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Life Tributes ROBERT ALEX BURTON, 1955 ~ 2017 ‘Bob’ was born and raised in the beautiful Yakima Valley, and graduated from West Valley High School in 1974. LOCALLY OPERATED

the 69 years of marriage they had but sure wished they could have reached 70! At the age of 96, she moved into an apartment at Harbor Towers and in the spring of 2017 she began her residence at Regency, continuing to play the piano daily, being gracious and smiling and appreciative to all. Mom and the family grew to appreciate the special “ministry” and hearts of these exceptional care givers. Tordie’s oldest son Fred and his wife Fran moved to Whidbey Island to be available to help during Jim and Tordie’s older years, and they, as well as daughter Ruth and her husband Ron Hancock, 50-year residents of Oak Harbor, made sure they were well cared for. Tordie left a trail of joy everywhere she went, and her smile, sparkling eyes and her delight of just being alive were a hallmark of who she was. Her grandson Dr. Michael Crites said his impression was how, when his grandma entered a room, everyone got happier, and he imagines when she entered heaven “the party just got louder.” There will be a celebration of Tordie’s life at Family Bible Church at 1pm Saturday, January 20, 2018.

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In High School he played football and tennis, and participated in youth ministries and outreach. He also loved cars, all things mechanical, and attended Wyoming Technical Institute. He was an avid race car fan and crewed for many years on the Don Doudy team out of Yakima, racing throughout the western United States. Bob also taught auto mechanics at Yakima Valley Community College, while working at Lynch Motors in Yakima. In January of 1984, Bob began his career as a firefighter for the City of Yakima. He loved the industry and advanced from Firefighter to Lieutenant, Captain, Training Captain, and also served as an acting Battalion Chief. Bob retired from the City of Yakima in June 2011 and embarked on a new career with Emergency Reporting Inc., in Bellingham, contributing as a trainer and product owner, developing software programs for Fire Department operations and training management. He was on board while the company grew from a small regional business, to become an industry standard, serving fire departments across the United States and around the world, including the US military. He loved interacting with firefighters and fire departments on a daily basis, and loved his work and co-workers at ERS. Bob and wife, Peggy moved to Whidbey Island upon his retirement from YFD in 2011. They enjoyed life on the Island and boating in the San Juan Islands with their three daughters and close friends. Bob retired from ERS in August 2017. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. Bob‘s cancer diagnosis was determined presumptive from his long career as a firefighter. He had fought melanoma for over twenty years and was an advocate for firefighters facing similar health issues due to toxic exposure on the job. Bob participated in the annual tour by fire truck with a team of firefighters on the Code 3 for a Cure, “Mission of Hope and Honor,” cross-country from California to New York City, offering support and conducting outreach and education at fire stations all along the way. Bob was honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Code 3 through 2017. Bob is survived by his wife Peggy, three daughters Camille, Lauren, and Genevieve; son, Cody Burton, Lieutenant, City of Yakima Fire Department; and sister, Effie Burton.

VICTORIA ANNE MCINTOSH HAYDEN She walked with her God and now her God is walking with her Victoria Anne McIntosh Hayden was born May 17, 1919, and entered the next phase of life, the eternal phase, October 30, 2017. There are 98 years in between those two dates and they were filled to overflowing with her joy. Somewhere along her teenage years, Victoria became “Tordie” and was known by that name for the rest of her life, but she did love to tell you her father, John McIntosh, was from Prince Edward Island, Canada, and she was named after Queen Victoria of England. Tordie was the fourth of eight children of John McIntosh and Eunice Baldwin McIntosh. She was born in Bishop, CA, and the family moved to Huntington Beach, CA, where she graduated from high school and then attended Bible Institute of Los Angeles (now known as BIOLA). She married James Rife Hayden (Jim) September 22, 1940, in Santa Ana, CA. Jim and Tordie spent the early years of their marriage in ministry with The Navigators, an international Christian organization Jim co-founded with Dawson Trotman. Trotman encouraged them to pray about getting married and following their decision to do so paid for their wedding ring which was beyond their pre-WWII budget. Within weeks of their marriage they moved to San Diego, CA, where they operated the first Navigator Servicemen’s Home, offering military men a place to talk and eat and enjoy recreation and grow in their Christian faith — a home away from home. During this time Fred Joel and Linda Louise were born. In 1945, they moved to Pasadena, CA to fulfill different responsibilities in the ministry, and during that time Ruth Anne, John William, and Paul Everett were born. Lifelong friends and memories were made during this period of their lives. In 1951, Jim and Tordie moved to Santa Ana, CA. Tordie was the consummate “mom.” She served in the PTA, typed reports for school assignments, attended all school activities, cooked all the meals (no fast food restaurants back then), sewed the girls’ clothes, cleaned the house and also exposed them all to her love of music, sports and games. She made corn fritters without corn for Ruth; baloney sandwiches without butter for Linda. She made chocolate chip cookies that Fred would sneak and put into his own private cookie jar. In fact, her grandchildren and sons-in-law often snuck their own cookies. There was even singing on occasion at the dinner table and always singing in the car on road trips. During those years of raising their family, Jim and Tordie were involved in many church ministries, so their children grew up surrounded by people of faith. Tordie played the piano and sang. She taught children’s church for many years and those children, now parents and grandparents, still fondly mention what they learned from her and what a role model she (unknowingly) was. She was also involved with the national organization of Christian Women’s Clubs, serving in many board positions. After retirement she became an inspirational speaker for the organization. The children grew up and established their own lives. Fred married Fran; Linda married David Crites; Ruth married Ron Hancock (long standing family members of the Oak Harbor Fire Department); Dr. John Hayden married Nancy; and Dr. Paul Hayden married Terri. Tordie has 15 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. She is survived by three of her siblings; sister Juna married Dr. Richard Davies, her sister Sarah married Dr. Kenneth Ogden and brother Arthur McIntosh married Maryland. Proceeding Victoria’s homecoming were brothers John McIntosh (married to Genevieve), Fred McIntosh (married to Peggy) and Gladstone McIntosh (married to another Genevieve) and her big sister Nellie McIntosh who married Robert Hoisington (“Huz”). Tordie and Jim’s retirement years were spent in Oak Harbor. They joined Family Bible Church in Oak Harbor and attended there for the rest of their lives. Jim moved on to heaven in March of 2009 and Tordie was thankful for

Island 911

Seriously, we do not make this stuff up! MONDAY, NOV. 13 10: 24 am, Fort Casey Rd. Caller states noticed missing ducks Wed. afternoon; is requesting call. Caller states with no feathers or signs of what took ducks, they may have been taken. 11:25 am, SR 525 Advising have video of female running into fence, dumping garbage and taking off. Incident occurred Sunday. 1:53 pm, Jones Rd. Reporting party states subject stole items; took wheelbarrow. Occurred yesterday. 8:57 pm, East Harbor Rd. Caller advising swerved to miss a deer, vehicle is upside down. No injuries, no airbag deployment. TUESDAY, NOV. 14 10:22 am, Boon Rd. Reporting party requesting contact in police department lobby to report lost firearm. Weapon has been missing since Sunday morning; item may have been misplaced or lost; reporting party doesn't think someone took it. 1:03 pm, SE Bayshore Dr. Party reporting subject showed her pictures of his genitals. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15 8:26 am, SE Bayshore Dr. Caller advising subjects keep touching her while trying to eat dinner. 8:34 am, Moonstone Pl. Reporting party advising ongoing issue with neighbor walking on reporting party's easement; neighbor carries a rifle and party believes they want to antagonize reporting party's dog. 1:55 pm, NE 6th St. Party advising a silver Toyota is following them; went all around Coupeville trying to lose vehicle; second vehicle now parked at entrance to Sheriff's office for safety, states vehicle is till in area. 2:38 pm, Zurich St. Caller reporting her neighbor to the west and her backyard neighbor are working together with “sonic devices” and are giving her mental problems. 4:56 pm, SW Barlow St. Reporting party advising transient male at the corner is yelling at vehicles. 4:58 pm, Storkson Dr. Caller advising hired subject to do some concrete work, then damaged all the

concrete, stemming from dispute over wanting more money. 6:03 pm, SR 525 Reporting party advising white male in mid 20s is sitting in older model blue Mercedes completely naked; appears to be high on something. 7:24 pm, Stoney Beach Ln. Caller states had a sub-contractor working on house; states contractor wants to be paid now and is refusing to leave. THURSDAY, NOV. 16 12:37 pm, Stoney Beach Ln. Caller advising truck was keyed; discovered this morning. Requesting call. 3:23 pm, Maple Heights Rd. Caller reporting subject in smaller white Dodge truck with canopy stopped at caller's residence 30 minutes ago; male and female occupants were selling meats and female didn't seem to know much about meats. 3:26 pm, Fox St. Party saying “F****** kids out here about to riot,” and “Get a cop out here.” Caller advising approximately eight kids outside yelling and “acting mad.” 9:46 pm, Lancaster Rd. Caller reporting cow walking down the middle of Lancaster Road near McMaster. FRIDAY, NOV. 17 2:37 am, SE Barrington Dr. Caller requesting assistance to start her vehicle. 3:27 am, SR 20 Reporting party advising subject wrapped in blanket walking on yellow line in the middle of the road, toward Oak Harbor. 7:05 pm, Wintergreen Dr. Caller advising heard truck go by, then two loud booms and now power is out; caller saw flashes like an explosion. Party is inside with small children. 11:07 pm, NW Rigging St. Caller reporting neighbors are assaulting each other with a Tazer; states subject with Tazer is leaving the scene. 11:43 pm, Hansen Dr. Reporting party is cab driver from Tacoma, advising brought female to her house, she went inside and now won't come out and pay. Female said she was going to go and get credit card and would be right back. Report provided by OHPD & Island County Sheriff’s Dept.

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Whidbey Weekly, January 11, 2018  
Whidbey Weekly, January 11, 2018