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ISSUE NO. 5 Founder / Editor: Melanie Doncas Intern: Lucinda Starr Contributors: Emily Peace, Brenda Waworga, Marissa Alden, Beauxoxo, Gemma Roberts, Ashley Holloway, Elitist Code, Lia Niobe, Jennifer Evans, Kate Nutting, Chloe Beddoes, Tessa Engelbrecht, Annya Karina, Natasha Wilson, Angela Vu, Rachele Maggi, Adora Mehitabel, Georgia Hagemeijer, Letters To Lions, Lana Taylor Cover: Photography: Brenda Waworga Model: Juwita Dewi Wardrobe: VCO Fashion & Accessories Contact: Email: whim.online@gmail.com Website: www.whimmagazine.com Design Elements: We Lived Happily Ever After www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com, Rocktuete rocktuete.deviantart.com, Angie Makes angiemakes.com Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of Whim Online Magazine as a whole. We cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without the consent of the Editor. Image by Poppy Thomas-Hill

Editor’s Letter: Hello! Here at Whim we’re pretty excited to present our first bi-monthly issue to all of our lovely readers. In the past, all of our issues were released every three months on a seasonal basis, but due to a rise in submissions and readers we decided to take the plunge and begin releasing a new issue every two months! I have been so impressed with the quality of submissions lately, and I’m sure you will agree that the creatives featured in this issue are not only extremely talented, but they’re also incredibly inspirational too. From established creatives with HUGE fan bases to emerging artists – Whim loves publishing the whimsical and dreamy work of creatives, no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ others consider them to be. Thank you to those who have contributed to this issue, and a big thank you to our readers also – Your support means the world to us.



In T his Issue: 5…..Emily Cathryn Photography 8…..Whim Loves 9…..Wild Flower by Brenda Waworga 28….Interview: Photographer Brenda Waworga 29….Pretty In Pink by Marissa Alden 35….Interview: Photographer Marissa Alden 37….Footsteps of the Past by Gemma Roberts 39….Primavera by Ashley Holloway 50….Interview: Photographer Ashley Holloway 53….Fast by the springs where she to bathe was wont by Lia Niobe 65….Interview: Photographer Lia Niobe 66….Courage by Jennifer Evans 67….Interview: Blogger + Author Kate Nutting 70….Issue Playlist 71….Lookbook for Vintage Style Me by Chloe Beddoes 83….Interview: Photographer Chloe Beddoes 84….Song of the Amenoi by Jennifer Evans 85….Selected photographs from Tessa Engelbrecht 95….Interview: Photographer Tessa Engelbrecht 97….Feature + Interview: Artist Annya Karina 103…Sandie by Natasha Wilson 121…Interview: Photographer Natasha Wilson 123…Garden by Angela Vu 125…Valdemara’s Gaze by Rachele Maggi 140…Interview: Photographer Rachele Maggi 141…Interview: Blogger Adora Mehitabel 145…Do You Have a Dollar? By Georgia Hagemeijer 156…Interview: Photographer Georgia Hagemeijer 157…Interview: Band Letters To Lions 159…A Floral Finale by Lana Taylor 177…Interview: Photographer Lana Taylor 179…Final Words

Whim Loves:

Emily Cathryn Photography

From capturing dreamy portraits, to couple’s special days, precious family moments, and breathtaking performances; is there anything that Emily Cathryn Peace can’t do? Based in Western Sydney in Australia, the talented photographer already boasts a number of impressive services to help preserve beautiful and cherished moments within the lives of others. “I have come to believe that natural beauty exists within each individual, in a unique sense. It is my aim to encapsulate this in my work,” Emily says. Emily was fortunate to have discovered her love of photography at a very young age, and the dream of becoming a photographer guided her throughout her childhood and adolescence. In 2008 she enrolled in an introductory TAFE course in film photography and the rest (as they say) is history.


Since completing the course, Emily has gone on to pursue photography on a freelance basis and she has also been involved in a number of fantastic opportunities, including providing the imagery for Nicholas Gentile's first independently released album 'On My Way' in early 2009, several performing arts concerts for a local high school and a number of fashion based shoots. Looking through Emily’s stunning portfolio is a visual treat, and it is evident that this young photographer has truly found her calling in life. Including services such as family portraits, Year 10 and 12 formal portraits, headshots, fashion model portfolio building, school concerts, musical performances and dance portraits (to name a few), Emily excels in every aspect of photography she pursues. 6

With over 6 years of experience working as a photographer part-time, Emily is able to make her clients feel as though they are in both capable and trusted hands. One cannot help but notice comment after comment on the photographer’s business Facebook page of clients applauding the young photographer on her work, as well as the fact that they cannot wait to work with Emily again. If you’re located in or around Western Sydney and desire spectacular service and professionalism, as well as your special memories preserved in images that you’ll love, then we suggest you contact Emily Cathryn Peace for quotes, more information or to make a booking by emailing emilycathrynphotography@gmail.com. You can also explore Emily’s work further at the links included below: Website: emilycathrynphotography.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/emilycathrynphotography Twitter: twitter.com/Emmalina_090 Instagram: instagram.com/emilycathrynphotography


Whim Loves

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This ‘Flower Garden’ phone case by Etsy seller LoveMaeStore is perfection! www.etsy.com/au/shop/Love MaeStore

Mel Stringer is an extremely talented artist, and her range of cute and quirky brooches depict an array of her favourite hand drawn characters. www.etsy.com/au/shop/girliepains

This ‘Conch Starfish Pearl’ necklace from ChicWish will have you embracing your innermermaid. It’s incredibly beautiful! www.chicwish.com/conch-starfishpearl-necklace.html 8

Wild Flower

Photography: Brenda Waworga http://BrendaWaworga.com Model: Juwita Dewi Instagram: @queen_dhee Wardrobe: VCO Fashion & Accessories 9

An Interview with Brenda Waworga When did you first discover your love of photography? I started to get into photography at the end of 2009, I bought my first DSLR camera at that time for a funny idea, I wanted to travel abroad with my family and wanted to take good photos there :D Of course to get great results I need to know how to photograph and that’s when I started to learn photography, how to understand the camera setting and such and ended up with getting addicted to it. I shot landscape and nature first because those basically I can easily find around, but when time went by I knew portrait and fashion are what I really want to do and they are my main passion.

What does an average day in the life of Brenda involve? Mostly work and work... Photography isn’t my main job, I work at a local bank morning until afternoon on weekdays, go back home and spend time with my family, do my editing projects and read my favourite books… On the weekend I go to photoshoots.

What inspires your creativity the most? Mostly from life itself and the beauty, the varieties, the emotions, the simplicity and complexion of life is what inspired me.

Website: www.brendawaworga.com Facebook page:

What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue photography? Go for it! Shoot what you love, have fun and never stop learning.

Please visit Brenda’s work:


Instagram: instagram.com/bwaworga DeviantArt: http://bwaworga.deviantart.com

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? The simplicity and beauty of women - the most beautiful art God ever created in this world. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? I always had great experiences doing photoshoots. It was rainy all the time and luckily when we did this photoshoot on that afternoon the day was quite lovely… but not so long after that the weather changed into gloomy and stormy. We shot this near the ocean so it was kinda scary but added some feelings in the photos :) 28

Pretty in Pink

Photography: Marissa Alden www.flickr.com/photos/marissaaldenphotos 29

An Interview with Marissa Alden When did you first discover your love of photography? Ever since I was little I have always had a love for art. I first fell in love with photography when I started year 10 and was able to participate in a photojournalism class. My teacher, Mrs Tyler, introduced me to techniques such as Photoshop and film photography and I fell in love with how limitless photography could be. Ever since I have participated in studio arts at school and taught myself new techniques in my spare time.

down with my sister to take a couple of photos. I used a cheap pair of sunglasses and pearls from a necklace to create the eyewear, then using some of my sisters clothes to enhance the vintage aesthetic. The overall shoot was very quick, as the sun way very strong and the temperature was very hot. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the near future - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? Later this year I hope to start collaborating with professionals such as models, make up artists and hair stylists. I would love to continue developing my style, trialling new techniques and improving my skills. I hope to continue working hard on my photography and go wherever this journey takes me.

What inspires your creativity the most? Everything inspires me. I am constantly inspired by the works of other photographers, art on social media, fashion designs etc. My work is often inspired by particular colours, lighting conditions, objects, props and locations.

Please Visit Marissa’s work:

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? The emotions portrayed in my images vary depending on the concept of the particular shoot. I always sketch ideas before a shoot, creating a character inside of my head for the model to play. I love to convey a range of emotions within my work, depicting both dark and light feelings.

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/marissaaldenphotos Facebook: www.facebook.com/marissaaldenphotography

Photo Blog: marissaaldenphotographyblog.tumblr.com

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? this shoot was fairly spontaneous. I had been wanting to photograph this beautiful tree for a while, so one weekend I decided to drive 35

Image by ann-emerald-stock.deviantart.com

Footsteps Of T he Past By Gemma Roberts www.fadedwindmills.com The tiles peal away with surprising ease, a sure indication of that ever invasive friend called time. I dig my nails into the soil, my searching fingers find a cool, hard surface and come up for air, grasping the key in both hands. Kneeling on the ground, I take a moment to appreciate my treasure. The long, thin metal retained its intricate wonder, as the loose dirt clings to the curved edges. Within these four wooden walls, decrepit and crumbling, I pause amongst the over grown surroundings, hidden from the outside world. How did she know I would find it? Such immense responsibility resting on one long forbidden secret, but how could she have known it would unfold this way? I shake the key free of the grains of time and stuff it into my pocket. As I struggle free of the clutching claws and branches, the streaking golden beams that coat the forest in an eerie glow, show me the way. I begin to run. My mind fills with unanswered questions. Thoughts I had long given up hope of untangling, blurred memories I had long forgotten, began to haunt my conscious. A face I could not place, a letter written in dark blue ink, faded by the weary tears of its author. If only I could ask her. See her one last time. The sheltering crowd of ancient trees open wide and as I look out across the stretch of water a gentle creeping mist dances above the black depths. I long to run back towards the warmth of the sun, but I had to know. My answers lay ahead of me. The boat was within reach but time was running out. I picked up pace and circled around the sandy bank and down towards the beech wood planks, that creaked and moaned with each foot step. The air hung moist and suffocating, as if pulling me down towards the silent lake beneath the deck. I scrambled for the rough, old rope holding the boat fast, and with a weakening grasp I release my vessel from this floating spectre of an island. Having done this a thousand times as a child, these waters and land had always held a fascination, luring me into its fading embrace. The summer eve's I have spent, stretched out on the deck, listening to this world around me. The warmth of the season soaking into my skin, entire days lost in this most isolated of places. I make a leap to reach the boat, as it slowly makes its escape. Time slipping away like silk in the wind. As my feet leave the boards, a spread of birds stretch out across the sky, a wave of freedom mimicking my haste. I hit the boat and in that moment time stood still as the breath left my body and every vein squeezed tight to a halt. The key that held my story, dropped delicately into the vast liquid swell, leaving nothing but a sequence of ripples, then silence. 38


Photographer, MUA: Ashley Holloway www.ashleyholloway.com Model: Sheridan Markham Dressing gown and slip: Vintage Flower Crown: SerenityCrystal www.etsy.com/shop/serenitycrystal 39

An Interview with Ashley Holloway When did you first discover your love of photography? I've always been involved in photography in one way or the other. I remember going through a lot of disposable cameras as a child! I also used a film camera extensively through middle and high school. But I don't think I really understood my love for photography until college, because it always took a backseat to my drawing and painting. When I was told by my college adviser that my artwork was too fairytale and basically not good enough for the art world, I started focusing more on my photography. For a long time, I mostly avoided photographing people, because I was shy. My love for photography was firmly instilled in close-ups of plants with an emotive feel. As I progressed through my first digital photography class in college though, I started realizing that I could photograph the things that I couldn't draw. My first full length conceptualized project was an Ophelia-based story with my good friend Marcela. I didn't have to worry about drawing a face that looked realistic or drawing the water the right away, I just got to experience a fairytale in real life.

to portray through your work? To me, there's usually a sense of sadness and melancholy in my work, but also often a sense of wonder. My favourite concepts are usually ones that are soft and dreamy. I love photographing beautiful clothing and beautiful girls, so anything that combines that is usually something I'm always on board for! Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? I had been telling Sheridan, the model, that I wanted to shoot something in a bathtub, but when it came time to shoot this, I kept encountering all kinds of problems. I didn't want to create something really clichĂŠ, as I know that bathtub photos are very common at this point, so I eventually decided on something kind of Botticelli and PreRaphaelite inspired. The folds of the vintage robe in the water and the colour scheme really enhanced the painterly feel. But back to the problems. The original bathtub that I was going to use didn't work out and neither did my original lighting idea, so we ended up in my tiny bathroom with my strobe flash and my gigantic softbox attached to it. It was very cramped for me to move around, but it didn't seem to really matter because Sheridan looked so amazing in the water. It was very difficult for Sheridan to move around though, because the bathtub wasn't long enough for her to stretch out (perfect for my short body to stretch out in, but not so for a model's long legs). During all of this, one of my nonphotographer friends came by to deliver some papers, and I'm sure the sight of me sitting on a toilet seat photographing a girl fully dressed in a bathtub was her entertainment of the day.

What inspires your creativity the most? I pull inspiration from a lot of outside sources, but my main ones come from the model, the clothing, and nature. Outside inspiration sources come from a variety of my favourite photographers as well as fairytales, books, and my growing vintage collection. Really, inspiration can spring from some very odd sources though! I feel like a lot of editorials are inspired by things I loved as a little girl. What concepts or emotions do you often like 50

But other than that, it was really fun! I love photographing with Sheridan because she's so great at expressing herself through her face and body language! What does an average day in the life of Ashley involve? I'm sure a lot of people believe I live this glamorous life of photographing pretty girls all day everyday, but the truth is pretty far from that! On weekdays, I wake up at around 8am for work, check my phone notifications, and then I get up and get ready for work. Once I arrive at my family's company where I do secretarial work, I submit a couple of photos to PhotoVogue and combine answering phones for work and catching up on my social media for photography. Sometimes I'm also submitting editorials to various digital magazines, or discussing shoots with models or other team members. When I get home at 5pm, I usually rush to my bedroom and start editing. Right now I have a lot of work I'm trying to edit, so basically I'm in my bedroom editing until I go to sleep at 11pm with a few breaks in between. While editing, I usually have Netflix pulled up in the corner of my screen so I don't get too bored. Currently I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but in the recent past, it's been X-Files, Pretty Little Liars, Lost, Supernatural, and MLP: Friendship is Magic. In between editing, I'm usually checking social media, or sending proof sheets to my preview pal Kaylin Amabile who helps me narrow down images from shoots when I feel like I just can't choose! Fridays through Sundays are slightly more interesting though! On Fridays, when I'm off work, I'm usually hanging out with my photography friend, Kaylin or hanging out with my mom, while also trying to fit more editing in as well as laundry and other necessities. Saturdays and Sundays are usually reserved for photoshoots, thrifting, and hanging out with my family.

What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue photography? Work hard and practice, practice, practice! So many people that want to pursue photography as a job or as a hobby get frustrated when they don't see results right away or can't photograph with the really good models right away. It's important to understand your camera and the way light works before getting together a team for a big shoot. It's also important to learn how to retouch and edit, which can make or break a photograph of a model. Ask friends or family members to model for you and practice on them. Also, study your favourite photographers and try to decide why you like their work and what makes it look "professional." As you practice more and more, your work will improve if you put your heart into it. Spend time lovingly choosing your images and polishing them into diamonds in post processing. While you should be practicing a lot, you should also be spending time working on the images and understanding what went wrong and what went right. And please, never get a big head about your work. You'll have a lot of people eventually telling you that your work is amazing, but don't forget that there is always room for improvement! Please visit Ashley’s work: Website: www.ashleyholloway.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashleyhollowayphoto Instragram: instagram.com/ahollowayphoto


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Tutorials on how to make things such as flower crowns and other pretty props for your shoot The best free Photoshop actions for achieving stunning images Which free editing software to use Tips from successful photographers Advice on how to submit and get your images published in professional publications (and which ones to contact!) And SO much more!

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“Fast by the springs where she to bathe was wont.�

Photography: Lia Niobe www.facebook.com/LiaNiobePhotography Model: Elisabeth Haider Hair & Make up: Elisabeth Haider 53

An Interview with Lia Niobe When did you first discover your love of photography? My brother-in-law is a photographer and he let me use his camera when I was around 14, so that's about where everything started. He also showed me a lot of technical stuff. First I was more focused on nature photography, but I quickly started taking pictures of people. Then I learned my way around in Photoshop and started experimenting with levitation and colouring, etc. That's when I really fell in love with photography, when I had to take time to visualise an image and to work hard to make the image perfect.

Also it was a lovely day outside, so I was able to shoot in the water, which I really liked (most of the time it's too cold). I always love it when I can include water in my images. What does an average day in the life of Lia Niobe involve? Well, school for the most part, but when I do have the time I get outside and shoot. And I edit a lot. It always takes quite a long time until an image is completed (average 15 hours), so I'm editing nearly every night and sometimes in school too. Also, I love to read and dance.

What inspires your creativity the most? I suppose nature is my greatest inspiration. A beautiful location is sometimes all I need to come up with an idea.

Please visit Lia’s work: Website: 500px.com/lianiobe Facebook: www.facebook.com/LiaNiobePhotography

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I want the feeling to get across that the world in my images is not our own and that there are millions of stories that one could come up with as an explanation. I always try to create something surreal, something with which not everyone feels comfortable. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? It was a great shoot. The model in the pictures is my sister and we had a lot of fun together. I don't see her that often because she studies in another city, so the moments when we can do stuff together are very important to me. And she is very beautiful, which makes it very easy to work with her as a model. 65

Courage By Jennifer Evans www.facebook.com/Mayfifth1935Designs

I come to life as a flutter within your breast when all seems lost and darkness falls And the beating of my tiny wings will sooth your gasping breath and falling tears My presence is a herald of light in the blackest recess of your most dreaded fear And I fill your tired heart with the hope that your greatest adventure awaits you yet But I am that rarest thing and you must seek me out, I will not come to you unbidden Sometime I will fail you but the memory of that does not endure For I am the way home this awful night, come with me through the majesty of the stars into the arms of the morning And while we walk together, hear my song and rejoice, hear my song and fight, hear my song and live


An Interview with Blogger & Author

Kate Nutting

Congratulations on the release of your first book, ‘A Guide to Fashion Blogging’. Please tell us what inspired this project? Thank you! I'm still very excited about it. A lot of things inspired the project. A friend of mine has just put out a poetry book recently; it really reignited my desire to write one myself. Releasing a book has always been a goal, I just did not expect it to happen so quickly or so young. There is very little material out there surrounding fashion blogging and a huge portion of young girls wanting to start one so that was definitely an inspiration for me too. How would you describe your blog ‘Pretty Dresses in the Laundry’ to those who may be unfamiliar with it? My blog is a collection of fashion and beauty, predominantly showcasing my personal style. It has got a bit of everything on it really, a bit like a magazine.

We would love to hear about the experience you had whilst working on ‘A Guide to Fashion Blogging’: How long did the project take from its initial stages to publication? What was the journey of putting a book together like? I published my book through Lulu.com which is a print on demand facilitator, so it was a very quick and quite unique process. With my family's help, we published the book ourselves. It took me a couple of days to plan, two weeks to write and design, a week for my mother and I to edit and then a couple of days for my brother and I to design the cover. Although it was a short process, it was definitely a very exciting one. I would love to do it again.


The release of a book is a huge accomplishment for any writer, and the fact that you are just 18 years of age and still a student is incredibly inspiring! What are your hopes and dreams for both your blog and your budding journalism career for the not-too-distant future? My absolute ultimate goal would be to use my blog to launch myself into a career in the fashion industry, perhaps in a journalistic sense, probably in a magazine. Turning my blog into a career would also be a dream. Given how competitive journalism is at the moment, I'll just see where it takes me, I don't expect it to happen overnight! What can aspiring fashion bloggers gain from reading your guide? I tried to include everything that someone starting a fashion blog would need to know. It covers the very basics of starting up a blog, like naming and designing it and picking a host, all the way through to how to shoot an outfit post and gain sponsors and monetise your blog. I'd like to think that aspiring fashion bloggers can learn a lot from it, it certainly is jam-packed with a lot of information. Last but not least, how and where can readers purchase their own copy of ‘A Guide to Fashion Blogging’? At the moment, it is only available on LuLu's website, here, however it will be coming to other more well-known retailers soon, so stay tuned! Kate’s Blog: prettydressesinthelaundry.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/prettydressesinthelaundry Instagram @prettydressesinthelaundry 69

Issue Playlist:

The Kissaway Trail – Smother + Evil = Hurt Letters to Lions – This Morning Active Child – Hanging On Beach House – Norway Endless Summer (cover) – Josh Pyke Letters to Lions – Following Foals – Big Big Love Holy Holy – Impossible Like You Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey Bird Automatic – Suburbs

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Image by Barbara M. (www.flickr.com/photos/cannnela/) 70

Chloe Beddoes’ Lookbook for

Vintage Style Me

Photography: Chloe Beddoes www.chloebeddoes.carbonmade.com Model: Julie Moore Clothing: Vintage Style Me http://vintagestyle.me/ 71

An Interview with Chloe Beddoes When did you first discover your love of photography? When I was about 13 on a family holiday. My parents asked me to take a photo of them with my brother. It was golden hour so the lighting was perfect. The backdrop was palm tress and the sea. It was all very picturesque. I took the photo and both my parents complimented me on how beautiful it was. And something about that moment made me want to pick up a camera and never put it down. I spent most of that holiday with my parent’s digital camera glued to my hands. My love of photography has continued to develop from that day and I hope it continues to grow.

It was such a wonderful shoot! What does an average day in the life of Chloe involve? I spend a lot of my days catching up with friends and family. I love going for lunch or dinner and having a lovely chat, there’s nothing like good food and good company! If I’m not taking photos I’ll be editing them. And during term time I will be bouncing between lectures and catching up on reading. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career? Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I hope to shoot lots more fashion and portrait shots. I really want to shoot a campaign and more lookbooks. I just long to constantly be creating! I’m looking to keep building up my portfolio at the moment so I’m trying to shoot as much as I can. It’s so exciting – I love it! In terms of plans, I’ve just shot for Beauxoxo, a beautiful hair accessories company and I will hopefully be shooting again for her in the near future.

What inspires your creativity the most? This is such a hard question because so much inspires me. Sometimes even the tiniest thing can inspire me. Something as small as the way someone flicks their hair. But what probably inspires my creativity the most is film and images.

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I love to depict youth, passion and freedom in my images. Many of my images also portray the delicate and fragile aspects of femininity too. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? Julie, the model, and I took a trip to a local park for this shoot. It was such a beautiful day, but the first beautiful day in what felt like forever. It was so good to feel the sun on my skin again! Everyone was smiling. Julie is a fantastic model, so graceful and carefree. We lay in flowerbeds and laughed under the sun.

Please visit Chloe’s work: Website: www.chloebeddoes.carbonmade.com Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/50751366@N02/ Instagram: chloebeddoes instagram.com/chloebeddoes Twitter: @ChloeBeddoes twitter.com/ChloeBeddoes 83

Song of the Amenoi By Jennifer Evans www.facebook.com/Mayfifth1935Designs

Our apathy entices autumn leaves to dance in ecstatic murmuration Our playfulness whips the hair about the faces of laughing children Our gentleness is the whispering breeze caressing fields of corn Our desire touches upturned faces with Helios’s golden kisses Our restlessness electrifies the sky with iridescent lightning Our jealousy sends howls screaming through dark clouds swollen with rain Our anger makes the seas boil and writhe in monstrous waves Our rage sends swirling demons down from the Heavens as if pursued by Chronos himself

(Amenoi = Ancient Greek collective name for the four winds.)



Photographs from Tessa Engelbrecht

Photography: Tessa Engelbrecht / Separatelly Photographie www.facebook.com/Separatelly 85

An Interview with Tessa Engelbrecht When did you first discover your love of photography? I always have been the one taking pictures on vacations, concerts or other events, but as it is with the love to a person it needed its time to grow. Two years ago I finally bought a reflex-camera and with the first click I fell in love with photography. First I started with flowers, landscapes and cities, and then I wanted to capture people and their emotions so I had the first shootings with people. I learned to develop more creativity and how to make the ideas that were part of my imagination come to life in reality and capture them. My passions change like the weather, but with my love for photography I found something constant, that could hold me and still does. Because for the first time, I found something I could be really good at.

Recently I started studying photography which claims a lot of time. There's seldom a day I'm not taking pictures or editing my photos. I'm also constantly looking for requisites to use for my shootings and if I can't find what I'm looking for I create them myself. Other than that my daily life is pretty normal. I meet my boyfriend and friends, listen to music, go to concerts, festivals or shopping and although I enjoy spending some time at home watching my favourite TV program. But mostly I'm active and always looking for new adventures. What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue photography? Never stop doing what you love, even if the obstacles seem overwhelming. The ideas in your imagination are often bigger than they can be in reality and it might turn out differently, or not like you wanted it to be at all. Frustration and disappointment will be waiting at either side of your way, but never let anything discourage you. Learn to see the good things, even in apparent failures. The outcome might differ from the original idea but that doesn't make the photo useless. Try to see everything as a lesson you can learn from, develop your skills and move on from there. "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst" - Henri Cartier Bresson

What inspires your creativity the most? Inspiration hides behind every corner. Sometimes all it takes are colours, home decor, some "do-it-yourself" or a specific place to fuel my imagination. Fashion also contributes to new ideas, as well as other photographers like Kristian Schuller and especially the Instagram community. What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? I want people to look at my work with joy, for it to inspire them and help them to re-ignite their own fantasy. I like using photography as a tool to stage-manage imaginary worlds and express creativity.

Please visit Tessa’s work: Facebook: www.facebook.com/Separatelly Instagram: @separatelly _photographie

What does an average day in the life of Tessa involve? 95

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An Interview with


Annya Karina 97

When did your love of art first blossom? As a child I adored art and creativity. I would paint watercolours of bunnies and dragonflies and always had a sketchbook. As I grew older I began to love art more and more with each coming year, and immersed myself in many art mediums. Growing up moving a lot and as a result not having many close friends, art became something I could occupy myself with and enjoyed it more than anything. I started taking art much more seriously when I was a teenager and longed to visit art galleries and art supply stores. I just wanted to completely immerse myself in painting, drawing, photography and poetry. When I started taking a college graphic design program that concentrated on illustration I started devoting almost all of my time exploring watercolour and other creative outlets. I’ve always been obsessed with art and handmade items but I started putting my love into action and started pursuing it as a teen.

What inspires your creativity the most? Memories of blissful nature and peace. Being in absolute quiet and surrounded by my collections of pastel, thrifted and handmade items really puts me in a creative mode. My workspace being quiet, clean and full of beautiful things really allows me to be in a peaceful inspired state to keep creating. Often cinematography inspires me, such as The Painted Veil, Lolita, The Secret Garden, Studio Ghilbi and Wes Anderson. Constantly going on little nature walks and waterfall adventures clears my mind and inspires me to go and create. My creativity comes from being able to personalize and create beautiful things out of a few materials, and having to think outside the box and problem solve in order to do so. Interesting faces, innocence, youthfulness, paleness and ethereal beauty are also my creative outlets. I’m constantly jotting down little notes or planning new pieces during a walk to the park or a car ride passing through farms, fields, and forests. Sometimes I’m just simply inspired by putting my pencil to paper and the endless white space around it so my drawing or painting comes from just weaving ideas together as I go. 99

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray in your work? I often draw girls with sad eyes, often with a lost expression. My subjects are quiet and shy in ethereal and dreamy states. I like to think I portray emotions of bittersweet loneliness as well as being timid and anxious. My work has a strong connection with nature, especially plants, forest creatures and insects. All of my artwork seems to be located somewhere quiet in nature, mostly being in a forest or garden. My work has a reclusive feel to it, often with my own perception of the world and my dream world. A lot of my subjects are youthful and that portrays the concept of youthful innocence as well as simplicity. My work portrays a lot of myself and my own personality traits. We understand that you also enjoy pursuing the medium of photography. Please tell us a little more about this? During my childhood I carried around my very own film camera to camps and pool parties. It was exciting to be able to capture my memories and place them in a diary. I feel my love for photography is a major love of personal diary photos and the use of photography to inspire my illustrations, whether it be for photo reference or conceptual inspiration. I love art directing my boyfriend’s shoots and seeing my “art” come to life. It’s one thing to be able to paint or draw your own vision or imagination, but to see it come to life with real models, props, clothing, makeup and location is truly enchanting. Connecting watercolour with photography as well as creating my own props has become a big part of my work. Prop making is a huge part of the

reason why I love creating my own photos because it gives me the ability to build my dreams and creates a uniqueness and personal aesthetic. Being an illustrator and creator of things gives me that ability to make a photo interesting and unique by creating a prop that's one of a kind​​. I hope to do a lot more shooting with film in the future, possibly even my own little editorial! What do you hope the future holds for your art career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I wish to become a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, blogger, and small store owner. I basically want to do it all, the future is so exciting to me in terms of my career! As of right now I’m constantly trying to create new things to sell at craft shows as well as build up my illustration skills and portfolio. I’m constantly learning and progressing each day which is something I absolutely adore about my career. In terms of upcoming, I am currently making products such as paper cut shadow boxes, flag bunting, garlands, zines, buttons, postcards and fine art prints. Being 20 years old and knowing exactly what I want to do puts me in a place to be able to explore and try everything within my future career in art! Annya’s website: annyakarina.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/annyakarinadoll Shop: society6.com/paleprints 101


Photography and styling: Natasha Wilson www.facebook.com/deanastaciaphoto Model: Sandie Callahan | Vivien’s Model Management MUA: Ivy Ngo / Shading Shadows www.facebook.com/shadingshadowsmua Hair Stylist: Helen Billingham / Kdelme Hairdressing www.kdelme.com Clothing: The Milk Thief www.etsy.com/au/shop/milkthiefshop 103

An Interview with Natasha


When did you first discover your love of photography? When I was 11, I used to make my friends dress up in neon coloured wigs and take pictures of them holding flowers in my backyard with a Polaroid camera. I guess it was those days that I realized how fun it can be.

someone’s pet, the more you grow and learn from it. What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? A lot of my plans are up in the air right now. Something will definitely be happening in the next coming months but I can’t say which path I’ll take. I hope to be pursing my photography finally in a bigger demographic. I think I’m ready to get myself out there a little more.

What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray in your work? My hope is when the viewer sees the image, it evokes some sort of feeling of power or overcoming a struggle in the past. Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst working on this photoshoot? Overall the shoot was amazing! I always prepare myself for a couple glitches to happen during every shoot, but the only thing that made us stop shooting a little early was the storm that came through. I think it was a blessing in disguise at the same time because the lighting turned out to be phenomenal, different than your every day sunny shoot.

Please visit Natasha’s work: Website: www.deanastaciaphoto.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/deanastaciaphoto

What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue photography? Practice practice practice. It sounds so cheesy but I wouldn’t be where I stand today if I didn’t take pictures of any and every body that would let me. Sometimes people only want to shoot one thing, fashion or whatever. The more you open up and say yeah, I’ll shoot that interior of the house or a photo of 121

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By Angela Vu iloveuangelavu.tumblr.com

I met you in a garden, thick with hydrangeas and the air pressing down on you with the smell of jasmine. Smothering me. Smothering you. Encasing us in a blanket of dew in the early evening, and I could feel it, could feel how the damp air settled on you and settled on me and how it was touching us at the same time and how we were touching at the same time through the water in the air and through the roots in the grass. I noticed your feet first because you had slippers on them. Beautiful black slippers that you wore indoors, but I found them strange. Strange because you wore a pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt. Outdoor clothes with indoor shoes. You looked in my eyes. Hazel eyes that shifted with the light of the evening sun sinking into the cracks of the earth. I had only ever had brown eyes my entire life, and when your eyes changed color I wanted to grab you. You didn’t have to do much to get me to follow you. A crook of your index finger had me trailing after you. I wondered why you were in a garden at 7:43PM in the evening, and I wondered why you wore indoor slippers outside to stomp in the grass and flowers and dirt. I wondered if you wondered why I was in the garden. That I was actually running away, leaving behind my old life with my old boyfriend and my old job. You were new and I wanted new. When I saw new I knew that it was the most wondrous and beautiful thing I had seen in my small town life. You led the way and we walked for miles. Me in my old black flats and you in your new, black indoor slippers. You didn’t hold my hand or even try to, and I was disappointed, but I was there with you, and that was all I had on my mind. I walked into a large cottage. It looked unused for the most part, but then I started wondering if you used it on holiday a lot. And I thought about the type of job you would have.


You didn’t really want to make conversation, but you repeated to me that I was beautiful and I almost started to believe it because I was in the presence of someone truly beautiful and that was you. You grabbed me and held me and pressed yourself against me even though we had just met. I didn’t understand your story and you didn’t understand mine. I could taste you on my lips and on my skin and I tingled when your hand touched mine. You fell asleep soon, and I found it on your desk. A tiny band of gold that was lying on the desktop, and when it was shone upon it looked like a ray of the sun. I picked it up and slipped it onto my own hand. A bit too big, and it cut my finger in half, but the gold reminded me of your eyes in the moonlight and the smoothness of it reminded me of your hands on my skin and the simplicity of it reminded me of how you talked. And I wanted to remember you. I wanted to be able to have a piece to remember you by. The ring rested on my left hand ring finger and I stared at it. Kissing its cool exterior before leaving the cottage and heading back to the garden.


Valdemara’s Gaze

Photography: Rachele Maggi www.facebook.com/RacheleMaggiPhotography Model: Valdemara Mor Fashion Designer: Catalin Nastrut Make up artist: Sabina Pinsone Art-director: Francesco Teutonico Jewels by Serena Arena and Siliana Arena Assistant : Angelica Marilungo 125

An Interview with Rachele Maggi When did you first discover your love of photography? I believe that the love of photography exists from my memories because my uncle was keen about this art, and he has always used my mother and my aunt as models. I am inclined to the fine arts, and I have studied it in high school. In this environment I found photography because I am lazy and I needed to see the result immediately. So I agree with the great Mapplethorpe, who claimed that photography is the fastest way to make a statue.

philosophy. They come from an agency and they have a ‘canonic’ beauty, as the wonderful Valdemara Mor. Usually it’s important to collaborate with professional workers as Catalin Nastrut, the fashion designer of the dresses of the photo set, and the brilliant make-up artist Sabina Pinsone and a fantastic team (assistants and art director) in a striking Roman park. What does an average day in the life of Rachele involve? I can say to you what I love in my life: reading, writing, watching movies, making new photo projects, travelling and working.

What inspires your creativity the most? I am obsessed with beauty and I love it and when I take a photo set I put the classical art and the Greek aesthetics in my point of view.

What advice would you give to those wishing to pursue photography? My advice is NEVER GIVE UP! Have a ‘belief’ and one passion stronger than the other ones, be curious, create an own personal style, be caring of classical arts and learn also from the other fields of art.

What concepts or emotions do you often like to portray through your work? Some of my pictures are just an aesthetics thing, but the origin of my shooting comes from psychology. I mean that my pictures come from my self-examination or from my visions. No I’m not a fortune-teller, but I mean that these visions come from my dreams or my nightmares during the night, or my unconscious personal situations. In fact usually I am in the flesh in my shoots through the model I represent. She is with pale skin, redhead and a little androgynous, like me.

Please visit Rachele’s work: Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RacheleMaggiPhotography

Blog: rachelemaggiphotography.blogspot.it Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/rachelemaggi DeviantArt: rachelemays.deviantart.com

Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? Usually I tell stories through fine art, but sometimes I make fashion shooting. In the photo set the models are different from my 140

An Interview with

How would you describe yourself in just three words? Nostalgic, romantic, whimsical What first inspired you to create your blog? I have always had an interest for fashion & been very creative. One day a few years ago I discovered the blogging world. I fell in love with how these bloggers presented their style, fashion & life through pictures. I just had to get involved, so happy I did! When I first made a blog two years ago I did not take it very seriously, blogging around once a month. Jan 2013 I decided to give my blog my all! And I have grown as a person through that journey, achieved things that I never thought I could of achieved. Best year yet! What does an average day in the life of Adora involve? Crazy busy! I am studying fashion design in the heart of London. Very intense course, giving that my all! While blogging when I can & attending fashion events. So not much free time, it sometimes gets really overwhelming but I am managing to fit everything in and having fun.

Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? Nature and vintage are definitely a big inspiration throughout my work. I love looking at antiques, old buildings, paintings, clothing from the past etc. and the world around us is so inspiring! So much beauty such as flowers, the seaside, trees, seasons etc.

What styles or particular garments are you loving the most at the moment? 1950s style dresses & quirky novelty bags have really got my attention! Lastly, what are your hopes and dreams for the near future – Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I am very excited to be collaborating with Beyond Retro and planning to do 2 months of internship with them this summer, styling first then move onto the reworked vintage design maybe this summer, got to get my portfolio together :) I would love to work for them one day! And push the reworked vintage further there. I have so many ideas! Also I want to take my blog further while doing really well at Uni. I dream of creating a beautiful final collection for third year. Really representing me and what I dream my label to be. One day I really do dream of having an Adora Mehitabel label & creating beautiful sentimental pieces for everyone to buy.

Please visit Adora’s links: Blog: www.adoramehitabel.co.uk Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adoramehitabelblog


Do You Have a Dollar?

Photography: Georgia Hagemeijer www.facebook.com/GeorgiaHagemeijerPhotography Model: Sofia Back 145

An Interview with Georgia


When did you first discover your love of photography? Through my childhood I went everywhere with a little camera and basically took photos of everything. I was lucky enough to have my father as a photographer, from him I learned most of what I know. It started to become a passion when I was around 13. I began doing my friend’s makeup, going through our wardrobes and taking pictures of them in my backyard and from then I haven't stopped.

me isn't that bad, I really enjoy school. I do five subjects; Maths, English, Art, Film & Television and Spanish. Any day I don't have Maths is an enjoyable day haha. When I'm not at school, in my spare time I edit my photos and spend hours looking at other people’s work. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the near future - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? When I finish school I really want to focus on building my own business. Through that I hope to get myself a bit more noticed, I would love to do fashion photography for magazines and clothing lines. Without being too picky, I'll do any type of photography work if it means getting closer to my goal and gaining valuable experience.

What concepts and emotions do you often like to portray in your work? When I plan my own shoots, I will usually do something floral with vintage clothing but lately I have been trying to mix things up a little bit. I've started to try and work with different styles of fashion and go to unusual locations. But overall I just want people to look at my work and feel happy vibes. Usually if I'm not enjoying myself at the shoot I find that I'm not happy with the outcome.

Please visit Georgia’s work:

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? When planning this shoot I googled so many different coin laundry's and it was really hard to try and find an interesting looking one because so many now days don't have the cool dryers on the wall. I eventually found one that I was happy with and we had a blast. We got a lot of strange looks. What does an average day in the life of Georgia involve? I'm in grade 12 this year so a normal day for

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GeorgiaHagemeijerPhotography

Blog: www.georgia-hagemeijer.tumblr.com Instagram: @gmhphotography


An Interview with

Letters To Lions


When did the band Letters To Lions form? The idea of letters To Lions has vaguely been around for two years but as a band just over one. Who came up with the name Letters To Lions and why - does it have a significant meaning for you all? Haha the name was originally thought of by a friend who was, but no longer is, apart of Letters To Lions and since then the line up has undergone a few changes so we have all kind of got our own meanings attached to the name. If you could sum up the band in just three words, what would they be? Only. Need. One.

We are playing at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla on the 7th of May. We also intend to release an album sometime this year, and hopefully team up with some friends of ours ‘The Uplifting Bell Ends' to do a tour. You should come to our shows if we play around yours and download our mixtape on BandCamp. It’s free.

Please visit Letters To Lions’ links: Facebook page: www.facebook.com/letterstolions BandCamp: http://letterstolions.bandcamp.com/ Triple J Unearthed profile: www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/letters-lions

You guys recently performed at RAW Sydney's Mosaic showcase at Manning Bar and your performance was so well-received that the audience was begging for one more song! Please tell us what you loved the most about your RAW Sydney experience? The best thing was the people who danced, we love when people dance. We love your alternative rock / new wave sound, and have particularly fallen in love with your song titled 'This Morning'. What is the inspiration behind this song? We were playing a gig one Sunday afternoon and we’d all had quite a big weekend so we jammed on the Sunday morning a few hours to sand all the corners and that's what came out. Nobody is really sure what the words mean... What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for Letters To Lions - do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

Image: Matt Leyva


A Floral Finale

Photography: Lana Taylor www.facebook.com/alana.taylor.photography9 Model 1: Nitty Valentin (In black, Death) Model 2: Ashley Goodwin (In white, Innocence) MUA: Lana Taylor Black Gown: Carla Zampatti Flower Crowns: Forever Flower Crowns 159

An Interview with Lana Taylor When did you first discover your love of photography? I first discovered it back in 2007, when I was in year 8 in high school. I chose photography as one of my subjects and had one of the most inspiring and passionate teachers, Ms Danilov. She made photography fun, and it was a creative outlet for me. I had always been really good at sport and never at art. So this was where I got to create and make magic. It’s been on and off since then, but I really got back into it not long ago, in 2012, when I deferred University (a bachelor of commerce), because all I could think of was taking photos!

gown in a local thrift shop and immediately knew that it was the perfect outfit for this shoot. I wanted to portray death as the main character (Model Nitty Valentin), and the vulnerability of it. Then I decided that I needed to juxtapose Death with Innocence (Model Ashley Goodwin). The main feelings and message that I wanted to portray was that death can take anyone, innocence and all. Don’t wish for tomorrow and wish away your life, as you never know what tomorrow may bring. What does an average day in the life of Alana involve? Hmm, good question. I don’t really have a routine, although I probably should! I wake up whenever the sun gets too bright in my room, I have a cup of tea and usually check my emails. Then I put some music on, mostly Missy Higgins because she is my favourite, and then start planning shoots and editing. I update my blog and my website, and am a little addicted to Instagram, so I’m continuously on that!

Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst shooting this series of images? This series of images were meant to evoke vulnerability. Recently a good friend of mine had lost a close family member and it made me realise that no matter how old we get, we are still just as vulnerable to being hurt as when we were children. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you are and will always be vulnerable and death plays such a huge part in that. I personally, have dealt with death a lot over the last few years of my life, losing my Pop & Opa, and also one of my very good friends, I felt like I needed to do this shoot to enable me to fully move on from those experiences in my life. I found the vintage Carla Zampatti

What advice would you give to those also wishing to pursue photography as a career? Honestly, just do it. What have you got to lose? I think the most important thing to people who want to start out is being true to yourself! Don’t feel intimidated by those who have been doing it for years, 177

instead talk to them, ask them questions. I myself still don’t know everything about photography, but I’m learning along the way. I always try and remind myself, that if you are going to do something, make sure you do it with all your passion and it will be perfect. What do you hope the future holds for your photography - Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I’m travelling to Melbourne soon, to do some shoots with an Australian actress, and doing a few collaborations with some super talented people while I’m there. I’m hoping that more people notice my work, and enjoy it just as much as I do. I’m also hoping to travel to America, and am looking to collaborate there too! Other than that, I’ll just be going with the flow, and working hard!

Please visit Lana’s work: Website: alana-taylor.4ormat.com Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alana.taylor.photography9

Blog: teaforlana.blogspot.com.au Instagram: @alanataylorphotography


“A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul, and strengthens the imagination.” -- Richelle E. Goodrich

Image by Whim Online Magazine for The Wandering Dress – a collaboration with Oh Deer Boutique

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