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Do It Yourself: Book Box by Patricia



Step 3: With your craft knife cut all around the wording of the pages, this will be easy as all the pages are already glued together, so you should have a pretty good alignment. I glued mines in sections, example 30 pages in a bunch and then cut thru those 30 and so on.

Step 4: This is all the cutting around the wording.

5 Step 5: Once you cut all around it's really easy to pull out the pages. Apply Glue (I used Tape glue it's a lot stronger and you don't have to wait till it dries) to all your sections.


Step 6: Press Firmly and your Book is ready to decorate!

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Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine October 2011, Issue 4

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Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine Issue 4  

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