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Editor’s Letter: Hello again Whim readers! It feels like a lot more than 3 months since we released the first ever digital issue of Whim Online Magazine. Putting together the Spring Issue has been a blast, and it was wonderful to finally be able to celebrate all things Spring-related! The weather is getting warmer already here in Australia, and we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to organise a picnic! (see pg. 76). One of my favourite things about Spring would have to be the blossoming and vibrant flowers, and if you fancy a floral sunglasses makeover, then you’ll love the DIY on pg.84. I would like to say a very big thank you to all of the wonderful and talented contributors of this issue! Once again, I was blown away by the submissions for this issue and I just couldn’t have done it all without their help. Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read Whim! Your support really does mean the world to us. Best wishes,



In this issue… 3…Whim Loves 4…Interview: Blogger Kailey from ……Mermaidens 8…Garden State by Kassidy Yang 18…Interview: Photographer Kassidy Yang 20…Spring Inspired Blogger Outfits We …….Love 22…HerPony Spring 13/14 ‘The Loved …….Ones’ 25…Fill In The Blanks: HerPony Designer …….Lauren Stein 26…Spring Pony by Alexia Petsinis 32…Naomi and the Sea by Caitlin Sclater 42…Interview: Photographer Caitlin Sclater 45...Interview: Artist Cathryn Nicholson 47...A Little Touch of Springtime by ……..Kathleen Loxton 48...Potpourri by Beth Mitchell 55…Interview: Photographer Beth Mitchell 56…Interview: Blogger Kayleigh from One ……..In A Million 59…Appointed by Juno Erris 60...Meet the Lalamagic Girls

62…Eyes Like Wild Flowers by Annabella ……..Whispers Photography 74…Interview: Katie Fearn from Annabella ……..Whispers Photography 76...Ten Things To Do This Spring 78...GoddessFlora Headpieces & Interview ……..with Designer Holly Witt 83...A Tryst of Spring by Chris Tope 84...DIY Floral Sunglasses 86…Fabled and True by Dirty Love ……..Photography 96...Interview: Andrew Wilson from Dirty ……..Love Photography 98...What is Undress Brisbane? 100...Interview: Photography Competition ……..Winner Lill-Veronica Skoglund 102...Rebecca and a 1950s Vintage ……..Wedding Dress by Robert Marriott 114...Interview: Photographer Robert ……..Marriott 117...Recipe: Pumpkin Scones 118...Interview: Photographer Alexandra ……..Cohen

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An Interview with Blogger

Kailey from Mermaidens


When did you first begin blogging and why? In August of 2011, I decided I wanted to learn how to sew my own clothes - so I turned to Google and fell down a rabbit hole of DIY sewing blogs! After a couple weeks of blog bookmarking, I thought, "Hey, I want to do this!" and made my first blog post! How would you describe yourself in just three words? Technicolor, curious, and hopeful. What does an average day in the life of Kailey involve? I'm embarrassed to admit I'm pretty much the most boring person on the planet - I just feed my cats, check my mail, do some tidying, do some work, and waste some time on Tumblr / Twitter /Facebook, blog maintaining, and perhaps TV-show or movie watching!


What fashion styles or garments have you fallen in love with recently? I am completely in love with crop tops and bralets paired with high-waisted bottoms like skirts or shorts! The Nasty Gal x Lazy Oaf watermelon shorts are pretty much my dream garment at the moment, though I wouldn't mind owning some rompers in every colour! What inspires your creativity and style the most? Going through magazines, visiting some of my favourite bloggers, browsing Pinterest, and oddly enough, looking at my craft supplies - sometimes certain things jump out at me! As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what do you love most about this season? Winter is usually freezing here, so the warmer Spring weather, paired with the sudden burst of gorgeous flowers, is always such a wonderful treat! âœż

Blog: Facebook Page: 6

Garden State

Photography: Kassidy Yang

Model: Kia Low @ TAMBLYN MODELS & NEXT MODEL MANAGEMENT Styling: Jiva Cory @ STYLING BY JIVA Dresses supplied by: Lace Fashion Boutique










An Interview with Photographer

When did your passion for photography first blossom? It first started back in 2007 when I finished high school and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do or be but always had a keen interest in Photoshop. I loved editing and retouching images for friends, family and even strangers online. It wasn't until I realised instead of retouching other people's photos why not edit my own so that's when I started to teach myself with online tutorials. I've always followed a well known photographer who herself started pretty young which inspired me to pursue in photography as a career.

What is it about photography that you love most? I love being able to photograph people. The way the light falls on a model’s face or just being able to capture their expressions and emotions is what makes it that special. What concepts or emotions do you love to portray through your photography? Most of my fashion stories and editorials are based from inspiration I come across or follow from other photographers. I usually work with natural light and try to keep my editing and retouching to the same theme. For example if I was to shoot something with more of a summer feel, it would be bright and vibrant and vice versa. Retouching is a big part of my final work and I try to portray as much emotion as I can with the model, makeup, styling, expression and editing. What does the season spring mean to you? What do you love most about it? Spring to me means new beginnings, something blossoming to a bigger and better future. I love the floral season and being able to smell the spring air. Describe an average day in the life of Kassidy Yang? An average day means to get up and go through a day of shoots with models, agency test shoots and portrait sessions. It can be quite hectic at times shooting at least 8-10 models a day. After all the commotion I go through an editing session sometimes editing through the night until 23am in the morning with not many breaks as it gets so intense I find it hard to stop sometimes! That's sometimes 8-12hrs long! What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the near future? Any exciting plans? I hope to continue shooting fashion editorials for not only online magazines/blogs but aim to shoot for print magazines local and globally. I hope to travel in the future and get connected with other photographers, well-known models & other creative artists and be involved at fashion events and gigs across the globe. I would one day love to have my work be internationally recognised and be known as a fashion photographer. I guess that would be my proudest moment to not only be known but be an inspiration to others.


Spring Inspired Blogger

Name: Leila Blog: Confection Link: What do you love the most about your Spring inspired outfit? I love how airy it is! Spring is a time for pastels and breezy materials. My chiffon blouse and cotton skirt did the trick. This was the perfect outfit to go explore a flower patch; I blended right in!

Name: Lizzie Blog: The Dust on the Ground Link: www.thedustonthegroundblog.blogspo What do you love the most about your Spring inspired outfit? I'm a sucker for patterned trousers, and these couldn't be more perfect for Spring! They make me feel like I'm strolling through some country gardens in the sun, regardless of what the weather's actually like! A leather jacket comes in handy for unexpected showers...

Outfits We Love:

Under $50: Spring Dresses by Bonne Chance Collections

Name: Carly Blog: A Walk in the Park Link: What do you love the most about your Spring inspired outfit? What I love most about my spring outfit is the very natural tones in my outfit, with just a little pop of bright colour! It is also perfect for wandering around on the more warmer spring days, but without being in full on summer clothing!

Visit: 21



Designer Lauren Stein

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am 26 years old. I first began my brand HerPony in the year 2011. If I had to describe myself in only three words, they would be messy, creative and energetic. The thing I love most about being a fashion designer is envisioning a design and making it come to life. My favourite trends for spring would have to be feminine hand embellishments, flowing silhouettes and head jewellery. In my spare time, I love to treasure hunt through flea markets and thrift shops. My most favourite food would have to be muesli. My favourite animals ever are horses of course! If I had to choose just one favourite piece from this season’s collection, it would be the Dahlia polkadot shift dress. It's super flattering and comfortable yet feels extra special to wear because of the hand sequinned polkadot details.

Website: Facebook Page: 25

Spring Pony Words and model: Alexia Petsinis ( Photography: Christina May Photography Clothing and styling: HerPony Fragrance Note: Stella by Tocca

“Aprils have never meant that much to me, Autumns seem that season of beginning, Spring.” - Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

For many years I have read this quote and smiled. I have smiled for the lightness in the pale gold air that puffs through crisp leaves. I have smiled for the delicate hues of the first cherry blossom. I have smiled for the season of new beginnings. I find there is a particular way I like to greet the promises and prospects of the spring season; it has something to do with my perception of changes in the natural world as the mere brushstrokes on a canvas, a material, clothing, the fabric of life.


The garments featured in the spring collection of HerPony talk sweetly of new beginnings. They are made with love, and conceived from the innocence of all things utterly feminine, all the fabrics and features that lighten a wintry palette. Lace, delicate beading, sheer overlays and timid floral prints take me back to a spring somewhere in my youth, when the idea of adorning the body in renditions of my favourite season seemed purely the product of wispy daydreams. But for a single moment, standing there, frolicking in a pony-printed cotton dress and a golden-leafed tent, I am really, truly young again. This is the charm of HerPony’s aesthetic; a sentimental mixture of youthful forms and classically vintage silhouettes, that one can’t help but feel have been created especially to honour the graceful spirit dwelling within each of us.



Sweetness and light, I say. That’s what is has always been about. A spotty blouse is surely the antidote to the winter blues, and doesn’t this one seem to wink your way with wide, lollipop eyes? A moment is remembered, and you are given permission to be young again, to be reconciled with the spirit of your youth. This blouse looks divine with a little white toffee-textured skirt.


I’ve always been one to let my mind wander, and a selection of frocks from HerPony’s spring collection immerse me deeply in the quiet intricacies of an antique shop. Blushing rather like a bouquet on a Renoir canvas, blooming pinks and calming sky blue hues make me feel that our grandmother’s had indeed got it very right with the flurry of floaty floral dresses we inhabit from their youth.


We are all children of the springtime, yearning to connect with all that refreshes our being. Take the time to slip into new season creations made with love and tenderness like those from HerPony, and honour the blooming of your youthful spirit one floral motif at a time.


Naomi and the Sea.

Photography: Caitlin Sclater ( Model: Naomi Davis 32







An Interview with Photographer

When did you first discover your love of photography? I was given my first disposable film camera by my parents when I was 7, so I could document our family holiday. I was in love with the concept of freezing pretty moments, forever, with a single click. Upon getting them developed, I proudly showed off, my Mother and Father praising me on my composition. My father then gave me his old camera, and encouraged me to take photographs and document life. I began taking my photography more seriously at 16, carefully setting up shoots with friends who agreed to model for me, taking details of beautiful flowers and leaves in our garden. It was at this time that I realised my love of portraiture, and added a fashion element to my images. This is what led me on the path I am currently on today. What concepts and emotions do you like to portray the most through your work? I have always sought to portray a youthful element within my images. The freedom of youth is so fleeting, and it is only as we grow into our twenties that we truly realise this. That has always been an element I have enjoyed focusing on in my images. Lately however, I have been photographing concepts that portray the realisation that youthfulness and its freedom is not forever. This can make for emotional images, combining beauty, freedom and the idea of running from something that will always catch up with you.

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers? I always wished that someone could have told me this when I first started out; this line of work is not an easy profession. You will be met with many ups and downs, but if you truly love what you do, it is worth it. The highs can be so perfect and rewarding, that the lows are easily forgotten. As a photographer you have a privileged job where you can turn your imagination into reality. Where you can make beautiful works of art. You meet new people every day, each with their own beautiful unique story to tell. You have the freedom to take your work as far as you can stretch your own imagination. If you truly love what you can do, you can overcome anything.


As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what is it that you love the most about this season? Spring is my favourite season. The feeling of the frosts and cold melting, giving way to warmth and new life. The air always seems so alive, and creativity breathes in the vibrance that this season brings. I love the colours, the fashion and the warmth of the sun kissing my skin. My favourite thing about Spring, however, would have to be the endless days spent with loved ones in warm, sunny fields, watching the breeze create waves in the grass. Those days in the warmth of Spring, sitting in pretty places, are always something I treasure, and are my favourite thing about Spring. What inspires your creativity the most? The thing that inspires me the most are the beautiful places that surround me. Sometimes, when I find a really beautiful location, it can speak and tell its own story. Sometimes entire concepts can be born from simply stepping into an alley way, finding a beautiful clearing in a forest, or a rocky outcrop. Getting lost and discovering the beauty of this world to me, is a constant drive of creativity and inspiration. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future? I would love the opportunity to travel through my fashion photography. To be able to see the world doing the thing I love would be such a gift and dream-come-true. I am also looking forward to seeing how I grow with my photographic journey. I cannot wait to look back in a years time, and see the progression of my work. I am so thankful of the opportunities I have already been presented with, and cannot wait to see where this beautiful journey leads next.



An Interview with Illustrator

When did your love of art first bloom? I can not pinpoint a specific moment, but it is just something that I remember always drawing. I love how you can create anything that you put your mind to. I do remember sitting for hours and hours when I was younger with my 'Crayola' pen & pencil set. I love illustrating though as it relaxes me and lets me switch off from day to day worries! We understand that you’re also a full-time fashion designer. Please tell us a little about that? Yes. I have been designing in the fashion industry for just under 8 years now. I studied my degree in fashion design at Plymouth College of Art & Design. I currently design for one of Australia's largest retailers within the Womenswear team, but before this I used to design for trend companies, and UK high street suppliers. What inspires your creativity the most? Just looking at magazines, other illustrators & designers and experiencing new things in life. I moved to Australia over a year ago for a design job, and I feel like I have grown so much as a person since doing this. I feel more confident in my approach. Me & my husband live the beach lifestyle, and the beach completely clears my head of any thoughts that might be distracting me so this is great place to be if I am having a creative block. Describe an average day in the life of Cathryn Nicholson? I would describe it as busy! I never stop. It changes day to day but mainly I return home in the evening from my full time job, and from here I either reply to emails, read magazines and blogs to research any inspiration. Starting a new illustration, or finishing one off. I always have a few on the go! What do you love most about the season spring? I love the newness, and the warmth. I am a spring/summer girl at heart. I love to be at the beach. I love how all the flowers come alive and you start to see the first signs of colour! What do you hope the future holds for your career? Any exciting plans? I have a few pieces of my work being published in magazines which is pretty exciting for me, as this is where I want to push my work. I love fashion designing, but illustration is where my true passions lie. 45

Portfolio: Blog: Facebook Page:


A Little Touch of Springtime By Kathleen Tamara Loxton It all starts with a moment. Whether that is watching the gamine figure of Audrey Hepburn swan across the screen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Marilyn Monroe pose cheekily in a crisp white dress, there is a moment you realise…

and ‘looks’, creating a metamorphosis into a new era of fashion, à la Alex Perry, Vanishing Elephant and the numerous other renowned fashion houses at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013 Spring Summer 2013/14 Collections.

One’s infatuation with fashion often begins at a young age, in a single moment. Imagine, if you will, a little girl donning her mothers’ high-heeled shoes or a young boy attempting to fit into his fathers’ tailored trousers as he stumbles in the excess fabric. These are the individual moments and images that remain within our subconsciousness, determining our relationship with fashion for the rest of our lives. It is time, my dear friends, to remember these moments and let them breathe life into our wardrobe as spring approaches.

For more inspiration to revive a dull closet previously subdued by its’ gloomy surroundings, seek to find a muse in one of two places. One option is to simply look outside, whether it is the colour of the tepid sunshine or kaleidoscope of lurid colours displayed on the flowers in your garden, find the perfect shade for you. Secondly, make like your favourite designers and allow the past to stimulate your creative side, even if it means diving into the depths of the attic or reviewing fading photos. Remembering the way your grandmother wore her string of pearls or the shade of her lipstick could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

As we exit the frosty months and welcome the gentle spring air, a world of opportunity opens before us. It is not just the season of new life involving budding blossoms and newborn animals, it gives us a chance to leave the mistakes of last season behind us and begin on a completely new journey of self-discovery. This season calls for a ladylike return in our apparel, but with a juicy twist. Edgy detailing is blended with this sophisticated look to give it a 21st century vibe by pairing unlikely duos to give birth to something beautiful. Such pairings including contrasting materials, patterns

So, while you are packing away that luxurious fur coat, or folding a sea of black garments for safekeeping, keep in mind a new start requires risks. I urge you to reach for the bold print that may draw a little more attention or try a new daring look that you never considered before; you may just see a transformation in the person staring back at you.



Photography: Beth Mitchell Hair/Makeup: Megan Francis Floral Headpieces: Begitta Model: Bella Baldwin








An Interview with Photographer

When did you first discover your love of photography? My lovely father is a video producer so I grew up with photographic and video technology all around me. Although I loved video from the preteen years, I always had this attraction to still photography inside me. One day I picked up Dad’s still camera and went outside and took some photos around the house, showed them to my Dad after getting in and editing them in Photoshop, and he was impressed with my eye and attention to detail. From there I just continued, knowing that this was what I was MEANT to do. How would you describe yourself in just three words? Odd, Loud and Cray What emotions and concepts do you like to portray the most through your work? Dreamlike scenes, a place that can’t physically exist, which is why underwater is truly amazing. But I do bring the element in my fashion work too; I love the fairy-tale land, the surreal beauty. I think that the only way I am happy with any work I produce is if it contains an unearthly, unusual feel and look to it. And I love the bright colours but I also love the beauty in the dark whimsical pieces too. Has there been one accomplishment so far that has really stood out to you as being your most proud moment in terms of your photography? I think what has really excited me the most is my progression, was the movement from the fashion world into the art world. It was a proud moment when I had my first solo exhibition last year. There is something truly exciting in the art world, which opens up a whole new and free creative sphere where other opportunities exist. This is where I want to continue to flourish. Please tell us, what does the season spring mean to you? It means pleasant smells, beautiful surroundings and a sign that the end of another year is nearing, which can be an exciting thing. What advice would you give to aspiring photographers? Never stop learning and never give up. I think this little piece of advice never really expires. If you have the gift and the drive, you undoubtedly know it. And there are many things to be learned to survive. Rejection for instance is a big one and a hard one to accept and learn, but this is all part of growing, learning and not giving up. I only consider my career as JUST starting, there is so much ground work but don’t let that stop you from continuing to plug away, despite competition, rejection, exhaustion and perceived impossibilities.


An Interview with Blogger Kayleigh

From One In A Million


When did you first begin blogging and why? It was this time last year. My friends kept suggesting that I start a blog and I needed a fun hobby that could distract me from my student work, so I just went from there really! Describe yourself in just three words? Wow that's tough! I think I'd say a nostalgic, fashion-obsessed Libra. I'm very nostalgic for past music and fashion, whether it's 70s hippy or 90s American grunge, there are so many different types of music and fashion that I find hugely inspirational and I wish were still around! I think Libra also sums me up, as I like everything to have balance in my life (and wardrobe!). I'm not sure if I could cope if an outfit isn't symmetrical or items aren't matching! What does an average day in your life involve? At the moment I am actually just focusing a lot more on my blog and sorting out plans for summer, because I have just graduated. So for now my average day is pretty ordinary, but I am hoping to do some traveling (I'm actually visiting Aus in November!) and to update my Lookbook and blog more this space! :)


Please tell us a little about your own fashion style? I think my own fashion is a combination of various styles that I love and mix together to try and convey my personality. I don't really commit myself to a particular style, instead I enjoy just mixing together 90s, grunge, vintage, current trends. I think this encourages me to be creative with fashion, while feeling comfortable and confident with the look, as that's what fashion is all about! What inspires your creativity the most? I think my music taste has a lot of influence upon my fashion. There are so many different types of fashion from certain bands and genres that works to inspire my style. Also I am often inspired by other bloggers, there is a lot of creativity on the internet and it's great to always see something new or a different, creative take on an outfit. As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what do you love most about this season? Spring is great because you can finally ditch the coats and layers that have been worn a lot throughout Winter and to start wearing light cardigans and jackets and more summery colours and prints! :) Blog: Facebook Page:


Appointed a poem by Juno Erris

kissed all the cuts on her deep brown skin bones like dirt and her lips like sin and she loves you but she won't let you in

flew off a cliff and your hair turned white and she ran through the meadow with a silver kite

and the flowers in her hair were as black as night



Meet the Lalamagic Girls

When we imagine the ‘Lalamagic girl’, we envision a girl with rosy cheeks, lying down lazily on a red picnic blanket in her backyard, her fingers flipping through the delicate pages of an old, but well-loved book. She pauses for a moment to glance up into the cloud-speckled sky, and the sun’s rays reflect off the rosy lenses of her sunglasses. She is decked out in the vintage-inspired clothing of Lalamagic of course – her treasured ‘Polka Hearts Blouse’ is tucked loosely into her favourite pair of ‘Sunny Crochet Shorts’. Lalamagic embodies girls’ dreams, and the label prides itself on sourcing the most unique, original, and beautiful vintage-inspired garments from all over the world. Girls from every continent have fallen in love with the "lala-ly styles" – a term created by the label to convey the dreamy, vintage and whimsical look and feel of Lalamagic. It’s certainly no surprise that the label has been seen on many high-profile bloggers, including Steffy from Steffy’s Pros and Cons, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and Bonnie from Flashes Of Style (just to name a few!). Whether you’re a lover of all things nautical, or you’re a huge fan of French patisserie prints, these are just two of the many bestselling looks from the online boutique. The Lalamagic philosophy is simple: the label provides a “wonderland filled with sweet vintage-inspired fashion that reflects a personality and a lifestyle.” Lalamagic is your one-stop shop for the styles you love the most, including Peter Pan collars, polka dots, floral designs and feminine lace. Gracelys is the passionate and talented owner of Lalamagic, and the online boutique was brought to life through her love of vintage 60

style, as well as her desire for high-quality and affordable garments. Gracelys states “I never get tired of searching for the most fascinating pieces that reflect the originality and heart of Lalamagic”, and it is this determination that has allowed Lalamagic to become such a trusted and adored fashion label. The label is excited to announce that they will be launching a collection of rare and unique vintage scarves within the next two months, a venture that is sure to take Lalamagic to even more impressive heights.

We highly recommend that you visit Lalamagic’s wonderful online shop in order to see for yourself why Whim loves the label so much. Among the one-off dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, knitwear, jewellery and accessories, there’s something for absolutely everyone. And did we mention free shipping worldwide? It just keeps getting better! You can enter the dreamy world of Lalamagic via the links below: Website / Online Shop: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: @lalamagic



Photography: Annabella Whispers Photography Model: Joanne Haywood MUA: Katie Fearn Stylist: Katie Fearn Words by Katie Fearn









Where do you find






Annabella Whispers Photography

When did you first discover your love of photography? I am a self-taught photographer and picked up my first camera at the age of 14, it was my pop’s SLR and it was an instant love. I was seduced by the external beauty and hypnotised by the way I felt when I looked through the lens. In those moments it is just you and the world, everything is still and peaceful, no one else sees what you are seeing. To me it was and still is euphoric, magical and almost celestial! It was so precious to me; it was my escape, that I kept it to myself scared that if I put my work out there my secret little moments would be invaded. So many years passed, I did my 2 year Art Foundation in sixth form studying all mediums of Art and Design and I did my Textile Degree. However I still wasn’t creatively satisfied so I left my degree in my second year. The only thing that fully allowed me to express myself, my heart and soul was and is photography! In 2011 at the age of 24 I decided I was finally brave enough to spread my wings and share my work, follow my dream, inspire others and start my photography business. For me it isn’t just the photographing, it is the whole creative process that I am in love with. Photography allows me to bring all my other creative skills into play, all of these centre around my love for magic, beauty and nature. How would you describe yourself in just three words? Whimsical, Bohemian, Free-Spirit. What emotions and concepts do you like to portray the most through your work? My business is called Annabella Whispers after a story my Polish Grandma, Babcia Lucia, used to tell me about a Fairy called Annabella who lived in an enchanted forest. She would whisper to the trees, to the flowers and to the wanderers who travelled along the little paths. Wherever Annabella travelled, she spread the most angelic light and magic. Since a child I have always been inspired by magical stories, fairytales of light or dark, folklore, whimsical and romantic notions and fairies! As well as my absolute love for Mother Earth. Emotions of delicacy, fragility, innocence and femininity also always play a vital role in my work. These sparks are me; they breathe through my entire being and it is what inspires all of my photography and my writing. 74

I like to capture the essence of these inspirations rather than a literal translation, however all of my photography always takes place out in nature, this is where I am happiest. I am also a lover of the light, beautiful natural light! I also really enjoy reading the beautiful text that you often include to accompany your photoshoots on the Annabella Whispers Photography blog. Where does the inspiration and ideas for this prose come from? My photography almost acts like illustrations to me and I tend to write the stories after I have finished the shoot. I always go into a shoot with a story title in my head and I know the essence I want to capture. Then I use the finished edited photos to write my stories, I feel I get right into the soul of a story this way and I often use little moments that happened on the shoot as part of my writings. So even though they are magically inspired there is an underlining truth too. Take this shoot Eyes like Wildflowers, Jo the model adores flowers and like me absolutely loves Cherry Blossom so it makes for a beautiful little story because I can make it personal in a whimsical way. Writing cleanses my soul; I simply and utterly adore it whether through storytelling or writing personal accounts. Photography has allowed me to bring forward my love for writing. Please tell us, what does the season spring mean to you? For me Spring means three things, Rebirth, Awakening and Cherry Blossom. I adore watching the birth of new life; we are surrounded by it, such miracles and blessings. Watching sleepy Mother Earth awake and unfold herself like petals is just incredible. Creatively I adore the pastel colours; wearing my pretty lace dresses, wearing flowers in my hair and seeing butterflies come out to play. The air smells sweet and evenings slowly start rolling into the night like a water colour marvel. And then there are the ever so beautiful pink and white clouds of Cherry Blossom! I could write a whole book on my love for blossom, isn't it just the most spectacular site? Seeing it makes me beyond happy. Spring brings so much light and joy back to the land and I feel I could just swim away in an ocean of pastel delight. What do you hope the future holds for you in terms of your photography - do you have any exciting upcoming plans? I feel so blessed that I get to wake up every day and do what makes me happy! I hope to continue on this path of photographic creation, meeting wonderful people and inspiring others with my work. To know I may have inspired, even just one person with my photography or words is an incredible feeling! I am currently working on creating a product line for my digital art prints; this is something I have always longed to do since I was at Uni. I mainly want to continue telling stories through my love for photography, creation, beauty and magic! 75

Ten Things To Do This Spring: 1. Have a picnic: It’s nice to take a little time out to sit in the sunshine, and even better when that time is spent with good friends and delicious treats. Pack a picnic basket, a blanket and a sunhat, and you’re good to go!

2. Visit a local garden display: Spring is often the season that people with very impressive and beautiful gardens open them up to the public for a small entry fee. If you’re lucky, they might even have a little café on site! You’ll have a great day wandering around and admiring other people’s wonderful estates with friends. Don’t forget to bring a camera! The internet is the easiest place to research where your nearest garden displays are, as well as the opening times and cost of entry. 3. Spring clean your wardrobe: Spring is a wonderfully motivating time to focus your attention on the small tasks that you often overlook during the year. Now is a great time to sort through all of the clothing, accessories and shoes in your wardrobe. Anything that you don’t wear often (or at all) can be placed in bags ready to donate to your local charity shop. Not only will you feel as though there is now less clutter, but you will also be helping out those in need. Plus, we’re sure you’ll be surprised at all of the clothing you have, but forgot about! 4. Make (or wear) a flower crown: Flower crowns look great all year round, but we think they’re a wonderful celebration of Spring in particular. The best part of this season is that there are plenty of blooming flowers, so why not try your hand at making your own flower crown? It may not last as long when using fresh flowers, but it certainly has that extra ‘wow factor’. 5. Dust off your old bike: Take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and dust off your old bicycle. If you don’t have a bicycle, you can always hire one for the day too! This is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine whilst experiencing your town or city in a new way. 76

6. Add some colour to your garden: If you feel as though your garden should be a lot more colourful than it currently is, then why not try your hand at gardening? Visit your local plant nursery and pick out some of your most favourite flowers (check the conditions in which they grow in first!). Adding some of your favourite blooms to your garden is a win-win situation – Gardening is a relaxing activity, and we’re sure you’ll be proud of your pretty garden addition. 7. Have a garden party at night: The weather is finally starting to get warmer, but it’s still cool enough not to burn to a crisp every time you stand outside! Decorate your backyard with hanging lanterns and fairy lights and invite your friends over for a lovely time spent under the night sky. 8. Make some bunting: Nothing screams Spring like floral or pastel bunting, so try your hand at crafting and make some of your own! You can opt for colourful cardboard, or go to the extra effort of sourcing your favourite fabric. Cut it into triangles of your desired size, and then sew it altogether! There are also plenty of bunting templates or printables available online. The best part is you can use your handmade bunting at your picnic or garden party! 9. Press Flowers: Now is the best time to take some of the flowers from your garden to press flat and use later as adornments for stationary or gift wrapping. Flowers that aren’t too bulky or large are the best to press. Place the flowers between two sheets of baking paper and leave them in a thick book. You can always place some more heavy books on top for good measure. Allow the flowers to remain in the book for at least a week before you remove them from the baking paper. 10. Shoot with film: Of course, shooting photographs with film is something you can do absolutely any day of the year, but this is still a fun project for people to commit themselves to this Spring. Perhaps you don’t use an analog camera anymore, or maybe you struggle to find the time to take photographs as keepsakes? This Spring, try to embrace the nostalgic quality of analog photography by shooting a whole roll of film. It doesn’t have to be photographs of special occasions – you can photograph anything and everything until your heart is content! We especially love photographing the vibrant flowers of the Cherry Blossom and Magnolia trees. 77

GoddessFlora Headpieces

and an Interview with Designer

Holly Witt 78

Please tell us a little about how GoddessFlora came to be born. When did you begin designing your beautiful headpieces and what made you decide that you wanted to pursue it as your own brand? Honestly, to begin with I couldn't find a flower crown anywhere and after seeing Lana Del Rey sporting one I knew I needed one in every colour. So I made them and before I knew it people were buying them right off my head. I would have people come up to me in the street and demand to know where I got them from. A few months past and I had a few socialites and local stars promoting my designs for me. GoddessFlora was not planned, it just happened. Approximately how long does it take for each headpiece to be created? Depending on what type of crown it is it can take from 10 minutes to an hour. Have you had any formal training as a designer, or are you purely self-taught? Purely self taught. I've always been a lover of nature and tinkering and just happened to combine both. When you are designing new pieces, where do you gain your inspiration from the most? I'm a huge fan of photography, beauty and fashion and am religiously trolling social network sites, blogs and collecting images that inspire me in one way or another. I think you can see this in the photoshoots I put together with other creatives.



As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what is it that you love the most about this season? What's not to love? The fashion world explodes into colour and exudes life and nature. Spring is the season where we can most express ourselves, we begin new adventures, explore and play. Spring is the season where our souls blossom. What has been your favourite achievement of GoddessFlora so far? Has there been one in particular that really stands out for you? I recently had one of my designs published in Vogue Italy. I was overwhelmed as I never dreamed something of mine would ever be featured in Vogue. I was reading Vogue when I was 14! What do you hope to achieve with your lovely brand in the not-too-distant future? Any exciting upcoming plans? All I really wanted GoddessFlora to do was inspire girls and women to embrace their femininity and the connection that we have to Spring, nature and our beloved flora. Hand any girl a bouquet of lily's, put her in a field of daisies or place a crown of roses on her head and watch as she brightens and smiles. Etsy Store: Facebook Page:



A Tryst of Spring By Chris Tope It was the year of the midday star; the Sun, the Moon and a small sapphire sequin could be seen in the noon sky. From the cover of the peach orchard, Melisma lay between daffodils, staring at the foreign light. Steps away, from atop a crumbling sandstone fountain, her young lover Siljaire, played a courante upon his lute. Watching him, Mel took an almandine earring from her pocket and rolled it between her thumb and fore finger. With every breeze, all around them little blossom petals fell and flew like confetti.

The lilting suite resonated through the grove, through the shafts of sun and through Spring herself. Melisma smiled, stretched out upon her white dress and slid her slippers off, one at a time. From the cover of the peach orchard, sated on dates and cashews Outside in the peach orchard her little sister played her lute. She remembered "It will stay until it is ready to leave," she whispered, answering his question. 83

DIY Floral Sunglasses


You’ll need: Glue that is suitable for use on plastic, a pair of sunglasses, tweezers, pearl adornments and resin flowers (available on eBay for only a few dollars per pack!) Start by gluing your first chosen resin flower onto the upper corner of the sunglasses. Press and hold for a few seconds until the flower remains in place. Next, glue the second resin flower in the opposite corner. Press and hold until flower remains in place.

Next comes the fiddly part, so a pair of tweezers will come in handy! Choose your preferred size of pearl adornment and place a small amount of glue on the flat, plain side. Using the tweezers, press the adornment onto the sunglasses. Repeat forming a pattern of your preference. Once you are happy with your resin flower pearl adornment arrangement, set sunglasses aside and allow the glue completely dry. Don’t forget to wipe away stray smears of glue first! There you have it! You know have a fancy new pair of floral sunglasses that will put a smile on your face every time you wear them. The sky is the limit with this DIY project – There are literally hundreds of different variations you can try, so remember, have fun with it!

and the to any


Fabled and True A photoshoot for Undress Brisbane

Photography: Dirty Love photography ( Model: Holly Susan Leong Make up: Madison Vrenegoor Hair: LylaClare ( Styling: Mia Seitz / The Perfect Perspective ( Designer: Fabled & True ( Head Pieces: Blossom Headpieces ( Photos for Undress Brisbane and Whim Online Magazine










An Interview with Photographer

When did you first discover your love of photography? I don’t think I ever discovered it as such… My dad always had a camera when I was young; I was fascinated by it and usually took it off him to snap a few shots… However, when I began high school, I was lucky enough to go to a school that had a photography club where I learnt how to use film SLRs and process my own photos (yes, in a dark room with chemicals!), and it was here that I think my infatuation with photography really started to develop. Who, or what, inspires your creativity the most? I think surrounding yourself with creative people, inspires creativity. I mainly hang out with musicians and am constantly inspired by new songs and live performances that leave people speechless, dancing or screaming… Music is pretty primal and I think that type of raw energy is something that inspires even the most modest of people. Similarly though, working in a collaborative effort with stylists, hair and make up artists and fashion designers usually pushes the creative envelope to new levels. The images you captured from the Undress Brisbane shoot (and that we were lucky enough to feature!) are breathtakingly beautiful. Please tell us a little about your experience working with the event this year? Undress Brisbane is a fashion runway show held in October that highlights environmentally and ethically made fashion. I came on board as their photographer earlier this year and since have been exposed to the truly scary facts that the fashion industry accepts as “normal.” Working with the people involved in Undress Brisbane has really pushed me creatively as a photographer, but has also made me re-evaluate what I buy based on where it is made and what it is made of. I’m realizing the quality of locally made products is that much better than the clothing coming out of sweat shops and its not as expensive as I once thought! As for this shoot, in collaboration with Undress Brisbane, we were lucky enough to secure handmade/remade vintage dresses from Fabled & True that were paired with headpieces from Blossom Headpieces & Accessories. The stylist, Mia Seitz (from The Perfect Perspective), worked closely with myself, Kell Priest (hair stylist from LylaClare) and Madison Vrenegoor (make up) to create multiple distinct looks that still maintained a certain vintage yet relevant aesthetic that could be worn by most girls in spring (as 96 modelled by Holly Leong).

I understand you’ve also worked with many bands during your time so far as a photographer. What has been your most memorable or favourite moment in terms of your live music photography? Yes, my main avenue for photography is live music photography. There have been literally hundreds of moments that I will never forget but I would say going on tour around Australia with Ball Park Music on the “Thank Ewes Tour” as their tour photographer has probably been my favourite experience. Specifically though, the Enmore Theatre show in Sydney for that tour was probably my favourite of all time. Ball Park Music played phenomenally well, the venue pretty much sold out and the crowd was SO loud that the vibe for that show was on another level. As a photographer, I was feeding off that energy and felt very much at home behind the lens in such an environment. I can now see why performers love performing, as that energy is quite addictive! As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what do you love the most about this season? Spring to me, coming from Brisbane, means the ability to wear jeans and a T- shirt without sweating or freezing! The nights are perfect up here and the climate is perfect for going out to gigs. Plus, BIGSOUND (a music conference where over 100 acts perform in multiple venues over two nights in the valley in Brisbane) happens every September, which for most people in the music industry, is Christmas come early!

What do you hope to achieve with your photography business, Dirty Love Photography, in the near future? Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans? The future is one of those funny things that can change in the space of a few seconds, so I’m not 100% sure where I’ll be next year, or even where I want to be. Undress Brisbane is my main focus for the next couple of months but I’m always out shooting gigs around Brisbane. I’m definitely shooting BIGSOUND in September and am currently lining up my schedule for the summer festival season! I also have a few fashion shoots in collaboration with LylaClare (an amazing hair salon in Brisbane!) in the pipeline that will push the boundaries of my photography and hopefully produce something pretty cool… There’s also a few other things to come out, but they are all still secret so you’ll have to follow Dirty Love Photography on Facebook to get that scoop!


What Is Undress Brisbane? Whim Online Magazine was lucky enough to collaborate with Andrew Wilson from Dirty Love Photography as he captured a beautiful photoshoot for the event Undress Brisbane, featuring the sustainable fashion label, Fabled and True. Undress Brisbane is so much more than your average fashion event, as it is an annual celebration of vintage and sustainable style. Undress Brisbane states that it will “open your eyes to the world of sustainable fashion. Think ‘nowaste’ collections, ethical production, ‘food dyed’ garments, natural fibres, and unique pieces made from off-cuts.” Undress Brisbane aims to create an atmosphere of change and it challenges us to assess the sustainability of our own wardrobes. There is a runway event that features and promotes both established and emerging sustainable designers, as well as vintage labels. This year, Undress Brisbane also organised a ‘Lose Your Pants’ campaign. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and encourage people to donate their old denim jeans, pants and skirts so they can be transformed into gift bags (made by the talented Little Mother Creations) for this year’s Undress Brisbane runway event. The runway event will be held on the 12th of October, so keep an eye on the Undress Brisbane Facebook page for more information!

Undress Brisbane also organises an event known as Predress, which is a local network night. The event includes guest speakers from the sustainable fashion industry and it even gives people a chance to connect with other like-minded and eco-conscious individuals. Visit: and


“The paper heart of children birds� by Lill-Veronica Skoglund


An Interview with Whim’s Photography Competition Winner, Lill-Veronica Skoglund What has been your journey into photography so far? Have you studied the medium, or are you purely self-taught? I started shooting when I was 17, and up until I moved to England to study photography at 20, I was pretty much self-taught! The title of your winning photograph, ‘The paper heart of children birds’, is beautiful. Please tell us a little about why you chose this particular title? That image is part of a series I did last year that was very influenced by sisters, and the band CocoRosie in particular. "The paper heart of children birds" is a line is from one of their songs called 'Undertaker', and I thought it was quite fitting! Where and when was this photograph shot? It was taken last Autumn in Bournemouth, England. What thoughts and feelings did you want to portray through this photograph when you were shooting it? As I mentioned before, this image is part of a series I did, and the whole story is about these two sisters who have lived in a forest on their own since they were very young. With this image in particular, I wanted to create something that was whimsical but also a bit unsettling, to add to the series. Aside from CocoRosie, I drew inspiration from films like Practical Magic and Mama (Directed by Del Toro who also did Pan's Labyrinth, which of course featured the pale man with the eyes in the palm of his hands), and the TV show Charmed. So quite magical but also a bit dark, and I guess that's what I wanted this image to portray. And in honesty I also thought it would look really cool! What do you hope to achieve in the not-too-distant future with your photography? I am starting my third and final year at uni this October, and if there is anything I would like to have sorted by the time I graduate, it is a job assisting a photographer. Oh, and to shoot the cover of Vogue, but you know! Website: Facebook Page:


Rebecca and a 1950s Vintage Wedding Dress

Photography: Robert Marriott Location: Reculver Towers, Kent Supplier: Robin Vaughan-Lyons Model: Rebecca Tan - The Cinnamon Slipper









An Interview with Photographer

When did you first discover your love of photography? I first started to get into photography back in 2007 when taking photos at a modified car show and the owner of a car magazine asked me to work with them at each event. From there I started to dabble in different aspects of photography such as portfolios, working with models and soon realised that this was more than just a hobby and was something that I would love to be able to make a full time career out of. I now focus on weddings and fashion and this is definitely the area of photography that I love the most. I love being creative and trying out random ideas. What concepts and emotions do you like to portray the most through your work? I have a love of vintage and retro photography and love old cameras. So capturing photos involving vintage styling, fashion, classic cars and great locations makes for my perfect kind of concept. Emotions for me are the main focus of my wedding photography. I have a relaxed editorial emotive photography style, its not about a couple just standing there and posing for their wedding photos but its more about capturing those real moments throughout the day when they don't realise they are being photographed. Please tell us all about the wonderful story behind this photoshoot? I firstly spotted this stunning 1950's wedding dress in a friend of mine Robin's shop in Margate. He had just completed a house clearance and was about to put the dress up for sale. I, of course had to be cheeky and ask if I could use the dress for a shoot as my mind was running wild with ideas. Luckily I had also just met Rebecca whilst out shopping with my fiancĂŠ and we got chatting about photography and swapped business cards, so we could arrange to work together. This dress felt like the ideal concept behind us arranging a shoot. So we met up in Whitstable, a beautiful local seaside fishing town and drove just 10 minutes down the coast to Reculver Towers for the photoshoot. The result is obvious! Rebecca is a fantastic girl to work with and she was willing to jump around, paddle in the sea, do anything it took to get an amazing set of images and we definitely did! What inspires your creativity the most? Anything and everything to be honest! It can be from seeing other photos and concepts in magazines and online, to fashion and even sometimes just being out and about and spotting a location that makes you want to sit down and plan an idea that would work there! Sometimes it literally just takes a small thing and that put together with other ideas can form the most amazing concept for a photograph. 114

As this is the Spring Issue, please tell us, what is it that you love the most about this season? I think the main thing I love about spring is the end of winter and the start of flowers blooming and the fields bursting with colour. This is the perfect time to get some great vintage fashion photography out on location! Also this is the time of year that I start to photograph more weddings again and I really love covering weddings. I am very much a people person so put me in a group of people who I don't know and I will talk to and photograph every single one of them and even make new friends! I love my job! What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future? My plan is to eventually open a premises and have a wedding photography studio where clients can come and meet us and talk about their big day with us! I am working on building the business up with my fiancĂŠ, who is my 2nd photographer and we are also talking about moving to a more central location in Kent, ideally Whitstable as mentioned above. I plan on doing a lot more vintage fashion photography and working with even more local designers, businesses and models as this is where I can use my creativity to the max! You can see the blog to the shoot I did at



Pumpkin Scones

Ingredients: 120g butter ½ cup caster sugar 1 cup boiled and pureed pumpkin 2 eggs ½ teaspoon salt 4 ¾ self-raising flour 1 cup milk Makes: 18 scones Prep + Cook Time: 30 minutes approximately

Method: Preheat oven to 220°C / 425°F and grease a 22cm / 9-inch square cake pan. Cream together the butter and caster sugar. Next, add the boiled and pureed pumpkin, along with the eggs, salt, and self-raising flour. Add the milk and then mix together to form a dough. Then, knead the dough lightly on a floured surface. Press dough out to 2cm / ¾ inch thickness and cut into 5cm rounds. Place the rounds of dough in the pan so that they are almost touching. Bake in oven for approximately 15 minutes before serving scones warm with butter – Enjoy! 117

An Interview with Photographer

When did your love of photography first bloom? My love for photography really blossomed when I left Paris 4 years ago and when I started to open my mind to new adventures in my life. I started traveling and wanted to keep track and memories of all the wonderful moments that I lived. At that stage I was still an amateur I guess, then I started using a plastic holga camera and couldn’t stop shooting and documenting things that were happening around me, then it really fell into place. I couldn’t live without having my camera near me! So I decided to learn more and expand my skills by studying it. I am currently finishing my diploma of photography in Perth Western Australia. What is it about photography that you love the most? If I am shooting film the most exciting moment is to get my roll developed and discover photos that I almost forgot I took. With digital I love the sounds of the shutter when you have captured the perfect moment that is forever gone afterwards. These are the details that I love, but just the fact of capturing so much beauty around me, we live in a world of images that is constantly moving, one second too late and the moment is gone forever… What emotions and ideas do you like to portray through your photography? What I like to portray through my photos are really emotional sensations, nostalgia, poetry, romanticism, sadness. I am currently working on a series of semi-nude self portraits called ‘’desillusion“ which mean delusion in English. Please tell us a little about your hometown back in Paris? I left Paris 4 years ago so it must have changed so much since I left as I have been back only once for only a short 6 days .. Paris is just a magical city, it’s a two faced city, with a bright and a dark side, between shadow and light, so much history and things happening in Paris. You can feel it while walking in the street ending up in a tiny alleyway.. Every district has its own different vibes and this is what I love most from a district to another one you feel in a totally different world and there’s always things to do and see. You can find so much inspiration in Paris just sitting at a terrace of a café and watching the world go by. What do you love most about the season spring? I think spring is the most beautiful season, when winter has finally given up and let the spring take over. The weather is just lovely and what I love most is to see all the trees and flowers blossom and everything coming back to life again. Everything is just so colourful and it’s a 118 pleasure for the senses.

Model: Jennette Kristen Laven

Model: Mary-Louise Spencer Beauty: Alana Winter Smith Styling: My Vintage Wardrobe


We understand that you have been travelling a lot since leaving Paris 4 years ago. What have been some of your most favourite moments from your travels? I’ve been traveling in many countries and I think my favourite moment is just to get lost in a beat of a different place. Letting myself go on new adventures, open myself up to people, opportunities etc and to open my mind up to a different culture, food and everything that the trip has to bring. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the near future – Do you have any exciting plans? So in the near future I want to finish my diploma and be able to have more time shooting because at the moment it’s just crazy with my last semester plus work plus shooting. It’s just really overwhelming and I have not much time to focus on personal shoots and projects. I am currently in NYC for the first time for my semester break and I fell in love with this city so the exciting plan is actually after I finish my diploma to come to NYC and start a new life and maybe do a bachelor in fashion photography here. This city is so inspiring and so much stuff is happening, so I am pretty excited thinking about the future. I will just keep following the flow and see where the wind takes me.

Facebook Page: Flickr:



Photograph by Annabella Whispers Photography

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in – what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” -- Victor Hugo (Les Misérables)


Whim Online Magazine Issue 02 Spring 2013  

The second issue of Whim Online Magazine celebrates everything dreamy and whimsical, with a strong focus on the season of spring. Featuring...

Whim Online Magazine Issue 02 Spring 2013  

The second issue of Whim Online Magazine celebrates everything dreamy and whimsical, with a strong focus on the season of spring. Featuring...