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September 15 & 16





To the incredible people of our community Welcome to Hydros for Heroes! On behalf of our presenting sponsor, The Craig McKenzie Team – Keller Williams Whidbey Realty and The Craig McKenzie Team Foundation, it is my honor to present this one of a kind event in Oak Harbor. Over the last 25 years as a Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner, this incredible community has given so much to my family and my wife, Lee McKenzie, who is an RN. It is now our goal to pay it forward! Hydros for Heroes is meant to serve two purposes. First and foremost, this event is to honor and recognize the men and women who work tirelessly every single day for our country, state, and local community. Their service affords us a free, prosperous, and just society. We owe you a debt we can never repay, but we hope you take pride in knowing this event is being held in your honor. It is also an event to raise money for charity. The event is sponsored by The Craig McKenzie Team Foundation. The Foundation serves as the guarantor for the event and insures its success and ability to generate donations. The Rotary Club of Oak Harbor receives 100% of the net proceeds from Hydros for Heroes to support their charitable causes. Among those causes is the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program. As a fellow Rotarian, my team and I take great pride in our ability to help fund the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program in their mission to feed hungry children and fund our future leaders’ college scholarships and other various programs. Hydros for Heroes is an American Power Boat Association (A.P.B.A) points race. We owe a special thanks to the members of the Seattle Drag and Ski and all of the race teams for their support by racing during the 3rd Annual Hydros for Heroes event. We are proud to be your hosts and hope you have a great time in Oak Harbor! We also wish to thank all of our event sponsors, the City of Oak Harbor, the Rotary Club of Oak Harbor, volunteers from NAS Whidbey Island, and our community for all their support. I also want

to thank my family, real estate team, and the Rotary Club for all the countless hours they have put into this event. And lastly, I want to thank my friend and Lead Buyers Agent, Jim Woessner, for all his help and the countless hours he has dedicated to this event. Having been born and raised in Oak Harbor, his passion for Hydroplane Racing started as a young man racing Hydros in Dugualla Bay. It is from his dedication to this community that Hydroplane Racing has been brought back to life in Oak Harbor once again. I would not have taken on this event without him and he is truly a treasure to Whidbey Island. We hope everyone enjoys this event and we look forward to many more years of Hydroplane Racing in Oak Harbor! ​​​​Sincerely,

​​​​Craig McKenzie My Father and Greatest Hero!

James Charles McKenzie, Jr. 7/25/1936-7/16/2016

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Popcorn, Ice Cream & Sweets Open Daily: 11am-6pm 851 SE Pioneer Way • Suite 101 • Oak Harbor 360-240-8937

Hydros For Heroes Your Community Theater

Whidbey Playhouse Presents

Co-Directed by Doug Langrock & Cynthia Kleppang

September 7-23, 2018


Hydros For Heroes

Table of Contents Letter.............................................3

September 15-16, 2018 4 A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors. Without them this event would not be possible.

Platinum Sponsor

APBA Officials...........................6 Schedule of Events...............6 Fans & Family............................7 APBA Inboard...........................8 Racer Information........10-11 Course Map.....................12-13


Racer Information........14-20 Published as a supplement to the

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Hydros For Heroes


Is proud to present

The Craig McKenzie Team is a proud affiliate of the Homes for Heroes program. Homes for Heroes is a national program dedicated to providing extraordinary savings when buying or selling a home, to the heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community each and every day. That includes Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, Medical Professionals, First Responders, and our Nation's Military Personnel. As an affiliate real estate team for all of Whidbey, Camano, and Fidalgo Island, plus La Conner and Stanwood, The Craig McKenzie Team brings a unique “why� to real estate. The rewards and savings they donate through Homes for Heroes has become a passion for the team and is the driving force behind everything they do. Their goal is to donate ONE MILLION dollars through this program, and they need your help to do it! So far, they have given back just over $600,000 to the Heroes in our local community since they joined the program in 2016. If you think you may qualify or know someone who does, give them a call when buying or selling your home, and let them THANK YOU for all you do! You can visit HomesForHeroes.com or call 360-218-4790 for more information on the Homes For Heroes program.

THE CRAIG McKENZIE TEAM HomesOnWhidbeyIsland.com

360.218.4790 Keller Williams Whidbey Real Estate 32650 SR 20, Ste E101, Oak Harbor, WA 98277


Hydros For Heroes

A.P.B.A OFFICIALS Lenny Baker: Race Director

Matt Yarno Referee

Rick Sandstrom Assistant Referee

Jerry Kelson Inboard Inspector

Larry Shephard OPC Inspector

Alexandra Harper Scorer

Steve Whisman Asst. Risk Manager

Your Local Independent Insurance Agency

AUTO • HEALTH BUSINESS • HOME (360) 682-2162 404 S. Main Street Coupeville, WA 98239 www.cascadeinsuranceagency.com

September 15-16, 2018

2018 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 5–8 p.m.: Race Team Welcome Dinner at Louie G’s (Open to Public)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 8:30 a.m.: 10 a.m.: 10:15 a.m: 10:40 a.m.: 11 a.m.: 11:25 a.m.: 11:45 a.m.: 12:10 p.m.: 12:35 p.m.: 1 p.m.: 2 p.m.: 2:25 p.m.: 2:50 pm.: 3:15 p.m.: 3:40 p.m.:

Drivers Meeting (In Crane Pits) Opening Ceremony Litre Hydros Race – Heat 1 2.5 Litre Stock Hydro – Heat 1 SA Flat Bottoms – Heat 1 Vintage Hydro Demo/Photos Allowed 2.5 Litre Modified Hydro – Heat 1 5.0 Litre Hydros – Heat 1 SE Flat Bottoms – Heat 1 Autograph Session In The Pits (Free!) Racing Resumes –1 Litre Hydro Heat 2 2.5 Litre Stock Hydro – Heat 2 SA Flat Bottoms – Heat 2 Vintage Boat Demo 2.5 Litre Modified Hydro – Heat 2

4:10 p.m.: 5.0 Litre Hydro – Heat 2 4:35 p.m.: SE Flat Bottoms – Heat 2 5-8:30 p.m.: Live Music At The Beer Garden (There Will Also Be A Potluck Dinner For The Racers In The Camping Area) 9 p.m.: Beer Garden and Event Site Closed

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 8:30 a.m.: Drivers Meeting (In Crane Pits) 9 a.m.: Sunday Worship In The Beer Garden Next To The Pits 11 a.m.: National Anthem/Opening Flag Presentation 11:10 a.m.: 1 Litre Hydros – Heat 3 11:35 a.m.: 2.5 Litre Stock Hydros – Heat 3 12 p.m.: SA Flat Bottoms – Heat 3 12:25 p.m.: Vintage Hydro Demo 12:50 p.m.: 2.5 Litre Modified Hydro – Heat 3 1:15 p.m.: SE Flat Bottoms – Heat 3 1:40 p.m.: 5.0 Litre Hydros – Heat 3 2 p.m.: Autograph Session In The Pits (Free!) 3 p.m.: Racing Resumes – 1 Liter Hydro Final 3:20 p.m.: 2.5 Liter Stock Hydro – Final 3:40 p.m.: SA Flat Bottoms – Final 4 p.m.: Vintage Hydro Demo 4:20 p.m.: 2.5 Liter Modified Hydro – Final 4:45 p.m.: 5.0 Liter Hydro – Final 5:10 p.m.: SE Flat Bottoms – Final 6 p.m.: Awards Ceremony

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Hydros For Heroes

Welcome to Race Day If it’s your first time attending a race as a spectator, there’s a lot to learn and even more to be excited about. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know when attending your first APBA Race.

What to Bring to a Race Probably the most important item, umbrellas will help shade you from the blazing sun and if it happens to rain you’ll be covered. Races will continue to run during light rain showers, as long as the conditions aren’t deemed too severe. Remember, comfort is key. Even on an overcast day you can’t hide from the sun; and being on a waterfront means the sun will be even stronger reflecting off of the surface of the water. Sunglasses are also a good thing to have to help reflect the sun. Remember sunscreen unless you want to leave the race extra crispy. Ice cold refreshments are always good – especially on race day. Some races do not allow coolers; while others will allow you to bring drinks in with you…it’s best to check beforehand with the race site. We also encourage you to support the local food & beverage vendors at races that have them. Comfortable folding chairs with four separate legs are best – these will prevent rocking on uneven ground. If you’re looking to take some good action shots of boats during the race, you’re going to need a good camera. Sorry folks, iPhones aren’t the best at capturing boats flying past at top speed. A high speed camera with at least 1/1000 second shutter speed is recommended.

The Race Course Just like other motorsports, the inside lane is the best position in powerboat racing. It provides the shortest distance around the course and gives an advantage to any racer. The overall length of the race is five miles, but depending on the size of the course, the number of laps may vary from 3-5 total laps for a complete race. All buoys must be passed on the drivers left side – If a driver passes to the right, they must go back and pass the buoy on the correct side. Drivers can touch a buoy and continue racing as long as no damage is done. However, if a buoy is dislodged, deflated, or otherwise damaged, the boat will be disqualified.

Drivers who jump the gun on a start won’t know until the end of the race, at which point they will not receive a checkered flag at the five mile mark and are required to take an extra lap.

Race Formats & Watching the Race THE FLYING START 5 Min. Gun The Flying Start is unlike any start in any other motor sport. This format has boats cross the starting line at full speed, which means timing the start is absolutely essential. The starting line is marked with two 1 Min. Gun checkered buoys on either end, and drivers must time their approach to cross this line at the exact Start time the start clock has counted down to zero. The lane or poll position established at this point must be maintained down the front straightaway to the exit of turn one during the start. Because of this, the Finish first turn is where most action is likely to occur – be sure you have a good view.

Signals & Start Times In a flying start format there will be a five minute gun to signal that it is time for boats to leave the pits. During this five minute period, drivers will make a timing run or two, while giving their engine the time to get up to temperature for the race. Just prior to the one minute gun, drivers will be jockeying for poll positions. When the one minute gun goes off, drivers have to maintain their respective lanes and should be just around the exit of turn one in the final lap prior to the start – any further and they will likely have to slow down to keep from jumping the gun and crossing the starting line too early. The goal is to reach the starting line exactly when the clock counts down to zero and to be at full speed. Once the race has started, the clock will switch from counting down to counting up.


Best Viewing


Turn 1

Turn 2

Back Stretch


270 SE Cabot Dr #2 Oak Harbor


Hydros For Heroes



September 15-16, 2018

Get Ready to Fly When you hear the roar of automotive engines and catch a glimpse of giant roostertails, chances are pretty good that inboards are on the water. As the largest category in the APBA, Inboard racing classes include both runabouts and hydroplanes that are fast, fun and LOUD. Classes span from wild Jersey Speed Skiffs (70 MPH) to supercharged 1,500 horsepower Grand Prix Hydroplanes (170 MPH). The minimum age for racing in this exciting category ranges from 14 to 21. Inboard racing requires an unmatched level of teamwork and professionalism, as well as a family atmosphere with life long bonds between owners, drivers and crew members; and that is exactly what powerboat racing is all about.

Classes Inboard racing classes consist of both Runabout and Hydroplane classes. You can tell a boat’s class by the letter(s) next to the boat number. All inboard drivers are required to wear a racing helmet and lifejacket as well as other protective gear such as fire-resistant Nomex and cut resistant Kevlar. Drivers who race inboards with an enclosed cockpit (capsule) are required to pass APBA capsule training and certification every two years. Nobody plans to flip, but it does happen from time to time…and when it does happen, the training pays off. Inboard Runabouts, or flatbottoms, come in both the open cockpit and capsule variety. Flatbottoms are known for their long lean shape, which allows the boat to slice through water as they move at speeds of 100+ MPH. Got a friend? Some runabouts run with two racers on board – a driver and a mechanic. Hydroplanes glide over the water on a cushion of air, with only the propeller and sponsons on each side touching the water while air rushes under the hull, giving the boat the “lift” it needs to skim across the water. These bad boys are fast, with some classes running at speeds in excess of 150 MPH - Inboard hydroplane classes range from 1 liters (T-Boats) to the 1500hp supercharged Big Block Chevrolet V8 Grand Prix (GP). All inboard hydros utilize a capsule safety cell as well as racing lap and shoulder belts. Controls are similar to those of an automobile – steering wheel, accelerator pedal, rear view mirrors – but no brakes! WATCH OUT for roostertails! If an inboard hydro is in front of you, chances are you’re about to get blasted with a wall of water from the giant roostertail of the boat in front of you. Racing into a turn favors the leader, with those behind having to deal with roostertail fallout!

2.5 LITRE MODIFIED The 2.5 Litre Modified (“A” class) hydroplane races at speeds over 130 MPH - creatively. Few engine restrictions apply beyond prohibiting superchargers and setting a displacement limit of 166 cubic inches; engine modifications are limited only by the racer’s imagination.

2.5 LITRE STOCK 2.5 Litre Stock hydroplanes (“S” class) race to 100+ MPH, using 145 horsepower marine-based 2000 and 2300 Ford engines. S-boats offer very exciting side-by-side racing at a reasonable cost. Driving skill is paramount here, and driver development is inevitable, making this class an excellent stepping stone to bigger, higher-powered classes.

5 LITRE 5 Litre hydroplanes (“E” boats) race to speeds of 115 MPH, powered by mildly modified marine-based stock 305 Chevrolet and 302 Ford V-8 engines (285 horsepower). Engine modifications are limited, putting a premium on driver skill, with great competition at every event. These guys and gals duke it out every time!

NATIONAL MODIFIED HYDROPLANE The National Modified hydroplane (NM) offers speeds of 140 MPH to the serious competitor, utilizing automotive and marine non-supercharged engines ranging from 4-cylinder and V-6 up to 368 cubic inch V-8 engines, carbureted and fuel injected.

PRO STOCK Pro Stock Runabouts (PS) are a professional class of propeller-driven Inboard Racing Runabouts. The high speeds (120+ MPH) make Pro Stock an exciting class to drive or to watch. These flatbottom boats use non-supercharged, 500 cubic inch engines, mounted rear of amidships and driving forward through a V-drive; carburetion or fuel injection may be used. The same hull may be run in Super Stock, so you may see boats with SS/PS next to the number.

SPORTSMAN ENTRY (SE) Sportsman Entry is a fun, affordable entry level runabout class with a maximum speed of 85 MPH using only GM cast iron small block and cast iron heads derived from passenger or truck model vehicles, and abiding by inboard Runabout and safety rules.

SUPER STOCK Super Stock (SS) is a powerful, fast (100+ MPH) Inboard runabout class. These exciting flatbottom hulled boats are powered by highwinding, 427 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engines, based on the venerable L88 design, which must be mounted rear of amidships and drive forward through a V-drive. Drivers often run both Super Stock and Pro Stock, so you may see boats with SS/PS next to the number.



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Hydros For Heroes

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Hydros For Heroes

September 15-16, 2018

S/A 138 Miss Fun & Good Times TEAM TOOTHPICK RACING Owners: Shawn & Bob Warren Driver: Brad Sanchez Hometown: Spanaway, WA Class: 2.5 Stock & 2.5 Mod

Hull: Henderson

Engine: Ford by Black and Head Machine Crew Chief: Todd Sanchez Crew: “The Boss” Ron Mazza, Michael Meacham, Stacy Warren, Therese Wickes, Diane Warren, Tana Southerland, & Diana Lord


Sponsors: RBTI Trucking and John & Lisa Howgate

BARTELS FAMILY RACING Owner & Driver: Marissa Bartels Class: 2.5 Stock

Hometown: Buckley, WA

Hull: Henderson

Engine: 2.5 Liter

Crew Chief: Darren Bartels

About: We have an incredible family and we love to race! But most of all, it is about hanging out with our friends and family. We strive to interact with our fans! It is all about the fun and good times. Race to win and win by being an incredible team that supports the sport!

Crew: Mary Bartels, Marissa Bartels, & Marina Bartels Sponsors: Lifeline Race Gear, Wyndsor Cabinet Group, LLC, & Stickit Vinyl Awards: 3rd Place at Soap Lake in 2.5 mod About: Marissa Bartels will be driving the S/A-11. This is her first season racing. She also shares driving responsibilities with her older sister, Marina Bartels. Marissa is 16 years old and is a high school junior. We are looking forward to a great weekend in Oak Harbor.

E45 Miss Galaxy HILL FAMILY RACING Owner & Driver: Rochelle Hill Class: 5 Liter

Hometown: Burlington, WA

Hull: Karelsen

Engine: Chevy 350

Crew Chief: Sharon Epping Crew: Valerie Hill & Maisie Hill Awards / Achievements: 2015 Region 10 High Points Champion in 5 liter 2015 Winner- 5 liter class at Oak Harbor

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Hydros For Heroes

E53 Miss Belzona HOLMES RACING Owner & Driver: Cody Holmes Class: 5 Liter

Hometown: Port Angeles, WA

Hull: Henderson

Engine: 350

Crew Chief: Krisanna Holmes Crew: Matt Holmes, Sandy Holmes, Madison Badgley, & Jack Badgley SPONSORS–Main: Belzona Supporting: T. Enterprise, Ed’s Automotive & Machine, and Shoreline Propeller & Machine About: Cody is a third generation racer. Cody’s dream was to buy his own race boat. After about 7 years of payments, he was able to pay off his boat, get a sponsor and make his dream a reality. His wife and family support him and help anyway they can. This is his third year racing.

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Hydros For Heroes

August 13-14, 2016

Signal Flags GREEN FLAG


Before the Start: Signaled between the Five Minute & One Minute Mark

Before the Start: Signaled between the One Minute & Race Start

After the Start: Signaled while the race is underway except the last lap

After the Start: Signaled when the Leader has started the last lap


Race Over

Way Pioneer




August 13-14, 2016



Viewing Spots

Street is O p


Hydros For Heroes



Racers must STOP, be alert and watch for other signals

Exit The Course

en to



(Invitation Only)


Hydros For Heroes

September 15-16, 2018

E-12 Sunup TEAM SUNUP Owner: Kathy Currie

Driver: Mike Currie

Hometown: Poulsbo, WA Class: Vintage 280

Hull: Lauterbach

Engine: Plymouth 273

Crew Chief: Mike Currie Crew: Kathy Currie Awards: Many podium finishes during the years that the boat was raced in the Pacific Northwest.

E98 Agitator STEVE HUFF MOTORSPORTS Owner & Driver: Steve Huff Class: 5L - Pro-Lite

Hometown: Des Moines, ID

Hull: Ron Jones Jr.

About: Mike started racing outboards in 1965. He competed until 1973. Sunup is his second inboard hydro.

Engine: 350ci

Crew Chief: Wally Johnston Crew: Joe Arguello, Mike “Dash” Watson, Jill Andrews, & Darrin Leonard Sponsors: Des Moines Lighthouse Lounge, Absolute Fine Concrete, NGK Spark Plugs, Lounge, Garage Asylum, Worldwide Bearings, Performance Coatings, & Royal Fabric Care Center About: Steve Huff Motorsports purchased the Agitator E98 in 2017. This will be Steve’s second appearance at Hydros for Heroes with the Agitator. Steve Huff is a Whidbey Island native.

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Hydros For Heroes

545 Tunnel 9 Owner & Driver: Russell Mead Hometown: Warrenton, OR Class: Sport C

Hull: Tunnel9

Engine: Tohatsu 40HP

Crew Chief: Mark Mead Crew: Erin & Kristen Sponsors: Cascade Yacht Works, Ton’s Tuning, & NGK About: This is the 2nd revision of a new boat. Cornering ability is improving, and hull balance is much better in this 2nd boat compared to last year’s version.

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Hydros For Heroes

September 15-16, 2018

8 Crazy 8‘S CRAZY 8’S Owner: Conrad Malmo Driver: Jade Deatherage

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

Class: 2.5 Stock & Mod Hull: 1995 Jones

Engine: Ford Duratec

Crew Chief: Les Deatherage Crew: Conrad & Kristen Malmo, Jade & Les Deatherage, Julliet Livingston, and Pat & Marilee Clark About: This boat runs an experimental engine.

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Hydros For Heroes

E-6 Raining Thunder RAINING THUNDER RACING Owner: John Bosserman

Driver: Mike Jarvis

Hometown: Oregon City, OR Class: H350 5 Liter Hull: Custom Wood & Fiberglass Engine: 355 Crew Chief: John Bosserman Crew: Bud McKay & Christopher Stewart Awards: 6th in National high points, 2017; 5th in Nationals, 2017 About: This is our third full season and second after a major rebuild. The boat is very competitive when running at her best despite being 20 years old. Each year we have moved up in national and regional standings. We are dedicated to get out the message to support our Veterans and thank them for a job well done.

Miss 600 WHITE/COKER RACING Owner & Driver: Mike White Class: Sport C

Hometown: Sedro-Woolley, WA

Hull: Grand Prix

Engine: 40HP Nissan

Crew Chief: Terry White Crew: Terry White, Kim Coker, & Briar George Awards: US-2 APBA High Points 2016, Sport C Region 10 High Points 2016, Sport C North American Championship 2017, OPC Babcock Award OPC 2017, Val Lasker Sportsmanship Award 2017 About: Mike started racing in 2015, a dream from his childhood that became reality at age 62. With a great team and friends backing him, he has brought the Miss 600 to the Oak Harbor race for the last three years.

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Hydros For Heroes

September 15-16, 2018

S-1 Windjammer WINDJAMMER MOTORSPORTS Owner: Chris Fanaris

Driver: Jeff Bernard

Hometown: Seattle, WA Class: 2.5 Stock

Hull: Henderson

Engine: BHM

Crew Chief: Doug Hansen Crew: Jim Foster, Avy Hansen, John Giboney, Brando, Tony & Marty Haack Sponsors: Block Head Machine in Tukwila and White Fab in Kent

A-6 Risky Business EACRET/JARVIS RACING Owner: Barry Eacret

Driver: Michael Jarvis

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA Class: 2.5 Liter Modified

Hull: Jones Jr.

Engine: Ford 2300

Awards: 2001 Summer Nationals Champion, Pro Stock; 2nd & 3rd in the Nation (multiple times), Super Stock and Pro Stock classes; many event 1st place finishes. About: Windjammer Motorsports is about racing and family. Two brothers and a cool guy named Frosty rebuilt a hydroplane together and built a strong team in which we travel the nation ‘fighting for the high points championship’.

Crew Chief: Phillip Eacret Crew: Bud McKay, Christopher Stewart, & Michelle Jarvis Sponsors: Thrive Community Fitness & A-K Printing Awards: Rookie of the Year, Region 10 High Points Champion, Boat holds several World Speed Records & APBA High Points Championships About: Driver is a Veteran and started driving hydroplanes at 16.

SE-17 Strike Force STRIKE FORCE Owner & Driver: Nate Brown Class: Sportsman Entry

Hometown: Preston, WA Hull: Starfire

Engine: Chevy

Crew Chief: Lisa Engel-Brown About: Nate has owned and driven race boats in many classes since 1979. From region champion to the APBA Gold Cup there is not many goals he and his teams have not reached. This is the first season with a flatbottom and his wife Lisa will be driving it in the SA class.

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Hydros For Heroes

Chaplain Randy Christianson Racers For Christ Randy has been a race fan and gearhead since he was a young boy. His father was a cabinet maker and had the perfect tools for building hydroplanes. In high school he became a member of the crew for a Drag Racing Team and raced motorcycles, but hydroplanes were always his favorite. Randy has been married for 35 years, has 3 adult children and one grandson nicknamed “Hotrod”. In 2009 he reached a point in his life where he asked God what his purpose was here on earth. He connected with the organization Racers For Christ that provides Chaplains for all types of motorsport events. Once Randy became a full Chaplain in 2010 he found his permanent home in Region 10 as their Chaplain. Services are held each Sunday of the races at 8:30am in the most comfortable spot, the Beer Garden. Join us and be a part of Racers For Christ.

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Hydros For Heroes

Enjoy The Hydros

September 15-16, 2018

E226 Fully Loaded FULLY LOADED RACING Owner: John & Ronda Reifel Driver: John Reifel Hometown: Federal Way, WA Class: 5 Litre

Hull: Jones

Engine: Chev 305 Mod Crew Chief: Ronda Reifel Crew: Paul Jackson, Beau Rarig, Ric & Karen Autio, and mentors Bill & Sharon Strain Sponsors: Cascadia Super Moto, Northwest Premier Supermoto Racing Organization, NAMBA - North American Model Boat Assoc, All remote control boat racing, RC Unlimiteds & Unlimiteds North West - Scale Unlimited Hydroplane Racing League Awards: APBA Inboard Driving School Graduate, Pateroes Washington 2016; Tacoma Inboard Rookie of the Year 2016; APBA 3rd place High Points 2017

We celebrate our Heroes 2780 Goldie Rd Oak Harbor 360-675-6674

About: After decades of racing scale unlimited hydroplanes from the driver’s stand, John Reifel is now racing from the driver’s seat. John completed the APBA Driving School in September 2016. John and Ronda bought their 5 liter Ron Jones boat before he finished school. After their first full season in 2017, John finished 3rd in APBA High Points as a rookie. The sponsors of E226 are displayed to express a deep appreciation to those organizations that have made the commitment to keep the sport of motorcycle racing, known as Supermoto, and the sport of radio controlled boat racing, alive and thriving. From Fully Loaded Racing “Thank you Hydros for Heroes, for providing us the opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to the women and men of our United States Military for their commitment and sacrifice to keep the people of the USA safe and free!”

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Hydros For Heroes

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Penn Cove Water Festival

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Hydros For Heroes

September 15-16, 2018

SS/SA 78 Aquaholic BAKER FAMILY RACE TEAM Owner: Lenny Baker

Driver: Lenny & Dale Baker

Hometown: Edmonds, WA Class: Super Stock / Sportsman Advanced Hull: Starfire

Engine: 427 Cubic Inch Chevrolet

Crew Chief: Lenny Baker Crew: Lenny Baker, Bill Price, & Dale Baker Awards: 2017 Nationals Sportsman Advanced Champion 2001 Summer Nationals Pro Stock Champion

SE-130 Shotgun

About: Purchased the boat in 1993 and started racing in 1995. Designed, built and installed an American Power Boat Association certified Type 4 capsule, installed the capsule in my boat, its first race was September 2004. Fourteen years later–still going strong!

Owner: Mike & Lori Jones Driver: Kip Brown Hometown: Lake Tapps, WA Engine: 355 Cubic Inch Chevrolet Crew Chief: Kip Brown Crew: Tiffany, Taylor, & Katie Brown, and Scott & Lisa Engle Sponsors: Block Head Machine, Security Race Products, and Chris Kenner Racing Awards: Current National High Point Leader About: The SE-130 Shotgun is a1968 Starfire Flatbottom that was restored in 2015 by Kip Brown. It was raced in Sportsman Entry class in 2017 and 2018. It has a 355 cubic inch Chevrolet built by Block Head Machine in Tukwila, WA.

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Hydros For Heroes






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