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The Theatric Rise of Orisha

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8 Where do we go from here 10 “A Legacy Reborn”Women Celebrating Women

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12 Alicia’s Palace: One of Trinidad’s Secret Treasures 14 Okinawa Karate Kobudo Kai

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16 15 Incorrectly used words that can make you look bad 18 Caribbean Business Connections Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Rise of Orisha

26 Melinda Katz Rebranding the borough of Queens 28 Are you sacrificing too much for your relationship?

Melidna Katz

32 Sizzla gets Radical 34 Black Aids Institute strongly cindemns Donald Sterling’s bigotry

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36 The Dumplin Shop New and Improved 38 7 Popular pieces of Business advice you should ignore































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Is the American Dream becoming a nightmare for Blacks businesses, savings and investments. It is that wealth, combined with incredible income that buys class status and perpetuates the passage of wealth from one generation to another. For those who possess it, that wealth provides both Clive Williams, CEO/ Publisher short and long term security which most times _________________________ lead to social prestige and ultimately to political power, which leads to more wealth. More If you are Black, educated, wealthy, privileged wealth leads to more options, more options and arrogant, pay attention, the wider the means less restrictions; the wealthy enjoy a sense wealth gap becomes, the narrower your escape of unbridled freedom. route becomes, we are all inextricably linked in this economic vortex of “inequality for all.” Yes, Black America had made gains, but the Simply put, if your wealth is in real estate and recession which reputedly ended in 2009, has your tenants can’t pay their rent, your asset could not ended for Blacks, who are still reeling from be compromised. Sadly, wealth or the absence of the economic body slams of that unforgettable it, seem to breed a suspicion and defensiveness period. The truth is, Black income and wealth that leads to antagonism. I am not seeking at is on the decline since the “great depression,” this time to offer how to redress this situation, this according to recent government data which but to point out that a real problem exists and revealed that Black households own only 6 – can only be mitigated when we find a way to 7c for every $ 1 owned by white households. cooperatively increase our assets and keep them A recent US Census Survey of Income and Program Participation revealed a precipitous in our families. drop in the median net worth of both BlacksIn the United States, assets reflect the value 45% and Latinos- 58%. Far worse, Blacks and of homes, automobiles, personal valuables, Latinos have been declared “liquid asset poor,” businesses, savings and investments. Now you which means that in a bind they cannot cover might respond that you possess some, or all their basic living expenses for three months. these assets. However, if at any time you have Frightening! to use your assets to liquidate debt, you are clearly NOT among the 1% or even the 20% In an upcoming feature story on Black wealth in of the wealthy in America. The rich rarely have America, I will provide for you a snapshot of the to touch their assets because they attract huge wealth gap in a society that claims to be the most incomes in addition to their assets. Earlier this advanced in earth’s entire history. Yes, though year, just before President Obama’s State of the we are advanced scientifically, technologically Union, the media released a study showing that and economically, we are one of the poorest in the wealthiest 1% owned 40% of the nation’s the equitable distribution of those resources, wealth, the bottom 80% only own 7%. The gap this sounds every bit like an oxymoron,” we are between the top 10% and the middle class is rich but poor,” (my words). The real complexity of this wealth gap between Blacks and Whites over 1000%, yes that’s one thousand percent. in America is further exacerbated by a widening An understanding of the power and reality of gap between blacks themselves, as you will see in wealth is necessary for us to pursue this discussion the incredible fortunes being amassed by Black intelligently: remember wealth derives from the sports and entertainment celebrities as opposed value of homes, automobiles, personal valuables, 6 |

to the vast majority of working-class Blacks. The sad truth is, the very second anyone mentions the need for an overhaul of our irrational and unfair distribution of wealth, the rich and their lap-dogs come out snarling “socialism.” The rich have traditionally lived off the poor, but they are rich enough to convince everybody else through the perfidy of mainstream media, that they are the ones taking care of the poor, it’s a snow job and we know it; the mythical “trickle- down effect” of wealth in America is a lie; the working poor are rallying for their right’s to earn not a minimum wage, but a living wage and the right to take care of their families. As the publisher of Whereitzat, I stand unequivocally behind the movement to provide a living wage for people working in industries that have traditionally shafted them on the pretext that if they paid better wages, they would lose money. America is facing the same moral and ethical dilemma it has faced before the Civil War, an institutionalized and cynical system of inequality and injustice that awards the spoils to the wealthy and powerful. Now more than ever the real CHURCH needs to stand up for its people because the political and legal systems are rigged – isn’t that what Jesus would do?



Where do we go from here racial America.” It sounds funny when I use the term “post-racial America,” after the Donald Sterling fiasco, which only exposed the true face of America’s power brokers, and the deep moral fractures in Black leadership.

Very often we hear the lie that our people don’t support one another with progressive business endeavors. It’s part of a divide and conquer tactic that has plagued us for a very long time. However after 11 years of helping to show my community “WhereItzAt,” I am truly grateful for the support that my business partners and I have received from people who look just like us. The second annual B.I.G. Awards is a formal acknowledgment of those industrious and pioneering men and women who share the same level of commitment to community. A sense of community and economic solidarity will be critical elements to our survival in “post-

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There is a prevalent misconception that one day we’re all going to be accepted by the larger society and live happily ever after. You will never be accepted. At best, you will only be tolerated, and even then, your days of being tolerated are numbered if we do not make I usually laugh at Negroes who talk about a some serious adjustments. No affirmative + no “post-racial America” with a straight face. I Black institutions = Black death and servitude. usually keep these kinds of people away from All we have is each other. We must continue to me because no Black man or woman of integrity support each other emotionally, spiritually and and sound mental health genuinely believes economically with our endeavors. that we live in a “post-racial society.” Culturally, Blacks in America share more in common with Love that is expressed in a proactive manner other groups of people than they ever have, but is stronger, and more genuine, than love that that’s only because many of us have lost our way. is expressed as the result of a circumstantial reaction. If we’ve got love for each other, then Many Black people would rather fade into the we must cultivate a spirit of interdependence. background of racial ambiguity, than proudly Before Blacks in America can convincingly move forward into the future alongside other address racism on a national level we have to do races on the planet, while acknowledging the a better job of loving and supporting each other. fact that they are distinctly different from them. If Black people don’t place Black life back on the Too many of us have “down” syndrome. We just gold standard, then who else will? want to be “down” with everyone, no matter -Adkia Butler how much we have to sacrifice who we are to do so.

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“A Legacy Reborn” – Women Celebrating Women Medgar Evers College was a hive of activity on Saturday March 15, 2014 as MEC’s Caribbean Research Center, in collaboration with The Black Women for Fairness Equity & Justice presented the Third Annual Shirley Chisholm Women’s Empowerment Conference, celebrating the life and ethos of the first African-American woman to enter Congress. That baton is being carried to the next level by the Hon Yvette D. Clarke (the first Caribbean-heritage Congresswoman to represent New York City) who herself stands on the shoulders of her esteemed mother, the Hon Una S.T. Clarke, Brooklyn’s first Jamaican councilmember. Women of all hues, shapes and ages participated in a packed program of panel discussions and workshops covering the status of women, health, education, leadership, civic and political engagement, jobs and economy,

finance and youth engagement and networking opportunities. The event was endorsed and attended by local and national politicians, an indication of the political clout wielded by the organizers. Stand out presentations came from Dr. Claire Nelson, Yvette Clarke and Bishop Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales. Comptroller Scott Stringer an unscheduled and impromptu speaker brought greetings from his famous activist aunt Bella Abzug and also praised Congresswoman Clarke, dubbing her a trailblazer in Congress for her active role in changing legislation impacting women. He brought news of his appointment of the first diversity officer – Carrah Wallace and spoke of his efforts to ensure the inclusion of more minority communities in the City’s procurement procedures, both pronouncements receiving a round of applause.

35th District Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo recently appointed as City Council’s Chair of Women’s Issues also brought welcome news of a push to ensure that people of color play a key role in environmental, land use and zoning decisions affecting their communities. -Sheron P

(516) 876-9300

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Alicia’s Palace: One of Trinidad’s Secret Treasures I decided to spend some time in Trinidad starting from early January, it was for a mixture of both business and pleasure. In the heat of the carnival season, my friend Angie invited me to an all-inclusive brunch. My senses evolved when I saw the secret within the Chancellor Hills of Trinidad, “Alicia’s Palace.” The green ambience of flora and fauna as well as the view of the Gulf of Paria felt so good, as a New Yorker, to lose myself in this scenery that seemed to engulf my senses. I stayed in one of the Palace’s beautiful double occupancy rooms with very comfortable midsized bathrooms which gave me, as a seasoned traveler, just what I desired. The staff was so friendly; the food was terrific. An array of

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tasty local dishes kept my taste buds jumping, and when I wanted a variety of healthy fruit drinks, I turned to the Chancellor Breeze, the in-house health bar, with so many sweet delights!

I spent a lot of time by the pool sipping on those irresistible fruit punches while soaking in the beautiful weather. The ambience really took my breath away, those who enjoy taking leisurely walks or the more serious runner, will find the Chancellor Hills has more than one secret to offer. The ambience continues to enhance no matter what you do. I am at home now in Brooklyn where there is a unique culture and sub-culture around me, yet my mind drifts away to the gem within the Chancellor Hills. I think I will soon be back.

Alicia’s Palace is very close to the capital of Port-of-Spain—about 10-15 minutes away depending on the time of day you are travelling. Some days, I visited the Queens Park Savannah where a lot of carnival activities take place; the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo are also close by. There was so much to keep me busy. It was interesting seeing the three Bengal Tigers, two females and one male; they came all the way from Pretoria, By STACIE EWING South Africa.



Okinawa Karate Kobudo Kai Okinawa Karate Kobudo Kai, is an organization dedicated to inspiring and mentoring disadvantaged and at risk youth to lead healthy and nondestructive lives. Provide support and opportunity for boys and girls of all ages to participate in the daily practice of Okinawan/ Japanese traditional karate and

kobudo. Promote the practice of humility, self control, integrity and courtesy in and outside of the dojo. Through grants, scholarships, fundraising and corporate sponsorship enable our youth to participate in local, national and international competitions. We support, develop, protect and promote the art and sport

200 County Seat Drive Mineola, NY 11501

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of karate do in the community and beyond. Okinawa karate kobudo kai cooperate, support and assist other karate organizations, bodies, associations, schools and parties that serve/ promote the tenets of karate do. For information call 516-873-0111






Tel: (718)528-6162/(516)285-1575 Fax: (516)285-1608



15 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad While I like to think I know a little about business writing, I often fall into a few word traps. For example,”who” and “whom.” I rarely use “whom” when I should. Even when spell check suggests “whom,” I think it sounds pretentious. So I don’t use it.

Adverse means harmful or unfavorable; “Adverse market conditions caused the IPO to be poorly subscribed.” Averse means dislike or opposition; “I was averse to paying $18 a share for a company that generates no revenue.”

you’re making it happen, and affect if you’re having an impact on something someone else is trying to make happen.

As for nouns, effect is almost always correct; “Once he was fired he was given twenty minutes to gather his personal effects.” Affect And I’m sure some people then think, “What But you can feel free to have an aversion to refers to emotional states so unless you’re a adverse conditions. psychologist, you’re probably not using it. a bozo.” And that’s a problem, because just like that Affect and effect one misspelled word that gets a resumé tossed into the “nope” pile, using one wrong word Verbs first. Affect means to influence; “Impatient investors affected our roll-out can negatively impact your entire message. date.” Effectmeans to accomplish something; Fair or unfair, it happens. “The board effected a sweeping policy change.” How you use effect or affect can So let’s make sure it doesn’t: be tricky. For example, a board can affect changes by influencing them, or can effect Adverse and averse changes by implementing them. Use effect if

Compliment and complement Compliment is to say something nice. Complement is to add to, enhance, improve, complete, or bring close to perfection. So, I can compliment your staff and their service, but if you have no current openings you have a full complement of staff. And your new app may complement your website. For which I may decide to compliment you. Continues on pg 22

THE DUMPLIN SHOP For great tasting

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Cuisine and the best Fried Fish and Dumpling

1530 East 222nd Street, Bronx, NY 10469 • 718-653-3143


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• Juice Bar

• Parties • Catering



Freeport, NY- May 12, 2014 – Caribbean Business Connections (CBC) is a membership organization that was established in 2012 by Hanif Russell and Sandra McCarty for the purpose of creating new partnerships between Caribbean and American business professionals. This business network serves as a resource and a nucleus for the Caribbean business community as it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Business owners of nonCaribbean descent find this platform to be very helpful as it gives them the opportunity to connect with Caribbean professionals.

Lounge, Paradise Cove Caribbean Restaurant Mayers, Dawn Warren Esq, Gina Faustin, Karen Dawkins, Millicent Clarke Esq., Naala and Spices Negril Restaurant & Lounge. Royale and Samantha Champagnie. 2014 Caribbean Business Connections’ Advisory honorees were Annette M. Hurd-Runcie Board members, Ray Thomas, Irwine Clare Owner, Karlene Largie, Robert G Bullock, and Kyle Griffith and its Co-Founders, Sandra Cindy Brown, W. Fitzrgerald Kerr Ph D., and Hanif are focused on forming strategic Stephen Drummond Esq., Jude Dartois alliances with companies and organizations andVanilo Saint Louis. that can benefit the membership. Some of the alliances and partnerships are with TB For more information on Caribbean Bank, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Fidelis Business Connections see www. Care, Fusion, Clarke & Associates, Levine or send us and Wiss, Logical Financial Solutions, Belimage email at info@caribbeanbizconnections. International Group, Whereitzat Magazine, com, 2014 Caribbean Business Connections Go Caribbean!, LI Caribbean Heritage celebrates its second anniversary at Magnet Festival, Network USA and On June 4th Sports & Entertainment Lounge in Elmont. Join us and meet the In 2013 and 2014 Caribbean Business leaders in the Caribbean business, civic and Connections partnered with Nassau County political communities. Executive, Ed Mangano,

Networking is vital to the success of any business and CBC’s monthly networking events allow connections to be made and reinforced among business owners from diverse professions in the New York area. These events are held the first Wednesday of each month, usually in Caribbean owned to recognize outstanding business leaders locations like Dunns River Restaurant & in Nassau County. 2013 honorees were Dr. Lounge, Magnet Sports & Entertainment Aurbey Lewis, Clive Williams D.C.H Douglas 18 |

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Love Raymond Deane (31) and his wife Sudan Deane (29) granddaughter of Prince Buster king of Ska Music are an inspiration to today’s generation. Raymond Deane a young inspired director Acts, Writes and Produces his own Films with childhood best friend Phillip Hammond. Wife Sudan Deane, Actor and founder of Sudan Deane’s Inspirational Club, makes a connection with the world utilizing social media to promote Positivity, Love, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Beliefs, and Reprogramming the subconscious mind. Ray and Sudan met at a barbeque 12 years ago just as she was graduating high school; Sudan’s friend revealed Sudan had a crush on Ray and made the introduction. Soon after they had their first date, one that Ray humorously calls “the date from hell,” swearing he would never date her again. Ten years later they are

and Inspiration

happily married raising their 2 sons, Raydan Deane (10) and Christian Deane (5). Who are students P.S. I.S 270Q The Park School of Inquisitive Minds in Laurelton Queens, the inspirational duo says, despite the fact that they didn’t start their relationship the traditional way, they are a perfect for each other. Recently the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary at luxurious Pa-Nash Restaurant in Rosedale Queens.

When asked why she started the Inspirational Club Sudan describes it as such: “I was born and raised in the heart of down town Kingston on Orange Street. Living in Jamaica I had a “life changing experience” and witnessed things that made me develop a passion for wanting to help others. Since migrating to America at the age of 15 my goal has always been to inspire the lives of others, so I started Sudan Deane’s Inspirational Club on Facebook and, through They both agreed that raising their two sons my leadership I want people to know, I didn’t over the last 10 years hasn’t always been easy, give up and neither should they. I wanted but through communication and knowing to create an outlet for people who aren’t that for them this is a lifetime commitment, normally acknowledged and I find using they are able to get through the rough times. today’s technology to be more productive Ray says they better each other in so many and efficient in getting the message across. I ways and have grown into the best possible believe everyone needs a support system from, people they could be by working on the kids that are being bullied to single parents. problems from within first. But unfortunately not everyone feel they have that place available to them. Now they have a platform where they can go to express themselves without feeling less than anyone else. I believe recognition and gratitude goes a long way and I want to show that ordinary people are special too by reprogramming the subconscious mind to a healthier way of living and transforming into a more positive way of thinking.” The other half of this dynamic team is Raymond Deane (Writer/Director/Actor) and Editor in Chief of Raymond Deane Films and Phillip Hammond (Entrepreneur/ Producer) both natives of Queens New York, These two have best friends since the since the 4th grade at St. Claires School in Rosedale Queens and have been dreaming of success in the entertainment business. These two young

20 |

FEATURE Tour,” which brought out hundreds of kids to a positive place where they could feel free, loved and accepted without the anxiety and fear of being made fun of or spoken down to. Raymond Deane shared a mantra with the kids throughout the tour which is, “Opinions Don’t Define You, That’s a Fact!’Ray believe it important for kids to understand that for every ONE person that calls them ugly, there are TEN more that believe they are beautiful. So it is extremely important to surround themselves with people who will see how great they are.

men started their own web designing business back in 2003. With their professionalism and great work ethic, they were able to make an impression designing and hosting websites for a large number of businesses including the NAACP, and R&B recording artist Chrisette Michele. They’ve also designed websites for Lawyers, Doctors, Small Businesses, Non Profit, Health, Entertainment, Sports and Product websites. This part of their business has expanded and in 2005 PH Consulting and Media (named after Phillip Hammond) was born. PH Consulting and Media specializes in high-definition professional videography production services, effective and targeted

TV/ internet advertisement services, attractive custom designed websites and social media pages for small businesses throughout New York City and New Jersey. The company has produced commercials that Raymond Deane has directed. These can be seen on The Food

Ray and Phil are getting ready to begin production on their third 3rd film, a movie Ray’s wife Sudan titled “Play to Win” a kids sports and fitness film to inspire kids to get up Network, Bravo, Cooking Channel, ESPN, and get fit by playing outdoors and reducing MSNBC, NY1, Travel Network & Bloomberg the time they spend on video games and on Television They shoot and edit professional TV computers. Ray and Phil have an amazing ads for restaurants which has been their most vision for this movie. They want to make it financially successful venture. Raymond’s wife fun kids fitness film with a powerful message Sudan Deane does hosting for businesses in that will play in schools across America and need of a host. They also do TV ad placement worldwide. After the production of the film is complete they are seeking collaborations with for television commercials. visionaries with similar interest like, Michelle In 2009 Raymond Deane and Phillip Obama and Dr. Oz. Hammond ventured in film making. They both believe that the power of filmmaking What’s next for this couple; Ray says regarding can be used to spread a positive message on his profession he wants to be the next Tyler important issues in a fun and entertaining Perry or Spike Lee. He also has a 5 year plan to way. Their professionalism and approach make more movies, this he believes, will give in how they operate their business has left a him an opportunity to accomplish his other sense of comfort/trust in establishing clients goals. Sudan is planning on having an award and building relationships. So far Raymond show for her inspirational club every year. She Deane films have had 2 feature films and a plans on continuing to pursue her goals of Music video which is now playing on MTV inspiring others and acting in movies, hosting called “Voices in My Head’. The first feature and modeling. Both Sudan and Raymond film is a drama named “Travail” a suspenseful acted in the movie “Red Head Randy” They and controversial relationship script which plan on starring in a movie together that will was written by Raymond Deane,that teaches begin filming in 2015. people the importance of being honest and To join Sudan Deane’s Inspirational Club visit loyal. The second movie was their first social her website at and hit awareness film which is an anti-bullying film like on her Facebook page. Share your story titled “Red Head Randy” which took a very and Lets Get Inspired Together. different approach to spreading the message that bullying and discrimination in schools To reach Raymond Deane and Phillip must end. In combination with the film, Hammond visit www.RaymondDeaneFilms. they also ran a successful campaign called com and www.PHMediaConsulting “The Red Head Randy, Stand up to Bullying ITZ- BOLD- FRESH- ENTERTAINING | 21

EDUCATION/CAREER Continues from pg 16 reader infers. Imply means to suggest, while infer means to deduce (whether correctly or “We made the decision based on one not.) So, I might imply you’re going to receive overriding criteria,” sounds pretty impressive a raise. You might infer that a pay increase is but is wrong. Remember: one criterion, two imminent. (But not eminent unless the raise or more criteria. Although you could always will be prominent and distinguished.) use “reason” or “factors” and not worry about getting it wrong. Insure and ensure Criteria and criterion

principles.”Principal means primary or of first importance; “Our startup’s principal is located in NYC.” (Sometimes you’ll also see the plural, “principals,” used to refer to executives or (relatively) co-equals at the top of a particular food chain.) Principal can also refer to the most important item in a particular set; “Our principal account makes up 60 percent of our gross revenues.”

This one’s easy. Insure refers to insurance. Ensure means to make sure. So if you promise Discreet means careful, cautious, showing an order will ship on time, ensure it actually good judgment; “We made discreet inquiries happens. Unless, of course, you plan to Principal can also refer to money, normally to determine whether the founder was arrange forcompensation if the package is the original sum that was borrowed, but can interested in selling her company.” damaged or lost--then feel free to insure away. be extended to refer to the amount you owe-hence principal and interest. Discrete means individual, separate, or Number and amount distinct; “We analyzed data from a number of If you’re referring to laws, rules, guidelines, discrete market segments to determine overall I goof these up all the time. Use number when ethics, etc, use principle. If you’re referring to pricing levels.” And if you get confused, you can count what you refer to; “The number the CEO or the president (or the individual remember you don’t use “discreetion” to of subscribers who opted out increased last in charge of the high school), use principal. work through sensitive issues; you exercise month.” Amount refers to a quantity of And now for those dreaded apostrophes: discretion. something you can’t count; “The amount of alcohol consumed at our last company picnic It’s and its Elicit and illicit was staggering.” It’s is the contraction of it is. That means it’s Elicit means to draw out or coax. Think Of course it can still be confusing: “I can’t doesn’t own anything. If your dog is neutered of elicit as the mildest form of extract or, believe the number of beers I drank,” is (that way we make the dog, however much even worse, extort. So if one lucky survey correct, but so is, “I can’t believe the amount against his will, gender neutral) you don’t say, respondent will win a trip to the Bahamas, of beer I drank.” The difference is I can count “It’s collar is blue.” You say, “Its collar is blue.” the prize is designed to elicit responses. beers, but beer, especially if I was way too Here’s an easy test to apply. Whenever you Discreet and discrete

Illicit means illegal or unlawful. I suppose drunk to keep track, is an uncountable totalyou could “illicit” a response at gunpoint... -so amount is the correct usage. but best not. Precede and proceed Farther and further Precede means to come before. Proceed Farther involves a physical distance; means to begin or continue. Where it gets “Florida is farther from New York than confusing is when an “ing” comes into play. Tennessee.”Further involves a figurative “The proceeding announcement was brought distance; “We can take our business plan no to you by...” sounds fine, but “preceding” is further.” So, as we say in the South, “I don’t correct since the announcement came before. trust you any farther than I can throw you.” If it helps, think precedence: Anything that Or, “I ain’t gonna trust you no further.” takes precedence is more important and (Seriously. I’ve uttered both of those sentences. More than once.) Imply and infer

therefore comes first.

Principal and principle

use an apostrophe, un-contract the word to see how it sounds. In this case, turn it’s into it is. “It’s sunny,” becomes, “It is sunny.” Sounds good to me. They’re and their

Same with these; they’re is the contraction for they are. Again, the apostrophe doesn’t own anything. We’re going to their house, and I sure hope they’re home. Who’s and whose “Whose password hasn’t been changed in six months?” is correct. “Who is (the uncontracted version of who’s) password hasn’t been changed in six months?” sounds silly.

A principle is a fundamental; “We’ve The speaker or writer implies. The listener or created a culture where we all share certain By Jeff Haden- Inc. Magazine 22 |


MELINDA KATZ RE – BRANDING THE BOROUGH OF QUEENS THE WORLDS BOROUGH Of Education to ensure that the needs of our kids are met; we are desperately working to get more seats for our children. We get together every month with the School Construction Authority all in an effort to prevent further If there’s one word that describes Melinda Katz over- crowding. So we have to start the building it is, authentic; she’s the daughter of the late process now. David Katz, founder of the Queens Symphony Orchestra and Jeanne Dale Katz, founder of What I consider very critical for the Borough the Queens Council of the Arts. Her parents of Queens in the process is to emphasis the were tireless contributors to the civic life and branding of our Borough. There are over one culture of Queens, which clearly gave Melinda hundred and sixty languages spoken here, a head start in community service. She grew which makes it interesting and ideal for visitors, up in Forest Hills and is an avowed cheerleader so there is no way that anyone should come to and advocate for everything Queens. I said New York and not come to Queens to enjoy she is authentic because of her interaction the diversity of its culture and its food. Queens with us at Whereitzat when we sat down to should be branded as “The Worlds Borough” interview her, after her first four months in In New York. office as Queens Borough President. She was Whereitzat: Is there a real opportunity for gracious and engaging without the puffery tourism in Queens? that usually accompanies office holders of that stature. Ms. Katz is not just another politician; BP: There sure is, and we are working with she is an accomplished and talented singer NYC and Company, They have been like a and Broadway performer with an impressive fixture in Borough Hall. And have become resume. Not satisfied with that, she was an very involved in the World’s Fair celebration outstanding student at Amherst and went on which is where I am going to kick off the to earn her Law degree at St. Johns University, branding of the Borough and focus attention all this while experiencing the adversity of on the New York State pavilion. The Pavilion losing both parents before she was 21 years old. is the centerpiece of the fair and can be seen from the Grand Central Parkway as well as Whereitzat: This month marks your fourth from the planes coming in for landing. It is the month as BP, what responses have you received major attraction that was part of the World’s from this very diverse multi- ethnic borough as Fair in 1964 whose theme was “Peace through pertaining to your leadership? Understanding” which epitomizes our diverse BP: It’s been a great four months, the fact that borough of Queens. It is an outstanding show my administration and that of the Mayor got piece which represents Queens throughout started at the same time with the emphasis on the world and should be a magnet to attract Pre K, has been helpful. My emphasis is to not just the residents of Queens but our increase seats for Pre K, through community visitors as well. If you are showing Paris you based organizations and we want to get kids show the Eiffel tower, that’s their centerpiece. out of trailers and introduce full day Pre K. Manhattan attracts tourists because they spend We are also working with the Department money on marketing their attraction, Queens

must do likewise if we are to be taken seriously, so yes, we are going to advertise and market our Borough in its Re- branding phase. This is something my administration is committed to do. It’s been 50 years since the 1964 World’s Fair, so on May 18th we are doing The World’s Fair commemoration and cultural Celebrations in our Borough. Whereitzat: Let’s talk about you jobs creation plans for Queens BP: Forty six percent of our residents are new immigrants, many of whom are equipped with the expertise to start a small business and many have already done so. And as you know, small businesses generate employment, so what we are doing here at Borough Hall is to assist small business to get started and create more employment. We have a dedicated expert at Borough Hall whose focus it is to assist these small businesses. So what people should know is that if they have a business challenge they have a resource at Borough Hall. The remainder of this interview will appear in the June issue of Whereitzat and will be online at



The Theatric Rise of the Orisha

Once she brings the lightning and thunder, Mother Nature is expected to bring the rain. But what is expected of a young man who uses technology to do the same? After Nosa Igbinedion, 29, released the trailer for his new film Oya: Rise of the Orisha, a virtual tsunami of excitement and anticipation flooded the digital shores of social media. Thousands of faces lit up. Hearts rumbled with intrigue. A super heroine of the African continent was spinning her way to the big screen. Although Oya may not be as recognized as the Greco-Roman gods and goddesses who have told their stories in movie theaters across the planet for several decades, the level of curiosity and interest that she has garnered is very well deserved. The original Buffalo Soldier (the buffalo is one of Oya’s animal totems), who is usually armed with two machetes, is a tireless West African warrior goddess who is invoked and externally revered throughout Nigeria, the Caribbean, and Brazil. She has also been embraced by diasporic communities throughout the United States and Europe that practice the sacred psychology that underlies the African life sciences. Like her polygamous husband Shango, Oya 24 |

After you released the trailer for your film there was a lot of excitement across social media. What made you want to do an action movie on the Orisha, and why did has the power to generate lightning and you center it around Oya in particular? thunder. Royally adorned with a rainbow crown of nine colors, Oya embodies the cycles That’s an interesting question. To be honest, of change and transformations that occur I guess it goes back into my history, and my within nature, as well as within our personal past as a film maker. I’ve been making films lives. Her wrath and anger brings violent for about seven or eight years now. My initial storms, raging hurricanes, terrifying floods, introduction to film was The Hydra. It was a and sudden calamity. She’s kind of like the short film that went on to win quite a lot of god Saturn with feminine sex appeal and a awards and was kind of like my introduction severe case of PMS. You don’t want to mess to the film industry, especially over here in with Oya. As I’m writing this article I can the UK. It was for an audience at the British hear her say “I wish a chick would.” The film Film Institute, and it really was successful. synopsis for Oya: Rise of the Orisha states: From there, I started to make a lot more films. “For centuries the doorway between the But I started to realize that the films that I world of the Orishas and our world has was making was more targeted towards the remained closed, until now. Our hero, Ade, tastemakers in the film industry, as opposed is one of the few people with a connection to what I like, and what I’m interested in. I to one of the gods, Oya. She has been tasked sat back and thought to myself, “What is it with the job of protecting the innocent that I really like? What do I want to talk to and that means keeping the door to the people about with my films?” gods shut. Growing up, I’ve heard loads of stories about If the doorway to the gods is opened, they various parts of my culture. I’m from Nigeria, will wreak havoc and chaos upon us as so I decided that I would make a film about retribution for our abandonment of them. Nigerian deities, specifically the Orisha, just To keep the door shut, Oya must find ‘the because I felt that they are beings that connect key’ and keep the young girl who has the with humanity on a deep level. They are all potential to open the doorway safe. about connecting humans to a higher level of consciousness. I thought it would be a really The adventure unfolds with a host of apt subject for this film. memorable characters and a string of unexpected twists as Ade goes in search of The reason why I chose Oya is because I was the key. She battles against those who wish looking at the different Orisha, and there was to open a portal and unleash a horde of something about her that just stood out to me forgotten gods and goddesses into the world, personally. I didn’t want to just make a film with powers and skills beyond our human to please and placate the tastemakers and the comprehension. These supernatural gifts institutions—especially those here in the UK. have the potential to change the course of I just wanted to make a film that I liked. Oya’s human history for mankind, forever.” energy is very much about coming to a place, destroying everything and then rebuilding it WhereItzAt Magazine recently spoke with again. I think that’s why I chose her, and the the UK-based prodigy over Skype on a stormy Orisha as a whole, to work with. Saturday afternoon. Among other things, we discussed the film, the media’s power of What are some of the greatest challenges depiction, and the growing sense of cultural you’ve faced in putting this film together? awareness and pride among young Africans.

ENTERTAINMENT When you’re making films that are aimed at the tastemakers—and by tastemakers I’m talking about people and institutions who say “If you’re gonna make a film I want the film to be about what I say, and I will pay you if you make it about what I say it should be about.” I did a couple of films like that, and I realized that there weren’t many institutions from the get go who were ready to make a film about African gods.

customs and the same deities.

It’s a city in the South of Nigeria with a very rich history. Anyone reading this can Google “The Benin Empire.” It’s quite well known. As far as the relationship that we have to the Yoruba culture and the Orisha, it’s quite close. We’re cousins. We have the same origin, we both agree on that, but often disagree about who came from who. Still we share the same

It’s sad, but I’m working with a group of young Nigerians in the film industry and our aim is to bring change and do away with some of these old stereotypes that are still prevalent in the Nigerian film industry.

I actually grew up in the UK. I’ve spent most of my life over here. I’ve always been influenced by African culture. My parents gave me my name so that I would never forget where I came from. I don’t have an English name as many Nigerians tend to.

We did a crowd funding campaign for the shoot that you saw the trailer for. The idea was to provide a visual for larger financiers. The script for the feature is already on its fifth draft. It’s quite near its completion. We’re going to have a few screenings for the short film in the UK, the United States, and hopefully Brazil and Cuba. There are already a couple of festivals that have requested screenings for people to see wherever they are.

In many African films—particularly those coming out of Nigeria—traditional African We had to raise funds for this film ourselves, religions are often characterized in a very The next step for us would be going into and the way that we did it was through crowd negative light. What do you think about this production for the feature film. We’re quite funding from various people who would like as a Nigerian film maker? close to where we want to be on that. It’s a to see this type of film. I heard a lot of people Before I say anything, I just want to say that long process with obstacles, that I’ve had to talk about films that they don’t want to see. Nollywood and the Nigerian film industry has navigate my way through, but we’re getting My mentality was that I was going to take it amazing potential to shape the mentality of into a good place. If it is picked up by a major upon myself to put something different out the world—just in the sense of giving a voice distributor great, but not before the majority there, and if you want to see it and you have 5 to people who haven’t been heard before. I of the production is done. pounds [Editor’s Note: “pounds” is a reference would like to preface by saying that, but on the to the UK currency] 10 pounds, 1 pound, other side of things, it’s kind of crazy how we How can we help you with your efforts? whatever—put it together to show me that you sometimes see what we actually originated as a We’re just working on getting the trailer and really want to see this film. people in a negative light. short film out as much as possible. What So micro funding, or crowd funding, was the There is an element in the Oya storyline that people can do now to help me and my team way that we raised funds, but it was quite sort of talks about the shrines being destroyed. is go to our Facebook page Oya: Rise of the difficult. That was the main challenge. Also, I This came from me actually reading about Orisha, and like us there. Look for the trailer on have a great team working with me, but as far sacred shrines in Nigeria actually being YouTube, like it, share it within your networks. as production, making a super hero movie, at destroyed. The Nollywood demonization of They can also visit our website which is this level, with this amount of money, you’re traditional African religions is an extension of always going to have to do more than one job. that self-destructive mentality. To read the interview in its entirety, log on to You have to put in extra hours. In addition to being the director, I also wrote the script and We have such a rich culture that the world I handled the effects. But for me, if there is doesn’t really know about. It’s kind of like By: Adika Butler something I want to see, something I want to we’ve taken the images that Hollywood has do, I have to go one hundred percent into it to presented to the world about us, and we reenact these destructive stories which only make sure it happens. work against us. We live in the 21st century You said earlier you were Nigerian. What where just about everyone has a social media is your ethnic background? Are you Yoruba, platform, but many of us are still reenacting Hausa? Where did you grow up? the propaganda that others have spread, yet we I’m from Edo State, specifically Benin City. have the platforms to say something different.

How will the world be able to see your film? ITZ- BOLD- FRESH- ENTERTAINING | 25


Melinda Katz revisiting Alma Mater President Katz met are enrolled in the school’s ground-breaking Small Learning Community program, which has small groups of students participating in specialized programs structured around their areas of interest (such as pre-med, pre-law and theater). The Borough President said it was great to walk down the halls of her former high school and have the opportunity to talk with current students about their hopes and dreams for the future as well as their goals for their own careers. She was truly inspired by the efforts of the administration, faculty and students to create a great environment to learn and succeed. Queens Borough President visited her high school alma High School in Jamaica, on The Borough President met

Melinda Katz mater, Hillcrest Friday, May 9. with Hillcrest’s

principal, David Morrison, and with faculty members and with several students, including representatives from Hillcrest’s student government. Some of the kids Borough

An Apple deal may make Dr. Dre the ‘first billionaire in hip-hop.’ It’s a bittersweet victory. A rap icon who hasn’t dropped an album in nearly 15 years is now calling himself “the first billionaire in hip-hop” — and he might be exaggerating by only $200 million. Beats Electronics, a company co-founded by Dr. Dre that specializes in high-end headphones and a recently launched music streaming service, is in talks with Apple and on the verge of being sold for a cool $3.2 billion, according to media reports. By Chris Richards - Washington Post

26 |



Are you sacrificing too much for your relationship? Although some progress has been made with it and move on? Some men will apologize regard to gender equality, we still live in a because they do not want to speak about society that subtly glorifies men and their the problem. egos. Women are still being taught how to get their man to love them; how to get their man to be more attentive; how to get their man to stop cheating. The list goes on and on. But the question here is: why are women the only ones doing all the work? What responsibilities do the men have? If a relationship needs work, it is the woman who needs to understand that men generally do not like to express their emotions and that it is up to her to talk things over with him and give him space. Women from all the things that you have to do, aren’t you tired by now? Women, it is not your job to think like a man. With all that you have going on, how are you supposed to find time to think like a man when you have barely begun to think for yourself? Don’t you think it’s time that men began to self-parent themselves and deal with their emotional issues before they get involved with someone else? It is not your responsibility to grow a man. If children are also in the relationship, a woman barely has time to be a mother to her children because she is too busy being the mother of her partner. The children are the ones who ultimately suffer and grow up resentful.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship. Each of us have the desire to be in a loving, stable, mature and committed relationship and so we should. But if that is your only desire then that will be your recruitment calling card for men who don’t give a hoot about themselves, so they won’t give a hoot about you. A man will make all sorts of promises just so you would believe that he really wants to change. So you stay to “help him” and he has you under his control. It is important that you learn to identify this behavior from early on. Otherwise, later on down the road you will find your emotions entangled in a ball of emotional mess. On the outside this man may come off as selfcentered, selfish and self-absorbed. However, a man who behaves like that is hiding an emotionally scared and insecure little boy deep inside of him.

After an apology a normal person would be reluctant to bring up the conversation again because the person who wronged them has already apologized. It is important to understand that this is another dip and dodge technique. By apologizing he dipped under your accusations and then dodged having to discuss the problem. He’s home free and you are left feeling like you have just been spun like a top. Now you are confused. It’s a nice football tactic and a clever one too. It takes an emotionally mature man to reach out to his mate when things are not going right. His primary concern would not be to prove that he is right, but lovingly nurture his relationship with his mate, respect her as an By TRUDY-ANN EWAN individual, and respect her feelings.

Every relationship is a give and take, but if you are doing more of the giving then your relationship is seriously off balance. Problems will arise and when they do are you always the one apologizing because you want to take the high road? After a fight there should always be a cooling off period. Is he the one always taking a longer time out each time? Do you There are some men who behave in a very find that your mate will say hurtful things to controlling, possessive, jealous and calculating you and then act like it was nothing? Does manner. They are more interested in having he apologize and then expect you to accept

28 |

you as a possession rather than as a lover. They will go to any lengths to manipulate your emotions so you would think that they are serious regarding developing a relationship with you. That kind of behavior is manipulative and destructive. It’s the reason why sane women snap. Unfortunately that kind of behavior can only happen to you when you have completely given up who you are just to be in a relationship. This is called loosing yourself. You are not stupid, dumb, an idiot nor did you deserve what you got. Some women embark on a mission of self-flagellation when they realize how much of themselves they had given up for their relationship.

Protect your world Auto • Home • Life • Retirement

Call me today to discuss your options. Some people think Allstate only protects your car. Truth is, Allstate can also protect your home or apartment, your boat, motorcycle - even your retire ment and your life. And the more of your world you put in Good Hands®, themore you can save. Victor Babb, Principal (516) 358-Auto (2886) (800) 346-9748 476 Hempstead Turnpike Elmont, NY 11003 Putting our community in Good Hands® for over 40 years.


Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co., Allstate Indemnity Co., Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Co.. Life insurance and annuities issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Lincoln, NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL, and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Co.


National association of university Women Scholarship awards

30 |

Lady Kendra’s Birthday Party

Caribbean Business Connection Networking Event



Sizzla gets radical VP Records unleashes Sizzla’s Radical, a collection of rare and unreleased material during the 2014 Grammy nominated icon’s formative years. Radical unearths musical gems from the Xterminator label sessions between the early ’90s and ’00 that were produced by the late legendary Philip Fattis Burrell. Fattis helped forge some of Sizzla’s best work to date, including his 1997 breakthrough album Praise Ye Jah that is widely considered one of the top conscious reggae albums of its time.

lyrics. Sizzla’s palpable spirit and vigor for life shine throughout this revolutionary collection of obscure or previously unreleased material, which features live instrumentation from Jamaica’s studio aces like Sly Dunbar, Steven Stanley, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and Dean Fraser.

Since his emergence in the early 90s, Sizzla has undeniably put his stamp on the genre regardless of the current style or trend. The Jamaica-born reggae vocalist’s previous effort The Messiah (released in 2013 on VP Records) earned him his first Grammy nomination Whether Sizzla is addressing society’s ills or for Best Reggae Album. Rap mogul Jay Z singing love songs, the like-minded Radical also recently sampled Sizzla’s timeless classic (overseen under the direction of Fattis’ son “Solid As A Rock” on his latest album, while Kareem Burrell) features the reigning king hip hop artists like 50 Cent and Ja Rule used of roots’ honest, raw and thought-provoking the same tune in their songs too.

32 |

BUSINESS Queens Chamber of Commerce New Members Reception

Standing from left to right: Vicent Petraro, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Ken Koenig, Board Member, Bruno Scap, Galeas Consulting, Hiawatha Colbert, Capital Credit Processing Card, Beatrice Morton, Affinity, Jack Friedman, Executive Director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce ,Tonya Perry, Mutual of Omaha, Albert F. Pennisi, President of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Craig Ratigan, TD Bank, Patricia Mezeul, Flushing Bank, Cathy Berger, Development Director of the QCC , Richard Xia, Fleet Financial Group, Xi Verfenstein, Fleet Financial Group, Denise Savino, Automatic Industries, Showky Kaldawy, Mondial Automotive Inc., Clive Williams, Whereitzat, Cheryl Miller, Legal Shield, Tanya Whittmore, Healthfirst.



The Black AIDS Institute Strongly Condemns Donald Sterling’s Bigotry LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2014 / PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Last night, during an interview with Anderson Cooper, the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling tried to distract the public from his history of racial bigotry by changing the conversation to attacking and stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDS.

American public reports having a friend or family member who either has died from AIDS or are living with HIV/AIDS, Donald Sterling’s beliefs are not only prejudiced and antiquated, they undermine efforts to fight the disease.

And instead of demonizing people with HIV/AIDS and alienating them from care, we should be taking advantage of the opportunity that currently exists to end the AIDS epidemic so that our children can grow up in an AIDS-free generation.

This type of ignorance contributes to HIV/ AIDS stigma. Stigma causes people to avoid getting HIV tested and, if they do test positive, delay seeking care and treatment, struggle to adhere to their medication, and in the case of Cicely Bolden, are killed for disclosing their HIV-positive status.

The Black AIDS Institute urges communities, advocates, policymakers and, once again, the NBA to work aggressively to create an environment where we eliminate HIV-related stigma—one where people living with HIV can live their lives openly, honestly, freely and with integrity in a society where that is the norm and not the exception.

Among many other offensive statements Donald Sterling made, he said this about Magic Johnson: “What kind of a guy goes to every city, has sex with every girl, then he catches HIV? Is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? I think he should be ashamed of himself. I think he Ending the AIDS epidemic requires us to create an environment in which people feel should go into the background.” safe to disclose their HIV status to their The Black AIDS Institute strongly condemns sexual partners and loved ones, where we both Donald Sterling and this type of fight stigma wherever it exists, and where thinking. “Donald Sterling’s statements are people living with HIV/AIDS feel no more shocking and appalling,” says Phill Wilson, ashamed by their illness than a person who is the Institute’s President and CEO. “We are living with heart disease. not going back to dark ages when people living with HIV/AIDS were characterized as For 15 years the Black AIDS Institute has promiscuous sexual predators, who should been on the front line—often working with hide and be ashamed. Mr. Sterling would the Magic Johnson Foundation and the have us go back to the days of keeping NBA—to fight stigma, increase knowledge children out of school, and denying people and awareness about the facts of HIV and end the type of misinformation that Mr. Sterling with HIV housing.” tried to disseminate to deflect attention away In an era in which nearly 40 percent of the from his own bigotry.

34 |

About The Black AIDS Institute Founded in May 1999, The Black AIDS Institute is the only national HIV/AIDS think tank in the United States focused exclusively on Black people. The Institute’s mission is to stop the AIDS pandemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black institutions, leaders and individuals in efforts to confront HIV. The Institute interprets public- and private-sector HIV policies, conducts trainings, offers technical assistance, disseminates information and provides advocacy and mobilization from a uniquely and unapologetically Black point of view.



The Dumplin Shop New and Improved Have you ever tasted food so good that the taste lingers with you for a lifetime? Well I have and you would too if you had ever tasted salt - fish and dumpling from the legendary Ronnie Bop Shop on Windward Road in East Kingston, Jamaica W.I. Simple but unforgettable food served with pickled onions, carrots, pimento in vinegar, that salt- fish and dumpling was a Kings meal; it was even sweeter after a hard night on the town. Please, indulge me when I tell you, the taste of that salt- fish, dumpling, escovitched fish, ackee and salt- fish, fried sprat and fritters never left my taste buds. So when I came to America, I met a friend who had the old Ronnie Bop experience and she immediately took me to a rustic, clean, home style restaurant on Bronxwood Avenue in the boogie - down Bronx called The Dumplin Shop. It was the start of a new love affair, Ronnie Bop Shop re-incarnated in the Bronx New York.

with fried plantain with vinegar and onions is not only mouth – watering but totally re – invigorating for those who had partied too much the night before. I soon found out that the Dumplin Shop, much like its defunct counterpart in old eastern Kingston, had become a tradition in the Bronx, which brings me to share the story of this iconic family restaurant tradition.

Just as the decade of the 1990’s dawned in the Bronx, two hardworking and enterprising brothers from the Parish of Hanover, Jamaica, W.I decided to open a small retail business selling Fresh Fish, all the time believing there was a market for that because Jamaicans consume quite a lot of fish. They had given up a School bus business they owned because of the over regulated nature of that business, now they began to have second thoughts, John Douglas and Tideman Douglas had put everything in a new business that had very If you are real Jamaican you know that little customers. On one memorable day in the particularly after a hard night, salt – fish 90’s as their hopes dimmed, their frustrations and dumpling or fried fish and dumpling grew, so did their hunger, forced to prepare food, they borrowed a one burner stove to cook some of the fish they sold. The smell of well seasoned fish wafted out, provoking the olfactory senses of their neighbors who started placing orders for cooked fish, in six months dumplings were added to the fish menu and happy customers created the name, “The Dumplin Shop.” In 2002, John Douglas one of the founders returned to Jamaica after handing over the running of the business to Kerieth Mair his nephew. This period proved however to be one of the most challenging as there was an explosion of new Caribbean restaurants, more food choices as well as demographic shifts in population. Mr. Mair’s inspiration to persevere came from his sister Jennifer John, (now deceased) who motivated him to accept the challenge and provided financial 36 |

support for the NEW AND IMPROVED DUMPLIN SHOP. The dramatic shift in location, image and décor in addition to full service dining is only possible because of a powerful family team, working to ensure full customer satisfaction, high quality food offerings and customer friendly pricing. At the heart of this family team are Chef ’s Collin Douglas and Anthony Douglas with transitional support from Errol Douglas; Kereith articulates the family plan to open their sit - down dining room and Lounge as well as a tropical styled outdoor patio to offer theirexpanding customer base an Island atmosphere to relax and enjoy. Getting to the DUMPLIN SHOP is now easier than ever before, it sits conspicuously, overlooking Exit 12 off the 95N at the intersection of E 222nd Street and Baychester Avenue. Call 718 653 3143 to place your orders or make inquiries. THE DUMPLIN SHOP, 1530 E 222ND STREET, BRONX, N.Y. 10469.

“Promoting Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development”

Saturday, June 21st 8pm - 1pm

The premier event for the recognition and celebration of business leadership and achievement, invites you to its Gala Awards Ceremony and Presentation

Adria Hotel, 221-17 Northern Blvd, Bayside, Queens, NY 11361

Tickets (all inclusive): $100/person $90 online at

Dress: Strictly Formal – no exceptions For more information, Contact: Dr. Clive Williams: 917-749-7613 Ms. Kisha: 917-795-5507

“Think Big, Achieve Big – and realize Big Rewards” ITZ- BOLD- FRESH- ENTERTAINING | 37


7 popular pieces of Business advice you should ignore. Only with complete focus will you be able to management cliches to the contrary. “What grow the business to its full potential,” iniststs can be wrong with reaching for the stars? From the moment inspiration hits and you author Barry Moltz. Plenty. Most really big solutions begin small come up with a business idea, the deluge of and build momentum. How seriously would bad advice begins. Much of this is from the 4. Never say die. anybody have taken Amazon if it started as well meaning but risk averse. Sensible caution the ‘everything store’?” notes a BusinessWeek and careful planning never hurt anyone, but Tenacity in the face of daily struggles and roundup of management truisms that should not pursuing their dreams most certainly did. inevitable difficulties is great, but business is be shown the door. Your first step is ignoring those who tell you full of failure. Holding on simply to hold on is a terrible idea. Sometimes it’s a far better to It’s also fine if your business idea is downright not even to start. let go, learn from your mistakes, and move on boring. “As an entrepreneur we all think “I have lost count of the number of people to something more promising. “This hard fast we are Steve Jobs. I’m guilty of it as well,” who told me not to take the risk of starting rule can lead to bankruptcy. Don’t go down writes entrepreneur Dan Norris. “For most my own business, or not to undertake a with the ship!” urges Moltz, who says it’s far businesses, this really isn’t how things work particular project,” Michelle Wright, CEO of better to know when it fold ‘em. out. Our most successful product WP Curve Cause4, has written. “But whilst it’s often not is boring - we fix websites! But it works a walk in the park, there is no way I wouldn’t 5. The customer is always right. because a lot of people need their website have wanted to try.” No, the customer is often confused, unaware fixed.” 1. Don’t start up.

of his true needs, or more trouble than he’s worth. “While the goal of every entrepreneur Market and customer research is essential, but is to make as much money as humanly so is a willingness to start despite imperfect possible, saying no to some paying customers information and flexibility once you get may actually get you there faster,” Charles going. “When you are first starting out, there Gaudet of Predictable Profits explains. Moltz is a 100 percent chance you’ll encounter agrees: “If the customer was always right then obstacles and opportunities that no business it would be too expensive for any company to plan could account for. The only way to deal stay in business.” with them is to be flexible,” cautions Jim Belosic ofPancakes Laboratories/ShortStack, But it’s not just that some customer demands who admits to never having a business plan. cost more than they bring in. It’s also that “The need for a business plan simply doesn’t customers are sometimes clueless about the exist, and I would argue that making one is a best solution. “While taking client feedback poor use of your most valuable resource: your is critical, giving customers what they want time,” agrees fellow business plan skeptic - instead of what serves their lives and Anthony Saladino of Kitchen Cabinet Kings. businesses - is a copout,” says Kelly Azevedo of She’s Got Systems, who works “incredibly 3. Don’t quit your job. hard to educate my audience and persuade them. In real life, the customer is not always Situations vary, of course, but limping along right.” with half measures is often more about fear than it is about failing to make your mortgage 6. Think big. payments. “When you have enough customers to support your minimum overhead, jump While it’s great to dream of changing the to doing the business on an exclusive basis. world or upending an industry, the truth is most businesses move incrementally, despite 2. You need a perfect business plan.

38 |

7. It’s the idea (or execution) that matters most. Some folks say success is mostly about your idea. Others insist it’s mostly down to your execution. Both camps are wrong because both are important. “The truth about ideas is that even the best succeed only when they attract the attention of the people who matter-;and when the timing is right,” insists BusinessWeek. “Business ideas are meaningless if you can’t back it up,” concurs Moltz. But Norris offers an important caveat to this ‘the idea isn’t everything’ wisdom. Execution also isn’t everything. “A bad idea that’s well executed will fail. I know that because I’ve done it,” he admits. Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list. There’s plenty more bad advice out there. What other old chestnuts would you advise your fellow entrepreneurs to ignore?

By Jessica Stillman – Inc Magazine


WhereItzAt Magazine May 2014  
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