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Critical Power


emporary power needs are growing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Africa and South East Asia regions as demand for power outstrips supply. In these regions, demand for power significantly outstrips supply due to population growth, urbanisation, economic development and inadequate power infrastructure, and in the short to medium term, this shortfall isn’t expected to go away. On a global scale, according to United Nations’ (UN) estimates, more than 1.4 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity, and one billion more only have intermittent access. The global deficit in power generation increased from 50,000 MW in 2004 to 150,000 MW in 2010, most of which remains unmet and the deficit is expected to grow to 600,000 MW by 2015. According to IFC, in the frontier and post-conflict countries in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia power outages often cut into productivity and hamper economic growth. These countries represent huge opportunities for temporary power providers as they have no option but rely in temporary solutions to meet their energy needs that are outpacing their permanent power capacities. Typically, these countries need additional power either for base load, continuous operation or for emergency standby. Today, temporary power providers offer not only power generation equipment but also the engineering, installation, operation and maintenance expertise necessary to turnkey the entire operation. The power rental market which is estimated to have USD6.4 million revenues in 2011 is forecasted to grow from $7.8 billion in 2012 to $17 billion in 2017. During 2011 – 2016 the market will experience 17% CAGR primarily due to economical growth of developing countries. This special supplement, brought to you by Power and Water Middle East, is a ready-reckoner of the best of the best making up the region’s temporary power business. These companies possess the right level of knowledge and technology to provide governments and businesses in the region and beyond with short-term solutions to their energy shortfalls while contributing to overall economic development and growth.


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Manlift POWER Manlift Power LLC is the result of a vision between the Manlift Group Managing Director John Ashcroft, his son, Regional Director Manlift Power, Adam Ashcroft and Riwal, a major European equipment rental company. Opened in early 2007, Manlift Power has experienced sustainable year on year growth through a strong expansion strategy and by constantly predicting and adapting to local market conditions. Through the support of Riwal, Manlift now has over 1,500 machines in their fleet and employs over 170 people worldwide. Manlift now operates from four branches; Dubai (Regional headquarters) and Abu Dhabi, both in the United Arab Emirates, Doha in Qatar and Delhi in northern India. These strategic locations facilitate speedy mobilisation of equipment and personnel for power projects in both domestic and international markets. This allows Manlift to provide an unparalleled temporary power solution for clients who require a quality product and personal service. John Ashcroft, Group Managing Director; “We started Manlift Power with a few small

Oil Refinery, Lasbela, Pakistan

generator units operating from a portacabin in a Dubai Industrial zone with the aim of creating something great. Only six years on, Manlift Power now has the capability to supply large scale multi-Megawatt High Voltage power solutions globally. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in this short time and of course acknowledge that this expansion and success would not be possible without the talent and teamwork of our employees. The temporary power industry is extremely competitive and our customers recognise that we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product and a personal service.” Product Offerings Manlift Power creates solutions for today’s global power requirements through three separate product offerings: ‘Domestic depot rentals’, ‘International Power Projects’ and ‘Generator Sales Projects’.

John Ashcroft, Group Managing Director


Domestic depot rentals For domestic temporary power projects in the UAE and Qatar, Manlift supplies turnkey

power solutions ranging from 30kVA to fully synchronised multi-megawatt installations. Supported by a competent, knowledgeable and professional service team, the depot rental team delivers first class solutions for a multitude of projects and industries. These range from skyscrapers and office blocks to temporary offices, labour camps & temporary cooling projects. Larger markets include the mining, oil & gas and construction/infrastructure industries. Manlift also undertakes specialist projects including events, concerts and emergency power relief. Depot Case Study - GCC Batching Plant – Qatar The client required a reliable power solution of 27MW @ 6.6kv for a new cement plant in a remote desert site in Qatar to start production of cement prior to connecting to the national grid. Manlift provided 27 Cummins 1250kVA Powerbox Units, five step up transformers 8x5,000 gallon fuel tanks and over 3-km of cabling. Due to the scale of the power project, a Manlift forward operations service

unit was placed onsite with engineers available 24 hours a day to reduce downtime and maximise efficiency. The time from order confirmation to power plant commissioning was 10 days. International Power Projects (IPP) Manlift Power’s in house ‘International Power Projects’ (IPP) Team undertakes the design, transport & logistics, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of power projects to provide full turnkey LV and HV temporary power solutions from 3MW-100MW throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and emerging markets. Differentiating the depot business from the IPP business allows the company to have a large number of units ready for international multi megawatt projects. Using advanced super-silent rental spec diesel generators manufactured by Cummins and Ingersoll-Rand twinned with all necessary ancillary equipment, transformers fuel tanks and switchgear with the facility to offer onsite 24/7 technical support, Manlift’s customers will testify to the competitive pricing, swift response time, service and quality of the IPP products. The engines used for Manlift power generation are ISO 14001:2004 certified. IPP Case Study - Country utility Power - Burkina Faso, Africa A recent increase in development and industrialisation for the West African country of Burkina Faso increased the power requirements on the national grid. Manlift was commissioned to design and provide a turnkey 22MW power installation for the

national utility company in an attempt to reduce the load on their resources. The project marked Manlift’s first temporary power solution in Africa and the site was commissioned within one month of receiving the order. Manlift’s installation was made up of 22 x 1250kVA Cummins Power Box containerised generator units, 3 x 6MVA transformers and over 2-km of 240sqmm electrical cabling with supporting ancillary equipment on site. To ensure a superior product and to reduce down time delays, Manlift placed a forward operations workshop onsite providing 24 hour technical support to the installation. Turnkey Power Solutions Manlift Power sales division specialises in the manufacture and sales of single unit diesel power generators from 30kVA – 2000kVA as well as full turnkey multi megawatt power installations. Manlift manufactures and sells ‘MLP Diesel Generator sets’ tailored to the client’s requirement but they will typically be powered by Perkins, Cummins and Ingersoll-Rand engines. These reliable power packs twinned with Leroy Somer alternators & Deep Sea control Units continue to meet customer’s high expectations. Strategic partnerships between Manlift Power and both heavy fuel oil (HFO) & gas turbine manufacturers allow the company to reach a broader market and to produce the best possible solution for each customer. Case Study – Oil Refinery – Karachi, Pakistan Manlift’s International Power Projects (IPP)

Critical Partner Nick Jenkins Marketing & Communications Manager Manlift Power LLC Dubai Investment Park P.O. Box 213645 Dubai, United Arab Emirates T: +971 (0)4 885 6065 F: +971 (0)4 885 6034

team have successfully completed their first EPC contract in Pakistan for a 15MW Turnkey Power Solution in an oil facility at Lasbela. Manlift manufactured supplied, shipped and commissioned 15 x 1250kVA generator units in two phases, 5MW and 10MW respectively followed by transformers, fuel tanks and ancillary equipment. Adam Ashcroft – Manlift Power Regional Director commented: “Our client required a turnkey power solution with reliable, well built equipment with excellent sales, service and technical support. The Manlift Power team worked effectively to provide the client with a tailored solution that has been extremely well received.” What distinguishes Manlift from other Power suppliers: In order to differentiate from other power suppliers in the market, the Manlift Group lives and operates according to five ‘Core Values’, namely: • Safety • Engagement • Teamwork • Integrity • Responsibility Manlift believes that to be successful in the power business, key relationships, knowing one’s customer and further more being able to meet their demands in a safe and timely manner is the key to success. By sticking to these values, Manlift continues to grow by defining and creating the best customer experience in their industry.

GCC Batching Plant, Qatar


Himoinsa Middle East Founded in 1982. With over 30 years of experience, Himoinsa is a multinational company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of electrical power generating systems. The company has quickly established itself as a leading player in the global energy market. Apart from the headquarters, located in Murcia (Spain), Himoinsa has other production centres in China (HIMOINSA CHINA), United States (HIPOWER SYSTEM), France (GENELEC) and India (HIMOINSA INDIA). In addition to these manufacturing facilities, the company has 10 subsidiaries spread across Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Italy, UAE, Singapore and Angola. Vertically integrated manufacturing. What makes Himoinsa stand out from others is its manufacturing capability, which enables the company to produce the majority of its generator components in house. By controlling the production of alternators, canopies, controllers and control panels,Himoinsa is able to maintain close supervision of quality control and provide faster access to the spare parts supply chain.


Product. Himoinsa’s generators with a power range of 3 to 3,000kVA are already a benchmark in the market as are its lighting towers that can supply continuous and standby power under the C68 quality standards.Himoinsa offers solutions for different markets with several generator ranges such as rental, portable and industrial and also heavy range, developed specially for extreme conditions, and capable of operating in both high and low voltage applications.

ISO 9001:2008 HIMOINSA gensets are compliant with EC mark which includes the following directives: EN ISO 13857:2008 Machinery safety. 2006/95/EC Low voltage. 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic compatibility.

Critical Partner HIMOINSA HEADQUARTERS Ctra. Murcia-San Javier, km. 23.6 30730 San Javier/Murcia (España) Angola Power Plant: More than an energy solution The continuous economic growth of Luanda-Angola is forcing the country to strengthen its power production capability. The Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola (MINEA) has chosen HIMOINSA to supply 25 MW of PRP power and maintain a supply of 20 MW of continuous power, at 15kV. The HIMOINSA engineering team,using a combination of Himoinsa communication and control equipment and auxiliary equipment from some of the worlds leading brands, has succeeded in building a bespoke solution for this prestigious project.

tures reaching-20ºC and over 400-mm of rainfall, Himoinsa had to provide three emergency generators capable of being online seven seconds after any mains failure. The solution was three 1060kVA generators with Stamford alternators and a fuel storage solution giving more than 25 hours of autonomy, ensuring that the demands of one of the most important tourist projects in China was met.

T: +34 968 191 128 +34 902 191 128 F: +34 968 191 217 Export: +34 968 334 303

HIMOINSA energy builds large infrastructure projects The longest railway tunnel in the world. With a route of 57-km and a total length of 151.84 km, the Gottard Base Tunnel, across the Swiss Alps, is the world’s longest rail tunnel. Himoinsa supplies energy to multiple areas of the tunnel that have been under construction since 1996, through the Himoinsa local distributor in the Swiss French speaking region. So far, three generators have been delivered; 1030kVA, 1530kVA, and 780kVA respectively. Later this year, a fourth set between 1500 and 2000kVA will be delivered. Through projects like these, HIMOINSA is strengthening its footprint in the heavy range market. The highest airport in the world. The Shigatse Peace Airport, in Tibet, has been one of the largest projects of China Civil Air Force Administration. It was built to satisfy the area’s tourism demand of around three million visitors a year. With an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level, Shigatse is located in one of the least accessible areas of the world, which proved to be the principal challenge for the company. Contending with night tempera-

Emergency energy supply to important DATA CENTER HIMOINSA has provided the Telconet Cloud Center project, the most important data centre in Ecuador, with an emergency energy system. The project has created an interconnection in Ecuador, from Quito and Guayaquil to the rest of the world. Telconet Cloud Centre is placed in the TIER IV (400 racks capacity), which means an almost non-existing margin of error. It is,therefore, the first TIER IV certified data centre in Latin America. For this purpose, HIMOINSA has developed an energy system with HMW-810 T6 generators under the2N+1 configuration, involving 24MTU engines soundproofed generators installation, in 20´containers, to work in parallel with load sharing.These few example projects clearly demonstrate HIMOINSA’s capability to adapt to all market sectors,supporting the CRITICAL POWER demands of its customers wherever they may be.


FG Wilson


he power source behind dramatic growth and development of the Middle East region Businesses in the UAE and all over the Middle East trust FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE for their power needs. For more than 20 years, our complete line of quality diesel generators and prime/standby power solutions have provided security and continuity for businesses and organisations in dozens of industries. • World-class aftermarket support • Comprehensive inventory of generator sets and parts • Competitive pricing • Superior customer service and knowledge able, friendly staff • Concept and design of customised projects • Prompt delivery anywhere in the Middle East Established in 1991 in Dubai, FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE is the most trusted name for diesel generators in the UAE and the Middle East. We have helped thousands of businesses and


organisations with their power needs over 20 years and have developed a reputation for quality products, professionalism, and the best service and support in the industry. FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE provides training, 24/7 access to customer support staff, on-site installation, aftermarket support, and unmatched responsiveness. We have the most comprehensive selection of generator sets and spare parts of any diesel generator supplier in the Middle East. Certified to Lloyds Register UK ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE is committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients. Performance, durability and serviceability are the hallmarks of our generator sets. FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE providing power solutions in the Middle East for over 20 years FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE is the leading provider of power solutions in the Middle

East, located in a modern, 160,000-squarefoot, state-of-the-art facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone of Dubai, UAE. Launched as a subsidiary of FG Wilson (Engineering) Ltd. in 1991, the company has grown from three employees working from a small office to a company employing more than 140 engineering and office staff. FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE offers a full selection of world-class, competitively priced diesel and gas generator sets — backed by our unmatched pre-sales and aftermarket service and support that give our customers the best value. Customised Power Solutions When power needs and environments are more challenging than normal, engineering specialists from FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE work with you to develop customised power solutions, from concept design to generator installation and commissioning. Products for every power need

Critical Partner FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE offers a full selection of world-class, competitively priced diesel and gas generator sets — backed by our unmatched pre-sales and aftermarket service and support that give our customers the best value 6.8 to 22 kVA These robust generator sets are engineered to run reliably in remote and harsh conditions, but can also be used in offices, retail settings and domestic environments. 24 to 220 kVA This range is designed to deliver high performance and durability, built with damage-resistant, high-grade materials and galvanised steel construction. 200 to 330 kVA As your power needs increase, this generator set range offers synchronising capabilities and high ambient performance. 350 to 750 kVA This range of diesel generator sets has fully electronic engines that can be optimised for either low emissions or low fuel consumption, offering you reduced lifecycle costs. 730 to 2,500 kVA Proven in the field, this range of generator sets provides reliable power for critical applications including mini power stations, data centres, large factories, airports, hospitals, large retail stores, and the financial sector. FG Wilson Genuine Spare Parts At FG Wilson FZE, we know that aftersales support and care for a product’s full lifecycle are key considerations when choosing a supplier of diesel generators. Idle workers and machinery waste money and slow growth for businesses. When our industrial generators need a part or near end-of-life, customers can find FG Wilson Genuine Parts available at our 160,000-square-foot facility. At the counter, by phone or online, our engineering experts help customers identify the right genuine generator parts and provide guidelines to replace components. FG Wilson Genuine Parts • Maximise the full productive life of generator sets • Promote longevity in the life of other com ponent parts • Promote efficiency in operation and in fuel consumption

• Assure the highest standards of safety and functionality It is important to only use FG Wilson Genuine Parts with your FG Wilson diesel and gas generator sets. Using non-genuine parts can cause: • Accelerated wear • Compromised performance • Poor reliability • Higher oil and fuel consumption • Component damage and failure

FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE Plot No. S10603, Jebel Ali South Zone PO Box 16751 Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 8035100 F: +971 4 8035101

Service and Support FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE is renowned for communicating proactively with customers and for providing quick, responsive expert service. We are committed to maximising uptime and keeping disruptions to your operations to a minimum. Our support for our generators set us apart as a supplier that cares. In addition to on-site product support, we also offer product training, annual maintenance contracts, and product warranties. Providing diesel and gas power generators for high-profile projects and organisations fueling our region’s impressive growth FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE works with companies and organisations of all sizes, from government entities to global corporations to small, growing companies and even individual owners. We serve customers in every industry: from defense contractors, hospitals and construction companies to banks, power stations, military and disaster relief organisations. Our diesel and gas generators are powering extraordinary growth and expansion across the Middle East region. Here are just a handful of the prestigious projects and organisations we are proud to have supported with our products and services: • Emirates Towers, Dubai • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai • Grosvener House, Dubai • Habtoor Grand, Dubai • Yas Island Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi • DU telecommunications, UAE • Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital, Ras Al Khaima • Schlumberger complex, Iraq

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001


The generating set specialist Founded in 1966, SDMO Industries is today the third biggest player worldwide in the generating set market. SDMO designs, manufactures and installs generating sets from 1kVA to 200 MW, thanks to its high-performance production plant and Research & Development (R&D) unit. In addition, SDMO puts its engineering expertise into practise by designing tailor-made power plants and offers additional services with high added value: training, after-sales service, spare parts. Whatever the power needed or the purpose of the generating set, a commitment to quality is guaranteed by an ISO 9001 certification, ensuring on-time delivery and high-performance for all products. This technological expertise combined with


high-tech manufacturing procedures give SDMO the necessary skills to master the design phase of all products, including those intended for sensitive industries. SDMO uses its cutting-edge technical expertise to help reduce pollutant emissions and safeguard public health. To satisfy requirements as fully as possible, significant sums have been invested in cutting-edge technology (sound intensity measurement), as well as traditional methods for detecting sound pollution in the laboratory (sound level meter, microphone). In 2012, SDMO strengthened its presence in the Middle East by expanding its teams in Dubai and opening an office in Cairo, Egypt. SDMO has more than 40 years experience and is a specialist and guarantees that

spare parts are always available. SDMO Industries exports its products to more than 150 countries via a network of distributors, 5 agencies (South Africa, Algeria, Dubai, Egypt, Russia), 5 storage centres and 7 subsidiaries (Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium, United States, Brazil, Nigeria) All over the world, from offshore drilling platforms to extreme desert conditions, from worksites to the most demanding industries, the reliability and performance of its gensets has made SDMO one of the world’s top manufacturers. SDMO has three separate production units in Brest, which hold the manufacturing facilities for our product lines. Today, these premises cover a surface area of approximately 45,000 m². In addition to these three

Critical Partner Critical Partner SDMO MIDDLE EAST PO BOX 17739 JAFZA, DUBAI T: + 971 50 294 96 94 F: +971 4 3 357 920

sites, SDMO now owns the MAQUIGERAL plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. SDMO range of performance products comprises three main categories: • Standard Products (Portable Power, Power Products and Rental Power) • Expertise and services (Power Solutions, Training, Spare Parts, Technical Assistance) • Related products (Nexys, Telys, Kerys command/control units)

• Event (Discreet solutions for organising events and power requirements in urban areas) • Rental compact (from 15 kVA to 220 kVA) • Rental power (from 275 kVA to 700 kVA) • Contenergy (from 715 kVA to 2500 kVA for large-scale operations) The Power Products capacity range from 7.5 to 3,300 kVA while Power solutions range from 7.5 to 200 MW.

The Rental Power range of generating sets is made up of six large families of products: • Portable (from 2.75 kVA to 7.5 kVA) • Lighting (Electrical energy and light source even in isolated areas)


Kirloskar Green Power Ideas Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL) is the flagship company of the Group with sales revenue of approx. $500 Mn and employee strength of 2,900. KOEL is the leading manufacturer of diesel engines and generating sets from India. The products serve a cross-section of industry sectors like Agriculture, Power, Construction, Material handling, Mining, Earthmoving, Fluid Handling, Oil & Gas and Transport. Established in 1946, KOEL has a rich experience in design, manufacture, sales and service of diesel engines and generating set. Being the market leader in India, the company also has strong presence in markets of Middle East and Africa. Kirloskar Middle East is one of the Kirloskar Group companies based in UAE which looks after the business in the MENA region. Core products include diesel generating sets and diesel engines for various industrial applications. The company has invested over USD150 Mn in the last five years in research & development and manufacturing systems. The result is has reflected in the multifold increase in the sales revenue from overseas markets. Branded as ‘Kirloskar Green Power Ideas’ the company specialises in power solutions for prime power application generating sets, medium capacity generating sets with synchronising and load sharing units,


customised solutions for the telecom sector apart from other standard standby applications for power. The power generator range consist of generating sets from 15kVA going upto 625kVA. Kirloskar plans to augment this range with generators upto 1250kVA (1 MW) in coming 12-18 months. Another core product line offered by Kirloskar is air cooled generating sets from 15 – 70kVA range. These generating sets have proven reliability and lower maintenance costs even at the extreme hot conditions in the Middle East region. The generators are manufactured in the state-of-the-art plant offering faster through-put and consistent quality standards. The philosophy is to offer high quality and reliable generating sets at competitive prices. The engines and generating sets have been indigenously designed by Kirloskar with special emphasis on the local conditions and duty conditions while designing the product. The generating sets are fully assembled and go through stringent quality and performance tests at the manufacturing facility in India. The generating sets are enclosed in a weather protected sound attenuated enclosure which perhaps are the best in class. Kirloskar does not use locally fabricated canopies which, in some way or the other, adversely affect performance and reliability.

Differentiators • The quality and reliability of any product are given and customers choose only those which add value to their business. • Keeping in mind the local conditions of operation in Middle East, Kirloskar uses a heavy duty cooling package to ensure that the engine does not overheat in hot climates. The deration (power reduction) as a consequence of the hot weather is minimized. • Kirloskar generators can be operated at full load at high temperatures without the need to keep any of its doors open which perhaps is the best test one can subject a canopy generator to. They also score better when it comes to ease of access for maintenance. The canopies provide best in class access for maintenance which is recognized and appreciated by the maintenance teams of customers. A world class powder coating system used in manufacturing canopies gives them excellent resistance to rust & corrosion apart from superb aesthetic appearance. • After sales service network of Kirloskar is the back-bone of its operations with 24 x 7 availability of spare parts and service.

Critical Partner Regional Office Kirloskar Middle East FZE P.O. Box 4178, Ajman United Arab Emirates Tel : +971 6 7457667 Fax : +974 6 7448636 Email : Website : Dealership Network United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Al Shirawi Enterprises LLC Dubai Tel : +971 4 3718585, Fax: +971 4 3389559 Email: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Hashim Company Ltd. Jeddah 21411 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel : +966 2 647 2200 Fax : +966 2 648 6968 Email: Kuwait

Service personnel of Kirloskar’s dealership are trained and certified. Going forward in believing in continuous improvements, these skills are continuously upgraded through regional training programmes. • Kirloskar is probably the world largest selling generator brand in the 15 – 625kVA range with an annual sale of over 70,000 generating sets to various markets around the world. • ‘Kirloskar Green Power Ideas’ as the name suggests uses environment friendly design and manufacturing processes which not only reduce the emissions and sound levels from operation of the generating set but also return to the grid the energy produced during testing of engines and generating sets which has lowered the carbon footprint as a responsible manufacturer.

Boodai Trading Company 70654 Shuwaikh Kuwait Tel: +965-248 41314 / 248 43986 Fax: +965-248 18294 Email: Bahrain

Available in 15-625kVA range Air cooled & Water cooled options

M.H. Al Mahroos BSC Manama Kingdom of Bahrain Tel : +973 1 7408090 Fax : +973 1 7404323 Email : Qatar Boodai Trading Company Doha Qatar Tel : +974 4460 1304 / 16 Fax : +974 4460 6922 Email: Oman Al Shirawi Modern Enterprises LLC Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman Tel : +968 2200 5478 Fax : +968 2200 5477 Egypt Egyptian Engineering & Trading Co. 45, Champillion St., Cairo, Egypt Tel. : +202 25755229 - 25757636 Fax : +202 25755887 - 25787926 Sudan

Power, Performance, Peace of Mind

CTC Group Digitech Electro Mechanical Khartoum Sudan Tel. : +249 187145477 Fax. : +249 185330099 E-mail :


SES: Energy on Demand Smart Energy Solutions (SES) is a leading power provider serving temporary and medium term energy needs across the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia Region. The company was founded 2007 by the current senior management led by Walid Ishak and Ghassan Ayoub and Sakr Holding, a group of companies specialising in manufacturing power generation sets as well as implementation of turnkey power projects. With an experienced technical team of proven capabilities in meeting energy needs, be it emergency, seasonal demand, remote off-grid applications or grid supplement power needs, SES offer complete solutions to match your requirements with: • Wide range of silent and efficient gen erator sets, MV transformers, switch gears and accessories • MV qualified design and application engineering • Installation expertise and expedient commisioning • O&M teams with round the clock super vision • Emergency response teams to immedi ate and short cycle needs • Regional breadth providing reach and service to customer applications across the region SES solutions range from standalone low voltage generator hires, powering events and concerts to multi MW MV voltage power plants operating 24/7. Our head quarters in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) in Dubai brings together our quality


products and regional facilities as a single supplier willing to partner with customers to provide localised services wherever business takes them next. SES has operations across Tanzania, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. On the products front, SES offers a full range of energy solutions to serve temporary and medium term energy needs including power generators, medium voltage transformers and fuel management systems to load banks, panels, cables and accessories. Our power generators range in size from 50 KVA to 1,250 KVA, and are equipped with paralleling and synchronising capabilities to provide power for multi megawatt plant projects. On the power projects front, SES can provide fast track 5-100 MW turnkey power plant projects in various operation modes using reliable equipments and engineered solutions. SES Solutions • Customised solutions to fit customer specific needs • Multiple gensets configuration to ac commodate varying load requirements • 400 v -> 33 KV at 50/60 Hz • Base load, load sharing and load management (paralleling/optimized fuel consumption) application • Application engineering including site layout SLD and short circuit studies to provide optimised solution • Scheduled transportation, loading offloading

• Installation and commissioning of the rental power plant • Project management to ensure avail ability and reliability levels • Operation management by experienced engineers • Maintenance management: periodic and breakdown support • Standby gensets to maintain plant availability • Comprehensive insurance policy to cover risk of loss and damage of equip ments • Optional schemes of power purchase through KWH charge or capacity charge SES provides generator rentals to industries – offshore, mining, shipping, refineries and chemical plants, utilities, commercial and industrial needs, special events and entertainment - using reliable and fuel efficient generators coupled with power distribution systems. On the solutions front, the company offers a full range of remote, reserve and replacement solutions to serve temporary and medium term power needs. SES set to growth SES has been a recipient of substantial funding to finance the company’s expansion plans for the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia and become a premier provider of temporary power rental solutions in the region. In January 2012, Gulf Capital, one of the largest and most active private equity firms in the Middle East acquired an 82.7% stake in SES. In March 2012, SES was the


recipient of USD25 million from Gulf Credit Partners, the regional credit business launched by Gulf Capital. The investment, the first financing transaction for Gulf Credit Partners, was aimed at helping SES further capitalise on strengthening its market position and expand its operating footprint in existing and new strategic markets. In December 2012, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group announced that it is investing USD17 million in SES. “The structure of IFC’s financing was tailored to the company’s needs and will help SES to achieve its ambitious regional expansion plans,” said Walid Ishak. Co-founder Ghassan Ayoub added that the agreement is a strong demonstration of IFC’s confidence in the company and its future plans.

Yitti, Oman 40 MW Power Plant

40 MW OMAN Country

Sultanate of Oman


Peak Shaving

Type of Plant Fuel


Power Technology

High speed diesel

Rated Voltage


SES Role in the project

Power Producer

Duration of the project

3 months+



25 MW SAUDI ARABIA SES was contracted to provide Saudi Electricity Company with summer/winter peak shaving 25 MW Power plant for the duration of 6 months during each year in Tabarjal (near the SaudiJordanian border). Country

Saudi Arabia


Peak Shaving

Type of Plant Fuel


Power Technology

High speed diesel

Rated Voltage


SES Role in the project

Power Producer

Duration of the project

3 Years




Critical Partner SMART Energy Solutions T: + 971 4 8862066 F: + 971 4 8862067

SES was contracted to provide an independent power plant to provide power during construction and operation to Qasr Al Sarab Resort in Liwa, UAE. The project ran for a period of 20 months supplying power continuously without interruption to the customer. Country




Type of Plant Fuel


Power Technology

High speed diesel

Rated Voltage


SES Role in the project

Power Producer

Duration of the project

20 months




ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co.KG

Flexible Power Generation


lectricity is synonymous with the quality of life. Reliable generation of electricity is indispensable in providing for both basic needs as well as modern comforts – whether it is drinking water supply, medical technology, telecommunications, and industry or transportation.

High-value products have proved themselves all over the world – in the widest variety of models and applications. Many years of experience, top-class knowhow and tried and tested concepts enable ABZ to manufacture diesel-driven units that exactly match the individual requirements of their customers.

As a manufacturer of power generator installations, ABZ provides independent power supply, wherever it is required – with flexibility, reliability and stability. Founded in 1980, the main establishment is located in Henstedt-Ulzburg, around 30 km north of Hamburg. Production and assembly work is carried out here.

ABZ diesel generator sets can be put into operation quickly, anywhere in the world. In emergencies, our containers are even transported by air.


Critical Partner ABZ Aggregate-Bau GmbH & Co. KG Gutenbergstrasse 11 D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg Germany Tel.: +49(0) 41 93-90 36-0 Fax: +49(0) 41 93-93 47 3

Continuous power supply consisting of 16 x 1250 kVA

The strength lies in an adequate solution. The design of each unit is precisely matched to the applicable operating conditions. This concept guarantees optimum results: tailormade plants that deliver exactly what the client wants! ABZ can manufacture the following, either as a stationary building installation or as a mobile trailer, withan enclosure or inside a container, designed for continuous, emergency or peak load operation: • Diesel generators 100 kVA to 5000 kVA in all versions • Complete solutions for uninterrupted power supply installations with diesel generator sets

ABZ has something to offer to their clients on the service front as well: • Broad plant design • Installation and commissioning, worldwide • Maintenance • Training for operating and maintenance personnel

ISO 9001:2008 All units comply with internationally recognised standards such as DIN, BS, ISO, VDE and IEC.

The ABZ range of products is practically limitless! And this also applies to success: Reliable power supply from ABZ is trusted in over 70 countries worldwide. Whether it is emergency power supply, main or supplementary energy sources – ABZ manufactures plants for every application.


Jubaili Bros Offering Complete Power Solution

Jubaili Bros is a member of Jubaili Group Holdings which is incorporated in Lebanon and manages several companies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia; it specialises in the electro-mechanical field, agricultural products and accessories. Its roots go back to the 1940s with the Rajab Jubaili establishment that started its operations in Sidon, Lebanon and rapidly expanded beyond Lebanon and became active in several Arab countries as well as Asia and Africa. 1977 - Established in Saida, Lebanon as a provider of petrol & diesel generators 1991 - Began in GCC with the first Jubaili Bros international branch in UAE 1996 - Launched its African operations by opening a branch in Nigeria 2002 - Penetrated the Asian market through a branch in Kabul, Afghanistan 2004 - Expanded into Kuwait and Southern Iraq with a branch at Kuwait Free Trade Zone 2010 - Increased its African presence with a branch in Ghana 2011 - Expanded its GCC network by opening a branch in Doha, Qatar

Premium Generating Sets: Jubaili Bros Diesel Power Generators are powered by Perkins and Lister-Petter engines and coupled with alternators from Leroy-Somer. Enclosures: High quality and heavy duty enclosures are built in various models for different applications.


ATS & Synchronising Solutions: Jubaili Bros, with its team of highly skilled electrical engineers and technicians, offers a wide range of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and Synchronising systems assembled as per our customers’ requirements and needs. Mobile Light Towers: Jubaili Bros has partnered with US-based Allmand, which specialized in the production of superior light towers. The advanced technology used by Allmand light towers gives it up to a 50% lighting advantage over any of its competitors. Parts and Accessories: As a market leader in diesel electric power generators, Jubaili Bros’ inventory of genuine spare parts is unsurpassed. Our computerised re-fill system enables us to regularly monitor our stock levels, ensuring we have the required spare parts to meet our customers’ needs. Power for Rent: Our rental fleet consists of a wide range of generators, fully maintained by highly trained engineers. We guarantee power on demand. After Sales Service: With over 700 highly trained engineers and technicians, Jubaili Bros prides itself in offering excellent after sales service. We have an extensive fleet of fully equipped service vehicles on call 24/7, ensuring our clients’ businesses and residences experience minimal power outages in the event of an emergency.

Critical Partner Jubaili Bros Jebel Ali Free Zone T: +97148832023 F: +97148832053 To contact our other branches, please visit

Medium Voltage: We are proud to share with you a long experience in Medium Voltage products and solutions. Our products include but are not limited to: Ground & pole mounted transformers, Dual voltage transformers, Transformer mineral oil, Maintenance & after sales service, Product warranty and After Sales Service Complete Power Solutions: With an innovative team of highly qualified project managers, engineers, and electricians, We are proud to offer creative and groundbreaking solutions to meet global power needs. Excellent After-Sales Service: Our customers can be rest assured that their generators are maintained for optimum performance and maximum life cycle. Stock: With an abundant stock in our branch offices throughout the world, we aim to deliver quality products to our customers whenever needed.

Supreme Food Warehouse 3 Power Station, Afghanistan: The project was to replace the existing generators by 4x2200KVA generators. Due to the difficulty and sensitivity of the situation (the old power station feeding the main operational warehouse), we were committed to install the new power station with the minimum power interruptions possible. We replaced the generators and restarted the system with only three hours shutdown. The project was the start, making Jubaili Bros the main power partner for Supreme.

Premium Generating Sets: Ranging from 12.5 KVA up to 2,200 KVA Mobile Light Towers: Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz Power for Rent: Generators Ranging up to 1250 KVA Medium Voltage: Range of 6.6kv, 11kv, 15kv, 20kv

Wide Geographic Coverage: Jubaili Bros serves its customers from seven countries with 22 branches and an extensive dealer network. Perkins (OEM): Jubaili Bros is an authorised Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the assembly of generating sets powered by Perkins Engines.

ISO 9001: 2008 COMPANY


Speedy Working with our Customers to Improve Efficiency and Manage Risk

Over 30 Years of International Experience Taking our expertise where our clients need it. Speedy was founded in the United Kingdom in 1977. Since then we have helped more than 100,000 customers to achieve greater efficiency and increased profits by streamlining the processes, equipment and workforce that accompany projects, while being powered by over 300 depots and a 4000-strong employee base. We service customers in sectors as diverse as oil and gas, pipelines, power, telecom, facility management and construction. Speedy International, MENA is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified. The Speedy vision is to follow clients, wherever they go. By creating a physical presence in key locations, we are able to keep projects running smoothly and successfully, no matter where in the world they are. Speedy Services Speedy is a service business that provides equipment outsourcing and related services to our customers. This can be grouped into 3 main categories: Asset Management Services, Risk Management Services and Major Project Services.


Critical Partner

Equipment Rental Quality assets to run your project with confidence We continually invest in new products to ensure that our fleet conforms to industry standards and the tough demands of our clients. All our equipment is well maintained and ready for use so you can be sure it is both safe and efficient. With 24/7 service and training support, every piece of equipment you rent from Speedy will run smoothly. Moreover, with no upfront capital investment and fixed costs, your financial planning becomes clear-cut and more predictable. Products on offer include: • Generators • Pumps • Boosters • Compressors • Nitrogen membrane units • Tools and light plant • Lifting equipment and accessories • Surveying equipment • Welding equipment and accessories • Safety equipment • Consumables and PPE KEY AREAS Major Project Services cover five key areas: safety, environment, quality and price control, and legacy. Safety Safety is our priority. As well as ensuring that all equipment is tested, certified and maintained to the highest standards, we provide on-site safety and product training. Our IT system is equipped to accommodate the training records of all workers on-site so that we can ensure people are properly trained before any equipment is released. Environment We have been developing ways to reduce the carbon footprint during construction.

Energy efficient features include: • Energy efficient on-site depots with solar panels and water recycling • Management of logistics and stock levels to reduce the number of deliveries to the site • Use of electric vehicles on-site to reduce emissions • Fuel management • New energy-efficient equipment Quality and Price Control By working directly with developers and project managers, we can provide assurance on quality and price control. We have a number of Tier 1 relationships where we are the preferred supplier of equipment and related services to all contractors working on a major project.

Abu Dhabi Speedy International Asset Services Equipment Rental LLC 18, 14th floor, Makateb Business Center, Makeen Tower, P.O. 127149, Abu Dhabi, UAE T: +971 2 6573440 F: +971 2 6573441 Dubai Speedy International Asset Services Equipment Rental LLC No. 1921, Regus Business Center, Festival Tower, Dubai Festival City, P.O. 121339, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 293 2615 F: +971 4 293 2525

Features that are attractive to our Tier 1 customers include: • Processes designed to integrate with the overall project management processes • Control over the quality of service • Control over pricing by setting standard prices for all contractors on site which also provides a transparent audit trail • Control over the use of smaller items of equipment where there is greatest scope to create more efficient ways of working • Vetted delivery partners • Access to live on-hire reports • Cost and carbon efficiencies through having one main on-site depot with controlled logistics Legacy With every project that we are involved in we wish to provide value beyond the immediate impact that we create. In many instances our services have delivered ongoing social benefits e.g. training academies offering a wide range of accredited programmes; engagement with local stakeholder groups; partnering with the local supply chain; facilities that have an ongoing use once the project is completed.


Aggreko Lead providers of temporary power and temperature control Aggreko is the world leader in temporary power generation and temperature control services. Founded over 50 years ago, Aggreko today has presence in over 100 countries, and employs over 4,500 people. Working across a large range of sectors that include oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, utilities and events to name but a few, Aggreko provides power and temperature control packages to clients who need support either very quickly or for a short or indeterminate amount of time. Aggreko power generation services include generators, loadbanks, transformers and ancillary products


offering power from 15 kVA in a single unit to complete multi-megawatt power packages. Aggreko temperature control services include fluid chillers, heavy duty air conditioners, heat exchangers and ancillary products for a wide range of industrial and commercial cooling applications. Working on the ethos of anytime, anywhere, Aggreko is there to ensure clients stay always on and where necessary, have access to reliable power generation and temperature control technology. When one of the world’s largest tourism projects - Yas Island in Abu Dhabi - was in the initial phase of construction,

temporary power was needed to provide energy for accommodation for 25,000 workers while the island’s infrastructure was built to connect to the national grid. Aggreko provided 32 MVA of power in single generator units, ensuring work on this huge project worth billions of USD, could continue on schedule. During the construction for the new Doha International Airport in Qatar, temperature control services were essential to cool the main cargo hanger and enable contractors to complete the work according to a strict schedule, especially during the soaring summer heat. Aggreko

Critical Partner

Doha Airport, temperature Control for continuation of services.

United Arab Emirates c/o Lamnalco Ltd. PO Box 61 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates T: +971 2554 9494 Toll free: 800 aggreko F: +971 2554 9495 Aggreko Middle East Ltd. PO Box 16875 Jebel Ali, Dubai United Arab Emirates T: +971 4808 6666 Toll free: 800 aggreko F: +971 4883 1825

Yas Island, providing power to temporary camp.

c/o Lamnalco (Sharjah) Ltd. PO Box 5687 Sharjah United Arab Emirates T: +971 (0)6 534 5999 / 800 aggreko F: +971 (0)6 534 6778

Dubai Rugby Sevens temporary power

was called to provide 2,400 tons of cooling and 5 MW of supplementary power enabling the work to continue in safe and comfortable conditions. Finally, when the organisers of 2012 Dubai Rugby Sevens needed the expertise of temporary power providers, Aggreko was chosen for the 13th consecutive year to partner, ensuring that the three-day event that featured over 1,750 players and catered for around 90,000 fans, ran without the risk of loss of power. Uniquely, Aggreko manages the whole lifecycle of its temporary power and temperature control packages. From

design, engineering and manufacturing to deployment, installation and running of its equipment, Aggreko can guarantee the reliability of its machines and the quality of their output. In addition, Aggreko’s expert technicians are well experienced in designing and running packages that address customers need, no matter the size or location, an a 24/7 basis. Amongst its customers, Aggreko enjoys a reputation for deploying and installing equipment with speed, efficiency and in a safe manner. Every company says that they value safety first, but at Aggreko safety is a priority. The company’s Safety for Life programme runs

through every process and department, ensuring that all employees are trained in safe working practices. At the Aggreko facilities, sites and service centres, every employee has the right and responsibility to halt work immediately if unsafe practices are seen. This ensures that safety is a part of everyone’s responsibility, and this practice transfers into customer interaction, where safety is Aggreko’s first and foremost priority Aggreko has been serving customers in the Middle East for 20 years, operating from offices and depots in Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and UAE.


Teksan Generator Reliable power is always with you


eksan Generator is one of the leading companies in diesel,natural gas,marine generator sets and bio-gas,c0-generation system solutions from 9 kvA UPTO 3500 kvA with different engine and alternator options.Exporting the products to 108 countries in all over the world, Teksan Generator is also the manufacturer of containarized canopies, ISO Type containers,soundproof canopies, ats panels, soundproof foams, automatic transfer panels,internal and external type fuel tanks.As Teksan Generator, we are not only the manufacturer of standard generator sets,but also working as an engineering company which is capable to support you


Critical Partner Al-Qarmat Water Feeder

TEKSAN JENERATOR ELEKTRIK SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. Yen覺dogan Mahallesi Edebal覺 Caddes覺 No:12 34791 Sancaktepe Istanbul T:+90 216 312 05 50 F: +90 216 312 69 09

in terms of your special projects as well. Taking the advantages of its innovative R&D, Experienced Project Department and superior technical team, Teksan Generator can asist its customers on their tailor made projects and undertakes many projects in governmental, private and military sector. Teksan Generator demonstrates its difference by developing high quality synchronization systems manufactured by using global resources and own production methods. By the help of fully satisfied customer services on Sales and After-Sales Operations by skillful and experienced staf, our market share and diesel generating sets sales are regularly increasing . Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes, Teksan Generator the ideal choice between the generator set manufacturers.

ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001


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