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Step 4a: You can use your embossing heating tool for the attaching but be carefully that the candle don`t melt :) Or you can use‌

Step 3: After coloring cut the images a little bit smaller, cut near the image. Here you can also see the candles what I have used. Now we can start to attach the images on to the candles. I have to different ways to show.

Step 4b: Candle varnish and watercolor brush for the attaching. And do this also carefully because the silk paper is really really thin. I have added this varnish about two or three layers and allow it to dry between the layers.



Step 5: Here are the finished candles. I have added a little bit glitter glue Star Dust to the both of them. Hope you enjoyed these fun and easy steps to decorate your candles!

- Minna ŠWhimsy Stamps, LLC.

Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine October 2011, Issue 4

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Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine Issue 4  

Whimsy Stamps brings you Issue 4 of it's free publication magazine! It's jammed packed with tons of tutorials andi nspiration by the Whimsy...

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