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ISSUE NO. 7 Founder / Editor: Melanie Doncas Editorial Assistant: Lucinda Starr Contributors: Kalindy Williams, Nicole Johnson, Vivienne Mok, Hannah Oakshott, Lauren White, Bethany Reed, Chantelle Elise, Juliette Lichman, Irenne Tj, Helen Billingham, Kenneth Kwok, Anastasia Gammon, Ashley Holloway, Emma / Wallflower Wardrobe, Kathleen Frank, Paola de Conciliis, Georgie / Beauxoxo

Cover: Photography: Chantelle Elise Model: Olivia Gatt

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Hello! With our 7th issue, we bring you some of the most stunning creative work we have ever seen. In this issue you will find a collection of beautiful photoshoots, artworks, writing and interviews with various creatives. There has been a slightly longer time lapse between this issue and our last due to the big release of Whim’s first eBook, and I want to thank everyone who has purchased their own copy so far – The feedback has been incredible! I also feel blessed to have received numerous submissions for this issue, all of which I believe wouldn’t look out of place in famous publications such as VOGUE and Lula! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the issue! Best wishes,

In this issue… 3……Editor’s Letter 4……Contents 6……Whim Loves 8……Photoshoot: ‘In The Flowers’ by Kalindy Williams 18….Interview: Photographer Kalindy Williams 20….Photoshoot: ‘Connie’ by Vivienne Mok 40….Interview: Photographer Vivienne Mok 41....Poem: ‘Blurring the Pages’ by Hannah Oakshott 42….Photoshoot: ‘Forgotten Fairytales’ by Lauren / Von Trapp Photography 52….Interview: Lauren White 54….Photoshoot: ‘Marie’ by Bethany Reed 72….Interview: Photographer Bethany Reed 74….Photohoot: ‘Olivia’ by Chantelle Elise 88….Interview: Photographer Chantelle Elise 90….Photoshoot: ‘The Coldest Heart’ by Juliette Lichman / Somnolent Images 103…Interview: Photographer Juliette Lichman 105…Featured Artist: Irenne Tj 110…Photoshoot: ‘Pastel Dreams’ by Analia Paino ft. Hair Stylist Helen ……….Billingham 124…Interview: Hair Stylist Helen Billingham 125…Issue 7 Playlist 126…Photoshoot: ‘Emma’ by Kenneth Kwok 143…Interview: Photographer Kenneth Kwok 144…Short Story: ‘The Circus’ by Anastasia Gammon 146…Photoshoot: ‘Charm and Grace’ by Ashley Holloway 159…Interview: Photographer Ashley Holloway 162…Featured Blogger: Emma from Wallflower Wardrobe 167…Have you read Whim’s eBook? 168…Photoshoot: ‘Hidden Whispers’ by Kathleen Frank 181…Interview: Photographer Kathleen Frank 183…Photoshoot: ‘A Doll’s House’ by Paolo Manzini ft. Art Director Paola de ……….Conciliis 199…Thank you!

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In the

Flowers Photography and Styling: Kalindy Anne Williams Model: Kaitlyn Rose (Unsigned) Make Up: Stevi Hopkins All clothing: photographer’s own vintage and handmade

Interview: Photographer Kalindy Williams When did you first discover your love of photography? When I was a teenager, it has always been a passion but only over the last year or so have I been able to make fashion photography my focus. What inspires your creativity the most? Movies, fairytales, sometimes clothing or locations, finding a incredible dress or an amazing location will inspire a whole shoot. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? This was a shoot set up pretty last minute, Kaitlyn is a girl who I've known since she was born, I always thought she was so cute so we set up this shoot. I met Stevi (MUA) and Kaitlyn in a pretty park in Newcastle and we did make up and chatted while strangers gave us weird looks. We shot really quickly as the light was so nice (and Kaitlyn had to rush to work straight after!)

What does a typical day for you involve? Writing lists, coffee, tons of emails, watching Korean variety shows, more emails, editing photos, organising shoots, walking the dog and sewing or craft! I sew all types of things, usually for shoots! And love crafting props! What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I plan to shoot more film and not just limit myself to fashion - shooting less often, but larger scale ideas. See more of Kalindy’s work at: hotography

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.� -- Robin Williams

Connie Photography & Styling: Vivienne Mok Hair & Make-up: Vivienne Mok Model: Connie @ M&P

Interview: Photographer Vivienne Mok When did you first discover your love of photography? I discovered it during the time I was still working as a designer in a fashion house a few years back. At first it was more of a hobby, but then it quickly became clear that this was the path I wanted to follow. What inspires your creativity the most? Faces, I find them fascinating, Traveling, beautiful moody landscapes, moody movies, pretty old things that have a story to tell, a good book, music, water, nature and light, inspiring, creative and kind people, as well as simple things from my daily environment. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? I shot this story on a very hot day while I was traveling in London. I love shooting outside of my usual environment (my home) and combining taking pictures and discovering new places, I always try to do at least one photo-shoot while traveling.

has been different! A "typical week" would include things like: preparing / installing sets for shoots or location scouting, choosing / confirming models, requesting / picking-up / returning clothes for styling (or sometimes stitching some pieces myself for specific projects), meetings, lots of e-mails and lots of hours in front of my screen going through pictures or retouching etc. Oh and of course shooting :) What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? When I look back, I cannot believe how much I have learned and achieved. I have grown as a person, have met fantastic people, have learned many life lessons too. A couple years back I wouldn't have believed that I would be doing photography today. So I prefer not to have goals that are too limiting, I want to keep it open and continue to learn through what I am doing. See more of Vivienne’s work at:

What does a typical day for you involve? Lately, I have been traveling quite a bit, so there hasn't really been a "typical day" recently which was great, every day

Blurring the Pages by Hannah Oakshott

Tracing pages with delicate fingertips, her eyes are travelling through worlds she has seen many times in her memory, in her dreams. (We’ve been here before, we’ve been here before) She’s forgotten why the words scramble amongst themselves, jutting with crowded cursive, starving for her attention. (Let us out, let us out) Tiny caged birds sing notes that no longer move her, wrapped in golden borders, falling as empty lies down stained pages. (Did you think we’d last forever?)

She hopes someday they will fall into line, ordered ranks; tidy bookshelves in the reaches of her heart. (All the stories can’t be lies)

Forgotten Fairytales

Photography & Creative Direction: Lauren / Von Trapp Photography Model: Jessie Paxton MUA: Naomi Sprod Styling & Gowns: Lisa / The Bridal Outlet

Interview: Photographer Lauren White When did you first discover your love of photography? Funnily enough I first discovered my love of photography when I selected it as an extra elective to fill my timetable in High School. My main focus back then was Journalism and Creative Writing, so I really only wanted a bludge subject that I could easily get through my senior years with. In the end I found that Photography was more of a passion for me and had a brighter future over writing. A year of High School photography soon turned into 6+ years in the industry. What inspires your creativity the most? I'm a great lover of literature and film adaptations of stories. I always find that my inspiration comes from that of fairytales and other fictional backgrounds. I channel my work from my imagination and always have a way of linking it back to something I read or was read to as a child.

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images?

Forgotten Fairytales was created by chance. A new bridal shop opened up locally and I noticed as they were a small niche' they were yet to add in any advertising images to really promote their business. I walked in one day and started discussing the possibilities of an Editorial collaboration with one of the coowners and she was all for it! The experience on the day was breath taking, we had a beautiful model, amazing makeup artist and a wonderful styling team. Not to mention the weather and the location all rolled in to make a perfect and magical day for shooting. What does a typical day for you involve? Most days would involve college for me. I'm a full time student at Raffles College of Design and Commerce so most of my time is consumed shooting and finalising assessments for my classes. When I'm not at college I'm usually at home researching new ideas for possible collaborations, booking models, and even sewing garments and props to make everything happen.

What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not to distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? There is definitely something new in the works, which I can't give away too much information yet ;) But my next big piece will be a year in the making before it's completely finished. I'm sewing garments and making props myself so everything in the images are completely from my imagination - this will definitely be my best series yet. I can however tell you the name of my series, for you to keep your eyes open for: "Autumn's cry to Summer“

See more of Lauren’s work at:

Marie Photography: Bethany Reed Models: Ellie Kremer & Chloe Brannen both with KPT Models MUA: Kristin Walker Hair: Dena Rene Brooks of Lasting Luxe Hair and Makeup Artistry

Interview: Photographer Bethany Reed When did you first discover your love of photography? Aside from a brief period of my childhood when I wanted to be a famous pop-star, I have always loved photography. Before I knew it could be a serious part of my life, my mom used to send me on every school field trip with disposable cameras, and I still have every print from every trip to the zoo since I was 10. When I was a little older and got my first digital camera my whole life changed. It was a horrible piece of plastic haha it was orange and silver and this giant chunky square. It was the first time I started to compose my images and really value photography as an art form. When I got to high school and took my first dark room class it just solidified that my future would revolve around one thing...and here I am today! What inspires your creativity the most? I don’t want to sound cliché when I say everything! My concepts for a shoot are formed around beautiful pieces of clothing I find, fantastic

locations I stumble upon, or even a model that I want to shoot with. Once I have that one thing figured out I plan the entire shoot around it. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? This was one of my favourite shoots to date simply because of the level of production we put into it. It is rare that I alter the location I’m shooting in, but with this shoot I bought tons of flowers, fabric, ribbon and lace and tried to turn the empty house we were shooting in into a magical flower wonderland. I knew I was going for that French Renaissance / Victorian look and found a wonderful hairstylist who knew exactly what I was talking about, and my go-to MUA is always on the same wavelength as I am. Chloe and Ellie are both incredible models and not only work well together but take everything in stride and make working for an entire day so easy and fun.

What does a typical day for you involve? Right now I am in that rare inbetween period where I’m not taking any college courses for the first time since I was 17, so my days are always changing right now. I usually work at Starbucks during the day and a pizza place at night, so on my breaks between the two I am either editing photos, shooting, cleaning up / organizing, or squeezing in a quick nap. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? The biggest goal I have for my work at the moment is just for it to keep getting better. With my busy work schedule it is hard to shoot as much as I would like, but I’m hoping to start working with more local designers and models while I’m still living in Florida. Which brings me to my exciting news….I will be relocating to California this coming January! I will be finishing up my degree at Brooks Institute of Photography and branching out into a bigger market of models and designers in LA. This is going to be my first big move and it couldn’t be any sooner.

See more of Bethany’s work at:

Olivia Photography: Chantelle Elise Model: Olivia Gatt

Interview: Photographer Chantelle Elise When did you first discover your love of photography? Ever since I was little, I used to frolic around my garden or local park snapping away on my family digital camera. When I got a little older, I used to upload them onto the computer and edit them. It was when I was seventeen I got my first DSLR. What inspires your creativity the most? There are a lot of things that inspire me - sometimes it’s what’s going on in my life at the time, other photographers and artists, songs and movies or I just think up an idea and want to take a photo! Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? My boyfriend and I went on a little road trip one day, took a wrong turn and discovered this little beautiful town, with such breathtaking settings, perfect for a photo-shoot. The next week, I collected up some of my dresses, and balloons, called up my friend and we all went on a little photo adventure, it was such a lovely day. Little note to future self: do not touch fences, they might be electrical… ouch!

What does a typical day for you involve? In regards to photography, the model and myself usually meet up. Have a little chat and discuss our plans for the day. I try to make shoots as fun as possible. I know if I was in front of a camera I would be so nervous! The models are usually my friends, which makes it easy for the both of us! What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Just to continue to have fun with photography, and capture beautiful moments and images. I will actually be assisting a wedding in October which I am very excited about, and will be taking some photos of babies too! Leaving my safe zone.

See more of Chantelle’s work at: Instagram: @chantellelise

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The Coldest


Photographer: Juliette Lichman / Somnolent Images Model: Nicole Johnson HMUA: Michelle Beeckman Red Gown: TL Studio

Interview: Photographer Juliette Lichman When did you first discover your love of photography? During my last year of high school. I used to obsessively browse art websites and save tonnes of images onto my computer as inspiration. I started out the opposite to most photographers, in that I taught myself Photoshop and composite art first, then moved on to learn photography. Being a part of an artist network online helped to shape my tastes and skills in photography because I was exposed to so much every day, and was getting regular feedback about my work. It was a creative rebirth for me, but also an outlet and escape to put all my negative emotional energy into something positive. What inspires your creativity the most? Many things! Visually and thematically I'm very inspired by contemporary traditional artists as well as historic portraiture, editorial photographers who think outside the box, couture fashion and historic gowns, and Japanese fashion and the 'surreal cuteness' that often accompanies their brand image. Another big inspiration is music - I am

always listening to a certain piece or playlist when I'm working on a composite artwork or editing, as it helps me to achieve a certain atmosphere. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? It was really lovely to be shooting Nicole as I wanted to work with her for a while. The HMUA Michelle was also fantastic, and put a lot of care into the details. We planned to do the shoot in the mountains as it's my favourite environment to shoot in and suited the theme. It was a chilly sunny day, and the location was lovely as ever - even just being in the fresh mountain air helps to inspire me. We shot two looks relatively quickly, thanks to Nicole's brilliant modelling! What does a typical day for you involve? Usually I am most active and productive in the morning (if I wake up early enough!) and answer emails, messages and work on things for clients. Throughout the day I browse for inspiration for upcoming shoots, and liaise with models. I may go out

to look for props / supplies too. I'm usually quite tired in the afternoon, so I rest and continue in the evening, working on edits and digital art. I'm moving to the UK in a few weeks, so as of recently looking for jobs and updating my resume has been a priority! What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I would REALLY love to have a themed composite art exhibition, but I need to sit down and plan it all properly. I was invited by RAW for Sydney's September exhibition, but sadly had to decline as it is on after I leave. Generally I intend to branch out a little more into the public eye, entering competitions, submitting to more magazines (especially print) and hopefully organising an exhibition if I find the right place / time. Being UK based I've already planned to collaborate with talented creatives from all over Europe, which I'm very excited about! Finding an editorial photography job would be a dream, and it's something I'm striving for in the back of my mind!

View more of Juliette’s work at:

An Interview with


Irenne Tj

When did you first discover your love of art? I fell in love with art since I was very young. As far as I could remember, I had always been interested in flipping through children story books. I was more attracted in looking at the illustrations rather than reading the story. My dad used to teach me how to draw when I was little and I saw him as a role model. Which three words would you use to describe your artistic style? I personally like clean and simple artworks. I love the combination of thin lines and details. I'm never really into rough and scratchy illustration style. I’ve tried working on illustrations with the use of heavy lines and watercolour to create the so called 'beautiful mess', but that's just not me. So three words to sum up my artistic style would be feminine, beauty and simple but intricate. What inspires your creativity the most? I love spending hours and hours browsing in front of my computer to find inspirations. I like going through fashion blogs, magazines, Pinterest and Tumblr as my resources of information to collect image references that I use for my drawing inspiration. I also enjoy looking at other talented fashion illustrators / artists' work to give me more aspiration and motivation to my own work.

Please describe an average day in the life of Irenne? I’m currently working part time as a Project Manager / Designer in one of the Creative Agencies in Melbourne, Australia. Other than that, I also work as a freelance illustrator 2 days a week and I really wish I can work as a full time illustrator one day. And my days as an illustrator.. I start my day with a cup of coffee (it’s a must for me to keep me going) then check my email, Facebook and Instagram. If I don’t have any image references ready from a few days before, I’ll allow some time to browse and find inspirations. However, I normally allocate a day to do some research and collect some image references. As soon as I get enough references to experiment with, a long meditative day starts from here. I really love taking my time to draw and sink myself into it.

What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your art career; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I’ve always been dreaming to become a full time illustrator and living from my drawing. That would be an ultimate goal in my life. I understand there is no easy way to be able to get there, it takes a lot of effort and hard work for sure. My upcoming plans are to keep producing and focusing on what I’ve been doing and hoping there is an opportunity for me to collaborate with different magazines and big fashion brands out there. Visit, & to see more of Irenne’s work.


Dreams Hairstylist: Helen Billingham Photographer: Analia Paino Model: Hanna Marie Make-up Artist: Ivy Ngo

Interview: Hair Stylist Helen Billingham When did your love of hairstyling first blossom? I have been hairdressing for 14 years now, I feel so passionate about it and it’s definitely something I've always loved, the last 18 months has been the best in my career and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

What does an average day in the life of Helen involve? Well I'm generally in the gym at 5:30am then in the salon for the day, I also love doing a lot of research into what's in fashion and try to keep myself up to speed with all the latest techniques and skills in my field.

When it comes to your profession, what inspires your creativity the most? I'm inspired by all different things, from people to places and experiences. I think that creativity is something that you should never be afraid of and always strive to do your absolute best.

Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I have a lot of things coming up, there are always things to be involved in and I want to be a part of anything that I can be. I love education and sharing my knowledge with others but I also believe that we never stop learning. I am going to continue to push myself to be the best that I can be and make sure I take any opportunity that comes my way.

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? This was such a fun photoshoot to put together, everything fell into place perfectly which was amazing as we'd had awful weather leading up to the day. Everything was on our side and it was an enjoyable experience to be a part of. I always love the whole aspect of a photoshoot right from the vision to the finished images.

See more of Helen’s work at: Instagram: @hbillingham

Issue Playlist Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club White Collar Love by Animaux

Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard All The Wrong Places by The Jungle Giants I’m Not Coming Back by Husky Sun Hands by Local Natives

Black Mambo by Glass Animals The Suburbs by Mr Little Jeans Breathe by Telepopmusik But I Stay by Tulane

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Emma Photography and Editing: Kenneth Kwok Model: Emma @ Lexington Models Make-up & Hair: Heidi Cheung Styling: Eve Obayoriade

Interview: Photographer Kenneth Kwok When did you first discover your love of photography? It's like 5 years ago when I had a strong interest in shooting with my collections of action figures :P Then I showed my photos and one of my friends brought forward the idea of shooting real models. So I tried and it craps my first shoot....but I like it so it's how it got started. What inspires your creativity the most? Moody colour tone, dreamy, vintage, soft, relax, vanilla, cotton candy :P Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? First of all I really have to say a BIG THANK YOU to my team, for being so patient with me when shooting, and baring with all the mosquito bites on everyone's feet...I really owe you all a BIG dinner :D I've been to the shooting location many times actually, and every time I told myself I must do a photoshoot here with all the vintage, rustic, natural spots around. Then I finally came up with the right idea and put the perfect team

together :) What does a typical day for you involve? Not sure what to say on this...I’ve got a daytime job so most of the time I'm not really shooting or editing. But luckily I’ve got a quiet desk in the office so I can sneak and surf on the internet to search more inspirations for shooting projects :P What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-toodistant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Honestly... not quite yet... but I still remember I've been away to another city invited by a friend I know in a photoshoot, and to collaborate with people there and make friends, share about arts and inspirations. That's a really wonderful experience I have had in my photography journey so far, and I definitely look forward to having more travelling experiences like this :) See more of Kenneth’s work at:

The Circus by Anastasia Gammon

It’s the last night before the circus leaves town and I’m standing at the ticket office alone. I had worried it might be strange to come on my own but I can see a fire-eater performing just inside the entrance and I’m already glad I didn’t miss this. I pull my scarf tighter around my neck. The wind is bitterly cold tonight. The woman behind the ticket desk takes my money and passes me a small paper stub in return. I bounce a little on my feet, half from trying to keep warm and half from excitement. The fire-eater blows flames towards me as I walk past and I smile as the warmth passes over my face. There are lights everywhere, outshining the stars. There are performers everywhere too. Jugglers, sword-swallowers, and more fire-eaters line the path to the Big Top but I only have eyes for the yellow and red striped tent ahead of me. Two women stand in the entrance, holding the curtain open and dripping with sequins and glitter. My jeans and grey coat start to feel dull as I walk beneath their outstretched hands. Their smiles are as dazzling as their costumes. I look down and see that my sleeves are dusted with silver glitter.

It feels like magic watching the trapeze artists twist and fly in the air. My breath catches every time one of them lets go of the bar even though it’s only a split second before their partner catches them again by their wrists or their ankles. It always seems like the catch is just in time and I smile seeing other people in the audience look as relieved as I feel. The performers from outside repeat their acts in the tent, bigger and more extravagant. The women who held open the entrance dance with lions and horses. A contortionist moves like water through hoops and into impossibly small boxes over and over again until it no longer looks real. Everything shines and shimmers like starlight. It’s over all too quickly. I wish I could stay and watch it all again but the audience pours out of the Big Top, sweeping me along with it. I feel the icy wind on my exposed face as soon as I step outside but the air smells like popcorn and candyfloss and the fire-eaters and sword-swallowers line the path again, guiding us towards the exit. I see the contortionist and one of the trapeze artists in a tiny gap between two tents. The contortionist has a pair of grey trousers pulled on over his sparkling costume and the trapeze artist’s hands are buried in the contortionist’s hair. The trapeze artist moves a hand and the light catches on a flurry of glitter as it falls from the contortionist’s hair. I hide my smile behind my scarf and close my eyes for just a second, breathing in the sugary air once more before I reenter the real world.

Charm and Grace Photographer: Ashley Holloway Models: Rae Kalaman and Lauren Vila Collaboration with Kaylin Amabile

Interview: Photographer Ashley Holloway What do you love the most about the medium of photography? I love that with photography I can create fantasy in the real world. It feels a little bit like creating magic, and that is a really powerful thing! Watching sets unfold and styling being done in preparation is such a cool thing, especially for larger shoots. Then, when the model gets into place and strikes the perfect pose with the perfect emotional look in her eyes, it's just so overwhelming. The story you created in your head can become real, and its created with the hard work and perseverance of people that sometimes you barely know. It's amazing that these people can believe in your vision so steadfastly and be willing to help you create something, often purely for the love of it. Shooting for almost an entire day creates a really strong bond, in my opinion. What are some of your biggest creative inspirations at the moment? My childhood is always a huge inspiration for me. I'm not saying that I had a totally different childhood experience than others, but that childlike state of mind that trusts and believes in things that they can't see is

very inspirational to me. Dressing up and pretending to be somebody else is in the spirit of how I think about fashion. With the right styling, you can become a totally different person, and I watch that happen all of the time thanks to photography. The clothing and the model usually dictate a shoot no matter what I was inspired by beforehand. I'm also, as always, inspired by flowers, nature, fairy-tales, 19th Century paintings, vintage, and my fellow photographers. I like pretty things, usually with a dash of sad. I'm a very contemplative person, and I think that shows in my work. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? These were really fun photographs to capture! I worked alongside my photography partner-in-crime Kaylin Amabile. Speaking of inspirations, she is a huge inspiration for me always. It is amazing having a friend that fully understands how you work. So, we both set up this scene and styled the models, who were new to both of us, with our vintage collections. We transformed our spot from wood-panelled walls and a plain white bedspread, to this little vintage lace paradise. It's amazing

what some vintage lace tablecloths can do! I added some pretty vintage props from my collection to give it a very feminine sanctuary-like feel, an escape from the real world, kind of a girls-only club. We basically made it up as we went along, it was just a fun Friday gettogether. I always strive to have a very comfortable atmosphere at my photoshoots, we're always laughing and thinking of new things together. To put this shoot into perspective, we're shooting on a queen-size bed in a fairly small room with Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys blasting over the speakers (and being sung aloud by us). We have two big studio lights we're trying to work around, so we're standing on dressers, chairs, and the bed to photograph the scene. It all looks so serious on camera, but if the whole shoot was videoed, it might be hard to take it that seriously. It looks like dreamy magic through the viewfinder, but the surrounding chaos is so silly. You've captured so many beautiful scenes and obtained a number of impressive achievements; Has there been one experience or achievement that has really stood out for you so far in your photographic career? Thank you! I'm really hard on myself, to be honest. Every achievement, I can easily pick apart as "not that important." But I remember when I first got a shoot accepted into Coco magazine (now Coco Indie). That felt really special. I had never been accepted anywhere before, possibly because I didn't fully

understand what I was doing, and an acceptance to a place that I was really inspired by felt really wonderful. I worked with a full team on it, and my model was the incredible Laura Kirkpatrick, who was a runner-up on ANTM. It was themed around the book and movie ,"The Secret Garden" and I had never been happier and more excited about the outcome of a photoshoot. That photoshoot really did feel like magic to create, and that kind of feeling is pretty addictive What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Oh my, that's a hard question to answer! I'm not really that great at planning goals, I'm better at adjusting to what gets thrown my way. There's a few submission-based magazines that I'd love to get accepted into in the near future, but if I focus on just submitting, it becomes very stressful and ruins the fun of shooting. I do have a few larger shoots for Autumn that I'm planning and that I'm pretty excited about though! Both are getting back to my roots of photographing fairy-tales but with a more high-fashion spin to them! View more of Ashely’s work at: Instagram: @ahollowayphoto

“We are the

dreamers of

dreams.” -- “Ode” by Arthur O’Shaughnessy

An Interview with

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Wallflower Wardrobe

When did you first begin your blog, 'Wallflower Wardrobe', and what inspired you to do so? About two years ago my blog was created, but back then it was called ‘The Little Duckling’- I changed the name in January as I think ‘Wallflower Wardrobe’ expressed my style and overall aesthetic more. To most people’s surprise, I actually created my blog slightly unwillingly! A friend pestered me to make a blog at the same time she made hers - we were only 13 and had no idea where it would lead, let alone how to write interesting content! A few years on, and my style and blog is still constantly evolving and improving (thankfully it’s come on such a long way since my first post!). How would you describe yourself in just three words? Eclectic, quirky, fun When it comes to your own fashion style, what are some of your favourite garments or styles? I love looking at previous decades and mixing up different vintage pieces to create a style that reflects my personality. Aside from living in my Dr Martens, my favourites this summer have been my dungarees and a completely out-there paisley kimono, which is floor length and made out of wonderful chiffon fabric. My style tends to vary quite a lot, some days I might wear all black, others I’ll dress in lace and pop on a flower crown - of course, it’s mostly the second option!

We understand you also run a beautiful Etsy store called Peppercorn Jewellery Please tell our readers a little more about this? Three years ago - when I was 13 - I desperately wanted a job but there wasn’t anything available other than paper rounds. Instead I decided to teach myself how to make jewellery so that I would be able to pass on my love for creating and occupy myself in my spare time too. My style has changed a lot along my journey and I currently specialise in vintage inspired pieces featuring quirky charms - you can find everything from robots and flowers to owls and skeleton keys. Since making my online shop, it’s continued to grow and I now have customers across Europe, Australia, Africa and America, even a few in Hawaii! I’m so thankful for every order and having such wonderful, supportive customers. How would you describe an average day in the life of Emma? My day usually starts with checking emails for orders and reading a few of my favourite blogs. After being inspired, I’ll then make some jewellery, bake a cake or photograph a new outfit for my Wallflower Wardrobe. Afternoons are usually spent walking my dog or hunting around charity shops for any treasures to add to my room! What do you hope to achieve in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I start college this month, which is a huge new chapter in my life so I can’t wait to get started learning about my chosen subjects, including photography! I’m also working on another shop called Peppercorn Vintage to go alongside my jewellery making - passing on my love for vintage items and treasures is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. My calendar will probably be filled with new projects along the way too, I’m sure I’ll be sharing them so that you can follow all of my adventures on my blog! Please click to view Emma’s blog, Jewellery Store, Vintage Store and Facebook page.

“Love it, thank you. So much to get through, a wonderful resource for a beginner like myself.” – Melanie Ceveri

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Hidden Whispers Photographer: Kathleen Frank Model: Leah Marie

Interview: Photographer Kathleen Frank When did you first discover your love of photography? All through high school and college, I took as many photography courses as I could. I loved it! I worked with film and dark room developing, and I could get lost in that dark room for so many hours. Been hooked ever since! What inspires your creativity the most? Ahhhh, so many things! Honestly, I feel most inspired when I slow down enough to pay attention to life. Then, everything I usually pass by, like songs on the radio or a nearby field, becomes beautiful and inspiring. That’s when my creative projects start to take shape. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing these images? I had recently moved from the Southern part of the US to the most Northern part and experienced a crazy long, cold winter. It was my first real winter in seven years! I spent all of those cold days dreaming of images with flowers and warmth and sunshine. Leah, our model, and I met up to spend an afternoon in a greenhouse soaking up the sunshine and springtime feelings. I wanted to capture those slow, soft feelings of awakening, and Leah committed to the idea 100%. She was the perfect model and a dream to

photograph! What does a typical day for you involve? My husband and I recently simplified our life down to living in a travel trailer in the woods, so life is pretty quiet! I’m totally nocturnal, so morning is really mid-afternoon. There, you can find me working on art projects, getting outside with my pup or out on the lake by our campgrounds, and doing all the fun life stuff like laundry and errands. In the evenings, I’m either out on a photo shoot or spending time adventuring and relaxing with my husband, Ronald. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I going back to my roots and picking up film photography again! I’ve been working on some all-film travel stories and will be incorporating it more into my fashion work, as well. I’m really drawn to film as a creative outlet, and I want to push myself with that to make more creative and emotional imagery. View more of Kathleen’s work at: Instagram: @imkathleenfrank

A Doll’s


Art director: Brain4Rent - Photographer: Paolo Manzini - Model: Maria Chiara Centorami - Fashion Designer: Francesca Cimini - Jewels: Lim.Glam - Make up & Hair stylist: Manuela Melillo - Video Editor: Shoot Spot - Location: Hotel Mozart, Roma -

Interview: Art Director Paola de Conciliis When did you first discover your love of art direction? First of all I have to explain that I come from a marketing education, achieving a bachelor of Visual Communication and Design at IED Design European Institute and fashion experience working in the past as a trend hunter and product manager with great fashion designers who cooperated with my company. Because of my innate passion - or addiction - for fashion, I realized that every advertising message I conceived, it played out as a fashion language. I conceive fashion as a way to vector suggestions and ideas, and art direction of shootings and fashion collections is the expression of my deep attitude. What inspires your creativity the most? Certainly street art, pictures and trends, as much as lifestyle of big and unconventional fashion icons but, above all, the driving force of all projects are my needs and what I

would like to say to the world. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? A great fashion and advertising photographer like Paolo Manzini quickly understood what I am going to bring forward by choosing a model, dancer and actress like Maria Chiara Centorami who could be able to synthetise a bored and disoriented doll in a golden cage. Important and pompous dresses of the fashion designer and stylist Francesca Cimini have inspired LIM.GLAM, jewel consultant and art worker to create a doll-style capsule collection of bijoux. Manuela Melillo expert make up artist, specialized in fashion and wedding beauty, made the difference too. The fabulous terraces and lounges of the historian Mozart hotel, situated in Via del Corso, in the heart of Rome, brought the necessary charm to the concept. The backstage video edited by Shoot Spot can be seen at

What does a typical day for you involve? I must necessarily devote every single day to several activities, always about fashion, but different, such as cool hunting, planning projects, editing videos, or creating handmade bijoux according to the next-to-come shooting or catwalk mood. Besides working as a social manager, I am always looking for cool and good people to relate with and from whom to take positive energy and inspiration.

hospitality and poetry in order to emphasise style, tradition and folklore of Rome, such as to live again “la dolce vita” and “The great beauty” trough the contemporary editorial mood of photographer’s shoots. This work is the second one of the series. In the year 2014 the mood was #forfashionfoodies: dress food and eat fashion. Taste it here! dea.8.1.14

View more of Paola’s work at: What do you hope to achieve with your art direction career in the nottoo-distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? This aspect of my creative activities is perhaps the main way to find new input working in staff and to let me become well-known. I just want to have fun working and for this I happily accept to challenge the fashion 'norm' with new projects. The next one in which I am just working on as creative and art director is a fashion calendar, named CalenDEArio 2015 #romansuggestions, with the partnership of Deacomunicazione Eventi, which involves all kinds of artistic sources of our territory: beauty, photography, welfare,

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