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Top 21 power and water companies in the Middle east

twentyone industry pioneers s u p p o rt e d by:


FOReWord By Anoop K Menon Editor, Power & Water Middle East

2013 Edition


How water and power are fundamental to human sustenance, social well-being and economic activity is something I never tire of repeating. But these fundamentals have always been exposed to their biggest challenges in the water-energy interdependency that characterises the Middle East and the factors – social, economic and demographic – that encourage this interdependency. Meanwhile, power and water companies in the region, public and private, have their task cut out – they must ensure reliable power and water production, distribution and provide products and solutions that encourage efficient consumption in deference to the ascendance of sustainability. twentyone INDUSTRY PIONEERS is a humble effort by the publishers of Power & Water Middle East magazine to honour industry leaders and innovators who exemplify stewardship, leadership and innovation in their respective sub-sectors. While putting this special book together, we worked with industry names whose legacies in this region stretch back 30 years or more. Sharing space with them in the book are the young pioneers, the teenage equivalent of their middle-aged counterparts. But certain qualities are common to both groups – an appetite for risk-taking, leadership, innovation and respect for human talent. I must also emphasise that twentyone INDUSTRY PIONEERS is not a ranking of companies in any sense. The 19th position in this book is not the equivalent of a 19th rank. A company occupying the 10th position is not inferior to the one in the first position. Here, we have used numbers more as a listing mechanism than as a industry pecking order. twentyone INDUSTRY PIONEERS is an elegant celebration of achievement and stewardship. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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Private utility UTICO


HDPE PIPES WELDING TRAiNING skz german plastics center



distributor dutco tennant llc





CONSTRUCTION rw armstrong


water TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES bwa water additives


LEAK DETECTION blue gold technology




ENERGY MANAGEMENT schneider electric


OIL & GAS Emirates National Oil Company


SOLAR TECHNOLOGY emirates solar industry association



Transformers & switchgears emirates transformer & switchgear limited














Top 21 power and water companies in the middle east

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twentyone industry pioneers


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twenty one

industry pioneers


UTICO twenty one

industry pioneers


Private utility


Beyond the UAE, where Utico holds the title of being the largest full service private utility, the company also qualifies as a major full service utilities provider in the greater Middle East region. Utico is also one of the leading green companies in the UAE, as the only company to have obtained ISO 50001 certification for Energy Management from Quality Austria. One of the 27 companies of the Abu Dhabi based Ghantoot Group, whose turnover is over USD 2.8 billion, Utico is also one of the leading utility engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors in the country. Utico is a utility infrastructure developer. Its business operations include generation, transmission, distribution, billing, collection, quality control and customer service. It also designs, engineers, procures, installs, tests and commissions water desalination and power generation plants. Incorporated in 2005, Utico has grown into generating and meeting the needs of power and water to an area of 300 square kilometres with a population of over 100,000. The company is investing over USD 700 million to set up new power and water facilities including a 270 megawatt (MW) coal based power plant with carbon capture and storage, as well as a new transmissions & distributions, desalination plants, storage and pumping stations. The six core values of the company include customer focus, full service utility, being environmentally friendly, team work, innovation, social responsibility. The support of the governments of UAE and its freedom to business has helped many to succeed and flourish in the UAE, Utico being a company from Ras Al Khaimah.

VISION: “To provide water, power and wastewater treatment as per international standards and be one among the most successful and respected water and power utility services company” MISSION: “To sustain profitable growth by providing the best utility customer service experience” 15

Core Sectors • • • • •

Utilities investment Water production Power production Wastewater treatment Transmission & distribution (T&D)

Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Reverse-Osmosis treatment technology. Ultra – Filtration (UF)

Utico has in house developed several technological advancements including superior filtration systems like

In Ras Al Khaimah, Utico is involved in: • Total desalination capacity ownership of 160,000 cubic metres per day • Under development of 90,000 cubic metres per day capacity • Power generation capacity of 120 MW • Under development of 330 MW of power generation capacity • Over 300 kilometres of T&D network ownership • Under development of over 100 kilometres of T&D network

micron filters, unique operation and maintenance practices, chemicals, and more. The EPC team is backed by certified and well experienced professional engineers in various disciplines, trained supervisory staff, specific consultancy agencies for client’s needs and approved subcontractors. The team also draws on a wealth of experience from its operation and management team for water and power plants. Utico has its ISO certified workshop facilities equipped with a full complement of machinery and power for handling specialised jobs including specialised welding of super duplex stainless steel, balance of plant’s work for fossil fired power plants, high density polyethylene pipe work, seawater intakes and outfalls, automation, power systems, fabrication of large tanks, vessels, overhauling equipment, rotating equipment servicing, and so on. Utico has a quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) team for ensuring strict quality control as per ISO 9001.

Technology base


Utico also has expertise in design, EPC, erection, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance of seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis plants, sewage and effluent treatment plants, fossil fuel based power generation plants, and water and power distribution systems. It has developed a strong collaboration with several renowned companies for water and wastewater technologies in areas of: • Desalination by sea water reverse osmosis & brackish water reverse osmosis • Sewage treatment & industrial effluent treatment by

Utico tailors its projects to meet client requirements by carrying out detailed analysis and study. As part of its full service contracts, Utico offers: • EPC projects: Complete design, supply, install, test and commission of the plant. • Build-Own-Operate (BOO): Complete concept to design, capital investment, project management, installation, commissioning operation and maintenance. • Build-Lease-Transfer (BLT): Complete concept to design, capital investment with lease, project management,

Utico has agreements with Ras Al Khaimah government, Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA), Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), among several other government bodies and private entities, to help service their requirements while building long term relationships and partnerships.



1. 2. 3. 4.

installation, commissioning, maintenance and facility transfer on expiry of lease. • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT): Complete concept to design, capital investment, project management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance and facility transfer on expiry of tenure. • Concession contract: Supply concession for provision of utilities to client’s end users, tenants-residents for a fixed fee to the client. Complete concept to design, capital investment, project management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. • Equity participation: Equity participation of the client for provision of utilities to the client, tenants, residents on a joint profit sharing basis. Complete concept to design, capital investment, project management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Utico’s strength lies in offering a full service “financed” solution from concept to operation and maintenance. Utico also has the full spectrum of engineering capabilities from design to EPC, with many satisfied customers.

Certification Utico is an ISO certified organisation, having ISO 50001:2011 energy management certification, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

UTICO FZC P.O. Box 54527 RAK FTZ Ras Al Khaimah, UAE T. 971 7 2434610 F. 971 7 2434612 E.



twenty one

industry pioneers


emirates transformer & Switchgear limited


transformers & SWITCHGEARs


Powering the industry with innovative technology Every product has a lifecycle. The average lifecycle of a transformer is 30 years, give or take a few. Even as the first set of transformers made, sold and serviced by the oldest transformer manufacturer in the Gulf region enter their twilight years, the name of their manufacturer has become a brand name to reckon with, not only in the Middle East but also in Africa and Europe. The Dubai-headquartered regional transformer manufacturing giant Emirates Transformer & Switchgear Limited (ETS), which recently celebrated its silver jubilee in 2012, can justifiably lay claim to having the most number of transformers in the network where the Gulf region is concerned.

Industry pioneer Emirates Transformer & Switchgear (ETS), set up by renowned industrialist, the late Mr. P D Patel in 1987, is a thirdgeneration family owned enterprise and pioneer manufacturer of transformers and switchgear in the UAE. The manufacturing operations stem from a historical association with sister concern IEO Tranformatoren B.V. Breda, who has been manufacturing and supplying transformers in the European market for more than 55 years and in the Middle East and African markets since 1976. The technical collaboration with IEO Tranformatoren was conceived when the Patel family, who in earlier years were their agents, decided to buy out IEO in 1983. ETS’ go-to-market portfolio comprises of a wide range of power and distribution transformers, package substations, special transformers and LV switchgears, all manufactured at their Jebel Ali and Dubai Investment Park plants. The company’s export footprint covers the Middle East, Africa and European markets as well. The company, arguably, may be considered as a market leader in mineral oil cooled distribution transformers from 50KvA to 3200 KVA with voltage class up to 36kV. It is also the largest manufacturer of power transformers in the Gulf region offering power transformers from 2500kVA up to 40MVA with rating voltage up to 72.5kV. The company manufactures oil filled power transformers of ratings from 2000kVA and above with ONAN (oil-natural, air-natural) or ONAF (oil-natural, air-forced) cooling using on-load tap changers (OLTC). For applications where an extra margin of fire safety is required as well as for hazardous locations, ETS also offers transformers incorporating less flammable liquid insulated coolants like silicone, Midel and FR-3. These coolant options are offered for distribution transformers as well Plans are underway for manufacturing 100MVA power transformers with rating voltage up to 220 KV. ETS also makes Phase Shift and Muti-Tap transformers for Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) applications in oil and gas sector. In fact, the company is one of the leading manufacturers from the region supplying large oilfield contractors such as Schlumberger, G.E., Baker Hughes etc.


Package Substations ETS manufactures a wide range of package substations which primarily comprise of the transformer, high voltage main unit and voltage feeder pillar. The entire assembly is mounted on a common base to facilitate lifting and hauling as an integral unit.

LV Switchgear • Main distribution and sub-main distribution board up to 5000 Amps • Feeder Pillars (DIN Type and BS Type) • Motor control centre • Automatic power factor correction capacitor bank panels

‘To continuously develop, innovate and use latest technologies and processes that will help us provide power distribution equipment and services, meeting international standards to our customers; to expand and diversify in newer markets and products with active involvement of all concerned.’

Strength in manufacturing

ETS has invested considerably in its manufacturing capabilities coupled with a multiple-factory back-up strategy to enable it to offer the most suitable solution in terms of production capability, on-time delivery and product quality. The products are designed and tested to comply with international standards such as IEC 60076, ANSI C57 Series, IEC 62271202 and IEC 61439. Moreover, the entire product range is engineered to take on the most demanding conditions day after day. ETS has invested substantially and strategically in modern machinery such as advanced core slitting and cutting equipment, winding machines, vacuum drying chamber with state-of-the-art control instrumentation to ensure quality product. The winding process is carried out in a climatically controlled environment, eliminating the possibility of ingress of dust. The automatic foil winding


machine for low voltage coils as well as the microprocessor controlled winding machines for high voltage coils have been supplied by Stollberg, Germany. ETS has also obtained a large number of winding machines specifically geared towards winding higher rating power transformers from Broomfield, US. ETS specialises in the manufacture of step-lap cut cores and stacked cores for in-house consumption as well as exports. Towards this, ETS has set up a brand new state-of-art facility in Ras Al Khaimah, from where it feeds built cores to all its manufacturing units in Dubai as well as their sister concern in The Netherlands. In addition selling within the GCC market, this also enables the company’s products to meet stringent environmental requirements of the European market. The iron cores are manufactured with cold rolled grain oriented electrical sheet steel having thicknesses of 0.30mm, 0.37mm and 0.23mm. In power transformers, these are also of the HiB variety (including laser-etched material), depending upon the required no-load loss levels. All the cores are mitred and step lap cut which gives a benefit in no-load losses and noise level.

Servicing the transformer industry With outsourcing becoming a popular method of improving performance and reducing costs, ETS is well positioned to deliver, to site, experienced manpower and modern equipment, to enable customers to focus on their most important core activities. The company is completely equipped to conduct repairs of transformers, switchgears or substations as well as refurbish and maintain transformers with ratings up to 150 MVA, 132KV class, irrespective of makes at the customer site or Jebel Ali works as the case may be. For transformer oil maintenance, ETS has invested in three mobile units, with different filtration capacities, to be able to provide on-site services of filtering, drying or replacing the oil in transformers. Other outsourced solutions offered include supervision of erection and commissioning of transformers and substations (up to 100 MVA, 132kV class irrespective of makes), annual maintenance contracts (visual inspection, checking for leakages, checking of cable terminations/

connections), and onsite and offsite technical support (drawing on 100 years equivalent of experience accumulated by the company’s design and production teams).

Testing & Quality Control Currently, the company’s Integrated Management Systems (IMS) meets the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Periodically, these are audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), an authorised certifying body for IMS, to ensure that the systems conform to established norms as well as to refine processes and systems for continual improvement. ETS has also set up a state of art material testing laboratory for incoming material testing. Raw material is tested as per stringent Quality Assurance plans and upon satisfactory compliance, the material is accepted. ETS was the first transformer This process is manufacturing facility in the GCC supported with regular and the UAE to receive the ISO vendor audits and certification, way back in 1995. evaluation of vendors on yearly basis. ETS has invested in a modern testing facility which may be considered at par with some of the global giants in the industry, and this is just one step towards ensuring the highest standards of service and quality of product, in this region. In 2012, ETS became the first transformer and switchgear manufacturing company in the Middle East to achieve an ISO 17025 certification from Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) for its High Power High Voltage laboratory. The scope for this accreditation - ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories -

extends to 18 different routine, type and special tests prescribed under IEC 60076, IEC60599, IEC60156 and IEC60814. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art Impulse Voltage Testing and Practical Discharge Testing equipment.

Research & Development Over the past 25 years, ETS has reduced the no-load losses of silicon steel transformers by over 60% by a) improving the construction of silicon steel itself, b) improving the cutting of the laminations c) improving the stacking or assembling of the laminations in the core of the transformer and d) using improved computer models of the no-load losses. Ongoing R&D activities include industrial applications where thermal or loading condition necessitates higher temperature withstand or reduced footprint; offshore applications where dimensional restrictions play an important role and replacement applications for high capacity transformers within same space. As an independent company, ETS has dedicated its people, technology, financial resources and manufacturing expertise to add value to customers’ needs. Apart from an extended product line, the company has also developed a technological, administrative and marketing infrastructure that is comparable with some of the finest manufacturers of similar products worldwide. ETS is uniquely focused on becoming one of the most valued global providers of power and distribution products for utilities and industry.

EMIRATES TRANSFORMER & SWITCHGEAR LTD PO BOX No. 16842 Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE T. +971-4-8816288 F. +971-4-8816693 E.

MAJOR CLIENTS • DEWA, ADWEA, FEWA and SEWA in the UAE • Kahramaa, Qatar • Electricity Directorate, Bahrain • DUBAL • Dubai International Airport • ENOC • ADMA-OPC • NPCC • Total ELF, Qatar • PDO-Oman • KOC • KNPC • QASCO • QP • QAPCO • Public Electricity Corporation, Yemen • Saudi Aramco • NUON Inkoop, The Netherlands


twenty one

industry pioneers


DUTco tennant llc





35 years of unparalleled quality and variety DutcoTennant and BCL have been present in the market for over three decades led by an experienced and aggressive management and sales team. The Company continues to retain its position as a premier solutions provider by consistently maintaining its edge as a leading UAE, Middle East and North Africa supplier to prestige buildings, oil & gas sector, infrastructure, water & electricity, ports & civil engineering sectors. The company has successfully implemented an extensive range of major supply contracts to various government departments and private clients in the UAE and Middle East markets. Dutco Tennant/BCL is a premium professional company offering an unparalleled variety and quality of products and services throughout its market segments.

Our Mission ‘We are dedicated to provide world class solutions to our customers to fulfill their diverse needs through a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are recognized for what they do. We are a technology management company with a futuristic outlook and a keen desire to learn and change with the times. Our commitment to the customer is of prime importance to us in building enduring relationships with them.  

Our Core Values We believe that openness, integrity and humility are the cornerstones for the success of our business in dealing with our internal and external environment. We believe in nurturing an environment which instills a feeling of ownership and allow people to deploy their entrepreneurial skills. We recognise that the respect we have for our people and the freedom we give, transforms them into being responsible and accountable for their actions. We strive to provide an environment of job security and accessibility by being sensitive to the needs of each other.




Pipes & Fttings

Bridge Bearings




Lighting Poles

Manhole covers


OHL material

Engineering Products Fire Fighting products Nano Characterization & reserch systems

Teaching and Training equipment

Electron Optics / spectroscopy

Enviromental monitoring equipment

Forensic equipment

Biomedical equipment

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Expansion Joints

Science & Technology

Field Instruments


Surveying Products & services Flow meters



Total Stations

Spatial stations and scanners


Maping and GIS

Dust suppression system

Design, Sport & Leisure Prodcuts

Stone and Metal mosaic



Raised flooring

Expansion Joints Profile

Roof Tiles

Fittness/Gym equipment

Golf/Utility carts

Playground equipment

Science Lab equipment

Warning Tapes

Guard Rails

Drainage Cells

Automatic filters

Water storge tanks

Grooved fittings

MICC cables

Ducting accessories

Buoys & Bollards

Engineering Products HVAC products Calibration services

Test & Measurement system

Material testing equipmet




VSAT systems

Water & BTU Meters

E-business & Telecomunication

RO membranes


Business Technology Pressure Vessels Integrated communication system

Security management system

Thermal imaging system

Special Electronic system

Lighting control & automation

Audo Visual system

Marine Fenders

Design, Sport & Leisure Prodcuts

Sports surfacing

Toilet Cubicles

Granite & Natural stones


Commercial Kitchen equipment

Commercial laundry equipment


Rubber products

Wet Area products

Dutco Tennant LLC P O Box 233 Dubai, UAE T. +9714-2220186 F. +9714-2236193



twenty one

industry pioneers




Water & WasteWater contractor

CELEBRATING 27 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Eagle Electromechanical Company LLC was established in Sharjah, UAE, by Mr Mohammed Hijaz in 1985 with a total workforce of five. The company’s initial focus was on electromechanical works in the water sector. Eagle’s major breakthrough came during 1987 and 1988, when it was awarded a series of military contracts. In 1988, the company signed a design, build and operate (DBO) contract for a sewage treatment plant at the Dubai Police School, becoming the first UAE-based company to work on such a prestigious project. In 1995, Mr Hijaz established Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment Co LLC as the Dubai-based sister organisation of Eagle. The construction boom in Dubai saw Eagle/Al Hijaz working on ever larger and prestigious water and wastewater projects that catapulted the company into the ranks of the largest water and wastewater contracting companies in the Middle East. Today, Eagle/Al Hijaz has established itself as leading contractor specialised in custom design, supply, construction, operation of water and wastewater plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, utilities (including water and sewerage pumping stations and networks, water supply transfer line, irrigation tanks and networks, electrical HV and LV networks, substations) and outsourced operation and maintenance of waste water and water works. In 2011, focus on regional expansion saw the opening of Eagle Jordan Construction Contracting Co LLC in Jordan. In 2012, Eagle/Al Hijaz started operating in Saudi Arabia through Saudi Eagle Environmental Contracting Co LLC. The company has also executed water and wastewater projects further afield in Palestine, providing the first MBR plant there for Raihan, and in Sudan and Azerbaijan. Currently Eagle/Al Hijaz is executing around 100 projects with over USD 70 million in Saudi Arabia alone.


has carved out its own reputation for employing best practices and rendering end-to-end services starting from day-to-day O&M, training, documentation, through to technical support. At present, Eagle/Al Hijaz is working on contracts with a collective value of over AED 1 billion. In terms of project numbers, the company has collectively executed more than 115 utilities and over 90 MEP projects.

Local and trusted In line with growth and scope of business over the years, Eagle/ Al Hijaz’s total workforce has grown to over 2,000 personnel, which includes 100 engineers, designers and technicians.

Mastery of MBR In the UAE, Eagle/Al Hijaz has completed more than 80 wastewater treatment works in public and private sectors, providing turn-key solutions for a range of treatment capacities, starting from 10 m3/day to 30,000 m3/ day. The company currently operates 70,000 m3/day of wastewater treatment capacity of which approximately half is treated by Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology. In fact, Eagle/Al Hijaz has mastered MBR technology to the extent that its expertise is second to none. MBR hollow fibre membranes have a pore size of 0.02 microns which physically disinfects the water and prevents the passage of viruses. Moreover, MBR effluent can be further treated, at a fraction of the desalination cost to produce drinking water quality by adding a reverse osmosis (RO) plant. These aspects were incorporated into the 25,000 m3/day Dubai Sport City wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), a DBO project executed by Eagle/Al Hijaz, which also enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest operating MBR plants in the Middle East. Eagle/Al Hijaz’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) division, which was set up to capitalise on the company’s wealth of DBO experience water and wastewater projects,


Whether it is water or wastewater projects, the path to engineering excellence for both companies, as intended by Mr Hijaz, is localisation and development of designs in-house rather than merely executing outside designs. The objective of this is to deliver optimal and sustainable solutions to local environmental requirements for industrial, commercial, domestic and municipal applications. This stand-out approach has landed Eagle/Al Hijaz a list of clients that reads like who-is-who of the region including Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), ADSSC, Dubai Ports Authority, JAFZA, Nakheel, Emaar, Al Futtaim Carillion, Tecom, MASDAR and Darwish Engineering. These achievements haven’t gone unrecognised either. In 2009, Eagle/Al Hijaz won international acclaim with the Frost and Sullivan award for the Best Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Wastewater Treatment. In 2010, the company walked away with the Best Wastewater Project Award in the Middle East at the H20 Water Awards, organised by the publishers of Power & Water Middle East magazine. Eagle/Al Hijaz’s success story has been built on the successful performance of its executed projects with designs based on regional experience and correct implementation of technologies. Regular employee training programmes ensure that personnel are able to make best use of new technologies and equipments. In-house research and development, in respective fields, ensures the team is at the finest technological level to support the company’s assurance to high standards.

CASE STUDY Dubai Motor City STP upgrade In line with Decree 27, 2008 of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) which states that ‘All district cooling companies must use TSE as make up for cooling towers for all new district cooling schemes,’ Eagle/Al Hijaz is supplying their client Emicool with a sustainable and competitive alternative water source for the latter’s district cooling plant in Dubai Motor City. Under a BOOT contract with Emicool, Eagle/Al Hijaz is upgrading the MBR wastewater treatment plant in Dubai Motor City to produce drinking quality water through a Reverse Osmosis (RO) polishing plant. The MBR plant currently yields a superior quality grade of effluent. The RO polishing plant will polish two sources of treated water – one, from the MBR plant and the other, from a Dubai Municipality TSE line to produce 1,300 m3/day of drinking quality water. Two RO streams will polish water at a 75% recovery rate.




twenty one

industry pioneers


ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co. KG


power generation



Flexible Power Generation ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co. KG – Your Partner in Power Supply Solutions Electricity is synonymous with the quality of life. Reliable generation of electricity is indispensable in providing for both basic needs as well as modern comforts – whether it is drinking water supply, medical technology, telecommunications, industry or transportation. As a manufacturer of power generator installations, we provide independent power supply, wherever it is required – with flexibility, reliability and stability. Our high-value products have proved themselves all over the world – in the widest variety of models and applications. Our many years of experience, top-class know-how and tried and tested concepts enable us to manufacture diesel or gas-driven units that exactly match the individual requirements of our customers. Why not tell us your requirements. And we will come up with a solution!

Synonymous with Quality Founded in 1980, our main establishment is located in Henstedt-Ulzburg, around 30 km north of Hamburg. Our production and assembly work is carried out here over an area of 9,000 square metres. The convenient proximity of ports and airports makes possible easy transportation all over the world – always on time of course.




Full range of services for reliable power supply Our range of products: – – – –

diesel- or gas-driven generator units in the power range of 50 to 5000 kVA designed for continuous, emergency, peak load or CHP operation in a variety of application areas available as stationary or mobile units installed in a protective enclosure or containers automatic control systems and switchboards for individual or parallel operation as well as all the necessary accessories – manufacture in accordance with individual client requirements – installation, maintenance and service worldwide


StA tionArY inS tA l l A t io n S

M o Bi l e G e n e r At o r i nS t A l l At i o n S

Safety network for active building protection

Quickly provide independent power supply anywhere

An ABZ diesel generator is the intelligent supplement to existing mains connections – it simply switches on in critical situations. And if the power supply fails, the generator automatically takes over the power supply within 10 –15 seconds. Uninterrupted power supply units offer an indispensable protection against immediate mains interruptions and the hazards associated with the same, for example, loss of data. When the power supply fails, the uninterrupted power supply installation takes over the power supply until the supply from the diesel generator arrives.


With our trailer installations, we can also provide the following: Prompt power supply, no matter where required. We manufacture mobile generator sets as single-axle, tandem, multiple-axle trailers with turntable steering, semi-trailer or as self-propelling vehicle mounted on a truck chassis. Special enclosures protect the installation against dust and moisture and also generate lower sound emissions. The weather and sound protective enclosure manufactured according to the individual requirements of the client and the conditions at the place of installation.

ContA iner inS tAll A t io n S

Compact installations are stable, mobile and ready-to-use

S P eC i A l M o d e l S

Power package with distinct advantages! We provide you with the desired power generator installation, installed ready-to-use in a container. Since it is very well-protected, transportation and changes of location are no problem whatsoever. The installation can be connected and operated within the shortest possible time.

No matter how unusual the wish of the client, we have the experience and the know-how to develop a tailor-made system solution for every specific requirement. Whether it is extreme environmental conditions or continuous load – special models by ABZ can take on any challenge and provide reliable and stable power supply.

We install the compact installations in modified standard ISO containers. We can always provide a CSC-Badge for sea transport for the modified containers if required.

Q u Al i t Y An d S e r v i Ce

Effective solutions for special needs

Highly effective service from the very beginning 3

We have something to offer our clients on the service front as well: We do installation and maintenance work, provide training and After-Sales support all over the world. The ABZ complete service leaves nothing to be desired!

Rigorously tested generator sets The hallmark of our company: First class products. For this reason, apart from planning, design, construction and manufacture, we also have strict in-house quality control. We carefully test each machine before delivery on the in-house test stands. Comprehensive load tests and the near-actual simulation of later operating conditions ensure perfect results. All ABZ generator sets satisfy international standards such as ISO, DIN, VDE, BS, etc. We have been certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1996 and as a specialist firm as per § 19 of the Water Management law (WHG), we are also entitled to install tank farms.

Services offered: – Installation drawings with CAD – Installation and commissioning, worldwide – Maintenance – Training for operating and maintenance personnel

ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co. KG

3 ABZ diesel generator sets can be put into operation quickly, anywhere in the world. in emergencies, our containers are even transported by air.

Gutenbergstraße 11 D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Germany Telefon: +49 4193 9036-0 Telefax: +49 4193 93473 info @

4 1.025 kvA for emergency application in a distribution center.

1 Continuos power supply consisting of 16 x 1250 kva. 2 tons of power – 1.700 kvA installed in a special made 40‘ low noise container.



twenty one

industry pioneers


Landis+Gyr AG


Gridstream metering solutions


Photo Š Depaule-Asylum for SPLA Lyon Confluence: Lyon Confluence is one of the first smart community projects in Europe and is supported by the Toshiba Corporation and Landis+Gyr.

Future ready energy management platform For more than a century, Landis+Gyr has helped utilities benefit from technology and innovation to meet requirements, and ultimately to manage energy better. Landis+Gyr ranks as the world leader in electricity metering with a preeminent position in advanced or “smart metering systems” – an essential component in global efforts to upgrade energy distribution systems and enable more efficient and reliable distribution of power. With annualised sales of more than USD1.5 billion, Landis+Gyr is a standalone growth platform of the Toshiba Corporation. The company has over 5,000 employees, 950 full-time professionals dedicated to R&D, and operations in 30 countries across five continents – reinforcing commitment to providing utilities with end-to-end, advanced metering solutions that are empowering the next generation of smart grid – driving better environmental results for utilities, consumers and society.

Building the smart grid of the future Utilities all over the world are adopting smart grid technology at a rapidly increasing pace. Smart grid networks enhance the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid by providing utilities with a dedicated data network that meets their strict requirements to deliver power from traditional, renewable and distributed generation energy sources. Landis+Gyr AG’s Gridstream provides the intelligence and connectivity to manage smart grid functions from the home to the grid to the utility office on a single secure network, providing utilities important monitoring and control points throughout their distribution networks. This future ready, end-to-end smart grid solution combines metering, communications, network management, software, grid and consumer applications, and professional services in a single secure and integrated platform. Gridstream solutions can deliver vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, allowing access to rich, granular data that can be used to better understand and manage distribution networks. This unlocks new levels of command and control and delivers greater value for both utilities and their customers. More importantly, Gridstream solutions can be built to address an immediate need (e.g., smart metering, load management, or consumer engagement), depending on a utility’s business case or market drivers, even as they keep the door open for tomorrow’s comprehensive smart grid functionality. The Gridstream suite consists of products and services designed to help manage energy better across the entire value chain. It includes: • Multi-energy meters that cover electricity, heat, gas and water within residential, commercial, industrial and grid metering • Two-way communications over GPRS, Ethernet, PSTN and PLC or combination of these protocols • Software applications that cover meter reading, controls, system operation and value-added Meter Data Management services, such as validation, tariff and profile calculations • Integration of load management system and smart metering software to provide transparent energy consumption data and well-balanced loads within the entire network • Advanced metering services tailored to meet the customers’ energy management and process improvement needs.


With the extension of smart metering to smart grids and smart homes, interoperability is fast becoming the crucial factor to secure investment. Landis+Gyr is proactively supporting international standardisation initiatives, thereby forming the basis for interoperable smart products. With the founding establishment of the Interoperable Device Interface Specification (IDIS) association, Landis+Gyr and other members commit themselves to the implementation of standards into interoperable metering solutions. Landis+Gyr has established the required basis to provide “tested-interoperability” as a key feature of the Landis+Gyr Gridstream solution portfolio. An example is the LINKY project in France where ERDF committed the deployment (first phase 300’000 nodes in 2010) of smart meters according to the existing IEC stan­dards (i.e. IEC 62056 for the smart metering applica­tions and the application layer and IEC 61334 for the PLC communication). For this purpose ERDF has is­sued the LINKY companion specifications describing how these standards are used and which options are chosen. In addition, ERDF has also issued a speci­ fication for next generation PLC technology (G3), fitting into the existing standardisation framework and which may be considered for future upgrades, thereby ensuring backwards compatibility to the existing standards. With the introduction of IDIS interfaces, integration of third party components into Gridstream becomes a plug-and-play exercise. The projects where IDIS interoperable meters have been implemented, show that it is possible to achieve interoperability based on open standards provided that there is the necessary commitment from the utilities to investing in it. It must be noted that even though the companion specifications of the two projects differ, they are both based on the same standards. This makes it easier to attract a variety of manufacturers that can use many of their equipment parts in both projects and therefore profit from economies of scale. Utilities in the Middle East, as in DEWA, FEWA and Kahramaa have followed adopting the IDIS meters that allow interoperability at the metering level.

Multi-Energy Advanced Metering Gridstream features multi-energy smart metering devices and software that enable near real time communication as well as advanced programming capabilities. Today, the data transfer uses GSM/GPRS technology, Ethernet,


PSTN, low or medium voltage PLC communication – or any combination of these. The solutions are built on standardised communications protocols to ensure interoperability with third-party systems.

Network Management Gridstream raises awareness of network status to a new level by identifying at which metering points power outages and voltage changes are occurring. This information can be used to improve network reliability and decrease outage restoration times. Customised Gridstream solutions allow utilities to shape the load curve and reduce peaks and immediately respond to network congestion. By involving consumers in demand response programs, they can optimise the network capacity and defer capital spend for electricity distribution.

Personal Energy Management With Gridstream, consumers can finally manage their energy consumption at home, in real time. Information regarding electricity, gas, heat and water consumption as well as the current tariff rates is available via in-home displays. Increased awareness saves energy and money, for the benefit of consumer, utility and environment. Gridstream applications also allow utilities to ask consumers to reduce their consumption at critical times. This increased energy consciousness among consumers helps them efficiently level peaks and optimise the network load.

Summary of benefits Energy efficiency: Customers can be supplied with precise information that enables them to use energy in a manner that is more beneficial to the environment. Customers save energy by becoming more aware of their energy usage while utilities get to improve their network management. Demand response: Insight into consumer behaviour helps utilities forecast demand accurately and achieves better control of the network. Peaks can be leveled-out and consistent supply can be attained. Operational efficiency: An end-to-end environment for managing infrastructure, IT and communication services and the user experience enhances efficiency. Integrated multi-energy: There are significant efficiency benefits by integrating processes used in operating, monitoring and managing

Major Projects

KEY ACCOUNTS IN THE GCC multiple energy forms because there is only one system to use, train on and maintain. Revenue protection: Gridstream provides a wide range of advanced tools to reduce non-technical losses and identify theft. Utilities can remotely switch power supply on and off, improve debt collection processes and respond quickly to abnormalities which may threaten revenue. Landis+Gyr’s vision is to change the paradigm in the smart grid industry by evolving from a network of sensors to a network of intelligent devices that serve as the platform for an ecosystem of interoperable advanced applications. Similar to the smart phone world where there are options for hardware based on customer needs and a plethora of applications that operate across hardware platforms, utilities will be able to select components that meet their needs today, but that will also support the still emerging applications of the future.

• Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, UAE) • Federal Electricity and Water Authority, UAE • Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, UAE • Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kuwait • Electricity and Water Authority, Bahrain • Saudi Electricity Company, KSA • Kahramaa, Qatar • TRANSCO, UAE

Landis+Gyr AG (MIDDLE EAST OFFICE) Rajiv Sawhney, Managing director Office 301, DIC – 12 Dubai, United Arab Emirates T. 971 4 452 66 26 / +971 4 447 20 52 Ext1 F. +971 4 452 62 87 E.



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Advanced Electronics Company


Advanced metering infrastructure


AEC - The leading hi-tech company in the Middle East and North Africa Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) is one of the Saudi Arabian Economic Offset Programme companies. AEC’s charter includes design, development, manufacturing, upgrade, support and integration of electronic products and systems for military, civil and industrial customers. AEC has managed to build substantial manufacturing and repair technical capabilities supported by a very well trained and professional workforce and achieved the highest applicable quality standards and rating from international companies.

AEC’s Business Structure AEC consist of four major business units: • Industrial Systems Business Unit (ISBU) • Military Systems Business Unit (MSBU) • Telecommunication Systems Business Unit (TSBU) • Corporate Development Unit (CDU)

The company’s vision is: ‘To be recognised as a leader in the electronics industry.’ AEC is involved in a number of important national defence, telecom and industrial projects. Majority of AECs employees are Saudi nationals working in a variety of challenging technical and professional positions.


Madar Reader Features • Downloads interval data from DCUs, gateways and metres into its central database at a user-defined schedule. • Provides the ability to obtain a “now” read. • Improves the effectiveness of the utility’s customer service activities by organising historical metre reading and other data into useful reports that are created at the click of a button. • Offers a suite of premium standard reports to assist in the optimisation of customers’ utility operation. • Provides custom reporting capabilities so that customers can also design reports to fit the specific needs of their utility.


Industrial Systems Business Unit

Digital Meter

The Industrial Systems Business Unit (ISBU) focuses on utilities (electricity, water and gas), security, power & energy, oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial business sectors. With the support of strong engineering and development (E&D) capabilities and Life Cycle management concepts, ISBU is well positioned to serve any requirements through innovative products and systems. Through the emphasis on custom-built and integrated solution, ISBU offers solutions from complete turnkey projects to pure retrofit projects, designed for local requirements with the desire to improve customer efficiency, strengthen their position and maximise their profit margins. ISBU is structured into three core divisions:

AEC ADDAD is the trade name of its electronics revenue meters that cater to the electricity utility’s need for products that can automatically record and monitor consumption during days, peak hours and seasons. It meets or exceeds all IEC standards for direct, CT and CT/VT connected three phase meters. AEC ADDAD has security features designed to save money both in cost and in revenue metering security. Other features include instrumentation, easy installation, various tamper detection methods and installation tool kits to help ensure that the meter is properly installed and that service connections remain in the proper order. It can be configured to allow the energy provider to gain information about their connect customers such as maximum demand, reactive, apparent energy, load profiles and historical consumption profiles. The meter reduces meter inventory required with its standard wide voltage range (90V to 480V) and maximum current ratings from 10A to 160A. The meters are designed to beat harsh weather with high temperature and humidity.

• Digital Power • Repair • Engineering Services Madar Reader When making an AMI decision, utilities want reliability, ease of use, support as well as flexibility. Industry consultants recommend finding a flexible AMR/AMI solution because of the ever-changing advancements in the world of communication technology. Customers can rest assured that Madar Reader is the right choice not only when it comes to AMI technology, but also for future migration into a variety of hybrid network choices. The power of any AMI network lies in the features of its software, its ability to enable the utility to effectively gather metering system data, interfacing with other enterprise systems, enhancing and streamlining customer service activities, and improving decision making within the utility. Madar Reader does this and more, providing tools needed to better serve customers.

AbdulAziz Quality Award in the industrial sector and is a council member of the European Aerospace Quality Group, which is part of the International Aerospace Quality Group. Obtained highest quality rating from leading international companies, examples: • Boeing: “Gold” Supplier • Raytheon: Performance “Blue Rating” • Lucent Technologies: Grade “A” Supplier • Lockheed Martin:“Star” Supplier • Sikorsky: “World Class” • Thales: “Target Supplier” • EADS: “QSF-B”

Meter Features • -20ºC to +70ºC operational temperature. • Wide range of three phase power supply built in up to 318V L-N or 550V L-L. • Pulse LED for accuracy testing (Imp/kWh and Imp/kvarh). • SO and EOI electrical output pulse per IEC62053-31. • Eight Multiple Tariffs registers for kWh, kvarh and kVAh (time of use) import and export directions. • Simple Meter installation at site with date and time stamp recording. • Tamper detection with date and time stamp recording. • Event detection with date and time stamp. • Load Profile storage for full summer season. • Load Profile storage for nine selected channels from 19 different parameters including temperature. • Support 12 programmable end of billing (EOB). • Daily Energy profiles provide reading for the last previous four days.

Quality To produce consistently high quality products, offer excellent service and be competitive, AEC has worked hard to obtain the highest applicable quality standards and the highest rating from international companies. The company has won the King

Engineering and Development AEC is fully committed to market-driven E&D as a means to create a backbone for the company, ensure continuous improvement and most importantly, employ cutting-edge technologies that serve their customers’ exact needs. AEC strives to offer the optimum solutions at most competitive prices.


is certified to ISO 9001: 2008

Advanced Electronics Company P.O. Box 90916 Riyadh 1162 3, Saudi Arabia T: + 966 (1) 220-1350 F: + 966 (1) 220-1355 E:



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electrical connectors


Founded in 1951, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG changed the way electrical connections are made with the invention of Spring Pressure Connection Technology. Headquartered in Minden (Westphalia), Germany, WAGO leads the industry with innovations that make industry safer and more efficient. In 1995, for example, WAGO became one of the world’s premier automation suppliers with the introduction of the first modular, fieldbus-independent control system. WAGO products are used in more than 30 countries for a wide range of applications in sectors as diverse as power and process technology, building automation, machinery and equipment, as well as industrial and transportation applications. As of 31 December 2012, the WAGO group employs roughly 5,800 people in 78 subsidiaries, representations and production sites worldwide. In 2012, WAGO generated annual sales of €570 million in both Electrical Interconnection and Automation business divisions. WAGO ranks among the leading providers of electrical interconnect and automation solutions. With forward-thinking products and insightful strategic decisions, the company is well-known for creating trends and setting industry standards. This success is no accident but rather the result of a sound balance between tradition and innovation. As a third-generation, family-owned company, WAGO remains steadfastly committed to maintaining respectful relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. For instance, WAGO recognizes and embraces its role in providing training and additional educational opportunities to enhance employee skills. In 2012, WAGO created more than 70 trainees positions, instilling experienced professionals, graduates, students and trainees with greater enthusiasm and a higher degree of commitment to WAGO’s core values.


ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS WAGO’s success story began with the simple, but revolutionary spring clamp. Known worldwide as CAGE CLAMP®, this innovation is renowned for user-friendly operation and ability to reliably provide a gas-tight connection between conductor and current bar. As the clamping force automatically adjusts to the conductor size, it is absolutely maintenance-free. In contrast to screw-type connections, connection quality is virtually independent of operator skill, while providing faster operation. Today, WAGO offers the broadest range of screwless termination products thanks to continuous innovations and advancements in Spring Pressure Connection Technology used in new products. Among WAGO’s most well-known Electrical Interconnection products are: the 273 Series of PUSH WIRE® connectors for junction boxes, and new 2273 Series (launched in 2011), which is half the size of its predecessor. Also included are TOPJOB® S, which offers the market’s widest range of DIN 35-rail mount terminal blocks, as well as picoMAX®, WAGO’s revolutionary conductor-to-PCB connection system. X-COM®-SYSTEM, a combination of connectors and rail-mounted terminal blocks has been well-established as the leading universal system wiring solution. The WINSTA® connection system has dramatically simplified building installations while providing faster and safer connections. Supplementing these products are a wide variety of interface modules including relays and transducers, as well as the EPSITRON® family of power supplies. EPSITRON®, which features a diverse range of power ratings and segment-leading capabilities, has developed a strong international appreciation.


AUTOMATION The beginning of the 1990s signaled a shift from centralised to distributed control systems. In 1995, WAGO launched the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 — a completely new, finely modular control solution. The open and flexible architecture of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM laid the foundation for further innovation in automation. Recent examples include DALI or IO-Link Master modules, KNX and BACnet controllers, 16-channel modules or safety modules for monitoring and controlling safety functions. WAGO’s modular SPEEDWAY 767 system was introduced in 2006 for in-the-field control applications. With its IP67-rated housing, it is ideal for fast process control or cabinet-free automation in harsh industrial environments.

WAGO Middle East FZC Q4- 282 Sharjah Airport Free Zone Sharjah UAE PO Box 120665 T.+9716-557-9920 F.+9716-557-9921



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heat recovery steam generators


O U R E N E R G Y, Y O U R P O W E R

Leadership In Steam Generating Equipment NEM, established in 1929, is a preferred partner for custom made solutions in the field of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), industrial and utility boilers and related equipment. The company differentiates itself from competitors through custom made products and solutions that embodies their unique know-how. HRSGs take up the largest portion of NEM’s company’s activities. The HRSG’s cover the range from 20 to more than 250 Mwe. NEM’s HRSGs have powered over 815 steam generators on six continents with a total capacity of around 35,000 MWe (which is, for example, as much as the total installed capacity of Saudi Arabia). NEM’s key drivers are distinctive know-how, continuous technological innovation and an eye for new applications. NEM is focused on attracting motivated, highly trained and technically skilled workers. The company believes that people constitute the basis of its success and ascribes successful project execution to the combined know-how and experience, integrity, dedication and professionalism of their staff. NEM’s head offices is in Leiden, the Netherlands. The company comprises of seven business offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, US and Malaysia that specialise in a range of specific products or focus on a distinct market region. NEM’s piping facility is located in Egypt. NEM’s key products comprise of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), direct fired boilers, process boilers and components for power plants like dampers and diverters. The company also offers boiler manufacturing and engineering services. NEM’s products are being applied in power plants and various industries and can be supplied as delivery only or on a turnkey basis. Also various auxiliaries, such as feed water systems and DCS systems, can be included in NEM’s scope of supply. Our experience includes all major code requirements, such as ASME, PED, EN, BS and TRD. NEM’s global presence enables the company to source equipment from qualified subcontractors throughout the world and therefore, the company can supply boilers from the most suitable production location. Its supervisors are continuously present at the manufacturing location to assure implementation of NEM’s quality requirements and production know-how.


NEM’s product range comprises of the following: HRSGs Large Horizontal HRSGs DrumPlus HRSGs Large Vertical HRSGs Benson HRSGs Modular HRSGs Enhanced Oil Recovery HRSGs

Fired Boilers • • • • • •

Specialist know-how Wide international experience Quality and reliability Innovative tailor-made products CO2 reduction solutions Design to after sales service

Process and CO Boilers

Mission ‘NEM is globally active in the field of power generation. We supply products that make a visible contribution to a better world. We provide added value to our clients with solutions that are both innovative and competitive while adhering to socially responsible entrepreneurship. By combining our knowledge and years of international experience with proven ‘operational excellence’, NEM aims to become the ‘partner of choice’ within our industry.’

Utility Boilers Industrial Boilers Low BTU/Blast Furnace Gas Boilers Waste-to-Energy Boilers

Solar Power Concentrated Solar Power Applications

Dampers and Exhaust Gas Systems Bypass Systems Exhaust Gas Systems


Diverter Dampers

‘We develop custom made products and solutions to discern ourselves from our competitors. Due to our distinctive know-how and vast experience, these solutions are unique and indispensable to our clients.’ Gerard Van Dijk, CEO, NEM

Louver Dampers Other Dampers

Engineering and Maintenance Services Engineering Services Inspection Services Boiler Refurbishment Projects Service Agreements Lifetime Monitoring Systems Operator Training Simulators


LARGE HRSGs (NEM HEAD OFFICE) Kanaalpark 159 2321 JW Leiden P.O. Box 162 2300 AD Leiden The Netherlands Tel: +31 71 579 2444 Fax: +31 71 579 2792 E-mail: Website: NEM INDUSTRIAL AND UTILITY BOILERS Demmersweg 140 7556 BN Hengelo P.O. Box 484 7550 AL Hengelo The Netherlands Tel: +31 74 851 5888 Fax: +31 74 851 5889 E-mail: NEM MODULAR HRSG SYSTEMS Antoniuslaan 1 3341 GA Hendrik Ido Ambacht P.O. Box 240 3340 AE Hendrik Ido Ambacht The Netherlands Tel: +31 78 684 1020 Fax: +31 78 684 1022 E-mail:

NEM SPECIAL PRODUCTS Kanaalpark 159 2321 JW Leiden P.O. Box 162 2300 AD Leiden The Netherlands Tel: +31 71 579 2444 Fax: +31 71 579 2792 E-mail: NEM POWER-SYSTEMS Sibylla-Merian-Strasse 3 45665 Recklinghausen Germany Tel: +49 2361 98690 Fax +49 2361 98294 E-mail:

NEM ENERGY EGYPT Alexandria Free Public Zone Street 2/6, Block 310 Egypt Tel: +2 016 552 3915 E-mail: NEM FAR EAST REGIONAL OFFICE Suite 15-7, 15th Floor, Wisma UOA 2, 21, Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +603 2163 6388 Fax: +603 2163 6395 E-mail:

NEM USA 164 Milestone Way Greenville, SC 29615 USA Tel: +1 864 400 6200 Fax: +1 864 254 9700 E-mail:

CertificationS • ISO9001 NEM Energy bv. and subsidiaries • VCA** Safety Checklist Contractors • ASME ‘S’ Stamp: NEM Large HRSGs • ASME ‘S’ Stamp: NEM IUB

• ASME ‘S’ Stamp: NEM MHS • ASME ‘S’ Stamp: NEM USA • ASME ‘S’ Stamp: NEM Middle East • TuV Lifetime Calculation Program EN12952

NEM Middle East Arenco Building, Floor 101, Office 107, Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O. Box 192023 Dubai United Arab Emirates T. +971 4447 1545 F. +971 4447 1546 E.



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For over 85 years Hanovia has been at the forefront of providing UV technology solutions for industrial and commercial applications - Hanovia the power in UV technology.

Understanding the power of UV The world’s leading consumer companies put their trust in Hanovia UV technology Hanovia is one of the world’s most advanced suppliers of Ultraviolet (UV) technology solutions for disinfection and chemical reduction for industrial process water. For over 85 years Hanovia has been a leader in UV and today their technology and expertise in UV technology is second to none. Hanovia’s solutions are trusted by the world’s leading companies in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, leisure and many other industries. With unrivalled capabilities in UV system design and manufacturing, including their lamp development and manufacturing plant, Hanovia can truly claim to be the power in UV technology.

A natural process UV treatment attacks and deactivates bacteria, viruses, spores and mould, preventing them from reproducing. It works in the same way as strong sunlight which permanently purifies water by making biological impurities inactive. Hanovia’s UV disinfection systems use powerful lamps to produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation which destroys micro-organisms.

A system with clear advantages Unlike chlorination, UV purification doesn’t use any chemicals and doesn’t change the taste of drinking water. The UV lamps use energy far more efficiently than bio-mass treatments which boil water.

UV Solution

Water safety in every situation

Hanovia UV protects people and processes from harmful contaminants in the water they use

Hanovia’s UV technology is used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, marine, aquaculture and leisure industries to safeguard health and guarantee the high levels of purity needed to meet rigorous technical specifications.

Microbiological inactivation means that Hanovia UV provides disinfection of water without the need for chemicals. Hanovia UV technology provides an effective barrier against all waterborne organisms. In addition Hanovia UV offers solutions for reducing the level of unwanted chemicals in process waters. Chemicals like chlorine, chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite can be harmful to health and the environment. Hanovia UV technology is the natural alternative to chemical disinfection. Hanovia’s UV technology offers a far better alternative. It’s an intensively researched and technically advanced disinfection method that mimics the natural action of sunlight.

Harnessing UV power Micro-organisms compromise the purity of water and spoil food products. Hanovia’s systems use specially designed UV lamps to destroy the micro-organisms’ DNA so that they are de-activated and cannot reproduce. The crucial hydrogen bonds that link the DNA chain together rupture when exposed to light between 230nm and 310nm. Hanovia’s UV lamps are optimised at 265nm to match the peak absorbency of DNA, to make sure that harmful micro-organisms are fatally damaged.


Trust Hanovia UV science and technology in every sector Hanovia Food + Beverage Stringent regulations and a demanding customer base puts the food and beverage industry under pressure to meet high quality standards. As a result, Hanovia stepped in and has led the way in developing a more effective UV technology. Performance Qualified (PQ) UV has been created to provide guaranteed bio-security for critical applications where water quality is paramount. Our systems provide chlorine- and chemical-free disinfection to eradicate spoilage and pathogenic organisms in beverage plants, breweries, and food processing facilities. Hanovia systems provide an excellent alternative to ozone, to eliminate bromated formation problems.

Hanovia Pharmaceuticals Water used in chemical processes must meet the highest possible standards set by regulators and industry bodies as well as the exact quality criteria demanded by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. Hanovia UV provides disinfection and ozone reduction to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, giving peace of mind to hundreds of organisations and millions of consumers.

Hanovia Pools + Leisure Hanovia UV treatment destroys chloramines that create unpleasant smells in pools and improve conditions for your bathers as well as protecting the pool building structure from accelerated corrosion. In addition, Hanovia UV also kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores, including cryptosporidium, offering extra bio-security

Other Applications Over 85 years, Hanovia have been developing their UV systems to cover an amazing range of applications for industry and leisure applications. Hanovia has a tradition of science-based research and development in UV technologies, and are always willing to offer advice and guidance on the suitability of UV in a specific application.



Whether it is disinfection or chemical reduction, trust your UV water treatment to Hanovia A track record of excellence With over 85 years of experience in UV system development and over 50,000 systems installed worldwide, Hanovia’s unrivalled research and technology leads the market in UV disinfection. It underpins an exceptional reputation for products that protect people and processes from harmful contaminants in the water they use. Outstanding performance Hanovia provides a wide range of UV solutions, including low pressure amalgam and medium pressure UV technologies, each carefully tailored to offer the best performance in various industries and applications. Specialist sector knowledge Hanovia has adapted and refined their outstanding UV technology to operate in many different environments. Our deep understanding of every sector means we offer products that are uniquely made to suit their applications. They are easy to maintain, designed to fit the space available and scalable to meet the needs of every organisation, from private pool owners to the largest industrial operations. Uncompromising standards Hanovia’s UV solutions are carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance, safety and reliability. Through the application of validated UV science, Hanovia is not only a world leader in UV solutions, but is the power in UV technology.  

Hanovia Products Hanovia PharmaLine - The next level of Pharma disinfection – meeting the standards of the best demand – the ultimate process security. Hanovia SwimLine - Effective chemical free pool water treatment. Hanovia PureLine - Proven, complete disinfection for every food and beverage need.

Hanovia Limited

780 Buckingham Avenue Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4LA United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1753 515 300 E:



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Applying German welding standards in HDPE piping Water has always been a treasured commodity in the desert. Today the sustainable supply of potable water in the six Gulf nations is at risk. The demand of potable water is expected to increase drastically and the GCC countries are trying to cover up by building additional desalination plants, but up to 50% of the potable water is wasted due to leaking piping systems. In order to improve this situation, many end-users have shifted from conventional piping systems like ductile iron (DI), steel, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) to piping systems made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material is known for its advantages and in particular, the high service life expectations in combination with very low maintenance costs, which make this material a more favourable option. But despite the proven advantages, many network owners are still facing high leakage rates in their piping systems. In fact, the water infrastructure in the GCC countries is just a few decades old, but due to the lack of educated specialists the piping systems are not properly designed and installed. This results in heavy environmental impacts as well as financial losses throughout the region. SKZ German Plastics Center is addressing this alarming situation by providing training, education, testing and certification according to globally recognised German welding standards DVS and DVGW. SKZ has been operating as a non-profit organisation in the field of plastics for over 50 years. As the market leader, SKZ is training and certifying over 4,000 HDPE pipe welders every year for the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). In addition, SKZ is an approved institute for third party certification, testing and site supervision. In fact, SKZ is one of Europe’s largest accredited and certified institutes for quality assurance monitoring over 900 products for more than 400 companies.


The SKZ Training Center Middle East, which was opened in August 2008, has successfully trained over 500 specialists. Training courses are offered for welding of HDPE Piping Systems as well as welding of polymeric sheets and membranes. Currently, SKZ offers two training courses for the welding of PE pipes in the UAE. The technicians who are welding the PE pipes at the construction site attend the basic training course ‘Certified HDPE Pipe Welder GW330,’ and the engineers and consultants who are supervising the projects attend the advanced training course ‘Certified HDPE Pipe Welding Supervisor GW331.’ The welder’s license, which is issued by SKZ after successful completion of the course, is only valid for one year, which ensures that the candidate will have to attend a one day refresher course to extend the license. This is very important in order that all holders of an SKZ Welder License are well trained and up to date. The contents and the validity of the Welder Licenses offered by SKZ are based on the established regulations of DVS and DVGW. In 2012, the local water authority Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) sent over 40 engineers and welders to attend the GW330 and GW331 trainings. With regards to Technical Specification for HDPE piping systems, SKZ Germany has been involved in consulting many governmental authorities in the GCC, including Municipalities, Water & Gas Network Operators as well as national Oil Companies. Furthermore, the Gulf Plastics Pipe Academy (GPPA) has recently signed a contract with SKZ Germany for the operation and management of a new testing laboratory for plastics located in Abu Dhabi and expected to become operation in the second quarter of 2013. Systematic training and certification will contribute to the quality and longevity of the underground infrastructure of PE pipes, increasing the value of construction projects and considerably extending their service life. SKZ training courses contribute to the agenda of reducing leakage rates of potable water networks in the Middle East. SKZ’s activities are


helping to create a foundation for sustainable piping system in the region and reflect the organisation’s profound commitment to a sustainable and environment friendly water infrastructure in line with the UAE 2030 vision.

THE SKZ MARK The independent, neutral SKZ testing laboratory, which is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, tests plastic products according to approximately 1,000 standards. These testing activities go hand in hand with quality assurance activities initiated by SKZ’s type-A inspection body accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020. The SKZ mark, a quality mark established by SKZ, certifies that the products tested have successfully passed testing, inspection and certification and comply with the high quality requirements. SKZ is also authorised by the EU to certify Geosynthetics, flexible sheets for waterproofing and water stops in accordance with the European Construction Products Directive (CE certificate).

SKZ german plastics center MIDDLE EAST PO Box 33260 Dubai, UAE T.+971 4 8845001 F.+971 4 8845002



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Test & Measurement


Test & Measurement unlimited Established originally in the late 1800s, Megger has been manufacturing test and measurement instruments designed to perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting for decades. Its products have helped customers all over the world improve their facilities’ efficiency, reduce costs, extend the life of apparatus and, through trending and analysis, anticipate equipment performance and future requirements. It now operates locally in many locations with dedicated field sales teams and distributors located all over the world and manufacturing plants in the UK, Germany, Sweden and USA. It is Megger’s belief that only by working closely with customers, can it deliver the most appropriate customer solutions and professional after-sales service today, and in the future.

Megger is committed to anticipating and identifying client needs by listening to customers and industry specialists, and continually investing in innovative manufacturing techniques, research and development, and design engineering. Megger’s commitment to the industry is reflected in its technical leadership and in being the first to design and introduce several key products to the marketplace. With a truly massive range, and a programme of product research and commercial geographic proximity to customers, you gain from Megger’s innovation strategy and excellence in engineering. The company’s sites are accredited to the latest releases of the quality standard ISO9001, the environmental standard ISO14001 and calibration standard ISO17025, as well as to numerous local standards as appropriate.


The Megger product range spans many areas of electrical testing including: Cable testing & fault location

Battery Testing

Acknowledged global leaders in power cable fault locating and testing through the SebaKMT range of products, offering simple operation and intelligent systems for finding faults fast and reducing down time, as well as advanced diagnostic test equipment for cable condition assessment and monitoring.

Battery testing is crucial to ensure a battery system provides standby and emergency power to operate devices such as lighting, UPS systems, operating controls, switchgear components, protective relays and continuous process systems. Failure of a battery system within environments such as utilities, hospitals and manufacturing plants can result in operational failure of the devices connected to it. With both capacity and impedance testers available, Megger can provide a battery tester tuned to your specific need.

Protection Testing Electric power grid protection systems guard extremely valuable equipment, and protective relay equipment plays a vital role in this protection chain. To ensure consistent reliability, protective relay equipment must be checked by testing at regular intervals, and as a pioneer in this field of testing g Megger continues to produce the most innovative test systems available.

Transformer Testing To assist and support transformer owners and manufacturers in their drive for reliability and condition based maintenance schedules Megger has invested in providing the latest test and diagnostic equipment to ensure that the health of these high value assets is kept in check.

Circuit Breaker testing Circuit breakers are one of the critical “safety-valves� of electrical systems and basic maintenance procedures are essential to maintain maximum reliability. Megger produces a range of circuit breaker analysers to fully test even the most complex breakers.

Primary Current Injection sets Primary current injection test sets are vital to commissioning high voltage power systems and in the on-going maintenance of these systems.


Earth Testing Good earthing is a prerequisite of efficient and safe electrical system operation. Megger pioneered the development of Earth Testing techniques and products, and offer a wide range of testers for earth resistance and resistivity.

Insulation Testing Regular insulation resistance testing is one of the most cost effective methods of identifying ageing in electrical equipment and with over 60% of equipment failures being ascribed to insulation breakdown, it is a key area to monitor for high levels of customer satisfaction. Accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulations in transformers, bushings, generators and cables is essential to substation maintenance. Diagnostic insulation testing systems for transformers maximise the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimisation. Using this advanced equipment makes it possible to assess the condition of the oil and solid insulation, assess the moisture level in the solid insulation and identify other potential insulation problems.

Low Resistance Ohmmeters The operation of electrical equipment depends on the controlled flow of current within the design parameters of a given piece of equipment. Measuring low resistance helps identity resistive elements that have increased above acceptable levels.

Megger Limited PO Box 500503 Building 14, Office 209, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates T. +971 4 443 5489 E.



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Transformer oils


Nynas AB Middle East Keeping the atmosphere electric A transformer is an important financial asset for a utility or large company because it is critical to reliable power supply. The transformer oil and the insulating paper are amongst two of the most critical parts of the transformer. Though the oil constitutes only a small portion of the total investment – three to six per cent of the total cost of the transformer – economising on the quality of oil could endanger the transformer’s reliability. Nynas is a leading global provider of transformer oils bringing to the table a wide product selection, a range of value added services and knowledge gathered over more than 50 years.

Nynas’ insulating oils offer numerous attractive characteristics, including: • Good to excellent oxidation stability (depending on grade selected) • Optimal response to synthetic inhibitors • Superb electrical properties • Long service life The company set up its Middle East representative office in Dubai eight years ago. Since then, it has established a strong presence in the region’s transformer oil market riding on its successful track record with major European transformer manufacturers like ABB, Siemens and Alstom Grid.


“The people make the difference at Nynas, as do the sales; we travel the region, visit our clients, and solve problems as they arise. Nynas is looking to buy the Shell refinery in Hamburg, which is also a naphthenic refinery, it will add to our production capacity by 30%. However this is currently being studied by the European Commission.” - Hendrik Cosemans, General Manager, Nynas Middle East


Market rules The Middle East market is dominated by minerals oils of the paraffinic type thanks to the region’s ample reserves of paraffinic crude. However, Nynas supplies naphthenic oils originally sourced from Latin America and the North Sea. The company competes with paraffinic oils but not on cost levels but on viscosity index and oxidation stability which is mainly found only in naphthenic oil. As the transformer gets hot, the oil has to circulate very well to give extra cooling. The low viscosity and right viscosity index of naphthenic oils allows good heat transfer which ensures that heat is efficiently removed from the transformer core and windings, this is very important in the hot climate especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Thanks to their low viscosity, Nynas transformer oils can operate at lower temperatures, resulting in less maintenance over time. Furthermore, high solvency and good oxidation stability ensure low acid values and sludge production. Better circulation properties translate into longer transformer life. Thanks to their insulating properties, Nynas’ transformer oils can withstand very high electrical stress as well as provide excellent interaction with cellulose which ensures a strong and stable insulation system. Moreover, oil is an information carrier when it comes to detecting electrical and thermal faults acting as a powerful diagnostic tool to help prevent failures and outages. Currently, there are more than a million transformers containing Nynas oil. These transformers distribute power to countless millions of homes, businesses, farms, hospitals, railway stations. As Nynas serves a niche market, their approach towards production, marketing and services is quite different. Unlike traditional oil companies, Nynas caters to a specialist market where the quality requirements are much higher. Its main refinery in Sweden has two special hydrotreaters to purify naphthenic crude to the maximum extent needed for producing their range of speciality oils.

Transformer oils: Super grades Developed to provide exceptional stability for a longer life with less maintenance

High grades Well refined and offering good inhibitor response, the high grades provide excellent oxidation stability for a long service life with very little maintenance and low lifecycle costs

Standard grades Provides good stability over time and solid resistance to degradation

User education Educating the end-user about the benefits of its oils is something that Nynas takes very seriously. The company conducts regular technical training seminars for utilities all over the region so they can properly instruct the contractors about specific needs for high quality insulating oil. Nynas also organises and participates in seminars, publishes technical papers and participates in trade fairs to spread the message of premium high grades insulating oils.

Services: Transformer oil analysis Nynas believes that periodic analysis can serve as simple, cost-effective condition monitoring. The company Insulating Oil Management service that includes sampling kits and laboratory services for testing, an online tool to help manage analysis of data from transformers to help optimise asset management strategy and an online Inhibitor and Passivator Content Calculator too.

Technical teamwork and support Nynas’ technical support covers basic troubleshooting and root cause analysis all the way to large-scale technical development assignments on topics as varied as harsh climate conditions, oxidation stability or specific solutions required for insulating oil.

Research & Development

Global delivery

The knowledge about transformer oils gathered over the past 50 years informs everything the company does – from product development to service offering, to location, design of supply network to R&D. The focus is not only on theoretical and practical research, but also active participation on industry standards committees, including IEC and ASTM because the management believes that their business is governed by its own set of trends that need to be monitored and understood.

With depots strategically located in 18 countries, Nynas offers hassle-free delivery with short lead times. It offers help with documentation and customs clearance, Nynas’ quality assurance program includes dedicated tanks and pipes, carefully selected forwarding agents and specially trained personnel throughout the process plus a sophisticated tracking system for truck delivery. The company also offers a range of delivery options including barrels (182 kg), flexibags (20 Mt), and ISO containers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Nynas has invested heavily to make its refineries and transportation more efficient, with fewer emissions to water and air. Being world leaders in hydrotreatment means Nynas’ naphthenic grades deliver all the performance of HA oils with none of the harmful side effects. Nynas AB Sweden is a member of Responsible Care, the chemical industry’s working programme for the improvement of safety, health and the environment. The company also participates in the International Chamber of Commerce’s plan for sustainable development.

Nynas AB Middle East Hendrik Cosemans, General Manager T.+971-4-3327125 M.+971-50-4509348 E.



In association with Foster + Partners

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RW Armstrong (a CHA company) is a full service engineering, architecture and construction management firm serving public and private clients. The firm’s 450 experienced professionals provide engineering, planning, architecture and construction services. RW Armstrong offers the project management, technical expertise and value-added services necessary to deliver projects on-budget, on-time, every time. The firm’s clients include airports, commercial or office developers, educational institutions, defence agencies, governments, healthcare facilities, hospitality industry, heavy industry, oil and gas companies, retail companies, sports and entertainment venues, transportation agencies, and utilities. For over a half century, RW Armstrong’s experts have been solving complex building and infrastructure challenges for clients, carefully listening to their expectations and delivering on the precept that true and meaningful solutions are not a one size fits all option. RW Armstrong is a single-source licensed provider for design services and are highly trusted project, program, and construction managers. The firm’s team of engineers, scientists and technicians work diligently to develop and implement solutions to meet environmental and constructability goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. RW Armstrong’s values are simple: treat clients with respect, and be accountable and responsive. The firm’s relationships are based on trust, honesty, and integrity. With an entrepreneurial spirit, RW Armstrong strives for continuous improvement. The firm believes that communication is a powerful ally. RW Armstrong delivers excellence, every time.


Core products and Services • Planning & Urban Design • Civil Engineering • Architecture • Interior Design • Structural Engineering • Sustainability & Permitting • Airport Design • Project / Construction Management • ICT Sectors • Aviation • Commercial / Offices • Education • Defense / Military • Government • Healthcare • Hospitality • Industrial / Manufacturing • Power & Energy • Residential / Mxed-Use • Retail • Sports & Entertainment • Utilities


Full-service approach to today’s challenges RW Armstrong’s services include water services management, environmental engineering, building design, interior design, transportation and infrastructure, airports and aviation, planning, sustainability, and port and marine facility design. The firm’s water services teams deliver a full range of consulting, planning, design, design-build, and project management and construction management services for government agencies, utilities, and private sector clients. RW Armstrong focuses on environmental and infrastructure issues, including water, wastewater, storm water, and green infrastructure projects. The firm’s expertise in modelling and regulatory support helps clients plan for growth, meet environmental challenges and regulations, and save communities millions of dollars.

Sustainability in facility design Designing energy efficient buildings will have positive long-term operational cost implications. RW Armstrong helps clients with implementing a sustainability strategy and reaping the benefits of greening their buildings and operations by reducing waste, water and energy consumption, use of local materials and use of recycled materials in construction. The firm provides sustainability, environmental and permitting services as part of its in-house design services and as a stand-alone service for clients. RW Armstrong’s

approach to sustainable design, construction and management has delivered unmistakable value to clients in the GCC. In the last two years the firm has achieved Estidama ratings for 19 designs; from commercial offices, mosques, villas, schools through to retail developments and residential centres. RW Armstrong’s sustainability and permitting services are highly praised by clients and industry peers and the firm has worked with some of the foremost authorities and pioneers in sustainability. RW Armstrong’s team has a clear objective to design and deliver facilities that are cost-effective to operate, more efficient and perform better in terms of efficiency, innovation and the environment. The firm always expands on the traditional thinking behind energy consumption and has developed an integrated design process that delivers sustainable value wherever possible. By integrating sustainability at the start of the project, challenges and opportunities are identified and addressed early in the design stage and appropriate green options can be assessed and incorporated in the design and construction process. Clients realise a much larger return on investment when sustainability is built in from day one. Through a sustainable design and the innovative use of materials and equipment, long-term savings can be achieved and annual costs for energy, water, maintenance and other operating expenses are reduced significantly.

Committed to a green future RW Armstrong’s commitment to sustainability is unmistakable. The firm is a registered member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and are currently one of the top five regional employers with Estidama Pearl Qualified Professionals and LEED AP certified professionals. RW Armstrong has built a culture that promotes sustainable business practices and Harvard Green Office policy through training and steps to improve energy and water efficiency. The firm has worked diligently to fully incorporate Estidama and LEED practices and has achieved Pearl ratings on a number of developments such as the new Abu Dhabi Accountability Headquarters which was nominated for the “Best Water Conservation Initiative” award in 2012. RW Armstrong provided lead consultancy and construction supervision services for Masdar Institute of Science & Technology which is designed to use around 51% less energy than average buildings in the UAE and 54% less water. Around 30% of the energy will be covered by solar panels on the roof, with 75% of hot water being heated by the sun.

RW Armstrong also ensures that project requirements are met by delivering recommendations that achieve the most cost-effective, efficient approach to delivering the original design intent. Simply stated, the success of RW armstrong’s clients correlates directly to the firm’s ability to deliver. RW Armstrong’s experts built their careers and reputations on delivering projects that are proud legacies for the firm’s clients. RW Armstrong has done it before. RW Armstrong will do it again.

Helping clients reducing costs RW Armstrong has the in-house capability to provide all the planning, permitting, engineering, environmental, and construction administration services necessary to complete most projects, eliminating the need for multiple subcontracts. This single-source, full service approach creates both time and financial efficiencies for its clients. RW Armstrong’s services are integrated seamlessly from concept through design and construction. The firm even has robust site supervision capabilities. This approach ensures cohesive, high-quality solutions. Value engineering plays an important role in the firm’s philosophy. RW Armstrong routinely performs value engineering review studies of design documents and procurement strategies to identify areas where clients can maximize their resources and ensure constructability.

RW Armstrong Millennium Tower, 14th floor Hamdan Street PO Box 45148 Abu Dhabi, UAE T: +971 (0)2 612 7777 F: +971 (0)2 612 7700 E:



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BWA Water Additives


Water treatment technologies


Sustainable solutions for water treatment challenges BWA Water Additives is the leading global provider of specialty water chemicals for the industrial and process water treatment, desalination, oilfield, and natural gas industries. BWA is dedicated exclusively to the water treatment sector. As a result, its antiscalant, corrosion inhibitor and microbiocide technologies and services provide its customers with the essential elements required to meet water management challenges. BWA’s products are sold under the Belgard, Belclene, Belcor, BromiCide, Bellasol, Belsperse, Flocon, Bellacide and Sper Sal brands. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, BWA was established in 1973 and has regional offices in Atlanta (US), Dubai (U.A.E.), Shanghai (China), and Tokyo (Japan). Its products are are manufactured through strategic partnerships in Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, UK and USA. BWA sells its products into 80 countries worldwide. The company’s major customer service centres are located in Manchester (UK), Atlanta (USA) and Yokohama (Japan). These service centres provide immediate access to product and service information, order processing and comprehensive support BWA’s Regulatory Affairs group supports the business on a global basis ensuring products are compliant with all local legislation by obtaining the necessary registrations, approvals & certifications from authorities such as US EPA, Canadian PMRA, US FDA, NSF and Kiwa. BWA maintains its position at the leading edge of regulatory requirements directly through its dedicated team centred in Manchester and Atlanta and by working through long established relationships with local experts. Through effective regulatory management, BWA has developed a strong commercial position which in turn has created regulatory positions that act as effective barriers to entry. BWA’s Regulatory Affairs group provides assistance and advice to customers and maintains a comprehensive product stewardship service.


Industries Oil & Gas


BWA Water Additives offers sustainable solutions for topside or down-hole product, seawater injections or squeeze treatments. The company’s Bellasol products give in high technical performance and environmental friendly alternatives in on-shore and off-shore oilfield applications.

BWA Water Additives offers innovative technologies to solve the major challenges typically found in water treatment.

Industrial Water Treatment BWA Water Additives leads the industry in discovery, development, and global supply of innovative speciality chemicals technologies for industrial water treatment markets. They are used to treat and condition utility water and preserve cooling tower and boiler assets and provide multi-functional scale control in pulp and paper, sugar, and mining processes.

Desalination BWA Water Additives provides industry leading solutions for both thermal and reverse osmosis desalination. For thermal desalination, the range of antifoam and antiscalants provide highest performance solutions for optimum operating efficiency. In the case of RO membranes, the range of antiscalants, biocides and cleaners restore membrane performance and solve fouling and scaling tendencies.


Scale inhibition technologies are used in industrial water treatment, thermal desalination, membrane desalination and oil & gas to enable reliable and efficient heat transfer while decreasing energy costs. Corrosion inhibitors are used to provide comprehensive corrosion control in industrial water treatment using allorganic and low level zinc formations. Additionally, they can also be used to lower, or eliminate, the use of inorganic phosphate. Microbiological Control finds applications in industrial water treatment, membrane desalination and oil and gas. Oxidising and non-oxidising biocides work over a wide pH range without the need for high free halogen residuals. Membrane cleaning technologies restore membrane performance through the cleaning of inorganic, organic, silt, silica, and metal deposits.

R&D BWA Water Additives has two technical centres of excellence, Manchester, in the UK and Atlanta, in the US. These centres are charged with new technology development via stage and gate process, and customer’s intimate technical support. The company achieved a real technological breakthrough in 2011 by discovering the most highly-biodegradable yet totally effective antiscalant polymer ever, which was made available under the Belclene brand for scale control in industrial water. This was followed by the development of Flocon 885, the industry’s first and only highly biodegradable, phosphorus free, and nitrogen free antiscalant for RO membranes.

Biodegradable antiscalant for RO systems Flocon 885 is a neutralised aqueous solution of a specialised polycarboxylic acid that is highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming on membrane surfaces. Flocon 885 is readily biodegradable in salt water conditions and inherently biodegradable in fresh water conditions. The product is booth phosphorus and nitrogen free. It can be monitored in the feed water and concentrate using a Fluor meter due to the inherent fluorescence properties. BWA says that it has excellent antiscalant properties for calcium carbonate and barium sulphate, as well as other good calcium and strontium sulphate and calcium fluoride inhibition. Flocon 885 is compatible with all major membranes and has international potable water approvals. Flocon 885 is not affected by chlorine or other oxidising biocides under normal conditions of use and may be used in membrane systems using chlorine and sodium metabisulphite. No special requirements are needed regarding materials of construction of dosing equipment. The recommended injection point is into the feed water downstream of any filtration equipment and cartridge filters. The additive is mixable with water in all proportions, and may be applied as the neat product or in permeate. Minimum dosing solution strength of 10% w/w is recommended. Computer software is used to calculate scaling indices and optimum system recovery. Compatible with all major membranes and having international potable water approvals, Flocon 885 is readily biodegradable in salt water conditions, inherently biodegradable in fresh water conditions, and can be monitored in feed water using just a flourimeter.

BWA Water Additives FZE TechnoPark Jebel Ali Block B, level 1, office 107 PO Box 263164 Dubai, United Arab Emirates T: +971 4 880 7336 F: +971 4 880 7404



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Blue gold technology


Leak detection


Bringing world class water technologies to the Middle East Blue Gold Technology, a specialist company in leak detection and associated products, has enjoyed a successful track record in assisting companies across the Gulf region with their requirements for leak detection products and services, water meters, water quality testing and chemicals. The company also has a specialist line of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment which is ideal for the water utility seeking to complete a remote meter reading programme. Blue Gold is the Middle East representative for technology leaders like Gutermann, Sensus, JD7, Technolog, Hydrosense and Palintest. Apart from offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE, Blue Gold is present in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The company can also support projects in other territories like Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Iran.

Vision & Mission Blue Gold Technology aims to provide world class products and services in the water utility market across the Middle East and provide real savings to water companies and customers from leak detection products and services Reducing Unaccounted for Water (UFW) is a strategic mission for all water utilities and commercial clients. The company’s longterm goal is to be the premier company in the Middle East for projects related to UFW and Non Revenue Water (NRW).




Major projects in the Middle East

Blue Gold’s primary focus is leak detection, bringing together technologies and experts from all over the world to the Middle East to reduce leakages. The Gutermann line of leak detection equipment forms the basis of the leak detection business. Blue Gold prides itself on being a single point of contact for water utilities seeking the right strategy, equipment and expert advice in order to obtain exceptional results. The company can provide internal pipe inspections using high definition CCTV plus Hydrophone for accurate leak detection. As part of network management, data logging for pressure, flow and other key parameters are an essential part of the water utility system. Blue Gold represents Technolog, one of the global leaders in data loggers and Sensus, which provides leading-edge data collection and metering solutions for water, gas, electric and heat utilities around the world in the Middle East region. Remote meter reading and management information is able to provide utilities with faster more reliable access to key operational data as well as billing information. For the water industry a product which combines excellent radio/GPRS communications plus long battery life is the key operational necessity. Blue Gold Technology not only provides solutions in this regard, but for advanced and bespoke solutions, it can also provide combined systems that utilise a single communications infrastructure to provide both AMR/ AMI plus a Remote Leak Detection System. Blue Gold Technology also supplies water quality monitoring solutions. It is the authorised distributor for Palintest equipment in the Gulf. Apart from swimming pool testing equipment, field test instruments are also available for a number of different chemical tests including chlorine, ammonia and ozone.

Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) had a remote monitoring leak detection system installed in Al Ain for the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC). It is the largest remote leak detection system in the world. Delivered to ADWEA, the system consisted of 10,000 Zonescan 820 correlating leak loggers. After the installation, hundreds of leaks which would have been unnoticed have been found making the project highly successful. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority The government body utilises Zonescan 820 Loggers, Aquascan 610 Correlators and Aquascope 3 Ground microphones. The systems are used with great effect, by supplying the equipment and the necessary training with leak detection capabilities. The Zonescan 820 noise loggers are the best available in the world, correlating leaks via a fixed network system. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Zonescan Net remote leak detection system was installed for a confidential client in the country. The system delivers the highest performance level in the market for remote leak detection. Both the speed of the installation and the results from trials of leak detection on their network, were commended by the prestigious clients themselves.

Blue Gold TechnologY Jeremy Llewellyn, Chief Executive Officer PO Box 486165 Dubai UAE M. +971 50 871 4184 E.



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Established in 2006, Masdar is a commercially driven enterprise that operates to reach the broad boundaries of the renewable energy and sustainable technologies industry. Operating through five integrated units, Masdar seeks to become a leader in making renewable energy a real, viable business, evolving Abu Dhabi into a global centre of excellence in these fields. This holistic approach keeps Masdar at the forefront of the global industry, while ensuring it remains grounded in the pursuit of pioneering technologies and systems that are feasible. As a result, it delivers innovation to the market while deriving profits for its shareholders. Masdar is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Government-owned Mubadala Development Company, a catalyst for the economic diversification of the emirate.

Masdar Institute As a leader of innovation, Masdar institute supports the core objectives of developing Abu Dhabi’s knowledge economy and to find solutions to humanity’s toughest environmental challenges. With the collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute) incorporates theory and practice to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, working to put together and educate critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Masdar Institute began as a non-for-profit, private graduate university by the government of Abu Dhabi for research and development capacity, addressing important issues in the region such as climate change and renewable energy.


here” –Dr Sultan Al Jaber


This multi-interdisciplinary and integrated approach is supported by the structure of its academic programmes and by the emphasis placed on engaging external partners from industry, government, and other academic institutions in collaborative activities.

Masdar Capital In support of the new technologies and the developments of projects to generate positive returns for Abu Dhabi, Masdar Capital is investing in the technologies that will be used to generate the future of a greener economy. The investments will go through two clean tech funds of USD540 million under management. Both funds follow an active management investment strategy and seek to realise strong risk-adjusted returns. With the funding provided, Masdar Capital also wishes to display, commercialise and promote renewable technologies in the UAE and to identify synergies between its investments and other Masdar activities alongside long term energy and development programmes of the UAE. Masdar Capital has continuously provided investments for a clean tech marketplace for five years and will continue to launch and raise new funds to take advantage of profitable sectors while growing its assets under management.


Masdar Clean Energy invests in comprehensive developments from utility-scale wind and solar projects, to energy efficient and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Masdar Clean Energy is involved with projects around the world to diversify Abu Dhabi’s energy mix and expand the emirate’s range of commercial energy expertise. In the UAE Masdar Clean Energy projects include: Shams 1, a 100 MW concentrated solar power project with Abengoa Solar and Total in the western region of Abu Dhabi; Masdar City’s 10 MW solar PV array in Abu Dhabi. Masdar Clean Energy strategically invests in the development of carbon capture and sequestration projects in the UAE that seek to simultaneously add value to the national economy while reducing industrial carbon emissions. Masdar has also taken the role of spreading its clean energy vision to projects in the Seychelles, Tonga and Afghanistan, that are being developed in response to the United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative; a 15MW Solar PV farm in Mauritania as well as several other regional projects currently in the development pipeline. Masdar Clean Energy has invested in international developments of some of the high profile utility scale renewable energy projects which include Torresol, a joint venture with SENER that operates 120 MW worth of CSP plants in Spain; and the 630 MW London Array offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary, a joint venture with DONG Energy and E.ON.

Masdar City Masdar City is a high density, pedestrian friendly, sustainable development that not only represents Abu Dhabi’s dedication to an eco-friendly future, but also is producing modern practices in sustainable urban planning, design, development and operation. Masdar Institute became the first official residents of Masdar city. Masdar

Institute is still a growing campus that is going through several developments. Once the city has been completed, an expected 40,000 residents and 50,000 commuters are anticipated.

All eyes on Abu Dhabi: Shams 1 Abu Dhabi’s twenty-year economic development and diversification plan has led to the MENA region’s largest solar energy project, Shams 1, to take shape. The plant has a total installed net rated power output of 100 MW and comprises parabolic trough technology that has been operating successfully for more than 20 years at the SEGS plants in the Mojave Desert in California. Developed by Shams Power Company PJSC, a special purpose vehicle owned 60% by Masdar and 40% by the Total Abengoa Solar Emirates Investment Company, a vehicle jointly owned by Total (50%) and Abengoa (50%). Shams 1 is located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, at the northern latitude of 23°34’ and the eastern longitude of 53°42’, approximately 120 km southwest of Abu Dhabi and 6 km from the town of Madinat Zayed on the road from Tarif to the Liwa Oasis. This location was selected because of its open land, high level of direct solar irradiation, and easy connection to the existing power and gas grid infrastructure. Its location also contributes to the Emirate’s economic development goals by spurring economic activity in the Western Region. Fully operational, Shams 1 produces enough electricity to power 20,000 homes. While Shams 1 is solely a concentrated solar power plant, Masdar is also looking at exploiting the strength of solar raditation in the emirate through solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, through its upand-coming 100 MW project—Noor 1, which is currently in the value-engineering phase. MASDAR Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, UAE P.O. Box 54115 T: +97126533333 F: +97126536002



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energy management


From steel in the 19th century, to electrical distribution and automation in the 20th and energy management in the 21st, Schneider Electric has always been driven by an international, innovative and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry it was evolving in. As businesses strive to find fresh ways of building competitive advantage, meeting customer expectations, attracting the right skill sets and improving profit margins, a new challenge is also being added - the challenge of managing energy use strategically.

Energy Management Solutions Schneider Electric offers such a collaborative system that allows industrial companies to meet their automation needs while optimising the energy consumed in production, to achieve their sustainability targets. Through Schneider Electric’s suite of tools and services, players in the industrial sector can now operate with an integrated architecture for process management and energy management. This is done through a multi-level platform.


• Best-in-class power metering and monitoring solutions present electricity consumption in subsystems and electrical flows to end-users, which they can use to help improve efficiency. • Vijeo Citect SCADA process control application provides the necessary site-wide process control and monitoring capability. • Historian, the central data repository, also has a ‘Process Analyst’ to enable viewing of trends. It also includes a timestamped alarm data on a single integrated display. • ION Enterprise power monitoring control application enables tracking real-time power conditions, analysing power quality and reliability, while responding almost immediately to events affecting power consumption. • Ampla MES draws from plant and business systems to deliver real-time information, including productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting. Through this, the operations are linked to business and financial KPIs through an open system. • Continuous improvement consulting services ensure that the underlying framework accurately reflects production and energy consumption. For swift and cost-effective operation in some verticals (cement and water facilities in particular), the energy management solution comes with bundled best-in-class templates and standard configurations. These products can be customised to suit unique processes and situations, as needed. These systems are also scalable, and can be integrated with existing automation architecture. The consulting service teams at Schneider Electric act as agents to ensure the smooth and efficient use of each element, dealing with each unique energy management challenge. Through Schneider Electric’s energy management solutions and support, awareness of discrepancies in consumption can help users minimise variability and waste. The detailed view of how much energy is consumed and at which stage , helps identify where the opportunities lie for maximising


efficiency to cut down waste, to maintain or replace underperforming equipments or processes, and to revamp operational procedures affecting energy use. Indicators such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and energy consumption per output unit can be viewed across time so that the impact of any changes can be evaluated. Schneider Electric’s approach is two-tiered: • PlantStruxure can automate active energy management into the process for real-time impact • Energy Management Information System (EMIS) can quantify energy waste in the process and identify continuous improvement projects

Consulting services Schneider Electric’s consulting services aim to assist industrial companies to realise their full potential for energy efficiency gains. The first phase is EnergySTEP, Schneider Electric’s energy audit methodology, which provides a comprehensive assessment and analysis of an industrial user’s current energy consumption, followed by the identification of specific energy improvement opportunities. The best approach to energy management for that operational environment is selected. This prepares the ground for effective root cause analysis, the fine tuning of underlying architecture, designing an energy management information system (EMIS) for comprehensive and real-time consumption visibility, and finally energy optimisation systems at an enterprise-level.

Schneider Electric SA 35 rue Joseph Monier 92500 Rueil Malmaison - France T. +33 (0) 1 41 29 70 00 F. +33 (0) 1 41 29 71 00



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Emirates National Oil Company


oil and gas


Energy partner of choice Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), an entity wholly owned by the Government of Dubai. The company, headquartered in Dubai, was incorporated with limited liability in April 1993. Since its inception, ENOC has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and currently owns, directly and indirectly, 31 subsidiaries and joint ventures. ENOC operates through five business segments: Supply, Trading & Processing, Terminals, Marketing, Retail and Other ventures & Investments. The organisation aims to promote the interests of its shareholders through the development of further downstream and upstream activities in the oil and gas sector and to encourage the economic diversification of Dubai and the rest of the UAE. ENOC’s services include strong retail operations with an extensive network of service stations meeting the growing demand for fuel from motorists. The retail network features branded convenience stores, car wash and quick oil change facilities. In a significant first, the company also opened the region’s first ‘green fuel station.’ ENOC’s vision is to be the leading regional integrated oil and gas group that is highly profitable and socially responsible towards employees, the community and environment. Driving this vision, ENOC is committed to achieve sustainable development and highly profitable growth and serving the growing energy needs of Dubai.

Diverse portfolio ENOC handles a diverse business portfolio spanning the development and production of oil & gas. Other services include aircraft refueling operations, petroleum products and chemicals trading, sales support and independent storage and handling of petroleum products, ship management and chartering services, bulk ISO containers and IT hardware, software, service and support. ENOC has become renowned for its range of innovative products and services in its lubricants division. The company has developed its own quality range of ENOC Lubricants for a wide array of applications covering automotive, industrial, marine and other specialised applications.


EPPCO Lubricants renewed its commitment to the environment by introducing its new range of eco-friendly products including PROTEC Green for gasoline engines and VULCAN Green for diesel engines. Both are designed to ensure better health for vehicles and lower levels of greenhouse gas emission. Emirates Gas, a subsidiary of ENOC, has introduced Cutting Edge Gas, an environmentally-friendly and costeffective solution to metal cutting. Used for cutting, heating, brazing and gouging applications, it is about 30% cheaper, lasts longer, reduces handling costs and is environmentallyfriendly and safer than Acetylene.

International vision The Supply, Trading & Processing (STP) business segment lends impetus to ENOC’s growth by maximising returns on mid-stream and downstream assets. STP leads the three vital operations of supply, trading and processing by promoting value-added business propositions. On the supply and processing side, STP manages a state-of-the-art condensate petroleum refinery, the first in Dubai. With an international presence spanning the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the CIS countries, the Marketing business has several key subsidiary operations that cover aviation fuelling, gas distribution, lubes distribution and


production, industrial products and chemicals. Emirates Gas is the leading supplier of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and propane in cylinder and in bulk to a wide array of customers including hotels, industrial and residential complexes. The Industrial Products division has two units: ENOC Commercial and Distribution LLC (ECD) and ENOC Bunkering International LLC (EBI). Furthermore, the Aviation Fuel division is a leading marketer of quality aviation fuel for the commercial and military sectors. With an established track-record in providing jet fuel at Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah International Airports and the Minhad Military Airbase in Dubai, it also offers a range of related commercial, technical and fuel management services The Retail business segment is dedicated to fuel and non-fuel services. Today, it operates one of the largest retail networks in the region. The business has also expanded to franchising its successful convenience store concept, bakery and café, automotive services, as well as car testing and registration facilities across the Middle East. With an increase in demand for bulk liquid terminalling, ENOC established Horizon Terminals Limited (Horizon) in 2003 to consolidate its existing terminalling investments and expand the business globally. Horizon has expanded from its terminals in UAE and Saudi Arabia to Singapore, South Korea, Djibouti and Morocco. The vision of Horizon is to become the largest independent terminal service provider in the bulk oil storage in the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean while maintaining a leading position in the Far East region. Horizon has two key business units – UAE Terminals and International Terminals. Other companies & investments of ENOC include Cylingas Company LLC (CYLINGAS) and Global Technology Services (GTS).

Prestigious projects ENOC has several prestigious projects including the new oil terminal in Jebel Ali by Horizon Terminals Limited (HTL). The fully automated terminal, with a storage capacity of

141,000 cubic metres and a dedicated pipeline connecting directly to the Dubai International Airport for the supply of jet fuel oil, is scheduled for commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2013. ENOC has also opened the first ‘green service station’ in the Middle East at The Greens neighbourhood in Emirates Hills, Dubai. Among the innovative green initiatives at the station are advanced technological devices to contain petrol fumes released at the pump, and a variety of other state-of-the-art systems, including solar-powered lighting, a ‘waterless’ car-washing system, new waste segregation systems, and design upgrades to reduce noise pollution. In another significant initiative, Emirates Gas has signed a MoUwith Dubai Municipality to treat land and sewage waste to generate Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The biogas, and subsequently CNG, will be generated at the upcoming EMGAS facility at Dubai Municipality’s sewage and landfill sites in Al Aweer and Al Qusais, as per international CNG standards using the latest technologies from America and Europe. The CNG will be marketed for use as automotive fuel, which will help bring down carbon emissions and promote sustainable development. When the project is fully completed, it can provide CNG to approximately 15,000 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles per day. Underlining its commitment to the environment, the wastewater treatment plant at DUGAS, one of ENOC’s subsidiaries, saves about AED368,000 annually.

employees have raised funds for people affected by natural disasters in other countries, given free First Aid training to the public, and held community activities for children with special needs. ENOC’s largest CSR initiative is to raise funds for the construction of a child care centre for Dubai Autism Centre, a non-profit organisation serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. ENOC’s highly successful ENOC Challenge Programme, in partnership with the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre and the Community Development Authority, enrolls special needs individuals in a seven-month comprehensive training programme at ENOC Headquarters. The programme aims to strengthen participants’ career skills, offers them the opportunity to find employment and be effectively integrated into society. Masiraty, another key ENOC CSR activity, is organised in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs. Masiraty trains UAE nationals living on welfare on workplace skills and fosters their potential for job opportunities. Another green CSR initiative of ENOC is Tadweer, a laptop recycling project in partnership with the Dubai Municipality, and a part of the company’s efforts to promote a greener Dubai through recycling. ENOC’s National Development Programme, Tatweer, has opened a dedicated technical training centre to nurture Emirati nationals for skilled jobs, while Mawaheb and Ajyaal are exclusive training programmes for UAE nationals.

Some certifications ISO 9001 for Quality Management ISO 14001 for Environmental Management OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety Management HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core value at ENOC. In recognition of its contributions to society, ENOC was awarded Asia’s top laurel for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice at the Asian Leadership Awards, which honours super achievers in the continent. TarabuT is an employee engagement programme that provides incentives to employees for their active participation in ENOC’s CSR activities. As part of TarabuT,

Emirates National Oil Company Ltd (ENOC) L.L.C Noaman Al Saleh Public Relations and CSR Manager P.O. Box 90916 Riyadh 1162 3, Saudi Arabia T.+ 966 (1) 220-1350 F. + 966 (1) 220-1355 E.



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emirates solar industry association


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Emirates Solar Industry Association The Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA) is a non-profit, non-governmental association that aims to provide an all inclusive platform for major stakeholders of the UAE’s solar industry. In order to facilitate business opportunities for its members, ESIA holds workshops, conferences and lectures to share best practices and provide a chance for solar professionals to network. ESIA further offers assistance to international solar companies planning on establishing or representative offices in the UAE. ESIA’s mandate also includes research and development, and the association aims to publish white papers and research reports to assist policy-makers on matters related to solar policies, standards, regulations and product certifications. Members of the ESIA are drawn from all sectors of the solar industry, including photovoltaics (PV), concentrating solar power (CSP) and solar thermal. Membership is also offered to suppliers to the industry and other support systems. In collaboration with local universities and other education and research institutions, ESIA aims to increase the awareness of the country’s solar potential, while evolving into a key player for the UAE government’s own research.


Members The Emirates Solar Industry Association hosted its Annual General Meeting in March 2013, announcing their new board of directors, as elected by its membership. Focussing on the achievements of the association in the past year, ESIA established an ambitious roadmap for 2013. The newly elected board consists of: President: Vahid Fotuhi - Alion Energy Vice-President: Erik Voldner - Enviromena Treasurer: Kiomars Dabbagh - Schott Solar Legal Counsel: Michael Kraemer - Taylor Wessing Membership Director: Michelle Davies - Eversheds Marketing & Communications Director: Marc Norman - Chadbourne & Parke Research Director: Steve Griffiths - Masdar Institute

Major solar power projects With key plants and projects in the pipeline, ESIA has been actively issuing white papers, while engaging the media on the region’s progress and forward momentum.



Project value (USD)

Project completion

Shams 1 Solar Plant


600 million

Q4 2012

Kuwait Petroleum Corp SPP


5 million

Q3 2013

Solar EOR Project in Oman


150 million

Q4 2013

Solar Power Plant in Oman


500 million

Q3 2014

100 MW Solar Power Plant in Kom Ombo


525 million

Q4 2014

Pilot Solar Power Plant in Dubai


30 million

Q4 2014

Noor 1 - Abu Dhabi


750 million

Q3 2015

Maan Photovoltaic Power Plant


425 million

Q3 2015

Ouarzazate Solar Power Plant


700 million

Q4 2015

Al Maktoum Solar Park – Dubai


3.2 billion

Q4 2030

Total Source: Ventures Middle East


6.8 billion

ESIA representatives have participated in numerous industry events and trade shows, such as Solar Middle East, MENASOL, GulfSol, and Power+Water Middle East, to name a few from the past year. The association has also published close to 30 white papers online, and offers a careers section on their website to cater to dedicated professionals.

Emirates Solar Industry Association T: +971 4 311 6630 E:



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