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Tattoos on the Unexpeced

Winston Churchill Former Prime Minister and Nobel Prize Winner had a tattoo of a ship’s achor on his right arm. This is most likely due to his affiliation with the Royal Navy.

1 It’s always interesting to learn things about celebrities and politicians that we may never have otherwise guessed. Whether it’s a vice they have such as drugs, alcohol, or even just cigarettes might surprise us. Tattoos are in the same category, something fairly common we might not expect.

2 Past Ideals and Uses In centuries past, tattoos held negative associations. Many cultures used tattoos in ritualistic practices or punishment. In ancient Greece and Rome, slaves were branded with tattoos for identification of ownership. Also, during this time voluntary tattooing was linked to barbarians. Eventually, people were marked for their placement in society.

Caroline Kennedy U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and the only living child of late President J.F. Kennedy, Caroline got a butterfly tattooed on the inside of her right elbow. Her brother and cousin dared her to get one after a late night in Hong Kong.

3 Our Society and Viewpoints In our culture, tattoos have had multiple purposes. Presently, tattoos are used as form of expression and art; we are the canvases. There are many people in Hollywood that have multiple tattoos. Rock stars are ideally connected with tattoos, as are young actors and actresses. Below are four prime examples of powerful people who have a tattoo, most of which you probably wouldn’t expect to have one.

Julia Roberts One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” eleven times, Julia has a lower back tattoo of her children’s names.

4 Hope for the Future What used to be a stigma attached to getting ink is recently fading because of the popularity. Models with tattoos are even getting hired more often by fashion companies, and those tattoos aren’t always edited out of the photo. It is becoming less of a difficulty landing a job just because of a tattoo. More companies are looking past differences and embracing diversity among employees. Today, one in five U.S. citizens have a tattoo. And so the stigma fades away.

Sir Sean Connery Academy Award winner and knighed by Queen Elizabeth II in 2011, Sean has two tattoos on his arm. One says “Mum and Dad” and the other “Scotland Forever“. Both of these represent his passion for family and national roots