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ISSUE NO. 1 Founder / Editor: Melanie D Contributors: Hannah McCawley / Lost In Wishful Thinking Photography, Miao Long / Fatal Sweets Photography, William Lou White, Paige Joanna Calvert, Marianne Rutherford, Natalia Ghosn, Emma Stevens / What a Night Events, Daisy Lukins, Annette Ong, Juan Jose Cruz, Aistė Tiriūtė / Ailera Stone Photography, Laura Batch, Ruby and Kim from The Mad Twins, Jack Clarke, Yetis, Mike Scott, Tina Sosna, Kayla-May Cosgrove. Cover: Photography: Whim Online Magazine and What a Night Events. Model: Daisy Lukins. Styling: What a Night Events. Clothing: Stylist’s, Editor’s and Model’s own. Contact: Email: whim.online@gmail.com Website: www.whimonline.blogspot.com.au Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Whim-Online-Magazine/544249062275224 Pinterest: pinterest.com/whimonline/

Instagram: @whimonline Backgrounds and Stock images: ~NYVelvet on DeviantArt (nyvelvet.deviantart.com), ~lovestoned786 on DeviantArt (lovestoned786.deviantart.com), ~newmeen at DeviantArt (newmeen.deviantart.com) Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of Whim Online Magazine as a whole. We cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur. Copyright is reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without the consent of the Editor. 1

Editor’s Letter With the release of Whim’s first ever digital magazine issue, it only seems fitting to go back to how it all began. It was a rainy Saturday evening and I was sitting inside my study feeling bored. The solution to my boredom? I created a blog. What began as a creative outlet soon turned into so much more. Within weeks I was receiving emails from photographers, artists and bloggers complimenting Whim and offering to be featured on the site. I’ve been blown away with the amount of talent wishing to collaborate with Whim, as well as the readership and kind words Whim has received in such a short period of time. When I began Whim Online Magazine, it was always my wish to one day turn it into an actual online magazine; one you can digitally flip the pages of and find endless sources of inspiration crammed onto every page. As Whim turned three months old this month, I am so pleased to have already reached this first goal. Thank you so much to everyone who reads Whim, has collaborated with Whim, and who has contributed to this issue. This is only the beginning, and I am so excited for what the future holds for this humble publication with very big dreams. Hope you enjoy the issue!





Enchantress: a photoshoot by Lost in Wishful Thinking


An interview with photographer Hannah McCawley


Ten things to do to ease the winter boredom blues


Hunter, Open Season! A photoshoot by Miao Long


In Her Sternum: a peom by William Lou White


An interview with Paige Joanna Calvert


Whim Loves


In the morning, diamonds of frost: a photoshoot by Whim Online Magazine and What a Night Events


Sunday Spent: a story by Annette Ong


An interview with photographer Juan Jose Cruz



Reading List


An interview with Aistė Tiriūtė from Ailera Stone Photography


Cold: a poem by Kayla-May Cosgrove


Wondering Everglades, Forgotten Urchins and Catalytic Kings: a poem by William Lou White


Featured Etsy Shop: Leah Goren


An interview with artist and photographer Laura Batch


An interview with Paris and London from The Mad Twins


An interview with Yetis


For When Your Day Comes: a story by Mike Scott


An interview with photographer Tina Sosna



Photography: Hannah McCawley | Lost in Wishful Thinking Model: Marissa Descovich from Dally's Model Agency

Visit cargocollective.com/lostinwishfulthinking/Enchantress for more. ‘Like’: www.facebook.com/lostinwishfulthinking 5








“I am a humble photographer based in Brisbane, Australia; I am obsessed with magazines, flowers, and houses… Often working in nature with the sun as my guide, in both digital and film formats, my photographs always speak a little more gently than most.” – Lost In Wishful Thinking If you could only describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Happy, Creative, Dreamer.

Where is your hometown? What do you like most about it? I have lived and still live in Brisbane, Australia. I love that I have so many memories here, and although we aren't the 'hippest' place in Australia, we do have some cool things going on and an awesome choice of beaches!

Who, or what, are you inspired by the most? Nature! My surroundings while I am shooting has a large influence on me.



What concepts or emotions do you wish to portray through your photography? I would like to think my photographs convey the sense of being 'lost in wishful thinking'. Some shoots convey this more than others. I think my shoots just often play on the notions of being in another world that is familiar but also not your every day thing.. If that makes sense!

Do you have a particular photoshoot that has been your favourite so far?

My most recent shoot is usually my most favourite, so it is ever changing :) What do you like to do in your spare time? Alongside photography, my other big love in life is my boyfriend and we hang out as much as we can. If I am not with him or working on photography I will be reading blogs and magazines, picking flowers from the garden, drinking tea and baking. What has been the best piece of photography advice you have ever heard? The gear does not make you a good photographer (though it can help), it is what you do with what you have that counts.

When it comes to the future of your photography, what do you hope to achieve? Right now when I get asked this question I am telling people that I am photographing for Country Style Magazine! But really I would just love to be working alongside like-minded people in the creative industries making magic and having fun - getting it printed in a magazine or book would just be a bonus!

Blog: www.lostinwishfulthinking.com Portfolio: cargocollective.com/lostinwishfulthinking Facebook: www.facebook.com/lostinwishfulthinking



10 Things To Do To Ease The Winter Boredom Blues

Have a hot bath: There’s nothing like a hot bath to help you unwind and warm you up again. If you find you get bored sitting idly, take a book or magazine in with you (just be careful not to drop it in the water of course!)

Read new books: If you’re stuck inside because it’s raining or too cold outside, books allow your mind to escape the confines of a drizzly day. If you’re in need of a new book to read, you can get some ideas by having a look at our Reading List on page 57.

Drink plenty of healthy, herbal tea: Herbal tea will instantly warm you and lift your mood and the added bonus of herbal teas, such as green tea or honey and ginger, is that they will also provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep sickness and flu away.

Learn to knit: When you hear the word ‘knitting’, your mind probably conjures images of grandmas sitting in rocking chairs. Don’t let stereotypes stop you! Winter is all about scarves and woollen jumpers, so what could be better than making your own?

Bake some treats: Baking is a great way to spend time when the weather is miserable outside because not only is it a lot of fun, but you’re also left with something delicious and warm to eat and share with those around you. 17

Catch up on a television show or watch a movie you’ve always wanted to see: Grab a blanket and a cup of tea and spend some time relaxing in front of the television without the guilt of wasting a beautifully sunny day outside.

Try your hand at art and craft: Keep your mind active and fight winter boredom by beginning a new craft or DIY project, or by trying your hand at drawing or painting. There’s plenty of great DIY and craft projects on websites such as Pinterest, and the bonus is that you’ll be left with something to admire or use. Remember, practice makes perfect, so even if you don’t consider yourself a budding artist, then you will certainly get better with each drawing or painting you attempt.

Makeover your space: If there’s ever a perfect time to want to give your bedroom or study space a makeover, then winter is perfect. It is during the cold season that you spend the most amount of time indoors, so why not turn your favourite spaces in your home into rooms that will constantly inspire you?

Dust off your favourite board games: It seems as though board games are seldom played once we reach adulthood, but this shouldn’t be the case! Board games are a great way to interact with friends and family and to embrace your competitive spirit. It’s all about having plenty of fun and reminiscing over the games you once loved as a child.

Opt for a new hairstyle: You might not think so, but sometimes a new haircut or colour is all you need to lift your spirits and get you feeling inspired again. After all, they say change is as good as a holiday! We love Paige Joanna’s gorgeous shade of red (See page 33) and are also inspired by fuss-free, midlength tresses that perfectly frame the face.












In Her Sternum by William Lou White

We were sitting on my roof braving the cold

talking about how we are all just Russians looking at Alaska through a telescope.

I planted orchestra notes in her voice,

I made an indestructible greenhouse in her sternum so she could harbour ships of ideas inside her.

I turned the weeds in her soul into Japanese sunsets and created a tundra out of her nerves so she could throw the wolves

out the door.


I cut the thorns off those roses that entwine up her spine so she can find

the ability to call them roses,

But I remembered I can only do so much. It’s what she does after I'm gone from the bedsheets

that determines who she is on a winter’s night when they've left her bed.

View more of William Lou White’s work at deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Mitochondrial and moltenrocks.wordpress.com


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An Interview


Paige Joanna Calvert

Blogger, Illustrator and Creator of Fanzine ‘Buttercup’ 33

“I am a small girl with rather large dreams. I am an Illustrator from the south of England, living and loving being creative. Most of the time I live in my own little world and it contains a lot of tea drinking and buying silly things.” – Paige Joanna Blog How would you describe yourself in just three words? Playful, creative, emotional.

When did you first begin your style blog, and why? About a year and a half ago now, I started it because at the time I was getting bored with my second year of university, I was growing in popularity on Lookbook and kind of wanted another creative outlet to just ramble and upload photos of my style and my life. I then knew blogging was the right avenue for me and I haven't looked back since!


I couldn’t help but notice you’re also an extremely talented illustrator! What is it about illustrating that you are most drawn to?

This is quite a hard question really because there are so many aspects I am drawn to or 'love'. However I have to say that illustrating has always been a passion of mine, back in the day in year 5&6 my best friend and I used to play a 'mums and dads' game, which we used to go home and draw our characters and what was going to happen to them. I can't even remember when I started drawing because I must have been holding a pencil when I was born haha.. but in all seriousness I am drawn to growing and always achieving a new style and look. I am drawn to pretty visuals and creating dreamy feminine ladies, all of which I like to get lost in and pretend my life is just as sweet. It is also how I let off steam, I just love that.



Here in Australia we’re just coming into winter, so the weather is starting to get a lot chillier! What are your top tips for keeping stylish during the colder months? I have a massive guilty pleasure when it comes to the colder months, and that is jumpers, jumpers and MORE jumpers. I love wearing them over collared dresses and layering a collared blouse, dress and then a jumper! If you are petite like me then cropped jumpers are cute because they lengthen your legs! Cute socks over tights, with vintage boots are a must also! 37

You’ve been a bit of a busy bee lately putting together your new publication, Buttercup. It looks beautiful! Please tell us about it: Buttercup is a fan zine I have been working on, to share a feeling of childhood nostalgia with those with the same enthusiasm. If you are creative, a bit of a day dreamer or simply love looking through pretty pages of photography and drawings then that's what it is all about! I wanted to put in subtle touches of nostalgia that trigger other’s own thoughts and memories. I also added some stickers for a bit of fun! You can go buy a copy now over on my Etsy!


Fashion Blog: paigejoanna.blogspot.co.uk Art Blog: paigejoannaillustration.com Esty Shop: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/paigecalvert1 Facebook: www.facebook.com/PaigeJoannaIllustration


Whim Loves:

Ohhh Lulu Lingerie and Apparel: Sarah Elaine is the owner, maker and designer behind Ohhh Lulu Lingerie and Apparel. The Etsy store describes the lingerie brand as “romantic lingerie with a vintage flair”. With gorgeous and feminine designs such as those featured on the left, who wouldn’t want to purchase some for themselves? Visit www.etsy.com/shop/ohhhlulu, www.ohhhlulu.com or follow the label on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ohhhlulu

Marianne from Esme and the Laneway - Tips for Buying Vintage: You might remember some time ago Whim interviewed gorgeous blogger Marianne Rutherford and we were lucky enough to get some great tips on buying vintage. Here they are again in case you missed them! “Be open minded to what you might find; the perfect summer dress in the middle of winter, say – if you love it, buy it when you see it! Don't be afraid to experiment and find what really works for you, what you love wearing and what makes you feel comfortable – and don't feel you have to stick to a particular style or era if you don't want to. Wear what you want! Be aware of the condition of vintage garments and what it can mean; ie. stained underarms might not look great, but it can also mean the fabric there is actually damaged and will soon fall apart, so if you are buying online be aware of this. Some fabrics can be more practical than others, in terms of laundry and resilience – that's why I love vintage cotton so much, it can be popped in the washing machine (once you've checked its colour fastness, of course!) with everything else and it's fine.” Visit: whimonline.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/an-interview-with-marianne-from-esme.html to read the entire interview or esmeandthelaneway.blogspot.com.au for Marianne’s blog


Artworks by Natalia Ghosn It is artistic talent such as Natalia Ghosn that Whim finds so incredibly inspirational. From her lovely black and white sketches to her blue-toned watercolours and everything else in between, it is evident that Natalia Ghosn has an artistic gift that is to be truly admired. If you would like to see more of her beautiful artworks, please visit http://bluevioletart.tumblr.com/

Eco Bird Online Store “Here at Eco Bird we live, breathe, love sustainable and ethical style” – Eco Bird Eco Bird is an online store with a big heart. It features talented and ecoconscious designers from Australia and New Zealand. Visit http://ecobird.net to view the entire range.


In the morning, diamonds of frost

Model: Daisy Lukins Photography: What a Night Events / Whim Online Magazine

Styling: What a Night Events (www.whatanightevents.com) Clothing: Editor’s, Stylist’s & Model’s own 41










Sunday Spent A story by Annette Ong

When her Nanna was a young woman living in London, she told Abby how she went shopping wearing her pyjamas under a heavy trench coat. Her Nanna was a very sophisticated woman who wore her hair coiled neatly in a French roll; her make-up, subtle yet impeccable. As a child, Abby had thought she resembled the women in fashion magazines; the ones with champagne flutes in their hands, heads thrown back in laughter, their effortless worlds glossy and clean. To think of her Nanna surreptitiously traipsing around the city in her pyjama’s made her smile. “It was just too damn cold,” her Nanna explained. 51

Now, here Abby was, pulling on her coat to hide the ice-skating penguins on her well-worn flannels. Sitting on the side of her bed, she pulled on her knee-high boots, and then stood in front of the full-length mirror. Not an ice-skating penguin in sight. Her Nanna would be proud. It was mid-morning, yet still quiet as people lay sleeping their Sunday away. No need for urgency; “Sunday Spent” she liked to call it. Abby opened her front door, brandishing an umbrella on one arm, her bag on the other, and was greeted by a tiny mountain of discoloured leaves left for her by the wind. Stepping over it, she noticed these little parcels at most people’s doors, along footpaths and street corners; the colours of the deadened leaves dull beside the arresting brightness of discarded chocolate wrappers and other bits of rubbish. The greying sky grew heavier, having the appearance of hanging closer to the rooftops. Clouds sat motionless; sedentary with weight, their bellies bloated with threatening rain. Abby rushed along the near empty street and turned into High street, her mind set on the mission at hand. Today was “Sunday Spent” and with it came the need for a few necessities. On arrival at the Supermarket, Abby searched the aisles for the ingredients to her Maple Syrup dumplings. In the baking section, she cursed her tiny stature as she reached for the self-raising flour, too high above her head. Nearby, a young stock boy came to her assistance. As they both reached up, him with little difficulty, he glimpsed an ice-skating penguin escape from the cuff of her coat. Awkwardly, she thanked him and with the expected apathy of a teenager, the boy shrugged his shoulders and went back to work.

Abby entered her apartment and stripped off her coat, fully exposing ice-skating penguins. Placing the ingredients on the table, she set to work. Dumplings lowered delicately and left to simmer in sauce, she kicked off her boots, entered her bedroom and pulled back the bedcovers.

The smell of syrupy sweetness in the air, she spooned out the dumplings; plump clouds of buttery goodness, bathed in a delectable sauce. The rain started as she nestled into her bed, bowl in hand. She smiled at what she knew to be true: Meals eaten in bed are not just for sick days. 52

An Interview with Photographer

Juan Jose Cruz


“Juan Jose Cruz Martinez was born and raised in Spain. He finished his Master of Design in Sydney and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. His work has featured in music, trend, lifestyle and fashion publications in Europe, Australia and the US, and he is always ready to undertake new challenges.” -juanjosecruzphotography.com When did you first begin photographing musicians? It started by chance. Since I was in high school I have always been very interested in the music culture, listening to a lot of bands that no one else was listening to until years after. Four years ago I had a random night and I ended up chatting about this kind of music with a tour manager who gave me a ticket to see Peaches and I just happened to have my camera with me. I took some photos and they came out really well so I decided that I will do that for a while.

What is it about music photography that you love the most? The bands and the energy. Photography allows me to be involved with the music scene doing something that I like. Then I use my blog ‘Liveinphotos’ to get people closer to music, also through interviews, gig recommendations and Friday listens.



Out of all of the concerts and music events you've photographed so far, is there one in particular that remains the most memorable to you, and why? There are two that were memorable: I was taking photos of the Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne jumped over the crowd inside a plastic bubble, passing right over me. It was really messy but I managed to get the shot. Later in the same year I went to take some photos of Battles. Those guys were amazing and John Stanier - drums - had the shirt completely drenched. I got photos of him published in the US quite recently. As this issue of Whim has a focus on winter, please tell us, what emotions or images does the word 'winter' conjure up for you? Coats and hats on the streets, snowy towns and moody foggy landscapes, all in black and white: I spent more than a year working nearly exclusively in b&w film and I really enjoyed that time. What do you hope the future holds for your photography? Short term, I am preparing some limited edition prints and I would like to organize an exhibition sometime next year. In the wider picture, I would love to develop my photojournalism and documentary work with the Magnum Agency in New York. I would also love to be commissioned one day to go to exotic places like Antarctica. Website: www.juanjosecruzphotography.com Music Photography Blog: www.liveinphotos.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/liveinphotos


“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” – Oscar Wilde


On The Road by Jack Kerouac chronicles the thirst for freedom and the adventures of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty. Favourite quote: “the only people for me are the mad ones…desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows tells the story of an eccentric society formed during the Nazi occupation of the island of Guernsey. Favourite quote:“We clung to books and to our friends; they reminded us that we had another part to us.”

Set in American suburbia during the 1970s, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides tells the story of the five Lisbon sisters and their tragic suicides. Favourite quote: “Basically what we have here is a dreamer. Somebody out of touch with reality. When she jumped, she probably thought she'd fly.”

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton explores the mysterious story of Nell, as she is told on her 21st birthday that she was found abandoned at a wharf at the age of four. Favourite quote: “Memory is a cruel mistress with whom we all must learn to dance.”

A love story with a twist, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger tells the story of the relationship between a woman and a man who has a genetic disorder which makes him travel unpredictably in time. Favourite quote: “I am suddenly consumed by nostalgia for the little girl who was me, who loved the fields and believed in God, who spent winter days home sick from school reading Nancy Drew.”

Set in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak follows the story of a ten-year-old girl, Liesel, whose foster parents secretly give refuge to a young Jewish man. Favourite quote: “The words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.”


An Interview


Aistė Tiriūtė from

Ailera Stone Photography


“21 years old photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania, now living and studying photography in London. I always liked to escape into other worlds through books, movies and music, but I found out that the best way to do that is by taking pictures. My photography is a way to capture moments and make them magical, bring the dreams into this world." -- ailerastone.com When did you first discover your passion for photography? When I was about 15 and I signed up for deviantArt. There were so many young talented photographers that I got inspired to try to do something myself.

What thoughts and feelings do you often try to convey through your photography? Nostalgia, longing for a better, more beautiful world, escaping into dreams and fairytales. 60



Has there been one moment in particular that really stands out to you as your biggest or most favourite achievement so far? Can't really think of anything in particular, nothing big really happened yet, but it's always great to get my work into magazines.

What is your favourite camera to shoot with and why? Best camera I had is my Canon 5D Mark II, I love it and I'm so used to it by now. What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer? To keep on working and working, everyday you have to do things related to photography if you're serious about. And to never get upset and give up, or to compare yourself to other, more successful people, you just have to keep going and someday you will achieve what you want. To view more work from Ailera Stone Photography, visit www.ailerastone.com and www.facebook.com/AileraStone 63

Cold By Kayla-May Cosgrove

I always wondered about the times when we were both so cold But now I realise it's just a part of our story to be told Cold like the Antarctic, where the penguins pair Cold like the way they huddle, keeping warm in the frigid air The commitment to each other they so lovingly share The body heat to the freezing dive they continuously compare The cold is just the warmth in reverse The penguins stuck in a wordless verse So instead they yell with an individual call Finding each other, so the chills can fall And the touching limbs once previously torn To hold one another above freezing ice Because their love made what was frozen, merely lukewarm.

Visit: deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/kmaaay


Visit the author’s websites: deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Mitochondrial and moltenrocks.wordpress.com


Sitting in her room, drunk on vodka in a cold winters solstice, she spoke in subliminal messages.

Her eyes broke the heaviness of silence in the crevices of my chest. Unwinding the thought process so many has embedded into me before, she proposed all intent, eradicated all venerable questions and leaving the harder ones to gain intention for the development of our journey into regressionOr flourish with expeditions that leave us with the feeling that would be our intuition or sixth sense for a better sense for the establishment of what is her and I, us. Feeling like a pirated number station, blocking out signals from the other projectile radiuses that drain the basin of my investments, but leaving me with all choice to drain my own, I chose her to encounter my broken leg stag intellect. Falling for the irrelevance to my best interests and presumably hers; we broke the fourth wall. She engulfed the universes inside my soul as I frivolously spun galaxies through the dome of her tediously placed warp hole. 66


Featured Etsy Shop

Leah Reena Goren is the owner, maker and designer of the Etsy store Leah Goren. The Brooklyn-based illustrator and surface pattern designer creates and sells textiles and garments containing her own beautiful patterns and artworks. The designer may have only graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2012, but already her Etsy store has taken the world by storm. With over 14,400 admirers and 1,570 sales to date, Leah Goren’s Etsy shop is certainly one to add to your ‘favourites’ list.

Visit www.etsy.com/shop/leahgoren and www.leahgoren.com 68


When did you first discover your love of photography? I discovered my love for photography when I travelled to France in 2008. I travelled to France for just under one month, with RMIT, to study Impressionism. During my time in France I visited so many galleries and exhibitions, but the one that stood out and enchanted me was the Richard Avedon Retrospective at the Jeu de Paume National Gallery. Richard Avedon's photographs were iconic, intimate and an emotive explosion all frozen in one singular moment in time. His ability to capture all of this in one refined, crisp and minimalistic photograph inspired me to pursue photography within my artistic practice. During my time in France, I also had bought two mini Holga cameras so I pursued some experimental photography, which was the one of the first photography series I completed as a practicing artist. What particular thoughts or feelings are you trying to convey through your photography and why? The thoughts and feelings I try to convey within my photography is a nostalgic familiarity, I do this by not linking any of my photographs to a particular time or space. Within my series taken in Finland I used post-print manipulation to blend two photographs together to distort the landscapes, making them transcend into a familiar yet unknown location in time and space. The photographs also have a dream-like quality where memories of places and times overlap to create a dreamlike place. I wanted to create the feeling within my photographs of when you travel to new and foreign places, when you return your memories of places and landscapes merge and become these images based on reality but transform into a dream-like vision. 70

Do you have a special connection with the landscapes you photograph? The landscapes I photograph usually are places I have inhabited or travelled to that are new and foreign to me. I am drawn to these new landscapes as I want to capture the adventure of going to a new location and experiencing something for the first time. Within the photography series I completed in Finland, I had never experienced snow before, so I was enthralled with how the snow would blanket the whole entire landscape. I went to Finland for a two-month residency to Arteles in Hameenkyro, which is located in Western Finland. So I interacted and became personally attached to these landscapes, and how the snow would blanket the landscape which would make all the landscapes indistinguishable, and that is what inspired the photography series.

Do you have a favourite camera to shoot with and why? I really like shooting with my Sony Cybershot. It's really easy for on-the-go, and has great durability, especially for those cold Finland winter days. Otherwise, I like using the Cannon EOS 500D, it produces really crisp photographs. It's really great for photographing/documenting my artworks such as details on my sculptures. 71

Who inspires your creativity the most?

Robert Smithson and Richard Avedon have been the two main inspirations of my artistic practice. While I was in Finland, I read Patti Smith's book Just Kids, about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. It was a really great read, and inspired me to get into sound art and photography again. Describe a day in the life of Laura Batch? I wake up, usually with my pug dog Louis. By the time I wake up Louis will be staring at me, because he is hungry. So I get up and fed him then take him for a walk to the park, or to a local cafe in South Yarra to meet friends. Then, if I'm lucky, go to Pilates, or lunch with my sister before heading off to work at the Parkview Hotel.

To view more of Laura Batch’s work, visit her website at www.laurabatch.com


Want to have a full-page advertisement in our next issue? Contact whim.online@gmail.com


Submissions now open for the Spring 2013 issue! Are you a photographer, artist, creative writer, shop owner, fashion designer, blogger or band and you feel as though your work fits the whimsical and nostalgic aesthetic of Whim?

Then email whim.online@gmail.com, because we would love to hear from you, either to feature on the website, or in the upcoming Spring issue.

* Submissions for Spring issue close 31st July


An Interview


Paris & London from


“We are Paris and London, creative twins living in Belgium. More precisely our made world. Of course we all invite you to join! We both share the same interest, dreams, ideas...And of course we adore fantasy, creating our mad world, and fashion makes it possible! Besides fashion we adore art! Art history, drawing, painting, museums…” – The Mad Twins Blog When and why did you both begin the blog, The Mad Twins? We both started blogging 2 years ago, and I think it was because my sister and I wanted to show things we were interested in. Not only fashion, but also art, stories and events.

How would you best describe your fashion style? Our personal style describes our personality. We're dreamers and our style reflects our dreamy side. Most of the time you see us in light clothes or colorful outfits. We still are a little child inside that wants to be a princess or a little fairy in the forest. I also would describe our style as romantic since we're real romanticists. Everything that looks cozy, romantic and cute will get my attention. We love to bring nature in our outfits and that’s why we go to the forest to take pictures. London makes many flower headbands as well. Nature is something that is beautiful, but it can be cruel as well! The changes of the season, the rain, snow. Maybe we want to create a nature outfit? It’s hard to describe your own style. It is just reflecting who we are. One day we are in a very dreamy mood, the other day in another mood. We're wearing what fits our mood best.

What has been the biggest achievement of The Mad Twins blog so far? We don't blog to achieve things, but we think our biggest achievement was meeting other bloggers. Exchanging mails with other bloggers from around the world, knowing their interests and learning from each other. There has opened a whole new world as a blogger, with new challenges and people to meet. Being part of the bloggers world and deciding to be part of it, we guess, is our biggest achievement.




Describe a normal day in the lives of London and Paris? That would of course depend if it [is a] weekend or not. The weekdays are normal and perhaps 'boring'. Sorry to disappoint you guys, we would love to tell you something exciting that could happen in school like in the Harry Potter movies or in series like The Vampire Diaries but, the week is just a normal ritual with school duties. In the weekend it depends. We of course have to work for school, but we can go shopping with each other and friends. Go to parties, picnic, events, perhaps even a city trip. Reading a good book in the sun and we can't forget the tea parties or just drinking tea, since we really are tea-addicted. We almost forgot to tell that we of course work on the blog during our free time as well.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers? Having fun is most important. See blogging as a hobby and something you love doing, everything else that comes with it is a plus point. Blogging is an opportunity to get new ideas and besides that you are able to meet other bloggers. We don’t think fashion has rules. You just have to wear what you like.

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An Interview with Yetis “We came from the woodlands with only loincloths and oddly-tuned lutes made from oak and hair. Now we wear real clothes and play real instruments.� -- Yetis


Yetis may be relatively new to the music scene, but they certainly have been receiving a lot of praise and attention of late, writes Jack Clarke. Based in Sydney and Nowra in Australia, the band consists of members David Muratore, Cameron Smith, Curtis Smith, Jenna Smith, and recent newcomers Ellis Birkby and Rhys Stamnas. Playing a fun mix of folk and indie pop, Yetis released their first EP ‘Lightmares’ in March 2011. Their second EP ‘Hear me Now’ was released in November 2012. One of the highlights of their new EP is the track ‘Winter Blues’, a song the band says “was all about emerging from wreckage with a renewed desire to get back to the things you love doing and the people you love being with”.

Whim was lucky enough to interview band member Curtis and to have him shed some light on what has quickly become one of our most favourite bands.

When did the band Yetis form? We formed in January 2011.

Who came up with the name Yetis, and why - does it have a significant meaning for you all? Our banjo/singer Cam, came up with the name after many failing suggestions. ‘Yetis’ seemed to represent a sense of fun that we wanted to have. Our songs were much more pop/rock influenced back then. So no significant meaning, but it does remind us that music is ultimately a source for joy and love and happiness and so forth…

If you could sum up the band in just three words, what would they be? Really fun sings.


As this is the Winter issue of Whim, we couldn't help but notice the song 'Winter Blues' on 'Hear Me Now', with the beautiful and intriguing lyrics "In a winter full of flannelette and dreams overgrown". What thoughts and emotions does the word 'winter' conjure up for you?

The context of the song was one of relief. The situation is one where you are unhappy, and getting yourself out of this leaves you feeling pretty swell about having time to yourself to just‌ hang out. Winter is commonly characterised as kinda melancholy, and this could have been true for this situation too. But in this context, winter was all about emerging from wreckage with a renewed desire to get back to the things you love doing and the people you love being with.

You guys recently supported Patrick James at the Vanguard for two shows, tell us a little about that. What were your most favourite moments? Ahh they were brilliant shows. We felt so lucky to share a stage with Patrick. In our 83

last song we invited Patrick and the band on stage as well as the beautiful duo, ‘Achoo, Bless You!’ who opened the night to help us sing a tune of ours called ‘Oh, the Joy!’. Not only once did we join forces on the stage. At the end of Patrick’s set he invited Yetis and Achoo! up to sing the lovely song of his, ‘Carry On’. So many voices and harmonies! Most favourite moments indeed. What's next for Yetis?

We are ourselves working that out. Possibly some live acoustic recordings, might go into the studio again, video clip? One of the above, as well as some shows coming up in Sydney and Wollongong. We are getting to know more and more brilliant local acts; we would love to do a split EP with someone that we love. And, more shows!

Be sure to see the band play this winter as they bring their unique sound to fans in shows across Sydney and the south coast. If you wish to see an outstanding live performance and experience the musical talent of Yetis with your own eyes and ears, you can do so by attending their show with Belle & the Bone People at FBi Social on the 4th of June.

For more information you can check out the following links: www.facebook.com/yetisband http://yetis.bandcamp.com/ www.youtube.com/yetisband


A story by Mike Scott I can’t remember the date; I can barely even remember the year. I was having a dream at the time, the kind where you wake up and feel like you’re in love, and for some reason that stuck with me. More so it was drilled into my mind that you put an end to it, shaking me from my slumber with what I initially thought were undecipherable ramblings echoing into my room from outside. My mind tells my body to ignore you – to fall back asleep, and to wake up with only wonder, but my mind is also curious, and it’s this incessant curiosity that sees me standing at my window squinting out across the street. You are naked; standing on the roof of your house which sits directly across from mine as you berate what most would consider to be the innocent night sky. You claim to be in on its secret - that you know it’s hiding stars from you, and that you’re not one to be fooled so easily; aggressively accosting them to show themselves, proclaiming that nothing ever comes from spending a life hiding amongst the shadows. You curse, you swear, your bare buttocks acting as a signal to your severity. In the morning when I look again across the street, I realise that your previous night’s rant was more than likely birthed after alcohol conceived its way into your mind as opposed to under the wing of true belief and genuine opinion, as you lay passed out in the same place that you previously stood shouting. I pack with me, along with my schoolbag, a bacon and egg sandwich and a flask of orange juice to offer as a cordial pick-me-up. By the time I get to your house, you’d risen, and sat with your legs dangling over the side of your roof as if your house were a couch. I could see that you were deeply trying to process how you got to where you were; battling internally with what your next move shall be.


Puzzled, you accept the sandwich and juice, but instruct me to leave them sitting on top of the hedges that grew beneath where your feet dangled, insisting that you’ll get to it sooner or later. When I arrive home from school I’m satisfied to know that you eventually did, the evidence of this being the now drastically mangled hedge that caved and crumpled underneath the weight of your desperately flailing and plunging body. That was my first memory of you, and the beginning of a friendship whose memories have lasted me a lifetime. I was to find out that we were one and of the same. I looked up to you. You gave me often twisted, ironic, yet somehow unarguable pieces of advice, such as “the cure to loneliness is self indulgence, and there’s nothing more self indulgent than a drug habit,” even though you were too brave to ever put such theory into practice. You lived like a shark, always moving in one direction or the other.

When I found out that you had done it, I ran from school, not stopping even when it felt as if the pavement was beating its way through my body into my temples. Your house was fully consumed by flames by the time I arrived. I could feel the heat kissing me on the cheek as I stood on the sidewalk. I saw you walking off into the distance; taking one step towards your new life after another, and I wanted to chase you down to say goodbye and to wish you luck, but I knew that you would evaporate into the distance quicker than I could catch up. You too knew this though, and a box of matches marked “For when your day comes” left on my doorstep acted as my final adieux. When my day comes! When my day comes, to pick up and start again, I’ll know where to begin because of you my sharklike friend.




An Interview with


Tina Sosna 87

Tina Sosna is a talented photographer based in Germany. Her beautiful photography has been featured in publications such as oh comely, APRICOT Magazine and Lost Freedom.

What, or who, inspires you the most? Films, music and books inspire me a lot, but also nature and feelings.

How would you describe yourself in just three words?

Sensitive, different, warm-hearted. What advice would you offer to aspiring photographers? They should only follow their heart and show the dreams and feelings they have. 88


What feelings and emotions do you like to portray through your photographic work? Sensitiveness, loneliness, sadness, love and things I feel in my dreams.

What do you love most about winter? Oh winter is fantastic! I love the lights, the mood, sweaters, the smell, the coziness, the cold lovely snow - nothing is more wonderful than reading a good book with tea while the snow is falling outside. ♼

To view more of Tina Sosna’s photography, you can visit the following links: Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/worteinbildern Blog: worteinbildern.blogspot.de Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-Sosna/404588019606080


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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

-- Roald Dahl 92