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National Hot Rods are back after the winter break

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Peugeot 205 History—Part 2

Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 1

March is when the short oval racing season gets into full swing especially the National Hot Rods starting at Northampton. Alongside those early reports this edition also covers the second part of the Peugeot 205 history that again has great input from former drivers.

Paul Ballard

COVER SHOOT: Hot Rods lining up in the pits at Northampton INSIDE COVER: The only time National Hot Rods raced at Aldershot in 2010

2 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4




OPPOSITE: National Hot Rods4at the 2011 Spedeweekend. Classic Hot Rods 2012 Peter Ballard photo


Wimbledon reports

FRONT COVER (top to bottom) 6 Keith Duke 2L photo. English Championship 4 News and Reports 1—Ricky Hunn at Arena Essex. 2—Daz Owen’s rental Classic Hot Rod. Daz Owen photo. 8 The history of the 205 Hot Rod Fords update 3—New English Champion Paul Wright

Northampton NHR WQR 10 New to the team Serious overseas contender Ipswich NHR WQR 11 CONTRIBUTORS: Peter Ballard (photos)

14 Peugeot 205 History (Part 2)

Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 3

News and Reports 10th March FORDS update Fundraising update Over the quiet season we have just a couple of items to report thanks to Mendips for their Dinner Dance raffle in aid of FORDS; also to Nutts Corner Oval starting the year with a collection for us. We'd also like to thank the Bears Banger Team collectable button badges are on sale featuring every team member priced at £1.49 with 50 pence being donated direct to FORDS.

contact Manuela on 0117 3851540 / 07870 383096 for a friendly chat. Analysis of injuries - the how and the what

We have tried to keep figures simple while drawing meaningful data from them. It should be noted that a sample of 19 claims can only be regarded as an indicator - next year's figures will be more meaningful and we know that many injured drivers did not claim. Injuries we consider serious are potentially life-changing; Help with fundraising this includes all head or spinal injury and internal organ damWe're looking to recruit some age. Broken limbs are considmore regional helpers urgently ered relatively minor although to help organise events, generate local sponsorship and coordi- not all are straightforward and nate fundraisers on the day. Ar- some need surgery and may result in a long recovery period. eas to cover are: South-East; Anglia; Midlands; and North. There are no set boundaries but In considering the type of impact any help will be a big help to us causing injuries we have broken this down into forward and side- no more than 5 tracks, one event each, full support from our ways; sideways includes a knock or spin, forward includes (mainly Secretary including training. National Bangers) following in, You'll get free entry but we do expect you to work for it! Please jacking trains and head-ons 4 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

11th March Northampton - National Hot Rods - WQ Round what counts is whether the force on the driver is forward or sideways. Impacts are classed as major, eg full in the door or followed in, or minor, eg caught between another car and the barrier. It is not our place to speculate on whether an incident was deliberate or accidental. Claims to date · The total paid to date is 19 claims of which 2 are ongoing, receiving a total of £10,515 · 3 of the 19 claims were from non-contact formulae · 5 of the 19 claims were for serious injuries This year we will be collecting a lot more data. Drivers please help us to get these figures if you are unlucky enough to be injured this year. Even if you don't wish to claim, if you could help us with this research it will help us to help you in the long term. There will also be a followup call after a claim has ended to evaluate the way claims are handled and the longer term impact of injuries.

After the winter break the English series resumed with World Champion and points leader 911 Malcolm Blackman heading the entry as the season embarks on the second half road to Ipswich. 32 drivers arrived chasing the 20 available positions, though 482 Jason Cooper (20th going into this round) was not present after previously leading the points. On the new car front, former Stock Rodder 316 Paul Frost started his National Hot Rod career in a Tigra. Also out in new Tigra’s were 72 Willie Hardie and 348 Shane Brereton who raced briefly last year in his old Corrado. 278 Colin Gomm raced the exPolley Tigra for the first time. 162 Car Waller-Barratt was still racing his 206cc but now repainted in red. Both the Hunn cars now in classic Ricky Hunn colours of yellow with red bumpers. Heat 1 734 Ralph Sanders led off the race with Brereton. Brereton tried the outside line but this alIssue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 5

lowed 39 Terry Hunn to move up to second place. This trio became four when 339 Danny Hunn closed in, both Hunn cars tried the outside line but this allowed Brereton back to second place. 130 Andy Lane moved in for a top 5 group and 10 Sam Holland spun out of sixth place. The two Hunn cars clashed going into turn 3 which put D Hunn into the wall (although was still able to continue), from the back 303 Matt Simpson and 209 Kym Weaver were closing in quick. Simpson was only able to move beyond Lane but it was a sign of things to come from him during this meeting. Lane finished fourth but this position would be later removed. Res: 734, 348, 303, 209, 39 (x2), 116, 339, 60, 174, 278

track and he crashed into the infield banking. Running in sixth place 67 David Brooks (who had been one of the quickest cars on track) had a big lock-up going into turn one and that resulted in a yellow flag.

The race resumed with Sanders leading 74 James O’Shea and Holland. Lane moved to the outside of 780 Mike Loosemore which enabled 491 Colin Smith on his inside. Smith moved up to second place with Simpson tracking his moves. With 3 to go Smith and Simpson were on the back bumper of Sanders, heading onto the back straight Smith clipped the inside kerb which put the car offline and forcing him to the outside. Smith took to the outside of Sanders and cleared him quickly with Simpson beHeat 2 hind. The next lap Simpson barged inside Smith to put in Sanders turned pole into another front for the final lap of the race. lead with 152 Shaun Taylor on the outside. Taylor was bumped Simpson was duly docked two sideways on turn 4, heading places while Smith was handed down the home straight Lane the win. Whilst on the control pushed 27 Mikey Godfrey off the car Smith commented on his im6 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

provement being due to a new engine and gearbox thanks to his sponsors (next time Colin mention those people/ companies!!). This was short lived as he failed a tyre check due to not logging them correctly which resulted in a load-up. Lane was also loaded-up for retaliation. Res: 734, 74, 303 (x-2), 115, 14, 10, 72, 155, 780, 219

Rods around Northampton normally ends in carnage and Godfrey was sent out spinning on turn 4 and Weaver on turn 2 at the start. The cars was able to move around the outside of the Weaver machine but unable to move the yellows were brought out after a few laps. Sanders had been leading with Taylor behind, his attempts at an outside move saw him slide into the Heat 3 wide when he outbraked at turn 3. The top three of Sanders, The quietest of all the heats Tay- Brereton and T Hunn edged clear lor turned pole position into his of the pack but Simpson was flyfirst win in the class. The only ing from the back and easily significant movement being 60 moved around the outside of all Mark Paffey who charged around 3 as they hugged the inside line. the outside for third place. Res: 152, 74, 60, 348, 39, 27, Simpson’s drive showed one of 555, 162, 116, 115 the highlights of hot rod racing however the main pack got Final themselves into a muddle with D Hunn, Holland and Loosemore all Before the final race of the day facing the wrong way and started there was a minute sistranded on the straights and lence for photographer Dave 116 Steve Burrows in the wall. 'Smiffyman' Smith who had passed away during the week. Res: 303, 734, 348, 39, 95, 72, 115, 31, 911, 60 A bigger field of National Hot Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 7

14th March New to the Team! Spedeworth Motorsports is delighted to introduce the latest member our team. Mark Butler has joined us to head up our Sales & Marketing division and has already made a positive contribution by helping to secure Sky TV coverage of the National Hot Rod World Final - as well as securing a number of new sponsorship deals. Mark has also secured a major sponsor for the National Hot Rod World Final as well as the majority of the remaining races at Spedeweekend - opportunities do still exist to become involved but these are going fast! Mark has been a fan of short oval racing for many years and is also an example of the many family connections in our sport as Mark is the brother of one of our Managing Directors Janet Wood.

do not hesitate to contact Mark on 01252 322920 or email

Mark has highlighted a number of exciting and unusual sponsorship opportunities and there is something in our remit to suit every business. So if you would like to become involved with Spedeworth Motorsports please

Of course, such a huge logistical operation could not become a reality without the support of a number of generous sponsors. On behalf of Neville, we would like to thank the following companies for their support:

8 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

18th March Serious overseas contender Current South African Hot Rod Champion Neville Loosemore (racing under #11) will be racing a brand new Spedeworth Fabrications car at this year's Spedeweekend at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich (IP4 5TL) and the combination of Neville's experience and a state of the art racing machine should make him a serious contender when the green flag drops on the World Championship Final - possibly the first genuine SA contender since Jesse Huggett.

· Anderson Race Engines · Quaife · Tran-X · Image Wheels · Six-O Signs · Paint Dynamix · Questmead-AP (TBC) · Corbeau Seats (TBC) · Security Fencing (South Africa) · Spedeworth Motorsports/ Spedeworth Fabrications

It is great to see drivers coming from other nations making this a genuine World Final. Don't miss all the action at short oval motorsport's biggest racing weekend. Thanks to the Spedeworth

Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 9

31st March Ipswich - National Hot Rods WQ Round 11 Although the days running up the meeting has posed the possible problem of no fuel, all the booked in drivers arrived for a big 34 car entry including overseas drivers 66 John V.D Bosch and 467 Winnie Holtmanns; plus Irish duo of 874 Steven O’Shea and father 74 James O’Shea. Making his debut after a year racing Slick Cars was 44 Dave Garrett in the ex-Gomm 206. Garrett had previously raced in the 2 Litre Hot Rods and last year had raced the ex-Gomm Colt.

and moved ahead once the leaders had to navigate past Garrett. Taylor had 734 Ralph Sanders and 339 Danny Hunn following his every move but none attempted any challenge on him, in the last few laps 10 Sam Holland went spinning out of fourth place and onto the shale track.

The battle for the points championship between 911 Malcolm Blackman and 303 Matt Simpson (who was now leading the points chase now by 4 points going into this round) was taking place half a lap back but two sets of eyes were required for this race. Simpson had taken the early upHeat 1 per hand, but whilst battling with 72 Willie Hardie, Blackman Starting at the front this time moved past though the pair was 160 Frank West and made an early lead. 152 Shaun Taylor spent most the race behind 27 was inside him before West spun Mikey Godfrey. Res: 152, 339, 209, 162, 31, out on turn 4. A few laps later 174, 92, 74, 116, 911 348 Shane Brereton did the same thing, unlike West who was resting up against the fence Heat 2 he spun the car around infront of 67 David Brooks turned his front leader Taylor. Taylor swung around the outside but Brereton row start into a lead. Brooks was didn’t want to be put a lap down past the backmarking 874 Ste10 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

ven O’Shea quite easily but the bigger pack behind struggled with the slower driver. O’Shea was able to keep a clean tight inside line. 780 Mike Loosemore was the first in trouble when he was bumped aside through turns 3 and 4. 209 Kym Weaver tagged the back of O’Shea and sent the slower Fiesta into the wall – he did pick a black cross for this. Whilst these few chaotic laps happened leader Brooks had pulled off to end his night. This put Sanders into the lead with James O’Shea and 555 Gavin Taber now behind. Godfrey had another race finishing the wrong way, this time the incident slowed down 174 Jason Kew but yet again the field appeared to straighten up. Going into the final few laps Weaver put himself inside Taber for fourth place who fell back on the outside line. Simpson had by now made good progress and with Taber out wide took 6th on the road, this however was to become 4th place. On the final lap with the compe-

tition out of sight J O’Shea tried the outside of Sanders and was able to get half way alongside when the chequers fell. Sanders though failed the weigh-in and lost this win and the second from the previous heat. Res: 74, 10, 95, 303, 209 (x-2), 278, 115, 555, 100, 72 Heat 3 Taylor lead off from pole position. There was an early spin for 92 Jack Blood who was collected by 60 Mark Paffey. Paffey half spun on turn 4 which blocked the progress of 162 Carl WallerBarrett and 348 Shane Brereton. Paffey retired while the other two continued. Waller-Barrett re -joined into front of Taylor as a repeat of heat 1 but pulled clear of the leader. Eyes were glued to S O’Shea as the pack built up behind him, 39 Terry Hunn didn’t move past instantly and 780 Mike Loosemore had the chance to steal third place. Loosemore didn’t capitalise and started loosing places. From the back the only driver making any real Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 11

progress was 115 Chris Haird; Blackman and 14 Phil Spinks spent too much time behind 155 Lee Pepper. Haird was able to nick fourth place from 278 Colin Gomm on the final lap, at the front Taber stayed behind Taylor who took win number two of the night. Res: 152, 555, 39, 115, 278, 95, 31, 100, 911, 780

es in front of Simpson and that was soon the length of the straight.

Weaving in and out of traffic there was a real lack of blue flags for Taber and T Hunn was able to close up. Behind those S O’Shea was once again sorting out the drivers that could pass and those that couldn’t. Weaver crashed into the back of him Final with 4 to run and that put 339 Danny Hunn into the wall as Things got messy as the green well. As the final few laps ticked dropped with 116 Steve Burrows past Taber sat behind 4 backand 27 Mikey Godfrey making markers and T Hunn was able to poor starts from the second move on his back bumper as the block. 100 Dick Burtenshaw got final lap board became replaced caught and was parked up by by the chequered flag. the next corner. At the front Taylor wasn’t making it hard for Although a damaging race the the competition and easily let only noticeable disqualification Taber and T Hunn past. Looking was for 72 Willie Hardie who to the back of the grid Simpson, sent 10 Sam Holland spinning Blackman and Haird circulated out on the home straight. the track as one but when the Res: 555, 39, 152, 174, 911, 95, competition queued up behind 115, 303, 14, 31 the slower back-marking S O’Shea there was a big shift as In the chase for silver (and ultiLoosemore and J O’Shea tanmately the English title) Simpgled. Blackman was now 5 plac- son and Blackman both scored 12 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

35 points to keep the gap at 4 points. Haird outscored both with 42 but is still over 30 points adift of these. 95 Gavin Murray's third and two sixth place is enough to leap-frog Hardie into

the final group one position. Sanders drops out of the top 20 and is replaced by 116 Steve Burrows with Blood one point adrift. Points to be officially confirmed.

Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 13

205 History

Following on from the first part the history lesson will continue. The 205 might look very dated now to the modern cars but the shape was perfect for a hot rod. Something that I like is the fact the wheels look the right size, not swamped in an oversized arch in the Focus or Colt. Starting off with the cars that have been destroyed. The first ever SHP 205 was written off at Aldershot with Mark Jones behind the wheel, Ricky's last 205 (ex-Seager) went as did the Clein/Kinane car in Ireland. Adam Scott’s first 205 become a Corsa which met its match at Wimbledon. So the quest continues where are the others. Adam Scott’s replacement car was another 205, he upgraded to a 206 later in the year. I owned the 205 of Adam Scott for a little while, it was pretty much stripped but rolling with the body work detatched. I sold the car to Gary Thomas who I know passed it on to Tick Steward who I believe still has it sat in a lorry container! CHRIS GOLDSMITH Heading across the water (unlike part one) starting in Northern Ireland Stevie Williams has the ex-Skitmore Corsa (originally a 205). Alvin Doak has a 205, and son Stew14 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

art recently destroyed his Corsa which started as a 205. Roger Peck’s British Championship winning 205 went to Alan Wilson but was barely raced. The fastest 205 ever though was John Steward’s car, that became a Corsa and now is one of the spare cars for the Woolseys. Moving south Joey Butler first raced in the Nationals with the ex-Andy Steward 205 which became a Corsa, likewise with Pat Canavan who still races his. Welshman Mike Oliver races the ex-Blackman car that Des Stainer first raced, Mike did race another 205 when he first joined the class. Eddie Foott jnr possibly races an ex-Paul Sheard machine. The Tipperary class has some SHP 205’s, but this writer doesn’t know how many. A 205 that made it’s way to Ireland and then back to England started with Ricky Hunn (his fourth and final 205) in the late 90’s. Terry Grant used it to qualify for the World in 1998, before Gordon Brown and Robin Pickett raced it. This was an awesome car, Pickett surprised a lot of people with it’s pace. That became a Saxo and now youngster Mikey Godfrey has a chance to show what he can do in the Nationals. There was an ex-Cliff Butler left hooker converted, Ricky used this then sold to Ian Butler who sold it to Carl Boardley. Ricky's final 205 which was an evo 2 was sold to Terry Grant then to Robin Pickett and is now a Saxo driven by Mikey Godfrey think that was all of them from memory might have missed one. HUNN MOTORSPORT—

Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 15

The third 205 for Hunn once sold to Butler was raced in the first year of PRI Hot Rods, which preceeded Outlaws and ran to the same specification as GMP with 2 Litre Pinto engines. Butler stepped up to Nationals after a few months and Boardley made his National Hot Rod debut with this car in 1999. The third driver to enter National Hot Rods with the car was Neil Stimson, it was repanelled as a 206. This article originally quoted the car being sold to Alan Milford, but this wasn't true. Milford possibly raced the first 206 that SHP built, now in the hands of Iain Grayson. The one I raced I sold it to a guy called Chris Selleck and now have it back. NEIL STIMSON Anthony Hawkins came through the Outlaw system in the ex-Clack/Holtby 205 this became a 206 but vanished after Hawkins moved to the Pick-ups on the circuits. Some of the 205’s did start on the long circuits but came back to the ovals, Mark Skilton’s and Dave Fry's did as did the car Nigel Pike campaigned up to 2003. Former Ringwood racer Chris Brockhurst repanelled his 205 as a 206 and now races with the Silhouette series.

16 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

That car was built by Robin Pickett's mechanic, he built the car as a copy to Robin's and made a good job of it too, we then bought this car and sold it to Chris originally it come with the ex 175 panel kit and Robin's 205 kit, but I cant remember if Chris had it or not, I remember Keith Lynam coming down to our workshop to clear out aload of old 205 panels when he was racing. JASON KEW One of the last 205 Nationals was that of Keith Lynam, that resurfaced at Buxton. Patsy Enright’s version is an Autocross version. Going back to another favourite car of mine, Mick Collard's 205. The car almost won the world out the box (that’s another story). The white colour scheme copied the Peugeot rally colours and looked very good. That was an Autocross car and changed to green and white the next year. I'm pretty sure Duffy's car was bought by Cyril Wilcox, complete with Peugeot engine that had suffered from years of being sat outside. It was used by Terry I think as well. Maybe it was the same one used around by Russell and a few others? TIM MOODY Issue 4—Whistlin’ Jack Smith 17

Duffy Collard's 205 was last race in anger by myself at Alwalton Raceway (Peterborough) in 2001. The car is now sat in my workshop at home. RUSS WILCOX This may have given insight into a few more cars, but are some like the ex-Peck car sitting in a garage idle, how many are gathering dust in the back of a workshops? Were more written-off of were they cannibalised for a newer machine? Anyone’s views are greatly appreciated on this subject which I have written to the best of my knowledge.

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18 Whistlin’ Jack Smith—Issue 4

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