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GALAXY The Young Taste Makers Guide

Top upcoming artists, Blog of the month and more!

Also the new movement Young Crafters

SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Spring is definitely in the air right now, especially in the fashion world. A lot of brands have released their Spring/Summer look and I’m really impressed. A few of the brands with impressive spring threads are Topman, 10 Deep, and Gucci.


The blog of the month is Fashion Geek by Maximus A. I supported his blog even when he only had about 20 followers and now he has 120! That’s kind of amazing. Keep it up!

WATCH OUT KANYE!!! Daniel “Diggy” Simmons signed to Atlantic Records the day after his birthday, March 22nd 2010. Be sure to look out for him because I’m sure he’ll be making a lot of good music. He has already released a mixtape and a few other songs and freestyles including his highly renowned “Made you look” freestyle, “We got a problem” and “I came to Rock”.

Another good upcoming artist is Levi, who doesn’t have that much publicity yet but will surely have a lot in the future.

YOUNG CRAFTERS!!!! Diggy has also started a fashion movement along with two other young taste makers, Lyna Zeroukki and Jovany Perez. It is called young crafters and it will be releasing a lookbook very soon. Look out for it.

CHIVALROUS CULTURE!!!!! Obviously Diggy has been killing it on the fahion and music scene because he has also teased us with his up and coming shoe line Chivalrous Culture. From what I’ve seen it is going to be really DOPE!! Check it out!!

By Kalanzi Kajubi


1st issue of Galaxy Magazine