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ISSUE NO. 8 Founder / Editor: Melanie Doncas Playlist by Lucinda Starr Contributors: Alana Taylor, I Found Lucy, Morgan Serafini, Kat Quinn, Lucinda Starr, Lana Gerimovich / Alis Fashion Design, Madeleine Gill, Viviane Izzo, Anthony Di Gironimo, Michael Burgio, Jessica Lynn, Natalija Bouropoulos / NATALIJA, Sarah Brevick, Ashley Holloway, Sea Arena, Gareth Gregg, AP Bestari, Thomas Cole Simmonds, Kathleen Frank, Macie Moon Cover: Photographer: Alana Taylor Photography Model: Morgan Serafini Dress: I Found Lucy Hair + Makeup: Kat Quinn Pom pom crown: Melanie Doncas Assistant: Lucinda Starr

Contact: Email: Design Elements: We Lived Happily Ever After, Rocktuete:, Angie Makes, Beckas: Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of Whim Online Magazine as a whole. We cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without the consent of the Editor.

Hello! Welcome to the 8th issue of Whim Online Magazine, which is also our final digital issue of 2014 (with our next issue being released in February). Because of this, we have tried to cram in as much creativity as possible to finish the year off with a burst of inspiration and motivation. With Christmas creeping up in just a few weeks, you will notice our ‘Whim Loves’ page is dedicated entirely to gift ideas, and speaking of which, if you’re in need of over 100 affordable and unique gift ideas for loved ones this year, we highly recommend that you check out our Christmas Gift Guide (more on that in a few pages!). Thank you so much to those who have contributed their beautiful work, talent and time to this issue, as well as to those who have stuck with Whim on our journey through 2014 – We appreciate your endless kind words and unwavering support. So here’s to our final issue of 2014, with hopefully many, many more issues to come in the future! Love, Melanie (Founder / Editor)

In this issue…

6…….Whim Loves 8…….Photoshoot: ‘In the Garden’ by ……...Alana Taylor 42…..Interview: Alana Taylor 44…..Interview: Fashion Designer ……….Lana Gerimovich of Alis Fashion ……….Design 50…..Photoshoot: ‘Bohemian Brides’ …… Madeleine Gill 66…..Interview: Madeleine Gill 68…..Photoshoot: ‘Mediterranean ……….Tale’ by Viviane Izzo 83…..Interview: Viviane Izzo 86…..Photoshoot: ‘Fairy of Apples’ by ……….Anthony Di Gironimo 96…..Interview: Anthony Di Gironimo 98…..Photoshoot: ‘Without You’ by ……….Michael Burgio 108….Interview: Michael Burgio 109….Poem: ‘The Miracle of Being’ ……… Jessica Lynn 110….Interview: Fashion Designer ………..Natalija of sleepwear label ………..NATALIJA 117….Issue 8 Playlist

118….Photoshoot: ‘Petals, Petunia’ by ………..Sarah Brevick 128….Interview: Sarah Brevick 130….Photoshoot: ‘The Lightness of ………..Being’ by Ashley Holloway 156….Interview: Ashley Holloway 158….Story: ‘On Halloween Night’ by ………..Sea Arena 160….Photoshoot: ‘Drifting Away’ by ………..Gareth Gregg 167….Interview: Gareth Gregg 168….Interview: Artist AP Bestari 172….Photoshoot: ‘A Long Weekend’ ……… Thomas Cole Simmonds 192….Interview: Thomas Cole ………..Simmonds 194….Photoshoot: ‘Lavender Fields ………..Forever’ by Kathleen Frank 205….Interview: Kathleen Frank 206….Photoshoot: ‘I Only Ever ………..Wanted a Ring’ by IndieMoon ………..Photography 213….Interview: Macie Moon of ………..IndieMoon Photography 217….Thank you

Whim Loves

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In the

Garden Photographer: Alana Taylor Photography Model: Morgan Serafini Dresses + Flower crown: I Found Lucy Hair + Makeup: Kat Quinn Tiara + Pom pom crown: Melanie Doncas Assistant: Lucinda Starr

Interview: Alana Taylor What inspires your creativity the most? Adventuring, and exploring new and unknown places always inspires me. The moment when you see something for the first time, something so beautiful, that it leaves your mind blank, those are the moments that inspire me.

Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? Coffee, replying to emails, writing todo lists, editing, organising shoots, cooking, replying to more emails, more editing and updating both my blog and website. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? Working with such a talented team on this shoot made it so much fun. We wandered around the gardens searching for vibrant florals, magic light and whimsical moments. So many times during this shoot did I look at the images on my camera, and just smile. What is the best piece of photography advice you've ever heard? That’s a hard one, I’ve been given so

much advice over my journey and still now am I learning along the way. The one piece of advice that I always give people is "You own a piece of magic, an imagination as well as your camera, create and don’t be afraid to do so.”- Me Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I’m looking forward to working with some new faces, other amazingly talented creatives and some upcoming labels!!

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @alanataylorphotography

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An Interview with‌

Fashion Designer

Lana Gerimovich

When did you first begin Alis Fashion Design and what motivated you to do so? Before starting off Alis Fashion Design, I launched a garment factory called “Epas” In 1989 with my engineering degree, a recently acquired Fashion Design diploma, and a limitless enthusiasm for fashion. After Epas, I started my own women’s and children’s clothes manufacturing company “Alisa," which quickly grew and by 1998 “Alisa” brand clothing was available at major retail stores throughout Central Ukraine. Having experienced mass-manufacturing as a CEO and head designer of Alisa, I realized that the mass-produced clothing styles are not always ideal products for most women’s curvy, feminine lines, which resulted in me starting my own one-of-a-kind clothing design studio “Alis Fashion Design” in 2002 when I moved to Rochester, New York from Ukraine. After I visited Arizona and got inspired by the unique opportunities Arizona offers, I decide to move to Arizona and open my boutique in Old Town Scottsdale in 2006.

We understand that you create beautiful and bespoke dresses, all 100% made in Arizona USA. Please tell us a little more about your unique creation process? At Alis Fashion Design, I create one-of-a-kind wedding dresses, evening gowns for special occasions, and women's casual wear that are made to order. Every piece is designed individually, based on particular measurements of each client– the opposite of mass production. The dresses I create are hand made, full of exquisite detail, and exhibiting the high couture skills. I create dresses based on occasion and one's design ideas. Alis Fashion Design is the place where I make dream dresses come alive from choosing the highest quality fabrics, creating designs and patterns based on my customers' measurements, and then crafting with high couture finishing. That is why I call myself a bespoke dress designer who creates one-of-a-kind dresses. To deliver high couture evening gowns, it sometimes takes 45 measurement points to start working on the garment. To complete the creation of the garment, it requires at least 2 fittings. Through these processes, the garment fits perfectly, since it is your own style and matches your body and personality. I create my own dresses based on my unique design and ever-flowing inspiration. The inspiration of my line is “woman's body” because the natural body is a sculpture to me, which gives motivation and creativity to my design. My boutique in Scottsdale showcases already-made gowns that I continuously design and craft. Your new summer dress collection is stunning! What was the inspiration behind this collection? My inspiration for this collection is to make summer in the desert bright and colorful. In Arizona, we have a long season of summer and a very short period of winter. During summer, everything is dry since it is a desert. To make our summer in Arizona fun and playful, I wanted to employ many colors and unusual patterns of fabrics.

What do you hope to achieve with Alis Fashion Design in the not-too-distant future; do you have any upcoming, exciting plans that you would like to share with us? On November 21st, Ms. Maureen Montagne, one of the pageants for Miss Arizona USA 2015, will wear my one-of-a-kind couture evening gown at the fashion show during the pageant competition. I also have upcoming fashion shows and many special projects scheduled for 2015. This December, I will visit London to meet bespoke dress designers and tailors to get inspired more! Lastly, where can our readers see more of your wonderful label online and on social media? Here is the direct link for the summer dresses from this collection, Sonoran Summer: My one-of-a-kind dress collections such as bespoke wedding dresses and runway pictures are here at my website: You can also see them on our Facebook page here, Instagram: @AlisFashionDesign, and Pinterest: Alis Fashion Design often posts blogs about projects, events, publications, and tips for wedding dresses! I highly recommend to keep posted on

(Image credits) Photographer: Brad Olson, makeup and hair: Morgan Teresa, models: Ford Robert Black Agency

Bohemian Brides

Photographer: Madeleine Gill Models: Sandra Morenon ( & Georgia Walters ( HMUA: Charlotte Garde-Veyssiere Styling: Madeleine Gill & Jess Tucker

Interview: Madeleine Gill When did you first discover your love of photography? It was in high school, I decided to take photography classes just for a bit of fun. Fortunately it turned out to be just more than a hobby! From the beginning I knew I loved photographing people and being able to tell a story through the images I created. I liked the preparation and construction of creating a theme for a photo shoot: scouting for locations, finding clothing in old second hand stores, choosing a model, and the mood boards - oh how I love mood boards! I grew up in a small town in South Australia called Mount Gambier. Growing up there for 18 years makes finding things so interesting, but the place is blessed with some of the most wonderful landscapes. It made finding places to photograph in an adventure. What inspires your creativity the most? Lots of fun fashion, anything vintage, whimsical moments, fairytales, daily activities, adventures I have with my friends, dreams - my brain doesn’t have an off switch!

Please tell us a little about the

experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? We were at a place not far from the city but somehow it could transform you from city life to a peaceful country landscape. There was a lake and it had these stones in the water that allowed you to cross and a family of swans that were very curious. The models took turns sitting by the waters edge amongst the reeds and lying on the stones that crossed the water. When you put them together I almost got the sense that they could be sisters. They both had different but interesting features. They told a story in each image - it’s up to the viewer to decide what that story is! Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? A normal day for me includes starting my day at my local gym before going into my classes at university. Although I have a passion for photography I am currently studying in a Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT. In my spare time after classes I take time to look around vintage stores for clothing and inspiration for photoshoots - or I’ll go scouting around for photoshoot locations if it’s not raining.

Otherwise you can find me back in my apartment baking something sweet or watching terrible reality American T.V shows! Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I actually do have exciting plans coming up! I will be sharing my first overseas travels with my mum in November! We are traveling for a month to Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and London and staying in some adorable looking apartments. My camera will definitely be getting a good work out! I am very excited to climb the Eiffel Tower and ride the teacups at Disney Land! I hope that in the future for my photography I can just keep doing what I love doing; collaborating with lots of other wonderful creative people and getting the opportunities to excel my creative potentials from behind the camera.

Website: Facebook:

Instagram: @madeleine_gill_993



Photography: Viviane Izzo Models: Grazia Malafronte & Titta Orlando Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist: Raffaella Barbieri In collaboration with: Valeria Schettino

Interview: Viviane Izzo When did you first discover your love of photography? It was in the summer when I was fifteen.. The discovery of love, those explosive emotions along with the extreme beauty of kind moves, gave birth to the desire to freeze the life I was tasting and make it last for all the time I wanted to. It came up as an egoistic need, but then I suddenly realized that those pictures weren't just mine, they were like a box of universal feelings that anyone could understand or feel as their own. That's exactly how I discovered the enormous power of photography.

It was a photoshoot that I created together with my friend and colleague Valeria Schettino. When you work with other people, it is really difficult to find something that pleases everyone, but we managed to make it, paying attention to the littlest things. The models were just amazing and everything was just so inspiring, but we discovered it is very difficult to use smoke-producers in a photoshoot!! It was a really funny way to spend some time together before she would leave for Malaga, and I am so proud of the photos we took!

What inspires your creativity the most? It could be anything, to be honest.. But usually, what inspires me the most are people with pain in their eyes and something to tell hidden underneath their skin. The beauty of the feminine body, songs and of course the masterpieces made by the most important photographers in history.

Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? Well, I actually spend my time attending my Advertising Photography classes, shooting, thinking about my next shootings, planning them, searching for new models and always trying to find some inspiration by the people I meet, the places I see and the music I hear. Ok, I admit it, I'm quite obsessed by photography!

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot?

Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? In a few months I'll be graduating from my Advertising Photography class and what I'll do right next is go pack my things and leave for a week in Milan and another one in London to get as much interviews as I can, and hopefully be hired as a Fashion Photographer in some advertising agency. In the meantime, I'll be shooting a lot in order to fill my portfolio, so stay tuned, lots of news is coming!!

Website: Facebook:

Find us on Instagram


Fairy of Apples

Collaboration Part I Photographer: Anthony Di Gironimo Model: Doyna Ilies Assistant: Michael Burgio

Interview: Anthony Di Gironimo When did you first discover your love of photography? I always thought to be related to photography since I received my first camera! I really love art, I like also to draw and I really love jewels, I attended the institute "Ghirardi" where I qualified as a goldsmith! What inspires most? The beauty and important for creativity! I atmospheres!

your creativity the the mystery are very me and for my really love dark

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? So, whilst working on this photoshoot I was really excited, we found an apple tree and we started to play with it, it was very funny! Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? I am a normal boy, I like to go to the centre with my friends, I really like music and I love Renato Zero he is an Italian songwriter and he is very important in my life and in my every day, and I think he has a very important impact on my art!

Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Photography is very important to me and I hope that I will never stop it, but in my future I hope to become a Goldsmith. I have also a Facebook fan page where I post my jewels in Swarovski and other materials - ADG Jewels (

Flickr: Website:

Without You

Collaboration Part II Photographer: Michael Burgio Model: Doyna Lilies Assistant: Anthony Di Geronimo

Interview: Michael Burgio When did you first discover your love of photography? My first approach to photography was when I was 16 years old! At the first moment I use a compact camera, a Pentax, and then I had bought my first reflex, a Nikon. At the beginning I used to do only landscapes and a sort of macro photography, I really love nature, then I discover portraits. What inspires your creativity the most? In my creative process what is very important is the beauty of nature, in my art it is very important. It inspires my works! I love ethereal elements. I think I'm very romantic.

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? "Without You" is a love story that never began! I really like this model, Doyna Ilies, and this is our third shooting together. I try to create a sad mood, romantic and full of magic to share what was inside me in that period. A big thank you to my friend Anthony for the support. Please describe what an average day in your life looks like?

I am a normal boy, and I am 20. I attend the last year at High School where I study economy, but this is not my passion. I really love to go out with my friends and study, but most important I spend most of my day thinking about photography, I am so addicted to this art. Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I hope this passion will be my work, I am really shy but I really love to see the people trough my personal lenses, that is all I hope.


Flickr: Instagram: @michael.burgio

THE MIRACLE OF BEING By Jessica Lynn I find I constantly long for vistas I've never seen moors sheathed in mist, whispering and vacant basilicas gleaming in the sun, scintillating despite their piety as much as I yearn to run my fingertips along the words of ancient books, immerse myself in a symphony. or perhaps to hold a hand I've never known and trace the lines along the palm, count the breaths between two heartbeats until they measure the same rhythm. and since I've never seen them, I wonder how it is I walk those streets in my dreams, smell the pages, feel the music running down my spine. and though we've never touched, you are made of all the holy places all the love the poets try to cling to, and they never capture you; there are hymns hidden in your collarbone and stanzas inscribed behind your irises. they say that energy created can never be destroyed, it's an argument for the existence of the soul so perhaps we always have and always will be recreated circle each other, peer through windows of the world with new views each time maybe we began and ended in the cosmos, primordial, swirling this is just the middle. and that's why we long upwards and outwards, crash together and fall apart because our shells are too fragile to contain the capacity of the stars we hold inside.

An Interview with‌

Fashion Designer


When did you first discover your love of fashion design? I’ve always been into pretty things and getting dressed up when I was really young. While my cousins were in shorts and a t-shirt playing around outside in the background, often enough I would be wearing a frill dress and bows in my hair! During high school I immersed myself in all things creative; I found comfort in expressing who I was through drama, journaling or splashing my thoughts onto canvas. However, my inspiration and love for fashion flourished with the admiration of my mother’s sense of style and champagne taste for clothes! How did NATALIJA come about and what was your main inspiration / motivation in starting your own sleepwear label? I first found inspiration in 2012. Newly engaged, I went in search for feminine and affordable nightwear options to purchase for myself and bridesmaids to wear while getting ready on the wedding morning. I felt my choices were limited as the options were either femme fatale, dowdy or slightly immature. It was during this time, I noticed a gap in the sleepwear market for simple, delicate and affordable nightwear options, and it was out of my own frustration and my love of health and wellness, that my entrepreneurial spirit launched NATALIJA.

My guiding principle is a quote from Valentino Garavani – “I know what women want. They want to feel beautiful.” There’s just something alluring when you put on a beautiful nightgown before bed, it’s the realisation that you are taking care of yourself by loving what you choose to wear – it’s your own little bit of luxury! My brand embraces femininity, empowers women to enjoy their bodies and cherish themselves. Each sleepwear piece is an invitation for women to be inspired, choose colours and prints that speak to them, and combine pieces to form their own unique individual style. Each collection is designed in Australia and made from 100% silk crepe de chine, which is one of the more luxurious of the silks. It is a stunning fabric with a wonderfully subtle crinkled texture, light weight, breathable, soft to touch, and has an elegant drape. My desire is for all women to feel as beautiful as they deserve, even when they’re dreaming… It’s extremely gratifying to help women express themselves through sleepwear, while encouraging them to have fun along the way! Please describe an average day in the life of Natalija? I’m a creature of habit so where possible I try to stick to a routine, but no day is ever really the same. Depending on what meetings I have booked in, I like to start the day with exercise – either walking the dogs along Maroubra beach and Coogee coastline or go to the gym – I find it really positive way to start the day and a great way to clear my mind. From there the day can go in any number of directions, from meetings with the team to discuss business, creating new prints for the next collection, packaging orders, writing feature articles for a number of publications or catching up with some amazing Australian talent to find inspiration for future collaborations.

We would love to hear about the experience you had putting together your stunning ‘Floral Impressions’ collection – Were there any difficulties you encountered along the way or it was largely an easy-going experience? Deciding on a concept for a new collection is the first step. I take inspiration from what is beautiful in the world, nature for its variety and enchantment; I also love to reflect my travels through my pieces. I spend quite a lot of time looking at colours and searching through modern and vintage pattern books, choosing a story that would best embody the feel of my collection. My debut sleepwear range Floral Impressions, sees flowered kimono-sleeve robes and flowing nighties created with a colour palette reminiscent of the wild canvas of nature’s best. Impressionist artists Claude Monet and Edgar Degas are also a key inspiration to this collection. The Parisian artists capture images with bold colours and show accurate depictions of light in its changing qualities. There’s something romantic about it all - the bright turquoise of Degas’ ballerina dresses and Monet’ watercolour landscapes are echoed through Floral Impressions. During the process, I quickly learnt that I don’t know everything, and I shouldn’t try to pretend either! It was important for me to be honest and realise my strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledge when I needed help. So I’m thankful to have had the guidance and encouragement of many wonderful people who have supported to create, translate and develop my concepts from thought to fruition – it’s always a real team effort!

We absolutely love the philosophy behind NATALIJA and cannot wait to see where your label takes you next. Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I’m forever dreaming, so there are many things happening at the moment for NATALIJA - it’s all very exciting! We’re currently designing the new collection which will launch in winter 2015; it is inspired by my recent European travels, in particular the Mediterranean – visualise rich, saturated colours, accompanied with a breath of detail! We’re also happy to reveal that we’ll be at the wedding fair One Fine Day Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2015 at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) in inner city Sydney. I’m looking forward to meeting amazing people and giving bride-to-be’s sleepwear inspiration and pretty pieces for their big day!

Please visit the label’s website at You can also follow NATALIJA on Facebook ( and Instagram (@natalija_the_label).

(Image credits) Photographer: Simon Everiss, Models: Ashleigh Wesseling & Lauren Dritmanis @ Chadwick Models, Hair & Makeup: Veronika Moreira, Florals: Emily Smith @ Boutierre Girls, Stylist: Natalija Bouropoulos. For Press Enquiries please contact Hannah Furness:

Playlist Japanese Wallpaper – Between Friends Gang of Youths – Evangelists Alt-J – Left Hand Free CHVRCHES – Dead Air Cold War Kids – All This Could Be Yours Little May – Dust Megan Washington – My Heart is a Wheel San Cisco – RUN Sticky Fingers – If You Go Vance Joy – First Time

Petals, Petunia

Photographer/Stylist: Sarah Brevick Model: Emilie Coe Wardrobe: Lace dress and top: Forever 21 Shorts: Thrifted

Interview: Sarah Brevick When did you first discover your love of photography? I think it began after I first got my hands on disposable cameras as a child. I would run around the yard and photograph our pets and my sister being silly. I was also really lucky to have parents who were highly involved in the arts, and having that exposure / encouragement from a young age helped me to pursue my photography dream. What inspires your creativity the most? So many things inspire me! But If I were to choose one I would say that my childhood memories exploring the forest are most inspiring. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? This summer I had the opportunity to go back home for awhile to visit, so I wanted to make sure I explored more of the beautiful land I grew up on. I was very lucky to photograph some lovely people I attended high school with. This shoot is reminiscent of those dreamy times walking the prairie as a girl.

Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? My life is quite busy at the moment since I'm still a student! I'm constantly networking and building up my photography portfolio, but in my free time I enjoy going on walks and exploring new places with my boyfriend. Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I want my photography to lend itself more to my strength in creative direction and concepting! My ultimate dream is to become a creative director for large scale productions in a fashion magazine, so I'm working on building my portfolio more towards that.

Website: Facebook: Flickr:

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.” -- Carl Sagan


Lightness of Being

Photographer: Ashley Holloway Model: Elizabeth Westbrook Special Thanks to Anne Gordon of re:deux clothing

Interview: Ashley Holloway Please tell us about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? The day we shot these was really a lovely day! It was our first cool day of the season after what had been an absolutely sweltering summer. I had a lot of shooting ahead of me for the weekend, so I wanted to just stay in my comfort zone and shoot some really pretty soft portraits of Liz. We have been talking about working together for over a year, so it was great that we finally were able to get together and shoot! What is the best piece of photography advice you have ever been given? Shoot what makes you happy, and always be yourself! Some of us get so wrapped up in making our work "popular" that it becomes frustrating when we can't do that. It shows in my work when I'm photographing what I love, and it makes me satisfied even if nobody else likes it. And as for being yourself, I think that's self-explanatory! I am inspired by other photographer's work, but outright copying it is just silly. It's just not being you! As you shoot more and more, you'll gain your own style.

As the year is almost coming to a close, we'd love to know what some of your most favourite memories or achievements of 2014 have been? This year I've been working on shooting with 35mm film and Polaroids, which are two things that make my heart sing! I developed several rolls of my own b&w film this year, which always creates a frenzied excitement in me waiting to see how they will turn out! Seeing the first roll of negatives come out of the wash was probably my favorite memory of the year. I was so terrified that they would be blank, but instead they came out perfect. Beginner's luck, of course! I've also just been working on experimenting more with how I shoot and trying to mix it up. I've shot about 30 different series this year, so currently I'm just trying to wind down in what will be a very busy next few months with the holidays and some personal non-photography achievements as well! If you could capture absolutely anything or anyone, what would your 'dream photoshoot' involve? My dream photo-shoot would be working for Teen Vogue magazine (my dream publication) on an editorial for Spring with gardens full of flowers and beautiful, ethereal dresses!

I have lots of favorite models that I'd love to work with, and would be more than excited to work with any one of them, like Avery Tharp, Madison Stubbington, Lindsey Wixson, and Lily Cole. Lastly, where can our readers see more of your beautiful work? I'm all over the place really, but my main places that I update frequently are: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @ahollowayphoto Deviantart: Tumblr: I also have a Twitter and a Flickr among other things, but I don't update them very often since I don't get much feedback on either of them!


I stand in the middle of Maple Street and take in my surroundings; bask in them. The last night of October is a blustery one; the autumn leaves dance around the street in the wind, beating a tattoo on the corners of the sidewalks. The neighbourhood children’s laughter echoes out into the night as they dart from house to house together; disguised as their favourite monsters and superheroes.

The houses on both sides of the street are decorated for the holiday; some more than others, but even the simpler ones appear welcoming with the jack-o’-lanterns sitting on porches and window ledges; their illuminated smiles facing passers by. There’s a distinctly magical vibe in the air tonight; just like every year. It’s the reason I come here, regular as clockwork, on every Halloween night, to enjoy the atmosphere.

Fall has always been my favourite season. It’s beautiful, but I can’t deny also melancholy; nature looks so vibrant and alive before the winter sets in. It’s the world’s swan song; there’s something incredibly poetic about that, which makes it all the more beautiful in my eyes. Predictably, Halloween always was and still is my favourite holiday. The magic and mystery of it always evoke in me feelings of excitement mingled with sadness, just like my favourite season. I stroll down the street where I grew up, smiling to myself, recalling memories of past Halloween nights spent with friends. Their favourite things about the night were the costumes, the free candy and the all night scary movie marathons we got on TV.

I loved it all, but my favourite activity was telling ghost stories. They took on a much deeper meaning for me on the night I was convinced the veil was thinner and the dead walked among us. My friends teased me for it, nicknamed me “Willa Whimsy”, but I remained steadfast in my beliefs. I never needed tangible proof of something to be sure of its existence. I come to the end of the street, cross it and walk into the cemetery. Smiling again, I cast my mind back to when I convinced my friends to come here and tell ghost stories. It wasn’t hard; being non-believers none of them were afraid we’d incur the wrath of some disgruntled spirit, annoyed at our impertinence. The children’s laughter grows fainter as I walk deeper into the graveyard. The wind whistles through the trees, whipping my hair in front of my face and I shiver. As if on cue an owl hoots in a tree nearby. Finally I reach my destination and come to a standstill in front of a headstone. There’s a bouquet of fresh roses in front of it and a card sits atop them. “We love you - Mum, Dad and Big Sis ,” it reads simply. I feel tears sting my eyes, then turn my gaze to the somewhat weatherbeaten headstone’s inscription just below the photograph of a dark haired teenage girl in a pale blue dress; In loving memory of Willa Woods. Beloved daughter, sister and granddaughter.

Drifting Away

Photography: Gareth Gregg Model: Hannah Bland MUA: Francesca Piercy Hair: Holly Lindfield

Interview: Gareth Gregg When did you first discover your love of photography? I started taking pictures around six years ago and loved experimenting with out of date film and beaten up old cameras. It just led from there really. I`ve always loved fashion photography as an art form so it seemed logical to head down that route.

What inspires your creativity the most? I have an extensive library of artistic books and magazines that I keep in my studio. I am a firm believer that to be a good artist you need to embrace your influences. We are all influenced in our daily lives whether it be subconscious or conscious. Everything we see is amalgamations of thoughts and ideas already created. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? This photo shoot was actually a little bit of a disaster! I was lucky to have such a fantastic model that nailed the shots in over an hour. Soon after that I slipped on a rock and broke my collar bone!

Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? I work with three other photographers at a studio in Brighton. My typical day consists of getting up early, heading down to the studio and either editing images or planning my next project. I also like to mooch round charity shops and look for interesting items and props that I can use in my shoots. Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Next year is set to be good. I`m going to be publishing my first of a series of zines which I cant wait to do. Self publishing is definitely top of the list at the moment. Really excited about that!

Website: Facebook:


An Interview with‌


AP Bestari

When did you first discover your love of art? In a College, I decided to move from design to fine arts majors because I thought I had to train my drawing skills . From there I just realized that my pleasure of art has actually been since I was in elementary school. I remembered that I was very happy when art lessons began. I guess I wasn’t really aware of it or I just ignored the pleasure. Which three words would you use to describe your artistic style? Hmm… I don’t know about it, so I’ll let other people tell me... What inspires your creativity the most? I was inspired by other artists, music, fashion and personal life. But now, the biggest inspiration to me is my Little Daughter.

Please describe an average day in the life of AP Bestari? I'm a housewife so I spend much of my time taking care of my domestic business. I spend my night until dawn with a drawing or painting. I wake up late in the morning, start it all with a cup of tea, cleaning the house, taking care of my lovely daughter and husband, after all is done, I can do my freelance job, if any. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your art career; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I want to have a solo exhibition, I had failed several times due to being busy. Realizing some of the art projects ideas with friends and to make a book of my collected works. Facebook: Instagram: @apbestari

A Long Weekend

Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds Model: Irina @ Nevs Model Management Make-up: Hannah Serjeant Styling: Ruth Elliot and Bryony Friend Assistant: Gabriella Hodgson Brand: Closet Clothing

Interview: Thomas Cole


What initially inspired you to pick up a camera and begin taking photographs? It probably sounds bad to say that boredom was the initial inspiration, but I guess everyone has a starting point. Photography was something I kind of stumbled into really, I bought a camera on a whim (no joke intended :P ) and my passion for the art form flourished from there! After I got my confidence up with the technical aspect of it I started working with models and I haven't stopped shooting since!

What other photographers do you admire or look to for inspiration the most, and why? As far as inspiration goes I tend to refuel more by listening to music than by looking at other photographers. I do enjoy looking at illustrations and paintings too and visiting galleries but I also find that by doing other random stuff it can spark an idea in a more fruitful way than by just viewing artwork. Having said that there are plenty of photographers whose work I admire. A few who come to mind are Nishe (, Emily Soto ( and Katie Eleanor ( They all share that aspect of the dream world that I really enjoy in

photographic work and I recommend you look them up! Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting these images? This shoot was for a brand based in London called Closet Clothing and was among the bigger of the shoots I've worked on. For a starter I got driven to the hotel we were shooting at by a guy holding a sign with my name on it, that was a first! The location was the beautiful Coworth Park Hotel, and it was an absolute pleasure to work there alongside a wonderful team. Although it is strange being surrounded by the super rich, I definitely felt a little out of place haha. What does an average day in the life of Thomas involve? An average day would probably seem very dull to anyone looking in haha. However when I'm busy with photography I'm usually glued to my computer getting on with the editing, I do this during the weekdays and I try to arrange test shoots during the weekends when I can find new faces to work with!

I also spend copious amounts of time emailing people I want to work with and sending enquiries to magazines and the like. That being said, if any readers wish to collaborate they only need email me! Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any upcoming exciting plans that you would like to share with us? At the moment I'm in the process of putting together an exhibition of some of my work that I will be holding in my hometown of Brighton. I'm currently in the finding frames that aren't tasteless or super expensive phase but it's going well and very satisfying to see my photos as a physical thing rather than just on my monitor. As for aspirations of what to achieve in the future... I just want to keep on shooting! I'm working my way towards getting a car so I can expand my reach to locations that would otherwise be very difficult to get to so I'm excited for that! And hopefully I'll get to travel abroad for some shoots too!

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @tomsimmonds

Lavender Fields Forever

Photographer: Kathleen Frank Model: Megan Rezk

Interview: Kathleen Frank When did you first discover your love of photography? I fell in love with photography at a young age, and you could often find me playing with my dad's old Polaroid and film cameras. He also loved the medium and passed it right along to me. This led to a love of darkroom photography. I spent all of my spare time during high school and college taking photography courses and working in the darkroom. What inspires your creativity the most? I find myself so inspired when I slow down to pay attention to the quiet moments of life. It gives me the time and freedom I need to be creative. I also find nature very inspiring. Nature is so filled with life and its own creativity that it is often where my photography projects start. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? This photo shoot started with a hike at a nearby park. I wandered into this amazing lavender field, and I just knew it had to be a backdrop for a shoot. I teamed up with Megan to really make my summer shoot come alive. She has such a great casual vibe that went perfectly with the summertime wardrobe and feeling I wanted to capture. We spent the whole afternoon playing with cameras in lavender fields!

Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? My husband and I live a simple life in the woods in New England. There, you can find me working on art projects, getting outside with my pup or out on the nearby lake. In the evenings, I’m either out on a photo shoot or spending time adventuring and relaxing with my husband. Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Winter is almost here in New England, and I love taking the slow winter season as a time for personal projects. I'll be working a lot with analogue photography this winter and have some wonderful film projects in the works.

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @imkathleenfrank

I Only Ever Wanted a Ring

Photographer: Macie Moon / IndieMoon Photography Model: Anna Leigh Schaefer

Interview: Macie Moon When did you first discover your love for photography? I've always been drawn to tangible photographs. I have had a sporadic memory since I was a was hard for me to recall things. Taking out our family photos and just looking at them over and over has been something I've always done. I used to get really upset when my parents had undeveloped film laying really made me mad, even as a young girl. I was the school photographer for my high school newspaper. I actually just recently began my creative photography journey though; about two and a half years ago. What inspires your creativity the most? I am really inspired by objects. A properly placed or handled object can bring a photo to the next level with meaning and information. I am compelled by everyday things to take and incorporate them into a grander calling. As a photographer we are always location and model scouting in our day to day lives, but I find myself wanting to be more of an 'architect' photographer. Almost like painting a picture or telling a story with elaborate and decisive sets. As my photography transitions and morphs itself, I don't ever see myself not using narrative

pieces in my photos. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst working on this shoot? This shoot was kind of a game changer for me. It marks the beginning of my storytelling journey. I like to describe my work as trying to create Versace sized ideas on a dollar menu budget. This shoot really encompasses that notion. I only had the outfit, telephone and nature available to me to create this concept. Its about our longing for communication; our desire to be reached out to and the accompanying emotions that come along with waiting around for a call that might never come. Please describe what an average day in your life looks like? Today I woke up to three whining cats, a huge bumbling dog and one rescued kitten screaming for breakfast. I searched online for ways to help pay for college courses as I plan on going to school to be a librarian. I drove into town and on my way stopped the car to help a turtle cross the road. I picked up a few items at some local thrift stores for upcoming shoots. I also gave my card to a young girl working at a drive thru. She had this beautiful gap in her teeth and the cutest nose‌ I hope she calls me!

What do you hope to achieve in the not so distant future? I have plans to pursue gritty narratives. I want to get a larger body of work and then start having them displayed in local businesses and galleries. I am working to get into the art community in my local town. I think that I am just really looking forward to being honest with myself and with what I create. Its been freeing to realize I don't have to compare my work to local photographers and I don't have to feel bad that my stuff doesn't mimic theirs. I have a few conceptual shoots that are being made possible by some outside help. I am so grateful to have met such great artists in my short time shooting. If I could reiterate one thing over and over it would be this: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. The artistic photography world is not a competition. I want to thank everyone who has helped me. I, in turn, want to go out and help others see their own vision and potential.


Flickr: Instagram: @moonsby

“…the dreamers, the thinkers and the creators. They are the magic people of the world.” -- Amy Poehler

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