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the beach whistler Celebrating our 25th year

Box 1135 Pemberton BC, V0N 2L0 To all of our supporters of the ‘Day of the Devils’ fundraiser,

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We recently hosted our annual ‘Day of the Devils’ fundraiser, and it has been our most successful fundraiser yet! As we complete our fourth year of working to ensure that the athle�cs program in our small community con�nues, we, as a commi�ee, are taking a moment to reect on our purpose and examine the goals we strive to achieve. In the most basic terms, our goal is to ensure that all students in our one-school community have access to organized sport. While Pemberton Secondary certainly benets from this annual event, the real beneciaries are the young people of our community. School sport provides an opportunity for those who cannot afford ac�vi�es such as ice hockey or gymnas�cs. The differences between ‘educa�onal athle�cs’ and community-organized sports are many, but the benets we value as an associa�on include: 1. Educa�onal Athle�cs is less focused on outcome (winning) and is therefore able to integrate social educa�on, develop lifelong skills, and promote healthy lifestyles 2. Educa�onal Athle�cs is inclusive, and accessible to all students regardless of socio-economic status Our associa�on was created because we exist in a period of �me where there appears to be an expecta�on on society to ‘solve problems’ while government takes a back seat. A book en�tled, ‘Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World’ (Bishop & Green, 2009), states that: ….society is changing the way it solves its biggest problems, by bringing together business, nonprots, governments, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists in innova�ve partnerships. Giving has a crucial role to play... and (society depends on) the willingness of us all to give back.


Thank you for recognizing the importance of this cause. While many rural communi�es are seeing their sports programs disappear, our students con�nue to be well taken care of by the generosity of our community. Together, we can ensure that their athle�cs programs will thrive for years to come. Sincerely, Krista Walden On behalf of, The Pemberton Red Devils Alumni Associa�on



We would simply not be able to support our youth without the help of so many organiza�ons and individuals such as yourself. We are so grateful for the support that our larger community con�nues to provide year a�er year. This year’s event raised more than ever, at over $27,750!

Located near the Olympic Rings on the Village Stroll. Follow us on Instagram @thebeachwhistler MAY 9, 2019


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