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wingspan • june 11, 2010

• Staff Editorial

Wingspan staff awards final talons and feathers for the year

Feather to all faculty, staff and students for a wonderful 2009-2010 school year. Talon to the fact that the date for graduation was pushed back three times. Feather to all the seniors who successfully presented their projects during the fall and spring semesters. Feather/Talon to the global warming that caused the freak snowstorms of 2010. Mother Nature, we really enjoyed all the snow for snowmen, sledding and snow cream, but there comes a time when enough may simply be enough. Feather to English teacher Jason Rhodes for being named Henderson County Teacher of the Year. Congratulations! Talon to David Kahn’s disappearance. His cheery disposition and presence will forever live on in

the hallways of West. Feather to J.J. Jarvis and Jarrett Carland for their amazing recoveries and to the way the school came together to show their support. Talon to the state that the economy is in that has made summer jobs for high school students scarce and scholarship funds even more scarce. This has put much unneeded financial stress on students. Feather to the cast, crew, directors and volunteers who helped make Thoroughly Modern Millie a great show. Congratulations for putting on three outstanding performances! Talon to the major oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico that is polluting the ocean and could make gas prices over the summer jump higher than the projected $3 a gallon. Feather to the guidance counselors for all of their hard work helping seniors with their scholarship and college issues. The underclassmen received help as well. Feather to the members of the senior class for providing leadership and other contributions throughout their four years at West.

Congratulations Class of


Art by Katie Huntley


he Wingspan staff has awarded end-of-the year talons and feathers for more than 25 years. In keeping with the tradition, the 2009-2010 staff would like to share what they believe was positive about the school year and what negative events may have occurred.

Feather to all volunteers and participants in the 2010 Special Olympics at Hendersonville High School on April 15. Talon to the senior skip day mix-up. The seniors still haven’t had an official skip day, and it’s almost graduation. Feather to the renovation of the school’s cafeteria and the new roof in the new gym.

Talon to the graffiti and vandalism to the school during homecoming and earlier this spring. Feather to Coach Rob Bliss for deciding to continue coaching the men’s basketball team. Talon/Feather to the graduating class. The school and sports teams will miss you next year, but starting a new chapter in life is scary and exciting. Good luck, Class of 2010!

Seniors reflect on what they have gained in high school Lessons gained Best times from backroom aren’t planned

The chicken ring effect

A final contemplation

Ma dernière colonne

eing a part of the Wingspan staff has taught me so much. I shudder to think where I would be without listening to Mrs. G shriek, “JESSSSSSSSSSSSICA!” whenever she needed, well, anything. Z-2 has become my second home. Spending all that extra time in the backroom gave Jessica Tobin me a renewed appreciation for fresh queso (as opposed to the kind that’s been on a shelf for a year) and a great respect for all the editors who came before. I still maintain, as I always will, that Shanty hid the red dot tape recorder. Upholding a tradition is a tough thing to do, as my dear Katie King and Brandi Martin will find out next year. The two of you will do an incredible job. I have no worries for you. If you want to do a 10-page paper, then go for it, and don’t listen to people tell you you’re insane (although now at the end of the year I’m beginning to question my sanity in deciding that). Thank you to all the staff for writing such amazing stories, and especially to my fellow seniors. Couldn’t have done it without you. JT out.

othing in my high school career has gone according to plan. No, seriously. I didn’t plan to spend 80 percent of my time in Z-2. I didn’t plan to make, break and rebuild friendships. And I certainly didn’t plan to become addicted to Diet Coke. Looking back on freshman year, I thought Joy Owens I had all my classes, all my extracurriculars and even all of my friendships planned out. Let’s just say I veered a little off course. But I know because of my many detours I had a lot more fun. So I didn’t plan to find new families in the backroom or on the soccer field. I didn’t plan to find a passion for art or Spanish. I didn’t plan to laugh so hard at silly things like queso or “party in 690!” I didn’t plan for my four years to turn out this way, but I am glad they did. Kids, if you are still not getting the point, here it is. You can plan your schedule and where you want to go to college, but if you spend all your time planning on ways to get to the top, you will miss the best little things about high school. Also, the tree idea was mine first!

bite into the crispy, round chicken ring-thing. I can’t help but wonder if there is more “thing” than “chicken” in this student favorite. Out of the many high school experiences, this is the one I hadn’t been a part of until now. Many seniors say that they can’t wait to leave. I am very happy Elizabeth to leave, but I Huntley can’t say that high school was a horrible experience. It’s an experience I wouldn’t live again, but it is also an experience that I wouldn’t have missed. There have been bad times, I won’t deny, but also, there have been many good times. I will remember watching “Wall-E” in homeroom and screaming my voice away at football games. I will remember journalism trips and Mr. WHHS. I will remember school musicals, dance recitals, pathetic pep rallies, Bojangles runs and yearbook signing day. And, as I eat my first chicken ring-thing and think of all the experiences I’ve had, the good and the bad, I can actually say that now my high school experience is complete.

ooking back over my four years and seven classes spent in Z-2, I don’t think I could have ever known as a freshman that I would end up spending nearly an entire school year there. I mean seriously, I was a math and science guy (still am), what was I doing in a newspaper class? Well, Ryan Duckett my time spent here has been extremely worthwhile. I think I can honestly say I will be one of the most experienced writers in N.C. State’s College of Engineering. Not only that, but the good times I had in journalism class have been some of the highlights of my high school career, whether it was taking pictures of chewing tobacco litter around campus, stashing the extra cookies in the filing cabinet for the year or picking the first Christmas tree with roots still attached. And that’s not all. I hope I’ve left a bit of a legacy here at West — much of which I attribute to this class. Mrs. G, thank you for being such an awesome person. West Henderson, hang in there; it will all pay off in the end.

’ve been anticipating this column. I’ve been thinking about what wisdom I would leave after the past four years. The good old days when Price Ashe wrote songs in the backroom and Brian Rose smoked “marmalade cigarettes” are gone. So here goes, for those of you who will take the time Kyle Keith to read this and not turn this award-winning publication into a paper airplane two seconds after delivery. I hope I don’t disappoint. High school has not been the most fun experience for me. Today I was asked if I would be at our 10 year reunion. The answer to that question is no. As much as I would like to see the 12 people in the senior class who I consider friends, I doubt I will want to experience my “glory days” again. Being a part of the Wingspan staff has been a blast. The G and the backroom provided a safe refuge from the harsh alternate universe that is West Henderson. So to my fellow seniors on Wingspan, thanks for the good times, for the laughs and for being exactly what I needed these past four years.

Last words of the Beast

Most Senioritis - female

“Who Says You Can’t Get (Place

Las últimas palabras

Su-prise! I’m graduating!

t has come to my attention that there are two ways to end a high school career; with bitterness and resentment or with happiness and optimism. I, personally, have found that there is a third. Some may call it indifference when in fact it is the opposite. Although Katie Huntley four years of pain and harsh realities seem like a lot to throw at a young person while asking them to survive academically, I tend to believe that the bad doesn’t come without the good. These past four years haven’t been in vain. With these long years of torture and learning come wisdom. Preparation for the future comes in the form of Photoshop plastered walls, killing Mrs. G and hypothetically chugging moldy Queso. It comes in the forms of ‘Tank’ dances, un-met deadlines and inappropriate top 10s. These things are the upside to a high school career. They made all the bad things worth it. So I leave here with a piece of advice for the growing members of Z-2, keep the legend alive and when it comes down to it . . . it’s not that big of a deal.

,890 hours and half a trillion beat sheets later, I will conclude my high school journalism career with the publication of a staggering four stories: zero in my senior year. Thanks for D.C., “SIPA, SIPA, SIPA!”and “Why are the freshmen going to the door?!?” Carly Holland May the legend of the queso live on. Hey, Kesha! We did it without you. I probably won’t miss my sarcastic News Quiz answers or CLEANUPANDSHUTDOWN, but hey, my time at West wouldn’t be the same without you, Brenda. Your advice on rebel pride has inspired me. Aside from journalism, my high school experience can be summed up with a couple of simple things: lasting friendships, unnecessary stress and the realization that change is inevitable. Look for my initials from freshman year at the bottom of the ramp leading to the field house, or the sticky note leading into the hallway Matt put up that no one can reach. That’s all I have to leave . . . aside from plastic pronged cutlery if you catch my drift.

ell here I am, sitting here as a senior writing a final column. Just yesterday it seems like I was walking into Z-2 as a scared freshman not knowing what to expect or what to do . . . but I did actually write several really awesome stories my freshman and Lindsey Fore sophomore year that I’m very proud of. Those awesome stories would not exist if it were not for Mrs.G (Brenda) . . . can I say that now? . . . and all her hard work. What is really weird and even a bit scary is the fact that this upcoming fall I’m going to be a freshman all over again and in a much bigger place. I’m once again not going to know what to do or where to go, but hopefully just like high school I will have people to help guide me along the way. Most of all I’m going to really miss all the wonderful friends I have made over the past years of high school and all the great laughs we’ve had. It is a good . . . no . . . great feeling to be getting out of Hendersonville though, I won’t lie. And lastly like Carly says, let the queso live on!

wister, mustaches, sticky notes and interpretative dances are just a few of the things that I will never forget. We ate here, slept here, cried here and laughed here. Sometimes all in one day depending on how close to deadlines we were (pssh what was I thinking? Ashley Roy Deadlines?) We were expected to be certain people, but we became the people I hope we never stray from. We have control freaks, creative geniuses, random dancers and the occasional worker. Does it get any better? Exactly 28,567 students attend UNC-Chapel Hill, but none can compare to us. We managed to print award-winning yearbooks and newspapers (no biggie) while still maintaining our Top 10 boards and dance parties. Impressive . . . just impressive. Walking across the stage will mean leaving all of this behind. We’ve had ups, downs and everything in between. Are we ready for college? Yes we are . . . take comedian Dane Cook’s advice and believe that high school is, “A blasty blast. You gotta try it.”

erris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.” These were my words to live by throughout my years in high school. Whenever I could, I tried to live like Ferris. You could even say that I lived vicariously Matt Thielke through Ferris’ life; trying to pull off the same stupid stunts he pulled; including passing myself off as Abe Froman (the sausage King of Chicago). I just didn’t want to be all wound up and stressed during high school like Cameron was in the movie. Nobody ever wants to be a Cameron. Like Ferris said, “He can’t be wound up this tight and go to college; his roommate will kill him.” Sure, we have all had our Cameron moments when we are scared to live our life to the fullest, but we shouldn’t be scared of having fun while we’re here. So finally hear the words of wisdom from the great philosopher Ferris just once more, “How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?”






Illegal Activity Here)”






The Girl Next Door

Top 10 things I might say in a last column


Dear Mrs. G, thank, you, for teaching me, how to, use commas, correctly. High, school wouldn’t have been, the same, without you. And . . . I refuse to believe the hype that this so-called “red dot” was found. I will stick to my firm conjecture that I am still holding the tape recorder for ransom — 300 bucks and you can see it once Kaylan Proctor more . . . . 2. “It was fun,” senior Kaylan Proctor said. 3. Freshmen: Don’t listen to what anyone says; there really is a pool on the roof. 4. Dwight, you ignorant slut .... 5. Madame Boyd, I will never forget that mouche in my coffee mug, our eating experiences or you jumping in front of the TV screen when the French got a bit too frisky. The sound of your surprised disappointment as you screamed “MONIIIIIIQUE!” will forever be ingrained in my brain. I will try to forget French competition, but I don’t think it’s possible. Pass down the dry erase marker wisely to someone who can proudly fulfill the position I am leaving. Thank you for being so much more than a French teacher. Now, how do we say all that in French? 6. Ode to Mr. Kahn: Punch yourself in the face. 7. I guess I should write something meaningful, so here comes the cliche — be yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you; as soon as I realized that, I could actually say that school was somewhat fun. 8.

Wingspan Survey

Matt Thielke: Will you marry me? (Circle yes or no) Yes No 9.CLEANUPANDSHUTDOWN! 10. “WHOOO RAISED YOU?” Mrs. G, the backroom raised me . . . . Well, friends, I guess this is it. What should my last words be to West Henderson High School? This is difficult. West, there are some things that I will miss about you I guess; I have a lot of good memories here. BUT it’s just not going to work out between us. I’m leaving you. I’m sorry; it’s not you . . . it’s me.


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