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August 6 2010 ,

The Location Business Summit USA 2010 September 14-15, Crowne Plaza, San Jose

Utilize Context, Advertising and Local Search to Secure Profits and Maximize Revenue The only event that unites LBS Enablers, Carriers and Solution Providers to explore emerging profit strategies and business models • Evaluate the current market and profit potential - Get an exclusive look at the current LBS market, understand the effects of consolidation and gain key insights into business models for 2010 and beyond

Expert Speakers Include:

Gary Gale, Director, Ovi Places

Gene Chuang, Executive Director of Engineering,

Michael J Becker, Managing Director North America

Michael Metcalf, Product Management

Dirk Shaw, Senior Vice President

Rob Lawson, CMO

Dave Daetz, Sr. Director, Corporate & Business Development

Matt Meisnieks, Head of Customer Development

• Optimize local search for mobile - Discuss advertising models and monetisation opportunities; examine the use of local data in revenue management • Understand where we are now with LBA - Get to grips with advertisers’ wants and needs. From Location Based Marketing to push marketing, coupons to sponsored POI; find out how to generate serious profits from LBA • ‘Proof of Presence’ and the impact of Location Based Social Networking - Analyse the impact of Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and the ‘check-in’ on the LBS industry, explore user-experience and transform the hype into revenue • Key strategies for LBS Data and Content - Infer trends and analytics through data; understand user generated vs propriety content, privacy management and the future of matching data points Location Sponsor:

Co Sponsors:

Full Conference Agenda & Speaker List Inside - Open NOW!

ABI research forecasts 82 million worldwide subscribers of location-based mobile social networks by 2013 The Location Based Services market is booming. The companies that figure out how to capitalize on this emerging trend are going to generate huge profits. If you want to be one of them, you must attend The Location Based Summit USA 2010. Ten years ago the US military opened up their GPS satellite system for commercial use, enabling vastly increased GPS accuracy. Big expectations and predictions followed, but it’s taken until now for the revolutionary potential of this technology to start to take hold.

This is why The Location Business Summit USA 2010 was created – so that you have one place to go to in order to get the information and contacts you need to make your LBS company thrive.

US consumers are now taking notice – they are sharing their location on social media, taking part in Location Based Gaming and using services to track their children, pets and cars. LBS terms like ‘geocaching’ and ‘POI’ are now widely used and understood.

Almost 1.5bn by 2014 as GPS Migrates

The growth in consumer interest, coupled with the meteoric rise of smart phones and an evolving mobile broadband infrastructure, has led many industry analysts to forecast unparalleled growth across all sectors of LBS in the next two years.

“Mobile Local Search Users to Reach into Mass Market Handsets” Juniper Research The current surge in LBS use is just the beginning, now is the time to set your game plan for the next few years - if you wait or make uninformed decisions, you will lose out to your competitors. Read the summit agenda enclosed in this brochure and you will see that every session is focused on a critical topic faced by your LBS business.

“Location-based services will be a

“Mobile paid search spending is

$13 billion business by 2013”

expected to grow 45% to $295.4

ABI Research

Million in 2010 and potentially reach $1.2 billion by 2012”

But big growth raises big questions: • What’s the best way to tackle privacy issues and avoid negative consumer backlash? • What LBS services do users want and what are they willing to pay for? • With handset makers and other big players bundling in LBS services as free value adds, how can smaller companies monetize their services? • What industry standards are likely to emerge for Location Based Advertising (LBA) and how will they be regulated? By arming yourself with the latest forecasts, predictions and analysis of these vital questions you’ll be in a strong position to make the smart strategic choices that will secure your future in the LBS industry.

“Online local ad spend is estimated to grow 5% to $14.9billion in 2010, before growing at a higher single digit rate in 2011”. Canaccord Adams On top of that you’ll hear up-to-date, exclusive market data that you can use as a solid basis for making business-critical decisions and forecasting the moves you need to make sure your revenue increases in pace with the industry as a whole. The Location Business Summit USA 2010 is the most business focused LBS conference you will attend this year. Our agenda is tailored specifically on the core business issues facing LBS companies who are trying to monetize their offerings and lay the foundations of a sustainable LBS ecosystem. In an environment where consumers are already getting used to free LBS – finding business models and practices that can deliver real revenue is both your biggest challenge and your biggest opportunity.

eMarketer We have taken the time to research all the angles so that you will come away with a comprehensive body of knowledge about the state of industry and the expected near-term developments. Attend this Summit and discover expert opinions on how to prepare for the privacy concerns that lie ahead. Find out how how advertising agencies and corporate marketers want to use Location Based Advertising. And hear some of today’s most innovative social media companies discuss what’s next for Location Based Social Media and gaming. Nokia, MTV Networks, Yahoo, Brightkite, Bloomberg, Layar, AT&T interactive, Booyah, MMA, Palm, Ogilvy and many more key players will debate how to optimize local search, overcome platform fragmentation and debate the future of Location Based Advertising.

Returning for the second year The Location Business Summit USA is fast becoming the most important LBS business conference in North America – making it the meeting place for this industry’s most vital thinkers and top executives. You need key business intelligence. You need high level contacts. You need The Location Business Summit USA. Book your seat today.

I look forward to meeting you in San Jose Lucy Lincoln Conference Organiser TheWhereBusiness Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7595

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Conference Agenda - Day 1 - September 14, 2010

Location Based Services revenues will grow at 156% from $1.7 billion in 2008 to $2.6 billi Presentation: LBS Evolution - Market Movements, Revenue Models and Emerging Trends

• Discover how crowd-sourced data can challenge proprietary data sets

The Death of Tracking: How Location Can Now Predict Where You Will Be (And Who Will Be With You)

• Best methods to manage content from a range of different sources

• Why the future of LBS is not where you’ve been but where your going

• Explore the hottest trends in Location Based Advertising, Location Based Social Networking and Local Search

• Examine the best format and right delivery to get local content in the right way

• Understand Location Based AI and its effect on the industry

• Get the lowdown on the state of LBS ecosystem and identify the key players in the space

• How to profile users through ‘reality mining’ to optimize content delivery

• Get the latest LBS hype cycle analysis and key stats and facts on where the industry is now

• Understand consolidation trends and what this means for the future of the LBS industry Thilo Koslowski, Vice President and Practice Leader Automotive, Vehicle ICT, LAA, Gartner

Presentation: Implement Successful Strategies to Optimize Local Content

Gene Chuang, Executive Director of Engineering,, AT&T Interactive Networking Lunch Break

Presentation: Extract Intelligence from Location to Infer Trends and Build ‘Tribes’

Panel: Profit from the Potential Growth in Local and Mobile Search

• How to infer trends and analytics from captured historical data

• Discover the best ways to optimize local search results for mobile

• How to work with behavioural location data to get the right message to the right person at the right time

• Examine the best business models for search – and learn how to build profitable advertising models • Learn who will ultimately own search data and what this means for you • Examine who in web search is best positioned to capitalise on mobile search • Explore how local search will evolve on the web and other mobile devices

• Understand the importance of keeping data points consistent across applications • Find out who is already exploiting location data and understand its potential for your business Tony Jebara, Co founder and Chief Scientist, Sense Networks

Moderator: Tina Whitfield, CEO, EquisGlobal

Presentation: Geobabel and the Open Places Database

Dan Gilmartin, Vice President of Marketing, Where, Inc.

• “You’re fluent in Gowalla, I’m fluent in Foursquare”: Bridging the Geo language barrier

Greg Sterling, Sterling Market Intelligence Networking Coffee Break

Case Study: Discover how the Ticketing Industry has utilized LBS to Increase Venue Profitability • Discover how ReserveX harnessed location relevance to sell event tickets and drive revenues • Examine why building key partnerships is integral to ReserveX’s business model • Utilize revenue management techniques with location to add value to both brands and users Kelly Tompkins, CEO & Founder, ReserveX Inc.

• Your place is not my place: How to handle ambiguity in Geo referencing • Understand how to solve Geo Babel to create unified industry standards Gary Gale, Director, Ovi Places, Nokia Networking Coffee Break

• Discover the future of App evolution – from tracking to predicting your location Rip Gerber, President & CEO, LOC-AID

Case Study: Revolutionize Business Intelligence Using a 1000 Year Old Tool: the Map- The Story of Bloomberg’s BMAP • Understand the importance of the Map: Why adding context can boost profit and save money • Real-time, near real-time, historical data and forecasting integrated with contextual information: Hurricane tracking tools, damage/impact forecasts, current events • Understand multi-dataset analysis in a single platform • Get the lowdown on the importance of data utilization over ownership as key to profits • How the addition of user-generated content integration into the BMAP platform can change the way information is handled Andre Parris, Global Business Manager, Energy and Commodities, Bloomberg LP

Presentation: Augmented Reality – New Money Making Medium or Novelty fad? • Get a breakdown of the opportunities of AR integration with Mobile Marketing, LBA, POI data, Special offers and coupons • Find out how AR should be optimized to ensure an intuitive and user friendly experience

Must Know Facts on Geo API’s and How They Impact You

• Understand how AR is becoming a new medium for brands and content creators

• Get an overview of the current Geo API landscape

• How will Augmented Reality change the way Apps are sold and content monetized

• Understand what’s on offer, from whom and how it profits you • Discover the new trends and the latest Geo API’s that could revolutionise your solution

Matt Miesnieks, Head of Customer Development, Layar Networking Drinks Reception

Tyler Bell, Director of Platform Technologies, Alikelist, Inc.

Updated agenda online:

Conference Agenda - Day 2 - September 15, 2010

billion in 2009. By 2014 global LBS revenues will have surpassed $14 billion- ABI Research Panel: Open up New Routes to Profits, How Context Creates New Business Value for LBS

Presentation: What Ad Agencies Want from Location Enhanced Advertising: An Insider’s Guide

• What are the options to benefit from location context platforms

• Understand how to best engage with advertisers and brands • What are the processes and what information do advertisers really want • How do advertising agencies view the future of context enhanced advertising • Get to grips with the importance of outreach and education for both advertisers and consumers Dirk Shaw, Senior Vice President, 360 Degree Digital Influence, Ogilvy PR

• How adding context can enhance behavioral marketing and targeting • How to enable comparisons and relationships between two places to integrate recommendations and discovery Moderator: Thilo Koslowski, VP & Practice Leader Automotive, Vehicle ICT, LAA, Gartner Tina Whitfield, CEO, EquisGlobal

Panel: Platform Fragmentation and the App: Make Money and Protect Your Bottom Line • How to handle platform fragmentation: the importance of creating open standards? • Take a fresh look at mobile platforms and understand how they should play a part in your business model decision • Are apps still a viable way for brands to connect with consumers? • The saturation of the app market: How far do operators, online portal, mobile web go to provide a realistic alternative? Dave Daetz, Sr. Director, Corporate & Business Development, Palm, Inc. Marc Kleinmaier, Business Development Manager – LBS, Nokia Networking Coffee Break

Panel: Location Based Advertising – Avoid Common Pitfalls and Open the Door to Sustainable Profits • Understand consumer response, usage and attitude to mobile location advertising • Explore industry standards and debate which model we should all be working towards • Examine current churn rates and response times and what they suggest about the ROI of LBA • Discuss the best models for LBA: Should we now ignore Apps and focus on mobile web? Moderator: Lisa Peterson, President, Peterson Mobility Tony Bristol, Senior VP Business Development, Poynt Michael J Becker, Managing Director North America, MMA

Presentation: Your Social Network is Sitting Next to You: Proximity as a Social Network • Demographics of Place: How movements through the physical world give important clues about you • Competition in Place: Competing for elbow room with those in your physical social network • Real Time Collaboration: The emergence of anonymous collaboration with those around you • Proactive User Privacy: The myths and opportunities for privacy as physical networks become social networks Michael Metcalf, Product Management, Yahoo! Geo Technologies Networking Lunch Break

Panel: Moving Beyond the Mobile Banner Ad: How to Engage Real World Consumers at the Point of Purchase • Bridge the gap between ‘Research Online/Buy Offline’ and track consumer purchases with linked campaigns • How is the growth of the Smartphone pushing SMS into irrelevance • Is location based push marketing effective or too obtrusive? • Examine if passive geofence marketing does actually work • Understand where we stand with mobile payments. How far away are ‘one click payments’, and what does this mean for LBM/ LBA? • How to tackle indoor location and mapping to maximise consumer engagement Rob Lawson, Chief Marketing Officer, Brightkite Michael J Becker, Managing Director, North America, MMA Anne Bezancon, Founder and President, Placecast Chris Mahl, SVP & Chief Brand Alchemist, SCVNGR

Panel: Understand Mobile ‘proof of presence’ and the effect of Location Based Social Networks to Drive Growth and Push Consumer Engagement • Examine the pioneering role ‘Check-ins’ have played in tracking opt in consumer interactions with places or products • Explore the concept of a new ad unit based on incremental store visits or purchases that are linked to location based marketing • Analyse QR codes and debate if they will be a viable way to deliver location based marketing and capture proof of presence • Discover the role Near Field Connection will play in linking marketing with proof of presence and mobile transactions Moderator: Wilson Kerr, Founder & Principal Consultant, Location Based Strategy, LLC Matt Galligan, Founder & CEO, Simple Geo Dan Melinger, Co-Founder & CEO, Socialight Scott Stemmermann, Director, Digital Distribution, MTV Networks Gene Chuang, Executive Director of Engineering,, AT&T Interactive Conway Chen, Director, Business Development, Booyah, Inc. Networking Coffee Break

Case Study: How the World’s Biggest Brands are Utilizing Location Based Marketing to Maximize Revenue Streams and Increase Profitability • How we used location based gaming/ Social Networking to develop content information about relevant customers • Using coupons as an incentive to drive surrounding traffic through to purchase point • What brands want in a solution to maximise potential and revenue Speakers for the session to be announced soon, please check the website for updates

Panel: Build Sustainable LBS Business Models for 2011 and Beyond • Identify key ways to add value for the user when everything is free • Explore the success of the ‘freemium’ model and ad based services • Discover the best routes to market for smaller players in the LBS space • Future-proof your business and understand key developments for the coming year and beyond Representative from NAVTEQ Dan Gilmartin, Vice President of Marketing, Where Inc Kelly Tompkins, CEO & Founder, ReserveX Inc. John Booth, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Mobility

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August 6, 2010 “The most effective way to meet all the people I wanted to all in one place” President and Co-Founder, Waze “Everyone I met was within one degree of separation in terms of business interests. There was a diversity of attendees from across the eco-system, but all were directly engaged in the LBS space” New Venture Marketing Manager, Intel

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The place for leading location executives to do business

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August 6 2010 ,

The Location Business Summit USA 2010 September 14-15, Crowne Plaza, San Jose

4 Key Reasons to Attend The Location Business Summit USA 1. Market information you won’t find anywhere else! Get your hands on exclusive market data. Understand the state of the LBS space now, meet all the key players and get to grips with consolidation. Hear the latest forecasts for future development and recognize the best ways to boost revenue and build market potential. Analyze trends, opportunities and dangers alongside market data compiled especially for this conference.

2. Key topics you need to know about now The LBS industry is changing fast and we ensure that the agenda reflects this. Months of research have gone into ensuring that our agenda represents the key issues relevant to the industry right now. The show is closely vetted and advised by a panel of experts to make absolutely sure that we provide maximum value for you.

3. Dream line-up of speakers With speakers from every corner of the industry this event guarantees to provide cutting edge business intelligence; inside information that will take your business to the next level. Join Nokia, Bloomberg, MTV Networks, Sense Networks, Brightkite, Where, Yahoo, Ogilvy and many more key executives from across the value chain to examine vital strategies for the LBS Industry.

4. Cement your company’s place in the ecosystem Meet with senior level executives from across the entire LBS sphere and the world of LBA. Make new contacts, build upon existing relationships and make sure your business is represented at the Location Business event of the year.

3 easy ways to register today! Email: Call: TheWhereBusiness Registration Team on +44 (0) 207 375 7595

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Just imagine what you could learn from these expert speakers: MTV Networks, Scott Stemmermann, Director, Digital Distribution AT&T Interactive, Gene Chuang, Executive Director of Engineering, Mobile Marketing Association, Michael J Becker, Managing Director, North America Ogilvy PR, Dirk Shaw, Senior Vice President, 360 Degree Digital Influence Yahoo! Geo Technologies, Michael Metcalf, Product Management Booyah,Inc. Conway Chen, Director, Business Development Nokia, Gary Gale, Director, Ovi Places Bloomberg LP, Andre Parris, Global Business Manager, Energy and Commodities Where, Inc., Dan Gilmartin, Vice President of Marketing Open Street Map, Steve Coast, Founder Layar, Matt Miesnieks, Head of Customer Development Palm, Inc., Dave Daetz, Sr. Director, Corporate & Business Development Nokia, Marc Kleinmaier, Business Development Manager – LBS Gartner, Thilo Koslowski, Vice President and Practice Leader Automotive, Vehicle ICT, LAA EquisGlobal, Tina Whitfield, CEO Location Based Strategy, LLC, Wilson Kerr, Founder and Principal Consultant Sterling Market Intelligence, Greg Sterling LOC-AID, Rip Gerber, President & CEO Alikelist, Inc., Tyler Bell, Director of Platform Technologies ReserveX Inc., Kelly Tompkins, CEO & Founder Sense Networks, Tony Jebara, Co founder and Chief Scientist Peterson Mobility, Lisa Peterson, President Poynt, Tony Bristol, Senior VP Business Development Brightkite, Rob Lawson, Chief Marketing Officer Placecast, Anne Bezancon, Founder and President SCVNGR, Chris Mahl, SVP & Chief Brand Alchemist Simple Geo, Matt Galligan, Founder & CEO Socialight, Dan Melinger, Co-Founder & CEO NAVTEQ, Representative AT&T Mobility, John Booth, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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The Location Business Summit USA  

The Location Business Summit USA, 14-15 September, Crowne Plaza, San Jose, CA. USA's biggest mobile LBS conference. For more information cli...