function to the client’s requirements. We offer the reassurance of supply continuity and constant quality assurance monitoring, along with scheduled testing to all relevant British and International standards, using independent testing. We bring stability with long term pricing strategies, allowing our clients to confidently manage and plan their existing estates portfolio, giving them the confidence, without the need for constant revisit and negotiations. Whitaker Services Ltd have for many years been the solution leaders in policies surrounding the need for recycling and waste management. We offer clients a cradle to grave solution on products soon to be restricted from landfill. Our mattress renovation and recycling programmes give our clients the ability to fully conform to the green policies required within existing and planned legislation, which further reinforces the green credentials now required as part of our clients ISO standards. Building codes of practice are evermore stringent when it comes to fire prevention and fire control within internal areas. Buildings are required to have flame barriers built into walls, doors and ceilings, and lighting units fitted into ceiling voids requires the use of flame barrier hoods. Bedding and soft furnishings are in many cases the main source of ignition and many fires start and are propagated from these points.



Through association with our parent company Vision

Whitaker Ser vices Ltd operates a highly successful

Suppor t Ser vices, Whitaker Ser vices Ltd makes use of

defence , custodial, and facilities depar tment. This

global networ k resources, through our managed offices

depar tment was established as the specialist division in

that directly employ locally trained technicians on a sole

offering solutions to customer s, requiring high protection

and exclusive basis.

textile products in high risk and vulnerable environments. Our existing customer portfolio is testament to our unique ability to provide high performance solutions to a customer base that not only expects, but also demands, the highest levels of professionalism and integrity ensuring that their products, specifications and regulatory compliance is consistently met or exceeded through regular testing, performance reporting and technical development. Our portfolio of contracts and clients are:

Our coverage of production jurisdictions is organised into 8 hubs: • United Kingdom • Ireland • China • Hong Kong • India • Pakistan • UAE • USA Our UK activities are centred in offices in Blackburn and we have a 200, 000 Sq Ft dedicated flexible warehousing, based in Lancashire within easy access to major airports and the motorway networks. Sourcing and quality assurance across various overseas jurisdictions Vision provides Whitaker Services Ltd with a broad range of in-country sourcing, inspection, and export fulfilment services. Together we co-ordinate specific ranges on behalf of our customers with product manufactured in multiple jurisdictions, providing all necessary sampling and certification documentation. We are able to offer service providers the opportunity to out-source a range of selected sourcing and fulfilment services to a best-in-class specialist. We source exclusive product only from responsible manufacturers who comply with exacting standards, across the environmental, ethical and efficiency spectrums.

Testing and Compliance:

Affiliated to:

We work with our manufacturing partners international best practice, in terms of health and safety, general labour conditions, toxic emissions and Total Quality Management, and are regularly assessed by internal and third party auditors including Bureau Veritas, BRC and ISO.




Fire retardant bedding - compliant with the highest Fire Retardancy Standard of B.S.7175 Ignition Source 7. Offering high performance in a range of plain dye and printed: • • • • • • •

Flat sheets Fitted sheets Duvet covers Pillowcases Valances Mattress protectors Blankets

This can apply to any location ranging from a hotels, oil rigs, prisons, submarines, hall of residences and police custody suites. In fact anywhere when safety is of a high priority. Whitaker Services Ltd bedding is inherently fire retardant; this will not lose its properties, even after multiple washing as the fire retardancy stays permanently within the fabric.

100% Cotton Bed Linen Clean, crisp and fresh 100% cotton sheets are made from the highest quality ring spun yarns available, without any harmful chemicals or bleaching agents being added which could undermine the integrity and purity of the sheet. Our ring spun carded and combed 20s cotton range is easily identifiable because of a coloured thread in the selvedge will denote single, double, king or super king sheets. From our classic plain weave to our luxurious high thread percale bedding (up to 800 thread count), Whitaker Services Ltd offers cotton bed linen to satisfy all styles, demands and budgets. Whether you are a 5 Star luxury hotel, a bed & breakfast, a hospital or a Public Sector accommodation provider, Whitaker Services Ltd will have cotton bed linen that will satisfy your needs and expectations.

Duvets & Pillows Our very popular 100% hollowfibre polyester filled duvets and pillows are fire retardant to BS 5852 with a cotton outer, or BS 7175 Source 5 with a FlamsecuR treated outer. Our fully launderable duvets and cluster pillows are market-leading products engineered and developed in-house using high performance fillings. Duvets are available in various tog ratings and sizes. Specially developed products engineered to meet the needs of our military and prison contracts, were developed to provide unrivalled levels of fire protection and safety in areas with limited, restricted or no exit strategies, being combat ships, submarines, underground warfare bunkers, and detention cells. These products meet the highest Fire Retardancy Standard of B.S. 7175 Ignition Source 7. We also supply a range of wipe-clean duvet and pillows, and waterproof duvets and pillows. Where suitable, we have a range of hospitality duvets and pillows available with long lasting luxury natural goose and duck feathers and down. They provide warmth, comfort and even distribution of heat due to their pocket construction.




A large range of contract furniture that can withstand

Cur tains

the har shest of environments is on offer. Presented in

We design, manufacture and install a range of curtains in tradition and contemporary designs, from simple yet effective plains to intricate and elegant jacquard weaves. Our fabrics are a comprehensive mix of traditional and contemporary colours. All our fabrics are given the FlamsecuR seal of approval, you can be sure that all our curtains meet or exceed British FR Standards at all times and are independently tested and certified. (Certification available on request). These are available in various styles from pencil pleat through to anti ligature. Numerous hanging techniques are available, dependant upon the environment that the curtains are required for.

standard, styles and sizes, bespoke furniture is available on request. A • • • • •

small list of our offering available: Wardrobes • Dressers Draw units • Sideboards Bedside cabinets • TV cabinet Dressing tables/desks • Beds Top boxes • Soft seating

Mattresses/Beds Whitaker Services are able to supply free standing and built in contract beds and mattresses in numerous styles and sizes, suitable for all accommodation requirements and needs. We can tailor make a solution, to solve problems that you may have endured in the past with purchasing beds and mattresses. The introduction of the mattress renovation system, a unique service that reduces the cost and impact that disposing has on the environment. Standard Stocked Beds • Deep divan • Legged base • Draw divan base • Metal mesh Standard Stocked mattresses • Lindisfarne - 13.5g high performance breathable • Westgate - 13.5g standard stitchbond quilted • Armstrong - 13.5g PVC covering • Embleton - 13.5g stitchbond outer


Blinds Bespoke made to measure blinds are available in a variety of styles; we will measure, manufacture and install. • • • •

Roller Vertical Venetian Panel Glide

Tracks Tracks are available for curtains and voiles in made to measure sizes in a number of options: • • • • •

Hand drawn Corded Electrical Privacy Anti ligature

Installation and Measuring We are able to offer a measuring and installation service nationwide. All our teams are CRB checked and trained to work within challenging and vulnerable environments. Our teams take great pride in their work and are always willing to go that extra mile.




Bathroom/Washroom Textiles

Dining/Kitchen Textiles

We offer a comprehensive range of bathroom textiles at contract quality:

We have a large selection of cloths to solve your cleaning solutions:

• Towels - 360gsm to • Bathmats • Bath Robes • Shower Curtains -


700gsm, various colour options

100% Polyester waterproof, machine washable. Standard sizes: 180cmx180cm, 180cmx200cm. Standard Colours: Plain White, Satin Stripe and Blue. Bespoke sizes and styles on request.

• • • • • • •

Table Linen - There are two options readily available in 100% spun polyester and 100% mercerised cotton, in standard sizes, however we are able to offer bespoke sizes upon request. Kitchen cloths Glass cloths Oven cloths Tea towels Lens cloths Waiter cloths



Whitaker Ser vices Ltd wor k closely with our customer s,

Fire risk assessment-your legal responsibility

business par tner s and contracted institutions to ensure

The legal responsibility for ensuring compliance with fire safety and related legislation lies with the relevant company as the employing authority, where it is in control of a workplace or is the occupier of premises.

that they can fully comply with their legal responsibilities for the safety and protection of their guests, employees, militar y per sonnel and detainees.

Specific responsibilities may fall solely on the company or jointly with others in shared premises under the following (non-exhaustive) list of statutory provisions: • • • • • • •

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 Private Places of Entertainment (Licensing) Act 1967

Drapes and Curtains Domestic or private residential environments do not have any requirements for flame retardant performance. However all curtains used in Contract and Public sector properties are subject to flame retardant requirements. BS5867 Part 2 Type B Hotels, public buildings such as bars and restaurants including offices are required to meet the Fire Test BS5867 Part 2 Type B. This test uses a flame application on the face of the fabric for 15 seconds, both warp and weft directions are tested. A fabric will pass if the flame does not reach the edges of the 23x17cm test specimen and so long as there is no separation of flaming debris. Inherently FR fabrics are tested directly however flame retardant treated fabrics are subjected to durability using washing or dry cleaning (according to fabric manufacturers care instructions) BS5867 Part 2 Type C Hospital and Healthcare environments particularly cubicle curtains are obliged to meet BS 5867 Part 2 Type C, this test includes criteria for 50 wash cycles at thermal disinfection temperatures of 75ºC. This test determines a pass using both face and back flame application with multiple flame ignition times of 5, 15, 20 and 30 seconds. In addition to the flame spread criteria meaning no flame can reach the edges, to confirm with Type C any resultant after flaming must cease within 2.5 seconds. Marine - IMO Fabric testing regulations for the Marine industry is checked using IMO standards the curtain and drape test IMO A471 (xii) /A563 (14) is similar to the BS 5867. However the IMO also includes a flame application to the bottom edge of the fabric which is more severe than the face test. The flame application time of 5 seconds and 15 seconds and is applied to both the edge and the face of the specimen commanding that any resultant after flaming must cease within 2.5 seconds.



Upholstery There are specific regulations relating to upholstered furniture used in domestic environments. The regulations require a pass BS5852, Part 1 Cigarette and Match. The cigarette test (Ignition Source 0) maybe conducted over any grade of foam. The match test (Ignition Source 1) must be conducted over specific Non FR foam. Contract environment upholstery should be tested using the same test method BS5852 with increased ignition source 5 and 7 (Crib 5, Crib 7) BS7176 is often requested for upholstery fabrics – this is a performance standard using test method BS5852 Fabrics may be tested over Non-FR foam (Predictive testing) or a pre requested density CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) Foam (Direct testing) Performance Standard BS7176 Tested to method BS5852 Ignition Source 0 (Cigarette) and Source 1 (Match) for “Low Hazard” areas (Domestic and some private residential areas) Tested to method BS5852 Ignition Source 0, 1 and Source 5 (Crib 5) for “Medium Hazard” areas (General Contract: Pubs, Clubs and Hotels) Tested to method BS5852 Ignition Source 0, 1 and Source 7 (Crib 7) for “High Hazard” areas (Severe Contract: Prisons and some hospital areas) Marine – IMO A652 (16) The Marine industry requires testing to IMO test method, resolution A. 652 (16) this test uses a 20 second match flame application over Non-FR foam. must cease within 5 seconds. Beds and Bedding There are two standards that must be considered for contract beds and bedding. BS7175 – For Bedcovers This test does not provide any classifications for typical end uses, but does use cigarette, match and crib ignition sources which may be employed to satisfy a level of safety based on the risk assessment. BS7177 – For mattresses and Bed Bases Classification standard tested against the following criteria: • Low Hazard - Ignition Sources 0 (cigarette) and 1 (match) • Medium Hazard - Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 5 (Crib 5) • High Hazard - Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 7 (Crib 7)




Frequently Asked Questions Fire Retardant Process FlamsecuR is our branded fire retardant label, the chemical (Aflammit SAP) is used on all our in house treated Fire retardant fabrics, this is applied via our manufacturing plant and is independently tested to ensure that fabrics meet the required standards. What is the Aflammit SAP process? Aflammit SAP chemical is used to impart a durable flame retardant treatment to cotton and other cellulosic fibres and blends. Durability is achieved by the formation of a cross-linked inert polymer within the fibre. Because there is no chemical reaction with the fibre the physical properties of the base fabrics are largely unaffected. The Afflammit SAP process is used only by textile finishers licensed by Thor and is usually applied to bulk fabrics before making up. The process is equally successful when applied to woven or knitted fabrics which may have a wide variety of weights and constructions. Where are Aflammit SAP fabrics used? The earliest application of Aflammit SAP treated cotton fabrics was in children’s nightwear. Since then the use of Aflammit SAP fabrics has broadened. Today Aflammit SAP treated fabrics are used in protective clothing for a wide range of industrial, military and civil applications as well as bedding and furnishings in hotels, public buildings and institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes. The use of Aflammit SAP fabrics in domestic furnishings is also on the increase. Nowadays Aflammit SAP treated fabrics are used throughout the world wherever there is a risk of fire. How are Aflammit SAP treated fabrics affected by flame? Aflammit SAP treated fabrics decompose under the influence of a flame to form a localized insulating char which stays in place and helps to protect the wearer or acts as a barrier in other applications. Aflammit SAP treated fabrics do not smoulder, have no afterglow and flame does not spread outside the charred area, unlike some other flame retardant systems. Aflammit SAP treated fabrics do not melt away to form a hole through which the flame can penetrate nor do they form a hot sticky residue which can adhere to the skin of the wearer.

Mattress Case Study formulations containing sodium perborate should be used with care. The Aflammit SAP label, which is attached to all articles made from Aflammit SAP treated fabrics, quality controlled and certificated by THOR UK gives basic advice on fabric care. More detailed laundering instructions are available from the Technical Service Department of Thor UK. What happens if Aflammit SAP treated fabrics are washed with soap rather than detergent? In hard water there is a build-up of flammable calcium soap deposits that may mask the flameretardant properties of the fabric. These deposits can often be removed in commercial laundering by a weak acid rinse using acetic acid followed by neutralization. For domestic washing synthetic detergents must be used. Most products found on today’s supermarket shelves are formulated with synthetic detergents and not soap but in cases of doubt contact Thor UK Technical Service Department.

The problem

What is the effect of bleach on Aflammit SAP treated fabrics? Hypochlorite bleach must not be used; it chemically attacks the Aflammit SAP finish and reduces the flame-retardant properties of the fabric. A single accidental application of dilute hypochlorite bleach is unlikely to destroy the flame Retardancy. Dilute hydrogen peroxide bleaches may be used for stain removal provided bleaching is not carried out on every laundering cycle. Sodium perborate when present in high concentrations in detergent formulations may also cause a gradual deterioration in fabric flameretardant performance especially if washing is carried out at high temperatures.

The company were buying contract mattresses on a wholesale basis; however this buying process was purely price driven. The result being that the manufacturers were effectively reducing the comfort levels within the mattress and using poor quality fillings and outer cover materials to secure the business and achieve a profit. The mattresses were wearing out due the fact that the poor quality meant that the users were restless whilst sleeping and causing excessive wear on the mattresses, both breaking down and spreading the internal fillings causing the spring unit to be felt through the outer cover; subsequently the outer cover wore through. In light of this the facilities management company were receiving high levels of customer complaints and this created a further burden on resources.

Do biological stains have an effect on Afflammit SAP treated fabrics? Biological staining has no effect on the flameretardant performance of Aflammit SAP treated fabric. Stains can be removed in the normal way by pre soaking with biologically active detergent formulations, washing and the occasional use of dilute hydrogen peroxide bleach.

What combustion products are given off? Chemical analysis of the combustion products of Aflammit SAP treated fabrics has shown the components are not significantly different from those produced by the combustion of untreated cotton fabrics.

Can Afflammit SAP treated fabrics be boiled? Aflammit SAP treated cotton may be boiled although boiling should not be necessary for cleansing or disinfection if the correct laundering procedures are followed. The Aflammit SAP flame retardant finish does not affect the natural properties of cotton fabrics and wash temperatures appropriate for cotton should be selected to avoid excessive shrinkage or shade change.

Are the flame retardant properties affected by laundering? The flame retardant properties will be retained for the useful life of any article made from Aflammit SAP treated fabrics provided recommended wet laundering or dry cleaning procedures are followed. Soap powders, as opposed to synthetic detergents, should be avoided and hypochlorite bleach should not be used. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches and detergent

Can Afflammit SAP treated fabrics be dry-cleaned? The flame retardant properties of Aflammit SAP treated fabrics are unaffected by commercial dry cleaning solvents. It is important that the dry cleaning process is effective in removing all contaminants. Inefficient dry cleaning may lead to a build-up of deposits, which could mask the flame-retardant properties of the fabrics. However experience has shown an occasional wet laundering will alleviate this problem.


We were approached by a major facilities management company catering for the needs of over 2000 people, their problem was that the mattresses they were buying were only lasting 18-24 months and given that the product was classed as a capital expenditure this was having a major impact on costs affecting both administration and logistics. We undertook a survey of their estates stock and provided a full report. The Study

The corrective action The action plan was to conduct a mattress renovation programme in batches of 50 units, we identified the worst affected 1st batch and immediately replaced these with a better and more suitable quality mattress costing about 25% more than the original. The 50 units we removed were taken to our renovation plant stripped of all coverings, the spring units were retained and recovered to a standard more suitable to the environment that they were being used in. This batch of renovated units became the swap out stock to perpetually renovate the whole 2000 units. The results Mattresses now in normal use last up to three times longer. The financial results showed that this saved £76k every two years on new replacement units, by renovating the mattresses rather than renewing mattress costs are reduced by a further 35%. These figures are purely product based and do not take into account finances saved on administration time, logistics or disposal of old units. Legislation soon to be implemented will restrict discarded mattresses from landfill; old discarded mattresses will have to be de-constructed by licensed contractors, charges for this service range from £8 to £15. 00 per unit. Whitakers renovation programme totally removes the need for this service as the disposal element is removed.



Cur tains & Blinds Case Study

We were approached by the Defence Training Academy who has 279 detached and semi detached houses, which were three, four and five bedroom. There was a requirement for 1530 pairs of blackout curtains for the living and bedroom areas. 1470 roller blinds for bathroom and associated areas. An appointment system was designed and put in place for site surveys and installation to take place. The estimators conducted a full site survey prior to the curtains and blinds being manufactured, enabling a full risk assessment, method statement and plan of works to be conducted. The installation team used an equivalent appointment system to that used by the estimators; this was to overcome many of the houses being fully occupied. Sensitivity was required to overcome any cultural issues that may have arisen from the occupants of the dwellings, ensuring that all the teams were adequately equipped with the necessary components to fulfil the tasks. All houses were signed off by the individual occupants of the properties; this was conducted using a pre approved worksheet. The entire project was only signed off once all houses had signed worksheets. “You and your team worked seamlessly with the customer. Due to the nature of the project, specific appointments had to be made for each house. These were all kept to without exception. Your fitting teams were courteous at all times, and the fact that on more than one occasion they were invited to lunch by the occupiers of the houses speaks for itself. Furthermore, having accommodated the fitting team in MOD property, I was very pleased with the manner it was handed back. A job very well done and I would, without hesitation, consider using you and your company again for future projects� Jamie Woods (Commercial Director) Hog Furnishings Ltd.

To find out more, please contact one of our Defence & Custodial team: t: 0845 194 8664 e: sales@whitaker ser Or visit our website: www.whitaker ser We look forward to hearing from you. 18


Whitaker Services Ltd. Darwen House, Walker Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2QE 0845 194 8664

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