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wingspan • october 21, 2011

HEY to the WOOD A logical proposal for all to consider


n recent times I have noticed the competition to gain attention from the opposite sex has become increasingly difficult for women. To gain attention, there are a few simple things to take into mind in this logical proposal. The subject of beauty is ASHLEY HEYWOOD one of the most important. There are simple things all females should do in order to ensure the possibility of gaining a mate or significant other. The main sign of beauty in other mates is youth. The easiest way to perceive a youthful appearance is the use of self-tanning products. The ideal shade is between dark beige and a shade of orange. This will ensure a vibrant youthful glow that all will envy. Concealer and foundation are also necessary to achieve the most flawless, porcelain skin tone. The foundation should be applied in thick layers, very liberally so that the natural skin type cannot be seen. Foundation should be at least two shades darker than actual skin tone and should only be applied to the face so that a mask of cosmetics is all that is seen. Hair should be flat ironed to as straight as physically possible or curled beyond the natural range of hair types. Hair spray should be used in mass quantities each day so that the hair is stiff to the touch, which is optimal for the winning over of mates. Also, the clothing you choose should reflect not your personality, but the personalities of those around you. Many fear individuality and see it as a threat to their control over you. Clothing choices should only come from the most popular and over used clothing types seen by our society. These suggestions together take beauty to an extreme and in today’s age, this extreme is seen often. Take this logical proposal into consideration next time beauty is the question in your dayto-day lives.

New art teacher joins husband on faculty BELLA BONESSI opinion editor


rt teacher Kelly King sat by the phone waiting on a call from Principal Dean Jones. She hoped he would call with good news about the position as West’s new art teacher. Soon the phone rang. A few minutes later Mrs. King hung up the phone and smiled; she had gotten the job

of replacing Pat Worsham, who had retired at the end of the 2010-2011 school year, and she would be joining her husband, Tom King, on the faculty. “I’ve always known that I would like to work here, but I never knew when the possibility would come up,” Mrs King said. “In my heart I knew I would try. I just didn’t know when it was going to happen.” In 1996, media specialist Tom King joined the faculty for the second time. Previously, he had taught in the English department. Mrs. King has taught elementary and middle school art, and she wanted to finish her career in high school. She said she worried she would not get the job because Mr. King was on staff. This is not the first time the couple has worked together; previously, they worked together at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Asheville.

“We came to North Carolina to go to college,” Mr. King said. “I got a job in physical therapy as an orderly at another hospital, and Kelly was in banking. She had her degree in business and decided while she was at UNC-A for art that she would work at the same place I did. I was friends with everyone at the hospital and they got to know her and hired her.” The couple said there are many advantages to working together in the same place. The first advantage is child care. Mr. and Mrs. King share family responsibilities in the morning and afternoon, such as picking up their two children, 10-year-old Katie and 8-year-old Hannah, when they are through with their after-school activities. Another benefit is the couple saves gas by taking the same car to and from work. They also have access to each other throughout the day. “One day, when he gets the time to sit down and eat lunch, we could eat lunch together,” Mrs. King said. Not only do they have a common employer, Mr. and Mrs. King also have common students. Mr. King is always helping teachers and students, and Mrs. King helps him learn the names and faces of her former middle school students. “I know more of the students because of teaching at Rugby, so now I can help him learn new people. This is a very good school to work in. It’s the best high school in the county, right?” she said. “Everything has been very smooth. It’s been great for me to come up from Rugby.”

8 teachers join faculty, others take on new responsibilities T his fall, in addition to eight new teachers joining the faculty, others took on new positions. The Career Center has been renamed the Virtual Public School Center and former Career Center director Pam Blackwell was transferred to the

Balfour Education Center to become part of special populations support. Shanna Cope was a student teacher in the fall semester of 2010; in the spring semester Cope replaced Brooke Barnes after Barnes moved to the math department to take retiree Doug Gray’s position. Name: Barry Walker Subject: Personal finance Education: Received bachelor of science degree in special education from University of Alabama, master’s degree in business adminsitration from Northern Illinois University Teaching Experience: Former special education teacher in Birmingham, Ala. Hobbies: Plays upright bass in the blue grass band Creeks A’risin, sings tenor in Carolina Concert Choir, enjoys spending time at home and doing yard work Quote: “I have probably been teaching my whole life. In undergraduate school, I would help at some of the local schools. Things like that I really enjoyed, so teaching was something I decided to do very early on in my college career.”

Name: Jay Young Subject: Health and physical education Education: Bachelor of science degree in physical education and geography from Appalachian State University Teaching Experience: Physical education teacher at Hendersonville Middle School for 15 years and former football coach Hobbies: Spends time golfing, fishing, watching football and spending time with his family Quote: “I always knew I wanted to teach. Early on, for some crazy reason, I thought I wanted to teach elementary school kids. Later, I came to my senses and realized that I had been involved with athletics all my life, so why not make that my career?”

Name: Allyson Corhn Subject: Women’s health, physical education and weightlifting, cross country coach Education: Earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Carson-Newman University Teaching Experience: Interim position at Rugby Middle, first full year teaching Hobbies: Running, working out, playing volleyball, hiking and shopping; gives volleyball lessons at X-cel Sportsplex Quote: “Being back with the people that at one point taught me is really neat, but the kids are great. I’ve had really good kids. They listen well, and they do everything that I ask of them. It’s just nice to be at the high school level. I did a little bit at the elementary and middle school, but high school is where I’m supposed to be.”

Name: Billy Phillips Subject Health and physical education, world history Education: Bachelor’s degree in physical education from Western Carolina University Teaching Experience: Six years at Apple Valley Middle, five years at A.C. Reynolds and four years at T.C. Roberson Hobbies: Enjoys fishing and golfing Quote: “The thing I have always liked about West basketball is that the kids play hard. They’ve always been very competitive, and they don’t get pushed around. They don’t give up, and they are going to fight until the end. If I was coaching against a West team, I would say to my team, ‘Guys, we are going to be in a dog fight the entire night.’ I hope that’s what we will continue during my tenure.”

Name: Phyllis Cook Subject: French Education: Bachelor of arts degree in French from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and bachelor of arts degree in English from N.C. State, continuing education for master’s degree in French at University of Southern Mississippi Teaching Experience: Former English teacher at Crest High School in Shelby, N.C. and in the Asheville City Schools Hobbies: Snow skiing, French Club, studying French and reading Quote: “Every encounter you have with a student makes you question, ‘How could I have handled that better?’ You know, even if you handle it OK, you always think, ‘How can I get better?’”

Name: Anne Hafer Subject: Junior class guidance counselor Education: Bachelor of arts in economics from Mount Holyoke College, Mass., master’s degree in school counseling from Western Carolina University leadership Teaching Experience: Spent 10 years Teaching Experience: Student teacher at teaching at West Florence High in Florence, West last year S.C.; interim position at West last year Hobbies: Camping, going to football Hobbies: Enjoys hiking, biking and travelgames, concerts and traveling ing Quote: “I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I love being at West. It’s weird Quote: “I did an interim here when Mrs. because I graduated from here, and so now (Shannon) Auten was out on maternity I’m working with teachers that I had in high leave. I filled in for her for nine weeks, and I discovered that I loved the faculty and school. It’s really neat. I really love being here, and I love teaching high school kids. I the students and the administration. I also loved the spirit of this place, and that’s why couldn’t teach elementary school because I chose to stay here.” all I would want to do is play.” Name: Shanna Cope Subject: Special education Education: Bachelor of science degree in special education from Western Carolina University, minoring in math and

Name: Courtney Tiger Subject: Family and consumer science Education: Bachelor’s degree in English and theater from University of Tennesee, Knoxville; master’s degree in education in teaching secondary English Teaching Experience: Two years at Farragut High in Knoxville, Tenn., four years teaching at Franklin County High in Winchester, Tenn., two years at T.C. Roberson Hobbies: Interior designing, spending time with her children, volunteering and cooking Quote: “Having taught so many different subjects over the years, I have learned that the most important concept we can teach is a respect and gratitude for education and a passion for making our little world a much better place.”

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