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Do It Yourself: Trinket Pins by Iris



Step 2: Now thread on your pearls in the desired order. Step 3: I like to secure my beads with glue. Other options would be to use a crimp bead at the end of your pearls or add a clutch.



Step 4: Apply a little bit of glue to the pin and second last pearl before stringing on the last bead. In my case this is a bead cap.


Step 5: There are lots of different glues you can use. I prefer Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue or Aleene’s Thick Designer Tacky Glue. Both have a strong bond and dry crystal clear. Careful with super glues (fast drying glues) as they will shrink and become brittle over time. Which can result in loose pearls.

Step 6: Use a pin cushion or Styrofoam cone (my favorite) to let the glue dry completely. Best is over night or see your glues directions for drying time.

Tip: Sometimes the hole in a bead is just a tiny bit too small for the pin. You can open up the hole just a little by using a bead reamer. Works well on metal and plastic beads. Be careful with glass beads as they can break.

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