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Environment - Species The great thing about earth lies in plants, animals and greenery, grasslands, fragrant pine jungles , evergreen jungles and questionable deciduous trees and shrubs contribute to this particular beauty. Various kinds of animals will also be found with plants. The actual natural groups of plants as well as animals found in the big places are known as biomes. Biomes are simply at individuals places exactly where environment is actually favorable for vegetation. The actual natural vegetation areas and the biomes found in them are interdependent on each other. The vegetation of anywhere depends on the actual climate of this place. The actual animals found in any area adjust using the climate as well as vegetation of this place. These days bison lawn is not found in great plain of north america. So the antelope, the animal dependent on this lawn , had also become wiped out. Hilly goats and sheep’s are also misplaced from conifer biomes. White pine as well as red wood of california have become wiped out in the same way. The actual unnatural environment changes caused by man’s way of life are responsible for this particular destruction. Environment activities all over the world are campaigning to stop all such human activities which are dangerous for biomes. Rain Forests Scientist are now concerned about rain forests which are found in Amazon basin of south usa and coastal regions of brazil , coastal components and traditional western islands of central America, Congo basin in Africa, Gini coast as well as eastern Madagascar, new Guinea island of Asia, Sri Lanka, India’s western coast and northern eastern states , countries of south-east asia and southern china. rain forests are dense and higher. Epiphytes such as ferns, archids, algae, lichen etc. Are commonly found among them. These plants remain connected to the stems, leaves and limbs of trees and shrubs. A unique feature of rain forests is that various vertices of trees in large numbers grow at one place. rEmarkably more than one ,200 kinds of trees are available in just one square kilometer area of a rain forest. We don't know exactly the number of species of plants and animals exist on the earth. rEsearchers know about one ,150 zillion species and they are working to discover more. About many types of plants as well as insects we are still ignorant. Rain forests tend to be main causes of new species. If these forests tend to be destroyed, then probably all these species might be lost permanently. The number of mammals is very small in rain forests because mammals cannot very easily roam in dense jungles. Monkeys, has , jaguars are commonly found in these forest. The amount of crocodiles, gharial and rhinocerous in rivers is also really small. Mainly lizards , insects as well as birds are simply here in large numbers. Besides animals , there are many concealed treasures of natural resources in these jungles which can be very helpful to humanity. Today about 40% medications are obtained from plants. A new fascinating grow Rosy Periwinkle has bee discovered from Amazon rain forests which can certain a kind of cancer. Still there are many undiscovered plants in these jungles which can be of great help to healthcare science.

another plant known as petrol grow is also discovered form amazon. Com rain woodland. The fruit juice of this grow can be used in place of petrol in ear car engines. Jojoba plant is really a similar kind of plat recently discovered which can yield top quality oil. It's oil can be used in place of whale oil in many industries. It is expected which in future many more useful products can be obtained type many more helpful products can be acquired from these jungles. Presently, numerous farm homes containing various kinds of trees as well as plants are being built in the planet which use these products obtained from these trees as well as plants for many or the other use. Within our country, woodland Research start , situated in Dehradun, is doing a commendable job in this regard. Costa Rica vacation packages

Environment - Species  
Environment - Species  

The great thing about earth lies in plants, animals and greenery, grasslands, fragrant pine jungles ,