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Breaking the Cycle A Vision for Healing & Restoration



Who are we? MEET CJ – His actual name is Creighton, Jr. but everyone calls him CJ. He is a Family Nurse Practitioner in Internal Medicine at Scott & White Clinic in College Station, Texas. His vision is one of holistic healing, reaching the body and mind first and then, as a relationship is built and trust is formed, the soul. He practices what he preaches by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. He even ran his first marathon this past December!

MEET TRACI – Her passion is in mentoring and the spiritual development of college students, both American and international. In fact, she loves all things international! She is currently the International Missions Coordinator for A&M Church of Christ in College Station and has worked in this position for seven years. Her responsibilities include local outreach to international students studying at Texas A&M University (called the International House, or iHouse), prepping Aggies for Christ students for short-term summer missions or long-term missions internships (called Serve Abroad lasting six months +), and acting as liaison for teams the A&M Church of Christ is supporting during their year of training.

OUR HISTORY – We both grew exponentially in our faith in college through our involvement in Aggies for Christ. Through AFC we were both exposed to the mission field via summer mission trips, Traci to Kenya & Tanzania in 2000 and CJ to South America in 2001. Finding that seven and a half weeks on the field was not enough, Traci chose to participate in Serve Abroad in 2002 in Chiang Mai, Thailand and was mentored by Robert & Jan Reagan. She Served Abroad again in 2004-2005 in Santiago, Chile and was mentored by Scott & Holly Emery. Meanwhile, CJ completed two bachelor’s degrees and was preparing for his Masters in Nursing. We began dating in 2006 and less than a year later, in March of 2007, we married. In 2008, we visited Mbarara, Uganda for two weeks as we continued asking God to open our hearts to mission work. [For a more detailed listing of our international experience, please see our resumes on pages 12-13.] We are expecting our first child –a girl! – in August 2012.

STRENGTHSFINDER – Strengthsfinder is an online survey created by the Gallup organization that identifies CJ: Input Learner Restorative Empathy Competition

Traci: Maximizer Includer Activator Strategic Achiever

your top five strengths out of thirty-four. The premise is to develop your strengths – which leads to success – instead of trying to manage your weaknesses – which leads to frustration. We have focused on our top five strengths for over five years now and can vouch for its accuracy and success in all areas of life. We plan to continue developing our strengths to glorify God in the mission field.


Who is Made in the Streets (MITS)?

NOTE: As you read about MITS, reference the maps at the back of the portfolio on pages 13-15.

STREETS – It is hard to imagine that kids ages 6+ live on the streets but they do, and for various reasons: family dysfunction, domestic violence, being unwanted. A common story we hear is a man and woman get married and have four or five children. The husband then dies an early death. The woman remarries and the new husband does not want the children. They are put out on the street left to beg, steal and dig through trash for sellable recyclables to survive. Many are addicted to shoe glue, among other drugs, sniffing it to dull hunger pangs. The street kids band together and create a ‘base’, their street ‘family’. Each base has a Master. The others must give payment to the Master for protection: for boys it is money they receive begging or stealing; for girls it is most often their bodies.

EASTLEIGH CENTER – This is MITS presence near Mathare Valley, the second largest slum in Kenya. Initial outreach to street kids is done here. The Eastleigh staff is trained to take first aid, friendship, Bible study, food, sports, counseling, and the opportunity to go to a skills training school at the Kamulu Campus to kids living on the streets. The center also reaches out to women living on the streets, offering weekly seminars on health and nutrition, childcare and other topics.


LITERACY BASICS – Once accepted into Made in the Streets the teens study Bible, math, English/reading, science and computers for two years as well as enjoy library time to encourage their learning. Additionally they live in a loving Christian environment that is intentional about creating a true familial community through sports, chores and working on the farm together. Each day begins with chapel where the teens learn about Jesus’ love through song, prayer and a short devotional.

SKILLS TRAINING – At age 16, each student chooses a skill for further study: auto mechanics, sewing, woodworking, catering, hairdressing, computers or farming. In the afternoons, they prepare for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam. Included in their studies are business classes based on the ethics by which Jesus lived. The students also participate in Discovery Bible Studies in hopes that they will gain confidence in sharing their faith, an important step towards living on their own.

INTERNSHIP – At age 17, a student may apply for an internship in his field to gain valuable experience in the ‘real world’ while still living in the intentional Christian community at ‘the farm’ in Kamulu.

JOB PLACEMENT – When students complete their studies and training, MITS staff begins helping them find employment in Nairobi. This includes creating a resume and mock interviews. Some businesses take on MITS graduates in a continuing education role to further equip them in their chosen field. Note: In just the last two months, five MITS students have been successfully placed in a new job.

PRODUCTIVE CHRISTIAN CITIZEN – The end goal is to have taken a street kid who, for many, is a nuisance to society and holistically transform them into an active citizen who loves the Lord and gives back to the world using the gifts and skills they have been given…all this through the restorative power of Jesus.


Why work with MITS? Kenyan-led

Proven Model

Holistic Vision

HOLISTIC VISION – MITS is dedicated to reaching every aspect of a child admitted into their program. Education and sharing the love of Jesus are at the core. But also, MITS encourages the teens to tell their stories, allowing the horrors to come into the light so that true healing and restoration can occur. Then they see each student through to the end, continuing to walk with them even into the real world, taking the vital role of family. We appreciate the depth of this approach. It is real.

PROVEN MODEL – MITS is not a new organization. It’s been around for 17 years (and Aggies for Christ have served alongside MITS for 16 of those years), growing and expanding as the Lord has guided them, first at the Eastleigh Center and now at the Kamulu Campus. They currently employ 34 Kenyan staff, who are advised by four American missionaries and nurture 82 teens. MITS also has former students who are now employed, productive Christian citizens, just as they had hoped. It works.

KENYAN-LED – The piece of the puzzle that holds the entire organization together is the dedicated MITS staff. They have chosen to work for MITS for a purpose. They teach, laugh, play, discipline, develop, nurture, live with and train the teens. They believe in the teens’ potential to overcome. Many of them came from the streets themselves. Their presence encompasses everything that is MITS. It is Kenyan.


Where do we fit in? Like part of a growing tree, we will be a new branch within MITS. Our hope is to collaborate and enhance – not take over and change. MITS has asked us to help with the following:


Exit Process & Discovery Bible Study

Younger Staff Development

Coodinate Visiting Groups & Interns

HEALTHCARE – Kamulu currently has no healthcare providers or clinics. Anyone needing assistance must make the 45-minute (at least) journey into Nairobi. MITS has requested CJ become the healthcare provider for all MITS staff and students – called MITSCare – as well as open a clinic to reach out to the Kamulu community. In addition, MITS would like CJ to host a mobile clinic in the Eastleigh slum areas – called StreetCare – as they continue to provide for street kids. Traci is considering completing an EMT certification to offer an extra set of hands as needed. Long-term Dream – CJ envisions eventually creating a teaching clinic/hospital for MITS students or other Kenyans wanting to learn the basics of medical care.

EXIT PROCESS – MITS ‘seniors’, those in their last year of vocational training, begin looking for an internship or a job. Once either is established, they must transition from the Kamulu Campus into Nairobi. This transition is a difficult one, re-entering the real world after growing exponentially in an intentional, Christian environment. Under the leadership of Joel Njue (staff in charge of Student Affairs) and Brian Ochieng (Student Affairs staff-intraining) MITS has requested we help to make this transition smoother for the students by mentoring them during their final year in Kamulu and journeying with them through their first few years of work. Part of our task will be to train the students in the Discovery Bible Study method in hopes that they will feel confident to study God’s Word for themselves as well as share it with new neighbors and friends they meet.

YOUNGER STAFF DEVELOPMENT – As MITS continues to grow, they will continue to hire new Kenyan staff to aid development. We have been asked to help in the training and mentoring of these young people, many of whom are in their early 20s.

COORDINATE VISITING GROUPS & INTERNS – MITS receives 10+ short-term mission teams and a plethora of visitors each year as supporters come to encourage the work and engage the students. Traci has been asked to help coordinate the prep, arrival, service and departure of these groups. In addition, MITS believes in welcoming college students as interns for stints of 6-months or more in an effort to inspire the next generation of Christians to be missional. Traci will act as intern coordinator (the flip side of her current job) for MITS.


Timeline & Goals As we plan our move to Kenya, we have what we call “long-vision”. Changes do not take place overnight therefore we plan to invest many years in the next Kenyan generation. First, however, we need time to adjust to life in Kenya and find our place among the MITS Team. For now, we have made goals only for the first three years. Once we have been on the field for awhile we will make more complete long-term goals.

Now until Fall 2013

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Secure funding

Arrive & settle in at Kamulu

Begin Kamulu Clinic

Continue and enhance Year 2 projects

Research healthcare logistics in Kenya

Build relationships with staff and MITS students

Begin StreetCare in Eastleigh

Evaluate current goals & adjust as needed

Begin learning Swahili

Continue Learning Swahili

Assist Kenyan staff with exit process for students

Transition well from our current employment

Logistical analysis of healthcare delivery

Mentor former MITS students

Create a Trial Garden

MITSCare begins

Long-term Dreams

•Develop full-scale teaching clinic/hospital •Expand MITS to include 6-13 yr olds


Budget This budget is an estimation based on recommendations from MITS Advisers, Charles & Darlene Coulston. Some line items may need to be adjusted once we are living in Kenya. This is merely to offer an idea of what we will need. Though we have not made particular notes on any line items, we are glad to talk in detail about each one. PLEASE NOTE: This budget includes support for two missionaries since both CJ & Traci will be serving full-time in ministry.









Medicine Utilities

$30 $400

$360 $4,800 $4,800

Cell Medical Supplies/Benevolence Internet

$50 $300

$600 $3,600




Food/Household Items SelfEmployment Tax Security Household Assistance Life Insurance, Retirement, Savings, Student Loans






Car Insurance



$20 $100

$240 $1,200

Gas Car Maintenance

$400 $300

$4,800 $3,600



Team Retreat/Staff Development



Medical Insurance Government Expenses (Work Permit, Immigration)

$300 $50

$3,600 $600
















Build Staff Home Relocation Vehicle Survey Trip

$30,000 $15,000 $20,000 $2,000



Inflation Increased costs due to birth of a second child Educational costs for children Additional Medical Supplies for MITSCare or StreetCare

We are currently in search of a supporting church. For now you may contact us directly to discuss one-time or long-term partnership: or See our resumes for additional contact information.


Made in the Streets 409 Franklin Road Brentwood, TN 37027

21 February 2012 C.J. and Traci Wilson 1303 Angelina Ct College Station, TX 77840 Dear C.J. and Traci, I would like to formally invite you to move to Nairobi and join us in accomplishing the goals of our street ministry. I believe your backgrounds and attitudes will be of great importance in the continued development of the ministry. We are especially happy about the medical background of C.J. and the organizational skills of Traci. And we love your desire to serve, your joy at seeing others excel and the enthusiasm you have shown in our meetings with you. Our Board of Directors has approved of adding you to the Team. Their major concern is that we do not take away from the effort to enable the Kenyan Team to make decisions and do the ministry themselves. I have assured them that you will be a positive factor in that regard. Thank you for your willingness to serve together with us. We look forward to many years together enabling street kids to have a new life and enabling the Kenyan Team to carry out their mission well and joyfully. Be blessed in Jesus,

Charles Coulston Advisor, Made in the Streets

Helping street children to find a new life


Made in the Streets 409 Franklin Road Brentwood, TN 37027

21 February 2012 Recommendation Letter for C. J. and Traci Wilson The advisors, Board of Directors and staff for Made in the Streets join me in desiring C.J. and Traci Wilson to move to Nairobi to serve the needs of street children. The Wilsons are the sort of people needed for this ministry. C.J.’s medical background and Traci’s organizational skills will be of great help to us in training our Kenyan Team members. In addition, the Wilsons are leaders who will not seek to dominate but to enable the Team to become leaders and do their work well. Please supply them with the support and encouragement that enables them to move to Nairobi as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration of this quality couple. In Christ,

Dr. Charles Coulston Advisor, Made in the Streets

Helping street children to find a new life


Creighton Gerald Wilson Jr. (C.J.) R.N., FNP-C Current Address 1303 Angelina College Station TX, 77840 (979) 575-7152

Education Masters of Science in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner Program Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Accelerated Program: College Station Branch Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, TX Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Work Experience Scott and White Clinic College Station, TX Nurse Practitioner-Department of Medicine Scott and White Clinic College Station, TX Procedural Nurse II-Oncology/Infusion Center Scott and White Clinic College Station, TX Charge Nurse-Cardiology Department College Station Medical Center College Station, TX R.N. - Progressive Care Unit St. Joseph’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Bryan, TX Intern-Cardiac Therapy Camp Ch-Yo-Ca Calhoun, LA Head Counselor Leadership & Activities American Association of Nurse Practitioners Member Texas Nurse Practitioners Member TAMUCC-College Station Student Nurses Association Chaplain/Chief Morale Officer Fit-Life Program Instructor Honors and Awards Member- Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honors Society Magna Cum Laude –B.S.N. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Magna Cum Laude – M.S.N Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Certifications and Skills AANP Certified Family Nurse Practitioner ACLS/CPR Certified Moderate/Conscious Sedation Certified Oncology Nursing Society- Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Approved References available upon request.

July 2011-Current Fall 2009-July 2011 Summer 2007-Fall 2009 Spring 2007-Summer 2007 May-August 2005 Summers 2002-2004 2003, 2004

Spring 2011-Current Spring 2010-Current Spring 2006-Fall 2006 Fall 2004- Spring 2005

Spring 2007-Current December 2006 May 2011

Current Current Current Current


Traci Eicke Wilson Current Address 1303 Angelina College Station TX, 77840 (979) 820-1836

Education Bachelor of Speech Communication Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Work Experience A&M Church of Christ College Station, TX International Missions Coordinator/International House Director Iglesia de Cristo Congregacion Providencia Santiago, Chile Serve Abroad Missions Intern East Side Church of Christ Snyder, TX Youth Intern Payap Christian Zone Chiang Mai, Thailand Serve Abroad Missions Intern TAMU Counseling & Assessment Clinic College Station, TX Head Student Worker International Experience Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Kenya Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Peru/Brazil Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Kenya/Uganda Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Brazil MRN Global Missions Conference Speaker with Kelly Davidson Travel to Uganda to shadow missionaries Mentor for Aggies for Christ in South America Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Romania/Ukraine Mentor for Aggies for Christ in Uganda Mentor for Aggies for Christ in South America AFC Serve Abroad Inquiry trip to Uganda Missions Intern in Santiago, Chile Missions Intern in Chiang Mai, Thailand Participant with Aggies for Christ in Kenya/Tanzania Languages Studied Thai Spanish Portuguese Skills & Strengths Short-term mission team/intern development, trip preparation and arrangement Guidance of college-age students to find their calling and purpose International ministry on a U.S. college campus Liaison between mission teams and supporting church Mission Sunday development and execution Pro-active, self-starter References available upon request.

January 2005 – Current January – December 2004 Summer 2003 January – June 2002 August 2002-December 2004 August 1999-December 2001

Summer 2012 Summer 2011 Summer 2010 Summer 2009 Summer 2008 Summer 2008 Summer 2007 Summer 2006 Christmas Break 2005 Summer 2005 Spring 2005 January – December 2004 January – June 2002 Summer 2000


Map of Kenya Kenya is located in East Africa, along with Uganda and Tanzania. It is also part of the Horn of Africa. It has a short coast-line on the east and borders Lake Victoria on the West. Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi, located just south of the equator. Kamulu is about 45 minutes (on a good day of traffic flow) east of Nairobi.

Map of Nairobi & Kamulu


Map of the MITS Farm at the Kamulu Campus



Online Resources Learn more about Made in the Streets via their website , take a self-guided tour of MITS Kamulu via Google or visit our new blog called LIFE AT MITS.

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Breaking the Cycle A Vision for Healing & Restoration

Wilson Portfolio  

Breaking the Cycle A Vision for Healing & Restoration