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ISSUE NO. 3 Founder / Editor: Melanie D Contributors: Chantelle Kemkemian, Flare Street, Annette Ong, Collette Johnson, Victoria Madamba, Ecobird, Bridgette Winten, Vellos Bridal, Bec Brown, Rachel March, Anthony Tosello, Kim Chau, Keri-Anne Pink, Aqilah Nizar, Kezia Chelsea Lubanszky, Laura Cockburn, Laura Barry, Natalia Ghosn, Stella Thai, Claire Bradshaw, Allan Whitbread, Miriam Waldner, Bianca Sibert, Carly Maddox, Beauxoxo, East Is East Boutique Markets. Cover: Photography: Chantelle Kemkemian Model: Bethan Arthur Clothing: Charlotte and Moon Contact: Email: Backgrounds and Stock images: Angie Makes (, Summer— Moon (, Eirian-stock (, Afterthe-Aftermath (, crazychuchu (, opium-poppies (, cgarofani (, kmhwhitney (, aswad-hajja (, Pugly Pixel (, Lost and Taken (, ValerianaSTOCK (, EveLivesey (, brushchick (, (, AuroraWienhold (, Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of Whim Online Magazine as a whole. We cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without the consent of the Editor.

Editor’s Letter: Hello everyone! Welcome to Whim Online Magazine’s Summer Issue – something that we have been working on these past two-and-a-half months and which we wanted to convey the essence of freedom and the long days of Summer. You will probably notice that the issue looks as though someone dropped a packet of sequins and gold stars all over the pages, but we wanted to translate that glittery and golden feeling of the season into the issue, and what better way to do this than with these sparkly decorations? We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it together. You will find that the pages are filled with dreamy photoshoots, uplifting creative writing, colourful artworks, and interviews with inspirational creatives (plus so much more!)

Best wishes, Melanie (Editor and Founder)

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In this issue… 4…Whim Loves 5…Interview: Blogger Carly Maddox 7…The River Siren: a photoshoot by Chantelle Kemkemian 18…Interview: Chantelle Kemkemian 19…‘Lemon Squash’ by Annette Ong 21…Featured Photographer: Peachy Keen Photography 26…’Hall of Mirrors’ by Bianca Sibert 27…A Summertime Dream: a photoshoot by Miriam Waldner 35…Interview: Photographer Miriam Waldner 37…Interview: Musician Bridgette Winten 40…‘Home’ by Kezia Chelsea Lubanszky 41…Chandra: a photoshoot by Allan Whitbread 49…Interview: Allan Whitbread 51…Ten Things to do This Summer 53…Interview: Rachel March from Tuesday Vintage 55…About a Girl: a photoshoot by Anthony Tosello 62…Interview: Photographer Anthony Tosello 63…Recipe: Chocolate Brownie Bites 64…‘The Careful Architecture of Words’ by Victoria Madamba

65…What Kitty Did: a photoshoot by Laura Cockburn 75…Interview: Photographer Laura Cockburn 77…Featured Label: Flare Street 79…Free Will: a photoshoot by Aqilah Nizar 81…Interview: Photographer Aqilah Nizar 83…Santa Monica Dream: a photoshoot by Stella Thai 93…Interview: Photographer Stella Thai 94…Summer Playlist 95…Interview: Artist Bec Brown / Clouds of Colour 97…Garden Soul: a photoshoot by Kim Chau 105…Interview: Photographer Kim Chau 107…Facts About: 4 of the Most Common Seashells 110…‘Summer by the Sea’ by Claire Bradshaw 111…How to Make: a Glitter Snow Globe 114…‘Finding Family in a Philippine Summer’ by Laura Barry 115…Photographs from Gingerlillytea’s ‘Fairy Series’ 124…Interview: Photographer Keri-Anne Pink 125…Final Words 3

Whim Loves… < ‘The Siren’s Song’ by Marie Zucker served as the number one inspiration when putting together this issue of Whim Online Magazine. See the full photoshoot at

^ Jelly sandals – the perfect 90s inspired footwear to accompany any Summer outfit! ( bi-shoes/)

> Pretty Parcel’s SS14 ‘Garden Party’ collection features gorgeous Summer dresses in the most flattering styles and designs. Visit:

^ This beautiful ‘Full Crochet Floral Mint Green Dress’ from ChicWish combines two of our favourite things - florals and the colour mint! Visit:

< Diana Mini F+ Double Rainbow Camera, featuring artwork by Tara McPherson ( 4

An Interview with Blogger Carly Maddox From A Walk in the Park 5

When did you first begin blogging and why? I first started blogging in 2011, and it all started when I just knew I had a love for fashion and I really wanted a great way to document my outfits and share them with others. When I discovered Chictopia and Lookbook, I thought that would be an awesome start, and I've been blogging ever since then!

gym for a few hours, and that's usually all I really have time for unfortunately!

How would you describe yourself in just three words? dreamer, observer, happy.

As this is the Summer Issue, please tell us, what do you love the most about this season? As usual, I really like coloured dresses with fun sandals and wedges. I'm all about lots of colours and fun patterns this summer!

What does an average day in the life of Carly involve? A day for me is quite boring, as it is filled with a lot of school...haha! I'm at school all day, then in the evenings I like to take some outfit photos of what I wore that day and then head off to the

Who, or what, inspires your creativity and style the most? I would say Audrey Hepburn and Zooey Deschanel. They both have that classic, girly style and I love that Audrey's is more of a vintage take and Zooey's is more of a modern take on classic style.

Blog: Instagram: carlymaddox


The River Siren.

Photography: Chantelle Kemkemian Photography ( Model: Bethan Arthur Clothing: Charlotte and Moon ( ( 7

An Interview with Photographer Chantelle Kemkemian When did your journey with photography first begin? My journey began about three years ago when a friend taught me photography. I became obsessive with the medium and it became rare for me to leave home without my camera. I started out photographing a lot of landscapes and events but quickly fell in love with portraiture. I started photographing my friends in their own outfits and makeup that I would quickly whip up. I'd post these photos online and soon after designers, make-up artists, models and stylists approached me with work. It's been an incredible journey thus far, one which I hope to continue more seriously next year when I FINALLY finish university. What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? It usually depends on what the designer or model wants but when I'm doing shoots for myself I often go for vintage/floral looks. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been discussing the possibility of creating a series of photographs based on a fantasy concept with my team, so that'll be something to look forward to next.year. Describe an average day in the life of Chantelle? A day in the life of Chantelle haha... My day usually starts off sending emails out to clients, either organising photo shoots,

sending invoices or quotes. Then depending on the day I'd be doing any of the following: editing photos, shooting, pretending to pay attention at university, scouting locations, planning shoots or working at my retail job. Once I get back home I usually spend my nights editing or posting images on social media. There is always lots of fun to be had. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? I find inspiration in a lot of things at the moment! Clothes, photographs from other photographers, trends in the fashion eras, magazines, props. My two favourite photographers at the moment are Lara Jade and Daniela Majic. I can always count on them for creative inspiration.

Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? I definitely love the warmer weather and the afternoon thunderstorms most! I thoroughly enjoy editing photos by my bedroom window listening to the sound of rain and breathing in that crisp, clean air. Visit: Facebook: hotography 18

Lemon Squash By Annette Ong

A single lemon tree stands alongside a rusty Hills Hoist in the backyard of our childhood home. The humidity weighs down on its branches, forcing the ripe fruit closer to the ground and closer to our waiting, eager hands. With plastic bags aplenty, we collect them; careful not to miss a single one. The good lemons go on to become something else: sweeter, more palatable versions of themselves, lending their goodness to sticky cakes and delicious desserts. The rotten ones, the ones beyond saving, are the lemons we kids like best. Gathering them, together we pelt them at the old garage wall. The neighbour’s kids join in. Johnny is our target; he’s eight years old and obsessed with pirates. He wears a black patch over his left eye, fashioned from the cardboard of a cereal box that his mother made him. He has attacked his chin with his sister’s black eyeliner, drawing what looks like a messy beard and moustache. It begins to run down his

neck as the juice from the flying lemons hits him in the face and chest. Waving a plastic toy sword over his head, he yells at us in an exaggerated pirate accent and baits us with his fearlessness as he runs back and forth, dodging the path of catapulting lemons. Max, Johnny’s ten-year-old brother, is secretly in love with me. When we think no-one is watching, we lay side by side, under the safety of the Eucalyptus tree. The warming afternoon sun prompts our daydreams, and makes us believe that anything is possible. Max, his arm close to mine, pretends to pick at the grass beneath his hands, but really his hand seeks mine. When he finds it, he grasps it gently and together we fly to the moon and back. Today, Max is on my side. His bag is full of rotting lemons and he hurls them at his little brother. Josephine, my little sister, is on Johnny’s team by default. There are only four of us 19

kids, so what must be, will be. She doesn’t mind too much: she’s five and pleased to be included. Her throw is not strong; the lemons don’t even reach the wall, but she tries with a confidence that suggests “Look at me! I’m playing with the ‘big kids’ now.” I hit Johnny square in the centre of his back, as he jolts back and forth. He usually smells like lemons for days

after. We never relent: one by one, the lemons are propelled through the air, shedding their weakened pith as they hit the wall. A sour heap of pulp, juice and skin: a different kind of lemon squash. These are our long summer days, spent in a lemon haze.


Featured Photographer:

Peachy Keen Photography

We all love to revel in special moments – it is a part of the human condition, after all. However, sometimes there’s nothing nicer than having the physical proof of an event gone by, a celebration, or even a brief yet magical passing moment of something that truly touched our hearts. This is why we line our mantelpieces and decorate our walls with our very own memories in the form of framed photographs. This is also why, sometimes, we need to call in the professionals. One such professional is Collette Johnson from Peachy Keen Photography, a New Zealand-born photographer based in Brisbane, Australia, who is passionate about capturing special memories and creating “emotive imagery that is full of heart”. Peachy Keen Photography specialises in lifestyle and creative portrait sessions including maternity, new born, family, and couple sessions. Customers can look forward to a photographic experience that is completely unique to their own needs, because no two people are the same!


Each lifestyle and portrait session costs $180.00, and Peachy Keen Photography ensures that each customer is getting a great deal with plenty of included services for this price. Collette Johnson provides all of her own professional photographic equipment, and she can promise plenty of creative flair from years of experience in the industry. Each customer also gets 30 – 40 images to select prints from and every file is post-produced to guarantee a stunning set of images. Customers can even look forward to a sneak-peek of their photoshoot on the Peachy Keen Photography Facebook page and every set of images are uploaded into the customer’s very own personal gallery on the Peachy Keen Photography website for 30 days, allowing friends and family members to check it out and providing plenty of time for prints to be ordered. The cost of each session also includes the delivery of the final set of prints to customers, so from beginning to end, you can be sure that Collette is meeting every need along the way. She is also very flexible in catering to her customers, as she explains, “If you have something special in mind our portrait packages can be created to suit your ideas so drop me a line and let’s whip up something fabulous for you.”



Collette travels within the Brisbane metro area and suburbs, and she also services the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich & Toowooma. It is advised that bookings are made as soon as possible, preferably 4 – 5 weeks in advance, as Peachy Keen Photography’s appointments do fill up quickly! You can view more information about Collette Johnson’s photography business, as well as contact information, by visiting the following links: Website: Facebook Page: Instagram: peachykeenphotography 24

Hall of Mirrors By Bianca Sibert (

The colours and voices spin around me, carnival beats pound on my ear-drum and I leave you, stumbling into the stifling night of a blue-striped tent. Reflections of a girl lost follow and stare; her skin painted a ghostly white, she dances, a clown she laughs and cries, mocking me. I navigate between her glimpses: one a dark, stretched frownâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; all those nights sitting in your car, talking and never touching; another around a corner, a smile and a kiss leak from ripples of her image, a stormy ocean you dived into. A tint of pink in the next, your bedroom glow in the morning light, soft petals of roses bloom in her cheeks. The fleeting faces swim around me, bubbles rising to the surface distilling a feverish mix beneath glass; I drink it in, feeling it course through my shaking body, a tonic settling the turbulent seas, pointing the lost girl in the right direction, outside the blue-striped tent and into the clear summer day to where you, the real you, is waiting. 26

A Summertime Dream. (A collaboration between photographer Miriam Waldner and Kee Boutique)

Photography: Miriam Waldner ( Models: Marie and Katharina from Styling: Miriam Waldner Clothing: Kee Boutique ( 27

An Interview with Photographer Miriam Waldner When did your journey with photography first begin? When I was 12 years old I started taking pictures with a simple camera. Our enchanted garden was my favourite spot.. I put rare bugs on my hand, studied them and added tiny blossoms.. Then I just waited for the right moment and captured my little installations. To this day nothing else than pressing the shutter gave me that special heartwarming.feeling. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs for Kee Boutique? The shoot for Kee Boutique was just perfect. The two girls were so cute and it was fun to dive with them into the story I had in mind for that photoshoot. What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? Quite often there are particular styling ideas coming up to my mind. Little stories and moods. I always have an eye on nice incidents around me. Sometimes a girl with a unique charisma in the subway is enough. I make notes and sketches in a notebook I always carry with me.

I adore the work of David Lynch and Sophia Coppola. Single characters from their movies fascinate and inspire me very often. Music and musicians are important as well and clothes from time to time.. Lets take the band Swim Deep as an example. I had the opportunity to portray them and asked those guys how they found their cool style of clothing. They just answered “we just wear what we like. Without thinking too much about it.” It’s the same for me with taking photos, styling and collecting ideas. I do what I like: I mix my ideas and use the world’s best invention - the photo camera - to capture time and space. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? Uhmm… That’s a nice question! For me, there’s nothing better than lying outside in the grass with good music and homemade coffee frappé. Oh and flea markets as well! Visit: Facebook: graphie

Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? 35

Photography: Katie Winten (

An Interview with

Musician Bridgette Winten 38

When did you first discover your love for singing and song writing? I've been singing for as long as I can remember but I never really took it seriously until I started playing the piano, which was when I was fifteen. I guess I just started playing around with chord progressions and went from there with my song writing. How would you describe yourself in just three words? That's always a hard question to answer! I would probably say that I'm creative, determined and introspective. Please tell us a little about the experience you had putting together your EP - were there any moments in particular that were so special for you? I really enjoyed the EP project! It was an experience I shared with one of my close friends, who recorded and produced my songs. It was rewarding in the fact that I was given the chance to collaborate with some really talented musicians who helped to make my music more dynamic. We love the EP - especially the song titled ‘Dreamer's Realm’. What inspires you to create such beautiful lyrics? Thanks so much! I spent ages writing and editing the lyrics for 'Dreamer's Realm‘, so I'm glad you like it! I try to write lyrics that can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the

listener's understanding of the song. I suppose I just like writing lyrics that aren't super obvious because usually the subject matter is really personal! I also read a lot, so that helps me to incorporate descriptive language into my writing. As this is the Summer Issue, please tell us, what do you love the most about this season? Summer is actually my favourite season of the year! I love the warm weather and try to get to the beach whenever I can. What do you hope the near future holds for your music career - do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? At the moment I'm in the process of writing some new material for my next EP, which will hopefully be released sometime in 2014. I'd also really like to get a band together in the coming year!

Listen at: WintenMusic

SoundCloud: YouTube: 39

Home By Kezia Chelsea Lubanszky ( (

I lay beneath the sweeping branches of a willow tree. Sunlight shatters through the leaves, warming my face in a kaleidoscope of light. I breathe it in: the sweetness of the air and the delicate scents of Summer. Freshly mowed grass tickles my feet, bringing back memories of years passed. It always comes back to this. Something about the heat, the way a sapphire sky and a flowing cotton dress put me at ease and just makes it feel like home. I roll onto my stomach, inhaling the fresh, rustic scent of the grass. The blades sway in the breeze, like tiny dancers, the Earth as their stage. My fingers comb through nature’s carpet, and the blades feel cool and refreshing on my skin. Days passed and old friends sweep through my head. I can hear the laughter as we run through the foaming

tides, and the crackles of a bonfire in someone’s backyard. I wonder what it is – the thing that brings all these feelings rushing back. Glimpses of the past pop into my mind like a half-remembered dream. Lying on the beach, the sand slipping through my bare toes, sticky Summer nights spent with friends on the porch, our faces wet with sweat and our lips with the sweet tang of chilled wine. It’s the centre – the pivot – of every memory I’ve ever had. As a child, the gleeful urgency of a park, or a backyard, bathed in sun. As a teen, the swimsuits and boys and never ending horizons of a day at the beach. And now, as an adult, the overpowering feeling that I’ve finally arrived at a place, a time, or a feeling. Home. 40


Photography and Editing: Allan Whitbread ( ( Talent: Chandra Vidar ( MUA: Margarita Starodubtseva / 3Be Make-up Studio ( Styling: Kaih-Leeandalak Nalij ( Designs from Dancing Leopard, supplied by Bohemian Diva in Sydney ( 41

An Interview with Photographer Allan Whitbread: When did your journey with photography first begin? I guess my first real memory of photography was in the 1970s when my Mum gave me her camera. I was around 12 years of age and I vividly remember being fascinated by the old parabolic style flash bulbs that sat in the hot shoe. I think back then I was more into the camera as a gadget and less into actually taking photos. I actually canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t recall when my curiosity with photography changed to a love of photography. I know many photographers had an instant love affair with their art but mine was a slower journey. I saw photography as a challenge. I wasn't naturally gifted but I think that actually helped me as I would challenge myself to improve with each shoot even though at times it was a steep learning curve. Even today, my philosophy is simple. I always strive to do better than my last shoot and I make a point of taking something away from every shoot that I do. That might be a sense of achievement or it could be identifying something that I need to work on in my next shoot. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs?

Please let me introduce our team: Photography and Editing: Allan Whitbread (Myself) hic

Talent: Chandra Vidar

MUA: Margarita Starodubtseva Make-up Studio

- 3Be

Styling: Kaih-Leeandalak Nalij

Designs from Dancing Leopard, supplied by Bohemian Diva in Sydney

Well, this was one of those shoots that just all fell into place. Of course thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pretty easy when you have such a great team of professionals to work with. We chose Bongin Bongin Bay as our location as it has a nice ocean pool and being one of the Northern Beaches, has relatively few people in the area. This allowed us to give a sense of isolation to the shoot. Given that we had Bohemian Summer pieces, I wanted to tell the story of a young, carefree girl wandering along a quiet beach, soaking up the sun and embracing everything that Summer 49

in Australia has to offer. My goal was to use the elements and varying backgrounds to give a different feel for each outfit change. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really happy that we managed to capture the context and emotion of our target theme.

clear my mind. It is also a great time of year to just get out and do some great shoots with some amazing, talented models.

What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? I believe that an image should emit an emotional response. So for me it is less about which concepts I prefer and more about how I can take any given concept and add elements that create an emotional response for the viewer.

Visit: Facebook:

Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? There are so many talented photographers and artists out there. I am a huge fan of the work coming out of Europe at the moment. The current trends there are so refreshing, cutting edge and very inspirational to me. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? This is an easy one for me! Summer on the East coast of Australia means that I get to spend a lot of time at the beach. The sea breeze, salt water and great surf always leave me invigorated. This is the best way to recharge my body and 50

10 Things To Do This Summer: Go to a carnival or theme park: Summer nights are best spent outdoors, and when combined with fairy floss, fun rides and plenty of laughs, then you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs!

Keep a journal or scrapbook of your Summer: Stock up on colourful washi tape, paper doilies and rubber stamps, because there’s nothing more fun than taking the time to put together your own journal or scrapbook to document Summer events or activities. Plus, it’s always wonderful to look back on your memories in years to come.

Set yourself a charity shop challenge: If we were to mention all the things we love about charity shops (also known as thrift shops or op-shops) then we would easily take up quite a few pages! So we’ll try to keep it short and sweet by explaining how

you can partake in a charity shop challenge. Pick your favourite local charity shop and set yourself a small budget ($20 is a great place to start), and then have fun finding as many vintage or unique items or garments as you can without spending over your chosen amount. At the end of your trip, it’s always a nice surprise to realize just how many things you bought for yourself within such a small budget, but the best bit is, that money spent all went to charity! Have lunch by the sea: Sometimes there’s just nothing more relaxing than eating a delicious lunch by sea, as the sun reflects off the water’s glittery surface. Scope out seaside cafes, or pack a picnic lunch and head to a park on the water’s edge for a wonderful Summer afternoon well spent!

Project, or even through a shared love of craft and paper goods. If you’d love to find a Pen Pal but don’t know where to start, you can often find other Pen Pal seekers through platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr.

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit something from your childhood: Summer is the season when people are often the most nostalgic, so embrace this pang of nostalgia by re-visiting a favourite destination, book, movie, or food from your childhood. After all, it’s always nice to re-live those childlike, yet special, memories. Collect shells and make something from them: Shells are one of nature’s beautiful gifts, and they serve as a pretty memento from your time at the beach. Embrace your inner creativity and use your collected shells in DIY projects such as jewellery, sculptures, or even decorative items for your home such a photo frames and wind chimes – the possibilities are endless! Discover the lost art of Pen Pals: Once something cemented firmly in the past, writing letters to friends living far away has now made a huge comeback in the form of projects such as The Happy Mail

Create a Summer playlist: Put together a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs to serve as the perfect accompaniment to long drives, backyard barbeques or days spent at the beach. If you’re a little stuck for time or ideas, then why not take a look at Whim’s Summer Issue Playlist on page 94? You can also stream it at Watch a movie at an open-air cinema: Embrace the warm Summer nights by going to an outdoor cinema, because this weather is too perfect to waste it away watching a movie indoors! You can find out where your local open-air cinema is with a quick Google search. Make your own Christmas decorations: It may not be Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but one thing is for certain – Christmas is just around the corner, no matter what hemisphere you live in! Try your hand at the many Christmas decoration DIY projects available on the internet, or you could even try making your very own glitter snow globe, as seen on page 111. (Photography: Melanie D / Whim Online Magazine)


An Interview with

Rachel from Tuesday Vintage

Model: Nicola De Leeuw

When did you first discover your love of vintage and recycled fashion? When I was very young! I have so many memories of my mother taking my sister and I op shopping! It wasn’t until my great grandmother passed and I was given some of her beautiful tailored vintage coats that I really learnt to appreciate vintage fashion though, I was a bit older then and understood the industry a bit better. It was around the same time the manufacturing industry really started to die in Australia, everything was moving to offshore factories, and I’d just been given these amazing coats, all designed and made in Sydney in the 1930’s! For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with Tuesday Vintage, how would you describe it to them? An online hoard of hand-picked, one-off seasonal vintage amazingness from all around the world! We also invest in timeless / all round amazing pieces too – we can’t help ourselves! What does an average day in the life of Rachel March involve? Every day is different! I am a mother so my days are pretty unpredictable but it almost always begins with checking my emails and ends with bedtime stories (for my little babe anyway). I get a lot of my work done after hours.

so, what was it? A gorgeous denim Wrangler jacket from the 70’s and a pair of leather winkle pickers, amongst a lot of other things! It’s hard to pick just one! As this is the Summer Issue, please tell us, what do you love the most about this season? I love that it’s completely okay to wear everything white! How it’s appropriate to wear comfortable happy pants covered in wild groovy prints, the sporty necklines, raw hemlines and midriffs… I could go on for a while so I might leave it at that! What do you hope the future holds for Tuesday Vintage – are there any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? More photoshoots, more vintage, more fun, more things for you to love, want and wear! Keep up to date with our whereabouts via the store blog on or follow us on instagram @tuesdayvintage!

Visit: Facebook:

Do you have one particular garment from Tuesday Vintage (past or present) that you fell head-over-heels in love with? If 54

About a Girl.

Photography: Anthony Tosello ( Styling: Christabell McDonald ( MUA: Sara Morrison Model: Perrie @ Vivien's 55

An Interview with Photographer Anthony Tosello When did your journey with photography first begin? It started as just another class in high school, something to fill up my timetable, but after the first class I was hooked. I got myself an SLR and kept going from there.

Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? It's hard to pin-point one single thing. I try to surround myself with inspiration as much as I can, from photography, art and music to amazing places and interesting and creative people.

Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs? We were in this amazing old school building and we chased the natural light around from window to window. It started as a studio for us to shoot in but quickly became a character in the shoot; this incredible old room was just as important as the model, makeup and clothes.

Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? Cicadas.

What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? My ideas and the things I like are always changing so I try to approach each shoot differently to capture and portray something different each time. Each time a different approach and a different thought behind the images.

Visit: Facebook: tography Blog:


How to Make:

Chocolate Brownie Bites Prep + Cooking Time: 1 hour.

You Will Need: • • • • • • • • • •

300g dark eating (semisweet) chocolate chopped coarsely 185g unsalted butter, chopped coarsely ¼ cup (25g) cocoa powder ¾ cup (165g) caster sugar (superfine) 1 cup (220g) firmly packed light brown sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 ½ cups (225g) plain flour 4 eggs 2 teaspoons cocoa powder extract Patty pans of chosen size

Method: 1. Preheat oven to 170◦C / 340◦F and grease a rectangular pan measuring 20cm x 30cm. Line the base of the pan with baking paper and allow the paper to extend over the sides of the pan by 5cm. 2. Stir the coarsely chopped butter and chocolate in a medium saucepan over low heat until mixture is smooth. Remove from the heat and whisk in sugars and sifted cocoa until smooth. 3. Stir the sifted flour and eggs into the chocolate mixture. Then pour the mixture into your greased and lined pan before spreading evenly. 4. Bake for approximately 40 minutes then allow the brownie to cool in the pan. Next, dust with sifted cocoa powder (or if preferred, icing sugar) before cutting into squares small enough to fit into your chosen patty pans.


The Careful Architecture of Words Victoria Madamba

Your thoughts captivate me Your precision, almost accurate, Like a steady beat of a drum In sync with my own thoughts. Warm and beautiful Sweet like honey Your accuracy sends shivers Up my spine. Your pain is inevitable. And so is mine. But you are your own pilot. And you, glided across those waves, Through merciless storms And melancholic clouds. I watched you carefully steer your life, And was amazed at how quickly You learnt to swim After the time when the tide Started to rise And you, Almost drowned.


What Kitty Did.

Photographer: Laura Cockburn ( ( Model: Alison Latham Styling: Magda Zurkova Hair and Make-up: Aria Hussain 65

An Interview with Photographer Laura Cockburn When did your journey with photography first begin? My love of photography began when I was a teenager, when I got my first analogue camera it was so exciting. I have fallen in and out of image making over the years but now, focusing on my photography is what keeps me sane. It motivates me and drives my ambition.

Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs? A hazy summer day and a wonderful team of creatives, what more could you ask for? It's always lovely to meet new people who share your vision and the team I worked with on this shoot were all super hard working and professional to the end.

nature which I will combine with an element from my own experiences and memories to make the final images more personal to me. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? The longer days, definitely.

Website: Facebook: Tumblr:

What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? Femininity and Romance. Strength and Passion. Youthfulness and Honesty. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? Everything starts as a small idea and grows from there and there's always a story behind everything I shoot. I'm inspired a lot by fashion, colour and


Featured Label:

Flare Street

It is a gloriously sunny morning and a young woman is packing her essentials into a tiny suitcase, ready to embark on a Summer-long journey and to see where the tides take her. Stepping out into the sun, she quickly pushes her sunglasses onto the bridge of her nose before taking a quick glance backwards at her house, as though to say “see you soon”. She’s wearing a pair of Tan Quatrefoil Flare Pants that Jimi Hendrix would be proud of. They balance out her petite frame and the bold print is eye-catching without being too over-the-top. She looks like a 60s dream, but in fact, she is in the here and now. They say what goes around, comes around, and when it comes to the Fashion World, this is certainly true. If you’re searching for a stunning pair of flares with a surprisingly modern twist, then Flare Street is the destination for you. Here at Whim, we love how the Australian label thinks outside of the square. There’s everything from deep red velvet flares to flares that will satisfy your cat-print obsession. If you’re a fan of paisley, florals or even houndstooth print, then Flare Street definitely have a pair (or two) for you.


Flare Street was created by Nik Shimmin to fulfil the need for high-quality, yet affordable flares. Nik explains, “Flares are one of the hardest things to find these days, so I took matters into my own hands and crafted my own. I'm selling them to help spread the flare-love.” Each pair of flares is made with a special stretch fabric, which allows the garment to fit sizes 8 through to 12. Nik states, “I source good quality fabrics from around the world and turn them into the funnest pants ever!” Nik is also more than happy to tailor her flares to her customer’s individual style upon request, meaning that when it comes to the flare-love, no one has to miss out. The other good news is that although Flare Street is based in Melbourne, Australia, flares are able to be shipped all around the globe to their eager, soon-to-be owners. The fabric that Nik uses is thin enough to be worn in the warmer months, and the other advantages of this material includes that it does not cling, wrinkle or stretch out to lose its shape. The flares are also made with a stylish mid-rise waist, meaning that you can team them with a shorter-length top for a flattering, Summer look, or even with a longer sweater during the colder months. Flare Street’s beautiful designs are very versatile, and each pair of flares is a truly special addition to your wardrobe. You can find Flare Street at the following links: Etsy: Website: Blog: Facebook:


Free Will

Photographer: Aqilah Nizar / Qil's Photograhics (http://aqilahnizar.wix. com/photographics) Model: Jordon Rolley (SASS Management)



An Interview with Photographer Aqilah Nizar: When did your journey with photography first begin? I can’t remember when it started. I think it was when I was young, when it was still the film camera era, and the camera was still a kind of luxury for our family. We had to take turns to use it among our siblings, and I was always the one who always asked for extra film from my parents. At that time, what I knew was that photography just made me happy. And then the passion just grows with age and becomes a favourite activity. It’s not something that I deliberately have to study or analyse, but rather something that subconsciously grows as I gain more experience, while doing it over and over again, and become better with time. Very addictive. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs? It is actually quite a challenging but a funny experience. We actually bought 5 balloons for the shoot but on the day of the shooting, the wind was quite harsh and we lost 4 of the balloons to the sky which left us just a balloon for shoot and yes, I know what you thinking - some balloons in the photos are added in the post-processing hehe. Moreover, the shoot required the model to pose at the thin stool and it seemed easy but actually it required lots of balancing ability and strength while maintaining a calm look on the face and relaxed / loose body posture.

What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? It actually depends on my moods. I am a person who always has a hard time expressing myself to others so it’s like I am using photography to express my feelings and thoughts in any particular moments for my photo-shoot concept. Hmm I can say my works are very random. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? This wonderful world! I could say going out travelling inspired me much; visiting new places, feeling the cultures and meeting new people totally giving me a new perspective in seeing things and it helps me a lot expanding my creativity. Life is just magical and enchanted and even every dark sides have their own beauty that needs to be captured. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? It is a fun season. There are a lot of music and art festivals and days are longer, which are a very great time.

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Santa Monica Dream

Photography: Stella Thai Photography ( Stylist: El Papas from Ellie in the Sky ( HMUA: Ali Stadler Makeup Artistry ( Models: Sophie Crenigan ( (Life/Style Models) and Ashleigh Atkins (Wink Models) 83

An Interview with Photographer Stella Thai: When did your journey with photography first begin? I became interested in photography during my high school years and used to spend spontaneous afternoons dressing up my best friends and shooting in nearby parks. I put most of that behind as I went to college. However, in my second year, I was reintroduced to photography and I found myself absolutely enamoured by fashion photography. I began to collaborate with models, make up artists and designers in Sydney and, a year later, began working with overseas designers as well. So far, I've been on this journey for around two years and have every intention of continuing upon it. Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs? The morning was grey and dull, the wind strong and most of us were shivering a little as we did hair and make up. However, as soon as we began to shoot, the sun decided to come out to play and it drenched us in warmth. We spent the day at the beach, making jokes and laughing. The best moments seem to be those that were filled with happiness. What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? While conceptually my work changes

with every shoot, I often aim to capture the model as naturally as possible. I'm not personally fond of still posing and often ask the model to keep moving around as I shoot. I like to find beauty in the smallest things and to create images that strike my audience. Although a lot of my work is darker and more broody, I also like to photograph brighter and more joyous emotions. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? I am most inspired by the characters and the stories of people around me. I feel that the world is full of different and beautiful people who all have stories in their hearts to tell - whether it is something dark, shameful, simple or happy. I like to listen to these stories and learn about the world around me. I think that's what inspires me - the world, people. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? My favourite thing about summer is summer dresses, ice cream and sunlight. Visit: Facebook: 93

Summer Playlist: ‘The Summer’ – Josh Pyke ‘Bugs’ – Patrick James ‘Dreamer’s Realm’ – Bridgette Winten ‘Whatever You Like’ (cover) – Anya Marina ‘Endless Summer’ – The Jezabels ‘Forever and Ever Amen’ – The Drums ‘Bruises’ – Chairlift ‘Riptide’ – Vance Joy ‘Gasoline’ – Alpine ‘Picture Frames’ – Georgia Fair

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An Interview with Artist Bec Brown from

When did you first discover your love of art? I have always been creative so it was more about finding a style of art that stayed with me. I went through many phases and experimenting to find a love of watercolour and ink pen! And from that, created my own style.

As this is the Summer Issue, please tell us, what do you love the most about this season? I love how free summer feels - sunlight pouring through lace curtains, flowing dresses, golden kissed meadows, splashed watercolour, long days at the beach, berry picking and ice creams!

We’re also huge fans of your creative blog, Clouds of Colour. For those of our readers who are not familiar with your blog, how would you describe it to them? Clouds of Colour is my journey as an artist, daily inspiration, loves and photography a place to build relationships with creatives from all over the world! My main goal for the blog is to not only share my art but to inspire others to live a creative lifestyle.

What do you hope the future holds for your career - Any exciting plans? This year I'm working towards a huge Christmas Market, a summer Art Exhibition and a jewellery range incorporating my designs. I have so many dreams for my career - its just deciding which to do next! Ultimate goal: to be living in an old warehouse-style art studio doing my art full time and traveling the world. I would also love to see my designs on wallpaper, fabrics, stationery...

What inspires your creativity the most? New Zealand is so easy to find inspiration in so if I’m ever stuck for ideas, I take my camera out into nature and usually come home with a heap of new blog post or art ideas. I also love to look at old fabric & wallpaper, embroidery and art books. Describe an average day in the life of Bec? I get up around 6am, grab a soy latte and brekkie and head to my computer to blog. I work full time as a Graphic Designer so that's a large chunk of my day. Every other minute outside of work is spent working on art, blog content, inspiration, crafts and my Etsy store. I also love thrifting & beach walks.

Visit: Facebook: Etsy: WANT TO WIN A SEAHORSE PRINT FROM CLOUDS OF COLOUR? To go into the draw to win, simply visit whimmagazine or cloudsofcolour on Instagram to repost the competition image and don’t forget to include #cloudsofcolourcomp. Entries close 8/12/13. Visit for more info. 96

Garden Soul.

Photographer: Kim Chau ( ( Model: Jacinta from blog â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Garden Soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ( 97

An Interview with Photographer Kim Chau When did your journey with photography first begin? I've always been an illustrator and a sketch artist at heart, my creativity flows all around me and I'm very much inspired by people and Earth. In early 2008, I thought to try out photography as a small hobby and being 16 at the time, I had so much fun photographing my neighbourhood and friends after school. I fell in love with photography and how it can stop time with a single click of a button then and there, I don't think I'll ever stop, maybe for a teabreak but never forever.

Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting these photographs? It was magical. It was such a beautiful day, we (Jacinta & I) drove to Elizabeth Farm House in Rosehill and the staff there were so lovely and friendly, they didn't mind at all that we were giggling and wandering around avoiding tour groups to take photographs. Jacinta is such a gem, she was a little shy at first but soon after she was relaxed and we had such a great time. She was my main inspiration for the photoshoot, everything was purely about her and capturing her beauty in the elegant gardens of the Farm House.

What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? I'd like to base my work more on the people and nature itself. If they are happy, I want to freeze time on them smiling wide. If they are full of wonder and curiosity, I want to follow where they go and find out the answers they seek. If they are pure glamour and beauty, I want to capture every essence of them. My concepts are very basic and natural, my lighting will be whatever the sky likes to produce, whether it be a harsh sunny day to an overcast day. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? Music. Depending on my mood and what sort of shoot it was - If itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a soft base and ethereal shoot like this one with Jacinta, I processed these photos with sounds from London Grammar, Snakadaktal & Washed Out. Whereas if the shoot was more edgy and had a harsh-lit backdrop, I'd go with more beats and bass in my tunes. Probably house or electro and sometimes even psychedelic. Young fashion & portrait photographers also inspire me, fantastic people like Nirrimi Firebrace and her family, Laura Marii, Tatiana Gerusova,


Alexandra Sophie, Marwane Pallas and so much more. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? Beaches, summer tans, sweaty cuddles, frozen cokes, frozen yoghurt, frozenanything-sweet, dresses, big hats, Havianas sandals, watermelon, ice cubes, summer fashion, sprinklers... The list can go on, what's not to love? ...Well, perhaps not sunburns! I guess I can say I love how summer brings out the youth in people, it brings out joy and love for life! What I do enjoy most

intimately with summer is that time of day where I can go to the fridge and grab myself a nice cold glass of apple juice.

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Facts Aboutâ&#x20AC;Ś

Four of the Most Common Seashells

Illustrations by Natalia Ghosn ( 107

Moon Snail (Naticidae)

The Common Nutmeg (Cancellaria reticulate) • This shell is a species of medium to large sized sea snail, belonging to the Cancellariidae family. • The Common Nutmeg is found in offshore waters, however the empty shell is often washed up onto beaches. • The colour of the Common Nutmeg can vary – It is usually cream, orange and / or brown, and these colours can occur in splotches or bands.

• •

• •

Moon Snails belong to the Naticid family of molluscs. There are approximately between 260 - 300 species of moon snails that exist in a wide variety of sizes around the world. The shells of moon snails often wash up on beaches, and they are easy to distinguish due to their large and round shape. Although Moon Snails are found in oceans worldwide, they do prefer sandy habitats. These shells are often bluishwhite in colour. 108

The Atlantic Calico Scallop (Argopecten gibbus) • •

• •

This shell is part of a species of medium-sized, edible saltwater clams. This shell is often confused with the Atlantic bay scallop, due to their similar shape. “Calico” material was named after this shell, due to its bright colouring. The Atlantic Calico Scallop once formed the basis of a large fishery industry, however catches have been a lot lower during the last few years.

Coquina Clam (Donax variabilis) • The Coquina Clam is wellknown for its two-halved, yet connected, shells. • Coquina clams can grow up to 2.5cm in length, however they are most commonly found in the smaller sizes (up to 1.5cm). • The colour of these shells can vary from soft pastels to much brighter hues. • The Coquina Clams prefer to live in the tidal zones of sandy beaches.


Summer By The Sea By Claire Bradshaw (

He fashioned her hair from the strands of a thousand spider webs, painstakingly collected and carefully preserved. Combined with these gossamer wisps were delicate samples of lovegrass, long and tufted and silk-soft; a few milky feathers, fresh-plucked from an egret; and several tresses obtained (with difficulty) from the mane of an ice-white mare. And so her hair: green and white and silver-bright. A fragile, shapely piece of hard coral formed her mouth, in a dainty shade of China-rose pink. The lips’ texture and form were such that the kiss they bestowed would surely cleave a man’s chest in twain. He had cut the coral himself from a reef in foreign waters, carving it ever so slightly to form a fine Cupid’s bow. And so her mouth: a dead and beautiful thing. Her eyes were framed with lovely black lashes of butterfly antennae. The eyes themselves were semi-precious stones: one jade, one lapis lazuli. He had wrought these exquisite specimens himself, having trained for a time in the art of cutting and polishing gemstones. Yes, it would be gorgeous sea-green for her right eye, the colour of life on earth; and a galaxy within her left, deep blue shot with constellations white, bronze and gold: a careful-carved miniature universe. She would see all with the gaze he had made her – she would see

……………………………………………………………….. deep, and far, and true. And so her eyes: an ocean and an infinite sky. In the heat of the night, in the depth of his dreams, he fell down into those eyes that he created. He fell into the green of the briny deep and the blue of the eternal night stripped bare. And the sky and the sea fell into each other, and the heavens became the ocean; and a world of starry waters beckoned the living, beckoned the dead. His own figure appeared before him, floating through the celestial depths. His features swirled and sparkled and shone. And then the girl spoke. She towered above him: a giantess, a spectre; and what she said filled him with such exquisite terror as he had never known. For she said I have no heart and she said Your heart is mine and she reached out toward him, with her moon-white hands and her hard, hard coral smile. He woke, bathed in sweat, to the feel of warm sand beneath his body and the hum of cicada-song in the heavy air. Waves cooled the shore on which he lay. He stared into the darkness, relishing the sweet, heady horror, swimming in the beauty of his nightmare. His lifeblood burned with the memory of her as the horizon slowly brightened and a summer sun began to rear its blazing head. 110

How To Make:

A Glitter Snow Globe 111











1. You will need: A small jar, a small figurine of your choice, glitter and / or sequins, water-resistant super glue, and water. 2. Apply a circle of super glue to the centre of underneath the jar lid. 3. Apply super glue to underneath of your figurine also. 4. Press the bottom of your figurine to the circle of super glue underneath the jar lid. 5, 6 & 7. Empty your glitter and / or sequins into the jar so they sit on the bottom. You can fill it as much, or as little, as you want, however we recommend only filling approximately 1/8 of the jar with glitter / sequins. 8. Now it’s time to fill your jar with water. Fill it almost to the top, so that when you add your figurine it won’t overflow. 9. Securely fasten the lid on your jar. You can also apply super glue around the rim of the jar to keep it in place. 10. Turn the jar upside down and give it a little shake. Ta-da! You’ve now made your very own glitter snow globe – the perfect accessory to pretty-up your space or to give to a loved one this Christmas. Enjoy! 112

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Finding Family in a Philippine Summer By Laura Barry ( My knuckles are white. The forty-two degree Philippine breeze washes up and over my face, into my hair and down my back. The road throws us all about and I hold onto the roof racks even tighter. I can hear laughing behind me while I look out across the rice paddies. Towering curls of grey smoke punctured the clear sky in the distance, but the lurid green grass looked lush enough to sleep in, and I lean back to tell my new family so. “You’ll get eaten by a snake!” the girls smirk, my dress is caught by a gust of wind and they giggle at me again. I grin and turn back to watch the unsteady, rocky road disappear beneath the ute, resuming my stance at the tray’s helm. I can feel the sun prickling into my face and remember how Tita Dee had told me the sun never used to burn so hot here, must be global warming, she said. The truck bounces and bunny-hops along the road, gaining speed positively illegal for the amount of people piled into the back of it; but to me it feels like the embodiment of summer into mere seconds and minutes, bumps and abrasions on the body of life. The signs of a life well lived. A jeepney hurtles by carrying a contingent of men, the stragglers gripping desperately to the hollow

doorframes they’re falling out of. Smiling, I close my eyes and breathe deeply, inhaling the sweet scent of forest and summer rain; crisp undertones of hay and wheat linger in my nose as we pass a group of men harvesting, wearing their conical paddy hats and thongs. I briefly wonder how long they’ve been out here, the sun standing guard at their backs. We’re returning from swimming in the mountain springs surrounded by fruit bats and forest. The water’s chill remains on my back, dripping from hair yet to dry in the heat. I turn to the others in the tray and look at the people I’ve come to care for. The children with their infinite blackbrown eyes and the girls wearing a glossy crown of black hair, thick and soft. Pushing my fringe away from my eyes I wished I had a mane so lovely. The aunts and uncles, nannas and pops, cousins and siblings I see sitting before me spark a sudden sadness in me as I realise I must leave tomorrow, say farewell for now to a family who became my own, and I theirs. Squeezing my eyes shut, I swallow my sadness and remember the halcyon days here, opening them once more to feel the love of summer upon me again. 114

Photographs from


‘Fairy Series’

Photographer: Keri-Anne Pink / Gingerlillytea ( ( Visit: 6734617 for the full Fairy Series photographs. 115

An Interview with Photographer Keri-Anne Pink: When did your journey with photography first begin? My aunty bought me a little 1 megapixel camera when I was around 11 and I remember walking through my grandmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s village, just taking photographs of the trees and sky. I got given a few more cameras after that but I was always frustrated with the quality and wanted to explore more than I could do with a 3 megapixel camera.

Please tell us about the experience you had whilst shooting the photographs for your Fairy Series? I have always based my photographs on childhood memories or little stories I formed in my head. My very first shoot for the series was the Swan Fairy. This was the only shoot of the series where I didn't have a story before I did the shoot. I love writing little fairytale inspired stories and I started to come up with ideas and a story for more shoots. I gave myself two years to shoot them and I finished with the giant fairy series. I loved bringing to life the stories and images in my imagination. What concepts and emotions do you often choose to portray through your work? Mostly fairytale based. I normally go out myself to do the shoots and shoot myself on a self timer. The reason being is because I know exactly what I want to say in the photograph and I find it easier to just work alone in that respect. One of my best friends, Hannah, does model for me as she knows exactly how I think and exactly how I

want to portray the image. It is mostly just a peaceful emotion. The images are usually just a little sneak-peek into the world of these fairies, so I like to show them at peace with the environment and a sort of "caught in the moment" feel. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? Myself and my own memories. I like to think that my work is unique. I have always said that I was born to be a painter but because I really cannot paint or draw, I use photography to get the images from my head out and into the real life. I am always coming up with new concepts and little stories and my images are inspired by them. Lastly, as this is the Summer Issue, please tell us what you love the most about this season? A perfect summer day to me would be going for a long walk with my family along the river, stopping to have a picnic in a meadow and then spending the evening having a BBQ at the lake near our house with the whole family. I love the summer evenings where it is still light at 9 and where we can still all paddle in the lake and watch the sun go down together. I always have the fondest memories of summer and I cannot wait to create more memories next summer! Visit: Flickr: Esty: 124

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The moment you realize that your bones are made of the same dust as the planets, your lungs are breathing the same air as the migrating butterflies, and your blood is pumping because of the love and care of thousands; is when you realize that you are not as broken as you think you are. You are full of the world.â&#x20AC;?

-- Anonymous 125

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Whim Online Magazine Issue 03 Summer 2013/14  

The third issue of Whim Online Magazine celebrates everything dreamy and whimsical, with a strong focus on the season of summer. Featuring i...

Whim Online Magazine Issue 03 Summer 2013/14  

The third issue of Whim Online Magazine celebrates everything dreamy and whimsical, with a strong focus on the season of summer. Featuring i...

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