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ISSUE NO. 6 Founder / Editor: Melanie Doncas Intern: Lucinda Starr Contributors: Sally Ridge Illustrations, Ninique Photography, Gerald Larocque, Nicola Cayless, Melina Hollway, Franey Miller, Ashlyn Snow, Thomas Cole Simmonds, Lina Kay, Vanessa / The Midnight Rabbit, Sabrina Danielle, Jennifer Evans, Anny To, Yolanda van Kimmenade, Lisa Fahey / Taken Photography, Bethan / The Pale Female, Megan CĂŠcile Radford, Emma J Radford, Taylor Varvil, Hilda Strojil, Georgie / Beauxoxo, Lucy Prior Cover: Photography: Lina Kay www.linakayphotography.com Model: Claudia Hinds @ The Wolves HMUA: Sylwia Lukosz Wardrobe Styling & headpiece designs: Holly Witt @ Goddessflora Contact: Email: whim.online@gmail.com Design Elements: We Lived Happily Ever After www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com, Rocktuete rocktuete.deviantart.com, Angie Makes angiemakes.com Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of Whim Online Magazine as a whole. We cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without the consent of the Editor.

Editor’s Letter:

Hello! We’re so pleased to release our 6th issue to you all, and cannot believe just how much creativity, talent and beauty has been crammed into these pages! There’s everything from mermaids and ‘masked girls’ to bubble-gum, balloons, a ‘forgotten fairytale’ and of course, plenty of flower crowns (including a tutorial on how to make your very own!) In other exciting news, Whim will be releasing an eBook soon, aimed at providing the ultimate resource for photographers interested in dreamy and ethereal photography (just like the images gracing these pages), so please stay tuned for its release within the next month. Please enjoy the issue! Best wishes,


In this issue…

6….….Whim Loves 8….….Feature: Sally Ridge Illustration 12…...Feature: Ninique Photography 16…...Photoshoot: ‘Little Birds’ by Gerald Larocque 25…...Interview: Photographer Gerald Larocque 27…...Poem: ‘Celestial Queens’ by Nicola Cayless 28…...Photoshoot: ‘Forgotten Fairytale’ by Melina Hollway 35…...Interview: Photographer & Fashion Designer Melina Hollway 37.…..Issue Playlist 38…...Photoshoot: ‘Izzy’ by Franey Miller 52…...Interview: Photographer Franey Miller 53…...Story: ‘Grandma Shirley’ by Ashlyn Snow 54…...Photoshoot: ‘The Portobello’ by Thomas Cole Simmonds 71…...Interview: Photographer Thomas Cole Simmonds 72…...Photoshoot: ‘Efflorescence’ by Lina Kay 94…...Interview: Photographer Lina Kay 96…...Interview: Artist Vanessa from The Midnight Rabbit 100….Photoshoot: ‘Sirens of the Sea’ by Sabrina Danielle 123….Interview: Photographer Sabrina Danielle 125….Poem: ‘Beloved Dream’ by Jennifer Evans 126….Photoshoot: ‘This Time Around’ by Anny To 140….Interview: Photographer Anny To 142….Photoshoot: ‘I Feel It All’ by Yolanda van Kimmenade 156….Interview: Photographer Yolanda van Kimmenade 158….Photoshoot: ‘By The Wayside’ by Taken Photography 171….Interview: Photographer Lisa Fahey / Taken Photography 172….Interview: Blogger Bethan from A Pale Female 176….Story: ‘A Paper Chain of Hearts’ by Megan Cécile Radford 178….Photoshoot: ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ by Taylor Varvil 196….Interview: Photographer Taylor Varvil 198….Photoshoot: ‘Ellyza’ by Hilda Strojil 206….Interview: Photographer Hilda Strojil 208….DIY: How to Make a Flower Crown by Georgie from Beauxoxo 211….Whim is releasing an eBook! 212….Story: ‘When Life Throws You Scraps, Make a Patchwork’ by Lucy Prior 214….Final Words

Whim Loves…

Rouge Pony is still one of the prettiest Etsy stores we’ve ever found! We love it’s selection of dreamy accessories, all featured in the most stunning of images – Click HERE to check it out.

Craftsy’s online course ‘Breaking into the Business of Photography’ is perfect for those who are passionate about photography but wish to pursue their dream as a profitable career. You can access the course at any time and are provided with an array of useful videos, printable materials and the ability to ask your teacher questions via the virtual classroom. Find out more by clicking HERE!

ModCloth is always surprising us with their range of cute and quirky accessories, décor and clothing. We especially love these dreamy ‘Polaroid Notes’ (they serve as the prettiest cards!) and this adorable cat purse. Click HERE to check out ModCloth’s online shop!

Not only was Georgie from Beauxoxo nice enough to provide us with a DIY flower crown tutorial for this issue, but she also sells the most beautiful (and affordable) hair accessories. Click HERE to view Georgie’s Etsy shop.

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“Your picture of


is your most

important creation. Make it powerfully

profoundly beautiful.”

- Alex Grey

Whim Loves:

Sally Ridge Illustration

A self-confessed “illustrator and cat lover”, Sally Ridge’s passion for her art has no boundaries. The 20-something-year-old may have dropped art school, but that didn’t mean that her heart wasn’t in it. She explains: “Like a bright eyed 20something dropping her aging high school sweetheart, I dropped art school – we’d just grown apart. Beret in the bin, graphic design degree in hand, I was on a quest to draw whatever I wanted. No more grades or assessment - just pictures that stir something, anything, in your loins.” Judging by Sally’s incredible and unique illustrations, the young illustrator certainly made the right choice. Her portfolio showcases a brilliant array of drawings on cotton rag paper with pigment ink and coloured pencil. The illustrator states, “I like drawing beaks, talons, tails, faces, feathers, and peepers of all kinds,” and one cannot help but gaze-on in awe of her illustrations of humans and animals alike. There’s more to Sally Ridge’s illustrations than just what meets the eye though, with many of her works containing an interesting anecdote or back-story. For example, with her illustration of a Grizzly Bear (pictured), Sally delves into the history and even location of the species, explaining: “The Grizzly was named for its 'Grizzled' fur, with grey hairs. In 1815 it was formally named by naturalist George Ord, who misunderstood it to mean 'Grisly' (in the way of gruesome or horrific), resulting in the latin deviation 'Horribilis. Also shown are Litchens, which are native to the same areas as this guy.”

Sally’s artworks have seen her receive the impressive honour of being awarded the Best Original In-House Design Concept for 'The Dark Horse' at the National UFG Awards, and her work has also been exhibited countless times in both Western Australia and Victoria. Having spent time studying Fine Arts and Creative Advertising, as well as obtaining a Bachelor of Art (Graphic Design), it’s safe to say that this young creative is already well on her way to success. One of Sally’s favourite aspects of her job as an illustrator is completing custom pet portraits and the good news is that you can easily commission Sally to create a bespoke portrait of your very own cuddly companion by heading to www.sallyridge.net/pets. The likeness between each pet’s photograph and Sally’s wonderful illustration of them is uncanny, and no one can deny that these are something each owner would treasure for life. The artist’s pet portraits are hand painted on Saunders Waterford 300G 100% Cotton Rag and all materials are archival quality, “meaning you won't ever lose or yellow your artwork because of a sunny window,” Sally explains. Another element of Sally’s creativity that we know our readers will love is her online shop, which not only sells her illustrations but also features a number of affordable and amazing accessories, such as earrings, necklaces and brooches. With all prices including shipping to Australia and international shipping only costing an additional $5.00, who wouldn’t want to purchase a piece of Sally’s signature artistic style for themselves?..................................................................................................... We highly encourage you to check out Sally Ridge’s work by visiting the following links:

Website: www.sallyridge.net Facebook: www.facebook.com/SallyRidgeIllustration Shop: sallyridge.net/shop

Ninique Photography

Whim Loves:

Dresses: Eve Boutique, Flowers: Suncoast Flowers, Props: Remember When Vintage Prop Hire, Location: House of Laurels Wedding Venue, Models: Courtney Martin, Elle-May Leckenby, Eby Drinkwater & Yasmine Adra, Hair: The Guillotine Hair Artistry, Make-up: Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry

After five years in-the-making, the newly-launched Ninique Photography has certainly been worth the wait. The inspiring individual behind this company is the multi-talented Janine, who explains, “I have been doing photography for over five years, building a portfolio showcasing an array of my work from engagement, fashion, formal and wedding events. I'm at the stage where I feel confident that I can provide the professional quality service all clients deserve.” Based in Brisbane, Australia, Ninique Photography was officially launched on the 21st of June 2014, however the company is already making a name for itself at the forefront of its industry. Not only has Ninique Photography created some spectacularly stunning photoshoots so far, but many have also been quick to shower the company with 5-star ratings and praise. Janine’s foray into the creative sphere began with her jewellery label, Ninique Designs, which she officially launched in April 2014. “Since I was a child, I day dreamed of living in a world where I created stunning, beautiful pieces people adored and wanted from all areas of the globe,” she says.

During this time, Janine’s love of photography was also strong, and in her spare time she found herself planning and photographing shoots to showcase her jewellery designs. Just one visit to Ninique Photography’s website and social media platforms will have you hooked. Here at Whim we cannot help but look on in awe at images featuring flower crown adorned women dressed in delicate, lace gowns with floral bouquets in hand. While the world may seem inundated with wedding photography services, it takes talent, passion and an eye for detail to capture true beauty, and we can honestly say Janine and her team at Ninique Photography possess these skills. Although working as a teacher part-time, Janine finds immense enjoyment in her photography journey, as the medium allows her creativity to shine through. She explains, “I have a love for photography and the wonderful experiences and memories each shoot provides. I love being a part of the bridal industry and have had so many wonderful opportunities this year to work around some of the best wedding venues on the Sunshine Coast and collaborations with talented designers & artists in the wedding industry.”

Two of the inspiring talents that Janine collaborates with on a regular basis through Ninique Photography include Kate from Kate Ellen Makeup Artistry & Liz from The Guillotine Hair artistry, and both of these ladies’ work can be seen in the images featured in this article. These gorgeous images were also achieved with the generous contributions of Eve Boutique, Suncoast Flowers, Remember When Vintage Prop Hire and House of Laurels Wedding Venue. We highly encourage you to check out the work of Ninique Photography by visiting the following links: Website: www.niniquephotography.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/niniquephotography

Little Birds Photographer: Gerald Larocque www.geraldlarocque.com Models: Kate Vokral & Jordan McEwen @ Angie's Models & Talent Hair: Rhoda Boyd Bodysuits: American Apparel

When did you first discover your love of photography? Photography came from an early age for me though I never realized it. I was always in love with fine art painters, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and John Everett Millais. I found myself always deeply admiring these artists with a strong passion with the amount of detail they could place into a single piece of work and the mood it projected. My parents would purchase disposable 35mm film cameras and give them to me to create a photo diary of sorts. I remember running around “drive-by” snapping the shutter on my bicycle or taking photographs of individuals I found interesting that my parents knew. When I would get the film processed I found that most of my images consisted of light leaks, double exposures, and/or the subjects face was cut off and the crops were photographically unpleasing. I believe at this moment I fell in love with photography and its imperfections and how I strove to create thought provoking imagery in a painterly manner similar to the painters I admired.

What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? My photography has taken many different turning points throughout the years it has been developing. My earlier years of photography I mainly focused

on suppressed memories and eruptions throughout of my childhood. Which in turn “Constant Resurrections” blossomed within. Though presently my works have been focusing around building large-scale objects that are normally viewed at a smaller scale. Throughout my latest series I have been producing known as “The Day Dreamer”, I have been trying something a bit different where I compiled many of my surreal/conceptual photos into one set of images all dealing with different themes. Which in turn will apply themselves as “dreams”, or figments of imagination. I aim to create a whimsical, ghostly presence through them. A presence that is not only photographic but also intimate on both the photographer’s and viewer’s ends. My imagery as I see it has this beautiful sadness to it, that becomes very alluring, striving to capture the “moment before the moment”, an almost limbo, an inbetween of what’s happened previously and what’s about to occur. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? When photographing “Little Birds” I went through a lot of struggles during the shooting of the editorial. I had to reschedule the shoot itself numerous times due to the consist awful winter weather Canada was having at the time.

The night before the shoot took place, I found myself building the “birds nest” in -40 weather, and my eye lashes were nearly frozen to one another it was that cold. I had to spend hours, and hours not only building and placing the props throughout the location in this weather but had to protect and secure them enough to still be there in the morning. Though once “Little Birds” was in full motion, it was by far one of my favorite shoots I had ever done. The models I worked with had become dear friends of mine after many shoots before and to bring these two models together seemed like the smartest choice. I believe “Little Birds” was the shoot that has provoked a strong interest in sisterhood to me; being a male I find it even more interesting the bond girls share with one another. I strive to capture that in this editorial, and have been working on many upcoming projects having to do with this similar notion. What inspires your creativity the most? What inspires my work the most is spending countless hours researching paintings, and photographs and looking for what works best in their imagery or what stands out the most from first sight. I enjoy attending galleries, or trekking through the forest with a journal and letting the atmosphere surround me. I find myself constantly observing Tim Walker, Sally Mann, and Ryan Mcginley’s works and I believe they are the strongest influences on how I shape my imagery, from concept to

mood. I also enjoy Wes Anderson films in the company of my very lovely girlfriend. I believe in my most recent photo stories I have been creating that have been yet to be released due to the release dates of publications. Many are strongly influenced by Sophia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides, and Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I am hoping to get back into producing or working alongside magazines. I use to design one with a group of individuals in my early years of university until we had a falling out. I hope to use my conceptual style of photography and hopefully start shooting some big named people. I do have some exciting things coming up, and I’d love to share them, but I am truly sorry I can’t. All I can say is it will be someone that many, many people know, and she’s a hard person not to have seen everywhere. So fingers crossed that all that goes well, and that everyone will be seeing those beautiful images in a few months.

Website: www.geraldlarocque.com

Facebook: facebook.com/geraldlarocquephotography Instagram: @geraldlarocque

By Nicola Cayless http://moderateclimates.com

Everyone knows that we are all made of stardust, that my fingers were crafted by the whisperings of light, that my lungs were created by the remembrance of energy. Inside my bones are the stories of eternity, of the night, of the morning, of the void. I am made of celestial queens, who ruled over planets and moons, who governed the men who tripped over atmospheres and gravity in their haste to touch the heavens. The star in my wrist was in love with another, one far greater, far brighter, who danced more brilliantly, who illuminated the way for sherpas and midnight teenagers. (The star that my wrist loves lies in other lands, in other worlds where they speak in grunts and groans, in touches and in making love, but we’re all just the quintessence of dust.) And though I am the composite of space and the reminiscences of night, and in the whole I am bound to flesh and yours, there is still the star in my wrist who twinkles quietly and longs to be with the nebula in his left ankle.



Photography: Melina Hollway Photography www.facebook.com/MelinaHollwayphotography Model: Rebecca Lee from Viviens Make up and Hair: Jacqui Buzetti Wardrobe: Damsel in this Dress www.ditd.com.au

When did you first begin your label Damsel In This Dress and what inspired you to do so? We officially launched the label in 2009, my love of handcrafting works of art is what inspired me to make the label available to the public. For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with your incredibly stunning label, how would you describe it to them? We offer fun, vintage, whimsical and novelty garments. All pieces are hand crafted by our small team here in Australia, we search far and wide for our vintage fabrics and novelty prints to make all of our pieces unique. We make fun superhero and novelty printed dresses to pretty, frilly and girly formal dresses with lots of detail, there is something for everyone that likes to be a little different.

Not only are you a self-taught fashion designer, but you're also a very talented photographer (as these featured images certainly prove!). When did your love of photography first blossom? My love of photography has always

been there and it goes hand in hand with the fashion industry and running a label so it was only natural that I take it up. My real passion though was brought out at the start of last year where a change of circumstances let me explore photography in a more creative artistic way, it was a way that I could escape into another world and create my own little characters, settings and costumes, It was no longer focused around the label but it was a way I could create a piece of art and everything I created from the gowns, crowns and props was now made for my photo-shoots. We understand these images were part of a very special project for you. Please tell our readers a little about this? Yes these images are part of my forgotten fairytale series. I wanted to create a series of images that were of characters that are not from a specific fairytale but instead would leave the viewer to imagine their own fairytale that this character may be the star of. I started making intricate accessories and garments paying attention to detail with the hopes of the viewer getting lost in the images.

My main motivation for the series was to help my sick mother take her mind off her horrible situation, she had just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and was a long time mental illness sufferer, I would ring her daily and go into detail with what stage I was up to with this shoot and how I went about making each piece which would take her mind away momentarily off her reality. I wanted to give these images to her to hang around in her room so she could loose herself in them but unfortunately she passed away a week after being diagnosed in April of this year and never got to see the end result, it was only a few days after her death that the shoot was locked in to happen, we still went ahead with the shoot because I know mum would have wanted me to complete it. I want these images to help with a good cause, I don’t want them to just waste away as just another pretty image so I have plans to complete 11 more characters as a 12 part series in hopes that I can sell the images to help raise funds for families that struggle with kids that have Autism and other disabilities. I will be running a nomination week on my Melina Hollway photography page which will give people the opportunity to nominate a family they think could do with a little help and proceeds from

any of my forgotten fairytale images will go towards these families.

What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your fashion design and / or photography career Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I hope that one day my photography will be sold as fine art pieces and that my concepts and techniques for shoots just keep getting better and better, I'm always looking for ways to improve as a designer and a photographer. The most exciting news for my photography is I will be travelling to New York next year to hold an open week for pre booked photography sessions with models wanting to participate in my fairytale shoots. Photography Facebook Page: facebook.com/MelinaHollwayphotography

Damsel in this Dress website:

www.ditd.com.au Damsel in this Dress Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Damsel-in-thisdress/76888014724

Playlist: Glass Animals – ‘Pools’ All We Are – ‘Feel Safe’ Wilsen – ‘Magnolia’ Bertie Blackman – ‘Run For Your Life’ Broods – ‘Taking You There’ The Acid – ‘Fame’ Funeral Suits – ‘All Those Friendly People’ The Honey Trees – ‘To Be With You’ Lana Del Rey – ‘Angels Forever’ Jose Gonzalez – ‘Stay Alive’ (Click HERE to listen online)

Izzy Photography: Franey Miller www.franeymiller.net Model: Izzy Spain @ AMAX Makeup/Hair: Lisa Johnson Styling: CĂŠline Bailey @ AMAX

When did you first discover your love of photography? I feel like I discover new things I love about photography every day. That being said, I remember my first photo escapade - I was twelve years old and my friend and I had gone for a walk in my neighborhood. We took simple photos that obviously weren't that great, but my love for photography just grew from there. What inspires your creativity the most? My inspiration comes from a lot of things, mainly my friends and nature. I love when the clouds look like they've been sprayed out of an aerosol can. I love when the trees are so green that you can't see behind them. I love all my friends I've made recently. I'm also inspired by different colors and patterns, and other photographers' work. I love how photography is an art form that forces you to see how other people see. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? I loved this shoot so much, the vibes were so wonderful. We were shooting in Shelby Park in Nashville and the shoot was very soft and sweet. During the 4th or 5th look though, the clouds opened up and it just started pouring rain. It was a torrential downpour, but fortunately

nothing got ruined! What does an average day in the life of Franey Miller involve? Drinking a lot of coffee, usually a photo shoot, and spending time with people I love, wherever I am. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Ahh yes! I'm relocating to New York City with my boyfriend as of July 1st. I'm super excited!!!!!

Website: www.franeymiller.net Facebook: facebook.com/franeymillerphotography Tumblr: franeymillerisapicture.tumblr.com

By Ashlyn Snow

My appreciation of all things creative starts with her. Maybe it’s the way she would encourage us musically, theatrically, what-have-you. Whenever we’d see her she was always excited to hear about our latest endeavours, how big or small they might have been. She tells me she’s always showing my pictures, that she shows them off to people everyday. The feelings of adoration are mutual; the way she’s always leaving red lipstick stains on her cups from sipping on her decaf coffee amuse me in a simple way. I’ve always seen her as the most glamorous, absolute loveliest lady. Maybe it’s the simple joy of tending her garden with her, especially the roses for her grandchildren, or her letting my sister and I dress up in her old gowns, putting on little fashion shows for everybody, complete with hors d'oeuvres and place settings for all of our special guests. It’s these little moments that I’ll never forget that have forged itself deep into my identity; my love of fashion, flowers, music, taking care of others, and all these other little things that bring me joy. I miss her so. She’s still here physically, but elsewhere in the mind. She still recognizes us and loves us unconditionally. She’s still absolutely lovely and glamorous. But she’s not here anymore and it will be a long time until we can talk like we used to. And until then, I’ll tend the garden, comb fashion magazines and put on my lipstick, for all these seemingly mundane things bring her back to me.



Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds: www.tomsimmonds.com Model: Lola @ Nevs: www.nevsmodels.co.uk Make-up: Hannah Serjeant: www.hannahlouisemakeup.com Styling: Ruth Elliott and Bryony Friend: www.closetclothing.co.uk Brand/Designer: Almari Clothing: www.closetclothing.co.uk

When did you first discover your love of photography? I guess I first really started getting into photography about four years ago now when I bought my first camera, I had always enjoyed taking photos but it wasn't until then that I got a taste for the artistic side of it. Over the first year or so I was enjoying myself with it but I don't think my love for the form really came about until I started shooting portraiture. As the years went on it kind of took over my life and now I'm all about taking photos! What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I like to portray subtle emotions and feminine beauty in a lot of my portraiture but in more of an organic way, I try not to force it into the images at all, it seems to come through naturally in my work. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? These images were originally shot for the spring collection of Almari by Closet Clothing. It was definitely one of my more interesting shoots as with client work they often have more of a budget when it comes to locations so we shot in a beautiful Regency period hotel in Notting Hill. We ended up shooting in the same room that Kate Moss and

Johnny Depp famously had their bath campaign, which I had to stand in for most of the shoot in order to get the shots we needed haha. It was a long shoot but rewarding and we managed to get lots of lovely photos! What inspires your creativity the most? It can be anything really, I usually find that I am more inspired when I'm not trying, this can be a bit annoying if you have an idea and no pen though haha. Listening to music always helps me recharge my brain through so I guess that's what generally inspires me most. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? More photo taking mostly! But my main ambition is to travel and shoot at the same time, if I can't quite manage that this year I definitely will next! Other than that you can keep up to date with new work on my website as I release new shoots there fairly regularly!

Website: www.tomsimmonds.com Facebook: facebook.com/thomascolesimmonds Instagram: @tomsimmonds


Photography: Lina Kay www.linakayphotography.com Model: Claudia Hinds @ The Wolves HMUA: Sylwia Lukosz Wardrobe Styling & headpiece designs: Holly Witt @ Goddessflora www.facebook.com/GoddessFlora

When did you first discover your love of photography? I first discovered my love for photography in high school when we had to make a pinhole camera. I was so completely fascinated by how this tiny and mysterious box could capture moments in time, and so it happened that the fascination with cameras in general began and I really just wanted to take pictures and make them beautiful. What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I love shooting women and their femininity, and shooting their raw emotions. I also love bringing out vulnerability and having them connect with me and my camera in a way where they feel comfortable enough to want to share their souls with me, in the name of art. I love shooting implied nudity also because I believe it impacts whatever concept you are shooting and adds beauty to every shoot. I think a woman's body is like a work of art. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? This was a very impromptu shoot, which is actually not the way I usually work. Usually my shoots take weeks in preparation as I am quite a methodical person, but my stylist Holly Witt who styled this shoot and designed the headpieces, asked me if I had wanted to do a last minute shoot, so I asked the gorgeous Claudia Hinds if she was up to model for me and of course she was, and it so happened that my Makeup artist Sylwia Lukosz was also available so we decided to

go to a secret garden and make magic. It was a lot of fun. What inspires your creativity the most? The way people move. I know that sounds crazy but I often observe the way people move and I imagine myself photographing them. I am inspired by people's life stories, their journeys, their pasts and where they want to be. I am fascinated by people's heart breaks and sorrows, and often times when people tell me their stories, I want to base an entire shoot around them. Emotions are what inspire me most. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I do. I always try to have something on the horizon when it comes to my career otherwise I lose inspiration. Right now I am working on a series called "The Black Balloon� and it’s inspired by a poem by the great Kahlil Gibran titled "Joy and Sorrow". I'm really excited about it as its something very close to my heart. I also have two more other shoots that my creative team and myself are in the process of organizing but I'm not allowed to say too much!

Website: www.linakayphotography.com Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Lina-KayPhotography/163899723635690 Instagram: @linakayphotography

“ . ’

.” - Deepak Chopra

An Interview with



The Midnight Rabbit

When did you discover your love of art? I first discovered my love of art in kindergarten. One of my most cherished memories was when my teacher praised one of my watercolor paintings to the class then pinned it to her cork board the entire year because she liked it so much. At the end of the school year she asked to keep it and encouraged me to keep painting. From that point forward I was constantly painting, coloring and drawing. During my teenage years I moved away from art and didn't rediscover it again until my late twenties. I worked in high-stress industries with long hours and zero creativity. As a stress reliever, I began filling up sketchbooks in my downtime and slowly started reacquainting myself with what I was truly passionate about which led me back full-circle to my 5 year old self, just with better art supplies! For those of our readers who are not familiar with The Midnight Rabbit, how would you describe it to them? A candy colored world of peculiar creatures and wayward characters! I've had several people tell me that my art invokes nostalgia of the books they used to read as children. I cherish old children’s books and have many stacked around my tiny studio. I could spend hours poring over illustrations and rediscovering the stories I grew up with. To be told that my art conjures up memories of books from one’s childhood is very touching and the greatest compliment.

We understand you share a love for creative writing. What kinds of stories do you enjoy writing the most and why? I most enjoy writing about a world I wished I lived in filled with extraordinary creatures, talking animals, magic and ‘mysterium’. My favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands. The opening scene where a pastel suburban neighborhood is shown juxtaposed against a tall grey castle sitting atop a rocky mountain in the distance perfectly represents how I like to view the world. That right outside the confines of the ordinary & mundane is the extraordinary waiting to be discovered. Writing these types of stories not only sparks my imagination but they also have a way of creating happiness. I can’t help but smile when writing about a grumpy cat always bow tie ready for a human to invite him out to a decent dinner. What does an average day in the life of Vanessa involve? Every day is always so different for me depending on what I’m working on. It most always includes tea, lots of drawing/painting, two wily pups, and more tea. On a good day it ends with me reading a new book I can’t put down. What do you hope to achieve with The Midnight Rabbit in the not-too-distant future. Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans you would like to share with us? There are so many things I hope to achieve! My top of the mountain goal is to write and illustrate a children’s book. I’d also love to license out my art to be used on children’s clothing, bedding, and décor. In the little free time I have, I want to learn how to work with clay and create sculptures of some of my characters. For now my main focus is on filling up my Etsy shop and continuing to hone my art and writing skills.

Visit: www.etsy.com/shop/themidnightrabbit Instagram: @themidnightrabbit

Sirens of the


Photographer & Creative Director: Sabrina Danielle www.facebook.com/sabrinacaptivates Models: Rachel Leigh @ Wilhelmina (Miami) & Katherine Eastman

Styling: Truffle Luxe (www.shoptruffle.com) & Argie Mitra MUA: Prime Makeup Designs Hair Stylist: Erin Tierney

left, top: Marilyn Plunge swimsuit in white by Truffle Swim bottom: white Seaspray skirt by Argie Mitra right, top: black scalloped lace bandeau by Truffle Lingerie bottom: dark brown Dusia skirt by Argie Mitra

top: Marilyn Plunge swimsuit in white by Truffle Swim bottom: white Seaspray skirt by Argie Mitra

top: Marilyn Plunge swimsuit in white by Truffle Swim

top: black scalloped lace bandeau by Truffle Lingerie bottom: dark brown Dusia skirt by Argie Mitra

top: Marilyn Plunge swimsuit in white by Truffle Swim bottom: white Seaspray skirt by Argie Mitra

Marilyn Plunge swimsuit in red by Truffle Swim

Mother of Pearl Shell swimsuit by Truffle Swim pinstripe linen dolman cardigan by Truffle Luxe

teal Seahorse Queen swimsuit by Truffle Swim lace embroidery headband by Truffle Luxe

Mother of Pearl Shell swimsuit by Truffle Swim pinstripe linen dolman cardigan by Truffle Luxe

left, top: silver lace crop top by Truffle Luxe bottom: tiered ruffle skirt by Truffle Luxe right right top: rosette bikini top by Truffle Swim bottom: Cinderella chiffon pencil skirt by Truffle Luxe

Gold crochet scalloped lace vintage dress

left, top: silver lace crop top by Truffle Luxe bottom: tiered ruffle skirt by Truffle Luxe right right top: rosette bikini top by Truffle Swim bottom: Cinderella chiffon pencil skirt by Truffle Luxe

left: gold crochet scalloped lace vintage dress right: teal beaded vintage dress

When did you first discover your love of photography? I have always been fascinated with imagery and captivated by art since I was a child. I started out shooting 35mm nearly a decade ago, darkroom photography gave (and still gives) me an inexplicable feeling of passion. I knew I fell in love with the medium when I pressed my eye into the viewfinder and got a thousand butterflies in my chest. Pressing the shutter and having the images burned into my memory and rushing to develop the reel to print them. Now even in digital, this adrenaline rush takes over me when I plan shoots, and of course, when I am behind the camera. What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? Through my work, storytelling with a hint of nostalgia and whimsy is my element, I believe. Mood and atmosphere are very important to me in my photographs. Nature has been a constant backdrop for me, not only for its ease of beauty, but also the symbolism it holds, and its ephemeral quality. Quiet magic, delicate, femininity, and flowers have been

reoccurring motifs in my usual artwork. I want my viewers to feel as though they're in another realm or even time period, as if they are in a reverie. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? Shooting on the beach with girls who have sequins on their face, we definitely got some curious looks. While taking shots of the first look on the rocks near the ocean, I slipped and fell (think classic banana peel slip) and all I thought of was what would happen to my camera and the shoot if I fell in the water. Anything for the shot! There were plenty of moments whilst shooting that I got the flutter in my chest for certain images, that quickly became my favorites, many of the images included in this issue. What inspires your creativity the most? Anything and everything. I do not limit myself when it comes to inspiration, sometimes my ideas for shoots will come to me when I see a certain piece of clothing, such as Argie Mitra's Dusia and Seaspray skirts featured in this shoot.

One look at them and images of mermaids swam into my head. The Victorians' art, style, writings influence me a lot when shooting with quiet and delicate concepts. Poetry, literature, and movies rich in imagery such as the Atonement and Picnic at Hanging Rock also inspire me, anything that can create an image in my head can spark inspiration in me. Even something so simple as a piece of lace. What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? My heart lusts to travel the world while doing this thing that I love most, and meeting new creatives to work with. I never want to stop creating. This summer I am going to Spain where I hope I will be able to shoot some exciting new locations and models. I also have many images from my photographs in London and Spain last summer, which I hope to create a series from, soon. In addition, I plan on having some dark inspired editorials, which I've wanted to do for some time now.

Facebook: facebook.com/sabrinacaptivates Tumblr: e-l-l-e-qui-reve.tumblr.com Instagram: @daydreamers_diary

By Jennifer Evans www.facebook.com/Mayfifth1935Designs

I travelled to a land where the sky was ablaze with monstrous stars set in unrecognisable constellations A landscape of rolling hills lay ahead, crowned with ancient forests alive with the shimmering presence of dryads As I walked, long grasses shifted gently, caressed by the whispers of a conscious singing wind The language was unknown to me and yet somehow I knew that it sang of adventure and romance Ancient memories now lost to the living world but held fast by the very earth beneath my feet

This Time Around

Photography: Anny To www.annytophotography.com Model: Aleah Lauchlan Makeup and Hair: Ducky Rickman Behind The Scenes Footage: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JQ8_Q3z6Ts

When did you first discover your love of photography? When I was a little girl, I loved using my parent’s Polaroid and disposable film cameras. I would run around everywhere taking photos of everyone and everything. As I grew older, I got more into photography during the middle of high school. I had a friend at the time who would use me as their guinea pig for shoots and ever since then I was fascinated by photography and started to fall more in love with it. What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? Real, raw, emotions. It all depends on who I am shooting because generally if I am shooting for clients such as couples, children, or senior portraits, I want to be able to capture their true personality and their beauty through my eyes. The candid moments are my absolute favorite. I try to make whomever I am photographing comfortable, laugh, and smile by telling jokes or being silly. If it’s one of my personal concept projects, the mood changes depending on what type of shoot it is. It could be dark, beautiful, and romantic, or light hearted, whimsical, and ethereal. It all

depends on the personality of the person I am photographing and what type of “look” we are going for. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? For this particular shoot we wanted something quirky, fun, and sweet. It’s spring in California and I had been doing a lot of darker, edgier, shoots and I wanted to switch things up a bit and shoot a more vibrant concept. Plus, I loved the murals around downtown Santa Rosa and felt like showing it off to the world. We definitely had a mini adventure exploring for some cool little spots to take photos around.

What inspires your creativity the most? Don’t laugh but I am addicted to Pinterest! I find a lot of cool art pieces from painters, illustrators, and also other photographers. Other than that, reading short stories, surreal art, visiting nature, and music has always been a big part of what fuels my creativity besides food and sleep. You need both of these for energy and to keep the creativity flowing.

What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I’m going to be super busy in the summer (since it’s almost summer here in California) and I’m planning everything out now with fun concept shoots coming up for personal projects and client shoots. I can’t wait for those! One of these days I hope to be published on a book cover. That would be so awesome! Otherwise, I hope to be able to do what I love for as long as I live and possibly be able to hold my own workshops for aspiring photographers and young children/teens as well. That would be amazing.

Website: www.annytophotography.com Facebook: facebook.com/annytophotography Instagram: @annytophotography

I Feel It


Photographer: Yolanda van Kimmenade www.photography.yolanda.com.au Hair, makeup and stylist: Ally Dunlop www.allydunlopstylist.portfoliobox.me Model: Holly Susan Leong Outfit 1 (White Skirt) Mirandalee Intimates bralette, Asos sheer maxi skirt, Dotti Faux Fur Vest Outfit 2 (Black Skirt) Mirandalee Intimates Bralette, Evelyn Curtis maxi skirt, Sportsgirl Faux Fur Coat

When did you first discover your love of photography? The first photograph I took, that I was proud of, was a landscape of a local village in Peru, 4 years ago. As all travellers do, I continued to document my life while living in Toronto, Canada with a small digital camera. When I returned to Brisbane 2 years ago I wanted to reconnect with the city. I decide to use my newfound passion for taking photographs and blogging to explore what was happening in Brisbane’s fashion scene. This lead to purchasing a better camera and organizing shoots with local bloggers and models. My focus then shifted from blogging about events and doing outfit posts to editorial photography, as I found this more creatively rewarding. I love the spontaneity of a photoshoot because the model, location and light available will always challenge you to think on your feet and explore new ideas and angles. What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I seem to be drawn to natural beauty,

both in the model and in the location, which is why I prefer natural light and outdoor settings as opposed to working in a studio. I prefer models to wear less makeup and be comfortable in their garments to allow them more freedom to move around and express their own personality. In some of my shoots models are required to play a role based on a theme like 'jealous', 'powerful', 'ethereal' rather than a specific character. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? I scouted this location six months ago but was not able to use it in a shoot until now. I thought it would be perfect for an early morning shoot, which are more accessible during the winter months as the sun rises later (as I'm not usually an early morning person). It was a very small team consisting of my constant collaborator, Ally Dunlop who is a talented stylist, hair and makeup artist. And gorgeous model, Holly Susan Leong, who I had not met before the shoot, but I had seen her sassy style on the runway at Undress Brisbane. When we arrived

at the location, just before dawn, there was a beautiful fog over the paddock and I was so excited to shoot, I was jumping around trying to hurry the styling of the first look. In those minutes just before the sun rose, the light was very soft and the fog on the paddock painted a magical scene. Then the sun came out in full bloom and bathed Holly in a lovely warm light. This shoot is the reason I love photography because it allows you to explore many different locations, experiencing amazing scenes that take your breath away. What inspires your creativity the most? Other photographers who celebrate the female form (such as Lara Jade, An Le, Sarah Fountain and Carlene Raschke (of Studio Flamingo)) and artists who create magical worlds (such as Mark Ryden, Kelly Vivanco and Bec Winnel) continue to inspire me. Finding amazing locations or objects also conjure images in my mind, of the types of shots or themes I could portray. And also working with stylists, makeup artists and other creative individuals allows me to collaborate and expand on my ideas. What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your

photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I plan to continue to collaborate with local creatives and explore my creativity through photography. I am also planning to move overseas in a few months so I am very excited to discover new cities and meet new people to ignite my creativity.

Website: www.photography.yolanda.com.au Facebook: facebook.com/YolandaVanKimmenadePhot ography

Fashion blog: bnestyle.com Blog Facebook: facebook.com/bnestyle Instagram: @bnestyle

By the


Photography: Taken Photography www.facebook.com/pages/Taken-Photography/511412455551536

Model: Sian Kelly www.facebook.com/pages/Sian-K-Model/1417840078465536

Styling: Georgia K Style HMU: Lisa Fahey / Tussta Hair Kiama www.facebook.com/pages/Tussta-Hair-Kiama/208138565890748

When did you first discover your love of photography? When I was a young teenager, my grandfather gave me a very old SLR camera, before digital cameras were around. Our family didn’t have a lot of money, so I had to be very careful every time I pressed the shutter. I was dressing up my friends and doing their hair and makeup and taking pictures. But the cost of film meant I couldn’t do it much, and I lost touch with photography. Years later I was working as a hair and makeup artist, and wanted to take photos of my work. Once I picked up that camera and took photos of a model, all done up, I fell in love with photography all over again.

Georgia and Sian at the salon where we did hair and makeup and we drove to a little rock pool. It was cold and windy but it was peaceful too. We chatted and joked while we shot and it was just a lovely afternoon.

What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I started out with edgier, street themes, but as I continued to shoot I became more drawn to the earthy, natural, boho style, a feeling of freedom. However I am still exploring and try to shoot out of my preferred style too and allow myself room to grow.

What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I am currently working in a salon and doing my photography as a hobby, but in the very near future I hope to be doing photography full-time.

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? This shoot was on a cold autumn afternoon. I had purchased flowers from the flower market and spent the morning making the flower crown for the shoot (I like to make things for my shoots). I met

What inspires your creativity the most? Good question! Truthfully, I don’t know. I am usually drawn to 1 thing and then build a shoot around that 1 thing. A location, a piece of clothing, a certain model. I tend to find motivation in spurts, its so frustrating. I either have none, or too much! Once I get inspiration for one shoot, it tends to flow into other shoot ideas.

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Taken-

Photography/511412455551536 Blog: taken-photography.blogspot.com.au Instagram: @taken_photography

An Interview with

Blogger Bethan from

The Pale Female

When did you first create your blog 'The Pale Female', and what inspired you to do so? I started my blog about two years ago, but didn't start getting really into it until about this time last year. I had been following several beautiful and vintage inspired blogs for a while and decided that I wanted a bite of the big old blogging cake. So I began writing and photographing little bits and pieces and haven't looked back since, I truly love it. How would you describe your own fashion style? Very girly, whimsical and colourful. My wardrobe is home to a lot of vintage and I mostly incorporate different eras into my everyday dress. I try to dress up everyday like I'm going to an old fashioned picnic and adore anything with lace and frills. Collecting garments that create stories when you wear them is one of my favourite hobbies. Please describe for us a typical day in the life of Bethan? Work ties me down five days of the week, but I treasure my weekends off and always try to make the most out of them. Typically I will cycle down to my sister's, having a bike in London is so useful for short journeys. My lovely sister takes all of my pictures and we will have a little shoot and then bake something yummy for lunch. I like to try each recipe in the cake book, as my sweet tooth always gets the better of me. Every weekend I pop into my local shops and pick up reduced flowers to dry and press, you can never have enough assorted bouquets around your room. Evenings are usually spent editing, catching up on blogs and reading with a cup of sugary tea and ginger biscuits.

What styles or particular garments are you loving the most at the moment? Gingham is my favourite trend at the moment, I think I have stocked up on enough to last me a lifetime now. Co-ords are also something I am getting really into and I think will look really sweet once sunny days decide to arrive in England. Organza fabric has also made a comeback, which I am delighted about and I think high waisted skirts and drop-waist dresses are perfected with a little panel of organza. Lastly, what are your hopes and dreams for the near future - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I hope to continue with The Pale Female and wish that people will enjoy reading it. I just invested in a sewing machine and some floral fabrics and I am hoping to start making some little summer dresses, which will be shared on my blog. I have always dreamt of making my own clothes and now I am finally getting around to doing it, which is so exciting. I love doing DIY posts and have been dabbling in them a bit more recently and this is something I really hope to continue doing in the future.

Visit: www.thepalefemale.blogspot.co.uk Instagram: @thepalefemale

By Megan Cécile Radford www.girlinaglobalvillage.blogspot.com Illustrations by Emma J Radford www.facebook.com/emmajradfordart

It is a cool, bright day in Toronto. The kind of day that reminds you of your first crush, of playing hopscotch in elementary school, of picnics in the park, or of canoe trips on dappled rivers. It might even give you the sudden urge to go for a run along the boardwalk at the beach, even if you haven’t put on your running shoes for months. But in the end you will probably just end up going out for ice cream, or sitting in your backyard, and that’s ok too, because the sunshine on your face will make you feel a little bit better. On this particular day, if you happen to be looking out the attic window of 98 Spadina Road, you might catch a glimpse of a golden red head of hair bent over a wooden desk in the room directly across from you. If you are a butterfly flitting by the window you will see flashing scissors through the gauzy white curtains. And if you are a pigeon on that window, you can watch, between breezes, Samantha Fletcher, age 24, making a chain of paper hearts.

But, since you aren’t a butterfly, or a pigeon, and you probably aren’t sitting in the attic of 98 Spadina Road, today you can be the paper chain. This is your story.

Samantha is making them for the May Day celebrations she holds every year for her grade two class. They are hearts, and she is cutting them carefully, in different colours. You are the pink one. On the day of the celebrations, she hangs you high on the ceiling with the others. The children laugh and dance underneath you. Everyone, that is, except one little girl. She is sitting all by herself at her desk, in a torn sundress and a worn sweater. In her lap is a book, and she has her head down, reading.

At recess everyone rushes outside. Miss Fletcher watches them go, and then walks over to the little girl. She stands on a chair and takes you down. She drapes you over the girl’s shoulders. She leans down, her strawberry blond hair brushing against you. “Now you are a May Day princess,” she whispers into the little girl’s ear. Slowly, slowly, the girl’s head rises. Slowly, slowly she begins to smile until the light from her gap-toothed grin reaches her dark brown eyes. She looks at you and traces your curves and points. She grabs Miss Fletcher’s hand and gives it a squeeze. Then Miss Fletcher hands her a cupcake, a flower drawn on it in icing, and walks back to her desk. She pulls out her own book, and the two - one woman, one girl - spend the rest of recess in silence, reading.

Later, you will be taken home. You will be tacked to a crumbling wall above a rickety bed. You will fade with years and sunlight. But you will always be a paper chain of hearts.

Sing Me To


Photography: Taylor Varvil www.facebook.com/TaylorVarvilPhotography Model: Madeleine Acton Creative collaboration with Kaylin Amabile www.facebook.com/kamabilephoto

When did you first discover your love of photography? A majority of the people that I meet ask me this very question.. and still, I struggle to answer it. I don't really know, or can pinpoint, the time that I initially took interest in photography. I know that it wasn't much after I could determine what my interests were in life.

have a sad undertone, but I wouldn't say my work is all like that. My heart still skips a beat when I see those adorable pictures that are happy-golucky, when I can capture the pure bliss in that person's soul. My favorite thing is to just capture things in-themoment, and whether it be sad, or happy, I adore the outcome. It's raw feeling.

I was young, but I always remember getting those old film cameras that you could refill. They were plastic and cheap, but I loved them. I loved, and still am fascinated by, capturing an image in time, a tangible thing you can keep forever. That's only a small part of my draw to photography, and like I said, it's a hard thing to give a straight answer about. I have had that pull to the photographic arts ever since I could remember.

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? The experience while shooting this set of images was absolutely LOVELY. I got to hangout with two of my favorite ladies, and we had a blast. We frolicked around, and shot on a whim, really. We didn't have too much planned for this specific shoot, other than some clothing options that Kaylin and I had discussed.

What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? Hmm, well I do go from sad to happy themes quite often. My personal style would probably go towards the dreamier, sad themes, but I can't help doing some super cute ones every once in a while!! Most of them do

The concept for this shoot actually kinda came to me afterwards, whilst editing. I decided that I wanted to pair it with a song, and use inspiration for this from Asleep by The Smiths (of course, pairing images with certain lyrics that I love). This shoot was obviously a sadder genre than others.

What inspires your creativity the most? Inspiration comes from various sources for me. I frequently think back to the past, and my childhood to be specific, for my shoots. This pairs in with the reason that I love the vintage-feel in my art. Things like my family, experiences I had up north as a child, and experiences that I had moving to Florida, have really fuelled my creativity. But saying this, I would also like to note that I constantly find little things that fuel my concepts.. Something as small as seeing a ping pong ball can rocket my thoughts into dreamland - coming out with a interesting concept or thoughts to play off of.

working with new agency models, which is super exciting for me!! And I would like to announce that I have started working with a fantastic lady to create a fashion publication: Figment Magazine. We have very recently released our very first issue of the magazine, and are growing by the minute! An incredible amount of contributions and artists have came our way and we can't wait for the issues to come. It will be released monthly, and we are more than ecstatic about sharing :-)

Facebook: facebook.com/TaylorVarvilPhotography

Tumblr: taylorvarvil.tumblr.com With all being said, other creativitystarters would have to be literature, music, people in history, and all of the amazing supporters / friends / family that I've had along this journey. What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? The thing I hope for most - growth. I want to grow and learn as much as possible throughout my photography career, and life in general. I want to always pull from my life experiences and learn from it, bad or good. As for good news, I've recently started


Photographer: Hilda Strojil www.facebook.com/hphotographybyhilda Model: Ellyza Gray Location: Brisbane

When did you first discover your love of photography? When I finished a short photography course in 2012 and bought a DSLR that I could call my own, it was like an opening to a new world in which I could manipulate reality, and add emotion. It’s almost like a turning outwards of your inner.

But of course, even before this, I always knew I had it in me. I always loved taking photos, usually of spontaneous moments, and yes, I drove my friends crazy (especially on holidays). What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I’m new to the whole game, but I really enjoy creating a theme that is connoting a fantasy, ethereal, pure, maybe because it’s so rare in this life to see something that hasn’t been tainted by our deteriorating reality (increasing consumerism, capitalism, depression).. I’m an idealist, so I suppose my perfect world, or nuances of it are portrayed in my work. It’s not even the subjects, or ideas that I want to portray, but more, the atmosphere in which they bathe, a subtle essence in them. It’s something

that’s even hard for me to describe, it’s totally abstract, which makes it all the more pleasurable to do. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? The shoot was in Brisbane, in a few locations, including a funky eclectic coffee shop, as well as in some shrubs near my house, with an old chair that my neighbour threw out. I suppose it was like a flow, it wasn’t really a planned out shoot. I think a common theme is a feeling that she’s not really all there – she’s in a dream-like state. Delicate, beautiful, confused, maybe even suffering from nostalgia. I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland shots I saw, and although the story itself can be interpreted in so many ways, I love the confusion Alice faces, and the discrepancy with real life and its multitude of pressures. Maybe it’s the sympathy for Alice and the ability to relate to her that is woven within the plot of the images. What inspires your creativity the most? My creativity is an outward expression of my identity, my struggles and my aspirations. So to answer that, I think

you’d have to look at what makes me, me. One of the biggest things that define my identity is my Bosnian background (I was born in a small town between Bosnia/Serbia and came here when I was 3), In our culture, I feel that everything’s loaded with expression, from the way we talk to each other, to the social practice of coffee drinking, to the colours that are found in the carpets we lay on our floors. Also, I’m very expressive, and I love all things art. I’m a very abstract person, obsessed with ideas, theories, philosophies, and spent most of my childhood daydreaming. What do you hope the not-toodistant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I now freelance for a lifestyle website, as their photographer, and take photos of things to do around Brisbane, including cafes, restaurants, food! I want to continue with my photography and work collaboratively with likeminded people.

I hope to also study graphic design and pair my photography skills with my design skills to create collage-type artworks. Facebook: facebook.com/hphotographybyhilda

How to Make a

Flower Crown

Tutorial by Georgie from Beauxoxo.com

Just follow these steps‌

What you will need: wire, pliers, measuring tape, an assortment of your favourite fake flowers, string. Glue gun and floral tape optional.

Firstly, measure around your head and then cut a wire to fit. I usually cut just under 70cm and you form a ring with the wire. Place it on your head and fiddle with pulling it in and out to make sure the fit is perfect.

With your pliers, bend the ends down to secure the halo crown base.

(This is what it will look like)

Go in with your pliers again and it's now time to add flowery prettiness to your crown base! To do this, snip flowers off their stalks and then place them in position on the halo crown.

With smaller pieces of wire you now need to secure this in position by wrapping the smaller piece of wire securely around the flower and through to the halo crown base. You can add several layers of wire should you wish. This could also be done with a glue gun, but what makes the wire method fun is that this can be done in the summer sunshine away from all plug points!

Carry on with the above step many times until you reach your desired flower crown shape and style. I added a mixture of sunflowers, roses and other flowers to make it really colourful and varied.

An optional final step is to wrap floral tape around the whole crown to make it neat and secure, and to hide the obvious wire, but this isn't necessary.

Finally, wear with tousled waves and rock your flower crown!

To view Georgie’s stunning hair accessories available for sale, please visit www.beauxoxo.com

is releasing an eBook! …and you can receive a FREE section of the yet-to-be-released eBook by joining our exclusive mailing list HERE.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Dreamy Photography’ will help you to: -




Get your photoshoots published in digital publications targeted to your niche (& learn how to approach each successfully!) Source and even make your own pretty photography props Add ethereal & stunning elements to your images through Photoshop tutorials from famous photographers Access free-to-use image editing software online Get inspired with 30 of the most creative & unique photography prompts you will ever find And so much more!

Photography: Whim Online Magazine | Model: Lucinda Starr | Dress: JANIN Australia

By Lucy Prior www.lucypriorart.com.au | www.facebook.com/pages/Lucy-Prior-Art/1434598836752815 @lucypriorart

Art is every morning and every night at the moment. In the mornings, the greatest joy is perching in bed with a coffee and art supplies. It seems to be when the creativity is perhaps the most efficient. Everything flows of a morning. It’s idyllic and what to strive for in every aspect of daily life. An easy flow where everything is in harmony. Everything is aligned, on course. Content. Of an evening, creativity is a somewhat different experience but nonetheless valuable. This time it’s in the studio at a desk which looks out over a magnolia tree, the harbour bridge in the distance. It, too is idyllic. However, it takes time to find the rhythm of an evening and sometimes it’s just a different rhythm altogether, bundled up in sweaty running gear, caffeinated and fatigued all at the same time. Once upon a time, I perceived art making as therapy. Indeed, the pleasure and elation experienced can quite honestly be described as a natural high. The satisfaction of what you deem to be a successful creation. The time, energy and effort reflected satisfactorily in the output. Making something. Putting an idea into practice. Solving a problem. Practicing techniques. Happy accidents. All of this can be therapy. And, no doubt, art has gotten me through some of the toughest moments to date. However, in recent times, it’s been appropriate to reclassify creativity as a need. Perhaps this is the result of the addiction to the natural highs that comes from creating. The same addiction to endorphins that runners and athletes get. Daily practice in recent months has resulted in a mental shift. A sense of balance, of purpose and of fulfilment. For years denied with the belief that you are meant for other things, you should be doing something else, that creative practice is less valuable and less meaningful and in some strange way a burden to carry around with you in this world. This pesky creativity proves useless.

Well, hasn’t that taught me a monumental ‘I told you so’ life moment. ‘Why don’t you do more art?’, ‘Gosh, you should do more of this stuff’, ‘But that job has nothing to do with your creativity’, ‘You need to do your art’. Now, ashamedly, teetering into my late thirties, I have been hearing this stuff for years and years and only recently, as a result of needing to find purpose, once more, for what seemed like the millionth time, I succumbed to my art practice to see for just once, where it might lead. Nothing to lose. It has been dramatic in every aspect. Mental closets have opened which haven’t been seen since a child, or better still, worlds at the back of wardrobes have opened up which I never even knew existed. For something that was fought against for so long, rediscovering it has, quite simply, reinvigorated daily life. It’s what brings joy to sunrise and sunsets. It’s what continuously peps up the mundane. It gives momentum, direction, a completeness. Quite simply, I can’t imagine life without it. This pestering blob of dulled colour clung on for dear life in the vain hope that someday a revelation happens within. It wasn’t a light bulb moment. But it was repetitive activity which formed a habit, which created new brain pathways, which connected the heart to the head, the hands to the colour, the colour to the paper. When people say they aren’t creative, they don’t know anything about art but they know what they like, they can appreciate creativity, don’t believe them. It is the human condition to create. It’s just that it emerges, like personalities, in different forms. Granted, the traditional definition of an artist does not apply to everyone but there are creative building blocks which can be recognised in everyone else, and ironically dismissed in your own self for years. Mathematicians are often musical. Surgery is an art form. Trades create, build and fix. Public speakers are creative in delivering. Recognising the creative within is the first step. Making it work to your benefit is magic. Practicing it continuously rejuvenates your being. So, don’t ignore it. Because it will far out live you. Life is short but art is long.

“Dreams are necessary

to life.”

- Anais Nin

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Profile for Whim Online Magazine

Whim Online Magazine Issue 6  

Featuring whimsical and dreamy photoshoots, art and creative writing, as well as interviews with inspirational bloggers, musicians, artists,...

Whim Online Magazine Issue 6  

Featuring whimsical and dreamy photoshoots, art and creative writing, as well as interviews with inspirational bloggers, musicians, artists,...

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